the glare is kind of upsetting

Things I noticed from my many viewings of FBAWTFT:

- In the customs scene at the beginning, Newt pats his pocket and smooths it down…the pocket that Pickett the bowtruckle usually sits in. Perhaps he was doing that to keep him calm or to keep him from coming up?

- “Hot dog again?” “Don’t read my mind.” “Not a very wholesome meal” (YES I’m an idiot it took me this long to notice)

- When Jacob says to Queenie “could you not read my mind…don’t get me wrong I love it” (or whatever it was), Tina looks up at him with the tiniest hint of a pissed off glare - like over protective sister, “what did you just say, don’t upset my lil sis” kind of thing.

- When Graves is questioning Newt, there are moments that he looks at Tina, as if talking to her: like he says Newt endangered a student’s life “with a beast” and he glances at Tina. It’s as if he’s trying to turn her against Newt (and failing of course)

- We see the Goldstein family in the death potion and learn that Tina has her father’s dark hair and Queenie has their mother’s blonde curls. (Random but I thought that was cool)

- Tina smiles when she sees the Occamy; right after the shot of Dougal feeding it a sweet, there’s a shot of her smiling like “oh wow”, totally amazed and awed.

- This one is obvious but still: Newt and Tina both crying at Queenie and Jacob’s goodbye/kiss.

- That ending scene at the docks: Tina actually lets a tear go. It’s a single tear - up until that point she holds it in. I think it’s when Newt says “would you mind if I gave you your copy in person?” that a tear falls down her face - a happy tear, like “yes I would love that, I’m so happy he’ll come back”. (Kudos to Katherine on her acting in that scene OMG)

Paying Respects

The rocks hurt less than the glares and the words, Zenyatta decided. 

 As he stepped through the streets of King’s Row, the monk had to be careful not to seem too deterred or upset, not to let his movements seem jarring or abrasive in any way. His actions could be misconstrued and seen as an outright threat to anyone around him, particularly by humans who were looking for a reason to lock him away. The laws within England were lax concerning the treatment of his kind, and omnics were not viewed in a well meaning light. That was to say, they were not meant to see light at all. They were meant to be below ground, forced into the subways and the sewers, or destroyed outright. 

Zenyatta had staunchly refused. His fellow omnic acquaintances below grounds had begged for him to reconsider, but it stood in the face of every single ideal that the monk held dear. The glimmering warmth of the sunlight always brought out the most harmonious thoughts within the young monk, and he would not allow anyone to refuse him the right to feel one with the universe. Not a ruler, not a human and certainly not the pleas of his own kind (even if they were for his own good). 

 Besides, there was a very important place he needed to visit before he departed. 

 His steps were slow and measured. His hands were tucked neatly behind his back. His omnic orbs, usually floating fluidly and freely about him, were instead neatly placed around his neck and he made his way without speaking or associating with any humans, careful to keep his mechanical voice silenced. Yet the enraged threats still followed him as he walked along. Hisses of anger, murmurs of curses, shrill name-calling, glances of fear seemed to catch like wildfire as he approached and grow louder as he passed by. 

 He had not been surprised with the first stone had glanced off of his cranial unit and scratched him just to the right of his visual sensors. The second and third that followed soon after did not cause any significant damage either, only vague superficial scratches. Thankfully, the blows had not been followed up by any more violent grandstanding, but every now and then a shriek of dismay and anger at his presence, or another weak attack was not uncommon as he continued forward. 

Stay calm. Clear your mind. They cannot steal away what the Universe has gifted you. Your freedom is your own.

The town square of King’s Row was busy, bustling, and yet Zenyatta was quick to note that there was no feeling of excitement or warmth. There was the unmistakable chill of fear about each and every face he saw. What is this feeling, Zenyatta wondered, searching himself, wondering if he was capable of this particular human emotion. He pondered on whether this aching feeling of dismay and confusion that gripped at his internal sensory database was growing into something more sinister. With a slow, chilling realization, it dawned on Zenyatta: this was dread. Zenyatta absolutely dreaded this place. 

Yet he needed to be here. Without a doubt, he could not afford to leave now. He still had not managed to make it to his brother’s memorial, and had not even begun to try to help heal the sick and the poor. But how could he possibly manage to find it no one was even willing to look in his direction without sneering, scowling or turning away in terror?


attitxde replied to your post“Can I have a kiss?” [screw going on anon lol]

He’s absolutely stunned at the headbutt, he most definitely hadn’t been expecting it. After recovering, Archer just glares at the beast. “I don’t know what kind of dating rituals you have in Ultra Space, but -that- isn’t exactly acceptable on Earth.” He’s not mad, but he -is- a little bit upset.

Oh– oh. Archer’s mad. That… wasn’t the intended outcome. “I’m sorry! You can headbutt me, if you want!”

Nice save.

“My kind don’t have… dating rituals. We reproduce asexually. We slam our plumes together to test firmness and make sure that they’re in tip-top condition. Is that… not normal?”

