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Can you do one where MC accidentally destroys something really important to the RFA+Saeran? With a lot of angst if you can

Honestly, they wouldn’t be all too upset with MC even if it was reaaally important—she’s more important to them, after all. Still, I did serve some angst here and there for ya. :^) It amuses me how the scenario varies so much though LOL anyway I’ll consider uploading a second post to show what happened after the worst ones.

Dedicated to @olivineonyx because I want to make you cry (only a bit) on your birthday :^) Thank you for always being such a joy to talk to—even though I reply slowly at times. And thank you for supporting our work all throughout these months ^~^


Request Killing: 19/30

Click for: [Part 2] 

MC Breaks Something Important to RFA [1]


| Warning: Angst, Heartbreak, Mentions of Death

  • There was a corner in the house that Yoosung had always warned you not to go near.
  • He was so scarily protective about that area that his personality could take a 180 degree turn as soon as you ever mentioned it. You could be laying in his arms, watching a movie together while cooing sweet nothings to each other… but as soon as you tried to take advantage of the moment to ask about that corner, his eyes would turn cold.
  • The first couple times that you had tried asking, he would give you puppy eyes, asking you in a sad tone, “Do you not trust me…?” to which you could never talk back against, not wanting to hurt his feelings. But as you persisted throughout the 2 years you’ve spent with him, he gave up on that act, and expressed how he really felt instead.
  • Now, when you asked about it, he would only stare at you, cocking his head upward slightly as if to challenge you. “MC, haven’t you already asked hundreds of times already? Can’t you respect my privacy? We’re in a relationship, but that doesn’t mean we have to know everything about each other,” he’d answer coolly.
  • You couldn’t understand why he was so uptight about it. So, one day, while he was away visiting a friend, you decided to search that area—it couldn’t hurt, right? You would put everything back anyway.
  • You knelt in front of the drawers, a determined look on your face. You had several hours before Yoosung was home, and you would clean it all up soon. When you opened the drawers… nothing seemed to really jump at you. There were only photo albums.
  • A smile tugged at your face as you reached for the album, wondering if there were really embarrassing photos hidden there that he didn’t want you to see.
  • But even as you opened it, you couldn’t shake off the feeling that it was weird. Why would he be this upset about mere photos? Besides, wouldn’t he have thrown them away if that were the case?
  • When your eyes fell upon the first photo, it took your breath away.
  • No wonder.
  • Rika was smiling in the photo, looking ever so innocent and joyful. Your fingers began to tremble as you turned the page, only to feel even more dread pile up in your heart. There weren’t only photos, but handwritten pages as well.
  • As you read the words, you realized how much love was poured into them. Yoosung Kim loved Rika more than a cousin, and these pages were the living proof of that.
  • Confusion tore your heart—why would he hide this, if he loved you? Wouldn’t he have told you…? Unless… he still loved her.
  • You quickly shut the book, but unbeknownst to you, a page was torn in the process…
  • As you had promised yourself, you put everything back in its place, and Yoosung didn’t notice that you had touched it, either. The only giveaway hints were that you would shy away from his touch from time to time, but it was so subtle, nobody would be able to tell.
  • It was weeks later, early in the morning at 4:30AM when Yoosung abruptly awoke you from your slumber, his eyes a stormy basil.
  • His voice was low and controlled as he asked you, “Did you touch those drawers?”
  • You didn’t answer him, still dazed from sleep, but a million thoughts flew through your mind. How did he know?
  • “I said, did you touch those drawers?” he repeated himself, his tone harsher this time.
  • When you failed to answer again, he held up the album you had opened, revealing the ripped page.
  • “I would never be so careless to rip something so important to me. And you’re the only other person in our apartment,” he drawled, his gaze cold as he looked down at you, “I never should have trusted you.”
  • His words stung, and it woke you up, hurt and betrayal swelling in your chest. “I’m not the one who stayed in a relationship for 2 goddamn years while my heart belonged to someone else! God, Yoosung, RIKA IS DEAD, can’t you accept that?! Why do you still care so much about her? Why? Why, when you have me by your side.”
  • He didn’t answer, nor did his glare falter.
  • I’m the one you’ve woken up with everyday, I’m the one who’s cooked all those meals for you, I’m the one who’s spent all this time with you for the past TWO years now. Why are you still thinking about her?!” you screamed at him, shoving him in the chest.
  • “Then leave,” he said coldly, “If you know that I don’t love you, then leave.”
  • He didn’t give you time to respond before he walked out of the room, and you eventually heard the sound of the front door slamming shut as well.
  • Your breath caught in your throat. Was he really willing to throw away everything—the bond you’ve built, the feelings you’ve accumulated, the experiences you’ve shared… because of one thing?
  • But then again… if he’s actually been in love with her all this time… was any of that even real? Had he been insincere about everything this entire time?
  • You felt dizzy with these thoughts.
  • You had given everything to him… Your time, your love, your care… He’s seen every part of your body and learned all your secrets, and you swore you two were truly in love and that you would marry someday… Had it all been in your head?
  • The dizziness only worsened, and you staggered on your feet, heading to the kitchen—the kitchen where Yoosung had always snuck up behind you while you cooked, the kitchen where the two of you had eaten together everyday…
  • Before you knew it, you had a knife in your hand and—
  • To be continued: [Here]


  • You were the clumsy type.
  • Well, maybe not exactly, but in Jumin’s house, you often found yourself breaking one thing after the other. His house was huge, but he would always receive so many gifts from business partners and coworkers alike that he didn’t always have a place for them, often cluttering tabletops and drawers.
  • He never got upset when you broke things, only ever chuckling and pinching your cheek and calling you clumsy… so when you knocked down a snow globe while digging through his closet drawer, you hadn’t expected him to get too mad either.
  • When he returned home that day, you brought it to his attention immediately like you always did. His reaction was different than you expected, though.
  • Jumin’s eyes widened as soon as the word ‘snow globe’ had passed through your lips, and his lips tugged downward after hearing the full story. Through gritted teeth, he quietly told you, “Please don’t go through my belongings like that again.”
  • You didn’t think too much of it, but you figured the snow globe must’ve been really important to him, so you did try to make it up to him…
  • That night, as you were falling asleep, you heard Jumin sighing heavily beside you, seated on the edge of the bed as he held the snow globe in hand.
  • “Even this… the last thing you gifted me is broken, Jihyun,” he murmured softly, “I wonder if every trace of you will end up disappearing like this…”
  • You couldn’t help but shed a few tears, feeling sorry that you had broken something so important to Jumin… He didn’t even get mad at you…
  • His warm fingers brushed against your cheek, a thumb wiping away your tears.
  • “Don’t cry, my love,” he said tenderly, turning off the light on his bedside table and snuggling next to you. “Please don’t cry…”
  • His soothing voice lulled you to sleep, the guilt that washed over you following you into your dreams…


  • You were playing another round of hide-and-seek, and you chose to dive under the desk of his computer this time, thinking he’d never suspect you to hide there. Normally, you hid everywhere but his office, after all…
  • As you huddled in the shadows, you noticed several papers seeped under the desk drawer, almost hidden out of sight. With a finger, you carefully slid it out, and you almost gasped in shock as you realized what it was.
  • He was still doing missions for Vanderwood.
  • That much was obvious from the details of the file. But you thought he had quit…?
  • When you started dating, Seven told you that the agency was finally letting him go… so why was this here?
  • You shook your head. No, he wouldn’t lie to you. Maybe the file was old.
  • You opened the folder, squinting to read the words in the dark room, the only light coming from the half-open door. The file dated back to last year. What a relief…
  • But as you skimmed over the contents, your heart dropped again.
  • In exchange for permitting Agent 707’s leave, the final mission….break into C&R files….client demanded its bankruptcy…’
  • You swallowed hard. This was the price of your relationship…? Betraying Jumin and Jaehee’s trust…
  • Clearly, Seven had taken it as slow as possible, but this time also allowed for the bond between them to deepen, and he’d earned more and more of their trust. You knew that Seven already had access to several files and accounts associated with the C&R, but you hadn’t realized that his willingness to help had stemmed from this.
  • “I found you~” His cheery voice was close, and you noticed he was beside you. You quickly ripped the file, as it was all you could think of doing in that moment. He knelt down, but the large grin on his face disappeared as soon as he saw the torn sheets in your hands.
  • His eyes lost their playful gleam, and he suddenly sat cross-legged. It was completely silent for a few moments.
  • “MC,” he said softly, “I’m sorry.”
  • “…Why are you doing this?”
  • His response came in a flash. “Because I love you! I don’t want to lose you. I don’t want to lose the only happiness I’ve found after all these years… please, you have to understand,” he was whimpering, “I’d do anything to be with you… I’m sorry, I’m so sorry to them, but I wanted to be selfish for once…”
  • Your heart broke in two at the expression on his face—desperation, sorrow, regret and pain… You could see that much. And you knew you forgave him, because you loved him too.
  • “But you can’t do this… you can’t just hurt our friends like this,” you whispered, shaking your head in disapproval. “I want to be with you, too, and I love you, but I don’t want our friends to pay the price.”
  • He sighed, looking down. “Okay… I’ll find a way. I promise.”
  • You crawled out from your hiding place and wrapped your arms around him, hugging him tightly to let him know it would be okay.

Part 2: [Here]

Title: All These Flashing Lights

Pairing: NaLu

AU:are requests really open….NaLu for this prompt???? because it fits them so well??? idk??? “my friend thought you were cute so she tried to take a picture of you for snapchat and her flash went off but when you looked our way she shoved her phone into my hands and nOW YOU THINK IT’S ME AND OH GOD PLS DON’T BE MAD”

Word Count: 1930

Rating: T for langue and suggestive material towards the end

“He’s hot,” Cana repeats for what must be the sixth time in the span of five minutes, the brunette practically purring as she eyes the attractive man across the café. She’s blatantly staring and Lucy is fairly certain that if she keeps it up they’re either going to be noticed by the attractive man across the room or thrown out by Mira because is being a fucking creep.

Lucy just wanted to hang out with her friend on her one day off in the last two weeks, not freak the fuck out of some guy she doesn’t know because Cana has no idea how to behave in public.

She sighs, dropping her chin to rest against her palm and pretending to be thoroughly engrossed in her slushy. Strawberry lemonade has always been a favorite of hers and Cana is ruining the sanctity of frozen fruit beverages. Lucy casually glances at the man in question, eyes widening slightly in horror when she catches sight of his arm. “If you’re referring to the fact that his sleeve is on fire,” she says slowly, “than I’d be inclined to agree.”

The man pats out the small flame quickly, laughing as he turns back to his friend across the table, and Lucy takes a long moment to just look at him. Her head tilts to the side, eyes narrowing slightly in thought. He looks like some kind of punk-rock model, if she’s being honest with herself. The flash of silver piercings in his ear gains her rapt attention, and she has to bit her lower lip when she sees the hoop through the bottom right corner of his lip. His bright, bubble-gum pink hair is shocking, but not necessarily unpleasant. And Lucy is pretty sure cheekbones like that can only be carved from marble.

Yeah, the dude is freakishly hot, but Lucy has the decency not to weird about it.

“Oh, come on, Lucy!” Cana whines, shoving at her shoulder roughly and making Lucy nearly drop her slushy. “Look at that face! Those arms!” Too late, Cana, Lucy already is and she very much appreciates the way his tank-top leaves his arms bare and clings to his chest just right.

Fuck, now Lucy’s being creepy, too.

Lucy looks away before Cana or the attractive stranger can notice her obvious interest in the way his shirt stretches across his broad chest. “You know,” Lucy muses, pointing at Cana with the end of her straw before popping the tube into her mouth and sucking off the ice and juice clinging to the bottom. “You’re kind of being creepy.”

Cana is silent for exactly eight seconds, her eyes narrowed as she considers Lucy’s words.

“I’m going to take a picture of him.”

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Sound Asleep |Jack Maynard|

Summary -  Y/N and jack are sleeping on the couch and then the buttercream walk in and see them cuddling and then one of them wakes up and the buttercream tease them.

Word Count - 1,254

Warnings - N/A

“What are we watching?” you mumbled tiredly, your head resting against Jack’s arm as you both curled up on the sofa.

His arm was currently wrapped around your waist, holding you as close to him as possible as he was laid on his side, you on your back. You gazed up at him, his eyes fixed on the TV and a smile spread across your face as you watched him attempting to concentrate. Apparently it was a cooking show, something Jack wasn’t very good at.

“I actually have no idea,” he chuckled, glancing over at the TV before turning his attention back to you, as he started to twirl the ends of your hair in his fingers.

As much as you loved it when he did this, it was making you more tired and you wanted to stay awake because you hardly got to see Jack anymore, since you were both always working.

