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could you write a blurb about an easter dinner with harry's family/just a dinner with harry's family and something happening and it gets really awkward? could be something about the reader being a hardcore fan of one direction or something like that? idk thank you love

This turned out very light-hearted. Kinda corny, but I hope it gets a giggle or two. Enjoy x.

A Twist of Fate

“I think I should wear my One Direction hoodie,” you teased as you pulled a dress out of the closet and laid it on the bed.

Harry was silent and you wondered for a second if he didn’t like your joke, or if he just wasn’t listening.

“Better yet,” you continued, “I think I’ll wear that t-shirt my friend made me that has your face on it. I cut the neckline so it looks like you’re kissing my boob.”

“Oh God,” groaned Harry.

You giggled, dropping your phone on the bed. With Harry on speaker phone, you began to get undressed.

“What? You don’t want your family to know I’m your biggest fan?”

“I reckon we can leave that part out.”

“You sure? I could tell them about the time I camped out to get tickets, or how I still sleep with my One D pillow cases.”


Although he was chuckling, you could detect a sense of contempt in his voice.

“Oh oh! Better yet, I could read them some of my fan fiction! There’s a conversation starter.”

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Sound Asleep |Jack Maynard|

Summary -  Y/N and jack are sleeping on the couch and then the buttercream walk in and see them cuddling and then one of them wakes up and the buttercream tease them.

Word Count - 1,254

Warnings - N/A

“What are we watching?” you mumbled tiredly, your head resting against Jack’s arm as you both curled up on the sofa.

His arm was currently wrapped around your waist, holding you as close to him as possible as he was laid on his side, you on your back. You gazed up at him, his eyes fixed on the TV and a smile spread across your face as you watched him attempting to concentrate. Apparently it was a cooking show, something Jack wasn’t very good at.

“I actually have no idea,” he chuckled, glancing over at the TV before turning his attention back to you, as he started to twirl the ends of your hair in his fingers.

As much as you loved it when he did this, it was making you more tired and you wanted to stay awake because you hardly got to see Jack anymore, since you were both always working.

“Y/N, babe, go to sleep. I know you’re about to pass out on me,” Jack chuckled, planting a soft kiss onto your cheek.

You shook your head in protest but there wasn’t really any point, you knew Jack was right and you knew you would be asleep against his arm in a matter of minutes.

Though you knew Jack very well, he’d be asleep shortly as well.

“Come on, we can do something tonight. I haven’t got anything to do tomorrow so just stay the night.” Jack mumbled, turning the volume on the TV down ever so slightly before placing the remote on the sofa again. This was something Jack always did. He always had to have a TV or his music on to fall asleep.

You let out a sigh as you turned over, hiding your face in his chest.

“Can’t, got a presentation for work tomorrow.” You told him. You had told him 3 days previously, but you knew how forgetful he was so it was best to remind him.

Jack sighed, but chose not to say anything else on the subject, as his eyes started drooping.

You smiled as you watched him nuzzle against you again and giggled quietly.

“What are you laughing at me for?” he asked, even his voice sounding slightly tired.

“Nothing, just… Watching you,” you shrugged, placing your hand on the back of his neck.

Jack looked up at you, a confused expression on his face.

“You’re laughing because I’m tired?” he chuckled, gently poking your stomach.

“No, not because you’re tired. I’m just watching you, acting natural, not doing anything and it makes me smile,” you said, starting to play with his hair.

Jack had the same problem as you, your hair being played with while you were tired.

Dangerous move. He’d be asleep in seconds.

Jack yawned before he tightened his grip around you.

“Sleep now,” he murmured, and with his head resting on the arm of the sofa, he peacefully dropped off into a deep sleep.

Jack slept through anything and everything, practically dead to the world.

Reaching over to your right, you picked your phone up off the coffee table that was in the centre of the living room and quickly snapped a picture of him, looking as cute as ever.

After putting your phone back in the previous place, you rested your head in the crook of his head, and still playing with his hair, you also fell into a deep sleep.


After an hour or so, you woke up to the sound of giggles, and a door clicking shut.

Even though your eyes were still closed, you knew who the giggles belonged to.

“Yeah, alright Conor.” You mumbled, sitting up slightly as you opened your eyes, blinking a few times to readjust your eyes to the light that shone into the apartment through the window.

Once opening your eyes, you were greeted with 6 grins shining back at you.

Belonging to Joe, Oli, Caspar, Josh, Mikey and of course, Conor.

“We didn’t interrupt anything did we?” Joe smirked, leaning against the worktop in the kitchen.

“Did it look like we were doing much?” you chuckled, glancing down at Jack who was still sound asleep.

“You two look adorable, like two sleeping puppies,” Caspar commented, clapping his hands together like an excited child.

Now, Caspar wasn’t exactly the quietest of people. Well, none of them were quiet when they were together, but Caspar was unusually loud and the sound of him banging his hands together was enough to finally wake Jack up.

“Mhm,” he mumbled, rubbing his eyes with his fist before looking at his friends confused. “Can I help you?”

“No mate, just admiring the happy couple.” Conor chuckled, shaking his head.

“You make it sound like we’re married.” You shook your head, standing up from the sofa and you smiled as Jack held your hand tight in his grasp.

“Not just yet Conor, give him time.” Joe shouted from the kitchen, still within earshot to hear the conversation.

Jack glared at his older brother as a sign for him to keep his mouth shut.

“I didn’t say anything mate, just saying how sickeningly cute you both are.” Conor smiled. Even though he was teasing you both, you knew he meant it because he has told you countless times that he was happy his little brother had finally found someone who made him happy.

“So I took a picture and basically put it on all my social media.” Caspar butted in, a cheesy smile on his face.

“What?” you looked at him, hoping that this was one of his weird pranks that you didn’t understand.

“Yeah, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat,” he smiled, showing his phone to you.

Okay, you had to admit the photo was actually really cute but that didn’t mean you wanted it online. Your hair was a mess, you were wearing Jack’s hoodie and you just looked awful, in you opinion.

Jumping up to grab his phone, Caspar laughed as he held it above his head.

“Caspar! Please delete it.” You begged, still trying to reach for his phone as he threw it over to Josh, who was also laughing as he stood in the corner with Mikey and Oli and all three of them were in hysterics.

You groaned in annoyance as you finally gave up reaching for Caspar’s phone, glancing over at Jack who was grinning down at his phone.

“I don’t know what you’re so annoyed at Y/N, I think it’s cute.” Jack mumbled sleepily, obviously still struggling to wake himself up.“

“I look bloody awful in it, he didn’t give me the chance to photoshop it.” You chuckled.

You weren’t actually annoyed at the boys, you had been with Jack long enough to know what his friends were like, and it was just like having 6 protective older brothers.

Unless they were the ones causing the grief, then they weren’t protective in the slightest.

Jack, shaking his head, stood up and took both of your hands in his, placing a kiss on your forehead.

“I think you look as beautiful as always,” he smiled as your cheeks flushed the colour of scarlet.

“Hey, I can still hear you two in here and I’m trying to eat.” Joe shouted from the kitchen as both you, and Jack, rolled your eyes in response.

“Don’t worry, wait until one of them gets a girlfriend and we’ll get them back,” Jack winked and your lips turned into a smirk as you knew he was right.

He would get them back, he always does.

part i | part ii | part iii | part iv

part v: in which there is a name

“Maybe I can come with you.”


“Why not? Your mom loves me!”



“No!” Sasuke grumbled under his breath, already regretting having brought Naruto with him to KU Cafe to wait out for Tinder Girl. And also to work. Looking down at his course syllabus and how much of his textbook he actually skimmed, Sasuke was about three weeks behind on his readings. He broke out his highlighter and pencil, ready to mark some stuff on the pages to make himself feel like he was studying. “Fuck my life.”

“Are you already behind?” Naruto asked. He had his laptop open in front of him as he typed up his essay. Or, you know, browsed Imgur. “Didn’t class just start?”

“Didn’t you just shut up?”

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Someone From Louden Swain Is In Love With Me And All I Got Was This Song Written About Me

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader

Summary: Based on this one post by @lamthetwickster AND a request from @a-vast-african-plain “Hi I was wondering if you could do a prophet!Chuck x reader where he and the reader used to date in high school, but broke up when they went to college because they didn’t want to have a long distance relationship, and then he goes to his high school reunion and sees the reader for the first time in years and they still have feelings for each other? And could it be a little smutty? Pretty please with strawberry syrup and marshmallows on top?” 


A/N: I know it’s SUUUUPER different from the original request, but I loved this version and am a teeny bit proud of it so. ALSO IM SORRY ITS SO BAD IM RUSHING IT. 

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(have a cute Rob)

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Monsta X reaction when their crush thinks its weird when someone calls her cute.

Thank you wolffoggirl for requesting! My first request ◎[▪‿▪]◎ I hope you like it~!

Monsta X: Reaction to you being weird about being called cute

●Sohn Hyunwoo:  Walking to dance practice together-as always-you were scrolling through your Instagram. You grumbled softly, causing Hyunwoo to look at you. “Is something wrong?” He asked and gently nudged your arm with his. You sighed and showed him your phone.

“This kid comments on all my photos calling me cute.” You whined softly. He read it then looked at you with furrowed eyebrows. Your cheeks were tinted light pink.

“(Y/n)… How can you blame him? He’s only speaking the truth. You’re the cutest girl on this planet.”

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●Shin Hoseok: Hoseok carefully watched you as you talked on the phone with your mother. He paid close attention to your facial expressions, smiling every time you made a funny face. He thought you were so adorable.

“Eomma~” You whined and put a hand on the back of your neck. “Ok ok, I’ll talk to you later, bye bye…” You hung up and laid your phone on the coffee table in front of you. 

“What’s got you so gloomy?” He chuckled, setting his boba down and grabbing your hands. 

“She called me cute again.” You puffed your bottom lip out to pout, and looked down at your hands. He looked away for a moment to think before looking back at you. 

“Is she not allowed to speak the truth? Cutie?”

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●Lee Minhyuk: Minhyuk knew just how much it bothered you when someone called you cute. So every once in a while, when he was feeling bold and cocky, he would get you all flustered.

“Yah, (Y/n)… yah, don’t ignore me.” He grabbed your shoulders from behind and gently shook you. You hummed and looked back at him.

“What?” You blinked innocently at him.

“Has anyone told you today how cute you looked?” He said with a big smile. You cringed and glared at him.

“Stop it.” You pinched his hand.

“No, you look extra cute. Super duper adorable!”

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●Yoo Kihyun: Kihyun was watching you from behind the small stage set up outside, listening to your interview. He was amused the entire time, you were funny. Everyone thought so, but he thought you were the funniest person in the world! Probably because of his major crush on you.

“(Y/n), you’re so cute with bows you should wear them more often!” The interviewer lady touched the pink bow in your hair, and instantly you scrunched your nose.

“Ahh, thank you…” You didn’t want to be rude. But as soon as you left the stage, you were grumbling and cursing at yourself for wearing that damn bow.

“(Y/n),” Kihyun stopped you before he went up on stage. “She wasn’t lying, you look really cute.” He winked and walked off 

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●Chae Hyungwon: You were on a small walk with Hyungwon. You’ve both been trying to find the time to hang out, and finally you both had a break. You were humming softly to one of Monsta X’s songs, licking your ice cream and lightly skipping. 

“Is that Hero?” He asked with a chuckle. “How cute.” He said with a gentle smile. His face changed when you stopped and dropped your ice cream. “Aish-(Y/n). Ahh I’m sorry, let’s go buy you another one…” He realized over time that cutie was a name you weren’t quite fond of. “Ok cute stuff?”

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●Lee Jooheon: Sitting in a circle with the 7 boys, you played truth or dare. Jooheon was a little irritated because of the amount of times someone has called you the prettiest girl on the planet, or the best female singer in Korea. He watched you intensely, listening to what you had to say.

“(Y/n), who do you think is the cutest out of all of us?” Hoseok asked cockily.

“Jooheon.” You said blutly, causing Jooheon to smile big. He cleared his throat and wiggled in his spot out of excitement. 

“Well I think you’re the cutest girl in the world.” Changkyun spoke bluntly, and Jooheon noticed your immediate cringe. 

“She’s very… beautiful.” Jooheon spoke for you, avoiding eye contact with you as he said it.

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●Lim Changkyun:  You were working on a collab together. With his smooth rap and your powerful singing, your industries thought a collab was perfect. And you loved the idea, he was your best friend afterall. 

“(Y/n), for the MV you should wear a dress.” Your manager said while looking up and down your body. “No no… You look really cute with shorts-oh.” SHe knew just how much you hated being called cute. As you pouted, Changkyun started to laugh.

“Yeah she’s right! (Y/n), shorts look super cute on you.”

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Cole Sprouse | Photograph

Count of words: 778

Warnings: none

A/N: I hope you two anons like this.. I just thought to write these two as one cause I really don’t know how coachella is and I didn’t know what to write, lol ♥ Ok bye !!




anonymous asked:

Hey, I just love you imagines and wanted to ask if you could p do a ColexReader imagine. They are dating and Cole always takes pictures of her. Maybe at Coachella with the others of the Riverdale cast. Hope this is understandable. Thank you in advance 😊 ❤

can you do a cole sprouse imagine where you guys are dating and spend the day at coachella together with the riverdale cast?

After a whole year full of work/school (a/n whatever you are doing) I finally found some time to relax and enjoy quality time with the love of my life and our friends. So, as soon as my body hit the seat of Kj’s car my worries all faded away, leaving me relieved that I finally had a break from my hectic routine. Cole’s arm immediatelly rested around my shoulder, after he entered the car as well, making me lean down on his chest and rest my hand on his thigh. As he kissed my temple, he mumbled something under his breath between the lines of I love you and you look good. A slight giggle found it’s way out of my lips making the boy next to me smile a tiny bit, just as the car begun to roam the roads, music blasting from the speakers.

