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charmed appreciation week | day 1 ⇒ favourite character: phoebe halliwell

↳ ❝ i am light. i am one too strong to fight. return to dark where shadows dwell. you cannot have this halliwell. go away and leave my sight, and take with you this endless night. ❞

Girl bullies and beats up my sister, I make sure the popular kids hate her next year

Happened a few days ago, still grinning about the look on this girl’s face.

I want to start by saying that my little sister isn’t very popular. She’s not great at being social, she doesn’t wear popular clothes, she has blue hair. She’s very anxious around people, but she’s one of the sweetest girls ever. She’s in eighth grade. Kids are shits, so this year’s been hard for her.

One girl in particular targeted my sister. This girl had been spreading rumors about her, and after a while, it started getting around that she wanted to fight my sister. Being the anxious girl she is, my sister never told a teacher. (The school is terrible anyways, the teachers would have never stepped in.) Later that day, this girl attacks my sister. Everyone crowded around them while she suddenly started punching and kicking my little sister. One boy stepped in, literally throwing the other girl off of her. This has had a major effect on my sister’s mental health. Her grades dropped and she started panicking before each school day. If I could, I would have done far worse to this girl. However, my sister begged me not to, saying that she just wanted it to be left alone.

Fast forward a few weeks later. The eighth graders come to the high school I go to as some sort of orientation for when they’re freshmen next year. I was eating lunch with my friends, many of which happen to be very popular at the school (they’re on the student body, so they’re also involved in a lot of school decisions.) They’re well known at the middle school, too. A group of eighth graders come up to our table, and we’re supposed to help them out with any questions they have. They noticed that many of the people there were popular, and were trying to hang out with cool older kids I guess.

I recognize the group instantly as the girl and her friends who ganged up on my sister. For some reason, she doesn’t recognize me.

They start talking to us, and it’s obvious that they’re trying to make themselves sound cool. The  'ringleader’ girl asks, “Do any good fights go down here?”

I stared at her and said, “No, people here have better things to do. It’s sad when someone attacks another person for attention.” My friends agreed. “It’s disgusting,” one girl said. “I hate people who do that. It’s so disgusting.” I’m still staring at her when I say, “Actually, something like that happened to my sister down at (middle school). People that do that kind of thing are just sad. It’s not welcome here.”

That’s when she recognizes me. Her face went tomato red. Her friends chimed in, glancing at her every now and then. “Yeah, I heard about that, I can’t believe people still do that.” “I hate people like that!” Another one of the eight graders exclaimed.

The girl mumbled that she had to go to the bathroom and stood up, obviously waiting for her friends to go. They just kept talking to us, so she awkwardly walked there alone. After the eighth graders left, I explained what happened to my friends. Looks like she won’t be getting along here next year at all.

Every month or so there’s a new pair of eyes on Tater’s snapchat story and it’s driving everyone crazy. The snapchats are just close ups of the persons eyes with cute little captions in some variation of “the worlds most beautiful eyes!!!” No other part of the person is showing except for a little bit of nose and sometimes the persons eyebrows. It’s sweet that he’s posting these but everyone’s big issue is that it’s never the same pair of eyes from month to month. One month the eyes will be blue, the next green, the time after that light brown and everyone just wants to know how Tater is consistently falling in love with different girls. It becomes such a thing that anytime Tater is seen out with a woman people try and figure out what eye color she has and compare it to that months picture.

People start figuring out that it’s the same person in every snapchat story (I mean come on there’s no way tater could find girls with the exact same freckles.) Tater goes along with it and starts adding captions like “if you guess who’s eyes these are I’ll give you free Falcs tickets for year.” It remains a mystery until one day Tater posts a picture of the eyes and one of them is bruised with the caption “not so pretty today after game (” and the Falcs didn’t have a game but Boston isn’t too far from Providence and the Aces captain definitely got punched out during his game against the Bruins. And then it’s just a wide spread lightbulb flicking on moment.

