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Now can you do a headcanon of when the RFA + Saeran + V are trying to get the MC's attention?

Hope you like these:)


  • You were busy cooking and he said something to you from the other room
  • You genuinely didn’t hear him, but when he repeated it a few times, you just pretended not to hear him
  • That didn’t fly well by Zen
  • He comes behind you and nuzzles his face in your neck
  • It tickles, and you squirm, but you still hold strong
  • He starts peppering your neck with kisses
  • You’re giggling now, but you’re still not answering him or giving him attention
  • “Are you ignoring me on purpose, MC? I can’t allow that.”
  • He turns off the stove and lifts you up and brings you to the  next room
  • You weren’t ignoring him now


  • You were doing your nails and listening to music
  • Only he didn’t see your headphones
  • So he keeps talking to you, and he keeps getting silence as a response
  • He wants attention…and he wants to be sneaky about it
  • He slips beside you and in one swift moment, grabs your hand to kiss it
  • Only…you jerked it in surprise, and now his lips have pink nail polish smeared down the middle
  • You hurriedly apologize and try to hug him
  • But you’re also cracking him up laughing
  • As revenge, he smears some nail polish on your leg
  • After you take your headphones out, he wants to help you
  • He’s so careful and puts your nail polish on you with his shaky fingers


  • You were just having a bad day
  • So you just sat in your room and doing mindless things
  • Jaehee would come by and talk to you as normal
  • But she noticed you were giving vague answers or just completely blanking out at some points
  • She can’t seem to get your usual excited self at all
  • So she goes into the kitchen and bakes your favorite thing and makes tea and coffee
  • The smell eventually lures you out of your room
  • She sits down with you and eventually gets you to open up about your problem


  • Usually you greet him when he comes home
  • But this time you didn’t
  • He didn’t want to say anything and seem overly desperate
  • So he keeps glancing at you from the other end other room
  • You of course feel this, so you look up at him
  • Your eyes meet for half a second before he awkwardly looks away
  • This keeps happening for a good twenty time before you’re just like
  • “Jumin, did you need something?”
  • He finally opens up
  • He’s scared he did something wrong or you were mad
  • But you explain you were light headed all day, so you just sat down
  • You weren’t even thinking
  • You make up and give him all the attention


  • He was working on his cars for the afternoon
  • So he kept coming in and out of the house
  • You were sitting by the window reading and listening to music, but your hair was covering your ear buds and he only saw you from the back
  • He kept saying little things to you whenever he passed you
  • And he started noticing the lack of response
  • He assumed you were being salty about something
  • So his little statements get more and more salty, and he makes up stuff he knows will rile you up
  • You’re still not giving him a response, and he’s frustrated
  • He just goes right up in your face, “I ate your left over noodles!”
  • Your first response is to jump because he was so loud
  • But then you calmly pop out an earbud and your face goes cold, and Seven realizes the situation
  • “What did you say?”
  • “Nothing!” he bursts and tries to distract you with kisses
  • He gets the silent treatment for real this time


  • Normally, you’re giving him so much attention that he sometimes pushes you away
  • But you were across from him on the couch…not saying a word
  • He gets suspicious but he can’t just ask you for attention, because of reasons
  • So he leaves the room…and comes back because he “forgot something.”
  • He keeps forgetting things until you’re really not giving him attention and there’s not that much he can sensibly take from the room
  • So he grabs the blanket underneath you
  • “I forgot something,” he says.
  • He’s about to leave, but the glare you give him…
  • So he sits down next to you and places the blanket over you both
  • He’s a little pouty about having to give in, but no one is complaining at that point


  • You guys don’t even know how it started, but you had a domestic squabble
  • You were still kind of upset about it
  • So you gave him the silent treatment
  • V inches into the room
  • “MC…dinner’s ready.”
  • He felt so bad that he made dinner, cleaned the house, ran some errands
  • But you still ignored them
  • He’s so hesitant as he approaches you
  • He sits behind you on your bed and slowly wraps his arms around you
  • When you don’t pull away, he goes even further and rests his chin on your shoulder
  • After a little while, this does get your attention and you forgive him

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Oh sorry! That was insensitive of me to assume. But I'd love to hear the features of the foxes that you picture

oh my god don’t even worry about it, how many people are you going to ask “what do you think this character’s face looks like” and get the response “i presume they…have one” lmao. ANYWAY, this is about to get weird:

  • MATT: super tall and walks a tiny bit duck-footed. he bends down to talk to short people (kids. also, neil). has giant hands that he uses to illustrate his point when he talks. pleasant voice, not as low as you’d expect from such a big guy, and speaks with a bit of a new york accent. wears expensive aftershave that smells bright and fresh because he prefers it to the heavy, complex scents his father favours. laughs all the time from his belly, throws his head back when he does so his teeth show bright white against his skin.
  • AARON: wears khakis probably. maybe polo shirts occasionally? boy is kind of about pretending to be from a nicer background than he really is, but generally prefers ugly band tees when he isn’t trying to impress people. short (obviously), slimmer than his brother but still stocky. lots of fine bright gold body hair that curls on his arms and legs. actually styles his hair, with gel and a comb - it’s too long for spikes, but he likes it neat and out of his face. crosses his arms all the time, which makes him look very defensive. which he is, so. deep voice, permanently bored-sounding unless he’s furious or talking to katelyn
  • DAN: super short hair with a really tight curl. she has really amazing luminous brown skin with stretch marks that she doesn’t care about hiding. wears a lot of ¾ running tights and singlet tops to show off the incredible muscle definition of her shoulders (probably not intentional, but it works). average height for a woman. stands like she owns the earth under her feet. loves to wear colours - yellows, greens, soft pinks, etc. knows how to pitch her voice to be heard, so you always recognise her by it when she calls your name
  • ALLISON: tall for a lady, strides everywhere like she should be on a catwalk in ridiculous shoes thanks to the fact that she used to do exactly that. long dark blonde hair that she wears straightened perfectly down her back like a veil. sometimes she puts it into big loose waves too, for ‘casual’ days. wears complex, dramatic scents as her perfume, which works for her even in class (she’s the girl who smells good, according to her classmates). really direct stare - will look long enough into your eyes to make you uncomfortable. stands with her hands on her hips and her feet planted because she read once that it creates a ‘superhero’ effect on your psyche or something. in reality, it just makes her look intimidating, which is fine by her
  • NICKY: swoopy hair! like, dark brown and falls in floppy curls, which he kind of tries to style but mostly leaves (erik once told him it suits him like it is, so). nearly six foot and quite lanky with it. a very kinetic person who you would recognise at 100 paces by his body language - he speaks with his hands, whip quick. talks quickly but not necessary loudly. shuts down and curls inwards when he’s upset. naturally physical, will rest a hand on you without thinking about it, but thinks about it more now after everything with his cousins. flips his hair out of his eyes all the time and has a distinctive twist of his neck and jaw because of it
  • KEVIN: tall. looks like a dick. arrogant tilt of his jaw like he wants to glare down his nose at you. swaggery athlete’s walk. mobile but naturally downturned mouth, sometimes makes him look kind of sulky. half-samoan, courtesy of his father (!!) so darker skinned but probably obsesses about sunscreen anyway in case he wrinkles. very clean-cut in a way that aaron wants to be, hair always carefully groomed and paired with neat clothes. probably mostly wears athletic gear though. broad shoulders, narrow waist, quiet tenor voice, doesn’t blink enough when he looks at you which is only interesting to weird obsessive exy players (most people find it a little too intense)
  • RENEE: the shortest of the girls (5′3″, round about). doesn’t show much skin, but has a smattering of freckles across her face. always smiling. curvy build, broad-hipped but matched with slim, toned legs from cardio. conservative clothes in simple colours. naturally dark-haired, and her roots sometimes show through when she’s too busy to redo her hair. prone to patient silence and stillness, but fiddles with the cross at her throat when she’s anxious or pensive. speaks softly, has a smooth and measured alto voice, the melodic kind you can imagine singing a hymn or lullaby. wears a light floral perfume at her throat and wrists
  • ANDREW: pale green-and-gold eyes, heavy-lidded with disinterest. built like a small tank. preternaturally still when he stops and yet walks everywhere with purpose. light on his feet. doesn’t give a shit about his hair on a daily basis, but doesn’t like it too long so wears it short and messy. it’s medium blonde, was probably white-blonde when he was a little kid. crosses his arms, somehow manages to look threatening - unlike his brother. deep flat voice that you can’t help but listen to because of the deliberate way he speaks. smells like cigarette smoke, sometimes sweat, and the cheap citrus body wash/shampoo shit he buys which is pervasive and kind of weird on him
  • NEIL: his scars are the first thing you notice about him. all lean muscle, narrow shoulders and hips with a long fine neck. sharp fox-jawed face that isn’t masked by his way-overgrown hair. freckles everywhere. hooks a finger into the opposite edge of the bands he wears on his forearms when he thinks. a graceful but efficient mover. gestures when he talks but hasn’t noticed, and it works well for him because people listen. plush mouth that sometimes gives away what he’s thinking even when the rest of him is unreadable. has inherited some of kevin’s dickish stance thanks to overexposure. smells a lot like andrew, because of shared smoke breaks and also sharing body wash

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Hello there! I really enjoy reading your headcanons! They're very well done! I was wondering if you would be willing to do the RFA + Saeran and how you think they would react to the MC getting hit on by a very pushy man/men like in a club or something. Like MC tells them kindly that she's not interested and that she's taken but they don't leave her alone and that's when MM boy comes in. You don't have to do this if you don't want to or aren't comfortable with it though, so no worries!