Even though the music in the car was turned up to the highest it could get it didn’t stop me from falling onto a light sleep. Just as the song changed to an up beat, yet more quiet song, the sound of a camera brought me out of my slummber. I tiredly opened my eyes, moving ever so slightly to where the sound came from when the sound was heard again and the flash blinded my eyes. “Was the flash necessary?” I complained looking up at my boyfriend that had just made me lose my vision temporarily. “Yes,” he simply stated. “It brought out the highlights of your face.” I just smiled up at the boy and he showed me the pictures he managed to get while I was asleep. One of them was not taken from Cole but Camila, that was sitting in the front, had be given the camera as Cole layed his head on mine pretending to be asleep again. Then there was another, in that my head was resting on Lilly as the girl made some funny gesture with her hand accompanied with a weird face. A flower was resting on my ear and some hair was tugged behind it. The last one I managed to see before we reached our destination was the one that woke me up. Once again the flower was resting on my ear, the highlighter Lilly added on my face while doing my make up was indeed popping, my face looking as peaceful as it could. “That’s it! We’re here!” Exclaimed Kj as he parked the car and procided to get out of it.

It had been about 53 minutes exactly since we arrived at the event, the music making everyone around happy, including myself. I was dancing with Camila as the soound of a camera going of took me out of my ‘drunken’ state. When I turned around I was met with Cole taking another spontaneous photograph of me and then another and another. It was as we were doing a real photoshoot there, with Cole down on his knees taking photos of me and me overexaggerating my poses, even making some funny faces along the way. After about 5 minutes later we stopped laughing at the people that were giving us weird looks. I glared at him once and moved back towards the two girls, both of them dancing to the song that was playing right at that moment.

As the night rolled in all of us got more and more tired but our excitement was too much to stop just yet. When Martin Garrix and Troy Sivan presented their new collab, my eyes widened and my face got light up with excitement. While I was watching the two amazing artists performing the flash of the camera, that once again was Coles, illuminated my face, earning him a glare but never stopping him from repeating his actions. He then proccided to walking up behind me hugging me while swaying the both of us to the music. After the song was done and another one rolled in Cole spun me around and I found the opportunity to ask him a question that was rolling in my head for a while now. “What’s gotten into you, today? How come you take photos of me all the time, today?” I asked and looked up at him as a smile found its way on his face. “It’s just that today you are so happy and excited. It’s like watching that scene (favorite scene) from that (favorite tv show) show. It made you as happy as this did.” He mumbled giving you a quick peck on the lips. “You just look so adorable when you’re like that!” He informed you pulling you in for a longer more loving kiss.

Ride With Me (Part 6)

PAIRING: readerxbuckybarnes au


WARNINGS: swearing, angst and a little bit of fluff

*Bucky learns more of (Y/N)’s brother and an unforeseeable act causes everything to change.  

Part 6 is here people get excited and hold onto your butts! It’s all about to happen !!!!!

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The grey clouds covering the sky were almost representative of your mood. You sat on your armchair looking out of the window; you spent almost half your morning assuring Wanda that you would be fine on your own. The girl was worried about you that was obvious, you had to physically force her out the door when she offered that her mobile would be on and available to you if you needed anything. Your eyes flicked towards your chest of draws, flashes of the night before burned in your mind. Groaning you rubbed your temples, trying to will the headache away. But the soft thumping on your apartment door forced you to leave the security of your room. Pulling the door open you were wet with sheepish and concerned face of Bucky.

“Hey” he greeted.

“Hi” you folded your arms across your chest, making no move to invite him in.

“How are you?” you raised an eyebrow at him.

“Ok, yeah stupid question I know. Can I come in?” His eyes wandered over your shoulder.


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One Pt.1

Originally posted by khunwufan

Group: EXO
Member: Sehun x OC
Genre: Fluff, Smut
Word count: 3834
A/N: The second to last part. I don’t know much about line up of exordium so if it’s wrong I’m sorry.

One Night Stand | One Night | One Pt. 1 | One Pt. 2

The next day Sehun, Joonmyun, and I have meeting with their manager. The three of us enter SM Entertainment and go to their manager’s office. “I’ve scheduled a doctor’s appointment in two days, but I have rules if you two are going to keep the baby” Their manager informs us. “You two may be seen in public until Y/N starts showing. Y/N is on house arrest after she starts showing. This is honestly convenient because I was looking for a big enough house for you nine boys. Anyway, once I find one Y/N will move in” Their manager explains the plan to us. “Do the rest of the boys know?” He ask us.

“Out of the eight of us Kyungsoo and I know” Joonmyun tells him. He nods and writes something on a sticky note, “This is the information you need for your doctor’s appointment” He hands me the sticky note. “Be careful of what you two do in public now, okay?” He says sternly. Joonmyun, Sehun and I get up to leave. “We will have another meeting in a few months about this” Their manager escorts us out. We drive back to the dorm and just kind of hang out. “How do we tell the rest of them?” I ask Sehun. Sehun shrugs, “Guys! Exo meeting” All the boys come downstairs into the living room.

Sehun stands up from the couch, “I’m glad you all could come to this meeting.” I giggle as Sehun talks to his bandmates. “I’ve called you here for a very good reason,” Sehun paces in front of the boys “I’ve fallen in love with a girl. You probably know her, she goes by the name of Y/N. Anyway, after we had amazing sex I realized I liked her. She became very close to all of us in the last month and a half. I guess what I’m trying to say is-” I cut Sehun off. “I’m pregnant” I switch my position on the couch so I’m laying down and put my hands behind my head. “Wow, thanks for that” Sehun says boringly.

“Wait, Sehun, were you trying to tell us your pull out game is weak” Jongin cracks up. “Why does that not surprise me” Baekhyun comments. “I was trying to tell you guys in a very romantic way” Sehun defends. “It stopped being romantic the minute you started talking about sex” Chanyeol howls. “I agree with him” I point to Chanyeol as Sehun glares at me. I stand up and join Sehun, “Though we can’t talk about the pregnancy outside of this house, you all will get a t-shirt that says uncle squad” I announce. The boys all cheer. Baekhyun and Jongdae snicker, “Sehun’s pull out game is weak.” Sehun groans and smacks them both.

“So you’re about a month and a half?” Minseok asks. I nod my head and he smiles. “Good luck you’re kid will be a brat” He whispers in my ear. I chuckle at the comment as I think he’s not completely wrong. “Oh, so is that why you and Sehun were outside the other day?” Yixing asks me. “You saw that?” I ask. “Yeah I was sitting in my room, and I saw you and Sehun talking then you ran off” He explains. “Oh, yeah” I say awkwardly.

Two days later

“Y/F/N” The nurse announces catching me and Sehun’s attention. “Yes, that’s me” I answer as I stand up and follow her. She takes us into an examination room. Everything is white or gray and smells really clean. Sehun squeezes my hand and I give him a comforting smile. The nurse takes all my information, “The doctor will be in soon to see you.” Now, it’s just Sehun and I in the room and I glance around nervously. “Y’know I’ve never really liked hospitals” I say with a frown. “Why is that, baby” Sehun rubs the back of my hand with his thumb. “My brother was in a car accident, he had a chance of not making it, it made me so mad that he was gonna leave me here with the two people who didn’t love me but he got better” I squeeze Sehun’s hand and he kisses my hand. “Well-” Sehun gets cut off by the doctor.

“Hello, Y/N” The doctor greets us. “I’m Dr. Jung, now let’s have a look at your baby” She smiles as she gets a tube of blue gel. “You must be the father” Dr. Jung smiles at Sehun, “Glad you could be here.” I lift my shirt as she puts a dollop of blue gel on my stomach. Dr. Jung turns on the monitor and rubs the device around on my stomach. “Your baby is about 7 weeks and it’s healthy” I smile at Sehun as he stares at the monitor in awe. “That’s…that’s my baby?” He asks, eyes never leaving the screen. “Yes” Dr. Jung says. “I think we’ll need two prints of this” I chuckle to Dr. Jung. “I think so too” She looks between me and Sehun. “Here are your prints” She hands me two copies and wipes off the gel.

“What size is the baby right now?” Sehun asks. I wonder what he’s thinking right now with everything that’s going on. “It’s about the size of a blueberry” Dr. Jung explains as she escorts us out. “Thank you Dr. Jung” I shake her hand. “I expect to see you back here in two months” She waves us off. “This is most amazing thing I have ever seen in my entire life” Sehun says as we walk out to the car. “In seven months you get to hold that in your arms” I comment. “Oh my god I might cry” Sehun says as he gets into the driver side of the car. Sehun starts the car, “So be honest what’s going through your head right now?” I ask. “Honestly, I can never look at blueberries again without thinking I’m a cannibal. And everything that happened today just made me think ‘Wow this is real, I’m not dreaming’ and it’s crazy, y'know? Like I’m gonna be a father and you’re the mother and it’s a little me like and the boys oh my god they’re gonna be uncles and then apart of me is like ‘Dude you’re the youngest in the group and you’re having a baby when you’re still a baby’ and I’m wondering what the boys think like-” Sehun rambles on as he looks between the road and me. “Sehun breathe” I cut him off. Sehun breathes in and out a few times. “Long story short I’m happy, excited, and a bit overwhelmed but in good way” He says as he turns into the dorm parking lot.

“Well I’m glad you’re happy” I smile and get out of the car. “If only we could go public with this because I wanna share this with all the Exo-ls” Sehun frowns at the sonogram picture. “I know what you mean, Sehunnie, I wish we could too” I lean my head on his shoulder as I glance down at my copy. “But for now let’s go in and show the boys” Sehun points to the front door. As soon as we open the door there are 8 boys sitting impatiently on the stairs. When they notice us they all jump up with bright excited faces. “Show me my grandchild” I hear Joonmyun say. “Chill guys, here’s the photo” I hand them my copy and they all coo at the black and white picture.

“It’s beautiful” Yixing smiles up at me and Sehun. “If it’s a boy do you think his penis will be small like Sehun’s?” Baekhyun asks Jongdae. “Probably” Jongdae chuckles. Everyone stares at the two perverted boys. “Really? Why do you have to ruin a great moment?” Kyungsoo smacks the back of the boy’s head. “Anyway it’s beautiful” Kyungsoo comments. “Thank you” Sehun smiles at his hyung and then he shoots Baekhyun and Jongdae a glare.

Joonmyun’s phone starts ringing and he walks into the living room to answer it. Everyone exchanges looks before following him into the living room. “Mhm, yeah I’ll let them know, yes thank you Manager Hyung” Joonmyun ends the call. “Well?” Jongin asks. “Well the good news is he found a bigger house to move into, the bad news is we go on tour in two days and don’t move into the house till after the tour” He stares at his phone before putting it into his pocket. “So you guys are all leaving in two days?” I ask, sadness laced in the tone of my voice. “I guess so” Chanyeol looks the most shocked. What a mood killer, I think to myself.

“Come on” Sehun grabs my hand, pulls me up the stairs and into his room. “Cuddle with me” He demands as he plops down on his bed. I fall asleep to Sehun drawing circles on my back. We wake up later and eat dinner with everyone in awkward silence. Then, everyone washes up and gets ready for bed.

Sehun’s POV

My eyes flutter open and adjust to the sunlight seeping through the curtains. I roll over away from the light and wrap my arm around Y/N. She stirs in her sleep but doesn’t wake up. She looks beautiful when she sleeps and she glows now that she’s pregnant. I can’t help but smile at her. Then all the sudden a warm feeling hits the pit of my stomach. “Fuck” I whisper. I gently move Y/N’s hair away from her neck, and start leaving light kisses on her neck. She moans in her sleep and I pull her whole body closer. What’s not helping is that she’s wearing little to no clothing. “Sehun, get your boner away from my ass” Y/N groans. “I want you so bad” I give her one long kiss on her neck.

“How could you want me at this time?” She turns over so she’s facing me. “I want you all the time it’s just right now I really want you” I push a strand of hair behind her ear. “Well when you put it like that” She says groggily then she bites her lip. “Wait,” She pulls away and sits up a little looking around the room, “Okay nevermind.” I look at her with a weird expression. “I thought Joonmyun was still in here” She says as she snakes her arm around my neck. Just as I’m about to say something she pulls me in before I can speak. I squeeze her hips as I pull them closer to mine. Y/N moans and then straddles me.

Y/N grinds on me and my hands make their way down to her ass as I knead it. She continues to grind making me lose my mind, “Fuck Y/N, if you keep grinding I’ll come like this” I pant. She chuckles against my lips and pulls away, “Is Sehun that excited?” “Excited is an understatement” I growl and pull her down only to roll us over for a change of position. “You got top last time now you’re gonna see what it’s like to be bottom” I purr in her ear. “So Sehun isn’t a bottom bitch, what else… do you want me to call you daddy too?” Y/N teases. “Provoking the wolf, wow how brave” I comment.

“Bring it on Maknae” She smirks. “Shut up” I smile and close the space between us. I unclip her bra and throw it on the ground. She arches her back making her chest press up against me as she kisses my neck. I pull her out of my neck and I move down her body so I’m eye level with her breasts. I smirk up at her then I put her right nipple in my mouth and swirl my tongue around it. She closes her eyes tight and grips the sheets next to her. I massage her left breast occasionally pinching the nipple. “Sehun” She moans my name and she moans it loud. God it makes a surge of pleasure run through my body and stop at my groin.

I switch to the left breast and I massage the right with my hand. She squirms at the pleasure, “Sehun I want you now.” I ignore her begging and let go of her breast. Y/N sighs in relief probably thinking I’m gonna give it to her now but she’s got a little more waiting to do first. I snake down her body and make a ton of wet kisses on her stomach. “Sorry for this blueberry” I whisper making Y/N laugh. I pull her panties off and throw them with her bra. I spread her legs and kiss the insides of her thighs. Without preparation I push two fingers into Y/N. She puts her hands over her face and whimpers loudly. “Excuse me Miss, I’m gonna need you to quiet down” I stop pumping my fingers and smirk up at her. She flips me off and bucks her hips up. “Well if you say so” I chuckle.

I take my fingers out of her and come up to be face to face. I push her hands away from her face, “Let me see your beautiful face.” Y/N slowly moves her hands away from her face, I grab one hand, intertwine our fingers and place it above her head. “Ready?” I ask. Y/N scoffs, “Ready is an understatement.” I chuckle and align my dick with her entrance. I push in slowly resulting in a long moan from me. My thrusts start slow and gradually get faster as I feel myself getting closer to climax. “Sehun it’s-it’s so good-” Y/N cuts herself off with a whimper. “Come baby” I whisper in her ear and she does, but with an oh so beautiful moan of my name. My thrusts get sloppier and I release into Y/N. I ride it out as Y/N strokes my cheek, still coming down from her climax.

