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Hello! I’m a high school senior researching the dichotomy of informing others vs. keeping techniques proprietary in the art world. As an artist, do you have any comments on the practice of art tutorials and/or plagiarism?(If you don’t want to answer for whatever reason, don’t worry about it! Thank you for your time)

Speaking as a glass artist, our community has a long history with this subject of debate! For many generations the art of working glass was a highly guarded secret among the craftsman guilds of Italy. The island of Murano is still world renowned today for the stunning handcrafted glassworks produced there and numerous glass masters who hail from there. At one point in history glass blowers who left the island were forbidden from ever working again because the skills of Murano glass making techniques were highly prized and guarded secrets. Murano glass makers maintained a monopoly in Europe for generations and became a large political trade power, but like all good secrets- the techniques of glassblowing slowly leaked out. By the 18th century many Murano glass factories closed and their glass makers faced unemployment as other European countries began to open their own factories producing glass. Eventually even American companies such as Tiffany (those old fancy glass lamps!) were producing fine glass arts. It wasn’t until the 1960’s that glassmaking became an openly taught practice that is accessible to studio artists (like me!). This change in the 1960’s was called the Studio Glass Movement, which you can read more about on Wikipedia ( ). Even after this movement changed glass blowing and how it was viewed in the art world, most glass blowers still kept to their niche glass communities and many were still secretive about their techniques. In modern times we are now seeing that all change more with the explosion of the Glass Pipe Art movement. Glass artists are merging functional glass and scientific glass techniques with art in a new way which is pushing to not only spread glass art’s public popularity (especially in the pipe scene thanks to the legalization of marijuana in many places) but is also causing a huge spike in artists seeking to learn and teach glass making as artistic medium and trade. The glass scene is also changing thanks to new platforms for sharing such as social media and the internet in general. You can now watch hundreds of glass blowing tutorials on YouTube, discuss techniques and equipment with other glassblowers around the world on public and private forums, and buy equipment/materials online that were previously only available in a few places in the country. The open sourcing and sharing of so much information has caused an absolute boom in the amount of people interested in glass! The application rate of my college (the only college in the country with an accredited flame working glass program) saw a triple increase in the years I attended which warranted the building of a whole new larger facility which still became over crowded. The glass market has also increased with the opening of many new glass specific art galleries around the country as well as more museums and galleries opening their doors to the formerly taboo art of “Heady” pipe-making. There was even a documentary on this movement made called Degenerate Art which was on Netflix that helped make the art form better understood. Many glassblowers fear that the market growth is topping out while the surge of new glass makers is just beginning. I have talked to many other glass artists (who, like myself, started in the glass game more than 5 years ago- slightly before the giant boom in interest) that now fear the market will be over saturated by new upcoming glass blowers and that the price of collectible glass art will drop. However, many of us also believe that the drop will be temporary and there is a ton of speculation as to what will happen to our glass community the future. Personally I think that arguing to keep artistic techniques secret and proprietary is futile, especially in our modern age of communication. There is no island like Murano to isolate art and knowledge any longer. I think it is the natural progression for all knowledge to spread and that sharing techniques and skills among artist (and all people) can only help to expand our human means of expression. I think there is great room for expansion and growth when any learning is shared and I hope artists will keep sharing!

Sorry, I hope you wanted a long rant with an included history lesson when you asked this question. Lol

The Signs At The Fair:

Aries: Has their arm stuck in the ski-ball machine up to the elbow. Several workers are attempting to help. They cannot. The ski-ball machine has them.

Taurus: Scaling the tilt-a-whirl with a socket wrench in their teeth.

Gemini: Springing from the shadows and stealing funnel cake from fair-goers. They have a horde in the hall of mirrors.

Cancer: In a fistfight.  

Leo: Waiting in line for something. A cloud of dust circles them continuously. Its hard to get a good look at them.

Virgo: Comforting a crying child by telling them about the fair catacombs.

Libra: Mesmerized by the glass blower. They’ve been there for days. 

Scorpio: Makes sure the haunted house is properly haunted. None of that store bought shit.

Ophiuchus: Stole a horse.

Sagittarius: Has a hotdog. Overjoyed. 

Capricorn: Constantly lost in a crowd. They are effectively invisible. They move among the fair unseen, yet seeing all.