The next thing added to his story is a video of Tater and Kent squeezed together on a couch and Tater saying “Sorry lot of you message all at once not know who wins tickets. But good guessing!”

what’s been confirmed so far as canon by Ghostbusters 101
  • the 1984 Ghostbusters and the 2016 Ghostbusters are canonically in two separate dimensions
    • this is cos some kinda dimensional crossrip thing during the coming of Gozer scattered the Ghostbusters concept across the multiverse, giving birth to other versions of the same team (such as The Real Ghostbusters and the 2016 team)
  • Holtzmann blows shit up just because she can (but we already knew that)
  • Erin calls Holtzmann by her first name (Erin that’s gay)
  • Kevin and Holtzmann buy weird shit with the business account
  • the girls have apparently been in business for around a year (confirmed in issue #3) (so that would mean Ghostbusters 101 takes place in early autumn)
  • Mike Hat comes to work with Kev (and is smarter than his owner)
  • Holtzmann is a terrible roommate
    • and she and her roommates live in the apartment from F.R.I.E.N.D.S.???? (confirmed in issue #3)
  • and yes, Holtzmann still runs like she does at the end of the movie
  • Egon basically thinks of Kevin as their dog
  • Abby isn’t taking any of this shit
  • Holtzmann makes inappropriate jokes 24/7
  • Patty and Winston are confirmed as the mom friends
  • Holtzmann thinks Kylie is cute (GAYYYYYY)
  • Ray and Holtzmann are totally gonna become buddies over the tech (i mean, look at how much Ray geeked out over the girls’ proton packs. fuckin nerds. i love them)
  • speaking of that, Egon is still a huge nerd.
Poverty fucking sucks but it sucks a hell of a lot more if you’re born with a vagina.

what really confuses me is the claim that radfems are all these privileged white middle class women, like, poverty was one of the main factors in me developing my ideology.  
Witnessing the poverty inflicted on the women in my family as they raise children while the entitled men just fuck off and abandon their children to make heaps of money and have the nerve to say they deserve it all fair and square because they’ve made “responsible choices”. I’m sorry but abandoning your children is the epitome of irresponsibility.
Facing the choice between homelessness or staying with a violent partner.  I mean abusive men suck no matter what but it’s pretty rough when leaving means you have to also drop out of university and lose almost everything you own because you have no savings, no transport and nowhere to go.
Watching friend after friend get pregnant and fall into the same trap where their baby daddy is abusive or completely irresponsible and childlike or just fucks off leaving them to a life of poverty and hardship while raising children because boys didn’t want to wear a condom but also don’t want to take responsibility for a child and abortions were hard as fuck to access in my home town.  And they act like the biggest victims because a girl wants him to occasionally change a nappy or refrain from coming home at 3am making heaps of noise and mess, or buy the kid something needed instead of decking out their shitty car with mods, or hell, just occasionally see the kid who misses their daddy and doesn’t understand why he isn’t around any more.  I see these heartbroken girls grow into heartbroken women just accepting their lot in life and the cycle just never ends.

Not to mention the stigma teenage mothers face because they had the AUDACITY to be sexually active in a pornsick culture where they are pressured to have sex at a young age and bombarded with media telling them that they need a relationship with a dude to be happy and often have little external social supports and inadequate education and sometimes unstable housing and grew up far too fast so they ended up in a “serious relationship” at 14 because it resembled stability and gave them comfort (not to mention the significant portion who are just outright targeted by predatory older guys because they’re vulnerable…seriously I knew an 11 year old girl in the foster care system who’s 18 year old cousin raped her and she had a baby at 12 and this kind of thing just normal where I come from…another friend of mine was 14 when her 19 year old boyfriend convinced her it would be a great idea to have a baby, so they had a baby, and then because her boyfriend was a violent sociopath, her family wouldn’t let her live with them so she was homeless for a few years while the baby lived with her family, where the original 14 year old friend grew up getting molested by strange men coming in and out of the house constantly because that’s what life’s like when your parents are drug addicts, but anyway…).  Now, the boys also are experiencing poverty and lacking education and social support, but they aren’t pushing strollers around the mall so they aren’t a “drain on taxpayer money”…
Not to mention the politicians who hate poor people also happen to hate women and brown people I mean WHAT an incredible coincidence…

This went a little off topic but, the biology of women and ability to bare children is so, so linked to poverty and class and this is something frequently explored in radical feminist discussion.  Growing up in a culture of poverty has shaped me profoundly and I just find it really insulting when people say that radical feminism is somehow a middle class ideology because it’s pretty obvious to anyone who’s poor that whether or not someone can have babies (ie biological sex) is a factor that MAJORLY affects someone’s life and chances of escaping poverty.  This is not something you can identify into or out of!  

Poverty fucking sucks but it sucks a hell of a lot more if you’re born with a vagina.