“Y/N, babe, go to sleep. I know you’re about to pass out on me,” Jack chuckled, planting a soft kiss onto your cheek.

You shook your head in protest but there wasn’t really any point, you knew Jack was right and you knew you would be asleep against his arm in a matter of minutes.

Though you knew Jack very well, he’d be asleep shortly as well.

“Come on, we can do something tonight. I haven’t got anything to do tomorrow so just stay the night.” Jack mumbled, turning the volume on the TV down ever so slightly before placing the remote on the sofa again. This was something Jack always did. He always had to have a TV or his music on to fall asleep.

You let out a sigh as you turned over, hiding your face in his chest.

“Can’t, got a presentation for work tomorrow.” You told him. You had told him 3 days previously, but you knew how forgetful he was so it was best to remind him.

Jack sighed, but chose not to say anything else on the subject, as his eyes started drooping.

You smiled as you watched him nuzzle against you again and giggled quietly.

“What are you laughing at me for?” he asked, even his voice sounding slightly tired.

“Nothing, just… Watching you,” you shrugged, placing your hand on the back of his neck.

Jack looked up at you, a confused expression on his face.

“You’re laughing because I’m tired?” he chuckled, gently poking your stomach.

“No, not because you’re tired. I’m just watching you, acting natural, not doing anything and it makes me smile,” you said, starting to play with his hair.

Jack had the same problem as you, your hair being played with while you were tired.

Dangerous move. He’d be asleep in seconds.

Jack yawned before he tightened his grip around you.

“Sleep now,” he murmured, and with his head resting on the arm of the sofa, he peacefully dropped off into a deep sleep.

Jack slept through anything and everything, practically dead to the world.

Reaching over to your right, you picked your phone up off the coffee table that was in the centre of the living room and quickly snapped a picture of him, looking as cute as ever.

After putting your phone back in the previous place, you rested your head in the crook of his head, and still playing with his hair, you also fell into a deep sleep.


After an hour or so, you woke up to the sound of giggles, and a door clicking shut.

Even though your eyes were still closed, you knew who the giggles belonged to.

“Yeah, alright Conor.” You mumbled, sitting up slightly as you opened your eyes, blinking a few times to readjust your eyes to the light that shone into the apartment through the window.

Once opening your eyes, you were greeted with 6 grins shining back at you.

Belonging to Joe, Oli, Caspar, Josh, Mikey and of course, Conor.

“We didn’t interrupt anything did we?” Joe smirked, leaning against the worktop in the kitchen.

“Did it look like we were doing much?” you chuckled, glancing down at Jack who was still sound asleep.

“You two look adorable, like two sleeping puppies,” Caspar commented, clapping his hands together like an excited child.

Now, Caspar wasn’t exactly the quietest of people. Well, none of them were quiet when they were together, but Caspar was unusually loud and the sound of him banging his hands together was enough to finally wake Jack up.

“Mhm,” he mumbled, rubbing his eyes with his fist before looking at his friends confused. “Can I help you?”

“No mate, just admiring the happy couple.” Conor chuckled, shaking his head.

“You make it sound like we’re married.” You shook your head, standing up from the sofa and you smiled as Jack held your hand tight in his grasp.

“Not just yet Conor, give him time.” Joe shouted from the kitchen, still within earshot to hear the conversation.

Jack glared at his older brother as a sign for him to keep his mouth shut.

“I didn’t say anything mate, just saying how sickeningly cute you both are.” Conor smiled. Even though he was teasing you both, you knew he meant it because he has told you countless times that he was happy his little brother had finally found someone who made him happy.

“So I took a picture and basically put it on all my social media.” Caspar butted in, a cheesy smile on his face.

“What?” you looked at him, hoping that this was one of his weird pranks that you didn’t understand.

“Yeah, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat,” he smiled, showing his phone to you.

Okay, you had to admit the photo was actually really cute but that didn’t mean you wanted it online. Your hair was a mess, you were wearing Jack’s hoodie and you just looked awful, in you opinion.

Jumping up to grab his phone, Caspar laughed as he held it above his head.

“Caspar! Please delete it.” You begged, still trying to reach for his phone as he threw it over to Josh, who was also laughing as he stood in the corner with Mikey and Oli and all three of them were in hysterics.

You groaned in annoyance as you finally gave up reaching for Caspar’s phone, glancing over at Jack who was grinning down at his phone.

“I don’t know what you’re so annoyed at Y/N, I think it’s cute.” Jack mumbled sleepily, obviously still struggling to wake himself up.“

“I look bloody awful in it, he didn’t give me the chance to photoshop it.” You chuckled.

You weren’t actually annoyed at the boys, you had been with Jack long enough to know what his friends were like, and it was just like having 6 protective older brothers.

Unless they were the ones causing the grief, then they weren’t protective in the slightest.

Jack, shaking his head, stood up and took both of your hands in his, placing a kiss on your forehead.

“I think you look as beautiful as always,” he smiled as your cheeks flushed the colour of scarlet.

“Hey, I can still hear you two in here and I’m trying to eat.” Joe shouted from the kitchen as both you, and Jack, rolled your eyes in response.

“Don’t worry, wait until one of them gets a girlfriend and we’ll get them back,” Jack winked and your lips turned into a smirk as you knew he was right.

He would get them back, he always does.

Camera Shy (Part One)

AU. Jughead is an aspiring photographer. His final project requires him to shoot nude photos of someone who inspires him. With no one else to ask Jughead asks Betty. Insecure of her body Betty is quick to shoot the idea down, until Jughead reminds her that she owes him. - Bughead leading to eventual smut.

Read on AO3 here

A/N - I’m terrible with summaries but I hope you guys like this. This idea came to me a few days ago when the Cole photographer photoset was going around. Enjoy! 

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How You Sleep/Cuddle

How you sleep/cuddle and someone catches you and takes pictures of the cute moment

 h/t stands for hometown 

 Scott McCall 

 You were at Scott’s house and didn’t bother to knock because you had a key, and Scott was expecting you to be there at some point in time that day. You walked in the living room to see he’d fallen asleep on the couch. Shirtless you might add. You couldn’t help but stare at the sight and get a little turned on. That was until Scott mumbled “its rude to stare you know.” “Not staring…… admiring.” You told him while smirking. Then walked over and laid on top of his back. You didn’t need a blanket since Scott was like his own freaking furnace. You fell asleep on top of Scott. You don’t know how long you slept but it must have been awhile because you were awoken by the click of a camera and opened your eyes to see Stiles and Melissa with cameras giggling like little gossiping school girls. You were snapped out of your thoughts by “y/n you drooled all of my back.” Said Scott in a whiny little kid voice. Stiles laughed so hard he fell and Melissa had to sit down.

 Stiles Stilinski 

 You were going on a long trip all the way across country to visit Stiles family that couldn’t come to you’re wedding. You and Stiles decided to see his family a day after the wedding and then fly down to The France to visit Isaac and go on your honeymoon, the fly back and drive home with John, Stiles father since he went with you to see his family. John was driving at the moment since you and Stiles were both still tired from your wedding the day before. Stiles was in the back seat asleep and you were in the front quietly talking to John. It had been a few hours since you last stopped so you stopped at a gas station to refuel and take a potty break. Stiles shuffled into the bathroom. You giggled when he came out he had a very sleepy face and a little drool on his cheek. His hair was a mess and he was looking at food. When you finally all were back on the road Stiles whined from the back seat “Y/n” he dragged your name out. “I need someone to cuddle.” “I’m talking.” You tried to tell him but he wouldn’t quit so John told you to get some rest and kissed the top of your head before you climbed back there. You laid you’re head against Stiles chest and he played with your hair until you both fell asleep. When you woke up, it must have been at least 7 hours later. You heard a bunch of “AWWWWS” and camera’s clicking. You and Stiles looked at each other before he said ignore them and held you closer and tried to go back to sleep. “Stiles.” You started sweetly knowing you would have to sweet talk your way into him letting go. “I love you and your an amazing husband.” He grumbled knowing where this was going. “I really have to pee.” You whined. He mumbled something incoherent but let you go and got out of the car and went straight to the couch and fell sleep. 

 Jackson Whittemore 

 You and Jackson liked to cuddle when you sleep. It didn’t surprise you because he had always been a very touchy feely person. You guys usually slept with with you’re face buried in his neck and him playing with you’re hair as he held you tight. This night was like every other night except your parents had come to visit from your h/t. You and Jackson always had a tendency to wake up late in the day since you stayed up late at night. Well you were half asleep when you heard giggles then grunts from beside you then more giggles. Your mother had come up to check on you and thought it was adorable you slept like this, so she took pictures and sent them to everyone she knew. You could tell Jackson was awake and he didn’t like people waking him up so you tried to get up to get you mother out, but Jackson had other ideas and kept a tight grip on you. “Mom get out…… and Jackson let goooooooo.” You whined but neither really listened because you mom got your dad and Jackson just went back to sleep so you did to. 

 Peter Hale

 There was a pack meeting at Derek’s house and you were trying to listen but you were really tired from studying for your college classes, and kept almost falling asleep and even drooling on Peter a little. He absolutely loved seeing you this way because you looked all cute and innocent. He finally gave in and interrupted Derek and said, “Excuse me Derek.” To which Derek started glaring at him but shut up. “Y/n spent all night studying and won’t quit drooling on me so I’m gonna take her upstairs to let her take a nap.” Everyone looked at him. They always saw him as cold and dead in the inside but around you he was a good person. He carried you bridle style. After he laid you down you thanked him and expected him to leave but felt the bed sink in behind you and he curled up next to you. He let you use on of his arms as a pillow and on the other you guys held hands. He fell asleep in the arms of your best friend. He was awoken by the sound of people opening the door but ignored until they started taking pictures. He knew you were dead asleep and wouldn’t wake up so he looked at them and gave them all a death glare and eventually they all left but still kept swapping photos and talking about it.

 Isaac Lahey

 I lived with my best friend Isaac and since Derek kicked him out and the McCalls took me in when my single father went into the army and had to move away for awhile. Since there was only one guest bedroom Isaac and I bunked since he was my best friend and we weren’t dating…… yet. Isaac and I also had to share a bed but it was really big. It didn’t matter that it was big anyways since we almost always cuddled. This time was the same and he slept with his head against my chest. He told me once that it made him feel safe. Like his father couldn’t get to him anymore and that if something happened he was right there to protect me. I loved this and let him do it because he was vulnerable and it made my heart break for him because he hates being vulnerable. It was early in the morning when I heard the door open. I’m a light sleeper and Isaac wasn’t ever since he moved here so I didnt expect him to wake up. I was going to ignore the door until I heard whispering. Melissa and Lydia were talking the I thought I heard someone call Scott over. They quietly whispered to each other as they tiptoed in. I heard one snap and finally got annoyed and opened my eyes and tried to move to see what they were doing. They all snickered at my actions. “Stop moving……. and get out of here guys.” Isaac said to me and then Scott Melissa and Lydia. They snickered again but left.


 It had been a long day at school with two tests and three pop quizzes, and to add on all the stuff going on in the supernatural world. I shared an apartment with Aiden, my boyfriend, Ethan, his twin, and Danny didn’t technically live here or pay rent but he stayed at least 3-4 nights a week with his Ethan, since they were boyfriends. It was late at night and tomorrow was Saturday so I just wanted to go to bed and sleep till noon tomorrow. I plopped down next to Aiden on the bed as he was just scrolling through twitter on my phone talking about how he was hotter than all the guys I follow and how I follow to many. I rolled my eyes and took my phone from him. Aiden had a weird thing where he likes to rest his head on my stomach and hold on to my waist. He curled up into my side and like usual did this. I started playing with his hair until he fell asleep. After about an hour of scrolling through Pinterest I fell asleep happily. I wasn’t awoken till I heard Ethan and Danny trying not to burst out laughing. I was so tired I didn’t even notice how Aiden was sleeping. I heard some pictures being taken then Ethan muttering “my brother is such a perv even when he’s asleep.” Then I realized what he was talking about as I looked down and Aidens head was on the bed slobbering and his arm was up to top resting on my boob. I woke up completely and glared at Ethan and Danny. I realized Aiden was now awake because I saw him smirk the start massaging my boob. I hit his arm trying to make him let go so they wouldn’t hear me moan. They got grossed out and left after they saw me frantically trying to grab the blanket at my feet to cover up. 

