the glass hole

Rq4 Summary
  • Cal: I am going to be king now, You have to listen to me cause I'm in charge.
  • Mare: Do you literally not know me at all?
  • Cal: ....
  • Mare: I never listen to who's in charge. So congratulations, you played yourself.

together we will create a home with no loud anger, no explosive rage, no slamming doors or breaking glass, no holes punched into the walls so hard that the foundation rocks and cracks. our home will be gentle, it will be warm. i will keep you safe and you will keep me still. no fear, no hurt, no worry. we come from broken and twisted places but together we will build something whole and safe. we will curl around each other like a pair of quotation marks at night, warm and comforted. in the mornings, you’ll sing in the shower again. we will heal, and we will raise a family that doesn’t need to heal.

What was my fav part of King’s Cage you ask?

Well, it might have been all the times Mare spit on people and chapter 22 and 25.

JK it was totally that time that Mare and Cal worked together to smash Samson merandus head into the pavement of Caesar Square like it was a melon. That just *wipes away a proud tear* that just really did it for me.

Song of Fire Part 2

HELLA SPOILERS GUYS, LIKE ZOINKS!!! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! All abroad the angst train, population the entire marecal part of the fandom! 

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