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How I Overcame Reader’s Block (And So Can You!)

As a kid, I adored reading.  Okay, more specifically, I enjoyed reading about dragons, but that’s not the issue here.  

It frequently coincided with my equally as intense love of climbing trees, and some of my fondest memories involve being perched in a small tree and reading some hopelessly goofy, dragon-related literature while my mom and toddler siblings used the playground equipment.  If no climbable trees were available, I’d settle for reading under one and drinking a thermos of chocolate milk while they ran around in the park. 

As I got older, my tastes got a little more eclectic as I encountered Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Anne Shirley, the residents of Narnia and Middle Earth, respectively, and much to my mother’s horror, Stephen King, but my passion remained more or less the same.    

Bottom line is, I loved reading.  It was my paramount joy, my primary source of entertainment, and I didn’t think that would ever change.

So imagine my shock when, around my sophomore year of college at the age of seventeen, it occurred to me that I hadn’t really read for pleasure since I discovered the Hunger Games a year or two prior.  Moreover, and equally as horrifically, when I tried to read I found I couldn’t focus;  regardless of the quality of the story and how much I wanted to read it, the investment was gone.

Whether this was due to my first stint with organized education (prior to college, I was homeschooled) or the fact that I’d grown accustomed to the bite-sized chunks of candy-flavored, insubstantial information served up by the internet, the sad and simple fact was that I had fallen out of love with reading, and it looked like it was going to stay that way forever.   

Well, flash forward two-point-five years to Present-Day Brooksie, and since school got out in early May, I’ve read Chuck Palahniuk’s Make Something Up: Stories You Can’t Unread, Ruth Ware’s In a Dark, Dark Wood, Emma Straub’s The Vacationers, Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book, and Celeste Ng’s Everything I Never Told You.  Despite the disappointing lack of dragons, I loved all of them.    

I drink books like nectar again, if you’ll pardon the floral language, and everything from the quality of my writing to the quality of my life has improved as a result of it.  

So how did I fall back in love with reading?  Well, I’ve spent a lot of time pontificating on this, and as far as I can tell, it can be narrowed down to three factors:

1.  Reading every day.

It started with lunch.  Every day, when I’d sit down at my university cafe, I used to get out my laptop and watch YouTube or whatnot while I ate my sandwich – a cool idea in theory, but really sort of gross whenever I rubbed my greasy fingers on the mouse and keyboard. 

When I made a conscious decision to read more, I began taking out my book and reading during the lunch period instead.  It didn’t come naturally at first – I was easily distracted and kept zoning out – but I ultimately found it very pleasant, especially when I listened to some classical music in the background as well (nice for atmosphere, and for drowning out noise and distractions.)  

I kept doing it.  

When that summer rolled around, I rediscovered an amazing little outdoor cafe by the harbor.  It had no wifi, which for my purposes, was absolutely perfect.

I went there to read Good Omens and eat home baked lemon squares, pie, and banana bread, listening to international tourists speak in other languages, and watch the boats go by.  It was a beautiful environment, and that (coupled with the fact that Good Omens is just really fucking awesome) made it easier than ever for me to want to stay longer and become more engrossed in what I was reading.

Afterwards, I’d take out my notebook and work on my own stories and journal.  Overall, I’d say that summer was one of the most intellectually productive I’ve had.  

Once school started again, it got a little harder to read every day, but by then my love of reading had pretty much caught:  it had become an intellectual drug for me again, a source of comfort, pleasure, and inspiration.  Also, it was another viable excuse to procrastinate on my academic responsibilities, which was always welcome.  So I kept reading.  It was still a relatively slow process, as I had to work around my already busy schedule, but the more I read the more adept I became at drinking in the information in hungry, satisfying gulps (a bit more suggestive than I’d initially intended that metaphor to be, but I’m going to go with it.)

But this isn’t to say that there were no bumps in the road back to bibliophilia.  There was another factor that I had to grasp before I reached the point where I could unabashedly adore reading once again.

Which is: 

2.  Reading what excites me.

No, I’m not speaking sexually, you pervert.  I’m talking about books I actually want to read.  