Jordan Parrish

 I was at my boyfriend Deputy Jordan Parrish’s apartment and it was raining really hard outside. We were inside eating popcorn as he was trying to help me with my algebra homework because I didn’t understand it and he was good at algebra. I got a call from my dad, the Sheriff. “Hey sweety, it’s raining really hard here and the streets are completely flooded so I want you to stay at Parrish’s house for a few days or at least until the water goes down.” “Ok Dad it’s raining bad here to be safe and tell Stiles I love him. Bye love you.” “Love you too sweety.” Then he hung up. I hope this wasn’t inconveniencing Jordan but my dad didn’t seem to care. Probably because he was his boss. And the Sheriff. I went to ask Jordan if I could stay. But he must have noticed because before I could speak he told me “I heard and don’t worry I want you to stay I love having you here and it’s not like you could even leave.” “You are the best most handsome perfect boyfriend in the world.” I told him as I walked over and sat on my lap and kissed him. He chuckled. We stayed for about three days together trapped in Jordans apartment before I got another call from my dad saying he was sending Stiles to get me in the morning. Jordan and I fell asleep in his bed with his arms tightly around me from behind and his face in my neck breathing my scent to calm him enough to fall asleep. In the morning I heard Stiles laugh and take a picture of sometimes on his phone. I noticed what he was laughing about when I felt slobber on my neck and in my hair. I kicked him lightly and whined “Joooordaaan you slobbered on meee.” He sat up slowly and chuckled as he wiped it the best he could with the blanket. I tried to go back to sleep. “Wait how did you get in” Jordan asked Stiles. “Uhhh I had a key made duh.” He says like it was the most normal thing in the world. Jordan just stared at him probably not surprised by my weird brother anymore.

 Derek Hale

 Derek and I shared his loft but the pack was there a lot so we didn’t get much alone time. Liam was really tired so I lead him to Derek and I’s room and let him sleep on the bed. Derek was not very happy with me because he wanted to take a nap together. “Derek I feel bad for the poor kid he’s so young and innocent he shouldn’t have to go through this he’s just a kid. They all were.” I said talking about the rest of the pack. I always felt the motherly instincts and most of the time the pack considered Derek and I the mother and father of the whole group. “And what do you think we were when life hit us in the gut. We all got dealt a crappy hand but we all make it better for each other by having each other’s back honey, so don’t feel so bad.” Derek said as he tried to calm me down. I just nodded and laid down on the couch to try and take a nap. He chuckles “oh no you don’t you gave away our bed I’m taking the couch it’s not my fault we have no bed.” Derek said. “There’s enough room for you.” I tried to reason with him so I could stay. I patted the spot beside me he gave a skeptical look but came over anyways. He barely fit on the couch and his butt was kinda slipping off but he threw his leg over mine, and I buried my head in his chest. I smiled when I felt out dog, that was practically out baby jump on Derek then the top of the couch to go to sleep. It was the whole family napping on the small couch I thought to myself than fell asleep. When I woke up Derek was already awake and trying to move away without waking me. He whispered sorry but I just smiled at him. Isaac, Lydia, and Allison were all laughing and sharing photos, of what I figured was us on the couch. I smiled when Derek got up and walked away mumbling grumpily something about privacy. 

 Liam Dunbar

 Third person POV

 Liam and Y/n have been dating for a while now, and to get away from all of the supernatural stuff going on, Liam sneaks into her bedroom at night so they can talk and cuddle until they fall asleep. Y/n’s parents weren’t home when he woke up the next morning so he decided to make her a nice breakfast. ………………….. he didn’t succeed. Y/n woke up to the smell of something burning and Liam wasn’t by her side so she put two and two together and thought he was trying to burn her house down. Sarcasm intended. She shuffled down the stairs in her blanket cocoon, and looked at him trying to make breakfast. He heard her and looked over and gave her puppy dog eyes to try and make her help him. She sighed and walked over to him still half asleep. She just put her arms around his mid section with he blanket and snuggled into his side. She was peaceful until she heard the small snap of a picture being taken. She saw her best friend Isaac standing there smirking. 

 Theo Raeken

 Third person POV

 Theo loved to have random movie nights with his girlfriend to take off the edge of his supernatural life. Honestly y/n loved them to. It was time for them to forget about their worries and spend time in each other’s arms. They were at y/n’s house since only her twin brother was home. They were watching Finding Nemo for the thousandth time since this was one of y/n’s favorite movies. Theo got up and went to get some more popcorn. When he got back his girlfriend had turned her body taking up most of the couch and sighed but then got and idea and set the popcorn her coffee table Theo jumped on y/n and made he squeal. After that he got himself situated in between her legs with his head resting against her chest. Halfway through the movie y/n looked down and just stared at him as he watched the movie. “You know your staring is getting s little creepy.” Jackson y/n’s brother said to her. She rolled her eyes and cradled his head into her. Jackson grabbed his phone and took a picture for twitter with the caption she wouldn’t stop staring so I took a picture so it would last longer😍 

 Brett Talbot 

 You and Brett were newlyweds, and visiting you parents house while the bathroom in your house was redone. Brett was a massive guy so you two had to buy a bed according. Unfortunately in your old room your bed was only a full size and wasn’t very long so it was hard to fit you both. You and Brett really had no choice but for you to pretty much lay on top of him which you guys normally wouldn’t mind but your old room was in the attic and it was summer so it got really hot adding on to the fact that Brett’s a freaking heater of his own. You guys were wearing very little clothing so you wouldn’t get as hot and just sprawled out across each other. 

 Third person POV 

 Y/n’s sister came up to the attic to wake her sister and Brett for breakfast. When she saw the way they were sleeping she couldn’t help but smile and take a picture. Which woke Brett up with his werewolf hearing. “Hey” he said lazily to his sister in law. “Breakfast is ready.” She told him knowing he loves food. He peeked right up just as she expected. He didn’t even bother to properly wake up his wife. He grabbed he waist sat up and carried her down the stairs through her on the couch and went to eat breakfast while she stared daggers into his scull and he smirked.

 Hey guys I just wanted to know how you feel about the way I set this up. Some of these I used different ways of writing in 1st 2nd and 3 POV so if you guys will message me or comment and tell me what you prefer I will start doing it that way and if enough people tell me they like it one way I will change this entire preference to be like that. Sorry some of these are longer than others it’s kinda hard to do some of the pictures and it took me 3 hours to write this but it was worth it. Please tell me what you think and please request!!!

anonymous asked:

RFA+V with MC that has a drinking problem like it's only when she's sad?

I would’ve made these mini-fics if I had time aah~ (You might notice I almost did that in the first few sentences of Zen’s… I changed it from what I originally planned in order to shorten this haha) BUT I do plan on starting fics when I’m back from my trip and I’ll supply whatever feels I can there :^)

Me after writing this: Damn I think this is actually kinda fluffy~~ Hehe, I like it. ^O^


Request Killing: 20/30

RFA + MC Drinking when Sad


  • You were at the bar you used to visit frequently, bored out of your mind as you were alone
  • So you called Yoosung, because you figured he’d be free, out of everyone in the RFA at this time. Everyone else was working, but Yoosung spent all his time playing LOLOL anyway…
  • “MC? Why’d you call?” he answered, surprise evident in his voice
  • Your reply was slurred, and you couldn’t quite remember what exactly you were saying but you knew you did mention to him why you were sad
  • His sigh echoed through the phone. “Stay right where you are, MC. Don’t move,” he stated firmly before hanging up.
  • It wasn’t long before he arrived at the bar, looking out of place in his casual shirt and pants. His eyes landed upon you immediately, and he tried to make you leave with him, but you refused
  • Realizing that one of you had to tolerate the other, he decided to stay and drink with you. “I don’t want you to be alone on a night like this, especially when you’re feeling down.”


  • Was visiting you at the apartment because you hadn’t been active in the chatroom lately
  • The door was unlocked, which freaked him out, but what worried him more was the fact that it was dark and messy in your apartment. He found you sitting beside your bed, a bottle of vodka beside you, and he felt his heart break in two.
  • “You promised me you wouldn’t drink anymore…” he whispered sadly, eyebrows knit together in frustration.
  • You shrugged, not in the mood to care for what he was saying.
  • He gently pried the bottle from your hands, and set it away from you before lifting you up onto your bed and laying you down.
  • “Let me grab some water for you,” he murmured, leaving a kiss on your forehead.
  • He did just that, and sat at the edge of your bed with the lights turned off, moonlight shining through the windows.
  • “Tell me what happened, jagi. I’ll listen. But please, don’t drink any more than you already have…”


  • She was already chugging down drinks with you.
  • “He’s really not worth it,” she still tried to convince you, “You shouldn’t be drinking over him.”
  • You laughed in a drunken haze. “B-but Baehee, hehe,” you slurred, “You’re drinking -hic- w-with m-meee”
  • She slapped your arm playfully as she laughed with you, accidentally knocking the drink out of your hands
  • “Look at what y-you diiiid,” you pointed to the spilled drink. “I’m teeelling on you to Jumiiiin”
  • She sobbed on your shoulder. “NOOOO, NOT M-MR. HAAAAN!!”
  • The two of you were a sobbing mess in your kitchen, drunk and wild.
  • Jaehee would never let you drink alone, especially when you were sad… even if it meant risking acting like an idiot. (Not to mention the painful hangover that would greet her in the morning.)


  • He had received a call from a co-worker who said they thought they had seen you at a nearby bar. Although Jumin hadn’t even been sure if it was really you, he took the night off work and headed over anyway.
  • …Jaehee had been bugging him that you were acting weird by not answering her texts lately, after all.
  • He had brushed her comments off at first, but now he realized perhaps the situation was worse than he had originally assumed.
  • He tugged at your arm, frowning. “MC,” he sighed your name, glaring at your slumped, drunken figure across the bar counter.
  • You tried to escape his grip, pulling back you arm, but it was inevitable that a grown, sober man was far stronger than you in this state. You groaned, “Just leave me alone…”
  • Frustrated and not wanting to catch too much attention in public, he swung you over his shoulder to carry you back to the car where Driver Kim waited. Once you were laid down, he handed you a bottle of water. “Drink.”
  • It helped to clear your mind just a bit. He rubbed your back with his hand, listening as you quietly vented to him.
  • He’d take you back to his place, not trusting you to be alone in your apartment.

(A/N: originally, this was going to be Jumin stopping you before you started drinking, and it would’ve ended nsfw as he gave reasons not to drink. But my hands typed something else out instead ;-;;;)


  • He’d already stolen every last bit of alcohol you had tried to hide in your apartment, forbidding you from drinking. He knew of your bad habits, and he would’ve hated himself for not stopping you if he had the ability to do so.
  • Of course, he couldn’t stop you from drinking outside effectively…
  • The drunken idiot in you texted him with a photo of you chugging down vodka somewhere alone on the streets, and in a flash he was calling you.
  • “Haven’t I told you NOT to drink?!” he scolded you through the phone, sounding angry.
  • You shrugged in response, not realizing, in your drunken state, that he couldn’t see you. You hung up on him, lying down to look up at the sky.
  • The moon was bright, you thought as you squinted your eyes. Before you could take another swig of your drink, a hand caught your wrist.
  • Seven leaned over you, panting, beads of sweat rolling down his face.
  • “Dammit, MC, you cause so much trouble,” he growled, helping you up.
  • You were too unsteady to walk, so he piggybacked you to his car instead, gruffly muttering, “Come on. I’m taking you home.”
  • His words sounded cold, but the feelings behind them made you feel so, so warm. Secretly, it was because Seven was always so passionate about stopping you that you rebelled against him so often, just to make him worry. Not that you’d ever let him know.


  • He’d be the one who could talk you out of drinking
  • “MC, whenever you feel sad, just call me, and I’ll come running right away,” he had told you.
  • You hadn’t really believed him, not fully, at least…
  • But after a co-worker had embarrassed you in front of customers, you were feeling humiliated and upset, and considered drinking. In fact, you had already arrived at your usual store to buy spirits, but you couldn’t help but remember Jihyun’s promise as you eyed a bottle.
  • You quickly excused yourself from the store, calling him.
  • “Ji-Jihyun…? Um… I…” You were at a loss for words, unsure what to say to explain to him.
  • “Is something the matter, MC?” His voice was tender, and you felt like you could trust him with anything in that moment.
  • “I-I wanted to drink,” you blurted out.
  • He hummed understandingly in response. “Where are you? I’ll come pick you up, okay?”
  • Jihyun holds to his word, showing up in his car and spontaneously taking you to the beach. Nobody was there at this time of day, making you wonder why he would take you here. He took out a few blankets from the trunk of his car, then guided you to a large rock that gave a perfect view of the sea.
  • Neither of you exchanged words, but as you sat atop the rock, staring at the moving sea dimly lit by the shining moon, you realized how comforting it actually was. The repetitive sound of tidal waves crashing against the shore, then being pulled back into the water was relaxing, and the scenery was serene in itself.
  • You found yourself feeling comfortable enough to talk with Jihyun, who listened carefully even as you spoke through the sunrise…

anonymous asked:

could you write a blurb about an easter dinner with harry's family/just a dinner with harry's family and something happening and it gets really awkward? could be something about the reader being a hardcore fan of one direction or something like that? idk thank you love

This turned out very light-hearted. Kinda corny, but I hope it gets a giggle or two. Enjoy x.