thank you so much! i’m very happy you like them -u- i hope you also enjoy what i’ve written for your request~

-Admin Ace in Space


  • no
  • no no no
  • okay this boy is such a sweetheart and such a darling but there are certain things he absolutely cannot deal with
  • and that gross, pushy man trying to get you to go out with him is one of them
  • how does that guy not notice how uncomfortable you are???
  • so Yoosung takes a deep breath and puffs up and comes up next to you
  • wraps his arm around you and gives the guy a terrifying glare
  • which is especially terrifying because it’s so unexpected from this cutie patootie
  • he really wants to fight that guy but also doesn’t want to cause a scene so he just walks away with you
  • fingers digging into your side because he’s so upset
  • once you’re away from the creep he hugs you tightly and kisses you
  • won’t let go of you for the rest of the night but what if MC needs to pee


  • men are wolves
  • and that dude trying to get you to dance with him is the worst kind
  • Zen is pissed
  • you keep repeating that you have a boyfriend and that he works out every day but Creepy McCreeperson is not. getting. it.
  • he tries to grab your hand and regrets it about 0.0005 seconds later
  • because Zen punches him
  • actually punches him
  • and then turns to you and gently takes your hand, kissing it before leading you away
  • holds your hand super tight and complains about the guy very loudly
  • “who does he think he is to be hitting on my angel?”
  • “I told you MC, men are wolves”
  • doesn’t make it sound like it’s your fault tho, instead comforts you bcs creepy men are scary
  • he’s kind of riled up but won’t release the beast unless you initiate it


  • her reaction depends on the specific situation
  • if the guy just won’t shut up but doesn’t do anything physical, she casually walks up to you two
  • “oh hi, are you MC’s friend? I’m their girlfriend”
  • she’s all smiles but it’s actually kind of scary
  • and she just keeps talking and walks away with you at the same time
  • but if the guy tries to touch you or grab you
  • u kno he ded
  • Baehee knows judo
  • and then he’s either on the floor or leaving in pain and embarrassment
  • and, like a magical knight in shining armor, Jaehee holds out her hand for you to take
  • and you two ride off into the sunset


  • this creepy dude clearly wants Jumin Han to hate him
  • because hitting on MC is the way to do that
  • he’s possessive, but he’s mainly angry because you’re so uncomfortable
  • and he never, ever wants the love of his life to be uncomfortable
  • so he walks up behind you, puts his hand on your back, and just leads you away in the middle of the guy’s sentence
  • doesn’t even acknowledge that creep’s existence
  • he’s usually very quick to rush to your side when something like this happens but if it escalates before he can swoop in, he sends his bodyguards instead
  • and holds your hand as they escort the creep out
  • then does what he can to comfort you and cheer you up again
  • offers to sue the dude
  • you say yes


  • when he sees a random guy hit on you, at first he doesn’t know what to do
  • because BOOM insecurities hit him hard
  • what if that guy is actually better for you??? my babe no
  • but once he notices you trying to get the guy to leave by constantly mentioning that you have a boyfriend
  • he is a) so so happy bcs YAY MC LOVES ME and b) annoyed bcs that dude still doesn’t get the damn hint
  • so he does what he does best
  • runs up to you and kisses you hard
  • drags you away whilst still kissing you
  • you actually have to remind him that air is a thing you need bcs he gets so lost in the kiss
  • like Yoosung, he’s super clingy afterwards
  • never wants to let you go ever
  • he also hacks the dude’s phone and bank account bcs why the hell not


  • he really hates violence and confrontation
  • just wants a peaceful life let the man be happy dammit
  • and so when he notices that someone’s hitting on you, he’s a little bit unsure of what to do
  • but once it becomes clear that you are really, really not happy with the situation
  • soft boi is right there for you
  • “excuse me, but MC is too wonderful for someone like you to be talking to them”
  • BURN
  • his voice is still so calm and soothing and soft tho???
  • and the creep is really confused bcs he’s offended but the atmosphere is so relaxed???
  • and V really doesn’t make a big deal out of it, he simply leaves with you, pressing kisses to the top of your head
  • actually asks you what you want him to do in situations like this because he wants to help you as much as he can


  • what’s there to say?
  • as soon as someone is making you feel upset or uncomfortable or a negative emotion in any way
  • Saeran Wrap is there to wreck their shit
  • makes sure none of them get away with it
  • will only stop if you ask him to
  • if he’s not allowed to fight all the creeps, then he’ll pull out his signature death glare
  • might threaten them too
  • afterwards he keeps looking you up and down as if to check if you’ve broken something
  • he’s just so so worried that someone might hurt you, physically and mentally
  • he’s kind of awkward about it but eventually hugs you tightly and promises to protect you
  • he also shows more of his soft side, especially if you’ve just seen him kick a dude in the nuts
  • because whilst he wants to protect you, he also doesn’t want to scare you with his own violence

Words: 1584

Jughead X Reader

A/N: I’m going to write a part 2 to this if anyone is interested. I almost made this a lot longer than it is too, oops

    “Jesus Jughead just admit you’re in love with her already!” Archie laughed at his raven haired friend across from him. Jughead chewed his french fries and glared at Archie. Sure,  Oh Jughead had feelings for Y/N, but he’d never admit it. He was always known for being quiet and self reserved, and for as long as his friends have known him, which was practically his whole life, they’ve never once seen him crush on someone. That was until Y/N came into the picture. She hadn’t been in town long, only a few months, but that’s all the time Jughead needed to become her best friend, and ultimately fall head over heels for her. He had become so close to her in fact, that she knew him better than anyone else. That scared him, and what scared him even more was how quickly and hard he had fallen for her. He didn’t want to mess up this friendship and push her away. He’d rather just stay quiet and suffer, and that’s what he did. Until his friends caught on that is.

    “I’m not in love with her.” Jughead said plainly, and Archie’s head fell to the table and he sighed.

    “What’s wrong with him?” Betty asked, sitting beside Archie in the booth.

    “He won’t admit his love for Y/N!” Archie cried out, sitting up. Jughead leaned over the table and put his hand over Archie’s mouth.

    “Could you keep it down? It’s bad enough I have you two, Veronica, and Kevin bugging me about my apparent feelings. I don’t need the rest of the town to join the bandwagon.”

    “Too late,” Betty said, stealing a few fries from Jugheads plate, which earned her a death glare. “Wow, sorry.” She said, throwing her hands up in surrender and laughing.

    “What do you mean ‘too late?’” Jughead asked, trying not to let the worry show in his voice.

    “Everyone and their moms know how smitten you are for her. Try as you might Jughead, but you’re not very good at hiding your feelings for her.” Betty shrugged. “Not that you need to, everyone can also tell how smitten she is for you.”

    “I’m still surprised someone as observant and smart as you hasn’t figured it out.” Archie chimed in.

Just then, Y/N slid into the seat next to Jughead.

    “What has our Jughead Jones not figured out yet?” she asked, looking around the table. Archie and Betty looked at eachother, and then at Jughead, who looked as if he were about to die of anticipation. Sitting there, he quickly thought of a lie before Archie and Betty said anything.

    “My novel…” he quickly stammered. Y/N turned to him, and a look of curiosity came over her face.

    “What can’t you figure out about your novel?”

    “Well he wants to do some background on Jason, maybe for the beginning of the novel.” Archie started, and Jughead gave a sigh of relief. He made a mental note to thank Archie later for the save. “Anyways, everyone in the town knows that Jason was in love with Polly, but Jughead here thought it would be nice to write a bit on their love. Maybe about how they fell in love, and when they finally told eachother they loved one another, not letting their families, or even their own conflicting feelings stop them.” Scratch that mental note, definitely not going to thank Archie anymore.

    “That’s an amazing idea!” Y/N beamed, smiling over at Jughead. Jughead just nodded his head and turned his attention to the burger in front of him. Y/N reached over to Jugheads plate and stole a few fries, and he looked over at her. Instead of giving her the death glare everyone was expecting, he just rolled his eyes and smiled.

    “I hate you sometimes.” He joked, and Y/N laughed and leaned her head on his shoulder.

    “You know you love me.” she teased, and Jughead tensed up. Archie and Betty laughed, and watched as Jugheads face turned bright red. “Even when I steal your food.”

    “You’re the only one he actually lets take food off his plate, so he must love you quite a lot.” Archie said. Jughead kicked Archie’s leg under the table, and Archie gave a strained smile, trying to hide his pain.

    “You okay Archie?” Y/N asked, looking over to her friend. Archie gave a breathy laugh.

    “I just got a leg cramp, I probably just worked too hard at practice. It felt like someone kicked me in the shin.” Y/N nodded her head.

    “Maybe you should be more careful then.” Jughead said, smirking at Archie.

    “Anyways, so are you going to tell me what happened at lunch today?” Betty asked Y/N, referring to an earlier conversation. Archie listened in, but Jughead was too deep in thought to notice a conversation was taking place.

    “Well, I got asked out on a date.” Y/N said, and Archie and Betty’s jaws dropped.

    “Who asked you out?” Betty asked.

    “Reggie. I’ve barely talked to the guy except for in math yesterday and apparently he liked me so much he wants to go out.”

    “Well are you going to go out with him?” Archie asked.

    “Um, well I don’t know.” Y/N gave a nervous laugh and glanced over to Jughead. Archie and Betty caught on to the glance and stared at Y/N. She looked at her two friends and saw their suspicious looks and turned her attention to the table. Betty cleared her throat and Jughead turned to her.

    “So Jughead, do you have any thoughts on this whole situation?” Betty asked. Jughead gave her a confused look, and looked around the table.