When I first started trying to get back into literature, I started trying to read the classics exclusively, like Around the World in Eighty Days and Little Women.  Let me be clear, these books are amazing (excluding the jarring amounts of racism and endorsements of British colonialism in the former) but after semesters of reading similar works for my literature seminars, they just felt a little like…academia.  

In fact, the only reason I was insistent on reading classics exclusively, I now realize, was because I was a pretentious, pseudo intellectual little shit back in those days with a horrible case of impostor syndrome.  What I needed to re-learn was what dragon-loving, Ten-Year-Old Brooksie long since already knew: the best way to enjoy reading is to read what you actually enjoy.

It was a lesson I slowly but surely remastered, and it took me a while to realize that modern literature is teaming with smart, enriching reads, like Life of Pi, American Gods, Where’d You Go Bernadette, The Twelve Tribes of Hattie, The Help, Everything I Never Told You, and countless others.  

Moreover, these were books I didn’t have to force myself to read;  they were books I found myself reading at four AM because I didn’t want to stop.  

I’ve also discovered classics that I can eat up in a matter of days, like A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (Which absolutely everyone should read, by the way:  Francie Nolan is a feminist icon, and way, way ahead of her time, not to mention it’s fucking hilarious and will make you cry like a little bitch), Jane Eyre, and basically anything written by Jane Austen.  I love these books for their sharp wit, applicable and timeless life observations, and striking lack of the pretentiousness that I’d come to associate with a lot of classic literature.

This summer, I my reading list includes Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse 5, Douglas Adams’ The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club, Louis Sachar’s Holes, Anthony Doerr’s All the Light We Cannot See, and Neil Gaiman’s Anansi Boys.  I’m looking forward to reading each and every one of them. 

Ultimately, the point I’m trying to make here is that there’s no joy to be found in pretentiousness:  don’t read to prove yourself as an intellectual.  Read to enrich your soul, read what you legitimately enjoy, and read what inspires you.  

Which brings me to my next and final point…   

3.  Reading what inspires me.

This one might be true specifically for my fellow authors, but since I know a large portion of my followers are fellow authors, I think it’s applicable here.  

Ever since I was an infinitesimally small child, I’ve wanted to write stories.  When I was fourteen I wrote a hopelessly angsty YA novel about a half-dragon girl named Freedom and her misadventures with an ambiguously lesbian vampire and werewolf duo, a seductive and ambiguously bisexual elf (it was a time of self discovery for me), and a talking lion.  When I was eleven, I wrote a middle grade novel about a little boy who befriends a dragon.  When I was four, I wrote *ahem!* drew wordless stories about a winged wolf-creature named Starlight and his (in retrospect, overtly gory) battles with monsters.

It was bizarre, cringey, and I’m not gonna lie, pretty fucking awesome.  

Around the time I started college at around sixteen, I’d just decided I wanted to start writing again.  I had lots of ideas, and I remember in detail getting yelled at by my manager for scribbling in my notebook behind the counter instead of dutifully smiling at customers the way I was supposed to.  

But my writing was…well, to put it bluntly, it was really, really bad.  It only began to improve when I resolved to write every day.  It noticeably and drastically began to improve when I began to read works that I found creatively inspiring. 

While I was revising my manuscript, I read a lot of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, both masters of the kind of urban fantasy I was attempting to write,  and spent a lot of time figuring out what I loved most about their writing and how to best apply it.  This was also around the time I began reading Douglas Adams, which was, let me tell you, a magical experience.  It involved a lot of delighted gasping on my end and thinking you’re allowed to do that?

It really showed me what the barriers were for creative writing, or in this case, total lack thereof.

I think I owe these writers a lot for helping me to create several novel-length manuscripts I’m incredibly proud of, and one that I’m currently preparing to get published.

So in closing, for anyone suffering from reader’s block, feel free to try my approach:  read every day, read what you love and not to stoke your ego, and for my writer peeps, read what inspires you.

