the girls are waiting


“ Don’t you lecture me, blue-box man flying through time and space on whimsy. All I’ve got, all I’ve had for thirty six years, is cold, hard reality.“ ||| “ You left me alone for ten years! Don’t tell me I can’t be angry


THE BIG SEVEN - Harry Potter series

- This is my HP fancast aesthetic. Yes I know, I messed up Ginny’s name, I’m sorry. In my country her name is spelled like that. I realized that the English one is different too late, just when I posted it. -


“The preparation period for this concert was frantic, to be honest. Everyone had a lot of individual schedules, so we did worry. But fascinatingly, now that it’s been almost 10 years, our teamwork is so good. We started rehearsals around 2 am. We rehearsed the day of the concert, actually, until 5 pm. We were worried then. We needed to manage our conditions, but when fans filled the audience, it gave us strength and we did it happily.”