A Twist of Fate

“I think I should wear my One Direction hoodie,” you teased as you pulled a dress out of the closet and laid it on the bed.

Harry was silent and you wondered for a second if he didn’t like your joke, or if he just wasn’t listening.

“Better yet,” you continued, “I think I’ll wear that t-shirt my friend made me that has your face on it. I cut the neckline so it looks like you’re kissing my boob.”

“Oh God,” groaned Harry.

You giggled, dropping your phone on the bed. With Harry on speaker phone, you began to get undressed.

“What? You don’t want your family to know I’m your biggest fan?”

“I reckon we can leave that part out.”

“You sure? I could tell them about the time I camped out to get tickets, or how I still sleep with my One D pillow cases.”


Although he was chuckling, you could detect a sense of contempt in his voice.

“Oh oh! Better yet, I could read them some of my fan fiction! There’s a conversation starter.”

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Beautiful Things

Request: Nah.

Word Count: 1665

Summary: Reader is in Peter’s photography class and very bitter about their less than optimal grade, especially compared to “Perfect Parker.” One night he hand delivers them the perfect way to an ‘A’.

Ships: Peter Parker x Reader

Warning: None. Enjoy your fluff.

Tag List: @morgiee  @justinbiberlover12 

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A/N: Some of this fic was co-written by @problemforfuturetech . I really recommend you check out their blog!!!!!

You wandered around Queens, hoping for anything to get you a passing grade in photography. Maybe your teacher, Mr. Nichols, would be a more lenient if “Perfect Peter Parker” turned in one bad photo. No, every single one of his pictures was an awesome shot from an interesting angle. Most were from impossible heights. How could you compete? But, of course Peter set the standard.

It was past midnight, and you were hoping for some human interest. Unfortunately, most “human interest” out at this hour was a bit… sketchy. So far more than six people had asked you for money, and you’d quickly jogged past too many dark alleys with ominous sounds of drug deals and drunk men at the end.

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Can be read here on AO3

by: yours truly richiehozier

Words: 737, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English 

  • Relationship: Eddie Kaspbrak/Richie Tozier
  • Fandom: IT 2017
  • Rating: General Audiences
  • Warnings: none, this is soft
  • Tags: camera shy eddie, selfies, Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, no pennywise

Summary:  “Come on, Eds, it’ll be cute.”

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part i | part ii | part iii | part iv

part v: in which there is a name

“Maybe I can come with you.”


“Why not? Your mom loves me!”



“No!” Sasuke grumbled under his breath, already regretting having brought Naruto with him to KU Cafe to wait out for Tinder Girl. And also to work. Looking down at his course syllabus and how much of his textbook he actually skimmed, Sasuke was about three weeks behind on his readings. He broke out his highlighter and pencil, ready to mark some stuff on the pages to make himself feel like he was studying. “Fuck my life.”

“Are you already behind?” Naruto asked. He had his laptop open in front of him as he typed up his essay. Or, you know, browsed Imgur. “Didn’t class just start?”

“Didn’t you just shut up?”

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nothings gonna change my world

in which will meets nico’s sisters

word count: 1764

read on ao3


It goes better than Will had planned.

Will, despite being fully informed of Hazel Levesque’s sweet demeanour, had still been expecting a shovel talk. Especially after talking to Leo.

(“You should have seen her after my visit to New Rome,” he’d said, letting out a whistle. “Girl hits hard.”

“Leo,” Nico had cut in, boredly. “You faked your death for six months.”

“I didn’t mean to!)

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Ride With Me (Part 6)

PAIRING: readerxbuckybarnes au


WARNINGS: swearing, angst and a little bit of fluff

*Bucky learns more of (Y/N)’s brother and an unforeseeable act causes everything to change.  

Part 6 is here people get excited and hold onto your butts! It’s all about to happen !!!!!

Previous Chapter 


Originally posted by livvy1800

The grey clouds covering the sky were almost representative of your mood. You sat on your armchair looking out of the window; you spent almost half your morning assuring Wanda that you would be fine on your own. The girl was worried about you that was obvious, you had to physically force her out the door when she offered that her mobile would be on and available to you if you needed anything. Your eyes flicked towards your chest of draws, flashes of the night before burned in your mind. Groaning you rubbed your temples, trying to will the headache away. But the soft thumping on your apartment door forced you to leave the security of your room. Pulling the door open you were wet with sheepish and concerned face of Bucky.

“Hey” he greeted.

“Hi” you folded your arms across your chest, making no move to invite him in.

“How are you?” you raised an eyebrow at him.

“Ok, yeah stupid question I know. Can I come in?” His eyes wandered over your shoulder.


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Originally posted by mc-gyu

  • okay!!!! we’re back with everyone’s favorite emo for this request
  • this is how i picture wonwoo looking before he glos up ignore mingyu
  • so okay,,, wonwoo, despite what everyone originally thinks, had no interest in becoming a model
  • like… at all
  • model was the furthest thing on his mind when he was thinking about what to do with his life

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Young(Just pre Stanford)!Sam x Young!Sister !Reader

“Dean doesn’t go to school!” You objected as you glared at the three looming figures in front of you. “Sammy isn’t going!”

“It’s Sam!” Sam sighed quickly, gritting his teeth.

“You need to go to school (Y/N), last time I let you stay out of school you nearly got yourself killed.” The firmness in John’s voice told you not to argue back but Dean was smirking from behind him so you knew if you really wanted to, no one would notice if you bunked a few days.

“Fine.” You said as you sighed, rolling your eyes before throwing yourself onto one of the beds.

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Anonymous submitted: this lil drabble was inspired by that photographer eren and nude model levi pic you posted and also by simsmonogatari’s a m a z i n g ereri sims edits/screenshots!! im sending this from mobile so lets hope the formatting doesnt get all weird omg, vaguely nsfw!!!

“Move your hand a little,” Eren tells him, and Levi scowls.

“No.” His hand stays exactly where it is, leaving him with at least a little modesty. “I thought you were an artist, not a pornographer.”

“But your arm keeps getting into the shot,” Eren complains as he adjusts the settings on his camera. “It’s disrupting the composition of the photo.”

“You just want to take dick pics of me, admit it,” Levi drawls, amused delight bubbling up in the pit of his stomach as his boyfriend flushes and hides behind his camera again.

“It’s art!” he rushes to exclaim, rambling on about lighting and composition and contrast, all of which goes completely over Levi’s head. He doesn’t know shit about photography or about modelling, but Eren had assured him that it was fine.  

(“It’s okay, just do what I tell you and we’ll be all good,” he’d said while he’d still been setting up their living room for the impromptu photo shoot, and in all honesty, the thought of Eren being the one in charge and bossing him around is somehow very appealing, even if it’s not in the exact context Levi might have preferred.)

The photos are just for Eren’s portfolio, so it’s not like the whole world will be ogling at Levi’s naked body. Even so, he can’t help but to fidget a little under Eren’s intense gaze. They’ve seen each other undressed countless times, but this is different. Eren’s hovering over him fully clothed while he’s left bare and vulnerable, all of him on display, and it’s not helping at all that Eren’s looking at him like a damn gourmet meal.

Levi turns his head away, pressing his face against the cushions surrounding him. He hears Eren chuckle from somewhere above him.

“Could you turn over for me?” he asks, and Levi is glad to comply. If he’s laying on his stomach at least he’ll be less aware of Eren’s eyes on him. That’s what he thinks, at least, but as soon as he’s changed positions, Eren’s hand is on him, gently stroking along his back.

“So stunning,” he mutters in a reverent voice, his fingers leaving Levi’s skin just as they’re about to caress over the cleft of his ass. “Stay just like that, please.”

Then he’s snapping away again, and with each click of the shutter Levi feels some of his tension ease. It’s just him and Eren, his lovely and kind Eren who would never do anything to make him feel uncomfortable or insecure. In fact, even now he keeps whispering idle little compliments to Levi, admiring the arch of his spine and the inviting roundness of his ass.

“Can you lean over to the side?” he asks, and after Levi’s done just that, adds, “Good boy. You’re a natural at this, so graceful and obedient.” The words are spoken in a light and playful tone yet upon hearing them Levi’s still fighting the urge to grind his hips down against the sofa.

It gets even worse because soon Eren’s flopping down next to him, his gaze alight with a sort of fond intimacy that makes something in Levi’s chest clench up. “No face shots,” he insists when Eren maneuvers him to turn a little and aims the camera at him - that had been his one and only condition before agreeing to this.

“I know. Tilt your head back,” Eren says, and after Levi’s done that, he lays a careful hand over the hollow of his throat, his fingers splayed out as far as they’ll go. For a short exhilarating moment he thinks Eren might choke him, and for fuck’s sake, why is that thought making him so hot and bothered?

He crosses his legs as tightly as he can and hears Eren breathe out a gentle laugh.

“See, I told you it wouldn’t be so bad modelling for me,” he says, and he’s right, damn him. After getting a couple of shots of his hand on Levi’s neck, his touch wanders lower along the lines of his collarbones. “Oh, wait, the light is perfect here, you’re perfect. Stay still for a little longer.”

He does, even though he’s itching to reach out and touch Eren and shed him of his clothes, too. Instead he waits while Eren takes picture after picture, occasionally advising him to turn or stretch his neck the other way. All the while Levi’s extremely aware of Eren’s eyes on him. His attention is solely on Levi, and Levi lets himself drown in it, lets each hushed praise wash over him and indulges in the fact that, at least for now, he’s the center of Eren’s world.

“You know what would also look really good on you?” Eren wonders out loud. “Body paint.”

Levi snaps his head back down to glare at him. “No body paint. It would mess up the whole apartment.”

For a few moments Eren seems dejected, but soon enough he looks like there are numerous other ideas brewing in his head. “How about lace?” he asks.

“That’s,” Levi starts off, pausing to think for a while, an inexplicable blush rising to his face, “acceptable.”

Eren beams at him like the damn sun, all but blinding Levi with his gentle smile. “Great! I’ve been wanting to shoot in low light so how about some candles for the next time, too?”

“Sounds more like a romantic evening than a photoshoot to me,” Levi quips, his head spinning pleasantly at the thought of there being a next time. “Just how many naked pictures do you need for your portfolio, anyway?”

“As many as I can get,” Eren nearly purrs, finally setting the camera down as he wraps his arms loosely around Levi, purposefully sliding his thigh in between Levi’s leg. “Do you know how difficult it is to resist you, though? You’re so enticing that I could just eat you up.”

“Go ahead, then,” Levi murmurs and pulls him in for a kiss, Eren’s lips deliciously soft against his. That talented tongue sweeps over Levi’s bottom lip in a demanding manner, and Levi gives in, as he always does when it comes to Eren, thoughts of lace and candlelight and more of this sweet intimacy already settling in at the back of his head. 

Oh my godddd!!! (๑♡⌓♡๑) Anon I LOVE YOU SO MUCH for writing this, this is amazing!!! This AU has been in my mind all the time since yesterday and you went and did this amazing piece, thank you so much, it’s perfect, PERFECT!!!

For the ones who haven’t seen it, this is the artwork this drabble is referencing!

(Artist: Lena_レナ | Source: | Posted with permission.)

Also tagging my dear @simsmonogatari so she sees this. Now I’m going to read it again (⺣◡⺣)♡*.

Wicked Games - Chapter Eight


- Jughead and Betty’s POV’s will change throughout the chapter. I really want you guys to see things through Juggie’s eyes as well, so I hope you’re okay with this! 

- Betty isn’t going to crumble so easily for those of you who were worried about how this would all affect her. She’s strong as hell and she’s not going to let someone like Chuck Clayton bring her down. :’)

- Thank you to @itstenafterfour! She’s my freaking queen for being the most amazing beta and also for giving me amazing ideas to make this story just that much better. <3

- You guys have already met the stalker. Who do ya’ll think it is? ;)

He’s only ever been in a hospital room once before in his life. He had been eight years old and he’d broken his leg trying to jump off a tree in his backyard. He doesn’t remember what it felt like or if the pain was terrible or if he just cried because that’s what was expected. He does remember sitting down in a hospital bed as his mother sat by his side, holding his hand and telling him to be strong. Why did he have to be strong? It was just a broken leg. It would heal. It wouldn’t cause any irreversible damage. It wouldn’t even bother him in a few months time.

He wishes someone would hold his hand and tell him to be strong now.