Either way, my books and I are enjoying a passionate long-term relationship, and every day I find myself loving them more.

ok i’m actually mad about this.

not only is victoria a much better dancer than drew, a year and a half ago she couldn’t walk, and you could see how excited and proud she was throughout the whole competition that she was able to do what she was doing and do it as well as she was.  and she wanted to go to the finals so bad.

and not just for the sake of getting to the finals, but like she told val during their rehearsal package tonight, “wouldn’t it be awesome if a girl who couldn’t walk 18 months ago made it to the finals of a dancing show?”

well, you are awesome, victoria, no matter who people voted for or what the results say.  you’re amazing, and you and val are amazing, and what you’ve done during this competition is nothing short of incredible.  you’ve been an absolute joy to watch, and you’re one of the most inspiring, strongest people i’ve ever seen in my life, and can’t wait to see all the wonderful things you accomplish in life. 

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Younger Chloe have a crush in her best friend's brother's best friend.

Chloe Beale’s best friend has a really, really, really hot older brother. His name is Drew and he’s eighteen and wow, he’s just so perfect. He’s got dirty blonde hair and bright blue eyes and he’s into music and he’s totally the perfect catch.

Chloe Beale’s best friend is Aubrey Posen and her brother Drew is in his senior year at Barden High. He works in the school’s radio station and takes AP Music Theory and always wears really cool band t-shirts and wow. He’s got a really hot best friend.

Chloe Beale’s best friend is Aubrey Posen and her brother Drew is in his senior year at Barden High with his best friend (who is a freshman year girl, by the way) Beca Mitchell.

And Chloe Beale likes Beca Mitchell.

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go get him Veronica 

You got this girl

<i>Oh boy you don’t know how long I wanted to do this >>>>>>>></i>

I came across this wonderfully awesome image on this other art site where a artist drew a purple unicorn with a male symbol and female symbol on his stomach, and listed some facts such as there are only two genders, ect.That’s where I was inspired to do this.

This is gonna hurt some peoples fee fees but who cares pff>>

Random other stuff that wouldn’t fit

*Asexual people have been known to be in non-sexual romantic relationships. There was a really informative short documentary I cannot seem to find the link to where two people, a guy and a girl who were both asexual, were in a relationship. Where they were asked if they had sex, or even felt sexual arousal they said no to both. They still enjoyed each others company, slept in the same bed and kissed and acted married, they just did not engage in sex. Both said they felt no sexual arousal when experimenting together or alone.

*Biological men cannot and will never give birth.
They do not have wombs, ovaries or a uterus; the things needed for becoming pregnant. Scientists did a study(there’s a wikipedia article on this) where they implanted a womb with a fetus of a baby monkey in it, into a male money. The male monkey promptly died because his stomach because infected from the foreign flesh. A male monkey survived, but his stomach acid digested the womb and the fetus.
Males cannot and will not ever become pregnant, it is impossible.

*FTM’s giving birth does not count; they are biologically female, so they have ovaries, eggs and a uterus(unless they have had them removed during transitioning)

*MTF’s cannot produce sperm, and do not have prostates.

*Your feelings do not equal facts. Genderfluid, and all the made up sexualities and genders do not exist to anyone but you and your friends that believe it. Just because you wake up on day going ‘I want to dress like a male today’ does not make you a man, or vice versa.
I could wake up tomorrow and go 'I am a man’, but this is false and not true. I have a vagina and was born a woman, me saying things does not make them fact.

*Someone born with a birth defect of both sexual organs does not make them genderfluid, or a third gender. It is a birth defect.

*There has never been a scientifically well documented case of a 100% hermaphrodite with both working sex organs. They do not exist, or if they’re possible have yet to be born. Most 'studies’ are blatantly fake or attention seeking news articles with nothing to back facts.

*Sex IS gender. I can say 'I am a man’ but I cannot have sex like a man. I have female genitals and am thus a female.

The idea of sex and gender being separate originated from a sexologist named John Money. During a botched abortion, a boy named David Reimer had the rest of his penis amputated after he was severely damaged as well as his testicles, was given female hormones and raised as a female to study if gender and sex was the same thing. Despite being raised as a female he continued to act like a boy. He never had interest in barbies or girly things and played and rough-housed like a boy. John Money repeatedly traumatized David and his brother by forcing them, naked, into sexual positions in which he took photos on numerous occasions. He showed David a graphic video of child birth as well.