Okay here it goes,
First off it took some digging to find the first photo but thats me some years ago compared to me now. I just want to say how happy I am that I’ve come so far since coming out. I used to try so hard to fit in with what a girl was “supposed” to be. I tried to embrace my body and accentuate my female aspects but that just made me feel more and more dysphoric. Things have been hard since coming out but I don’t regret it at all. I have a long longggg ways ahead of me with transition but I’m hopeful that I’ll get through it and everything will work out. I couldn’t be more thankful for the people around me who have helped me and supported me through this, this includes my siblings, friends, and so many of you on tumblr.
Im working on bettering myself and being happy & I’m glad I’ve made it this far.

roseymama  asked:

My birthday was last week (5/21) but if you're in a lull and want to backtrack I love fluff and/or arranged marriage situations.

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How very fitting that our last story at everlarkbirthdaydrabbles is in response to what was, in fact, our very first submission! We’ve held onto this an entire year, gleefully looking forward to the day that we could fulfil this request! So happy birthday to you @roseymama, this incredible piece of Everlark was crafted just for you by the most wonderful @appleblossomgirl0305!

Blessed Accidents

A/N: Happy, happy day, birthday girl! I hope you have an incredible birthday and phenomenal year to come! (I also hope you have nothing else to do today besides eat cake and read this, as it is embarrassingly far too long for a drabble.)

To the @everlarkbirthdaydrabbles angels that have made this birthday gift exchange possible, thank you so, so much. You have done something so beautiful for the entire fandom.

Rated M

Trigger warning: parental abandonment

Katniss couldn’t put her finger on exactly what was wrong. She could feel it, gnawing insistently at the back of her mind like a headache coming on, but couldn’t figure out what had thrown her so off-balance. At nearly eighteen, Katniss had spent the past six years keeping her small family alive, a finely calibrated existence that kept them skimming just above oblivion. She was well aware that any small disaster could be their undoing, so she was vigilant in her watchfulness.

She glanced over at Prim, who was sitting at the kitchen table, schoolwork open in front of her. Katniss followed her sister’s eyes as she cast a worried look at their mother, who was making tea in the small kitchen.

Katniss’ eyes narrowed as she took in her mother, her blond hair brushing against her shoulders as she swayed back and forth, humming quietly to herself. As Katniss scrutinized her, her mother turned dreamily towards the window and closed her eyes, smiling into the soft morning light. This can’t be good, thought Katniss. But if anything, her mother looked perfectly healthy, robust even.

As she and Prim walked to school, Katniss did a quick mental inventory of her mother’s recent behavior and found no warning signs of the crippling depression that had nearly killed them all. If anything, lately her mother had seemed the opposite, too… happy. It had taken years after their father’s death for her mother to crawl out of the chasm of her grief. In the past few years, she had even resumed work as a healer, training Prim to assist her and freeing Katniss up to dedicate more of her time to hunting and their continued survival. But the humming and private smiles were new. Katniss scowled, if her mother was going to fall apart again, she needed to figure out how to protect Prim.

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Wayne Brady on Playing Aaron Burr in ‘Hamilton’ and Hollywood: “I Feel His Struggle” (Q&A) (The Hollywood Reporter):

[…] “It’s such an amazing opportunity — on TV, you don’t get to relive the same creative piece night after night, and then make your tweaks and try new things,” Brady tells The Hollywood Reporter. “That’s what I love most about theater: It’s never going to be perfect, but you keep trying over and over again, just like real life.”

Ahead of his last performance on April 9, Brady spoke with THR about dealing with his own Burr-like struggles, performing for his teenage daughter and potentially reprising the coveted role in the future.

What do you admire about your character, Aaron Burr?

I feel his struggle, in terms of being someone who wants to make his mark in this world and go about it in a certain way but is in a profession where perception is everything. Just because your outward persona says one thing, it doesn’t mean that’s who you are, but you get judged on that. And I felt I could feel his pain/glory in the sense of he was great at his job, but he was overshadowed by [Alexander] Hamilton because he wasn’t as flashy as Hamilton.I’m not a very flashy person — I don’t like to talk a lot, I don’t like to go to parties. Even when I started, I was told that the networking is a vital part of this business, and I know that it is. But I come from a school of showbiz where I get onstage and do what I do, and you should leave going, “Holy shit, that was awesome, Wayne’s great!” as opposed to wanting to read about me in a tabloid or waning me to be on a reality show or end up on TMZ because I punched somebody, which seems to be the way to be on people’s lists and get work and be relevant despite how talented you are. I feel I’ve accomplished my job if you leave the show empathizing with Burr.


What’s your pre-show ritual?

I rev up by playing Call of Duty: Zombies. Once I’m at the theater, I have to sing through the music in the first act. It’s self-defense. There are a lot of words and if you miss one word, the whole train goes off the track and everyone is gonna blame the conductor.