He’s been by Betty’s bedside since they had arrived at the hospital. She’ll be fine, that’s what the doctors had told him. He didn’t believe them, though. How could she ever be okay after this? The amount of pain and tribulations she’d gone through in the short amount of months he had known her was unfathomable. He looked at her now, pale face and chapped lips, and wondered why she deserved any of this. People like Betty didn’t deserve to go through things like this. She deserved the entire world and more and yet here she was, in a hospital bed because the world around her was ugly. She didn’t deserve this and the world didn’t deserve her.

He watches her chest fall up and down. He has to keep watch just in case. He has to make sure that she’s okay. He can’t take any chances right now, not with her.

“You should get something to eat,” a nurse says to him as she walks inside the private room to make sure everything is okay with her vitals. “She’s just sleeping, she’ll be fine.”

Yeah, he thinks, that’s what she had said about the party before they had gone. She had said that it would be fine, she wouldn’t drink any alcohol. She just wanted to get out of the apartment and have fun. Jughead shuts his eyes tightly, willing the tears in them to go away. She’s fine, he knows that over all she’s okay, but he has no idea how she’ll react whenever she wakes up.

The nurse leaves, giving up on trying to get Jughead to leave. He can’t leave and the fact that she’d even tried to convince him to would be laughable; if anything about this was even remotely funny.

Cheryl had come by earlier. Apparently people at the party leaked photos of Betty on the ground passed out. She told him there were headlines reading how Betty had gotten blacked out drunk, how she’d been drugged, how she couldn’t handle herself. She had asked Jughead to try to keep her away from any kind of social media so she wouldn’t upset herself. Jughead had agreed. He wanted to kill whoever had thought it had been funny to take pictures of Betty. He couldn’t understand how people could be so cruel to someone who’s never done anything wrong to them before.

He watches Betty breathe and his eyes grow heavier. He’s exhausted and he wants to sleep, but he can’t; not until she’s awake. He grabs her hand, which is freezing, and wraps it up in both of his as he squeezes onto it tightly, trying to warm her up in anyway that he can.

He leans his head down and places it softly onto her stomach. He doesn’t put all his weight on her, scared to hurt her, but he just rests it enough to where he can feel her chest rise and fall. He closes his eyes and pretends that they’re anywhere else.

He lays there for about twenty minutes before he feels a gentle pressure on his hand. He picks up his head and sees Betty slowly start to open her eyes. It takes a little while and she scowls at the bright light in the room.

“Hey,” she croaks out, her voice scratchy. Jughead reaches over for the glass of water on the bedside table and hands it to her. There’s a straw in it and he guides it up to her lips for her. She takes a long sip before pulling her head away and Jughead places it back onto the table. “What happened?” Her voice still sounds uneven and now she’s looking up at the ceiling with sad eyes and Jughead knows that she knows what happened.

“I’m sorry,” is all he says. It’s all he can say. He can’t tell her she was drugged, he can barely think the words much less say them to her face. He watches as her face crumbles. For a second he’s worried that she’s about to start crying, but then she takes a deep breath and opens her eyes again.

“There’s a first for everything,” she says, trying to joke, and Jughead glares at her.

“Don’t joke about this, Betty. You scared the shit out of me. I’ve never—.” He cuts himself off. He’s never what? Never been so scared before? Never been so terrified to lose someone before? He doesn’t think it’s appropriate to say either one of those right now.

“I’m okay, right?” She asks him. It’s a weird question and he looks at her in confusion. “I’m… fine? Nothing happened?”

He knows what she’s asking him. A small part of him wants to say that he’d never let anything bad happen to her, but that’s not the truth; not anymore at least. He’s supposed to be the best at his job and yet since he’s been protecting her, she’s been nearly sexually assaulted and drugged. Her life has been worse since he’s entered it and he knows exactly why.

When Chuck had his arms around her, instead of feeling protective over her wellbeing, Jughead had felt a red hot burst of jealousy go through his body. He had never been a jealous person, mainly because he had never actually let himself get too close to anyone like that, but with Betty it was different. He saw the way men looked at her and he wanted to gouge their eyes out. They would touch her and he wanted to cut their hands off.

When she had told him she felt something for him, he yearned to reach out and take her to his bedroom and show her just what he felt for her. He didn’t, though. He knew he couldn’t do that, not without putting her life and her feelings in danger. Being with him would just make everything worse for her. Jughead wasn’t good at relationships. He had never had one before and there was good reason for that. He didn’t know the first thing about being anyone’s boyfriend. He knew how to protect people. He didn’t know how to love them.

He was too close to her and he needed to pull away.

“Nothing happened to you,” he tells her eventually. Betty gives him a small smile.

“I know. You wouldn’t let anything happen to me.”

The words cut through him like knives and a sharp pang hits him in his chest. He did let something happen to her, though. He couldn’t protect her, not like she needed to be protected. She needed more than him, more than a man who couldn’t put his feelings aside to watch out for her.

There’s a tiny knock at the door that tears him away from his thoughts and both he and Betty turnaround. It’s the girl from the party who had helped him, Marisol. She’s standing in the doorway looking really nervous as she shifts her weight from foot to foot.

“Hi,” she finally says. “I just wanted to check on you. I don’t even know if you remember me, but–.”

“I remember you,” Betty says. “Thank you.”

The two girls stare at each other and Jughead stands up from his chair, letting go of Betty’s hand.

“I think I’m going to get something to eat,” he tells her. “I’ll bring you something back. Do you want anything, Marisol?” The brunette shakes her head and Jughead just nods as he walks out of the room, his thoughts overflowing his mind as he heads towards the cafeteria.

“How are you feeling?”

Betty doesn’t know how to answer the question. How is she feeling? Physically she feels fine. She’s a bit sluggish and it’s kind of hard for her to move still, but she feels okay and she knows she’ll be fine. Mentally is a different story. She repeats the same questions to herself over and over again. What did she do to deserve this? Why was this happening to her? She was starting to think that maybe she deserved all of this. There has to be a reason this is happening to her. She just wishes she could go back in time to when this wasn’t her life. She just wants to feel okay again.

“I don’t know,” she says softly. Marisol nods. “Was it Chuck?” Betty asks. She feels so stupid to think that he had changed. She should have known better. She’s starting to think the world is right about her being a naive little girl.

“I don’t know. He won’t confess. He swears it wasn’t him, but…”

Betty just nods. He’s not going to confess even if it was him. Chances are he won’t get in trouble even if he did confess. He’s a famous NBA player with lawyers who would never let this scandal see the light of day. Chuck Clayton will continue living his life normally while Betty sits in this hospital bed, not knowing what to do with herself.

“Your boyfriend was really scared,” Marisol speaks up. “He kind of beat the shit out of Chuck too, if it makes you feel any better.”

“My what?” Betty asks, confused.

“Your boyfriend, Jughead. He looked kind of scary honestly. Chuck was pissed that none of his friends tried to jump in for him, but no one wanted to mess with Jughead.” She shakes her head, a small smile on her lips. “You’ve got a good one, girl. He really cares about you.”

Betty’s head is reeling. What the hell is she talking about? Why would she think that Jughead was her boyfriend?

“Jughead said he was my boyfriend?” She asks, needing the confirmation that she’s hearing this correctly.

“Mhm,” Marisol nods. “I guess you wouldn’t remember because you were already kind of out of it at that point. Chuck was hanging all over you, though and Jughead wasn’t having it at all. He didn’t seem like the jealous type, but I guess it was just because he was so quiet.” She must see the confusion on Betty’s face, because she gives her a funny look. “Were you guys hiding your relationship or what?”

“Yeah,” Betty says, deciding to just go along with it. “We’re keeping it a secret so please—.”

“Don’t worry about me,” Marisol promises. “It’s not my business to tell. I don’t think he was going to say anything about it either, but Chuck made some kind of jab at him and he just snapped. I wouldn’t be too mad at him if I were you.”

Betty just nods. She’s not mad. Mad is literally the last thing she feels. She is fucking confused, that’s what she is. She has no idea what’s going on or why Jughead would say he was her boyfriend. Had it been just so that Chuck would leave her alone? It had to have been. She debates if she should bring this up to Jughead, but decides against it. It probably didn’t mean anything and there’s no need to bring it up, especially not now.

“Thank you,” Betty tells her again. “For helping me and for not taking pictures or anything like that.” She’s assuming someone took pictures of her. She’s not dumb, she knows how she must have looked. She also knows that this is probably all over the tabloids by now, but she knows Jughead is going to try to do his best to shield her from that. “Most people wouldn’t have be so kind.”

“It’s not about being kind,” Marisol says. “It’s about being human.”

She says it as if it’s that simple, as if people should just always be kind just because it’s the right thing to do. Maybe she has a point, maybe in her world that’s how things are. In Betty’s world though, she doesn’t think things work so easily. She’s starting to think that people are just cruel and she’d be blind to it all along.

They let her go home that day. She’s fine, everything’s fine. That’s what they keep telling her. They keep saying that she’s lucky she had a friend to help her out. She doesn’t feel lucky, though. She feels the complete opposite.

There are no cameras ready to blind her as soon as she leaves the hospital and she’s a bit shocked. She supposes that Cheryl must be behind that, but she doesn’t say anything.

Veronica has been calling her, but she doesn’t answer. She doesn’t want to have to listen to her best friend cry on the other line about how “it’s not fair” and “Chuck needs to pay” and how Betty “will grow from this”. It’s not fair, Betty knows this better than anyone. Chuck should pay, but he won’t. She’ll grow from this, sure, but it’s never going to leave her.

The apartment is quiet when they get there and Jughead walks her over to her bedroom. She doesn’t want him to hover over her, but she doesn’t want to be alone either. She’s conflicted.

“Do you need anything?” He asks her as he stands awkwardly by her dresser.

“I was drugged,” she reminds him a bit rudely, “I didn’t break my legs or something. If I need anything I can get it myself.” Jughead frowns and she knows that she’s hurt his feelings. She feels bad, but she doesn’t apologize. She doesn’t want this incident to change how he looks or acts around her. She understands just how bad things could have been, but they didn’t get that far so she doesn’t understand why he has to act like they did.

Jughead turns to walk out of her room and she calls out for him.

“Don’t blame yourself.” She knows that’s what he has to be doing right now. “This wasn’t your fault. It was neither of our’s fault.”

“But if I had just been paying more attention,” he starts off, voice broken, but Betty shakes her head.

“It doesn’t matter. It probably still would have happened. I don’t blame you for it, so I don’t want you to blame yourself. You stopped anything else from happening and that’s what you should be focusing on. Because of you, I’m fine and I will be okay, so please.” Jughead nods, but he doesn’t look like he’ll be listening to her words anytime soon.

“You should probably get some rest,” he tells her.

She rolls her eyes. “I’ve been resting all day. I’m tired of resting. What am I supposed to be resting from?”

“Betty, please,” he begs. “Don’t sleep if you don’t want to, but can you just stay in bed right now?” She debates fighting him on it, but just nods in the end. He looks really torn up over it and she doesn’t want to add any unnecessary stress to his life. She knows exactly how she feels over this, she knows that she’ll be okay and that she can’t let this one thing bring her down. Worse things have happened. Jughead though? She has no idea how he feels so she needs to tread easily.

“Stay with me?” She blurts out. “I mean, I just don’t want to be alone. We can watch a show and eat ice-cream or something…” she mumbles. She doesn’t know if she’s crossing some kind of line right now, inviting Jughead to come and lay with her in her bed. It seems a bit too much and she looks down, scared of what his reaction will be.

It’s quiet for a bit and she toys with her blanket.

“Chocolate or strawberry?” He finally asks. She looks up and he has a smile on his face. “If we’re watching a show though, it’s not going to be one of your teen drama ones. I’ve had enough of those.”

Betty grins at him. “Chocolate. Game of Thrones?”

Jughead nods before walking out of the room and Betty feels a little lighter. There’s a lot on her mind. Why had Jughead told Chuck he was her boyfriend? Who drugged her and why? What could they have possibly had to gain from it? How did she go about with her life now? Does she just act like it never happened? She doesn’t want to think about it. She doesn’t want that one incident to define the rest of her life for her. She’s in charge of what happens from here on out.

 She’s always wanted to be someone who was strong, someone who didn’t have to rely on others to help her out when times got rough. Her life could be so much worse when she stops to thinks about it. She can take care of herself for now. She doesn’t need anyone babying her just because things get a little rough every now and then.

Then Jughead walks back into the room. He’s changed out of the clothes he had worn to the party and in the hospital. He’s wearing sweats that lay low on his hips and a white tank top. She’s never particularly liked when guys wore tank tops, but Jughead pulled it off perfectly just like he did for most things. He hands one bowl of ice-cream to her and makes to sit down on her bed. It’s a king sized bed, so there’s a lot of room for the both of them. She notices that Jughead seems to disregard that fact as he sits crisscrossed right next to her, their knees touching lightly.