I pull out, then lay next to her trying to catch my breath. Y/N peppers kisses on my chest before getting out of bed to search for clothes for the both of us. She throws me boxers and sweatpants, and she steals a tshirt and boxers for herself. “You guys leave tomorrow” She blurts.


“You guys leave tomorrow” I blurt without even realizing it. Sehun’s face drops as he stares at me. It was only announced yesterday and it’s already tearing me apart. “Well, yes, but our first concert is in Seoul then we start the world tour” Sehun explains. I nod as I bite my lip. “I’ll be gone for about four months tops, but I promise you I will be here for the birth of our baby” Sehun strokes my head. “We have to pack now okay, baby” Sehun kisses my forehead and the pulls a suitcase out from under the bed. “Can I get breakfast first?” I ask and Sehun nods. I make my way downstairs to the kitchen. I search the fridge for anything but nothing sounds good. I look in the pantry, finding a banana and some oatmeal. I fix the oatmeal and cut the banana up in slices. “You’re gonna miss that the next four months aren’t you” Yixing appears at the doorway of the kitchen.

“Miss what?” I ask smiling at him. He chuckles as he gets a mug out of the cupboard and pours milk into it. “You’re gonna miss the morning sex with Sehun” He deadpans. “You guys don’t even try to be quiet and I’m on the opposite side of the hall” He adds. “I’m sorry” I blush awkwardly. “It’s okay, I can’t quite speak for the other boys but I understand he wants to worship your body all the time, his face says it all” Yixing takes a sip of his hot chocolate. “I’m gonna miss him” I blurt. “I’m gonna miss all of you and I’m gonna miss not being able to come over and annoy every one of you” I add. Yixing gives me a side hug, “We’ll miss you too but remember we will be back so you can continue to annoy us.”

“Y/N don’t cry” Yixing coos, he picks up my bowl of oatmeal and puts an arm around me leading me upstairs to Sehun’s room. “Sehun we have a problem” Yixing says nervously. “What did you do!?” Sehun raises his voice at Yixing. “She said she was gonna miss us and then she started crying” Yixing says quickly. I stand there crying then Sehun grabs my hands and pulls me into a comforting hug. “I’m sorry for yelling, you can go now I’ve got Her” Sehun assures Yixing. He leaves and closes the door behind him. “Y/N” Sehun whispers in my hair. “Baby, look at me” He says. I sniffle and look up at him. “You’re going to be okay, I wouldn’t go on tour knowing you’re not going to be okay but you’re so strong you can do anything and you have to stay especially strong for our baby okay?” Sehun says calmly. “I love you” I whisper to him. He smiles wide making his teeth show. He doesn’t say anything, instead he pulls me into a bear hug.


Tonight was the kick off for the Exordium tour. Everyone is excited but nervous. “You’re going to do great you are amazing” I say to Sehun. “But what if I miss a step” Sehun asks nervously. “Sehun you guys have practiced this dance for months there’s no way you can mess this up” I reassure him. “But what if-” I cut Sehun off. “When you’re out there pretend it’s just you and the boys in the practice room working hard” I tell him. He nods and I smile at him. “Or imagine it’s just me and you the whole time” I hold his hand. “Yeah, I’ll imagine you as the cane for artificial love and pray to god I don’t get a boner” He deadpans. I burst out laughing, “Please do that.”

“Guys, 10 minutes till showtime, Y/N you gotta go to your special spot” Exo’s Manager tells us. I give Sehun a good luck kiss and the rest of the boys high fives and hugs. “Y/N” Sehun says making me stop at the door and turn to him, “I love you.” I smile at him, “I love you too.” Their manager leads me to my spot in the arena which is to the right of the stage and two bodyguards are there to watch me, making sure I don’t get hurt by fans Sehun told me. The arena lights turn off and the opening video plays.


Its an hour into the show and they’re sitting down doing their acoustic medley. So far the boys look like they’re having fun and doing amazing. After the medley they talk to the audience. “You guys may not know this but we have a very very very special guest here today” Kyungsoo smiles my way. Sehun blushes like crazy. “You guys remember Y/N, right?” Chanyeol asks the fans. They all yell a yes back to them. “Aw look at Sehun blush, anyway Y/N is here tonight” Baekhyun pokes Sehun’s cheeks as he tries to hide. The fans start changing ‘Oh Sehun speech’. Chanyeol, Baekhyun and Jongdae chant with them.

“Okay okay,” Sehun starts. “Yes, Y/N is out there, and I’m so ecstatic that she could be here tonight, it means a lot. We will perform good for you, Y/N. I love you” Sehun never breaks eye contact with me. The boys aww as do the fans. “Anyway let us go change and we will come back and perform more songs!” Joonmyun says before running off stage. They all come back out wearing black button up that is cut in areas and black leather jeans. The beginning beat of Artificial Love booms through the arena. To my luck Sehun’s spot for the song is right in front of me. The choreography for the song is on the sensual side but it’s perfect for EXO. Sehun winks at me as he gets lower till he’s on his knees. That’s when it happens…he grinds on the cane. I never thought that Sehun grinding on an inanimate object would turn me on so much. He then puts the cane behind his head and humps the air. All the girls and some boys around me are screaming and I don’t blame them. I scream with them till the song is over.  


I wake up to Sehun shaking me. He’s leaning over me already dressed. “Come on, baby, we’ve gotta go to the airport” He says quietly. I sit up as Sehun grabs me an outfit and hands it to me. I put on a pair of black leggings and one of his charcoal colored sweatshirt. I throw some black converse on then Sehun and I go downstairs to the can with the rest of the band. Everything in the dorm is packed up and ready to be moved into the new house. The drive to the airport is quiet, maybe it’s because it’s 5am or maybe it’s because none of us are ready to be apart. The night before the boys confessed that they hated that they were gonna miss seeing my stomach grow with their nephew or niece in it. They said I was family now and they can’t leave family easily.

It was very obvious Sehun didn’t want to leave me alone and especially with me being pregnant. We pile out of the car and everyone grabs their bags. We walk into the airport and go through the process to get checked in and stuff. There were paparazzi and fans already there which made it pretty hectic. We reach the point where only the boys can continue on. “I’ll be back before you know it” Sehun says. “We’ll be here” I smile sadly. Sehun hugs me tight and I hug back just as tight. He strokes my cheek as he looks down at me affectionately. Around us is the boys, fans, and paparazzi, but right now I don’t care no one can ruin this moment. He leans down and gives me a kiss, in the background I hear all the fans ‘aw’ and all the camera snaps.

The boys are next, they all get in a line to give me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. They all say goodbye just then there’s an announcement in the airport that their plane is boarding for departure. Sehun gives me one last hug and whispers, “I love you,” and he walks away towards the gate. Their manager drives me home and I lay in bed for a little bit with my hoodie up and the smell of Sehun lingering on his hoodie.

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OMG I didn't notice Murdoc's red eye. Please give us more of that, Jamie. Anyway I mentioned the cover because it looks as if Russel is having to lit in the most effort of support 2D. I can't imagine the convo they with possibly Murdoc and Russ arguing on the position/who supports him most, until maybe Noodle takes control. And yes 2D has no shirt on. Now I wonder what Russ would say or so once 2D saw the cover.

(In reference to this Crack cover)

(ao3 link)

“I’mma hurl, mates.” 2D’s voice was slurred and mumbly even more than usual, the high-pitched intonations turned down and sloppy. He got like this, sometimes, but. Well, this was extreme, even for him. Either he was still hungover or he lied when he mumbled that he was in ‘right top sober shape’ earlier that morning. 

“If you ‘hurl’, yeah, I’m gonna push yer damn face in it.” Murdoc groused. He, too, was hungover, but that was a normal occurrence for him during press days. Any day, really. When your wake-up call was a screwdriver or some irish creamer, the sudden lack of it didn’t do well for anyone’s mood. 

2D groaned and leaned forward, his face squat against the front seat. They’d rented one of those nice luxury SUV’s while they were in the city, and the sun-tinted windows were coming in handy. Even so, he looked miserable. 

“Muds, I ain’t… I ain’t jokin.’ I need somethin.’” His voice was even quieter than usual. 

“I said shut u-”

“No you didn’t. Be quiet, Niccals. He don’t need the noise.” Russel looked at the back seat, glaring holes at both of them.

“Oh, he’s fine, Ho-” Murdoc paused, watching as 2D groaned and started rubbing his palms against his eyes. Uh-oh. That was a shitty sign. The last thing they needed was to cancel the photo shoot because their lead singer got a crippling migraine and had to lay down for three days. Shit. “Fuck.” 

He rustled around his bag, trying to find something, as Russel periodically glanced back at the two of them. His annoyance, too, turned to worry when he saw how bad off 2D was looking (”ironically green,” Noodle muttered, when Russel asked her to pay attention to what was going on).

“I told’ya, I’mma- I feel like shit,” 2D mumbled. He sounded pathetic, but then again, he usually did when he was sick.

“Can you at least wait until we get there? We’re gonna be late. You can- You can hurl in the bathroom, or something, right?” Russel asked, and was met with just another groan. 

Murdoc was still rummaging through his bag (something he seemed to take only to press circuits like this and seemed to have a little bit of everything in, if only he could find it), and finally came up victorious just as 2D rolled down the window and let out a disgusting bout of dry-heaves. 

Luckily, nothing came out, but still; Noodle gagged and Russel turned a little green at the noises he made. 

Murdoc pulled the singer back with a jerk, grinning triumphantly. 

“What’chu smilin’ for?” 2D asked plaintively. “All’a us are gonna look green in the pictures now.” 

“Nah, nah, mate, see? Just take this. Here, here, drink some water with it.” Murdoc handed him something, along with a water bottle. 

2D, maybe as a testament to some of his more nefarious practices, didn’t even question it, merely downing it and then drinking about half the water bottle to wash it down. He numbly handed the water bottle back (Murdoc, not expecting it, just let it drop to the floor of the slowly cluttering SUV), and pushed up against the back of Russel’s seat once more.

“You give him some ibuprofen, Muds?” Russel asked.

“Uh, yeah. Yeah, somethin’ like that.”

“Good. We’re pulling in now. Hang in there, ‘D, you’ll feel better soon.”

2D gave a weak thumbs up through the middle divider of the front seat, and Murdoc just laughed. 

An hour and a half later and Russel finally keyed in to the fact that whatever Murdoc gave 2D, it was not ibuprofen. 

Sometimes, no matter how hard 2D tried to hide it, when he was not sober, his eyes would… Almost seem to reflect light differently. And now was no exception. Glassy and unfocused though they were, as usual, there was something more about them that meant no picture with him completely bare-faced would ever hit the stands. 

Murdoc just laughed about this fact, while Russel gave a world-weary sigh. It took Noodle to just slap a pair of glasses on his face and be done with it. 

The real problems didn’t arise until they were actually standing in front of the green screen and being told to pose. It wasn’t too abnormal for their gang to be dressed weird; especially 2D. Interviewers hadn’t just grown used to their, ah, unique way of answering questions, but their unique clothing styles, too. 

So shirtlessness, glasses, jeans and a propeller hat, while odd, held a kind of avant garde style to it that Crack could appreciate. 

2D being unable to stand up on his own, on the other hand, was an issue. Not to mention his incessant giggling. 

“I’m confiscating that ‘bag’ of yours after this,” Russel said out of the side of his mouth, grabbing the back of 2D’s pants when the man started to slide down, like his legs couldn’t hold him up. 

“Aw, fuck off, he isn’t tryin’ to puke now, is he? I count that as a marked improvement. 

“Hm.” Russel hummed, annoyed, and when he got 2D standing again, said, “’Least you can do is help hold him up.”

They all fidgeted for a while, trying to get maneuvered, while 2D giggled and generally flailed (”like a giant idiot,” as Murdoc put it, and Noodle fixed with “an idiot you created, Muds, so I don’t know what that makes you”). 

The photographers clearly weren’t getting anything good, and they were all getting increasingly annoyed, so eventually Noodle just huffed, stood back and watched the boys fall and then nodded. “Russ, you stand there, let Chee lean against you. Muds? Stand in front of him, help pin him in. I’ll keep him straight.” 

The resulting image? Weirdly posed and not altogether composed, but at least everyone looks alive. Murdoc and Russel even look like they’re approaching happiness, and 2D, while looking manic as hell, is at least presentable. More than usual, maybe; it’s amazing what the lack of anxiety does to that kid’s smile. Noodle, for her part, thinks she looks…. Well, odd, but it could be worse. 

They could all be taking pictures stinking of 2D’s vomit. 

Still. They’re all going to have to have a very long, very serious talk about the presence of anything other than ibuprofen in the house (or on the road) from here on out. Regardless of hangover status.


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  • okay!!!! we’re back with everyone’s favorite emo for this request
  • this is how i picture wonwoo looking before he glos up ignore mingyu
  • so okay,,, wonwoo, despite what everyone originally thinks, had no interest in becoming a model
  • like… at all
  • model was the furthest thing on his mind when he was thinking about what to do with his life

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I have an adorable jimon prompt. Maybe they're together but it's early days and they've never really talked about what they are and Simon is especially nervous about it because of their history but he finds out he's the lock screen on jaces phone and maybe the gang are teasing him but Jace gives no Fucks like he's adorable it's a good pic

okay i changed this a little but i hope you like it

Simon Lewis never once thought that he would fall for Jace Wayland…Jace Lightwood…Jace. It was easier to just say Jace. 

Their relationship was still new, but a general surprise to those around them, and quite frankly, also to themselves. It was new and exciting and scary, and they were taking it beyond slow, because they were inexperienced with this kind of thing.  Neither of them ever thought they were interested in men, but Magnus had assured them both that sexuality was a lot more fluid than people realized, and that it was okay to find out later in life. Not everyone knew right away. 

Jace’s response to that was, “Alec always did.” 

Magnus calm reply was, “Alec has shouldered the pain of his existence for that. Be grateful he cleared a path for you.” 