    “What situation?” he asked.

    “Y/N got asked out by Reggie today.” Betty said, sipping on her milkshake. Archie and her watched Jugheads face for a reaction, which he gave. Jugheads gaze quickly turned to Y/N and a mix of jealousy and sadness flashed over his face for a quick second, but was soon replaced with interest.

    “Well, did you say yes?” Jughead asked. Y/N played with the ends of her sleeves, and looked over to Jughead.

    “No, I told him I’d text him about it later on. I don’t know what to say.”

    “Maybe you should go.” Archie chimed in. All heads turned to him, and Jughead gave him a death glare like never before. “What?” Archie asked. “I didn’t think he was going to actually do it.”

    “You knew this was going to happen?” Betty asked. Archie nodded his head.

    “Yeah why do you think I was pushing-” Archie stopped himself before he outted his friend. “Anyways, a lot of the guys on my football team were talking about liking you Y/N. They made a deal that the first one to ask you would call dibs, and it looks like Reggie beat them to it.” Y/N looked down at the table again.

    “She’s not some object your numb skulled friends can call dibs on. And you shouldn’t go out with someone unless you really know them. Relationships take time, if you rush into them then they’re bound to fail.” Jughead said, looking over to Y/N. “don’t do this unless you really want to.”

    “I’m not sure what I want.” Y/N stammered.

    “How could you not know what you want? It’s not that hard, do you want to go out with Reggie yes or no.” Jughead pressed, jealousy obviously present in his demeanor.

    “It’s not that simple Juggie.” Y/N said, her voice catching in her throat. She quickly stood from the booth and turned to Archie and Betty. “I have to go.” She quickly turned and stormed off towards the exit.

    “Y/N wait!” Jughead yelled, sliding out of the booth. Betty stood up and stopped Jughead from chasing after her.

    “Let me go after her.” she said, walking after Y/N. Archie stood from his seat as well, and turned Jughead to face him.

   "What the hell was that?“ he asked, and Jughead rolled his eyes and sat in the booth again. He leaned his head in his hands and sighed. "You really handled that well Jughead. I’m proud.”

    “I could do without the sarcasm right now.”

    “What? Jughead doesn’t want to be sarcastic for once? You really must be upset.” Archie said, sitting across from Jughead.

    “I’m pissed.” he grumbled.

    “At Y/N?” Archie asked.

    “No, why would I be pissed at her? She did nothing wrong. I’m pissed at myself, I made her uncomfortable and upset. I’m her best friend, she’s supposed to be able to talk to me about these things, how is she going to trust me again after that outburst?” Jughead rubbed the bridge of his nose in attempt to release some pressure.

    “You need to get your jealousy under control there buddy.” Archie said, and Jughead glared at him.

    “No shit.” he huffed and Archie rolled his eyes. “Sorry, it’s just that’s kind of hard to do when she’s got the whole football team making bets on who can get in her pants first. They aren’t good for her!”

    “Just tell her how you feel, she obviously is confused on what to do because she’s in love with you.” Archie reasoned.

    “Maybe you’re right.”

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Being jealous (BTS)

Gifs aren’t mine.

Jin (Seokjin):

Jin would try to hide it and act nicely but after seeing you hang out with that guy and him flirting a little too much, he’d walk towards you and place a protective hand on your waist while smiling a bit too sweetly. He’d make passive aggressive comments the rest of the night.

Sorry she’s mine.

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Suga (Yoongi):

Yoongi would be the most protective boyfriend ever and wouldn’t be afraid of reminding you who your boyfriend was. He’d get angry while seeing you talking with some other guy and putting your hand on his arm as you laughed but since he wouldn’t like showing how jealous he really was, he would just take your hand and excuse yourself before dragging you as far away as possible from that guy.

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V (Taehyung):

Tae would be the sweetest boyfriend ever and basically your best friend but when he’d see you getting closer to one of his friends, his smile would immediately be wiped off of his face. He would never directly confront the guy or you though because he wouldn’t want to upset you but he wouldn’t be as playful and would cuddle you extra hard that night just to remind himself that you’re all his.

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J-hope (Hoseok):

Hobi would literally give you the world if he could and would always be kind and pay attention to you so he wouldn’t understand why you would talk so warmly to someone else but him. He wouldn’t really comment on it, not wanting to ruin what you had or make a fool of himself but he’d explain to you how upset he was that night and when you’d apologize and promise not to do that again he’d shower you with kisses.

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Rap Monster (Namjoon):

Namjoon would be fuming when seeing that guy openly flirting with you in front of him. He’d probably glare at him the whole night and when you’d pull him to the side to ask him what was wrong he’d be hesitant but try explaining the reason behind his sour mood. After you’d give him a sudden and passionate kiss that the guy had obviously seen, he’d feel way better and go back to being fun.

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Jimin wouldn’t be able to stand the fact that you’d spent most of your night with someone other than him. He’d be fuming and within five minutes he would take your arm and drag you away. After doing that, he’d realize what he’d done and that you’d want an explanation so he’d get shy and would start sweating, his eyes widening. When asked what the hell he was doing, he’d quickly apologize before explaining the situation which would make you smile a bit. You’d assure him it was only him for you before kissing him and spending the rest of the night beside him.

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Even though he’s the maknae, he would have the strongest reaction. He wouldn’t be able to bare the sight of you, laughing with someone he didn’t know. He’d go over to you and put his arm around your waist, holding on tightly and would stay like that the whole time. Afterwards, when being asked what that was about, he’d just kiss you and try to reassure himself. Having understood though, you would reassure him yourself and promise him that you were his and he was yours.

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Twins and Triplets Headcanons

-Preschool age triplets and the two Alphas being very worried about their clumsy and small Omega sibling so they always insist on each of them holding one of their hands and keeping the Omega safely between them when walking around crowded or public places

-Identical Omega twins in high school that think its funny to take turns flirting with the same Alpha, and the Alpha has no idea that he’s flirting with two different Omegas because they look and smell identical, and then the Omegas causing a big dramatic scene when one of them “catches” the Alpha flirting with their twin. And the Alpha just being so embarrassed and confused by the whole thing

-Twin Alphas that fight constantly but if anyone else picks a fight with one of them, the other will become extremely protective

-Older triplets with two Alphas and an Omega, other Omegas always befriending the Omega just to get closer to their Alpha siblings and the Alphas very bluntly rejecting any Omega that they catch doing it

-Twin Alpha and Omega that are very close and the Omega always goes out of their way to try and take care of their twin while the Alpha is very clingy and protective of them

-Twin Betas in middle school getting revenge on Alpha bullies by leaving fake love notes from Omegas in their lockers and watching the usually arrogant Alphas become flustered messes when they confront their “admirer” and are told that the note must be fake because the Omega doesn’t like them

-Triplets with two Alphas and an Omega, and the three of them going places and hanging out and the Omega walking ahead happily, not noticing their Alpha siblings behind them, giving death glares to any other Alphas that even glance at the Omega for more than a second

-Twin Alpha and Omega, the Omega being extremely picky about what kind of mate their twin will end up with. Partly because they don’t think anyone is good enough for their twin, but mainly because they want all the Alpha’s attention for themselves, the way it’s always been

-Baby twin Omegas and one of them almost never cries, except when their twin is extremely upset because even as an infant they can sense just how distressed their sibling is and it causes them to also become very distressed because they can’t make it better

-Twin Omega and Beta, and the Omega always really admiring the Beta and looking at them like they are the most impressive person in the world, so even when the Beta is looked down on by others it never really bothers them because their twin thinks they are great and that’s all they really care about

-Little triplets with two Alphas and an Omega, and whenever the Omega is sad the Alphas try their hardest to cheer them up, making funny faces and attempting squeaky croons until their Omega sibling is once again content and giggling

-Little triplets with two Omegas and an Alpha, and the Omegas always pulling the Alpha along into whatever they are doing like building nests and playing house and the Alpha going along with it all because they like making the Omegas happy


Alright so I have to talk about this scene for a bit. It’s one of my favorite Destiel moments, probably because it’s the moment I actually fell for them. 

First, it’s the tension of Dean praying while he never prays. Then there’s Cas, breaking that tension but immediately building a new one up again. Dean starts asking him straight away to help him. Castiel hates to say that he can’t- keep in mind he’s supposed to be an angel without feelings. He’s barely able to face Dean when he begs him and he tries his hardest to explain why he can’t.

Then, as soon as Dean starts raising his voice again, Cas starts to yell back but he stops, hesitates, face hardening. He feels Dean’s pain, his problem, he can’t go against him because Dean is right. So he apologizes because that’s all he can do. Dean’s face changes in his ‘he didn’t just say that to me’ kind of surprise.

And then he acts like an offended child, the insulted partner. “Screw you.”
Castiel looks away immediately when Dean says that, too embarrassed, too ashamed, too sorry to look him in the eye. An immortal, powerful angel upset because a mortal human being is angry at him. 

But he glares back at Dean just a moment after because Dean thinks Cas doesn’t want to help him. While in fact, he wishes he could, but Dean just doesn’t seem to understand. When Dean says he won’t help Cas anymore either, it hurts, but not because it’s inconvenient. Cas looks down again, feeling ashamed. He doesn’t want Dean to feel like a tool.

(the little arm brush here takes my breath away)

The soft way Cas whispers “Dean” gives me goosebumps- then louder, you can see the change on his face.

Cas turns- literally and figuratively. He turns to Dean, he turns to help. Dean doesn’t understand yet, he’s still pissed off and upset, but Castiel’s face has hope and power again because he can help Dean.

