the glass blowers

The Signs At The Fair:

Aries: Has their arm stuck in the ski-ball machine up to the elbow. Several workers are attempting to help. They cannot. The ski-ball machine has them.

Taurus: Scaling the tilt-a-whirl with a socket wrench in their teeth.

Gemini: Springing from the shadows and stealing funnel cake from fair-goers. They have a horde in the hall of mirrors.

Cancer: In a fistfight.  

Leo: Waiting in line for something. A cloud of dust circles them continuously. Its hard to get a good look at them.

Virgo: Comforting a crying child by telling them about the fair catacombs.

Libra: Mesmerized by the glass blower. They’ve been there for days. 

Scorpio: Makes sure the haunted house is properly haunted. None of that store bought shit.

Ophiuchus: Stole a horse.

Sagittarius: Has a hotdog. Overjoyed. 

Capricorn: Constantly lost in a crowd. They are effectively invisible. They move among the fair unseen, yet seeing all.

Aquarius: Sitting atop the pancake stand and people watching. Several people have told them to come down. They do not. They are lost in thought.

Pisces: Still in the parking lot. They think that’s the fair.

Dunes. August 1975.      

“For Denny Livengood, a superintendent at Federal Sign and Signal Corp, signs have beauty, shape and grace and personalities as varied as the artists, glass-blowers, engineers and electricians who work for his company. ‘I suppose if the architects had their way, there’d be no signs on our buildings.’ he said, circling a group of dead bulbs on a sketch of the Dunes sign. ‘And if we had ours, there’d be no buildings, just signs.’ The $500,000 Dunes sign is 18 stories high, weighs almost as much as five 747 jumbo jets, and contains 7,200 light bulbs … Its servicing requires three full-time employees who ride a special monorail elevator inside the structure, which at night is visible to pilots 100 miles away. ‘You have to crawl through the sign and along an outside railing to re-lamp the diamond on top,’ Livengood said. ‘You need a perfect day to do it. No wind, not too hot. Otherwise you’re in trouble up there, with the sign swaying three or four feet.’” – Los Angeles Times 6/19/71

Symbols for the Degrees: Leo

The Sabian Symbols were symbols or “images” designated to each degree of each sign in the zodiac by clairvoyant Elsie Wheeler in 1925. They can be used to paint a specific picture of each of your placements based on its degree.

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0th-1st degree: Blood rushes to a man’s head as his vital energies are mobilized under the spur of ambition

1st-2nd degree: An epidemic of mumps

2nd-3rd degree: A middle-aged woman, her long hair flowing over her shoulders and in a braless youthful garment

3rd-4th degree: A formally dressed elderly man stands near trophies he brought back from a hunting expedition

4th-5th degree: Rock formations tower over a deep canyon

5th-6th degree: A conservative, old-fashioned lady is confronted by a “hippie” girl

6th-7th degree: The constellations of stars shine brilliantly in the night sky

7th-8th degree: A communist activist spreading his revolutionary ideals

8th-9th degree: Glass blowers shape beautiful vases with their controlled breathing

9th-10th degree: Early morning dew sparkles as sunlight floods the field

10th-11th degree: Children play on a swing hanging from the branches of a huge oak tree

11th-12th degree: An evening party of adults on a lawn illumined by fancy lanterns

12th-13th degree: An old sea captain rocking himself on the porch of his cottage

13th-14th degree: A human soul seeking opportunities for outward manifestation

14th-15th degree: A pageant, with its spectacular floats, moves along a street crowded with cheering people

15th-16th degree: The storm ended, all nature rejoices in brilliant sunshine

16th-17th degree: A volunteer church choir singing religious hymns

17th-18th degree: A chemist conducts an experiement for his students

18th-19th degree: A houseboat party

19th-20th degree: Zuni Indians perform a ritual to the sun

20th-21st degree: Intoxicated chickens dizzily flap their wings trying to fly

21st-22nd degree: A carrier pigeon fulfilling its mission

22nd-23rd degree: In a circus, the bareback rider displays her dangerous skill

23rd-24th degree: Totally concentrated upon inner spiritual attainment, a man is sitting in a state of complete neglect of bodily appearance and cleanliness

24th-25th degree: A large camel is seen crossing a vast and forbidding desert

25th-26th degree: After the heavy storm, a rainbow

26th-27th degree: The luminescence of dawn in the eastern sky

27th-28th degree: Many little birds on a limb of a big tree

28th-29th degree: A mermaid emerges from the ocean waves ready for rebirth in human form

29th-30th degree: An unsealed letter


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Your headcanons are the absolute best I swear ❤ Do you have anymore Fun Ghoul ones? Or anymore about the fab fours relationships to one another?