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Their Children

AKA: 5 Times Phil Coulson was Their Dad and 1 Time Melinda was Their Mom

Funny story: This entire fic actually stemmed off of a tweet Clark posted a few weeks ago. Someone had compared a photo of him to a photo of a $10 bill and he responded “What’s your name son?” in classic dad trying to be cool fashion. Thus this fic was born. I hope you guys enjoy cause I had a lot of fun writing this!

What’s Your Name, Son?

“Oh my God.” Phil can hear Daisy snickering from the common room, Elena is seated next to her. The speedster is leaning on her shoulder looking at something she had pulled up on her phone now giggling into her leader’s jacket. He takes a moment reminiscing in the sound of their bubbling laughter. It’s infectious really. Laughter was such a rare thing on base and to hear it so uninhibited made his heart swell a bit. Especially from Daisy, whose wide smiles were replaced with half sarcastic smirks. He spies May sipping a beer across from them. Elena seizes the laptop turning it towards May and he swears for half a second it looked like she was about to choke on her beer.

“Anybody wish to let me in on the joke?” He asks stepping into the room. As if almost automatic Melinda holds up the beer that had been settled by her side. She had grabbed it for him. He accepts the beer standing behind her.

“Hablando del diablo.” Elena laughs.

“You know I speak Spanish right?” Phil asks.

“Yes but it’s fun to watch Daisy try to figure out what I’m saying.” Elena jokes shoving Daisy with her elbow.

“I know what diablo means!” Daisy scoffs in protest.

“Only because you wanted your Twitter bio to be ‘Donald es el diablo naranja.’” This time it’s his turn to choke on his beer.

“Coulson thinks it’s funny!”

“I never said it wasn’t funny.” Elena teases.

“Well what were you two joking about?” He asks again.

“Oh!” Daisy turns her laptop showing it to him. On the laptop was a photo of him next to a photo of a ten dollar bill. “Maria sent me those two photos and I have to say the likeness is uncanny.” Daisy snickers.

Phil let’s out a small laugh. He has to say there is a certain resemblance. He can’t help himself, he has to make the joke. “What’ your name, son?” He says in a sing-song tone.

“What?” Daisy’s smile fades from her face as she stares at him.

“You know, the musical Hamilton. All about-”

“I know what Hamilton is Coulson.” Daisy interrupts. “The lyrics are ‘What’s your name, man’ not ‘What’s your name son’”

“No, I’m pretty sure I’m right.” He denies. His gratification in himself only lasts a few seconds before Elena has already pulled up the song playing the section of it. He let’s out a laugh shrugging slightly. “Oops.”

Melinda gets up suddenly leaving the room. He watches her go trying not to be sad at the change. Suddenly Daisy’s laptop makes a noise.

“Huh that’s weird.”

“Who is it from?” Elena asks.

“Says it’s anonymous.” Daisy’s back straightens ready to hack if necessary. Suddenly her face crumples as boisterous laughter escapes her throat. Elena looks over next joining in on the noise. He can’t help his curiosity walking to the back of the couch.

The photo was kind of blurry but it was obviously of his, his glasses perched on his nose. His pants were rolled up to his knees, wearing some graphic tee with bright red shoes. Sure enough it was a photo Melinda had snapped of him on a skateboard.

“May!” He shouts running after her.

The Bearer of Bad Jokes

‘Hey DC I was thinking-”

“I thought I smelled something burning.” Daisy freezes, a glare that scarily similar to May’s shadowing over her face. That’s when Phil had begun.

For months Phil began to terrorize the base with what Daisy referred to as “dad jokes”. He’d take the opportunity to snarkily reply whenever he got the chance. It had become his personal mission to get everyone on the base at least once.

“Fitz,” He calls over the scientist one day with a grim look on his face. They were surveying a cemetery for signs of an inhuman that frequented there visiting her family. “Do you know why I’m not allowed to be buried here?”

Alarm flashes over Fitz’s face. First concern, then mild curiosity, then slight fear. “No sir, why’s that?”

“Because I’m not dead yet.” Yet another one down. He’d fallen for it flawlessly.

Elena is next, cornered in a church after a mission. “Do you know how they make the holy water?” Phil asks suddenly.

“Sir it’s water.”

“They boil the hell out of it.” It was definitely worth getting shot with an ICER by Melinda for that one.

Mack was simply fixing up Melinda’s motorcycle one day when Phil advanced. “I had a dream that I was a muffler last night, you know.”

“Sir?” Mack looked startled and a little freaked out by the odd statement from the normally serious man.

“I woke up exhausted.”

The next came Jemma who sat back after eating a meal that he’d specially prepared for the team as a birthday celebration for Daisy. She sits back suddenly a hand on her stomach.

“I’m full.” She announces with a laugh. Everyone seems to freeze at once recognizing the sparkle of mischief in his eyes.

“No you’re Jemma. I’m full.” Everyone proceeded to groan and leave the room, the remaining two only being him and Melinda. His soft laughter is the only thing filling the silence. “Come on that was a good one.”

“You’re sleeping on the couch tonight.”

His Girls

Yet another undercover mission, Phil sighs to himself as he settles onto the park bench. It was an easy one today, just a stake out. Observe a suspected Inhuman and make deductions of whether or not they could be a potential danger to themselves and others. Even if they figured they were a danger, extraction wasn’t their mission today. Today they were to relax and would it really hurt anybody if they caught a ride or two?

Melinda sits across from him with her sunglasses covering her eyes from him. He knows she’s staring at the family just over his shoulder. The mother turned out to be an Inhuman after being caught on security tape with a random burst of powers. She hadn’t hurt anyone or caused chaos. Just a mere startling. It’s not clear if she’s even aware that she’s exhibited signs of her powers.

He takes a moment to observe Melinda. She’s wearing a flowery dress that barely brushes past her knees. Her hair is tied up into a ponytail and her makeup is light. She’s absolutely breathtaking.

Suddenly she tenses, it’s all in her frame. That’s the look she gets when she’s ready to fight. Phil spares a glance over his shoulder, the woman is leaning over a baby carrier cooing at the small human inside. Not even a sign of the sparks echoing from her fingers. He turns back to Melinda who continues to stare straight past him. His eyes fall on Daisy and Jemma this time. The two girls stand in line waiting for ice cream. They were all posing as a family on vacation, both girls were wearing blue jean shorts and loose fitting tanks. He could tell by their composure both girls were incredibly uncomfortable.

Finally he finds the victims of May’s death glare. There are two guys, one has arm wrapped around Jemma. God bless her, she’s smiling politely and doing her best to maintain cover. He can see the twitch of Daisy’s fingers. If they don’t leave soon Daisy will make them. Phil reaches over placing a hand on Melinda’s as a sign of “I’ll be right back.”

“… You can ditch them. It wouldn’t hurt anything. It looks like you could use someone who can show you a good time.” The taller one is leaning into Daisy now. He’s invading her space. “I think I could show you a good time, what do you say sweetheart?”

Phil clears his throat catching the attention of the four. Jemma’s eyes reveal her entirely. She’s unsure of what to do or say. “Dad?” She chokes out.

“This is the old man?” The one with his arm around Jemma scoffs. “Get out of here pops.” Phil offers his best fake grin. He reared back punching the man in the nose. He immediately releases Jemma and she scrambles over to Melinda. Daisy stomps on the other’s foot twisting his arm as soon as Jemma is out of reach.

“You’re lucky it was me and not my wife.” Phil growls at the boy. He’s holding his nose as it bleeds profusely. “If you come near my girls again I will be sure to let her handle you next time.” He nods to Daisy and she pushes his friend to the ground.

“Thanks Dad.” Daisy smiles nudging him playfully on the arm. His heart swells a bit in his chest. He knows it’s for their cover but it’s something she’s said low enough that only he can hear. He leans in placing a soft kiss on the side of her head.

“Anything for my girls.” He’s pretty sure he could get used to the sound of that.

His girls.

Friendly Competition

Phil purses his lips watching the two of them talking rather animatedly from just outside. Mace had been bonding with the agents much more since the whole LMD thing blew over. It seemed his new favorite buddy was Fitz. He nearly jumps when his phone buzzes in his pocket.

Stop being so jealous. You’re practically transparent.

Phil looked around but he was the only one in sight anywhere. Very funny Mel. Where are you?

He waits a beat before the phone buzzes again. Madrid. Got a lead on where Vijay could have disappeared to. Since the LMD thing we set monitors in the zephyr. Your face is as red as the bricks.

He feels his face flush even darker now. Of course Melinda can see right through him even when she’s hours away.

Go in there. Against his instinct he steps into the common room. He can almost feel May’s told-you-so smirk from here. God he really is transparent.

“Agent Coulson, good to see you.” He’s not sure why but Mace’s smarmy grin still burns a fire in his stomach. “I was just discussing with Agent Fitz some improvements that can be made to his lab.”

“Jemma and I’s lab actually… sir.” Fitz corrects offering a kind smile.

“Yes of course.”

“On the bus Fitzsimmons had their own private lab. They work most efficiently when together.” Coulson suggested. Out of the corner of his eye he swears he can see Fitz light up at the idea. “Keeping the separate isn’t beneficial to the team.”

“I think you of all people will understand, Phil, that there are plenty of good agents that work well within SHIELD. It simply isn’t efficient to have a small team of expert agents. We need to spread our assets as much as possible and equalize our training.”

“Yes but Fitzsimmons are an exception. They work exceptionally well alone but their difference together is incredible. If one can’t solve a problem they will find a way to talk the other through it.”

“Yes well-”

“Hello Fitz.” Phil hears Jemma greet.

“They’re doing it again.” He hears the young scientist mutter under his breath.

“Oh dear, another dad battle?”

“Another dad battle.”

“I will look into your suggestion Coulson. We’ll have a test trial and see if your statement holds true. If so, I will work on making a private sector for agents Fitz and Simmons personally.” Mace stands with an amicable smile, “Now if you excuse me.”

Phil watches him go with a sort of pride in his chest. He feels his phone buzz yet again.

Round: Phil. Victory dinner when we get back?

He smiles to himself shooting back a quick text. You bring the whiskey, I’ll order Thai?

Sounds like a deal to me.

Something Borrowed

Phil entered the office only to find Jemma and Fitz waiting for him. The sight was a tad unnerving.

“Why do I feel like I’ve been called to the principal’s office?” He jokes.

“Sir, as you know Fitz proposed about a month ago…” Jemma drones off.

“Yes and congratulations.” He smiles.

“Well originally we had planned on eloping to Ireland so that we can get the family together. I mean of course we still are but it’s a little inconvenient for an entire team of spies to all travel to Ireland for a wedding, and that places our family in harm and-”

“What Fitz is trying to say is we’re going to hold two weddings. One for our family in Ireland. One for our family here.” Jemma squeezes her fiancee’s hand as a sign of support.

“Yes. That’s right.”

“And you called me here because?” Coulson asks. “I’m not really one for wedding planning. Though I do make a mean cake.”

“Well, I proposed this to Fitz the other day. I was wondering for our wedding here… Would you walk me down the aisle?” Jemma asks biting her lower lip.

For a few seconds he swears his heart stops again. He would know after all, he’s experienced it before. He’d always wanted kids but never got the opportunity to have them. There were moments when he regretted not being able to teach his boy how to play baseball, teach his little girl how to dance, walk his daughter down the aisle… Now that he’s here it sort of dawns on him that he’s had this all along. Sure he missed out on their childhood but he’s just as much their father as the legal one.

“Well?” Fitz asks hopefully.

“I’d be honored to walk you down the aisle.” Jemma cheers throwing her arms around his neck. In the small sentimental moment, he swears he can hear her small voice against his shoulder.

“I love you Dad.”

A Mother’s Love

Elena was about a fraction away from pacing footsteps into the cement, that much Melinda could tell. Her hands were wringing together at super speed while she stayed pacing just slow enough for Melinda to be able to clearly tell the young woman’s outline. Something was obviously bothering her but she had no idea why she was here. The woman had obviously been waiting for her. It was 5 in the morning, just in time for her Tai Chi and Daisy was out of the country fetching a new inhuman.

“Elena?” The girl stops suddenly almost startled. The bags under her eyes are significant and Melinda almost wonders how long she’d been pacing in here. “What’s wrong?”

She hesitates and for a second Melinda is positive she’s about to run away. She opens her mouth and let’s out a small whisper, “I’m pregnant.”

Melinda freezes for contemplating how to move forwards with this new information. She places her water a towel on the bench and moves back towards her. “How far along are you?”

“About six weeks.” Elena breathes.

“Does anyone else know?”

“Just you and Simmons. She wants to do an ultrasound tomorrow to check on the baby.” Elena frowns.

“And Mack?” The look on her face is enough to give away her true motives behind this visit. “So that’s why you’re here.”

“He told me about what happened to Hope.” Her eyes fall to the ground. “I know you and Coulson know.”

“Records.” Melinda nods, “We’re required to know.”

“I don’t know how to tell him. He already lost one child and now-” Elena sucks in a breath her hands falling on her stomach protectively.

“You’re worried he’ll not want this child.”

“No.” Elena almost looks offended. “Just… What if something horrible happens?”

Melinda purses her lips at the thought. “Something terrible always happens. I swear to you we will do everything in our power to protect both of you.”

“What if they’re…”

“Inhuman?” Melinda asks. “Then we teach them as you and Daisy learned. This is a gift. Not a curse. So many people used their powers for bad over fear of themselves.” She states calmly. “He or she will have nothing to be afraid of.”

“And Hope?”

“He has to let the girl go.” Melinda smiles sadly. “Have faith in him.”

Quicker than she can react, Elena has her wrapped in a crushing hug. Hesitantly Melinda hugs the girl back. “Thank you May.”


“Hey.” Phil snakes his arms around her waist from behind, kissing the back of her neck. “Have I ever told you how good you look in my shirts?” He purrs nipping lightly at the juncture of her neck. She was clad in nothing more than his shirt when she’d heard a small knock on the door in the middle of the night. “Why did you leave bed?” He buries his nose in her neck possessively.

Melinda had asked the same question herself when she’d come out. Her gun lays dormant on the table beside the door, in replacement she clutches a photo in her hand. The photo is blurry but she can trace the outline of the small baby.

Faith. The name was written in familiar handwriting on the back. It had been a few months since she’d talked to Elena about her situation. Now not only did she have a photo, but a name as well.

“Apparently we’re grandparents.” Melinda smiles showing him the photo.