What are you doing when you’re not onstage?

I’m either reading my lines in my dressing room or talking to castmates. Ari Afsar, who plays Eliza, and I try to sing along to other characters’ songs, especially [“Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)”] but we still fail. But by the time I leave, we have to get that entire Hercules Mulligan section right.

Who has been your favorite backstage guest so far?

I was stoked to have my buddy Taye Diggs see it. And I’m so nervous that Christopher Jackson, who originated the role of George Washington, and his wife Veronica are coming [in a few days].But my favorite, favorite guest is my daughter. She loves this show like every other teenager in the country, and when she came backstage, she lost all of her 14-year-old swagger and was just my little girl and jumped on me. We were both crying when I sang “Dear Theodosia.” […]

Orphan Black creator promises more flashbacks in final season

Last season of Orphan Black saw everything coming full circle. Through the heavy use of flashbacks, characters galore were brought back from the dead, including the clone that set Sarah off on her journey — Beth Childs. According to show co-creator Graeme Manson, you can expect the flashbacks to continue in the fifth and final season, which kicks off June 10 on BBC America. And that’s just one of the juicy teases he shared with us about the clone drama’s final run of episodes. Read on for more.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So are we going to be meeting any new clones this season or is this more about wrapping up the story for the sestras we have?
GRAEME MANSON: Well, I think that the heart of the story is wrapping up our sisters, and we really felt that Tatiana [Maslany] has played, I think, 116 characters since this show started. So, we’re like, let’s concentrate on those 116 and then wrap that up, and then perhaps there might be a little squeak of room for one more clone.

You do have a few new characters though. What can you say about them?
Well, we have scaled our conspiracy. We are at the top of the pyramid ready to punch it in the eye. We met at the end of the last season our big bad— who’s sort of at the top of Neolution — P.T. Westmoreland. This is a man that we have believed has been dead for a hundred years or something. Lo and behold we are introduced to him at the end of the last season as actually still alive. This would make him the oldest man in the world and the most evil man in the world. This is part of what we do each year is we pick a new branch of science to kind of hang our story around and this year we’re looking at the science of prolongevity, which is quite timely.

What is the mission for the clones this season as we’re heading towards the big finale?
I think this season is really about freedom. It’s the final season and the clone sisters have to be all-in. Cosima is all-in to find a cure, to find her own cure, and the cure for the sisters. Sarah’s all-in, fighting and scrapping for everybody’s freedom. Helena’s all-in because she’s eight and a half months pregnant when we start. So if you take some stakes like that, it’s a very high-stakes season and it revolves around Helena’s pregnancy. It also revolves around Kira — we’re really going to get to the bottom of Sarah’s daughter this year. So, it’s a year with a lot of the usual Orphan Black hijinks, but also, it’s a very, very, very important year for the relationship and the bonding and the freedom to move forward for the sisters.

You really humanized Rachel for us over the past few seasons by showing us her backstory, but then just when we want to like her, you have her start stabbing people. Is the Rachel vs. Sarah dynamic back in full effect for season 5?
Sarah’s arch nemesis Rachel is back right in front of her, and this happens really early in the season. But I will say that Rachel has a surprising character arc this season, despite the fact that she is the big bad and that she really wrestles to finally get the sisters under her thumb at the start of the season, where Rachel ends up is really not where you might think.

You all did a great job last season of bringing back a lot of people we had not seen in a long time — obviously with Beth but a lot of old faces as well through flashbacks and what have you. Any surprises like that we can expect in season 5?
We really enjoyed opening that can of worms last year. It’s not easy, but it’s really a great thing for the fans to be able to go back into a flashback and learn something new about these characters that we spent so many seasons with now. So, we sort of pressed ahead with something similar this year. We figured in our final season what you really want to do is you want to take a look at these girls, and maybe just sort of ask how far have they come, where were they before?

So, we took a few episodes these seasons to create some character-focused episodes — so Cosima, Sarah, Rachel, Helena, Alison, they each sort of get their own character-focused episode, and those episodes are going to use flashbacks to open up their backstory, and tell us something new about these girls that we think we know so well.