She smiles at the touch and looks over to Jughead who’s just staring down at his bowl of ice cream.

“I was thinking we could start over at season one,” she tells him as she heads over to HBO On Demand.

“You’re really trying to kill me, aren’t you?” He asks her, finally looking her way and she just smiles.

You have no idea, Jughead Jones.

She stirs sometime in the middle of the night and opens her eyes to glance at her clock to see what time it is. It’s only one in the morning and she stills feels really drowsy. She turns on her side and nearly screams when she sees that she’s not alone.

It’s just Jughead though and she lets out a sigh as she sees that he’s fast asleep. His eyes are closed, eyelashes brushing against his cheeks and the streetlights outside peak in through her window, illuminating his face perfectly. He’s breathing evenly and she can’t help but notice just how handsome he is as he sleeps. She wonders if this makes her a bit creepy. Maybe, but she doesn’t focus on that too much. Instead she focuses on how his body is facing hers, as if maybe he’d been watching her before he fell asleep. His hand is reached out to her, fingertips nearly touching the top of her arm. Had he been holding onto her during the night? She doesn’t know. All she knows is that for someone who’s supposed to be moving on, she’s doing a really shitty job of it.

She watches him for a little while longer. She knows she should probably look away. If he woke up and saw her staring at him like this, that would be kind of hard to explain. And then she had a scarier realization.

What if the stalker was watching her right now, just as she was watching Jughead? Suddenly her skin was crawling, and she pulled the covers over her head to shield herself from the open window not far from the bed. Her head was a couple inches away from Jughead’s stomach, and she could see his chest rise up and drop almost systematically.

Soon enough, the air under the covers began to feel stuffy, a thin layer of sweat covering her back. Taking a deep breath, she pulled her head up from under the covers, rested up on her forearm and shook him from sleep.

“Jughead?” She whispered. He didn’t even stir.

“Jughead?”  This time her voice came out as more of a whispery scream.

“Jughead, I’m scared someone’s out there,” she said, biting her lip.

Without saying a word or even opening his eyes, he groggily slung his arm over her waist, and pulled her into his chest, turning onto his side.

“Don’t worry,” he said, mumbling something in her ear that she couldn’t make out. Had he said Betty or baby? It sounded suspiciously of the latter.

Tucking her in against him, he whispered “I’ve got you,” before falling back to sleep.

For some reason, she felt safer in his arms than she had since any of this happened. Since the stalker, since Nathan, since the party. For once, sleep managed to make its way back to her, and her eyelids fell shut.

He’s awake now. He’d been fast asleep, but since Betty had whispered to him that she felt scared he just couldn’t go back to sleep. He keeps his eyes closed tightly though, as he feels Betty’s chest move up and down against his. It’d been a pretty risky move, bringing her close to him to cuddle, but the way she fell asleep quickly lets him know that she didn’t have a problem with it.

He runs a hand through her hair, loving how soft it feels in his hands. It’d be so easy right now to whisper out all of the thoughts flowing through his mind about her. No one can hear him, not even she can. He’s tempted to just say it all to her sleeping figure.

He looks down at her, she’s tucked against his chest and he simultaneously hates and loves how perfect she fits against his body, as if she was made just for him.

A loud wailing noise comes from outside and he sees a flash of red and blue lights. He doesn’t even think twice about the sirens; it’s Los Angeles after all. There are always sirens around. What does catch his attention, is the way the blue and red lights seem to stop right outside of Betty’s bedroom window. He knows he’s probably being a bit paranoid, especially since she had just expressed that she felt like someone was outside. The siren shuts off rather abruptly and Jughead untangles Betty from him gently. She groans at the loss, but overall just turns onto her side and continues sleeping.

Jughead walks over to the sliding door in her room that connects to a balcony. The cop car is parked directly in front of her bedroom. He looks down, since Betty’s apartment is on the third floor, and sees a silhouette in the driver’s seat. The windows are way too tinted for him to even try to see who the person driving the car is, but he opens up Betty’s balcony door anyways as he steps outside.

He can’t really see, but he knows that the person inside of the car is looking right back at him. He steps forward again, but before he can fully get onto the balcony, the car takes off down the street. It’s weird. It’s weird as hell and he has a bad feeling about it all. Why would someone just stop right here, looking up to Betty’s bedroom, and then speed off? Something’s not right.

He walks back inside of the bedroom, relieved to see that Betty is still fast asleep and he makes his way into the living room as he grabs his phone and dials the police department. A dispatcher answers his call and he’s quick to get to his point.

“Hi, I just saw a LAPD car outside of my apartment. They just parked and then sped off really fast before I could see what they needed. Could you tell me if maybe that was just some kind of detour or mix up or something?” It’s stupid to be calling, especially over something like this, but he just needs to be sure.

“Sure,” the lady answers back. “Could you tell me your address?” He rattles off their address to the lady and she types away at her computer for a few seconds before clicking her tongue. “I’m sorry, sir. Are you sure it was a LAPD cruiser?”

“I’m positive.”

“We haven’t have any officers in that area in the last thirty minutes.”

He pauses. He knows it was a LAPD police cruiser, the street light had reflected it perfectly. He knows what he saw. He realizes that he hasn’t answered the lady back and he decides that there’s really nothing more that she can help him with. 

“It must have been a mistake,” he says absentmindedly, “thank you.” He hangs up the phone before running his hands over his face in frustration. “Fuck!”


He whirls around and sees Betty standing at against the bar in the kitchen. She’s just woken up and she looks a little disoriented. Fuck, he thinks to himself, how much of that did she hear?

“Who was that on the phone?” She asks him.

Obviously she heard enough.

“It was no one,” he tries to tell her confidently, “go back to bed.”

“You’re lying,” she says. “Who were you talking to?”

He grinds his teeth together in frustration. He knew she wasn’t going to let this go and now he’s going to have to lie to her, because he’s not about to worry her with this. For all he knows this could be nothing. There’s no need to worry her over nothing.

“It was nothing, Betty.”

She glares at him. “It didn’t sound like nothing! Why can’t you just tell me who you were talking to? You seem really upset.”

“I’m upset because you keep asking me questions that aren’t any of your business.” It’s mean and he doesn’t mean it, but he knows Betty. He knows that there’s no way she’s going to let go of any of this. He can tell by the way her face falls that he’s done what he planned. He feels like shit over it.

“It’s just not a big deal,” he tells her, trying to get the sad look off of her face. “Just some dumb work stuff. It’s fine, okay? Everything’s fine.”

She doesn’t believe him. He knows she doesn’t believe him, but she doesn’t say anything else. She just nods.

“Go back to bed, Betts,” he tells her gently.

She bites at her lip and hovers for a minute.

“Will you come with me?” She asks and his heart clenches. He should tell her no. Fuck, he needs to tell her no. It’d be stupid and reckless to say yes to her. He’s already crossed way too many lines tonight. “I sleep better when you’re with me.”

Well, shit. How is he supposed to say no to that?

“I’ll be there in a minute,” he promises as he nods for her to go along. “Just give me a minute.”

She nods and walks off. Once he’s sure that she’s back in her room, he walks over to the kitchen window and looks outside. There aren’t any cars in sight and he feels even more unnerved than he had before.

He makes his way back to Betty’s room and stares at the bed. He knows he shouldn’t be doing this, but God does he want to. He’s never wanted anything more than to just curl up next to her and hold her.

So he does.

He wakes up the next day before Betty does. It’s a knock on the apartment door that wakes him up and he’s surprised that Betty seems to stay sleeping. He gets up quickly and answers the door, not wanting them to knock again and wake her up.

“Are you Forsythe Jones?” A young man asks him. Jughead nods and the man hands him a box. “This was left outside for you, which is kind of weird. You should probably let people know that this is an apartment complex. They can send stuff to your mailbox instead of leaving it outside where anyone can get it.”

“Do you know who it’s from?” He asks the boy. It’s only addressed to him and he doesn’t see another name on it telling him who sent it.

“No, dude,” the guy snorts before walking off. Jughead just closes the door behind him, not caring for his attitude.

He takes the box over to the kitchen and places it on top of the counter. He has a bad feeling about it, but that’s not shocking. They never get anything good in the mail.

He rips open the package, reaching inside and taking a deep breath as he readies himself for whatever is inside of it.

He pulls out a polaroid picture and his blood goes cold.

He’s staring at a picture of him and Betty from last night. It’s of them when they had first fallen asleep, before Betty had woken him up because she felt like someone was watching them. He knows exactly where this picture was taken. It was taken right from their balcony. Betty’s face is unmarked as she faces towards the camera, still sleeping. Jughead’s off to the side, you can barely see his face, but that didn’t stop whoever took this from splattering blood across him on the polaroid. It paints a clear picture of what they’re trying to say to him.

He stares at the picture in horror. He flips it over and chilling words stare back at him.

Hold her as much as you can. A dead man can’t hold anyone when he’s six feet under.

It’s a threat. This psycho, whoever he is, is finally looking at Jughead.

“Jug?” Betty croaks out, walking into the kitchen as she rubs her sleep filled eyes. “It’s really early.”

He doesn’t say anything. He can’t take his eyes off of the picture and the words it holds on the back.

“Juggie?” She walks over to him and when she sees what he’s holding she stops in her tracks. “What’s that?”

“Nothing,” he whispers out, pulling the picture away from her view.

“Show me.” Her voice hardens and he knows that there’s no way she’s going to let this one go.

“Betty, please,” he begs her, “just let this one go.”

“Give it to me, Jughead. I deserve to know what it is.” He knows that she’s right and he curses himself before he slowly reaches towards her and places the picture in her hand. She flips it over just as he had. He watches as she goes from confused, to horrified, to absolutely blank.

“He was on our balcony. He’s threatening you now,” she whispers out. She looks up at him with tears in her eyes. “You were going to keep this from me?”

“I’m trying to protect you, Betty,” he pleads.

“From what? From him? From you? Who were you on the phone with last night, Jughead? I’m not going to let you lie to my face anymore.”

He debated lying but he knows that he can’t do that to her. He sighs as he answers her.

“I called the police department. I saw a cop cruiser parked on the street in front of your bedroom. It didn’t feel right and when I called, the dispatcher told me that there hadn’t been any cruisers in our area in the past thirty minutes.”

Betty looks at him with wide eyes. “And you were just going to keep that from me?”

“I’m trying to protect you!” He tells her again.

“That’s not protecting me! That’s keeping things from me. You are doing the exact opposite of what I need you to do!”

“You don’t get it! If I could shield you from the entire world, I would. I’d do anything to make sure that you never had to worry about anything. I need you to be safe.”

“Why do you need me to be safe? Why do you make everything so personal? And what about you, huh? He’s looking at you now! That was a threat, Jughead!” She’s in his face right now, their chests are practically touching and Jughead curls his hands into fists, willing himself to stay calm. “You think you can just cuddle me at night and that suddenly makes everything okay? Suddenly I’m safe from the world? Is that what you’d do with anyone else to make them feel safe?”

“Just stop, Betty, let it go.” He needs her to stop talking right now before he does or says something he regrets.

“No! Just tell me why everything has to be so damn personal with you!”

“Because it’s you!” He yells out. “If anything happened to you, I’d literally go crazy. Nothing can happen to you, Betty.”

“Why?” She whispers out. She asks it like she already knows the answer. “Because you’re my bodyguard? Because it’s your job? Because I’m the girl you’re being paid to protect?” It’s what she always refers to herself as and it makes his blood boil.

It’s not too late to backtrack, he thinks to himself. He can let this all go. He can act like that’s not how he meant it.

“No,” he says roughly. “You’re not ‘just the girl I’m being paid to protect’. How oblivious can you be, Betty?” He runs his hands across his face before tearing them away and placing them onto her cheeks, making sure she’s looking at him. “I’ve felt something for you since the day I first met you. Do you know how that makes me feel? To be completely head over heels for you, but knowing I can’t do anything about it? Me liking you makes your life that much harder. I could be the reason you get killed, Betty. And I can’t let that happen.” He lets go of her face and takes a step back.

“Wait,” Betty yelps, reaching out to grab his hand. He moves away from her, backing up.

“I won’t be the reason you get hurt.”

“You can’t just spring something like that on me and just leave!”

“I can’t stay,” he says brokenly. “If I truly care for you then the best thing I can do is leave you alone. You’re right, I make things too personal.”

“Jughead,” she pleads, eyes watering.

But he doesn’t hear whatever she has to say next. He’s out of the door before she even opens her mouth.