“Faith?” Phil laughs lightly. “Mack has always been a sentimental man.”

Four and a half months later, Melinda sheds a tear for the first time in years as Faith Mira Mackenzie grips the tip of her finger in her tiny little fist.

Put That Phone Down

Audrey Jensen X Y/N

A/N: It’s a little cheesy, but I hope you enjoy. I’ve been having a hard time getting myself to write lately and I apologize. This is a little fluffy and cheesy. This fic is basically about Audrey and her girlfriend hanging out. I apologize if the writing is a bit weird. Idk. I didn’t want to post this, but it’s done. have a good night.

Music that inspired this update: Lost Kings - Phone Down ft. Emily Warren

You sat on the edge of Audrey’s bed with your phone in hand, everyone had become more obsessed with their phones over the year, more than the usual and with good reason. Mainly since your friends were getting anonymous texts that usually lead to a death of another friend or information about it. In anxiety you kept your phone above a 50% charge at all times just in case you were to receive another text or a call from a distressed friend. Today after school you were spending time with your girlfriend, it was a friday and plans were up in the air.
Audrey was moving around in the background. The room suddenly gets dark as she slides the curtains close over the large windows that exposed most of her room to the world. Little slithers of light sprinkle through out the room. You lazily plop down on to the bed and hold your phone up to eye and start to scroll through the usual social media pages. Brooke had posted another selfie with perfect makeup, Stavo another drawing, Emma had posted a photo of a leaf made with steamed milk in a coffee, and Noah had posted a photo of a horror movie poster that had just been added to the side of the theatre Audrey worked at. They all seem to be distracted from what was happening in town, but there you were anxious for more of it, more signs, more ways to solve who the killer was.

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dream supergirl ep pt. 3

int. shot - alien bar

kara is sitting at the bar with a cup in front of her. maggie enters the bar, spots kara & makes her way over. she nods to familiar aliens as she approaches.

maggie: “a little early for drinks.”

she lifts her hand & smiles at the bartender, who pours her something clear & pushes it over.

bartender: “same as kara. on the house.”

maggie looks a little warily at the drink but sips at it & she grins when she tastes it.

maggie: “water?”

kara: “you thought i was cool for a second there, admit it.”

maggie: “actually i thought something must be seriously wrong.”

kara: “oh no alex is fine”

maggie: “this again? kara, i mean with you.”

kara: “oh”

maggie: “but alex is okay, right? she hasn’t messaged me. i thought she might need some space but then you mentioned quarantine so, she’s sick?”

kara fiddles with her cup. she looks thoughtful & angry.

kara: “sort of. that thing i asked you to look at? that’s involved. it’s…well it’s a prototype of myriad.”

maggie, grinning: “im the new kid remember? you’re going to have to explain some of this stuff to me.”

kara: “myriad…is the device that brainwashed national city last year. it was a kryptonian device meant to,”

she crumples the cup in her hand & the bartender replaces it but gives kara a warning look.

maggie: “hey, it’s cool. brainwashing, you don’t need to explain it all.”

kara looks relieved & nods. she pulls a copy of the photo from her pocket & sketches some unfamiliar symbols at the base of the machine, which cannot be seen.

kara: “this was a predecessor. it didn’t have the capability of influencing enough people and it wasn’t subtle enough. people could tell that they were being coerced and throw off the effect. sometimes.”

maggie nods.

kara: “when i was very young, some envoys brought me a gift. one of these. i didn’t know what it was except that it made nice sounds & glowed. it was a trinket really.”

maggie: “what happened?”

kara: “nothing horrible. i wasn’t the target except to place it somewhere it could affect my mother. i barely noticed. but the envoys were trying to get my mother to agree to an alliance.”

maggie nods: “and you think mon el is involved.”

kara looks surprised.

maggie: “come on, im not just a pretty face. detective, remember?”

maggie stands & hands kara her jacket, helps her into it.

kara: “where are we going?”

maggie: “to visit a few friends. heard some weird stories about him, mon el? so i’ve been doing some digging.”

kara jogs to catch up. she holds the door open for maggie & waves goodbye to the bartender.


int. shot - DEO cells

mon el is seated very dejectedly in the cell. the doors hiss open & he looks around. just outside the doors is a DEO agent. their face is slack & they don’t look at mon el when he leaves.


ext. shot - apartment building. grey skies, slight rain.

maggie: “okay, last one. reckon they’ll confirm the other stories?”

kara huddles down to escape the rain. she looks grim & upset. she nods.

kara: “its the same as alex and winn and james. j'onn was safe because he has his martian mind power thing.”

she shakes her head when maggie looks curious.

kara: “i don’t know anything about it. except that the martian mind merge is a complete opening of minds and there’s no lies or secrets or agenda.”

maggie, suddenly glum: “sounds nice. i can think of a few times i’ve needed that.”

maggie knocks on the door. kara looks curious.

maggie: “alex told you, right? my parents kicked me out when i turned out to be gay.”

kara, solemn: “she didn’t. that’s awful.”

maggie, shrugs: “would’ve been nice to know that’s what would happen. plan ahead, yknow? now the other times are with these dirtbag - actually,”

maggie knocks again.

maggie, cont.: “now that i think about it, they can see into my mind too. i take it back, i don’t want anyone tacking a peek. stand back.”

kara is surprised. maggie sounds very calm & not suspicious at all. she kicks down the door, gun drawn.

kara: “you know im bulletproof, right?”

maggie rolls her eyes & waves kara to go in first.

continued shot- ext to int. shot - apartment

the room is neat but totally cleared out. kara sweeps the room with her xray vision & finds nothing. maggie begins to search the drawers & possible hides holes.

maggie pulls kara into the next room & taps her ear. she has heard something. there is someone approaching the apartment door.

male voice, surprised: “what the-”

maggie steps out, gun raised. kara steps out with her & her cool awesome laser eyes power up.

kara: “mon el. what a surprise. you didn’t like your accomodations?”

mon el: “honestly? no. a bit cramped. not that this place is much better but i thought it wouldn’t reek of kryptonian purity at least.”

kara: “sorry to disappoint.”

mon el looks disturbingly relaxed & confident. kara doesn’t like it.

kara: “how did you get out?”

mon el: “charm, innocence. did you know it’s illegal to detain innocent people?”

kara: “i did. did you? last i checked, daxam was the planet with slaves.”

mon el: “okay but that’s different”

kara: “SLAVES, mon el.”

mon el, still disturbingly obtuse & smug: “earth has debt, we had slaves. they’re not so different. they share the same endless servitude to a higher power. governments and such.”

he looks pleased with his diagnosis of debt. kara looks like she wants to punch his smug face into space.

kara: “they’re not the same.”

mon el, patronising in his joking dismissal like she’s cute to try to argue but let’s be honest he’s right & she should stop because it’s getting annoying: “they’re kinda the same.”

maggie: “does he have it?”

kara: “no. the guardian said it was too big to carry.”

mon el: “what’s too big to carry?”

kara: “the machine you’re using to convince everyone we are perfect for each other and who knows what other awful reasons”

mon el, laughing: “kara im flattered your friends think so highly of me. but trust me, i don’t have that machine.”

kara nods. it’s pretty obvious he doesn’t.

she punches him out cold anyway though & kneels down next to him. her touch to his forehead is almost tender. maggie looks confused. kara runs her hand over mon el’s hair gently. when she stands, she is holding something that cannot be seen. she twists her hands & a circlet becomes visible.

kara: “its connected to the machine. this is what he’s been using to coerce people.”

she snaps the circlet in two & picks up mon el by his shirt.


int. shot - DEO cell

kara fuckin FLINGS mon el back into his cell. he’s still unconscious.


int. shot - police building.

maggie pours a big mug of coffee. the police building is busy & clean if a little run down. it’s not obvious but small things like a squeaking chair & one light in the hallway that flickers. there are a lot of officers & detectives at their desks. they look up as maggie walks by & she smiles at some of them but mostly ignores them. she makes it to her desk.

supergirl is sitting beside her desk & maggie glares at a detective who is staring too obviously.

maggie: “ignore them, they’ve never met a superhero before. sorry we couldn’t go somewhere else, captain said the files had to stay in house.”

kara nods. she’s more confident as supergirl & she ignores the stares & pours over the files with maggie.

kara: “we can’t trust everything james said because he admits he doesn’t remember why he was checking out the warehouse at all and he really doesn’t remember where. but it has to be close enough that mon el could reconnect the circlet to the machine without being suspicious and it affected all those aliens we spoke to.”

maggie, shudders: “creepy. so hope what we have pans out, right?”

kara: “exactly”

florchis  asked:

If you are still taking prompts: FS + 068: "We’ve been celebrating our wedding anniversary on the wrong day for the past nine years"? Thank you!

AN ~ thank you so much for your consistent love, support and patience! you’re amazing @florchis and it’s an absolute pleasure to write for you! I hope you, and the rest of this poor troubled fandom, enjoy this fluff set ~10 years in the future.

FitzSimmons, Bus Kids, Rated G/light T for a little bit of mild innuendo.

Read on AO3 


“You’re working late, ma’am,” Crawford remarked, amused but not surprised. Doctor Simmons looked over at her with a similar expression.

“So are you,” she pointed out. Crawford smirked.

“Well, I don’t have an incredibly attractive and romantic husband waiting at home for me.”

Doctor Simmons blinked at her. Crawford’s smirk drooped a little.

“Sorry, I just meant - You aren’t going home? I’d have thought you and Doctor Fitz would have something special planned. It’s your anniversary today, isn’t it?”

Doctor Simmons laughed.

“Oh! No. That’s next week. And I can assure you, unless the sky is falling down I will be out of here by 5:01 on that day.”

“So what are the chances of that?” Crawford teased, and Doctor Simmons grinned.

“About fifty-fifty I’d imagine.”

“That sounds about right,” Crawford agreed. “Well, sky falling in or no I think I have to get home before my eyes droop closed on the road. Happy anniversary for next week, I guess!”

“Thanks! But, um, where did you hear that it was today? Just out of interest?”

“Oh, the Director mentioned it. You’d think she’d be right, she’s pretty close to you guys, isn’t she?” Crawford shrugged. “Guess I could have misheard.”

“Possibly,” Doctor Simmons agreed. “Although you’re right, she is close to us… and it is possible that she and my husband dearest are planning something. You may have given me a foot-up in an epic romance battle for the ages, Doctor Crawford.”

How that woman’s cogs could still be turning with such fervor at this hour, after such a long day, both inspired and baffled Agent Crawford. She smiled and nodded, her eagerness to get home outweighing her desire to unfold the leads of the trail she had apparently just set her boss on.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Doctor,” Doctor Simmons insisted. “Good work today.”

Crawford left gratefully and Jemma Simmons cut her workday off just as it was going on ten hours, and snuck up to the Director’s office. It wasn’t really sneaking, of course; the night staff were about, and she had plenty of forms of permission to be going up there, but there was always something a little secretive and exciting about visiting Daisy’s swanky office for private reasons. And she was sure that Daisy would still be there – for work, or for helping Fitz plan out the details of a beautiful and intimate evening, she would be there.

Jemma was almost disappointed when she found out it was work. Daisy let her in nonetheless.

“What can I do ya for?” Daisy offered. “Wine?”

“No thanks, I’m driving,” Jemma waved her off. “And I probably will head off soon, but ah, Crawford told me you said it was mine and Fitz’s anniversary today?”

“Oh yeah. I ran into her after the newbies’ fitness exams. Did she wish you happy anniversary from me.”

“She did,” Jemma said. “I just thought it was a little weird, that’s all. We’re going to see each other before next week, after all.”

“What does next week have to do with anything?”

Jemma frowned.

“Our anniversary. It’s next week.”

“No, it’s today.”

“No…it’s next week. Friday.”

Daisy shook her head.

“Babes. You got married on May 21st. I remember. That date is like. Burned into my brain forever.”

Jemma scoffed, but Daisy did not waver. Frown deepening, Jemma pulled her phone out of her pocket and put it on speaker.

“Jemma?” Fitz answered.

“Fitz,” Jemma greeted. “Are you at home?”

Yeah, why?”  

“What are you doing?”

“Am I on speaker?”  

Daisy bit her lip and Jemma glared at her, and answered: “Yes.”

“Making dinner,” Fitz said – truthfully, probably, given the sound of crackling and bubbling in the background. “Why? Are you not coming home?”

“Yeah, I’m on my way,” Jemma explained, “just trying to get something settled. Our anniversary… it’s next Friday, right?”

“Yeah. 28th.”  

“Funny thing, Daisy swears it’s today.”

“Well, she’s wrong. It’s always been the 28th.”  

“Do you want to bet on that, Mr Fitz?” Daisy challenged. While Fitz and Jemma had been talking, she had been searching her photos and pulled one down from the wall of the moment after Fitz and Jemma’s first kiss as a married couple. Sunlight and confetti whirled around them and they were smiling at each other, and on the back, Jemma’s own hand had written 21st May 2018.

Fitz, of course, could not see this though, and so he accepted Daisy’s bet.

“Sure, bring it on,” he challenged. “2019, Seychelles. 2020, Paris. Then there was the year I built that bloody armchair, remember that? When was that? Ooh, 2021 we went a few days early to see the lunar eclipse. 2022 – we – hang on –“

On the other end of the line, the phone crinkled and rustled with the sound of rapidly turning pages. Then a pause. Then turned back.

“Have you got a photo album out?” Daisy checked.

“Don’t you?” Fitz challenged. Daisy shrugged. Touché.

Hang on,” Fitz repeated. “I just pulled out our wedding one. Jemma, she’s right. It’s here in gigantic letters – look – one of us must have learnt calligraphy just to write this.”

Jemma’s phone buzzed, and a photograph came through of one of the scrapbook decorations, which read: 21st May 2018 in a larger, more elaborate font than on the photograph, but Jemma recognised her own hand. Still, her jaw dropped a little.

“How bizarre,” she remarked. “Why would we move it like that? Did something bad happen on the 21st?”

“I mean, probably,” Daisy remarked. “But bad things happen every other day around here, and if it was that traumatic, it probably would have come to mind.”

“Perhaps it was just more convenient that way. Can’t imagine why, now.”

“Time flies when you’re having fun,” Fitz put in. Jemma crooned silently and Daisy pretended to gag.