Class Reunion

So at high school I was friendly with some of the younger girls who had just come up from junior school. Nothing wrong with just being their friend. They were cute, some were kinda sexy, and if I had any thoughts about getting with them it was when they were older (they would have been 11/12, me 15/16 so maturity gap mostly). One girl in my year group took exception, calling me a perv and even as far as accusing me of illegal things (to my face, not publicly), basically bullying me about it. I tried to take it on the chin but reported her when I got fed up with it. My friends and I would joke about this girl having a thing for me and being jealous of the younger girls being close to me. So fast-forward 10 years after I’ve left high school, finished uni and now am really successful in a high street bank. (Branch Manager, branch has best customer reviews, there’s whispers of a further promotion.) However, I’m single. I go to the reunion and this girl who had been abusive to me. Admittedly, she’s fucking gorgeous. Long flowing brunette, big brown eyes, gorgeous figure. I avoid her as much as I can but she eventually comes up to me and takes me to one side to make a long overdue apology. I take it well and we chat for a bit.

Turns out she’s a stripper now and fed up with it so my ego has just grown massively. We chat more, drink a bit, and she gets flirty and handsy. She opens up that she had a crush on me at school and still thinks of me when she fucks/masturbates like she did back then. I think ‘what the hey, I haven’t had sex in a while’ so I leave with her and we go back to mine. Turns out, after all that abuse of calling me a perv and other nasty names, she’s more perverted than me! She has schoolgirl fantasies, loves it in public, loves it rough, massive squirter, has a porn fetish, big BDSM fetish, hates condoms and loves piss! We have a insane night of sex, both quite sore in the morning but get up, shower together, lots of oral (kissing each other better) and she left. After all that abuse, turns out she was the perverted one, but it was worth it. Only ever did it one other time with her after that. We arranged a meet up at mine and she turned up at my door, only lingerie on under her coat and she bought her wife along… wow…

Hello everyone. Today I want ta introduce Shina’s teammates that @tomoe-au​ helped me come up with. You see, I’m terrible at coming up with OC’s. I neglected to really write about Shina’s teammates for this reason.

While trying to come up with who his teammates might be, well, I realized something. His teammates will probably eventually be his friends… and you see, so far… almost all of Shina’s fandom friends are girls. ^_^; I could have followed the 2 boys one girl policy, but that’s just really meh. I couldn’t do the 2 girls one boy thing because again there’s the problem of no variety in Shina’s life.

I neglected to mention his teammates for years and years. I considered just using some of by buddies OC’s like @rebelliondou, but that’s a story in itself which is not the same ‘story’ this blog follows (not that I wouldn’t mind doing asks for that particular AU) And them @tomoe-au saved the day!

So here we have Koga and Myouen. (Their colors/outfits are not final). This team was formed when they were 15, but they were aware of each others existence prior to becoming teammates even if they weren’t quite friends.


Koga is like a loyal dog. Always has some encouraging words to say, especially for Shina. He’s loud and if he thinks someone undeserving has been insulted, he will bark angrily. Not actually bark, but you get the idea. He may be be prone to mood swings. Pfff

Although Myouen doesn’t think much of Koga, Koga has a lot of beef with Myouen. It’s not uncommon for Koga to be yelling about something insulting Myouen has said and Myouen completely ignores him.

Koga has a scar on his eyebrow that he got after a very dangerous expedition where he sailed the seas and fought ninja pirates for the treasure of one piece… except that’s not what happened at all. He got the scar when he was a toddler and a vase fell on his face after pulling the table cloth. For every new person he meets, he makes up a new bull crap story of how he got it. At this point, not even he remembers how he actually got it. Probably.


Myouen is the local grumpy cat. He is extremely intelligent and excels in school and martial arts training, but because he’s super milk toast, no one really pays attention to him or his accomplishments.

Since they were younger, Myouen had an intense dislike of Shinachiku. Since he is the Hokage’s son and the son of the most prominent doctor in the world, he’s bound to get attention no matter what he does. Myouen finds Shina very undeserving and makes his feelings known.

Their ‘Friendship’

You can imagine how great everyone gets along at first. Meaning, they didn’t get along at all. The day they were assigned to meet, Shina and Koga got along right away. Koga was similar to his dad and Shina knew how to handle it.

When the two went to meet up with Myouen, things did not go well. In fact, the first thing out of Myouen’s mouth was insinuating Shina only got approved to be a shinobi because of the status of his parents and he hoped Shina actually held his weight on their future missions.

Cue the never ending cycle of Koga shouting, Myouen ignoring him, and Shina making sure the two stayed as far away from one another as possible.

There is a point where Myouen sees Shina in a different light and the three will get along much better, but that’s a story for another day.

Being almost complete opposites, Koga and Myouen will always kinda clash, but they’ll learn to respect one another.

Sooooo, what do you think? Again, couldn’t have done this without @tomoe-au, had a lot of fun spitting out headcanons and stuff.