NOTE: Before ya’ll come at me because this is too soon for a slow burn, do you know how hard it was to drag it out this long?! SO HARD. Anyways, life doesn’t get any sweeter for these two so like :’) it’s a slow burn for a happy ending, heheheh.

Can You Keep A Secret? || Peter Parker [[request]]

[[request prompt: …My request is about a AU universe where the reader is Spidergirl and Peter… is just Peter, so one day she saves him from an accident and they start talking in a roof of his building, one day he knows the reader is Spidergirl but he doesnt say something about that, after a week or something like that, so the reader and Peter are in a party, when they are in the roof, he tells her about the secret and that stuff I hope you can do it:)) ]]

oh man you guys i’m so happy that i’ve gotten so many requests ( ෆຶДෆຶ) since it’s a little overwhelming, i’m going to temporarily close my requests since i would like to finish writing the 5 requested stories that i have so far. once i finish all of them, i’ll accept requests once again ;w;

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You didn’t know what miracle happened that made Tony Stark come into your life, but you were grateful all the same. About a week ago, he had spoken with you in front of your parents using the excuse about how you had applied for one of his scholarships. He tells you that you had gotten the scholarship (much to your parent’s pleasure) before setting you aside and telling you about how he was willing to help you in private. 

To put it simply, Mr. Stark knew about your alter ego, and if you were honest with yourself, you were grateful because you needed all of the help that you could get. 

Wearing the suit that was personally made for you by Stark Industries, you begin your patrol of the city. Your only complaint was that the suit was a tad bit too tight for your liking-

but that was a minor detail you could overlook. After all, it did an excellent job with hiding your identity.  

With your hair whipping behind your head as you swung from building to building using your web shooters, you kept an eye out for any sort of trouble. The mask that hid the top of your face was surprisingly comfortable as you pulled it down to cover the bottom part of your nose, revealing only your lips.

To make a long story short, you were a superhero known as Spider-Girl who mostly operated in the city of Queens (since this was pretty much your hometown). Due to a certain incident from a field trip to a nuclear factory, you got bitten by a radioactive spider and now you had these strange abilities. 

From climbing on walls to superhuman strength, you knew that you weren’t a normal 16 year old girl anymore and had to do something with your newfound powers. 

So why not work on protecting the citizens of Queens?

You land on top of a lamp post, feeling something amiss with your senses when you looked down to see a speeding car. The car seemed to give zero fucks about the red light when it quickly came closer to the pedestrian who was in the midst of walking across the street. 

Within seconds, you grab on to the person and swing away, making the speeding car miss hitting the passerby by a mere centimeters. When you land safely against the sidewalk, you look down to see a scrawny boy with messy brown hair gazing at you with wide eyes. 

You frown and slowly let go of him, still feeling the aftershocks of his tremors even when you asked, “Hey, are you okay?” 

He nods and begins rubbing his hands up and down his arms, “Y-Yeah, that was just really scary. I wasn’t e-expecting that to happen.” 

“Well, you have nothing to worry about!” With a wide grin, you gently smack the boy’s back, “You can always count on me, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Girl, to come and save the day! So if you’re ever in danger, just call out to me okay? By the way, what’s your name?”

You hear him quietly answer, “I-It’s Peter.”

Without further warning, you wrap your arms around Peter’s back, bringing him closer to you as you used your web shooters to stick to a building before swinging upwards. “Where do you live, Peter? I’ll be happy to take you home!” 

“N-No that’s really not necessary! I c-can walk- whoa!” You ignore his protests and pull him up with you toward the building’s roof. “Come on Peter, don’t be so embarrassed. Besides, you strike me as the type of guy who’s a tad bit unlucky.” You smile at him before shooting your web against the next building, swinging around it with a completely red-faced Peter in your arm.

After several seconds of not telling you where he lived, Peter relents and told you his address upon realizing that you were completely serious about taking him home. You smirk in victory, telling Peter to hang on tight before swinging him all the way to his apartment complex. 

You found his apartment and land at the top of the roof, finally letting him go because you were sure that Peter was embarrassed at being held by you. When his converses met with the concrete roof, he refused to look at you while stuttering, “W-W-Wasn’t I h-heavy? I m-mean, it m-must have been uncomfortable for you to carry a g-guy like me.” 

You laugh and shake your head. This boy was just so adorable, and you have honestly never met someone so pure like him. Most boys his age were total fuckboys who liked to brag about their nonexistent sexual escapades, but Peter was someone who seemed very genuine to you. 

Shaking your head, you take a step closer to him, making Peter take an automatic step back, “Don’t run away, I won’t bite.” Leaning closer to him, you press a kiss against his cheek, gently trailing your lips toward his lips when the sound of sirens heard coming from a distance stops you. 

“Ooops, gotta go! Duty calls!” You pull away and give Peter a mock salute before running across the roof, ready to swing across the city again as you searched for the next person to help. 


Ugh, after two weeks of fighting crime, I’m starting to feel worn out. 

You almost didn’t want to go to school because you were so exhausted, but alas, skipping was not an option. Especially when midterms were quickly approaching.

You were grabbing your Chemistry textbook when you heard a commotion coming from the middle of the hallway. A group of boys were crowding around, all pointing and laughing at someone on the ground. You recognize one of the voices belonging to Flash as he yelled, “Look at this dude! Pathetic! He has so many pictures of Spider-Girl, like he’s stalking her!”

Hearing the name of your alter ego, you slam your locker shut and began to shout, “Yo, Flash, why don’t you learn to back the fuck off?” Your presence causes several boys to turn and face you, and when you pushed your way through the crowd, you felt one of the boys reach out to grab you. 

Before he could even clasp your wrist within his vice grip, you swiftly pull away and slapped his hand, giving him a smoldering look as you silently dared him to touch you again. Knowing that you were being serious, the boys step back with Flash giving you a nervous laugh, “Whoa, calm down [Name], we were just teaching Peter Parker on how wrong it was to stalk a girl, even if she is some B-rated superhero.”

You kneel down, realizing that it was the Peter, the same boy you had saved all those weeks ago. He was on the ground glaring at Flash while several pictures of Spider-Girl were scattered on the ground. “She’s not some B-rated superhero! Spider-Girl could kick your ass with ease!” 

You felt warm at the fact that Peter was so passionate about defending you, but quickly shot that thought away when you placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder, “It’s okay, don’t instigate this any further. He’s not worth it.” 

Flash lets out a scoff before pulling up the collar of his cashmere sweater, “Come on, this poor piece of garbage isn’t worth our time. Let’s ditch this tool and do something productive.” 

You let out a sigh of relief when Flash and his lackeys walk away, making you turn your attention back to the photos scattered on the ground. You pick them up and realize that each of these candid shots had been taken during the few weeks you were out patrolling the city. Peter helps you pick up the pictures, his ears turning red when he softly murmured, “You th-think I’m weird now, h-huh?” 

You shake your head and give him the rest of the pictures, “Why would I think that you’re weird? People take pictures of Spider-Girl all the time, you know, for online articles and stuff.” 

“Yeah, I know th-that, but they don’t take as many pictures as I d-do.” Peter refused to look at you when you helped him stand. Once you were standing, you dust off some imaginary dust away from your jeans to keep up with the façade that you were disinterested in talking about Spider-Girl. “I mean really, there’s nothing wrong with admiring a superhero, so you don’t have to feel so guilty for doing something that you like.” 

When all of the pictures were collected, you watch as Peter placed them all in his binder before holding it beneath his arm, “You know…Spider-Girl saved me from getting run over by a speeding car. She was so amazing and cool, and I just- I c-couldn’t help but become i-interested in her.” 

“Whaaattt? Dude, you met Spider-Girl?! That’s amazing!” You feign surprise and let out a laugh, “Well, I gotta go before the late bell rings. You take care, and don’t follow Spider-Girl around too much! Some of the stuff she does can be very dangerous, and I’m sure she wouldn’t want you as collateral damage!” You place a hand on his shoulder briefly before giving him a wink, “Bye!” 

You run off to your morning class, unaware that Peter was staring at you with wide eyes. Now that he had seen you up close, he was sure that there was a lot of similarities between you and Spider-Girl. 

Taking out one of the pictures that he took of Spider-Girl, he looks down at her mouth, recognizing the curve of her lips as it matched your own smile



Now that you really thought about it, you being Spider-Girl was the perfect ruse. While you attended Midtown High, no one really noticed you unless you chose to make yourself known. 

Your features were pretty average for a girl (at least, in your opinion it was), so you seldom had boys crushing on you because you were 100% sure that they were into girls who looked like Liz Allan. You were a quiet girl who had a penchant for chemistry and liked to remain invisible, which explained why you had no friends. You sometimes came off as cold without meaning to be, but since you took on this alter ego, you stopped feeling lonely at the thought of being by yourself. 

You didn’t have the luxury to form relationships, not unless you wanted to endanger innocent people.  

No one was to ever know that you were Spider-Girl, hell, not even your own parents knew. And you planned to keep it that way until you were too old to fight crime. 

Your alter ego was a secret that you were going to keep to the grave, and truthfully, you weren’t too concerned about your identity being found out.

After school, you were ready to don your alter ego’s outfit as you escaped from the confines of Midtown High. Enjoying the cool autumn breeze, you were admiring the blue skies and sniffing at the fresh air when you felt someone following you from behind. 

You look back to see Peter standing about fifteen feet away from you. When you stopped, he stopped as well and seemed to linger within the crowd. At first you thought you were being paranoid and shrugged, believing that there was no reason for Peter to be following you. 

You continue to walk around the city, paying attention to your surroundings when you casually looked back-

only to see Peter again.

Shit, does he know? With a click of your tongue, you began to sprint, running straight into the crowd as you hoped to lose him. 

After a few seconds, you go into an alleyway and hid behind a dumpster. Taking out your Spider-Girl outfit, you quickly change into it before stuffing your old clothes inside your backpack.

While wearing your backpack, you decide to wait for Peter and carefully crawl up the wall of the building, inching closer to the edge when you saw Peter run into the alleyway. “[Name]? Are you-”

Catching him off guard, you shoot your web at him, webbing his hand against the wall as he tried to pull the material off of his hands. “Wha- Spider-Girl?” 

You land in front of him and began poking the front of his chest with your pointer finger, “You. Back off and stop following me! It’s dangerous, and I don’t have time to rescue your sorry ass again, got it?” 

Peter’s hurt expression makes your heart clench, but you ignore the feeling and worked on ripping the webbing away from his hand. “Go home and leave me alone. Don’t think you’re anything special just because I saved you one time.”

He looks down at the ground and nods, softly murmuring a cracked “Okay.”  

You flip back your hair and force yourself to walk away from Peter, using your web shooters as you swung away from him. You knew that you were being mean, but you really didn’t want Peter to keep following you around. He seriously could get hurt, and you kept reminding yourself that being mean to him was absolutely necessary for his protection. 

But still, that didn’t mean you didn’t feel any less guilty about hurting him. 


For the past couple of days, you hadn’t been getting much sleep. Every time you closed your eyes, all you could see was Peter’s defeated expression. 

Grateful that it was finally Friday, you had plans of sleeping in all day Saturday (the police could handle any crimes without me for one day, right?) as you returned all of your textbooks inside your locker. 

From the corner of your eyes, you saw someone make their way toward you, causing you to look up to see who it was. Standing beside you was Peter, and you stiffen, remembering how much of a bitch you were- only to momentarily relax because only Spider-Girl had been cruel to him. 

You, [Full Name], were in the clear. 

“H-Hey Peter!” You clear your throat to keep from stuttering nervously, “What’s up?” 

Peter starts running a hand through his hair, a habit that you noticed him doing a lot whenever he got anxious. “Hey, uhm, I-I was wondering if you were free tomorrow?” 

Fuck, what? “Uhm, yeah, I’m free. Why do you ask?” 

“You see, I’m uh- I’m not so great at parties, but my best friend Ned was just invited to this party by this girl he likes, and he wanted me to come with him.” 

You try to keep your anxiety at bay whilst staring at Peter, carefully nodding at him to continue (despite you knowing where this was headed), “S-So I was thinking if you’d m-maybe like to go with me so that I wouldn’t b-be so awkward.” 

You face your locker and carefully play with the metal slits, “What time is the party tomorrow?” 

“A-At 8. If you tell me your address, I-I don’t mind picking you up. We can go there together?” 

You shut your eyes and sigh, thinking that if you agreed to do this, then you would somehow make it up for the time you had yelled at Peter. 

“Okay, I’ll go with you.” 


This has got to be the greatest regret of my life

You were standing in the corner of the living room with your cup of punch in hand. This party was totally boring and not your thing. To be honest, you would much rather get punched in the face by a crook than stay at this party. 