Aaaand out come the puppy dog eyes.

boyfriend!luke forgetting your 3rd anniversary and you’d be kind of upset about but you didn’t want to nag him because you were sure he’d remember if you just gave him some time, and so all day you’d be dropping hints hoping that it would jog his memory but the day passed and at midnight luke was as oblivious as ever when you gave him a sulky glare before climbing into bed next to him and turning your back. he’d be kind of confused since you usually always gave him a kiss and a cuddle before going to sleep and after a minute of thinking he’s shrug and press his chest to your back, snaking a long arm around your waist and as you sighed loudly at his gesture he couldn’t help but whisper “baby what’s wrong?” to which you’d simply reply “you forgot our anniversary” and luke would instantly get that feeling of complete stupidity and he’d mutter a low “fuck..” under his breath before cuddling you closer and pressing his lips to your shoulder and mumbling “how about i make it up to you all day tomorrow babe? just you and me, in bed all day. no clothes, no phones. and we can watch mean girls and pitch perfect and anything you want. just please don’t be mad at me baby” and you’d turn in his arms to face him and he’d be doing the biggest pouty face and puppy eyes, knowing damn well that you could never stay mad at him. “okay deal” you’d whisper, making luke smile before you’d press a few kisses to his lips and snuggle into his chest and murmur “goodnight you silly bean, i love you” and luke would sigh contently before softly muttering “i love you too babydoll, so so much”

Exo Reaction to Their Girlfriend Being Upset Because She Missed Her Flight


He felt kind of bad because he had totally caused her to miss her flight by being a pest and now she saw giving him the cold shoulder about it while she booked another flight online. 


He was trying really hard not to laugh because she was freaking out about it a lot and he didn’t see it as a big deal. He ended up doing it anyways, but then quickly shutting his mouth again when she sent him a glare.  


He teasingly tells her that he will help her book another flight even though she completely knows how to do it and make sure she doesn’t sleep through her alarm again on the day she is supposed to leave.  


He had never seen her so frustrated with herself. He kind of just let her rant about how stupid she thought she was because he didn’t know what to say and also didn’t want to get on her bad side. 


He immediately started pointing out all the reasons she missed the flight, most of being her poor time management skills and how she refused to get up at the time he had suggested. 


Kyungsoo smiled at her and told her not to worry about missing it because it wasn’t a super big deal. She could get another ticket for a different flight and he’d make sure she got there on time. 


He was a little confused about how she missed her flight because she had left the house with plenty of time to spare but then she explained traffic was horrendous because of an accident. After another moment of thinking he just tried to calm her down so he could tell her that she wouldn’t get fired for being a day late to the conference she was supposed to attend. 


“What do you mean you missed the flight?” he asked her impatiently. His girlfriend said something back to him, her voice clearly telling him she was stressed out and his berating wasn’t helping. “How long did you take to get ready today? You always are late to stuff, you need to get up earlier.” 


He wanted to whine at her because missing her flight meant he wouldn’t see her on the day they had planned. He had been looking forwards to it because she had been visiting her mom for a month. His girlfriend’s soft tone drifted over the phone, trying to lull him out of his sulking. 

“Hey, I didn’t expect my sister’s car to break down…though I should’ve, she has awful luck with these things.” When he didn’t answer, she sighed. “I will buy you bubble tea when I get there in two days, okay?” 


He smiled at her and told her not to worry. She would get to her sister’s wedding on time. He got her another ticket for a flight in the morning and promised to spend the night so he would make sure she got up in time. 


“It’s just a plane ticket,” he said as he rolled his eyes at her dramatics despite the fact that he would be equally dramatic or worse if it was him, “it’s not like the world is going to end.” 


He put his hand on her shoulder and gave her a smile. “Don’t worry about it, you’ll get there in time, you sister isn’t due to have the baby for a few days still. I already booked another flight in the morning.” 

“Really?” she asked him, forgetting how quick he could be to fix situations when they go askew. 

“Of course.” 

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Summonings of the Fluffy Kind

Since things today have got a lot of us upset, decided I’d go ahead and post this silly, fluffy fic I wrote in a burst of creativity yesterday.

Inspired by this post. (Edit: fixed the link.)

Tedd stared in disbelief at the rabbit sitting calmly in the middle of his summoning circle.

Damn it, the summon was supposed to call Alcor, dream demon and unholy offspring of nightmares, not a tiny brown rabbit, one that was currently sniffing the chalk circle with an air of patient, unruffled and absolute calm.

He glared at the rabbit, crossing his arms and tapping a foot. “How the hell am I supposed to bargain with you?” he asked in disgust. “Where’d you even come from?” Crouching, he took a closer look at it. “You aren’t Alcor, right? Like, in disguise to mess with me? I heard he pulls stuff like that…”

The rabbit sat on its hind legs and sniffed the air before scratching behind one ear vigorously. That taken care of, it settled back on all fours and loped out of the circle, nose working double time as it explored.

“…apparently not.”

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anonymous asked:

Could u write a blurb (when u have time) where u tease/lead Niall on and then leave him w/o attention and he becomes kind of pouty and cute/hot? Just like in the gym one you did in the scene where he says "that was mean and not at all fair" Niall being denied his boner and being upset about it is always 💯👌😍. Thank u!

you’re a tease, mona shaw | a little do you know drabble

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Niall’s eyes were blazing, blown out pupils with with slightest bit of a fiery blue encasing it, his lips pulled into a tight line as he glared at her. 

Mona smirked, wriggling in his grip because he’d managed to drag her into a dark room—supply closet, maybe?—his baseball mitt hands wrapping around her arm and pressing her into the door. She loved him like this, chest heaving with his ragged breaths, cheeks flushed a deep pink in his frustration. It was so easy to get him riled and yet he hid it so well, which was why Mona was pleasantly surprised when he dragged her away from their friends at Connemara’s only to pull her into a closet of some sort. 

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