“Never change, you cheesy ass,” she praised him fondly. “Besides, it’s not like the date really matters, does it? Maybe May 28th is the date you two got your Hogwarts letters, or the day you first kissed, or the day you finally got the ring fitted. Maybe Fitz just got super excited and decided to have a one-week anniversary and you stuck with it!”

“Oh, ‘Fitz’ got excited did he?”  

“Well, you did,” Jemma insisted. “Which…made for a very entertaining night for me.”

“And that’s where I’m going to pull the plug on this conversation,” Daisy interrupted. “But I am going to send your wife home to you very soon, Fitz, so if you want to take advantage of finding out you have two anniversary dates now, might I suggest some candles?”

The Matchmakers - Part 4.

Chapter list

This part of a drabble series I’m working with @mariamagica I hope you enjoy it!

I apologize if I have any mistakes, English is not my first language. 

Also, I will be shoving this under a cut because it got longer than I expected, lol.


Why was it so difficult?

It had already been two days since that elevator accident happened but he couldn’t stop thinking about it. He hadn’t even been prepared for the way that Jumin just… lunged at him, and he’ll be damned if he expected the businessman to be as strong as he was. He easily held Zen back, and the actor made sure to work out every day. He wondered what else Jumin could do with those strong ha

No. He had to stop thinking like that.

But the face the other had made after Zen had lunged at him was something that kept replaying in his mind, and it wouldn’t leave. And for god’s sake, how was it possible that Zen was so comfortable staying on Trust fund kid’s lap? He hated him. He couldn’t even stand the sight of him. His mere presence made him feel bad and horrible and those better not be butterflies in his stomach, Zen was just getting a bit sick.

He really needed to stop thinking like that, now.

The actor had considered the idea of throwing out the roses he had gotten from that jerk, but he thought it would be too cruel for hi – them. Zen was talking about the roses, he didn’t think for a second that it was kind of nice, even if Jumin had denied it back in the elevator.

Oh god. He was thinking about it again.

He needed a cold shower. 

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Me Too: Gerard Way imagine

Y/N: I decided to combine two requests because they were kind of the same thing. This is also based off a true story I read online about one of Gerard’s old photographers. Also a huge happy 2017! You guys are amazing and deserve a spectacular year!

Anonymous said:
Hai!! Could you write an imagine with “Desolation Row” Gerard, where he is like a super bad boy, but has a soft spot for the reader and it’s really fluffy..??
Anonymous said:
Hey! If you have the time could you write a punk!gerard imagine? Supper fluffy but he’s like super mean to everyone but y/n

Leather jacket, ripped jeans, pale skin, jet black hair, cigarette between his lips, hazel eyes, feet propped up on a chair, smoke tumbling from his mouth, there he was. You watched carefully as a small boy named Frank pushed past you and stood beside him, hands on his hips. “What the fuck do you want?” the boy in the leather jacket snapped. People had talked about him everywhere. He was world famous anyways, lead singer of a rock band, super bad ass, the kind to back talk to a cop or kill a guy. You had heard his name a million times, Gerard Way. You just had never actually met him in person.

“Our manager’s telling us we have to go soon,” Frank snapped.

“Tell him he can suck my dick,” Gerard muttered. “I honestly don’t give a shit.”

“We have to go soon,” Frank persisted. “You can’t just sit there and smoke a cigarette. He’s going to come in here and kick your ass.”

“I’d like to see him try,” Gerard scoffed.

Honestly, you were nervous as hell. You had heard that he fired the last photographer and you weren’t ready to be the next. You cleared your throat, took a deep breath, and mustered up all the confidence within you before speaking. “Mr. Way,” you called his name. He whipped his head around, lowering his feet, groaning, tossing his cigarette to the ground, about ready to unleash all hell on you, but he stopped as soon as his eyes met yours.

All of a sudden, his defiant, angry, belligerent mood fades away and his pout turns into a smile. He drinks in the entirety of your presence and smirks. “Well what do I owe the pleasure?” he raised his eyebrows. He crushes the cigarette butt on the floor with the heel of his boot and sticks out a hand, covered in a fingerless glove, spiked wrists, matching every other punk accessory that adorned him. You shook his hand and gave a grin.

“I’m y/n,” you explained. “The new photographer.”

“Oh thank heavens,” Gerard sighed. “The last one was such a bitch. I have a good feeling you’ll be much nicer.”

“I hope I live up to your expectations,” you winked.

“You’ll be fun to have around,” he nodded. “When did you get here?”

“Just now,” you informed. “Heard you being awfully rude to your manager though.”

“He’s an asshole, he deserves it. Frank too,” he rolled his eyes. “Everyone’s been getting on my nerves lately, pushing my buttons, really pissing me off.”

“So I take it I better keep a safe distance?” you joked.

“Nah, you can get as close as you want, sweetheart,” Gerard gave a sly smile. “I promise you I won’t bite.”

“Gerard! Get your fucking ass out here!” Frank shouted. “I’m not calling you again!”

“Can you shut your damn mouth for one second?” Gerard yelled back. “Geez, I’m sorry. Being stuck on this tour bus really gets to me. I think I might need to get out once in a while, clear my head. I think I could use some company, too. You have any plans tonight?”

“Not at all,” you replied.

“Sweet,” he remarked. “It was lovely meeting you, but I’m afraid there’s a bunch of lunatics calling my name. We have some stupid ass sound check we need to be at.”

“It’s cool,” you reassured. “I’ll talk to you after the show?”

“Definitely,” Gerard nodded. “I’ll be sure to put on a fancy smile just for you, lovely.”

“That’d be perfect,” you decided.

“Can I get a name, perhaps?” he raised an eyebrow.

“Y/n,” you answered. “And you’re Gerard right?”

“The one and only,” he grinned.

“You’ve got one fucking minute until the manager comes in there and whoops your fucking ass!” Frank hollered. “I’d hurry the hell up, Gerard!”

“I’m going to take that as my cue to leave,” Gerard apologized. “I’ll see you around.”

“Good luck,” you chuckled.

Some people had called him weird before, but this wasn’t what you had expected. His snappy responses, constant cussing, loud voice, and hot temper seemed to vanish every time he so much as turned to face you. It was like the entire world was on his blacklist except for you. You rolled your eyes, thinking it must be a matter of time until he decided to unleash hell upon you too. He couldn’t keep up the act much longer. You had seen the way he yelled at Frank and treated his manager. You were only the photographer, which meant he could very well treat you a hundred times worse. The thought of it made you nervous. That’s why you seemed a little off your game when you went to the concert, snapping photos of the band as they jumped on stage, shouting lyrics and playing their instruments loudly, making awkward eye contact with the people in the crowd.

It was after the show and you were on the tour bus, on your laptop, filtering through your photos. You had noticed how many of them had turned out to be blurry, unfocused, or out of frame. That’s when you felt someone sit beside you on the couch and you looked up, realizing it was Gerard. “Those look good,” he pointed to one of them that focused on him screaming into a microphone. “I like them a lot.”

“That’s only because you’re in it,” you smirked, attempting to be playful.

“Yeah, but you’re better than the last one,” he reassured. “Honest.”

“Most of them are kind of shitty,” you insisted. “I’m not going to lie. You don’t have to sugarcoat it. I know they suck.”

“They don’t,” Gerard shook his head. “Hey Mikey! Come over here for a sec!”

“I don’t have a sec,” Mikey muttered from across the bus. “I have to take a shower. I’m yucky and sweaty and gross.”

“Just come over here, will you?” Gerard argued. He turned towards you and chuckled. “He’s my brother.”

“Fine,” Mikey complied, sitting down on the other side of you.

“Look at these photos,” Gerard explained, pointing to one you took of Mikey plucking away at his bass. “Aren’t they amazing?”

“Woah,” his eyes were transfixed on the image. “That’s great, y/n.”

“Told you so,” Gerard gave you a light shove. “You’re doing an amazing job and it’s only your first day.”

“Can I leave now?” Mikey wondered, irritated.

“Yeah, whatever,” Gerard rolled his eyes. “Point made valid, your photos are pretty stellar.”

“They’re average,” you shrugged.

“Enough of that,” Gerard laughed. “I’m going to go take a shower and then let’s go out for drinks or something at a bar.”

“Seriously?” your eyes lit up. “I thought we were confined to the tour bus.”

“Nah,” Gerard reassured. “You’ll be fine. I do it all the time.”

While you waited on Gerard, you tried editing some of the photos, cropping out a couple blurry edges, you couldn’t quite concentrate. His words were still lingering in your mind, the way he complimented your photos, how he seemed to be annoying or rude to everyone else except you, everything about him so confusing. How come he was such a dick to everyone but as soon as he made eye contact with you, all of that faded away and he was the sweetest dude you’ve ever met? When he reemerged from the back of the tour bus, his hair was neatly combed at the sides, eyes twinkling, dressed in ripped jeans and a leather jacket, sly smile. He extended a hand to you and you closed your laptop, excited. “You look great,” you raised your eyebrows. “Makes me feel underdressed.”

“You look fine,” he smiled. “You could outdo me any day.”

“Enough with the silly compliments,” you rolled your eyes. “Let’s go.”

“Whatever you say,” he winked. Goddammit why was he so cute sometimes? That was the other thing. All the time he looked like some crazy aggressive punk ready to beat the shit out of whoever so much as looked him in the eyes, but around you, he was an adorable fluffy kind gentleman asking you if you’d like to accompany him on a night out at a bar. This only perplexed you even more, and you decided to leave it be, linking your arm with his and following him out the tour bus.

“Where are you going?” Ray snapped, watching you two leave.

“We’ll be back soon, asshole,” Gerard reassured.

“Rude,” Ray glared, stomping onto the tour bus and leaving you and Gerard to travel down the sidewalk.

“Hey,” you decided to speak out. “You could be nicer.”

“So what?” he shrugged. “He deserves it.”

“Everyone seems to deserve it!” you threw your hands up in the air, frustrated.

“Not you,” he pointed out.

“Exactly!” you shouted, twice as exhausted with this mystery. “You’re so damn feisty and rude and mean to everyone except for me and I don’t know why!”

“Because…” Gerard’s voice faltered.

“Because?” you raised an eyebrow, yearning to know.

“Never mind,” Gerard sighed. “I’m just an angry person.”

“Yeah, well you could be angry at me too,” you argued.

“Come on,” he just ignored your suggestion and ushered you into a bar, holding open the door and leading you towards a seat. He ordered two tall beers and took a long sip, then stared at you. “Do you really want to know, y/n?”

“Yes,” you insisted. “I’ve been dying to know. And it’s only been one day with you but you confuse me so much and I-” You stopped instantly in the middle of your sentence, realizing that one of your favorite songs was playing. “Oh my god.”

“What?” Gerard inquired, thoroughly confused of what was going on.

“Oh. My. God!” you squealed.

“What is going on?” he repeated.

“It’s my favorite song!” you explained, grabbing his hand and yanking him up off the seat.

“What are we doing?” Gerard laughed.

“Dancing!” you exclaimed, swaying to the beat happily, twirling around. “Come on. Join me!”

“I don’t know,” he chuckled. “I’m not that big on dancing.”

“Gerard,” you begged, giving him puppy dog eyes. “Please?”

“Okay,” he smirked, placing his hands on your hips and swaying alongside you. “But if Frank or anyone else sees me here, I will kill you.”

“I’m okay with that,” you giggled. “You can kill me any day.”

“I’m just joking,” he rolled his eyes, spinning you around once, then catching you in his arms. “I could never kill anyone as adorable as you.”

“I think you’re a softie,” you insisted, both of you swaying to the music. “All of this, the leather jackets, the cussing, the rock band, all of that, it’s a cover. You’re just scared of being vulnerable. That’s what I think.”

“That’s what you think?” he smiled, amused.

“Yeah,” you admitted.

“Well do you know what I think?” he questioned.

“What?” you inquired with a sly smile.

“I think you might like me,” he guessed.

“Really?” you smirked. “You think that?”

“I don’t know,” he shrugged, suddenly turning shy. “It was just an assumption.”

“Ah,” you nodded slowly. “So what if, um, what if I did like you? Just for instance?”

“Okay,” he took a moment to think for a second. “Well I think that maybe we could go on a nice date, to a bar or something maybe. Probably after one of my concerts, where I’d buy us a couple rounds of beer, and then your favorite song would come on, and we’d dance, even though I don’t really care for dancing. And maybe, just maybe if I got lucky enough, I could win a kiss at the end of the night. Because you know, I’d probably like you back.”

“Yeah?” a smile crept on your face.

“Yeah,” he nodded. “But you know, that’s just for instance.”

“Oh,” you quickly responded. “Right…”

“Unless, you know, you really did like me,” he suggested. “And in that case, my assumption would be correct. I don’t know, cause uh, I didn’t get a response.”

“I see,” you sighed. “Are you still curious?”

“I guess you could call me that, yeah,” he admitted.

“I think I like you,” you confessed, not realizing that the song had stopped and the two of you were still swaying in each other’s arms.

“I think I like you too,” Gerard smirked. “So um, you think I could get lucky enough to get a kiss tonight?”

You didn’t even care to answer him, but instead, decided to plant your lips on his, pulling him closer towards you and felt him relax in your arms. “Yeah,” you chuckled, catching your breath when you both pulled away, looking into each other’s eyes. “I think you could get lucky tonight.”

“Well on that note,” he smirked. “I think we’ll have a very long eventful night in store for the two of us.”

“Not too eventful,” you narrowed your eyes, earning a laugh from him. You both looked around, realizing how dumb you must look standing up in the middle of the bar, and decided to return to your seats and finish your beers.

You two wasted away the rest of the night drinking and talking. You told him about your life, your family, your career, how you found out about his band, and all the crazy things you’ve heard about him. He told you about his insane experiences on tour, with the old photographer, being with the boys, becoming famous, singing on stage every night. You talked about what you thought the first time you saw him, and he told you about what he thought of you the first time he saw you. It was definitely interesting to see your two different viewpoints, and it must’ve been several rounds of beers before you both ended up kissing again, and eventually walking down the sidewalk and finding your way back to the tour bus. You didn’t know how it happened, but you found yourself cuddled up with him in his bunker, both of you underneath the sheets, his arms wrapped around you, lips pressed to your neck. “You know what you said earlier?” he mumbled. “About me pretending to be tough and fierce and all that because I was afraid of being vulnerable?”

