the girl with the little monster tattoo

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This is how I came out to my dad. He was doing dishes and I decided to just blurt it out. It went like this.
Me: Dad I’m a bisexual I like girls and boys.
Dad: No shit Sherlock * carries on doing dishes*

When I got my first girlfriend he didn’t blink an eyelid.
When I brought my gay best friend round my dad greeted him with a loud “Hello gorgeous” and a kiss in the middle of the street
My dad got bored one night and let me dress him up
There’s a video of my dad singing about how he’s a little fairy come to do my make up
There’s a photo of my dad in a coconut bra and a wig

He always buys me the coolest make up and clothes, seriously the man has fantastic taste

My dad is an ex army, shaved head and tattooed muscle monster who terrifies everyone who looks at him yet he is the most accepting daddy ever and I adore him.

If you think my dad is awesome please reblog this so I can show him on his birthday. I want him to know the world knows how cool he is.

tattoos for the signs

ARIES: classic heart with scroll that reads “mom”, pin-up girl, knuckle tattoos that say “dumb luck”, a cross, a memorial tattoo for a loved one, tattoo of a 90′s cartoon character

TAURUS: their favorite food, song lyric/bible verse/other quote, where the skin is ripped to reveal something underneath, sports team logo, superhero logo, a rose, something from a movie

GEMINI: anything in typewriter font, a compass, their favorite animal, “ and “ on either wrist, something they saw on the wall of the tattoo shop and liked, a knife through the skin

CANCER: a word or phrase they really like, their pet, an anchor, a matching tattoo they got with a friend or special person, a keyhole, a key, an important date, anything that reminds them of something meaningful, black work tattoo

LEO: superhero/comic book logo or panel, a butterfly, song lyric, childhood cartoon character, something video game related, sexy looking lady/guy and a saucy-worded banner, anything sailor jerry style

VIRGO: knuckle tattoos “sink/swim”, praying hands, something that reminds them of a goal or accomplishment, their favorite band logo, something they found on the internet they like, their main in smash, any kind of animal, an interrobang

LIBRA: any kind of traditional tattoo with flowers as accents, candy ice cream and stars, laughing skull, anything that inspires them, a portrait, jack skellington, dotwork tattoo

SCORPIO: an hourglass, knuckle tattoos “love/hate”, something in a loved one’s handwriting, a spider or snake, bows on the hips, claw marks or a paw print, anything with a skull, a memorial tattoo, a gravestone

SAGITTARIUS: any kind of flash piece, a boat steering wheel, something that makes them laugh, bigfoot, a map, a blackout tattoo with geometrical shapes, a simple band, a bleeding eyeball, praying hands and rosary beads 

CAPRICORN: wolf eyes, song lyrics, mark or symbol from their favorite book or show, japanese style koi, neck tattoo, a swallow, boat with “safe seas never made a skilled sailor” banner, monster girl/boy, something dark and cute

AQUARIUS: mandala or other intricate geometric tattoo, space tattoo, stick and poke done in your best friends garage, ouija board marker, anything from their favorite video game franchise, 

PISCES: watercolor tattoo, infinity symbol, song lyrics, magic/pagan/wiccan symbols, anime tattoo, nautical star, skull and cross bones, knuckle tattoos of different little things, small plants, simplistic tattoos

Yeah, #darkpercy is awesome and has a spot in my heart, but have you ever thought about dark!percy who has a soft spot for children?

Percy who is usually swears like a sailor during sword practice, but who has a virgin’s mouth when a kid is around.

Percy who takes pride in being known as a leader and a warlock and someone to be feared alongside the greeks, but who makes a fool of himself when a kid is scared of him, and wont stop until they have laughed.

Percy who completely tears apart anyone who messes with the kids at te camp because “they are already having a hard time here, fuck of or I fuck you up”.

Percy who has a large family and is known as a troublemaker and punk and whose old aunts shake their heads at the sight of, but who treats his young relatives so well when he is around that all of their mothers have him on speed dial in case they need a emergency babysitter.

Percy who always looks out for kids in missions, who once risked his life by refusing to kill a monster in front of a little girl because he didn’t want to scare her, who shields all of them using his body when he has too, who can’t stand them getting hurt.

Percy who got Annabeth speechless that time he was babysitting her brothers, because getting home and seeing your boyfriend, all black skinny jeans and tattoos and piercings and sass and power, with his arms around your brothers’ waists, spinning then around and laughing like there’s no tomorrow, is quite something to leave you speechless.

Percy who is strong and fierce and powerful and has a lot of trouble containing that much fire inside of him, but who is also kind and protective and gentle and who appreciates innocence and live.

