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Easter Bath Fizzies: DIY Bath Bombs

Ever wonder how they make those fragrant bath bombs from Lush? We did a little research and decided to put a little twist on this project by using Easter egg molds to make our very own Easter Bath Fizzies!

What are bath bombs/fizzies?

These are salt-based thingies you put in your bath. Drop a bath bomb in the tub and it will fizzle and create tiny bubbles. 

What do we get from bath bombs?

Bathing with bath bombs is a perfect addition to your relaxation routine because of its health effects. It’s made out of ingredients that cleanse and smoothen your skin and relieve you from certain body pains. Baking Soda is known for its whitening and cleansing properties, while Epsom Salt is a natural mineral that relieves you from arthritic pain, muscle aches, and stiffness and soreness in joints. Essential or Fragrance Oils also helps you relax. If you really want to maximize this project, we recommend that you use Lavender, because it’s one of the most relaxing scents.



  • 1 cup Baking Soda
  • ¼ cup Cream of Tartar or ½ cup of Citric Acid (recommended)
  • ½ cup Epsom salt (from Healthy Options - P99)
  • ½ cup Corn Starch


  • 2 tbsp of Oil (we used Canola)
  • .75 tbsp of Water
  • 2 tsp of Fragrance Oil (P99 from SM Department Store)
  • 2 drops of Food Coloring (but we experimented with the quantity for this tutorial)


  • Molds (we used Medium-sized Easter egg shells from Toy Kingdom - P69)
  • Measuring Cups
  • Spoons (teaspoon and table spoon)
  • Spray Bottle (with water)
  • Mixing Bowl/s
  • Whisk or your hands

STEP 1: Mix dry ingredients

Add all dry ingredients to your mixing bowl and stir using a whisk or your hands.

STEP 2: Mix wet ingredients

Clean your work station after mixing, then proceed with your wet ingredients and mix them in another bowl (or jar). We used the Garden Fragrance for this project because of its lovely Summery scent! We also experimented on food coloring since it’s for Easter, but don’t add too much (just a drop or two).

STEP 3: Add wet mixture with dry mixture

Slowly add wet ingredients to dry ingredients while whisking or folding until your mixture turns into a damp powdery substance.

STEP 4: Spray a tad of water

Make your mixture more compact by spraying water. 2 to 3 sprays are enough to make it solid. Whisk or fold while spraying.

STEP 5: Put your mixture into the mold

Make sure that you add a little more in the middle part so they won’t separate. It takes a couple of tries to hold them together. 

Optional: Add drops of different food coloring before putting mixture into the mold.

STEP 6: Take molds off

Slowly remove the molds, and voila! You now have your bath bomb!

I hope you girls enjoyed our Easter tutorial! Don’t hesitate to try it and submit photos of your work to our email:! We will be more than happy to feature them in our Facebook Page! Hashtag #thegirlsroomonline on Twitter and Instagram to share with us anything!

Happy Easter!

Cynch of The Girls’ Room