“Yeah?” you asked.

“You were right,” he admitted. “But I was just scared of getting hurt. I thought maybe if I opened up to someone, loved someone, I might get hurt. I don’t know. It’s probably stupid.”

“No,” you shook your head. “It’s okay. I just don’t get it, because I mean, you don’t have to be like that. You can let down your walls once in a while. You don’t have to treat everyone so rude. Just treat them like you treat me.”

“But they aren’t you,” he frowned. “Nobody’s like you.”

“I know,” you rolled your eyes. “I’m crazy, you don’t have to remind me.”

“No, you’re perfect,” he chuckled, pressing a light kiss to your lips. “That’s why I love you.”

“Love me?” you widened your eyes. “I thought you liked me.”

“Well I might be a little more than like,” he admitted.

“Yeah?” you raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah,” he blushed.

“Me too,” you grinned.

Reality Shifter *Avengers x Reader*

Originally posted by thesoldierchildren

Summary: Tony has created a Stark Shifter. He’s able to jump from reality to reality looking for Steve, only he has to do it with Bucky, plus you and Sam. Meaning they have to work together if they want to bring Steve back, only each reality is a little more strange than the last one.
Warnings: Swearing
Admins Note: The long awaited sequel to Alternate “You”niverse.

Julianne Hough- As Female Steve
Lauren Cohan - As Female Bucky
Charlize Theron- As Female Thor
Damian Lewis- As Male Natasha
Keke Palmer- As Female Sam
Leighton Meester- As Female Tony
Jared Padalecki- As Male Wanda

Alternate “You”niverse Master List.

“Look there’s someone,” Sam pointed as they walked the silent corridors of what you all assume is the Avengers tower, “hello, excuse me?” Sam yells and the woman stops and turns with raised eyebrows.

Originally posted by thequeenaavalon

She was medium height and build, black long hair and her skin a russet brown. A denim jacket hung carelessly on her body, along with a grey v-neck paired with black jeans, hands shoved deep into her jacket pockets. She waited patiently for you and the others to catch up, quirking an eyebrow at all of you. This must be some alternate reality because you had never seen her before, you were certain if you had you’d remember her. She’s also strolling around the Avengers floors, must be important. You’d know her for sure.

“Can I help you?” Her voice was smooth, held hardness and an edge of wit at the end, “I have somewhere to be? Are you here for a meeting with Stark or something?” She asked pulling a hand out and scratching it through her hair.

Tony was the one to speak up, “I never take meetings!” You chuckled at the truth behind that, the woman chuckled awkwardly.

“Okay, sir but who even are you?” You all became silent and you glanced at Bucky who was blankly staring at the woman, “I’m Samantha, nice to meet you all! How do you all even get up to this floor? You need a code.”

Sam chuckled, “No way, I’m called Sam.” He held a big grin as he looked from her to Nat, who sighed lightly and looked at Stark; you frowned as those two had a whole conversation with just their eyes.

“You don’t think?” Tony pointed at the woman named Sam, Natasha nodded, “you mean she’s?” She nodded once more, “so this took us to this reality?” he held up the Reality shifter and you all stared at it, admittedly yourself, Sam and Bucky looked at it dumbly.

Samantha looked at the weird contraption also before looking at you. “Okay, weirdo’s I’m gonna have to ask you to follow me and that better not be a bomb, I’m fed up of stuff blowin’ up!” You all follow Samantha, Tony whispering to you how he thinks this reality is where you’re all the opposite genders.

“You mean that hot girl is him?” Bucky asked in disbelief, you frowned but chuckled.

“I am a beautiful man and woman, deal with it, Terminator.” Sam quipped with a grin, Tony and yourself rolled your eyes at the same time as Natasha smacked Sam upside the head.

You followed Samantha through the tower, which looked the same to yours. Nothing seemed really out of the ordinary, apart from the fact female Sam Wilson was leading you through it. You had to admit she looked great, she had the confidence plus witty edge about her, that your Sam has. She also had his sense of calm; his caring nature that was obviously on high alert due to you guys being here. She glanced back to you all, connecting eyes with Bucky before the brown pools drifted to his left arm.

“Huh, I know a girl with a metal arm too,” she commented and looked ahead; you looked at Bucky who let out a long sigh. “She also has the same broody expression, sure you’ll two will get along just fine.” Sam and Natasha let slip light chuckles as Bucky glared, you smiled nudging him lightly.

Samantha comes to a halt at a door; you glance at Tony as he recognises Steve’s office. You could see through the glass, definitely not Steve sat inside. Not even a girl remotely looking like Steve was inside, the door was pushed open and you all stepped in.

The usual white, neat looking office was slightly different. It had deep grey carpets and an elegant desk in the middle, in front of big glass windows. Very spacious, a house plant sat in the corner looking full of life. A few photos dangled up on the wall, remotely looking like Steve’s back in your universe. Yet, these held photos of a blonde bombshell, smiling at the camera or her friends.

“Becky, do you know any of these guys?” Samantha crossed her arms over her chest, nodding her head to your group.

You all glanced at the woman who was stood by the window, she turned and her dark brown hair shaped her face. Clear, concerned eyes all sizing you up with a small frown; she shakes her head once before looking at Samantha.

“Am I meant to know who they are?” Her voice cool, like her eyes and you looked over her as she had a silent conversation with Samantha.

Becky was tall, her face nicely shaped and pale skin. A leather jacket was zipped up, plus a grey fingerless glove covered her left hand. Allowing the smooth, metallic metal fingers to glimmer in the natural light of the office, they were slender than Bucky’s but still looked like his. You watched as the first clenched, drawing you back to the conversation that was going on in front of you.

“They were aimlessly walking around,” Samantha shrugged and Becky rolled her eyes.

“So, showing them around is a good idea, huh?” Becky crossed her arms also, giving the same challenging look that Bucky gives to Sam; you looked at Natasha who looked kind of stunned at the event before her. “And you’re an Avenger how? I don’t know, you got your ass kicked by an ant!”

It’s silent for a beat, “Bitch, I’m about to slap you so hard your tampon’s gon pop out!”

That caused Sam, you and Tony to burst into laughter and stop the mini argument. You held onto Natasha’s arm as you bent over, clutching your stomach as wheezed with laughter. Sam and Tony were cackling; the only ones that remained passive were Bucky and Nat, although Nat had a little smirk of her own.

“Only one way to sort this,” Becky sighed and turned to you, mostly Bucky. “Who gave you the metal arm?” You all became quiet and looked at Bucky; he didn’t make any acknowledgement to her question, so she pulled out a pistol. “Don’t make me ask again, did Hydra give you that? Who sent you?”

Instead of Bucky answering, Tony stepped forward and instantly the gun was on him causing Natasha to aim her weapon in a flash. Tony held his hands up, “What I am about to say is kind of crazy! But I need you to listen; I’m Anthony Stark, Ironman. I live in Avengers Tower with my team,” he gestured to you guys. “You HAVE to take me to the female me.”

Becky raised her eyebrows and chuckled, looking at Samantha who shrugged. “You’re buying this bullshit?”

“That guy is called Sam, plus goatee has a weird metal thingy and that guy there,” Samantha pointed to Bucky, “has a metal arm like you, honestly, this isn’t the weirdest thing I’ve heard today.”

“I don’t believe it, Hydra had a Winter Soldier programme, and it could just be a trap!” Becky tightened her hand on the gun, clenching the trigger with a warning.

Bucky gave a little exhale, “We’re not Hydra, trust me. I got the arm from Hydra, like you. I am you, I think. Alternate universes; portals and stuff, science jargon. I fell from a train whilst following my best friend, Steve Rogers into war. Hydra found me and made me a machine, seventy years later I am here now trying to save him.” Becky remained fixated on Bucky as he talked; Bucky gave a little nod and smile before she lowered her gun.

“I still do not trust you but,” Becky sighed, “I too followed my best friend into war, so it’s possible. I do not believe it till Stark says so, so let’s go get her say.” She nodded to the door; Samantha rolled her eyes before ushering you all out first.

*Toni Evil Lab*

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“Nathanial,” Becky nods, “Where’s Stark?”

You hear Nat give a little sigh, already knowing this is her version.  You all walk up beside Becky and Samantha, causing Nathanial from a chair behind a desk to look up. Feet up on the white desk just outside the lab, red hair combed neatly and green eyes looking over everyone with curiosity. Becky just shakes her head at him, only Nathanial was still questioning who you all were.

“Is it a tour?” He asked with raised eyebrows.

“No, this is the Avengers from an alternate reality.” Samantha answers, “That one is me.” She points to Sam who waves at Nathanial, he let out a little chuckle taking in everyone before glancing at Becky to Bucky, “yeah, two of them. Great.”

Nathanial laughs, “Well, that sounds insane.” Becky nods in agreement, “Toni is in there with Thora, waiting for Wendel and Sylvia to return.” Samantha and Becky nod, waiting for Nathanial to open the door, which he does but stands up also. “I want to see this go down.”

Becky pushes the glass door open, holding it as everyone walked in. It looked the same as Tony’s, a mess. Computer screens on; various equations and cups of coffees left on desks. Tools, pieces of paper and drawings stacked. On a table sat Steve’s shield, it looked exactly like his own- modification’s looking the same as your Stark’s.

Then you hear two voices talking to one another, more like one talking at the other.

You turn and see a very tall, beautiful woman. Long blonde hair, light blue eyes, she was lean and staring at the other women stoically. Arms crossed over her chest, posture clearly fed-up with the conversation that’s going on, her eyes cast to your group and looks mildly stunned.

Originally posted by therondaily

“Stark, we have an issue,” Nathanial called out.

The other woman snapped her mouth closed and locked eyes with Nathanial, eyebrows furrowing at a number of bodies walking into the lab. Long, dark hair and brown eyes scanned everyone over, she was small. Smaller than the blonde woman beside her, her left hand was holding a pen and was using it to point around the room; a very Stark habit.

“I said no visitors or guests,” her voice deadpanned at Nathanial, clearly unamused by the sudden interruption. “Who are they and why are they all looking at me as if they’ve seen a ghost?”

Samantha smiled, “Antonia, that is a male you!” She points to Tony, the woman; Antonia frowns at Samantha weirdly and glances over to Tony. “They’re from some alternate universe or whatever used that weird device-thingy.”

Becky sighs and rolls her eyes, crossing her arms and waiting for Antonia’s reaction. It’s silent as she stares straight at everyone, looking over you to Natasha, then Sam and Bucky. Her furrowed eyebrows ease gently, and then she’s off walking to the back of the lab and digging through an old box.

“I have something-“ Antonia is tipping the contents of the box onto a nearby workbench, “that’s oddly like that device too, I threw it because it was twitchy. Never went to the universe I wanted it to, plus the portal plans I had was stupid.” You all glanced at Tony who gave a sheepish smile. “AH-HA!” She pulls out an exact replica of the reality shifter.

“So, you believe us?” You asked with a small, hopeful smile and the woman gave a thoughtful face before shrugging. “We’re trying to get to a specific universe; our Steve- Captain America- went into the portal and couldn’t come back through. Now we’re on this mission to get him back,” you explain hoping to make them all believe and hopefully, help.

Antonia frowned, “Who the hell allowed him to go through? Everyone knows if you get stuck on the other side for more than one-hundred-and-seventy-two hours then you’re deleted from existence, balance it out.” Everyone looked at the floor or away, “Oh, yeah, that sounds exactly like Sylvia.”

“You aren’t seriously believing this, are you?” Becky asked with raised eyebrows.

“It’s a possibility,” Thora shrugged, “realms and alternate universes all correspond with one another, we’re linked in a way because what doesn’t happen this universe may happen in another, it’s possible that Stark could find a hole and link them all together.” It was super odd to see Thor as a woman, yet she had the same intelligence and slightly above, average voice level. “If another version is stuck not in their universe, as a way… to create balance they’ll be deleted, so it’s suggested.”

Becky frowns but scoffs, “I refuse to believe that, that guy is me.” Bucky frowned back looking slightly offended, “no offence.”

“Enough.” Natasha glared at Becky then to Bucky, who bite back his retort and slumped against you as you gave a sympathetic smile. “We obviously need help, are you going to help us?”

“I say we wait until Sylvia is back,” Nathanial crossed his arms, Natasha followed and gave a cold glare, he sent the back before then glanced at Antonia. “She’ll be back in ten minutes, in the meantime keep them down here with Thora.”


“What do you mean there’s two Becky’s and one is a male?” A voice is heard outside of the door, it was relatively calm and collected, although held a sweet lit to it. “Is this one of Stark’s pranks? Or worse an experiment?”

The door opened and the girl from the frames in the office entered. Golden hair pulled into a ponytail, bright, blue eyes looking at everyone in the room. Her small hands rested on her tiny waist, legs apart as she frowned and the bottom half of her clothing screamed Captain America stealth suit. Whilst she simply wore a pink, tank top above and didn’t look amused by the situation.

“Before you point fingers, I had nothing to do with this,” Antonia yelled from a stool and Tony beside her, each toying with the reality shifters. “They just showed up!” She shrugged.

Sylvia scoffed, “Really? I’m meant to believe that this doesn’t have Stark-branded across it?” this time crossed her arms and looking at Samantha or Becky for answers.

“Wait,” Bucky said loudly and everyone looked at him, “please, tell me that isn’t who it’s meant to be!” He looked at Sam, who was also just gawking on Sylvia. “Okay, if that was my Steve, I’d be okay with the Stucky shipping; just saying.” You and Natasha rolled your eyes at them.

Sylvia frowned, “Wait why does he have a metal arm like you?”

“Cause it’s a fashion statement nowadays,” Becky replied cooly but received a glare. “They seem to think they’re from an alternate universe and that’s meant to be a male me, stupid I know. Tell them, Sly.” She nudged her best friend.

Sylvia chuckled but looks at Thora who just shrugs, “Honestly, not the weirdest thing I’ve heard today.”

“I told you,” Samantha said to Becky who all but rolled her eyes in response.

Sylvia nods and walks up, leaning her palms against a table and looking at who she guesses is the male Stark, “So… why are you here then?”