This Castiel right here, the sex hair, the little mouth quirks, his facial expressions, and especially the way he says “anything at all”, this is the best Castiel. 

Dean starts to get less angry, there’s this sudden mutual understanding between the two.

“They’re heaven’s most terrifying weapon” is when I lost my virginity, just fyi.

Dean gets a little closer as he understands it fully now, closer than needed but yeah what’s personal space anyway. 

The way they fill in each other’s sentences is so weirdly intense I could watch it forever, also that last moment, the “just so you understand”, the way Cas looks back to Dean, the “thanks Cas”, the “good luck”, this fucking scene still screws me up. 

so this is love.

pairing: min yoongi | reader
genre: college au / fluff, angst
warnings: implied sexual activities, themes of cheating and heartbreak 
word count: 15,399
description: there are three things they don’t tell you about getting cheated on.
author’s note: i suggest listening to sandeul of b1a4′s mini album “stay as you are” because this was written by listening to said album on repeat. enjoy and thank you for your patience!

Originally posted by jinful

There are certain things they don’t tell you when you get cheated on. Not that there were any universal secrets to the concept, but it’s something that happens in the weakest moment of someone’s life. A betrayal. An unforgivable one at that. And, it isn’t simple either.

First of all, you’ll still love them. There isn’t some magical response that you’ll suddenly stop loving that person, because you still will. The love will remain as potent as it was when you just realize that you love them. Even so, it feels as though in that moment when you find out they’ve cheated on you, it’s like you remember every moment that led you fall for them in every fine detail as if you’re brain wanted you to suffer enough. Like being in some sort of limbo, you watch the first meeting, the first dates, the first talks, the firsts… all the works. It’s etched into your brain, and as if on replay, it continues to go on and on, reminding you of what was while you suffer through the current moment. You’ll think to yourself, What could I have done to turn this around? Where did it go so wrong?

But maybe some things are out of your control.

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Dusk Till Dawn - Auston Matthews

A/N: This was inspired by the song ‘Dusk till Dawn’ by Zayn and Sia. So, maybe give it a listen?  I know it’s a bit short but this was just me trying to get back into writing. I’m hoping to start updating regularly again. Let me know what you think!

Characters: Auston Matthews

Words: 2,349

Warnings: Language, Mention of Sexual Content

Originally posted by suicidepokecheck

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anonymous asked:

Alex learning how to help Kara deal with everything being so MUCH on Earth- how to ground her when she's overwhelmed, stuff like that. (Your writing of Kara is amazing btw)

part one (alex will be in part two sry)

it’s not that she’s scared of loud noises or that she can’t deal with them, that’s not it at all. she fights aliens with guns that sound like cannons and when she punches through the air, the boom makes her ears ring for a second. so, no, loud noises don’t upset her.

except when they’re unexpected.

at catco, people don’t yell. they certainly don’t yell at kara. except miss grant, but kara expects that. and, of course, during heated meetings but again, that’s to be expected.

so at ten to ten on a tuesday morning, kara doesn’t expect to have men shouting at one another in the small space in front of her desk, or for one of them to turn on her and yell with such force that his face is turning an unnatural puce.

she watches spittle hit her desk like it’s in slow motion, and falls back, in the face of the unfamiliar, on anything that all that is familiar.

“how can i help you?” she asks, voice bright and sweet and, she knows, the perfect customer service voice.

“you can get cat from whatever fucking den she’s crawled into and get her here,” he yells and kara knows that she’s in a meeting with her legal team downtown so that’s not possible. “ask her why she thinks she can afford to cut us, if she thinks she’s gonna be worth shit without me,”

“miss grant isn’t available at the moment,” she tells him firmly, because that’s the unofficial rule one of the office: cat doesn’t come when she’s called. she certainly doesn’t come when a puce faced man yells about losing the job he barely even worked for. “i can make an appointment for you,” she offers, and she jumps when he slams his hand down on the top of her desk and scatters her things.

“get her here. now.”

“i’ll make a call,” kara tells him, and buzzes through to security. “hi sean, can you send a team up to miss grant’s office?” the puce faced mans face twists and now, she thinks a little dazedly, he looks a bit like a prune, and he grabs the vase off her desk and smashes it into the glass door of cats office.

it’s loud - so loud - and kara thinks he’s going to stop there but the glass door didn’t smash, just the vase, and he grabs her telephone next and throws that too and kara jumps to her feet, backs away. cat never instructed her what to do in a moment like this: it’s work and he’s human, and when kara cuts out any response that might be to stop him, she isn’t left with very concrete responses.

but then he throws her paper clip bowl and that’s what makes the door shatter. three strikes, and the whole thing spiderwebs and then bursts and it’s so loud, seemingly endless, glass tinkling down like a waterfall.

james bursts out of the stairwell, stops dead when he sees the destruction, and then when he sees kara standing frozen he starts up again and grabs the man by the back of his shirt and slams him into a chair.

“kara, you okay?” james looks worried and she nods, turns, and walks into cat’s office and out onto the balcony. she waits, head lifted toward the sun. she doesn’t have to wait long - james stays to talk to security and then he quickly follows her.

“hey,” he murmurs and she shakes her hands out before turning to him. when she gets like this, alex has almost always been with her. or she’s been at home at least. and what she needs is to hug someone familiar, be somewhere familiar, and she steps toward him and hopes that he won’t turn her away because she’s about three seconds away from shutting down completely and, and she doesn’t, she doesn’t know what she would do if she shut down here at work. cry, probably, and end up getting fired when cat sees.

the fear must show on her face because james’s forehead crinkles and he steps close. “what’s wrong? did you lose your powers, did you get hurt?” he runs his fingers over her hands and wrists and then cups her face, drags his thumbs over her cheeks and wipes the glass dust on his jeans. he plucks a few larger pieces from her hair and kara squeezes her eyes shut and leans slowly, slowly, gently, forward to rest her forehead on his shoulder.


she keeps very still, a small part hoping he won’t push her away, but most of her wrapped up in hitting all the notes of familiarity she needs. his shirt is soft, he smells like james like sweat and ink and some sharp undertone of chemical she knows he uses for his home photo developing. he is warm and tall and - he lays a hand on her back, right between her shoulder blades and rubs carefully, and kara lets out a long shuddering breath.

“kara,” he murmurs, and she shakes her head a little. not yet. she’s not ready yet.

they stand there like that until james’s starts shifting, feet aching, and then kara pulls away. she still feels unsteady and her hands twist and she tugs at her fingers and james looks like he wants to pull her back to give her that little bit of comfort again but he obviously hears what kara hears, only a moment later, and lowers his hands.

“kiera…and my art director whom i pay exorbitant amounts of money to work not comfort.” cat tosses her handbag down on her couch, props her hands on her hips and glares at the door shattered on the floor like its destruction was its own fault and she expected better. “kiera, get someone in to take away the rest of the glass and replace it with that bulletproof version that doesn’t shatter no matter what you do to it. i want one with a supergirl guarantee.”

“a supergirl guarantee?” james asks, because kara doesn’t.

“that even she can’t break.”

“i don’t think that exists,” he points out, and cat shrugs.

“that’s kiera’s problem. what is kiera’s problem?”

“oh.” james frowns gently, not quite a glare because one doesn’t really glare at cat without fearing for ones job. but kars doesn’t mind - cat’s not being mean, not really. she can tell because cat takes a half step toward her before twisting back and away like she’s just stretching a little. “she was there when he broke your door, it was kind of upsetting.”

“she got scared?” cat translates, looking surprised. she narrows her eyes at kara and she can’t help it, her hands start to shake again and this is where the unexpected starts to unfurl: the loud noises had only been the start of it, now kara has no idea what is going to happen. she tries to calm herself and say that no matter what does happen, alex will be there for her and eliza and she’s had plenty of job offers, but that route of thinking doesn’t soothe and she thinks instead of her blanket at home and the hole she’s rubbed into the corner and the weird knitted pattern that resulted in strange knots at even spacing that she can roll between her fingers and,

“is the balcony helping?” cat asks her, and kara is surprised enough to meet her eyes. she nods. “stay there then. james, get some work and come back. i don’t pay you to stand around looking handsome.” he hesitates and cat arches an annoyed brow. “go, go.”

“i’ll be right back,” james promises her, and gives her hand a squeeze, and kara focuses on other points.

the colour of scotch directly across from her, cats heels tapping on the floor, the cushion cat pushes into her hands.

“i have issues with physical contact otherwise i would hug you myself,” cat tells her, then crinkles her nose. “well, maybe i wouldn’t,” she admits, and kara grins and huffs a small laugh. “do you need anything?”

kara shakes her head no. she’s pretty well versed in self soothing, and cat handed her a cushion with little bumps that she can run her fingers over. she’s good.

“hmm. even i won’t make you sit at a desk strewn with glass. you can leave early. make up for it by staying to midnight tomorrow, i have a call with australia i anticipate will take at least that long.” kara nods. cat looks her over. “you know, i’m surprised. after several past employees trying to kill me, i thought you were used to it.”

kara pulls out her phone and cat lets her, not commenting on the lack of reply. then her computer beeps a little and cat checks her daily calendar. she lets out a short, surprised laugh and folds her hand under her chin to press her mouth closed. her lips still curl upward though and she looks amused over at kara.