“Self-Hating Asshole”

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Tony Stark x Fem!Reader, Tony Stark x Daughter!OC

Length: 3237 words

Warnings: maybe some swears?, mentions of cheating, female reader, female oc


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Hello again.

Jughead x Reader

15 years ago I moved to Santa Monica away from Riverdale. I couldn’t stay there, after Jason Blossom’s death, Riverdale was never the same. 5 years ago, I went back. It’s hard to believe that some people were able to stay in this town. Archie did. I don’t know how.

I remember knocking on the door of the house that he now lives alone is as far as I know. He opened the door and his eyes showed a bittersweet stare. I remember talking for hours about how he is a successful singer. I was just glad he stopped kissing any moving girl like he did in high school.

After a year I started moving around again, Archie had told me Jughead moved away to pursue his novel. Which he did. I have a copy, one of the first ones to. I checked so often to see if he had realized, and he did. He made his dreams come true.

Today I found myself wandering around in Vermont. I stood outside the Bennington Battle Monument and took a picture. I sent it to Archie and the rest of the gang.

The 3 dots popped up and in a few seconds, Archie replied.

‘Are you in Vermont? That’s where Jug moved!’

I felt my heart skip a beat thinking I might run into him. Veronica swiftly started typing about 'her ship’ and Archie ended up being forced to give me his address.

I laughed and continued walking around enjoying the place away from home. In the dull moments, I wasn’t occupied with Vermont my mind happened to always drift back to Jughead. My feet must have had a mind of their own as they somehow seemed to stroll to those numbers Archie messaged me.

I stood outside, not wanting to knock or approach the Jones’ house at all. I highly thought about leaving and continue spending my late nights wondering if he was okay.

Confronting myself, I walked up to the door, ready to knock. It’s been 20 years. He doesn’t want you here. He might not even remember you.

I did it. There’s no turning back now.

I heard footsteps getting louder, indicating someone was home. The door swung open and as I looked at who was revealed I lost my ability to speak.

Jug. He looked older. Older in a mature, handsome way.

“Hi, Jug”

“(Y/n)? I haven’t seen you in 20 years.” He looked at me with bliss, confusion, and shock. “Come in.”

I gazed around his house. His novel really got him far, I’m proud of him.

“I see your years of being a sad anti-social teen who rather write a novel than talk worked out.”

“Haha very funny. Honestly, it did. You left Riverdale.” Jughead sat next to me and peered into my eyes.

“I finally did.” Then he did it. He kissed me. At the same time, the sparks flew that flew when we were teens. All the memories flooded back, no matter how cliche it sounds.

Jughead pulled away and rested his forehead against mine.

“Stay. (Y/n) please, stay.”

And now, 20 years later, I knew we’d never leave each other again.

@perry–aesthetic @tillielynn16

Not the best because I write late at night when I have insomnia

CS + teenage crimes

Summary: Henry’s bit of teenage revelry dredges up some memories Emma could gladly do without, go thing her pirate’s there for her to lean on.

Word Count: 1, 326

Rating: PG

Tags: #cs one shot  #cs future family fic  #cs angst

            Sheriff Emma Swan leaned back in her rolling desk chair with a sigh, having just spent the last few hours in her office at the sheriff’s station answering basically frivolous complaint calls, filling in paperwork, and of course, clearing up all the hassle that came along with the previous night’s prank.  She flicked her long hair back over her shoulders once more, blew out a breath of frustration, and rolled her neck experimentally, hoping to work out the crick she could already feel.  Scanning the desktop surface and fruitlessly checking her wrist where she sometimes wore one in case it was needed, she failed to find a hair tie.  She’d been trying to wear her hair down more often, not that her husband would ever tell her how to dress or style herself, but the look in Killian’s eyes the first time he’d seen her all done up for a night out with her hair falling loose down her back in long, golden spiral curls, had been worth the bit of inconvenience.  She knew that gleam in his eye well, and Emma wasn’t above admitting – at least to herself – that she enjoyed putting it there every so often.  Granted, Killian never failed to make it clear that he loved her, appreciated her, and found her beautiful every day, even after almost three years of marriage, but that gobsmacked, just swallowed his own tongue response was something else entirely.