David Reimer never became or felt like a woman and got a sex operation as a teenager for a penis.
He spiraled into depression, which wasn’t helped by the death of his brother from an overdose and eventually killed himself. John money considered his studies a <i>success</i>.
It’s disgusting to think people take the word of this man as fact.

Links to David Reimer and John Money’s Wiki articles, I suggest you read them.
John Money-
David Reimer-

i just realized i never posted anything about seeing Sasha & Shea so here it is

I could only afford to get Sasha and Shea merch so i could only get signatures from them. And the way they did signings is really dumb cause they keep you about 5 feet away from the queens and take the merch from you and give it to them to sign.

Shea was already signing a print when Brendon took mine and set it down for her and she finished that one and looked up for who the next print was for and i said “oh that one is mine” (cause the line was a mess and it was really just a crowd at the front not a line) When Shea finished signing my print she handed it to Brendon and said “this is for the gorgeous girl with the awesome pink hair”

And when i came up to Sasha she said “Ooo you’re killing it with the hair and those pins! I love it!” (i have bright pink & purple hair and i was wearing like 15 pins) she signed it and she drew bigger unibrow on it and when she was done she looked at me with a huge smile

Even though I didn’t get to actually meet them it’s okay cause they were both so sweet and they care so about all of their fans

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Do you have any headcannon about Drew being one of the seven,and Piper didn't even show up? Drew was so under/misused. Besides,if Luke could redeem himself after betrayal,manipulation,murder etc.,why couldn't Drew Tanaka redeem herself after bullying? She could be a really interesting character,just like Luke (my male fave). What I really hated was how she was humiliated by Piper. Drew had experience as a demigod,fought a war,knew how to use her powers;and Piper barely knew how to charmspeak.

like…… *lays down on the floor and cries* because like… like… you just.. you just solved my problem….. i’ve been looking for the seventh member of the seven for so long now,,,,, because my ideal seven doesn’t include percabeth and it does include reyna but not nico so. wow. WOW. liste n listenlisten listenes LISTEn

  • drew and piper are both part of the seven
  • instead of drew dropping out of the story and being used as a stepping stone for piper’s development, it’s a trope subversion, because piper fully expects drew to just piss off and leave but instead, it turns out that drew has a future and a destiny just like everyone else
  • percy doesn’t go missing in this au, it’s just jason
  • okay make drew like an actual character you know, like piper hates her and she can’t fathom why everyone likes her
  • but like drew has made really good friends with nico (they’re gay) and she’s very popular and respected at camp and the rest of the cabin still loves drew and listens to her even once piper is the counselor, and mitchell and lacy explain that she’s just been having a rough time since the war and they know she’s better than this and piper’s like okay t h E FUCK
  • festus refuses to take off to new rome and leo is flipping out because there’s nothing wrong with him and then finally festus just says “Drew.” and refuses to do anything else.
  • piper is so angry asdklf;a
  • they have a meeting that percy and annabeth stop by for and piper learns damn quick that their word goes a long way here, and they’re both like, “oh, yeah, definitely take drew with you. she’ll be an excellent asset for diplomacy. why are we even debating this?”
  • piper looks at annabeth like mmmmm watcha say
  • much to piper’s chagrin, drew really is a good diplomat
  • okay ok a y sibling duo on the argo ii that’s all i’ve ever wanted
  • also drew saving the crew from chrysoar and the pirates the same way percy did
  • imagine drew being like “OH NO FRANK IS TURNING INTO A CRAZY DOLPHIN” and giving him this like scathing look and making an exasperated hand motion with her eyes all wide and annoyed like wow this image is so clear in my head
  • instead of piper singing a lullaby that takes like virtually no effort gaea proves to be a truly powerful enemy just like she was built up to be, and piper needs drew’s help
  • oh my god okay and drew and piper not getting along but they both put up with a fuckton of sexism and racism and will defend each other ruthlessly when they see it, they both claim they don’t care about the other but they’ll never stand for sexism or racism targeted against anyone
  • everyone gradually learning to love drew and piper feeling betrayed and frustrated
  • like, “leo, not you too!!!!!” “listen pipes, have you ever heard her impression of morgan freeman”
  • drew makes such a fantastic addition to the team leo scene i swear to god….
  • but they do care about each other more and more
  • like so much begrudging bonding,
  • winding up in one of those situations where they’re stuck in a cave alone together or something and have to work together to get out or they have to sit there alone while they wait for people to save them,
  • during the last battle while piper is stuck battling some huge villain drew comes up from behind her and screams GET YOUR HANDS OFF!!! MY!!!! SISTER!!!!!
  • i’m gonn a c r y
  • okay okay okay and instead of piper and drew learning to fight because they feel useless, they work within their strengths
  • piper breaking down because she feels useless and she’s never going to be able to fight like the rest of them and she doesn’t have any training—
  • and drew interrupting her in a very matter of fact, very Drewlike way like, “listen, fuck them. we’re different. we get shit done differently, but we get shit done. and i, for one, am not going to beat myself up trying to be like them, because i’m awesome too.”
  • D R E W A N D R E Y N A
  • lol piper being pissed off because she’s stuck on a ship with two girls who tried to make a pass at her boyfriend and then it turns out they’re both lesbians, and for each other, no less
  • how bout we cut down on the angst and don’t make anyone go into tartarus, they charmspeak the doors closed or some shit i dont know and they seal gaea inside
  • so hazel, frank, leo, jason, piper, reyna, and drew answer the call, jason and leo use their storm and fire powers to push gaea’s army back, and the romans and the greeks really do bear arms to the doors of death and they wind up pushing gaea and her army inside and then piper and drew charmspeak the doors closed,
  • i don’t know about the oath to keep with final breath but i’m kinda feeling some Unkillable Gays trope where reyna comes back to life because drew insists on it tbh
  • if piper can do it drew can do it like come on,
  • what a pure au