“ten am, get attacked by incompetent man. thank you for the alert, kiera.”

angel swirl

in which you fall in love with the boy who gives you angel swirls 


Originally posted by rosewatre

  • so 
  • you’re a college student and looking for a place to study and have some yummy snacks
  • you stumble into a cáfe one day and you think you’ve hit jackpot ,,, like it’s perfect and the nicest boys work there ,, and turns out they also go to your college 
  • your fav is Jeonghan, who brings you his famous latte with a little swirl which he calls his“angel swirl”, is actually in one your classes 
  • he starts talking bout the class when you first meet and you’re like what??? and he’s like what??? and you’re like, oh you’re in my class??? and he gets really embarrassed because he’s noticed you, like he has def noticed you, but you haven’t noticed him 
  • so he drops the topic but the next day you sit next to him and smile really large and he gets the guts to continue to sit next to you too 
  • and he’s in heaven
  • but anyway you start to notice that after you two become good friends the other boys kind of don’t talk as you much 
  • you even caught Jeonghan glaring at josh when he brought you your latte instead of him because some cute grandma started talking to him 
  • r o o d for the glare but your heart melted as he smiled sweetly at the grandma 
  • but anyway
  • one day you’re sitting and working in your laptop when some kid from one of your classes asks you if he can sit with you 
  • you nod and smile cause you a polite b 
  • he starts talking to you and he’s rlly nice and a cutie so you laugh at his dumb jokes 
  • soon you start to notice that Jeonghan hasn’t brought you your latter 
  • you look up and notice he’s looking at you and the boy whose name is jimin 
  • and he looks upset 
  • you frown and send him a questioning glance but he looks away and picks up your latte to go to you 
  • but when you get it it doesn’t have an angel swirl 
  • “where’s my angel swirl?” you ask him. he doesn’t say anything, but he glances at jimin and you’re like ????
  • and they’re kind of having a stare down but Jeonghan suddenly looks away and jimin kind of looks smug af 
  • the angel of your life frowns and walks away and at this point you’re upset now 
  • so you pick up your stuff and excuse yourself from jimin, who looks disappointed but not that surprised, and you follow Jeonghan as he throws his apron off and gathers his book bag to leave his shift 
  • you call out to him but he ignores you 
  • josh sends you a look and Seungcheol is straight up glaring at you ??? and you’re like ??? what ???
  • so anyways you managed to catch after him and grab his wrist and you ask him what’s wrong 
  • and he’s huffing when he turns around and he’s like 
  • “I tHOught you were mine!!” 
  • and you’re shocked but lowkey you want to be like um yeah but you never made it official so 
  • but anyway, you don’t have time to explain yourself cause time is valuable and you decided to just kiss him
  • “yeah, i am”
  • anyway he stops calling his angel swirl drink “angel swirl” and starts calling it by your name 
  • too cute
  • low key though you hate lattes and only drank them because he offered you one the first time and after that he just assumed you liked them LOL and you tell him that 
  • and he looks relieved cause he tells you he hates making them but he was ok with it cause he thought you loved them 
  • ah, the things we do for love

part i | part ii | part iii | part iv | part v

part vi: in which we let sasuke live

The phone sat between them as the seconds ticked by. Like a good friend, Naruto came over the moment Sasuke told him there was an emergency.

“Fuck,” Sasuke cursed for the nth time, glaring at his phone. He touched the screen when it dimmed, bringing it back to its full brightness and displaying Tinder Girl’s selfie of herself in a green bikini as she hugged the neck of her unicorn floatie like the basic bitch she probably was. “Fuck.”

“Okay.” This was the first word said in the past ten minutes aside from ‘fuck.’ “Okay, I have a plan.”

“What is it?”

“You have to like more photos.”

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Jealousy [REQUESTED]
  • Pairing: Jerome Valeska x Reader x Platonic! Deadpool
  • AU: HISHE-Villain Pub and Super Café
  • Prompt: [ANON] How about a female reader making Jerome jealous because he’s been sweet talking other girls. You can pick how it ends :D - Anon

I’M SORRY THAT I JUST FINISHED IT NOW ANON, I WAS BUSY YESTERDAY AND TOTALLY FORGOT TO FINISH THIS REQUEST ;-; Hope you like it though, also if you guys say that Deadpool isn’t a villain you’re half right, he is an anti-hero that means he is in between. That includes the explanation to Punisher too! ^^

You rolled your eyes at how casually your boyfriend, Jerome Valeska is seducing with the waitress who just gave a giddy smile in return. You and your partner Jerome, where at the secluded hideout that one of largest company made, Villain Pub. Unoriginal the name is but believe me the pub is like heaven. The pub was made by the HISHE Company, who established the Super Café where all the heroes hang out ironically. Mostly the Bat and the Man of Steel. Unlike the café, which was publicly open, the pub opens between midnight to three am and was hidden well and requires an identification for all that wants to enter the pub.

You pouted; Jerome was clearly not giving his attention enough for you. Your phone rang as it sang ‘Purple Lamborghini’, you excused yourself but Jerome and the waitress didn’t seem to bother. You groaned and continue on walking away towards the side of the entrance, that’s where a little amount of people crowd in. If you thought the C.R. is the best choice then you might encounter some wild villains getting points with the opposite sex.

You swiped to respond and greeted, “Hello?”

Boo!” you heard a boisterous shout behind your back as you grumbled in annoyment. It was the one and only Deadpool giggling at his little josh while ending the call, beside him was The Punisher—-

“Yeah, yeah Author. Try to shut up, I’m trying to make a move with Mrs. Valeska here and I cannot focus with you narrating and shit!” Okay Deadpool this is for the views all right, it’s not my fault that I just want to write some stuff with you in it. I can’t find the right Villain to make up with the reader so I chose an antihero like you! Now shut up and let me continue my business.

“I would rather not be called with that surname right now.” The man was rubbernecking at you weirdly as you pointed at the flirty Jerome and the love-struck waitress. He simpered under his mask, “I have a plan.”

You took interest at what he aforesaid and smirked, “I love how you think Wilson.” winking at him. The Punisher nictate and gazes at the male and female, shifting once in a while. “I don’t want to be part of this, now if you mind. I’ll just take a shot with El Diablo and Deadshot.”

Deadpool mewl at the answer of the male, “Awe men~ I was wishing a threesome but I respect your choice brother, go get some gay sex! I’m proud of you!”

The Punisher just snarled and took steps towards the bar. “So the plan is to make Jerome jealous I assumed,” you smirked, your device on hand. Deadpool puts his hand on his waist and took in the sights, “Why yes baby girl, and here’s the plan.”


Jerome was about to ask the attractive woman’s number when he took notice on how you just vanished unexpectedly. “As much as I love to talk more, gorgeous. But my date has seem to fled and I need to be a gentleman and find her.” He stood, his voice alluring the female to want more. “Alright Mr. J,” she slipped a tissue paper with her name on it and her number “Talk to me when you ditch the bitch.” Jerome took offence to this; no one can persecute his girl other than him. “I almost took that option but it seems,” he then proceeded to rip off the tissue in bits and lob it into the air “That you’re no better, just a slut.” He smiled while biting his lip and left the table behind while waitress stared at him in shock and embarrassment, his hand up waving away while he continued walking.


He paced around the pub, trying to find you. Nodding to some acquaintance and even some of the older Jokers like him. When he arrived at the pool section, he examined a lot of people, mutants, etc. playing with each other as some cursed when the ball didn’t entered the hole, and with that many people he managed to detect you. There you are, with a man in red and black suit. It seems like he was teaching you how to play the game of pool, you were bended over the table, the stick on hand while pointing towards the white ball. The man also bended, his ‘largeness’ pressed to you while he held both of your hands educating you the right moves. And to his point of view, you were taking pleasure at the gesture of the disguised man.

“Deadpool he’s here! Take position!”

You could feel Deadpool’s raging boner pressed to your ass, “Will you control your penis?!”

He snickered, “Sorry dear, the Author won’t let me and besides I like this position.”

“He’s marching over the table,” Loki serenely stated while smirking. “ He seems upset. Good luck having a rough sex tonight (Y/N).” Even though Jerome was most likely to have rough sex by his looks and his infamous status, truth to be told he was gentle in bed. Afraid to hurt you, but now it seems not. You gulped at the thought, “Thanks.”

“Don’t mention it.”

“You shouldn’t speak that kind of stuff with a child nearby.” Maleficent concealed Draco’s ears and glared at the people around the pool table. She casted a spell around the boy’s eyes that was now covered with clouds, unable to see. “My father will hear about this!” he whined, wrestling the lady’s hands while waving off the cloud that seems to stay just on spot.

Tom Riddle moaned, “Children.”

“True,” Bill Cipher said, rolling his eyes while sipping on a wine glass that was poured with the blood of a certain child that was accompanied by an eye.

“(Y/N)!” Jerome marched over to you, his face evident with anger. He grabbed your arm and roughly pulled you with him towards the exit. “Whoa bro, chillax, have a kit kat!” Deadpool chortled.

ENOUGH!” Jerome shot a bullet towards Deadpool, a perfect shot on his forehead. He groaned in pain as Jerome just pushed you to the exit, with one last sympathetic look at your best friend. He just gave pained thumbs up while slowly crouching down and was now laying in pain while the other villains peeked at the state of him being on the ground moaning while mumbling incoherent words.

“I hate being immortal,” he groaned in pain. “Why the fuck did the author even made Jerome shot me before he fucks the reader, clearly she got what she wants as I suffer through the pain.” He rolled the last words.

“Don’t worry, I’m a Doctor.” Doctor Bong snuck in.

“Last time you said that to me you made me try to kill the big man with the claws and that kitty girl.”

“At least he’s doctor.” Tate Langdon shrugged.  “How the fuck are you out with the curse shit stuff ghost boy?!”

“It’s Halloween.”

“Oh right, well I’m happy for Jeromey trying a new genre of sex this time.”

