the girl with the knives

consider: cameos for both Cassian & Jyn in the Han Solo movie, wherein they narrowly miss meeting each other

God should fear girls with battle scars.
Pretty little things with knives hidden in their smiles,
blood red lips and poison-painted nails. 
They’ve been to the gates of Hell - 
and the Devil sent them back,
armed and ready to fight.
—  God is so obviously a man, so the Devil protects her sisters - c.k

Lynn Hopps Loud

Hotline Miami Royal Woods

Lynn is the fastest and don’t mistake this bunny for weakness either; Lynn is the most durable of the Louds. Lynn take a few more hits from melee and has a dash attack. Though Lynn’s glaring weakness is her lack of understanding basic firearms, she doesn’t understand how to use anything past a pistol with rather lacking aim and can harm herself if she attempts use high power weapons like shotguns and smgs.

Girls, we are wolves.
We hide our fangs behind innocent smiles and red lipstick.
Girls, we are dragons.
Our voices carry the heat of our injustices and pain.
Girls, we are fighters.
Bullets and knives can pierce our skin but not our souls.
Girls, we are human beings.
We crack, we fall, and we bleed.
But we always, always stand back up.
—  You can’t break us // k.s.