- Ghoul is not to be trusted with any Important Item
- It’s not that the guys don’t trust him (okay maybe a little) - he’s just very forgetful and absent minded
- If you bother him when he’s in The Zone™ it’s your funeral
- Some people??? blow things up to cope????
- A bit more emotionally distant than the others but they love him anyway.
- They all swear like sailors but Ghoul gives the rest a run for their money
- Connections in shady areas
- Surprisingly good at making jewelry and other accessories?
- Mediocre glass blower (he’s trying tho….)


King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia during their visit to Ekeberga in Småland. There they visited the glass manufacturer Kosta Boda. The company celebrates its 275 anniversary. The King also had the opportunity to work with the glass and talk to one of the glass blowers (06 June 2017).

Source: Mikael Fritzon/TT,, Stella Pictures,


Steffen Dam’s Cabinets of Curiosities

Danish artist Steffen Dam’s grandfather, born in 1893, was a passionate amateur in the field of natural history.  As a child, Dam enjoyed pouring over his grandfather’s library of scientific books full of illustrations of specimens.

Today Dam, a highly skilled glass blower, uses his affinity for natural history to create his imaginatively wonderful backlit “Cabinets of Curiosities”. 

Mimicked oceanic specimens in glass cylinders seemingly containing liquid and air bubbles become optical illusions; the translucent character of the glass object in the cylinder imitates sea life. His specimens aren’t actually objects found in nature, rather a quirky re-writing of the biological world.

“I have been working with glass for 25 years. Initially I was blowing glass, but over the years casting, grinding and techniques from other crafts emerged. My aim is to describe the world as I see it. One could also say to describe what’s not tangible and understandable with our everyday senses. My cylinders contain nothing that exists in the ocean, my specimens are plausible but not from this world, my plants are only to be found in my compost heap, and my flowers are still unnamed.”

you fell in love with a glass blower
with an outer space address
breaking the things she makes for a living,
you realize you’ll have to adjust your life around the mess.
she drowns herself in smoky bedrooms and clear serums that run through metal rivers
and you know know theres always other dudes but you gotta know you’re the only one that gives her shivers
(so don’t even stress about it
her brain lacks the necessary parts to give a shit)
she used to cut open razorblades with her skin,
go to church on sunday to burn for her week of sin,
now she just mimicsq the drugs in her system and drifts
neither of them want to talk about it
so they just get high about it.

we’re only good when we’re good,
you love me best when my hearts beating too fast and you’re in the mood.
healthiest with scum in our lungs and death in our blood
high strung out
high strung out
the chemistry’s in the crystals, and we’re
high strung out
the chemistry’s in our up intervals.

you fell in love with a truck driver
with a pretty fatal habit
shutting down his inner workings so anger can replace
the pain he doesn’t want to admit to having
tears streaming down his face
if his brain isnt moving faster than his mouth, he won’t speak
he’s on a search for something he’ll never find because he’s looking for that peak
but it’s like he’s always coming down,
he doesn’t know why 3, the letter E, and cruelty follow him around,
and he wants all the answers but can’t seem to find them in this town

we’re only good when we’re good,
you love me best when my hearts beating too fast and you’re in the mood.
healthiest with scum in our lungs and death in our blood
high strung out
high strung out
the chemistry’s in the crystals,
and we’re high strung out
the chemistry’s in our up intervals.

but i’d rather be lost with this junkie
than sober and lucky
i think he can teach me some things i think i thought i already knew
and when we’re both in the clouds there aren’t any limits on what we can do,
so we do the impossible, we change the world in our heads,
become super stars, revive the dead
and we do this every single day
because no matter what we say, when we have the funds the dealer gets our pay.
this is what we do,
rolling a bowl is how we say i love you.

we’re always good because we’ll be good,
you love me best when my hearts beating too fast and you’re in the mood.
not too healthy with our scummy lungs and sludgy blood,
but i get so fucking high off your love
high strung out
high strung out
the chemistry’s in the crystals, and we’re
high strung out
the chemistry’s in our up intervals.

—  //high strung out// 4/29/17
All I Need In This Life

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Prompt: This is based off the song “Die A Happy Man” by Thomas Rhett

Pairing: Bones x reader


Words: 1828

A/N: This is just a note - I am still on hiatus. However, as my week at work got worse and worse, when I finally got some time off, all I wanted was to write some fluff, and once I heard the song, this fic basically wrote itself. Hope y’all like it!

Shore leave was always a relaxing time for you, even when you had to soothe your boyfriend’s frazzled nerves. Quite often, you two booked a hotel room and tried your very best to avoid most of the crew, occasionally making time for your captain in your busy days of trying to do nothing at all. This time, however, Leonard had managed to arrange a trip back to his home in Georgia, whisking you away to his family’s little cabin in the mountains.

Presently, you were lounging on the couch, wearing nothing more than a flannel of his you’d found in a drawer and a pair of panties while you scanned your PADD. Leonard took your feet into his hands and was absently rubbing them while listening to you. “Oh, Len! There’s a glass-blower! How did we miss that last night?” Leonard chuckled at your enthusiasm, and you glanced up at him.

“Darlin’, I think we got a little distracted last night.”

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