And that’s when all the villains including the anti-heroes nodded in agreement.

I See the Light - NOUĂ


SUMMARY: When an opening for your favorite Disney Princess is posted backstage, you take your chances and audition. To your surprise, you got the part. But there was always a catch. Your Flynn Rider was none other than Bucky Barnes, the womanizer of the entire Disney cast. Will you two be able to play it off as a couple when there’s tension between you both?

WARNINGS: language

AUTHOR’S NOTE: oh goodness, i’m adding 5 more chapters because… because i am lol. this a filler but i feel like it’s slightly important?? idk.


The next day at work was harder than the day before. You couldn’t get the kiss out of your mind - the way he felt, tasted, and made your heart beat so fast that you were sure you almost had a heart attack. It was all so frustrating. This wasn’t supposed to happen.

And having to face him and be around him for hours throughout the day was even worse. He became even more attractive, if that was even possible. But every time it was your turn for a break you’d disappear from his sights.

But you couldn’t hide away for too long. Steve usually found you and would call Bucky over, having to put on a show for everyone to watch. Especially when Steve would call Natasha over. 

You decided that the further you strayed from Bucky, the better - or so you thought.

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Poly!Hamilsquad x reader

Author: Lil Laddie

Words: 899

Warnings: Swearing (i think), a bit cliche lol

A/N: This has taken a thousand years to come out and I am so sorry about that! I hope that this lives up to expectations and I’m sorry that it’s kinda short! In other news, I may have a boyfriend and I’m kinda loosing my shit over it. I hope your day is amazing! I love you kiddos!

Request: Can I have a poly!hamilsquad imagine where the reader likes to take pictures and her usual muses are the boys. - @glitterbearbear

A small click came from your camera as you tried to take a sneaky photo of Hercules while he read.

“I heard that.” He mumbled, not looking up from his book.

“Sorry, it’s just with the blinds open there’s perfect lighting in here and I couldn’t help myself.” You apologized, a blush lighting up your cheeks.

“No need to apologize.” Herc looked up at you then back to his book. “You’re cute when you blush. You should take a picture of that.”

“I would rather not take pictures of myself.” You paused, feeling a little too nervous to ask what you were thinking. “Do you think you and the boys would ever feel comfortable with doing a photo shoot?”

“A photo shoot? Ooo, I hope it’s a nude photo shoot.” John smirked, plopping himself on the couch next to you.

“So, you would be comfortable?” You asked, John noticing the way your eyes lit up with hope.

“If it would make you happy and would be a creative outlet for you, I’m sure everyone would agree to it. Besides, we all know about the sneaky photos you try to take of us.” John agreed, not wanting to let you down.

“Oh my god really?” In excitement you threw your arms around John as he laughed at your reaction.

“Why are you so happy?” Alex asked, walking into the room sluggishly while holding a coffee in one hand.

“John just agreed that all of you will be my muses in a photo shoot.” You grinned.

“A photo shoot?” Alex’s eyes went wide with fear. “You know I love you (Y/N), but I don’t know if I feel comfortable in front of a camera.”

“Why not? You seem to love attention more than anything else.” Hercules said snarkily, making John laugh.

“True, but this is different! I don’t really think I would be the best at this whole modeling thing.” Alex explained, his heart breaking in two as your smile fell from your face.

“It’s going to be very candid and less posed, if that changes your mind at all? I completely understand if you’re not comfortable though.” You sighed, John and Hercules glaring at Alex as your happiness faded.

“You know Laf is quite a model and I’m sure he could show me a thing or two to make sure I look good on camera.” Alex said, not wanting any of you to be upset with him.

“You’re not going to regret this!” You exclaimed.


“I’m kind of regretting agreeing to this.” Alex groaned as you lead the boys on a trail in the mountains.

“Don’t be a baby Alex. It’s just a small hike.” You rolled your eyes at his complaining.

“So, what’s the plan for the photos?” Lafayette asked, moving past the others to walk next to you.

“Photos? We’re not doing those today.” You lied, trying to calm the boys nerves.

“We thought that since you brought your camera and forced on this hike that it was today.” John said, his face scrunched up in confusion.

“Nope, I was just planning on taking pictures of the view from the top.” You shrugged, glad that they were buying it.

“Thank god, I don’t think I’m ready to model yet.” Alex sighed in relief and picked up his pace as he hiked.

“Just let us know when we’re actually taking them. I don’t want to have that stress of never knowing when we’re doing it.” Herc said, a weight having seemed lifted from his shoulders.

When you reached the top of the hike, you could see the whole valley below you. You stepped closer to the edge and began to take a few shots of the view. To your left, you could hear the boys messing around. You smiled to yourself, knowing that this was your opportunity to get some good pictures.

They stood next to the cliff, the beautiful view set right behind them. Alex had jumped on Lafayette’s back and had a wide grin on his face. Laf’s arm was slung lazily over Herc’s shoulders as the two of them laughed about something. John stood next to Hercules, their fingers intertwined as he smiled at something in the distance.

You quickly took a couple photos without them noticing. You smiled at your accomplishment before you quickly joined the group. For the rest of the night, you continued to take sneaky photos of the boys when they were distracted. You knew for sure that at least a couple of them would turn out perfect.


You centered the photoframe on the wall, turning to see the boys standing behind you. They all stared at the first photo you had taken of them a few days ago on the hike.

“When did you take that?” Laf asked.

“When we went on that hike last week. You guys were goofing off and I thought it would make a perfect candid shot.” You grinned, the boys all seeming genuinely happy about the photo.

“You’re such an amazing photographer.” Hercules stepped forward and pressed a gentle kiss to your forehead.

Soon, all the boys joined Hercules and covered your face with little kisses. You laughed enjoying the moment with them. Over the next few weeks, your walls would become covered with photos of the boys in the most random situations. They all would hold moments that you will never want to forget.


if i say the most beautiful part in the WCID mv is that wonpil is sungjin’s best friend (he said in an interview) and he hates seeing his friend chasing after a girl who probably doesn’t even look at him twice. That’s the pure form of friendship.

i respect some of y'alls opinions on how wonpil’s having a crush on sungjin so that’s why he’s sad and stuff but wonpil’s character is sungjin’s best friend. so he gets upset at seeing sungjin going after a girl hopelessly like that. and how sungjin is basically ignoring him when he talks and just stares at the girl. maybe that’s why he’s upset for his friend

and jae’s the girl’s best friend and that’s also the kind of friendship that everyone should have regardless of gender.

Brian’s the angsty bad boy, Dowoon’s the lonely school crush so maybe the both of them are just lonely and need friends so that’s why Brian glares at the girl in a very harsh way when she bumps into him in the hallway while talking to jae? maybe he needs friends like the both jae and the girl too

what I’m trying to say is, maybe the mv is about friendship and love, in a very simple and pure way w/o a lot of drama :’)

ginaisinthediner  asked:

how would a person know if they're FE function is well developed (im an ENFP just lettin u know)

That depends on what you think Fe is.

I had a discussion this morning at breakfast over why some people, of any type, seem to be totally oblivious to what is culturally or socially appropriate, and the inevitable theory was that some people are simply not tuned in to other people, regardless of type.

You can be TUNED IN (paying attention to their cues, their comfort, their needs, and their feelings) to other people regardless of type.

I have seen not-tuned-in high Fe’s:

  • Bring up inappropriate things in public for discussion, in a mixed group
  • Assert their political opinions without being aware of or considerate about the opinions of the other people at the table
  • Over-share and make others deeply uncomfortable
  • Say whatever they feel, regardless of whether this is the time or place
  • Bore everyone at the table to death with a long, self-involved speech, monologue, or story
  • Be demanding and inconsiderate of service people, and expect them to ‘change’ to suit what THEY want
  • Refuse to suppress their opinions for group comfort, change their behavior to be more appropriate, or cater to anyone’s demands

I bring this up because Fi’s are often accused of this type of behavior, with the implication that Fe’s can never be that socially inappropriate, and I want you to know it has nothing to do with type, and everything to do with an immature ego and lack of tuning in to other people and the outer world. You can be a total Fe and still be oblivious to other people’s feelings (Norma Bates in Bates Motel).

Fe is about social harmony and attentiveness to other people, right?

Nope. That is not what Fe is.

It’s a mindset. You and me becomes WE. It’s about the free, easy expression of emotions, and the ability to handle them in the moment, as they happen. It enables the Fe to fake feelings to accomplish a task, and to build a sense of camaraderie with and among others, in order to get that task done; it “mirrors” people’s feelings back at them, which helps the Fe feel connected to the other person; and because of this, the Fe is most comfortable with others who share their values. Some Fe’s become skilled enough with it to know what to say to make people feel better (”you always know just what to say…”), and how to deliver criticisms without hurting the other person’s feelings too much.

It is the act of using other people to accomplish things; often by rallying them around a goal. Thus, the natural dialogue of Fe is often “us.”

  • “WE will do the subscriptions this afternoon…” (even though the person speaking won’t be doing them)
  • “WE can accomplish this if we work together!” (the mantra of every Fe politician who ever lived)
  • “WE can get through this!” (even if it’s really just you who is struggling)

Fe wants group harmony in order to accomplish its goals.

Fe is Mr. Selfridge giving rah-rah speeches to his department store employees, to rally them around the store’s new promotional program and help them all feel like they belong and are family, even though he’s really the boss.

Fe is Margaery Tyrell slapping a fake smile on her face and being whatever she needs to be, in order to survive.

Fe is Rory Gilmore going on and on about her feelings to her mother.

So, how do you tell how developed your Fe is?