A few doodles I haven’t posted yet! first two are from @crowleplays, #1 is the awesome Decary and #2 is the design trade they did with me! i love that bronze girl design, I’m gonna have a blast drawing her! the third pic is @succ2nite‘s Sepima (when she’s disguised as a rustblood, that is), who I drew for fun! sorry that last one looks a bit blurry, the file mysteriously disappeared as is customary on this basically broken computer.
The Glorious Optimism of 'Charlie's Angels,' 15 Years Later
The gender politics are confusing, but the reboot succeeded by sheer force of happiness.
By Spencer Kornhaber

Am thrilled that #TheAtlantic, YES, THE ATLANTIC, agrees with my more than favorable review of this movie.

I may or may not’ve been responsible for this comment to the above article: “Agree that it was an awesome, fun, girl-power adventure that included a lot of nice Easter-egg nods back to the original show for those of us who grew up and were positively influenced by the original trio. All three actresses were perfect in their roles. And I liked Full Throttle too. ;)

And yes, though there is overt sexuality in the portrayals, I always enjoyed how both the original and the movie turned that aspect around and allowed the Angels to control and play on male fantasies and expectations to achieve their goal of putting away the bad guys.

Thanks to Drew Barrymore for making it happen both in front of and behind the scenes. I hope the new version makes an attempt to capture the same combo of camaraderie, tongue-in-cheek humor and utter, all-out ass-kicking action which made this one a success.”

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I just found out you like Shane Dawson. I am disappointed— and completely and utterly shocked and disgusted ... WHY THE FUCK WAS I NOT INFORMED SOONER??? I LOVE HIM TOO GIRL OMG GIVE ME A HUG!! MY BOI IS A QUEEN AND HES SWEET AND SMOL AND I LOVE HIM SO MUCH AND YOURE NOW EVEN MORE FUCKING AWESOME FOR LIKING HIM

AFSHFAHJHAFS OMGOMG YES I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!! Him, Ryland, Drew and Garret are the beeest. His adventure videos with drew and garret is the best thing ever tho like….its suppose to be creepy but they’re all just a bunch of funny dorks. 

this one is my fav cause they GOT THE FUCKING ONESIES 

getting anons talking about shane is so nice, i’m :’) WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE I LOVE YOU 

Masashi Kishimoto interview (from the Fourth Databook)

I managed to translate part of it on the tidbits of time I had. The interview is 9 pages long, Anon asked the first two pages but I intend on translating it all when I have time, because it’s interesting. So this is a wip post I’ll keep updated with the rest of the translation (when I’ll have time to finish it).