You and Peter had just arrived to the house party when he was suddenly taken away by Liz Allan. Her voice was coated in sugar when she coaxed him away from you, needing to talk to him about something as you were left alone. 

You tried to enjoy the party, really, you did, but parties were so not your thing. You didn’t like being social in general, so you were basically suffering right now. 

Knowing that you wouldn’t be noticed, you take your cup of spiked punch and threw it in the trashcan. Wrapping your arms around your chest, you put your hoodie up and began to walk out of the house. 

It takes you a couple of minutes to navigate through the crowd, and after having several heated bodies pushed against your form, you manage to escape the party. You were walking across the lawn when you heard Peter’s voice calling out to you, making you stop in your tracks. “[Name], wait a minute. Please, don’t go home yet.” 

You scoff and look back at him, “Why not? That party was awful and-” You pause, hearing some sirens coming from the distance. Shit, and my outfit is at home

“You don’t have to worry about me, I’m sure Liz will enjoy your company. I-I’m just going to go home now.” You jut your thumb toward the direction of the street, ready to run off when Peter stopped you again. 

“Wait, please don’t go! I-I really needed to talk to you.”

“About what?” You face Peter, getting impatient with him, “I need to go Peter, so what do you want?” 

He gulps nervously, and you see the way his Adam’s apple bobbed when he softly told you, “I know. I know that you’re Spider-Girl.” 

You felt a cold wave wash over you, making you tremble as you tried to deny it, “W-What are you talking about? Are you crazy? Me? Be some lame superhero? I mean, I’m just a normal girl-”

“But you’re not normal, [Name]! And don’t try to deny it! I-I’ve looked at those pictures and I’ve seen you in them each and every time.” His sudden outburst makes you wince as he continued to explain, “You’re not normal for all of these amazing reasons. You’re fearless and s-selfless. You pushed me o-out of a speeding car’s way without flinching. You’re my hero, [Name], and I love you for it.”

You began to blush, not expecting his confession when Peter looked away from you, “I m-mean, shit. I th-think I messed up. You’re Spider-Girl. You can have any guy you want. There’s no way in hell you’d want a wimpy guy like me.”  

With a shake of your head, you step closer to him and grab the bottom of his chin, forcing him to look at you before leaning in, “Well, I could say the same thing about you. You’re so pure and handsome, I’m sure girls like Liz Allan would love to be yours.”

He shakes his head, “Liz Allan’s no Spider-Girl.” 

You let out a surprised gasp, “Why, Peter Parker, are you saying that I’m your first choice?” You didn’t even try to deny the fact that you were Spider-Girl now; Peter was just too pure, and lying to him left a bad taste in your mouth. 

Peter gives you a crooked grin before nodding, “Honestly, yeah. Always, since the first time I met you.” 

Feeling beyond happy, you lean in to press a kiss against Peter’s lips while murmuring against his skin, “I’m sorry for pushing you away that one time. That was really cruel of me, and I never got over how hurt you looked.”

“It’s okay, you were trying to keep me safe.” Peter reassures you, making you let out a breath of relief. 

Tugging at the collar of his shirt, you gently peck at his cheek and sigh, “You know, I hear a ton of sirens echoing throughout the city, but you’ve made me feel spoiled and selfish. I don’t want to do anything else but invite you home just to cuddle and kiss you beneath the blankets, the cops can handle crime for one day. What do you say? Will you come home with me?” 

Peter nuzzles your nose in response while chuckling, “I’d love to do that, [Name].” 



rlupin-moony said:

Tom Holland x Reader where the reader is a fan and has a blog all about tom?

Thank you so much for the request! I hope you like it! 

Warnings: like one swear and that’s it, just fluff, and smut mentioned

Word Count: 1120

Send in requests here!


It was nice having Tom back home, especially because he’d been gone for so long. He had come back home from Montreal for the weekend, you had told him that you would come to him but he wanted to save that for a time that Harrison was out of their shared home. As much as he loved Harrison, he needed some alone time with his girlfriend.

On Saturday morning, the sun shined through the blinds in your bedroom door, rays of light hitting yours and Tom’s faces. This earned a tired groan from Tom and he nuzzled his face deeper in your neck. He placed soft kisses to your neck which made you giggle and turn around to face him. Tom smiled and looked at you through half-open and tired eyes.

“Morning, darling.” he hummed and you blushed a little, you thought his morning voice was the cutest thing ever, you giggle like a little school girl everytime you hear it.

“Morning.” You placed a soft kiss to Tom’s lips as he smiled. You looked at him in content, how did you get so lucky to wake up next to Tom Holland in the morning. “I’m gonna go make some breakfast.” You whispered after a minute and kissed his cheek quickly.

As you go to get up, you felt Tom slap your ass playfully and you turned back to see him smiling like a goof and winking a you.

“I couldn’t resist.” He giggled a little and it made your heart soar, he’s the cutest man to ever live, it still boggles your mind how he could be so perfect.

While cooking pancakes for you and Tom, he came up behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist, swaying your bodies lightly. With his head resting on your shoulder, you dipped your finger in the batter, looked back at the man behind you, his eyes closed, and you touched his nose with the batter-covered finger. He gasped loudly at you and let go of your waist.

“I know you did not just do that.” He glared at you with his hands on his hips. An all out war erupted when all you did was smile at Tom’s comment. By the end of it, there was more batter on your faces than in the mixing bowl.

Tom went into the bathroom to get you a washcloth to wipe your face after he washed his own. He handed you the damp cloth, you gave him an appreciative look as you were trying to wipe off the batter with paper towels.

“That got a little out of hand, huh love?” Tom giggled, kissing your cheek, to which you nodded. “That’ll teach you to mess with me.” He smiled, grabbing your bum playfully, walking out of the kitchen.

“Shit!” You heard Tom yell from the other room as you beat the eggs and milk in the bowl.

“You okay, babe?” You yelled back to him.

“I left my laptop at the house in Montreal, can I borrow yours for a moment to find something about my schedule next week?” He said, popping his head in the doorway of the kitchen, a pleading look on his face. He already had your laptop in his hands, knowing you couldn’t say no to his pouty face.

“Of course.” You smiled at him, turning back to the stove to finish cooking breakfast. Tom sat at the table facing you and opened your computer.

Typing in your password, your computer came to life, but there was a window open from the other night that you forgot to close. Tom looked at it skeptically as he scrolled through the feed with the blue background. GIFs, photos and text posts about him flooded the feed and Tom giggled a little.

He clicked the profile icon in the corner in order to look at your account. To his surprise, the entire blog was filled with pictures, videos and GIFs of him. He looked up at you as you hummed, not knowing that Tom had just found out your biggest secret ever, you had a fan blog dedicated to him.

He smiled as he read some of the things that you reblogged, always adding tags like he’s so cute and we don’t deserve him or sometimes love of my life. He saw a video that you reblogged that was captioned, every time tom holland says darling, it is the death of me.

“Find what you needed to, love?” You asked, placing a plate of food in front of him, he shut your computer without even looking for his work schedule.

“Oh I found more than I needed to, darling.” He smirked a little at you to which you gave him a weird look.

“Why are you acting so weird?” You asked sitting down across the table.

“I’m not acting weird, darling.” He said, stretching out the word darling, as he poured syrup on his pancakes.

After a moment, Tom spoke again, “I was on Instagram the other day and I saw this comment where this girl asked if you had ever read a fanfiction about me, and whether or not it was accurate. I’ve been wondering ever since because I didn’t even know people wrote that stuff about me.” Tom knew full well that you’ve read stuff about him, you reblogged some of them.

“No, I haven’t , I mean I know that girls write stuff about you, they do it with everyone, but I’ve never read anything.” You said nonchalantly, you wanted to keep this fan blog a secret for as long as possible and you didn’t want Tom thinking that you were this super fan that was only with him because he was Tom Holland.

“I beg to differ, because you see, darling. I have just found some interesting information about a blog called, (y/blog/n).” Tom paused as you hit your head against the table next to your plate.

“How did you find out about that?” You mumbled

“You should really close all of your tabs, darling.” Tom laughed and bit his lip at you. “I think it’s cute babe, I know that you were a fan before we met, and I think it’s endearing.”

“Really?” You asked looking up at him, an eyebrow raised.

“Yeah, now tell me, do any of those fanfiction things reflect real life?” He asked smirking, and you knew he didn’t care about the fluff fics that you’ve read, he wants to know about the smut.

“Well there’s this one…“ You trail off telling Tom about a fanfiction that you read that was spot on. Let’s just say he reenacted the scene after breakfast.

wolffoggirl  asked:

Monsta X reaction when their crush thinks its weird when someone calls her cute.

Thank you wolffoggirl for requesting! My first request ◎[▪‿▪]◎ I hope you like it~!

Monsta X: Reaction to you being weird about being called cute

●Sohn Hyunwoo:  Walking to dance practice together-as always-you were scrolling through your Instagram. You grumbled softly, causing Hyunwoo to look at you. “Is something wrong?” He asked and gently nudged your arm with his. You sighed and showed him your phone.

“This kid comments on all my photos calling me cute.” You whined softly. He read it then looked at you with furrowed eyebrows. Your cheeks were tinted light pink.

“(Y/n)… How can you blame him? He’s only speaking the truth. You’re the cutest girl on this planet.”

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●Shin Hoseok: Hoseok carefully watched you as you talked on the phone with your mother. He paid close attention to your facial expressions, smiling every time you made a funny face. He thought you were so adorable.

“Eomma~” You whined and put a hand on the back of your neck. “Ok ok, I’ll talk to you later, bye bye…” You hung up and laid your phone on the coffee table in front of you. 

“What’s got you so gloomy?” He chuckled, setting his boba down and grabbing your hands. 

“She called me cute again.” You puffed your bottom lip out to pout, and looked down at your hands. He looked away for a moment to think before looking back at you. 

“Is she not allowed to speak the truth? Cutie?”

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●Lee Minhyuk: Minhyuk knew just how much it bothered you when someone called you cute. So every once in a while, when he was feeling bold and cocky, he would get you all flustered.

“Yah, (Y/n)… yah, don’t ignore me.” He grabbed your shoulders from behind and gently shook you. You hummed and looked back at him.

“What?” You blinked innocently at him.

“Has anyone told you today how cute you looked?” He said with a big smile. You cringed and glared at him.

“Stop it.” You pinched his hand.

“No, you look extra cute. Super duper adorable!”

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●Yoo Kihyun: Kihyun was watching you from behind the small stage set up outside, listening to your interview. He was amused the entire time, you were funny. Everyone thought so, but he thought you were the funniest person in the world! Probably because of his major crush on you.

“(Y/n), you’re so cute with bows you should wear them more often!” The interviewer lady touched the pink bow in your hair, and instantly you scrunched your nose.

“Ahh, thank you…” You didn’t want to be rude. But as soon as you left the stage, you were grumbling and cursing at yourself for wearing that damn bow.

“(Y/n),” Kihyun stopped you before he went up on stage. “She wasn’t lying, you look really cute.” He winked and walked off 

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●Chae Hyungwon: You were on a small walk with Hyungwon. You’ve both been trying to find the time to hang out, and finally you both had a break. You were humming softly to one of Monsta X’s songs, licking your ice cream and lightly skipping. 

“Is that Hero?” He asked with a chuckle. “How cute.” He said with a gentle smile. His face changed when you stopped and dropped your ice cream. “Aish-(Y/n). Ahh I’m sorry, let’s go buy you another one…” He realized over time that cutie was a name you weren’t quite fond of. “Ok cute stuff?”

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●Lee Jooheon: Sitting in a circle with the 7 boys, you played truth or dare. Jooheon was a little irritated because of the amount of times someone has called you the prettiest girl on the planet, or the best female singer in Korea. He watched you intensely, listening to what you had to say.

“(Y/n), who do you think is the cutest out of all of us?” Hoseok asked cockily.

“Jooheon.” You said blutly, causing Jooheon to smile big. He cleared his throat and wiggled in his spot out of excitement. 

“Well I think you’re the cutest girl in the world.” Changkyun spoke bluntly, and Jooheon noticed your immediate cringe. 

“She’s very… beautiful.” Jooheon spoke for you, avoiding eye contact with you as he said it.

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●Lim Changkyun:  You were working on a collab together. With his smooth rap and your powerful singing, your industries thought a collab was perfect. And you loved the idea, he was your best friend afterall. 

“(Y/n), for the MV you should wear a dress.” Your manager said while looking up and down your body. “No no… You look really cute with shorts-oh.” SHe knew just how much you hated being called cute. As you pouted, Changkyun started to laugh.

“Yeah she’s right! (Y/n), shorts look super cute on you.”

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