You tell me.

  • Being polite and appropriate is not Fe.
  • Self-censoring to avoid conflict is not Fe.
  • Being annoyed that someone brought up an inappropriate topic is not Fe.
  • Catering your behavior to fit in with a group is not Fe.
  • Wanting to impact people’s emotions is not Fe (but how you go about doing it differs based on whether you use Fe or Fi).

It’s a method of communication.

It’s a mental mindset.

It’s a framework that influences how you communicate.

I thought I had Fe for a long time, because social appropriateness matters to me. I tune in to other people. I notice if they are bored and avoid going on and on about things they have no interest in. I don’t talk about things with them that I know would make them too uncomfortable, or offend them. I know there is a time and a place for certain kinds of behaviors and ideas. I frown on people who do not observe social conventions, in that manner, because it feels wrong to me to be insensitive or inappropriate. I used to get praise in social settings as a child from adults (which was humiliating for me; unlike a Fe, it did not uplift me or make me feel good about myself, because I can’t be any other way and live with myself) on my behavior. I was never rowdy. I never caused trouble. I never offended anyone. I never drew attention to myself.

I value politeness. I don’t like selfishness. I do not wish to offend (except when I am angry or passionate enough about something that I can’t keep my mouth shut), and often as a writer, I am very aware of my core audience, I try and write something thought-provoking that is not offensive, and I fret a great deal about how my book will be received. (Will this offend this group? Will that offend that group? How can I keep both sides happy?) I do care what others think of me – just not enough to alter my strong ethical opinions to suit them.

Just because everyone is doing it is not a valid argument with me, and if you try and push me to do something I think is wrong, you’re going to get a strong refusal accompanied by an enormous heaping of Fi-judgment on your behavior.

I remember, in particular, one incident from my early teen years, that one might mistake as Fe, but it wasn’t. It went thus:

Teenage Girl: “We should totally do ______.”

Me: “No. It would upset my mother.“

Teenage Girl: “All the better reason to do it then!”

Me: *strong whiff of disapproval, accompanied by a glacial glare* “And why would I want to upset her?” *insinuation: you’re a bad person to suggest it, and we’re done after this*

On the surface, this might seem like Fe, right? I’m choosing my behavior based on my mother’s feelings. Except, it’s not Fe. It’s Fi. My motive was: “I love my parents. I saw someone close to me put them through hell with that kind of behavior, and I will never act like that.”

So really, my motive was: it is beneath ME (Fi) to act like that (Fi judgment); screw this “all teenagers act out” apologetic bullshit, that isn’t me (Fi).

I have no idea if that answered your question or not. But, there it is.

- ENFP Mod

PS: Cue the anxiety of hitting ‘post,’ for fear I might offend someone, and then have to deal with their feelings with my clumsy tert-Te. ;)

Popular | Chapter 5

Pairing: Bucky Barnes X Avenger!Reader

Prompt: Tony has made a bet to see who could end up with the most fans, out of the Avengers, by the end of the month. Bucky takes it just to piss Sam off and Reader really wants to prove that she isn’t the least popular. Bucky and Reader team up to be a fake couple in order to beat the other Avengers, agreeing to split the prize at the end. Will it all work out?

A/N: I really don’t know why I picked Clint, but I swear I don’t have him. He’s just very…fitting for the following scenarios. Enjoy that Serious Bucky™ gif.

Warnings: It’s fluffy until it’s suddenly not. Clint gets the short end of the stick.

Series Masterlist

Originally posted by in-perfectenschlag

Clint’s Bad Day

Trouble brewing in Avengers Tower? Our undercover team caught never before seen exclusive shots from the photoshoot the team had just a week back. What the cameras didn’t show was the drama that was happening between superstar couple Bucky Barnes and Y/N L/N behind the scenes! Our photographers first caught Bucky making eyes at another girl on set. Experts and theorists both agree that this could mean signs of an affair.

 Either way, this did not sit well with his girlfriend. Y/N was quick to see that her boyfriend was not paying her the fullest of attention. Jealous much? Not soon after, the two quickly started arguing. As seen in the photos, arguing began not long after the end of Bucky’s shoot. He seems to be going on the defense but quickly takes the offense after Y/N pushed a few wrong buttons. It looks like these two are just a few stops away from Splitsville…

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anonymous asked:

hi! i really love your blog and your scenarios! they're really great!!! i was wondering if you could do one with rfa + saeran where mc is feeling very insecure about her weight because she's gained some weight recently is a kinda chubby/curvy and they try to uplift mc and make her feel better and more confident~ i'm having a similar problem and would find this a little comforting~ ❤️

You never need to feel insecure about your shape! It’s your body and it’s perfect no matter what shape it is. Hopefully, these will help you to feel more confident, though! ~H x

RFA with an MC that’s insecure about her weight


-He noticed that you’d been standing in front of the mirror for quite a while, looking at your stomach
-“What’s wrong, MC?” he asked, noticing the frown on your face.
-“Yoosung, do you think I’m fat?” you asked.
-He was very startled
-“Of course not! Why would I think that?” he panicked, thinking it was something he’d done.
-You sighed
-“I’m sure I’ve put on weight. I’m getting chubby,” you explained.
-“You look perfect- you always do. It doesn’t matter to me if you maybe put on a bit of weight and I’m sure no-one else can tell either,” he consoled.
-You shrugged and released your top
-“I just feel disgusting,” you sighed.
-Yoosung knew how to fix that
-“Want to go and get some ice cream and play LOLOL?” he suggested.
-“Yeah,” you grinned, glad that at least your boyfriend didn’t think you being a bit curvier was an issue.


-You’d decided to go out with Zen less
-Because you were pretty sure you’d put on weight and didn’t want to ruin his image
-But Zen had realised you standing in front of the mirror
-And decided to subtly lift your spirits
-So he left post it notes round the house saying how beautiful you were
-Next time he suggested a run in the park and you rejected, he decided to talk to you
-“Why not, MC? You used to love going out,” he asked.
-“I’m getting fat,” you stated with a sigh.
-“Nonsense,” Zen declared, “You’re body’s perfect, ok? You can’t leave your boyfriend just because you think you aren’t as beautiful as you actually are.”
-“Sorry, Zen. I feel like I have to be perfect to be with you,” you sighed.
-“And you are,” Zen kissed your nose, “So will you come jogging with me? Please?”
-You smiled


-You were sure Jaehee was losing weight
-So the fact that you thought you’d put on a bit made you feel really fat compared to her
-Why would she stay with you when she could have someone with a figure like hers?
-Jaehee wasn’t blind and could tell you were feeling self-conscious about your weight
-Mainly from the figure hiding clothes you wore
-So she decided to constantly pay you compliments
-Because she wants you to know she thinks you’re beautiful
-Only you don’t take it that way
-And you think it’s because she thinks you’re getting fat
-So you ask her
-“Jaehee, do you think I’m fat?”
-“Of course I don’t! If I was concerned about your health, would I have given you a triple chocolate muffin yesterday?” Jaehee asked.
-“But do you think that I look horrible?” you sighed.
-“No!” Jaehee said, “You look beautiful. I promise that I’ll love you no matter what size you are. I’d rather you gained weight because then I’d know you’re eating well.”
-That made you feel a bit better
-But you were still going to try exercising if Jaehee kept feeding you cakes and cookies


-You first noticed that you’d gained a bit of weight when your custom made dress Jumin had bought you started to feel a bit tight
-But you didn’t want to let Jumin down
-And you squeezed into it
-Jumin could tell it was too tight, though
-“Princess, I could buy you a new dress if that one isn’t fitting too well,” he offered.
-“No, it’s fine. I’ll just have to lose a bit of weight,” you laughed it off.
-Did Jumin think you looked fat?
-“It’s too tight, my love. I don’t want you to be uncomfortable and I want you to stay the size you are. Please- let me buy you a new dress,” he begged.
-Wait- he wanted you to stay that size?
-“Don’t you think I’m getting a bit fat?” you asked.
-Jumin raised an eyebrow at you
-“Not at all. You look as beautiful as ever, my dear,” he responded.
-You sighed. Jumin would say that regardless
-“MC,” he said, taking your hands, “I can tell it’s bothering you, but I can tell you with certainty that you look just as perfect to me as you always do. I’m still in love with you and I always will be, no matter what shape you are. It’s your kind heart I fell for.”
-You couldn’t stop the tears
-You hugged Jumin tightly
-“Thank you,” you smiled.


-Apparently, a life of sitting around and doing nothing other than binge on Honey Buddha Chips was not good for you
-Your stomach started to reflect this
-And it made you pretty upset when you realised
-Seven noticed this and asked what was wrong
-“I’m getting fat,” you complained, “It’s from all the HBC.”
-“Ouch! How could you offend my children like that,” he mocked.
-Until you glared at him
-“Ok, ok, I don’t think you look fat at all, love,” he smiled, “Just squishy.”
-And he proceeded to hug you
-“Saeyoung!” you complained.
-“Sorry,” he grinned, “We could start exercising a bit. It would probably be a good idea.”
-You agreed
-So the two of you took up going for runs in the park
-Which usually turned into late night stargazing on a park bench
-The perfect date
-With the new exercise you two were getting, you didn’t feel as conscious about the Honey Buddha Chips
-And if you were ever feeling a bit squishy, you could count on Seven to cheer you up
-Because, hey, what’s a bit of cute chub if it means the best food on the planet?