Kishimoto Masashi-sensei X Yahagi Kosuke (first editor*)

Conversation transcript.

Saying everything you need to know about characters and jutsu!!

T/N: *Lit.: “first in charge”. Kosuke Yahagi was the first editor of Naruto (up to the Sasuke vs. Itachi fight).

The secrets of “Naruto” that haven’t been told so far are disclosed here…!?

The vital point of character design are “eyes”

—Today we’d like to hear about the making off of his initial stage of his production, especially the characters and the jutsu, with Yahagi-san, who worked as the first editor in charge with Kishimoto-sensei.

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I think about people that I was friends with on bebo like 10 years ago all the time and idk why.

There was one girl named esme, from england, who was like legitimately a mod. like a 60s mod, with the green jackets and the mod targets and mopeds and stuff, and she was obsessed with the beatles and the who and then later the libertines. We would always send long comments back and forth on each other’s profiles and have nice conversations. She said she sat in the pub that the beatles go to towards the end of their movie Help! and I thought that was fuckin awesome. She was also an artist, she drew pencil sketches and also did collages similar to Peter Doherty’s “Albion booking” one of my favorite art styles.

Then there was this girl, I don’t know her name, but she was obsesssssed with t-rex and Marc Bolan. Her profile was all pink and glittery and decked out in pictures of Marc bolan, she made her own skins for her profile and I always dug her style.

There was a big scottish woman named sharon, probably was in her 30s, we didn’t speak much but she always used the Beatles skins I made, and when I had to remake my profile unexpectedly she was one of the first people to re-add me.

Then there was a girl I really didn’t like named charlie, from england, who would always copy the things i did, from my selfies to my photo albums to the way my profile looked. One time she bragged about smoking pot and I remember @infinite-bjs saying “She probably couldn’t even pick a pot leaf out of a lineup.” 😂😂😂😂

There was a girl named Summer who had a very dark style and she also had a sister who was obsessed with George Harrison and I uses to talk to both of them on there. Summer’s profile always had an “emo” profile picture and she always had lots of pictures of the moon.

There was a girl whose name I forget that loved the Beatles and pink Floyd but she was literally the most random person I’ve ever talked to. That girl could spit the most artistic sounding nonsense I have ever heard. Her profile pic for a long time was just of her eyeball

Now I’m going to name random “bebo famous” scene people I remember 😂 techno star, chemo tink, bee pirate hooker, geedropdead/gee von gore, khemical kidd, Sean shadow, Chris chimera, susie sabotage, doogle, bunny (she was more of like harajuku tho), Dani glamxgore, jamiefxckdances 😂 what a different time


Here’s all the photos I got of my time at Apex 2015. The event may have been a mess, losing the first day due to technical problems with the venue and all, but it was still a blast and I had a great time. Several sketch commissions were done, as shown. Somebody asked for Ike, while another asked for Falcon. I accidentally drew the falcon crest on his helmet despite the customer requesting a Blood Falcon skull crest, but it was an easy fix. Another asked for a “borderline NSFW” and uber exaggerated one of the lovely Valentine of Skull Girls, while somebody else requested the Joker, which is my personal favorite of the bunch. Another customer commissioned a Shulk/Ace Ventura parody piece, but sadly my phone died and I never got a photo of it. Thanks to everybody who supported and helped me over the weekend, you were all awesome, and congrats to ZeRo, PPMD, Ally, and all other champions and vendors who rocked this past weekend. Next I will be at East Coast Comic Con in April, and I will also be at A Video Game Con in September.

WE DID IT! A collaboration between lay-doubt-to-rest and I for our DEAR FRIEND who requested “something Utena maybe, or with Sapphire and Ruby from Steven Universe” …so why not both? C:

I drew the artwork and lay-doubt-to-rest colored/rendered the rest of it. Go check out her page and follow her for more awesome stuff!