Just Percy! who has a dark side and a soft spot for kids.

Mobile Masterlist!

My updated masterlist due to the many changes in url and blog problems!


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I’ll Always Protect You

Glass Slippers: Part 1 Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5

I Spy With My Little Eye: Part 1

Winchester Brothers:

Mute: Part 1  Part 2  Part 3


The Fallen One

Teen Wolf:

The Pack:

Little One: Part 1 Part 2

Once I Was Real

You Found Me

Isaac Lahey: 

Brothers, We All Have Them

Liam Dunbar:

I’ll Always Be Here

Stiles Stilinksi:

My Fair Lady: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

Broken and Torn:  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

I Fell For You: Part 1 Part 2

I Hate You Too

Derek Hale:

A Puppy and A Werewolf

The Avengers:

Pietro Maximoff:

May I Have This Last Dance?

Percy Jackson

Let’s Hunt Ourselves a Hellhound

The Maze Runner:

The Gladers:

Bands and Singing Ft. The Gladers

Meet the Addams?

Modern Slang vs. Glader Slang

Telephone on An Empty Road: Part 1

A Different Culture

High School Musical Meets The Gladers

The Girl With Dyed Hair

The Glader Muppet Show

Jingle Bell Rock, Mean Girls Style

The Majestic Tiger


With Love Comes Hate: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

I Feel Safe in Your Arms

Words Will Break My Heart: Part 1 Part 2


And Hate Shall Have No Dominion: Part 1 Part 2

Little Green Monster: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

It Doesn’t Take a Beauty to Tame a Beast: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5  Part 6

Remembering Sunday

Tattooed Angel: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

You’re So Bloody Aggravating

I Found

Summer Time

She Feels Like Home: Part 1 Part 2

Deals Aren’t Meant to Be this Way

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The Other Glader Girl: Part 1   Part 2

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That Blood Is On Your Hands

No More Overprotective Brothers!

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Friend Frist, Crush Later

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First Kiss


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Captain Gally and The Mermaid: Part 1 Part 2

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Should Have Told You How Much I Love You


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Too Nervous

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Selfish For The Holidays

A Proposal and A Diamond Ring

Birthday First, Music Later

The Odds Aren’t In Your Favor: Part 1

Can’t Help Falling in Love With You


Run, Boy, Run  

A Single Voice 

It’s All My Fault: Part 1 Part 2 

Get a Room 

I’m Yours and You’re Mine



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Jealous Much?

Throwing Punches

Our Time in The Deadheads


Don’t Take Yourself Away From Me


The Glue and His Greenie


Last Kiss That Touched Your Lips

Teresa Agnes:

Mourn for Me

The Mortal Instruments

Simon Lewis

I’ll Take Care of You

Toxic Love Can Be Solved With Ducks

Sebastian Morgenstern

You Are Nothing To Me

The Hunger Games

Finnick Odair:

Heavenly Savior: Part 1 Part 2

Spare Me My Misery

The Victors’ Crusade

Haymitch Abernathy

Come Home to Me Again

anonymous asked:

I don’t know anything about ff but I wanna know your posts about it are all cute and/or interesting and/or cool and rip

[spoiler free!!]

I recently got ffxv and it’s about a prince named noctis (the dark haired pretty boy) that has to marry princess/oracle lunafreya (a gorgeous girl, the blonde one in the white dress. theyre being wed bc political stuff) So Noctis goes on a road trip with 3 of his friends across the country to get to the wedding (but there’s a hell ton of interruptions like war and monsters and etc) he also likes fishing.

The roadtrip boys (often called the chocobros)
Gladio. He’s the super ripped dude. Has a glorious mane, tanned, cool tattoos. His job is to protect the prince, he’s basically a body guard. He likes camping and he has a little sister named Iris (the girl with dark short hair, wears a skirt and chocker) Their sibling dynamic is vvvv cute Gladio is v protective of her but she can also kick ass ilovethem

Ignis is the one with glasses and ash brown hair. he’s the mom. He cooks for everyone and does most of the planning and driving. His job is to look after the prince as a royal advisor. Ignis got sass too it’s great

Prompto is Noct’s best friend!! he’s not royal or anything, he’s just his best friend. So he’s always trying to prove his worth and he’s kinda insecure?? He’s also the mood make of the group, puns and jokes etc. I love him *climbs onto sky scraper and shouts with all my life force* I LOVE PROMPTO he’s the blondie with cute freckles and blue eyes. He likes video games, photography and animals !!!! what a ray of sunshine.