-He noticed that you were getting a little chubbier
-And he loved it
-He would constantly be cuddling you or lying on your lab or finding some way to be squished up next to you
-But you just thought you were fat
-So you decided to ask Saeran what he thought
-“Saeran, am I getting really fat?” you asked.
-“No,” he said, “You’re just really nice to cuddle. Perfect.”
-That wasn’t exactly the answer you wanted
-But it still made you blush
-“So you don’t think I need to lose weight?” you checked.
-“Definitely not. You look great and you feel great,” Saeran informed you.
-At least he was honest
-After considering losing weight for a few days, you decided you could definitely get used to Saeran constantly cuddling you
-Maybe you weren’t fat after all
-You were just right for Saeran
-And he’s all that mattered to you


-No, you don’t look fat hun, I’m blind
-(That was a joke, he’s had surgery in this)
-He noticed your change in clothes first
-Suddenly you were wearing baggy things instead of the lovely tight-fitting outfits you used to wear
-But he didn’t mention anything- maybe you just wanted a style change
-Until you came to him
-“V, I’ve become really fat. What am I going to do,” you suddenly sobbed whilst you were sat on the couch together, watching TV.
-“No you’ve not,” V reasoned, “You’re absolutely fine at the weight you are. I’d tell you if I was concerned for your health.”
-“It’s not just that,” you sighed, “I look horrible.”
-V laughed slightly
-“MC, I don’t think you could look horrible if you tried. Your personality’s too nice and you’re beautiful anyway,” V said.
-You groaned. You just wanted to know if you were getting fat.
-“But I have put on weight, right?” you asked.
-“I wouldn’t have noticed,” V shrugged.
-He knew you were upset about the topic
-So he decided to comfort you
-“MC, no matter what shape or size you get, I will always love and support you. If you want to exercise more, I’ll join you. If you want to change our diet, I’d be happy to. You are just fine the way you are, though, so it depends what makes you happy because I’m happy to just have you,” he said.
-You almost cried
-“Thanks, V,” you smiled softly, hugging him close.

The King and the Lionheart

Requested? Yes. “Can I have a Robb Stark imagine? It doesn’t matter what to the prompt is honestly, maybe just have super angst? I’m just glad to find someone that does Game of Thrones imagines honestly :)”

A/N: I wrote this at school so I’m sorry this sucks!!!! It’s my first Robb imagine so please give me some feedback on it! Hope you like it! 

Pairing: Robb Stark x Female Reader

Warnings: mentions of rape, angst, blood, violence, death and lots and lots of FLUFF.

Prompt: You are betrothed to Robb, but he doesn’t want you because you’re a Lannister. He claims you are a lion, not a wolf. And he could never allow himself to love a lion. At least, that’s what he thinks.

Word count: 1616, someone got excited…

Of course your father was going to do this, you didn’t expect anything different. Tywin was desperate to sell his younger - and unmarried - daughter. You knew you were soon to be betrothed to some lord or prince, you just didn’t expect to be betrothed to him.

“Father you have to be out of your mind! He’s gonna hate me, he’s a Stark!” You pleaded. “Please marry me to anyone but him, please father, anyone!”

Your father always claimed you were his favourite, you were the only kind Lannister who owned a soft heart in all Westeros, you thought he would at least marry you to a kind man.

“I’m sorry, Y/N, but I must marry you to the eldest Stark, I’m sure he will be a great husband to you. I personally dislike them but unfortunately, it’s the best for our realm and for our family. I heard he’s more of a Tully, if you understand me. Please, relax and let’s not discuss about this anymore, you will marry Robb.” His words, final.

You and Robb didn’t talk much, your wedding ceremony had just ended and you were officially a Stark. He didn’t seem to like you, he gave you cold glares and only talked to you when necessary. More of a Tully my ass, you thought.

You and Robb married in Winterfell, the cold weather seemed to soften with your presence, allowing you to dress beautifully for the occasion, but he didn’t seem to mind how you looked, and unfortunately you couldn’t help but feel upset about it. He was handsome and kind to everyone, well, everyone but you, and you wanted him to like you, the way you were starting to like him.

After the ceremony, you and Robb went to bed, you undressed him slowly and put his sleeping clothes while he observed you calmly. You were already in your sleeping dress and you both laid on each side and put the covers on. You observed how inside the room everything was much warmer, the hot water that ran down the walls and the amount of blankets kept you perfectly warm and you thanked the Gods for that. Winterfell was surely the coldest place you’ve ever been to and you would have to get used to it, but thankfully your new house was warm enough.

You kept observing your surroundings when something called your attention, Robb observed you.

“Why did you opt for marrying in Winterfell instead of Kingslanding?” He shortly asked, his northern accent thick. That was your wedding gift from your brother Jaimie, he made sure you would get married wherever you wanted and you chose Winterfell, your new home.

“I thought that since I was soon to become a Stark, I should get married in my future home, get used to the area.” You said softly, surprised he was even paying any attention to you, but of course, nothing is perfect.

“You’ll never be a Stark.” He brutally said, almost spitting those words. “You can be one legally, but you will always have the Lannister blood, you will always be a lion, never a wolf. And wolfs hate lions.” And with that he turned to the other side, not waiting for an answer. 

You felt like crying, you felt like running back to your family in Kingslanding - they were cold blooded, full of anger and hate, but they loved you too much to be any less than kind to you. Even Cersei was a doll to you - you suddenly missed the sun and the gardens in your previous home, you went to sleep with a broken heart and wet cheeks.

Robb heard you quietly softening your sobs on the pillow as he felt his heart break as well, he didn’t want to hurt you, but he just couldn’t accept the fact he didn’t absolutely hate you, that he fancied you and knew you liked him back; he wanted you to hate him, so he could hate you. His Stark pride was too strong for him to let himself fall for a Lannister.

As time went by Robb became softer around you, he knew it was useless to fight, you were so sweet and kind to him no matter how rude he was to you, he couldn’t help himself but melt onto your loveliness. He still gave you cold glares and tried his best not to talk to you, but when he did, he wasn’t rude. Which was a start.

He still didn’t apologise for what he said on your wedding day, and you were still sad about it, every time he was kind you were reminded of his previous words, you could never be loved by him, he was just nice to you out of pity. But you kept being kind, he was your husband after all, you preferred to live in a nice ambient than in a full of tension one.

Robb went hunting after breakfast, kissing your forehead lightly and staring warmly at you before leaving. You went to the market shortly after him, but on the way you were stopped by a group of hungry men, who felt no mercy for you and dragged you to the nearest alleyway. No one around, they started trying to undress you. They were going to hurt you and you knew you couldn’t fight them all. You kicked and screamed but no one seemed to hear, “Stop moving, bitch” one of them shouted at you, hitting your cheek. 

Then your stomach, and then your legs. After a while you just stopped feeling, you just concentrated on the taste of blood inside your mouth as you tried to breathe and scream. “Forget her she’s screaming too loud, someone’s gonna get us.” A blond man warned. They decided that if they freed you, you would tell on them so they figured they should kill you, to please “everyone.”

They all held you on the snow while one of them came behind you and placed a knife on your throat. That was it then. 

The snow already crimson from your blood, you closed your eyes tight, hoping it would be soon over. You thought of how happy Robb would be if he could marry again, someone that wasn’t a Lannister, and you stopped fighting, waiting for death.

You felt blood splashing on your face, it was warm, certainly a different feeling. However, the pain never came. Is that how it felt? Is that how it feels to die? Numbness? It didn’t make sense, you tried opening your eyes but all you saw were dead bodies, all the men, dead. The blood wasn’t yours, it was theirs. You were alive.

Instantly you felt two arms wrap around you as you felt yourself falling, dizziness blurring your vision, but you would recognise that smell anywhere. Robb. He saved you. You were too weak to ask why, you saw his face in front of you as he held you close, immediately reaching for his curls, feeling their softness, wanting to make sure you could still feel, if you were really alive and this wasn’t paradise. 

“My love, you’re so hurt, I shouldn’t have left you by yourself like this I’m so sorry” He was desperate, holding your face and forcing you to keep your eyes open. “I’m so, so sorry, my little lion, you’re going to be alright, okay? I promise you, we will be alright.” He said, more to himself, pleading the Gods you would be perfectly fine in only a few days. The pet name gave you some strength, a lion? No, you wanted to be a wolf.

“I thought- I wish I was a wolf.” You said softly, almost choking in your own blood. It made him frown. “Maybe you would love me if I was a wolf, wouldn’t you my Lord? Wolfs can’t love lions so you can’t love me. I guess this was- this was supposed to happen. So you can marry someone who can truly be a Stark of Winterfell.” You said sadly, understanding why this was happening to you.

He shook his head negatively, softening completely, looking at you so lovingly it seemed you were in cloud 9. You traced your shaking fingers through his cheeks, feeling his beard and how his face seemed wet, and it wasn’t the blood from the men.

“I never meant that, my love, you should know I never meant it. I was a coward, afraid of how good you were to me. Listen, baby- I’m going to make up for it but you have to breathe for me, alright? Those were all lies- you are a lion and that’s just how I want you, that’s just how I need you to be. I don’t need a wolf, I need you, my little lion, and I love you…I love you, I love you- I don’t care about anything else, I love you.” He kept repeating it over and over again, he needed you to believe in him, he needed you to be yourself and he needed you alive. “Please, don’t you die on me, love, I didn’t love you properly yet and I intend to.”

He was sat on the snow with you laid on his chest as he rocked back and forth, in a soothing pace. He held you so gently yet so tight you felt this could be really paradise. Caressing your hair as he repeated how much he loved you - his queen, his lady, his lion - you knew you were going to live. And as your nose bled on his warm chest, your muscles sore from the fight, you were happy, your heart had stopped hurting.

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