“Because of you, actually,” he responds and Sylvia frowns. “The male you, Steve, I made a portal and he went through. We need to get him back to our universe before well, he dies or we die.” She nods slowly, “the more accurately we can get to the universe with him in it, the better off of a chance.”

It’s silent for a beat, “How do we do that?”

“Where’s your male Wanda?”

Originally posted by jayqueenofhell

“Fuck off,” Bucky laughed as the male Wanda walks in.

Long, shaggy hair, round innocent eyes and incredibly tall. Stupidly tall almost. It’s funny in the sense; Wanda is a short female but a tall-ass male. You tried not to laugh but Bucky’s reaction had you fighting back giggles, he looked down at you with amused eyes, shaking his head.

“I actually cannot believe it, he’s a giant.” You snorted and pushed him away, trying to listen as they filled in Wendel.

His twin sister, Piper, had passed away during a battle. He was still mostly silent, taking in life without her still. He sat mostly in the corner of the room, talking or helping the two Starks as everyone stood around… mingling. Trying to.

“Where’s Hawkeye?” Natasha asked, “Clint?”

Nathanial frowned but chuckled from beside Sylvia, “She’s on a recon mission, Clare Barton, is currently doing her job.” Sylvia chuckled and nodded, “went out with Scotia, a good team.”

“Sam?” Antonia called.

“Yeah?” Both Sam’s turn in the direction of the voice, giving one another a glance and slight chuckle as both Stark’s roll their eyes, “think they mean you.” Sam nodded to Samantha who nodded and walked over.

You sighed and slumped in the chair, any universe you go in, you never the meet the alternate you. It’s infuriating, especially since you wanted to know what male you looked like, it’d be kinda funny to see that. You looked up as Bucky sat on the desk beside you, resting his left hand on your shoulder in a comforting manner.

“I still can’t get over how female Sam is good looking,” Bucky muttered to you and you chuckled. “And Steve, this is so weird. I don’t like it at all; I’d rather have Sebastian back than… her scowling around.”  

You laughed. “She has the scowl down better than you, I feel.” He narrowed his eyes at you, you smiled lightly with a small amused shrug, “it’s kinda creepy, I’m peeved that I never meet myself, twice now.” Bucky laughed this time.

“Becky?” Bucky called, you frowned as the woman turned and raised an eyebrow. “Where’s the male Y/N? We wanna meet him?” He asked, Bucky couldn’t explain it but it was easier to talk to this girl than you. Probably, because Becky is him and both knew one another’s expectations.

Becky looked at you before smiling softly, “He’s up in his room, I’ll tell him to come down.” You noticed the faint blush coming across her cheeks, it made you smile and look at Bucky who was leaning against the bench.

“I think male me and female Steve have a thing,” Natasha muttered to you and Bucky, both your eyes shot up and to the two leering over the Starks’. “It’s a lot friendlier than me and Steve.” Bucky scoffed causing Natasha to glare at him.

Bucky just chuckles, “That’s called Romanogers, me and Clint have delved into every ship.” Bucky announced as you frowned at him, “We get bored being in the vents, the internet is surprisingly good in there. I think it’s cute, I approve.” Natasha rolled her green eyes; you chuckled as Bucky just looked stupidly smug.

After almost an hour, still, nothing had changed. Except the fact Vision came down… looking like Vision. It shouldn’t surprise you so much, he’s an android and he doesn’t really have a set ‘gender’ just Jarvis voice, it was a nice piece of normality amongst the weirdness.

You don’t know what it was but Thor as a woman was slightly menacing. She stood straight, eyes glancing around the room but yet, she had this air of calm. In many ways, she was completely different to your Thor, yet, not at the same time. She talked of her sister, obviously Loki to you.

“DONE,” Tony shouted and stands up; grinning from ear-to-ear, gesturing you all over and you gave a gentle sigh as Bucky grabbed your hand and pulled you to your feet. “Okay, it should be focusing more on the universes closest to where Steve is, maybe with luck it will take us straight there!” Sam scoffed, “I said with luck, not that I believe in that.”

Originally posted by gossipgirllxoxo

Antonia smiled and looked at Stark, “I look forward to never seeing you again.” He rolled his eyes and nodded with a sarcastic smile, it’s a good idea that he never had siblings because having to deal with more than one of him was a challenge.

Steve better be fucking grateful.

“Okay, we all ready?” He asked as you all stood in a circle again, you were slightly miffed that you didn’t get to meet your male self. You nodded holding onto Bucky and Natasha, you glanced to where Nathanial had an arm over Sylvia’s shoulders and they waved. Samantha did a little salute, Sam sighed.

“Damn, I’m gonna miss my hot ass,” Sam sighed from beside Bucky who rolled his eyes. “And Thora, she’s great.”

Everyone waved before turning back to Stark who was clicking around on the device before huffing, glancing around everyone to make sure they were all here. Then you heard a deep, male voice calling Becky’s name, you turned as she grinned and yelled a name that sounded all too similar to your own. You were finally gonna see your male version, this was it.

Then you felt that weird feeling of being pulled again. The feeling of being pulled in every direction, making your gut sink in on itself. Then as soon as you felt it, it was gone again. You groaned and looked up; you weren’t in the lab, actually in the common room of the Avengers tower? Maybe.

“Goddammit, Tony,” you sighed and he was too busy on his knees holding his head. “I almost saw the male me, fuck sake.”

Bucky choked out a laugh and tried to stand up straight, he wobbled and fell to the floor but grabbed Sam’s belt and making him tumble also, both men groaning as they smacked against the wooden floor. Wooden floor? The Avengers tower didn’t have wood floors; it doesn’t go with Tony’s aesthetic.

“Where are we?” Natasha asked from beside you as she furrowed her eyebrows.

“Who decided a lilac door was a good idea?” Tony asked looking at the lilac door to the incredibly small space, it looked like an apartment.

[Don’t worry, I am going to be visiting this reality again, this is kind of a kick-starter into the sequel. I didn’t want to go over board.]
(I know that this universe could have been two chapters but honestly, all the others I have planned are much more detailed than this one. So, I hope the lack of will be made up later on. Also, guesses on what the next universe is? I gave a big hint tbh. - Rosalee)

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plan shipwreck [mc/Jumin Han]

idk how to do this whole keep reading thing but I’ll edit it once I figure out how.


“This is ridiculous.” Jahee sighed looking at her friends.

The members of the RFA were currently sat in a circle in the middle of the fluffy rug in Jumin’s living room. There was a wine bottle in the middle of that circle, a very expensive one too.

Seven had suggested it of course, wanting to mix things up a bit. But of course the real reason was discussed with him and V beforehand and they had actually planned it all out.

Yoosung was pretty drunk. His light-stature meant he was also a light-weight and the wind Jumin had handed out was quite heavy. Zen and Jahee were merry, but Seven had only had a few fruity ciders and V had stuck to three beers.

Jumin was fine of course, the only slight change was that he tingled (more than usual) if he looked at MC for too long. He was suddenly aware that he was playing a drunk game with the woman he was secretly smitten with, and his perverse head was full of activities to put the night to good use. But he pushed them away, of course.

Until it was her turn, and the bottle landed on Zen. He felt the tingle turn into a sharp stabbing, this feeling was harder to push away.

“Me and the lovely MC, what are we to do with this fantastic opportunity.” Zen beamed looking at the pink-cheeked woman sat across from him.

my woman, Jumin thought.

Seven pretended to be in thought. “I’d say a passionate kiss would suffice! Don’t you agree V?”

V nodded and smirked as Jumin sent him a deathly glare (that has been previously known to make women pass out). The plan was in action.

Jumin laughed. “Like he knows about passion.”

MC raised an eyebrow. “And you do?” She said without really thinking.

Jumin tingled in all the right places. His lips tugged into a coy smile. “I’d say I’m an expert in the topic area.”

Jahee spluttered and MC’s face flourished red. Zen huffed and took a hold of the side of MC’s face.

Jumin scowled.

Zen winked at her. “Hope you’re ready beautiful.” He leant in.

Jumin rolled his eyes but couldn’t tear them away. The self-obsessed bastard had his lips pressed tightly against hers. The stabbing feeling increased. Jumin took a large gulp of his wine. The others noticed his reaction, and slowly began to catch on to a plan that they guessed had been planned by the two males sat smirking in the corner.

Zen pulled away from a flustered MC, he smiled warmly at her before sitting down and accidentally bumping shoulders with Jahee.

“Well, how was it MC? Is Zen a good kisser??” Yoosung said excitedly rocking forward in his cross-legged position, looking excited about the occurrence.

MC blushed again. Jumin scowled again. “Um, yes, yes he was.” She replied lightly.

Zen looked across and smirked at Mr Han, shrugging his shoulder lightly. That little shit knows what he’s doing.

Jumin snapped his head around and turned to Seven. “Spin again.” He hissed with a new found determination to be paired with MC.

And luckily enough, after two turns of strange confessions from Jahee and Yoosung about different weird occurrences, it was Jumins turn.

Seven smiled. “Jumin! Your turn, I wonder who you’ll get.” He hummed. Everyone else already knew of course. Except for MC. She was freaking out, but doing a brilliant job of not showing it.

She didn’t mind kissing any of the others, it wasn’t exactly a big deal for her. But if she was paired with Jumin she feared she’d be too awkward to respond.

And of course because she was dwelling on it, (not really, seven had rigged the whole game, somehow), the bottle head turned to point directly at MC.

Her eyes widened and a hand lightly pulled her left arm out. She turn to face Jumin.

fuck he’s pretty. MC thought looking at his eyelashes, without concentrating on his eyes, she’d melt if she looked too close.

Their lips were brushing. His left hand was placed on her jawline and his thumb was lightly brushing the skin there. So soft he thought.

Everyone was tense. Zen and Jahee were (sort of) grasping each other’s hands looking at them with interest. Yoosung was squinting, waiting for a move. Seven and V were looking smug and feeling proud of themselves.

“I’ll show you passion.” He whispered before pressing his lips against hers.

MC’s eyes fluttered closed and her hand, that had been lightly resting against his solid chest, scrunched his dress shirt into a bunch. Normally, Jumin would have gotten irritated at the grasping, but actually.. He found it rather enticing. He pressed closer against her, wanting more of the feel. She was whimpering slightly, and all too fast did the perverse thoughts from earlier come rushing back to the front of his mind.

The kiss went on longer than expected, and Yoosung almost passed out when he saw Jumins tongue poke at the entrance of MC’s mouth.

Jumin pulled away. After panting for a few moments he cleared his throat and said in the sternest voice his could:


Everyone, including MC, flinched. Leaning backwards she spoke up “Me?” She said weakly. She didn’t want to leave.

Jumin smiled and shook his head.

“No, the rest of you.” He said turning to the group of viewers that had almost been forgotten.

“Leave my house, now.”

Jahee and Zen shot up, whilst V rose and nodded at his old friend and smiled. Seven starting humming and plodding out, he had done his job and taken photos, he was fine.

But Yoosung stood up slowly, confused about everything.

“Why do we have to leave?” He said with his head resting on one side. The others were stood at the door.

“Well, you could stay if you really wished, but I’m not too sure MC is okay with exhibitionism.”

Jahee grabbed Yoosung at top speed and flung the group into the elevator.

“What have you done.” She hissed to seven as the doors closed.

MC let out a squeak and Jumin turned to her.

“What is it my lovely?” He said, licking his lips and looking at her parted legs and disshelved clothes.

“Maybe you could show me some more of that passion you were talking about?”

Jumins’ smile was wicked.

He wasn’t the only one who felt tingly.


Day 2 - Competition


“This is unbelievable,” Johnny yelled, throwing his phone on the ground.

“Did you finally figure out that 2+2 does not actually equal fish?” Peter asked dryly, wincing as he poked the needle through the skin in his leg.

“No, fucking Buzzfeed didn’t put me on their best superhero asses list,” Johnny grumbled as Peter glared at him.

“Yeah because you’re under 18 and it’d be weird, and also Sue would kick all their asses,” Peter replied laughing as Johnny carefully picked up his phone, before sighing in relief at the un-shattered screen.

“Yeah but so are you,” Johnny grumbled jumping onto the couch next to Peter.

“But, I have a secre- Wait, did I make the list?” Peter asked surprised.

“Of course you did Pete, just look at that thang,” Johnny said in a nasally voice as Peter tied off the stitches and cut the extra thread with scissors, before reaching for the large non-adhesive bandage and gauze.

“What’s it out of?”

“Uh 8…”

“Permission to be proud?”

“Not granted, #8 is Hulk.”

“I mean yeah he has 2 butts to choose from that makes sense.”

“#7 is Iron Man.”

“Same thing there.”

“#6 is Black Widow.”

“You think she’d be higher.”

“Yeah but a chick made the list so I mean-“

“Yeah I guess you’re right.”

“#5 is Thor.”

“I’d tap that.”

“Saaameee… #4 is Wolverine.”


“Yeah I know. #3 is Hawkeye.”

“And that’s just pure hard work and dedication.”

“Yeah no super powers or anything. #2 is Captain America.”

“Wait you can’t be serious.”

“Yup, #1 is Spider-Man, and ironically, they used one of your photos,” Johnny grumbled showing Peter the phone.

“I don’t know whether to feel proud, weirded out, or concerned that I’m gonna get my ass kicked by the Avengers for ranking higher than all of them,” Peter mumbled as he pinned the gauze on his leg.

“They’re gonna have to fight me for it,” Johnny said as he slapped Peter’s side, “That ass is mine.”

“Don’t worry bud, the second you turn 18 I’ll take a bunch of sexy pics and send em straight to Buzzfeed,” Peter said, patting Johnny’s shoulder as he got off the couch to grab his clean sweatpants.

“You better, or you’re not allowed to use me as your space heater anymore,” Johnny grumbled as Peter gasped dramatically.

“You wouldn’t,” Peter whined as he struggled to get his good leg into the sweats while balancing on the injured one.

“I would… Those pics don’t do your butt justice,” Johnny said staring admirably. Peter blushed almost immediately, and in the rush to pull up his pants he fell over, hitting his side on the kitchen counter. “Shit you okay?”

“Yeah I’m fine, probably a light bruise…” Peter mumbled from behind the cabinets.

“I was talking to your butt.”

“Of course you were.”