Aquarius: Sitting atop the pancake stand and people watching. Several people have told them to come down. They do not. They are lost in thought.

Pisces: Still in the parking lot. They think that’s the fair.


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Steffen Dam’s Cabinets of Curiosities

Danish artist Steffen Dam’s grandfather, born in 1893, was a passionate amateur in the field of natural history.  As a child, Dam enjoyed pouring over his grandfather’s library of scientific books full of illustrations of specimens.

Today Dam, a highly skilled glass blower, uses his affinity for natural history to create his imaginatively wonderful backlit “Cabinets of Curiosities”. 

Mimicked oceanic specimens in glass cylinders seemingly containing liquid and air bubbles become optical illusions; the translucent character of the glass object in the cylinder imitates sea life. His specimens aren’t actually objects found in nature, rather a quirky re-writing of the biological world.

“I have been working with glass for 25 years. Initially I was blowing glass, but over the years casting, grinding and techniques from other crafts emerged. My aim is to describe the world as I see it. One could also say to describe what’s not tangible and understandable with our everyday senses. My cylinders contain nothing that exists in the ocean, my specimens are plausible but not from this world, my plants are only to be found in my compost heap, and my flowers are still unnamed.”

The Eleven — Major and minor roles and functions

While each clan tends to have a major patron deity, many look to others of the pantheon for support in specific situations and aid with specific problems. Many have small shrines dedicated to each individual god and the many big and small roles that are attributed to them.


  • God of Earth
  • Deity of caverns, mountains, time, memory and history.
  • Patron of families, historians, architects, miners and wanderers.


  • Goddess of Fire
  • Deity of blacksmithing, weaponry, commerce and fortune.
  • Patron of blacksmiths, glass-blowers, jewelers and merchants.


  • God of Wind
  • Deity of music, art, poetry, hospitality and the sky.
  • Patron of artists, travelers, couriers, carpenters and guests.


  • God of Water
  • Deity of rivers, lakes, rain, prophecies and sea life.
  • Patron of oracles, seers, philosophers, divers and pirates.


  • Goddess of Shadow
  • Deity of mischief, luck, cunning, dusk, dreams and witchcraft.
  • Patron of witches, tricksters, shapeshifters and fortune tellers.


  • God of Ice
  • Deity of snow, wealth, order, sleep and death.
  • Patron of collectors, guards, priests, and cemetery keepers.


  • God of Lightning
  • Deity of storms, thunder, deserts, zeal, efficiency and rivalry.
  • Patron of workers, engineers, inventors and scientists.


  • Goddess of Light
  • Deity of justice, knowledge, truth, dawn and wisdom.
  • Patron of scribes, librarians, sholars, teachers and explorers.


  • Goddess of Nature
  • Deity of forests, gardens, swamps, fertility, wildlife and the harvest.
  • Patron of healers, herbalists, gatherers and hatchlings.


  • Goddess of Plague
  • Deity of rebirth, survival, strength, force and vengeance.
  • Patron of hunters, scavengers, warriors and alchemists.


  • God of Arcane
  • Deity of magic, astronomy, curiosity, change and the universe.
  • Patron of mages, astronomers, teachers and researchers.

(disclaimer: This is a personal clan headcanon, based on Greek, Norse and Egyptian mythology, and is not intended to be taken as official fact! ^^)

The gummy bear pipe I won from @luxeglass on instagram came today!!!😭😍 its more perfect than I imagined, I’m so grateful to have won! My first heady cute ass pipe. Words can’t describe how much I love this little baby.

The White Wolf

(Jon x Reader)

Words: 1,438

Third in a series, with King in the North being the second part, and this smutty bit here being the first part.

“He broods even in his sleep,” you think to yourself.

Jon’s head lay on his feather pillow, his crow-black hair surrounding his face like a halo. That blessed mouth of his had always been drawn down, but now his brow is furrowed too, as if there is no end to his burdens.

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I’d like to see more stuff about professions that touch on super heroics without actively being about super heroing. (I really liked Slott’s run on She-Hulk.)

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it before, but I think Bernie is my favorite canon love interest of Steve’s. She lived in the same building as him and they ended up dating. She was a famous glass-blower, but she was going back to law school. They got engaged after she proposed to him, but they broke up so she could focus on her goal of becoming a lawyer. She later defended Bucky Barnes at his trial. She’s super awesome.