            Eventually, she stalked over to the coat rack where she’d hung her purse and rooted a rubber band from within its depths; for now, a ponytail gave her at least one less small annoyance on her plate.  That done, she flopped back into her seat and forced herself to refocus on the report spread out before her.  It was just a simple Disturbance of the Peace complaint – but the fact that it was against Henry, Violet, and a few of their friends for a toilet papering escapade on the wrong townsperson made Emma fret over it all the same.  They defaced nothing, nothing was broken – they had barely gotten tissue over than more than a couple of the hedges – but none of that seemed to calm down Old Mother Hubbard herself.  Once David had arrived to answer the summons (he’d been the one on duty the night before) he had managed to talk the old battleaxe down from pressing charges.  It had been a near thing though, and Emma couldn’t help the smirk and shake of her head at her mother’s response to that news.  “Well why did you think I called him Charming?” she’d asked innocently.  However, the elderly woman had still been ranting that something needed to be done, kids today were out of control, and she could hardly sleep peacefully at night wondering what might happen next.

            Emma snorted at that last bit, feeling inclined to go tell the old biddy that if she didn’t like surprises she was living in the wrong town.  Instead though, she had simply ordered Henry to bed once her dad had swung by with him in the cruiser the night before.  Over breakfast, she’d told him that while she understood that he was sixteen, almost seventeen, and there were a lot of worse things he could have been caught doing, and that she knew none of them had meant any harm, she still wanted him to go and apologize to Mrs. Hubbard for frightening her and not respecting her property.  Henry had offered a monosyllabic “fine” and tromped out soon after, seeming not to be softened at all by the fact that Emma had ended the whole thing by trying to explain how much she loved him and what a good heart she knew he had; she simply didn’t want something that couldn’t be forgotten, some harmless teenage crime, to keep others from seeing the special young man he was.  She didn’t want anything to happen which could stand in the way of whatever dream he wanted to pursue in just a few years’ time.  She knew all too well that some marks against a person never fully faded.

            She could only hope he would be in better humor and more willing to listen later that night.  Probably not, since she had heard Violet’s father had grounded her for a month, therefore robbing Henry of his girlfriend and main companion for the next few weeks.  Though the man might actually have ended up being from Connecticut not Camelot, Emma sensed some Middle Age ideas about propriety might have stuck.

            Standing again, she went to file the report in the cabinet on the office’s back wall, and then leaned her head against it.  What it really boiled down to, she realized sadly, was that she didn’t even feel she had much room to reprimand her son.  She hated thinking back to those miserable, desperate days, but when she did, it wasn’t easy for her knowing that when she was a teenager she’d done so much worse.  Emma’s shoulders slumped as she stood there, torn, with her mind back in days she didn’t want to relive.

            A knock on the door interrupted her reverie, causing her to pull back and turn quickly to face whoever might be watching, running a hand under her eyes tellingly over suspiciously damp cheeks. 

            “Love, what is it?” her husband’s concerned voice, broke through her turmoil.  And she couldn’t help being glad it was him seeing her in her moment of weakness; if it had to be someone, at least he would understand.  Her pirate was across the room in two seconds and gathering her into his arms.

            Rather than trying to pull away and convince him she was fine, Emma leaned into his solid support, rested her head on his chest, and drew some comfort from his warmth.

            “You left so quickly after Henry this morning,” Killian continued.  “I wasn’t so sure that it went well.  Thought I should see if there was anything I could do.”

            Emma hugged him back, wrapping her arms around his waist and leaning back just enough to peer up into his beautiful, adoring face.  “You’re already doing the best thing you could do for me.”

            “It’s just a hug, Swan,” he murmured at her hairline.  “You’ve been upset, and I want to help.  You do know that Henry and his mates didn’t cause any real damage, aye?”

            She gave him a watery smile in return, drawing a steadying breath.  “It’s not that…” she paused, then looked at him again and it all came pouring out.  “I’m upset because what kind of example am I, Killian?  At his age, I was shoplifting to eat, squatting in hotel rooms, living on the run.”  She sniffled, but didn’t stop, “How can I reprimand him for some harmless fun, when at just a year or so older, I was pregnant with him, in prison?!”

            Killian sighed, his brow furrowed with sadness for her, both now and for the young, frightened girl she had been, while he pulled her into his embrace once more.  Emma was grateful when he didn’t immediately offer platitudes or tell her it would be fine, but simply brushed his hook across her shoulder blades and swayed her gently back and forth.  “Oh Love,” he crooned. “You’ve come so far since then…worked so hard… Your teenage crimes have no bearing on that.  You boy is a bright lad.  He will understand.”

            It didn’t make her doubts, her worries for Henry, or the past hurt go away, but somehow Emma felt better all the same, just relaxing in her husband’s arms, knowing he would always believe in her and always see the best in even her clumsiest attempts. 

            “Do you always know just the right thing to say?” she asked him fondly, bemused half smile blooming on her face.

            Killian merely grinned back at his amazing, strong, survivor of a wife, with satisfaction, “Only with you, Emma.”

by @snowbellewells

It’s bullshit that teens and adults aren’t allowed to play. 

 I have a younger sister, so I continued to play make believe games longer than most of my peers. Eventually, around middle school, I noticed that the other kids around me were no longer playing with dolls and stuffed animals. “Oh.” I thought. “I guess I should stop doing that too.”

 But the desire to create, to imagine, to act out stories, that never goes away. Sure, maybe some adults can get away with fulfilling that desire by going to the renaissance faire or playing Dungeons and Dragons. But even those activities are ridiculed, and it certainly isn’t acceptable for a grownup to enjoy playing with barbies or action figures or make a spaceship out of a refrigerator box.

 Adulthood restricts the playfulness in all of us. Granted, it certainly isn’t unheard of for adults to play video games, or for men to graduate from collecting matchbox cars to repairing real ones. But no adults can play as freely and unashamedly as they did as children, even in their limited free time. And women? We’re expected to stop playing dress-up as witches and queens and instead learn to do our contour. We trade in playing tag and climbing the monkey bars for running on the treadmill at the gym. Adults aren’t barred from fun, of course, but we are expected to only enjoy certain types of entertainment, often media based or involving alcohol.

 I know for a fact that the stories I created as a little girl were practice for the writing I do today. But sometimes the words alone just aren’t enough. I want to get out my Playmobiles and build a world of intrigue and betrayal, make the yard a battlefield where I fight invisible foes, even just run through the sprinkler with my friends again. And I’m not just talking about age regression here—the games I would play with my American girl dolls and plastic animals would be much grittier and complex than anything a child could come up with. I just want playing with toys to stop being shameful for adults, even teenagers who aren’t so very far from their childhood years. We encourage creativity and innovation in science, in art, in writing, why condemn it when it brings nothing but personal enjoyment?

 My mom, who just turned 50, told me recently that she doesn’t yet feel like a grown up. I don’t either, but yet I am expected to leave behind my childish wonder and silliness behind just because I have to pay car insurance and college fees. It makes me sad.

Home (Sirius Black Oneshot)

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Anyway, this is super, super long, but I’m actually really proud of the way it came together. I hope you guys like it and I’d love it if you could reblog!

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“Sirius?” Harry asked his godfather, quietly, as he fingered the golden crest of the dresser they were meant to be cleaning. Molly had only just finished getting rid of the Doxy’s that resided in the library of Grimmauld Place, and now it was Sirius and Harry’s job to scrub down the ancient room until it looked ‘spick and span’, according to the motherly witch.

“Mhmm?” The older man replied, not taking his eyes of the task at hand.

“I, er… I was just…” Harry took a deep breath, flattening his fringe to his forehead like he always did when he was nervous. “… have you ever been in… in love?”

Sirius let out a bark-like laugh and glanced down at his godson: the amusement clear in his eyes. “Merlin’s beard, Harry… why on earth do you ask that?” A small crease had appeared in his forehead, Harry noticed, as the layer of dust coating the dresser vanished with a wave of his wand.

“Well, I…” muttered Harry, his cheeks going the same shade as Ron’s ears. “I don’t know. I suppose I was just curious.”

The truth was, Harry sometimes felt, although he loved Sirius dearly, he didn’t really know much about his only remaining family member.

Understanding leaked into Sirius’s eyes, and he nodded firmly. “Right. Of course. Of course you should be curious. I mean, it’s not like you have other people to talk to about…” He glanced at the boy. “Right. You should know these things.” Sirius brow furrowed for a moment, and he got a faraway look in his eyes. For a moment, Harry thought he could see a glimmer of something in them- he wasn’t sure what it was- but then his godfather blinked and it was gone. If there was one thing Sirius was good at, it was hiding what he felt, Harry thought. But then the said man smiled down at Harry, his eyes twinkling.

“Well, I suppose… there was one girl…”

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I’ve been working at an event full of people all day and Harry’s name’s been brought up a few times because of the BB charts. So far, my favourite overheard comment has come from a guy insisting Harry was dating Zac Efron last year. Or maybe just having a fling with Zac Efron. More likely a handful steamy hookups, yes.

My 20 Year Old Husband - BTS Fanfic [Day 5 - Morning Confession]

20 yr old Jungkook, at the top of his idol boyband career, has a secret only he & his bandmates know – An underground relationship, with you, a girl he met at a fanmeeting. Things get a little out of hand and you find out you’re pregnant.

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