the girl who drew this is awesome

So uhh, I drew this thing

Last night I posted casually in the tag and I completely forgot about it. All of a sudden, I got a notification. The another..then I started having about 10 of them all at once. I stayed up until 4am last night just watching my poor ipod spam me with notifications.

So I thought I would draw a quick thing to show my reaction to it (also look who used a jack quote)

tl;dr: Smol girl who gets like 1-4 notes on a post gets surprised at a post getting 2000+ notes.

WE DID IT! A collaboration between lay-doubt-to-rest and I for our DEAR FRIEND who requested “something Utena maybe, or with Sapphire and Ruby from Steven Universe” …so why not both? C:

I drew the artwork and lay-doubt-to-rest colored/rendered the rest of it. Go check out her page and follow her for more awesome stuff!

Wow, it’s been awhile since I drew anything. Anyways, here’s a little present to the wonderful memer who’s been a huge inspiration for me lately, Kylee Henke! I love seeing all the stuff she draws and the content she makes, and I always get a huge smile on my face whenever I see her stuff. Kylee, you are an awesome woman and you keep doing what you do!

Enjoy, and have a wonderful Birthday!

Wonderful Self-Insert © @kyleehenke
Art © Me
Undertale © Toby Fox

Emma Watson Told A Young Girl To Ignore Her Dad’s Advice And Be An Engineer

A reminder that Watson is a wonderful person.

While Emma Watson was promoting the UN Women’s HeForShe campaign, she took the time to tweet messages of support to young women who asked her how they can tackle gender equality in their lives.

As the ambassador for the campaign, the actor has been encouraging men and boys to take action against inequalities faced by women and girls.

Last September, Watson gave a speech about gender equality at the UN headquarters that was widely celebrated. Following the speech, the campaign drew 100,000 male supporters of the campaign in a mere three days.

In a Twitter Q&A she conducted about #HeForShe during her time at Davos last week, Watson answered many questions about the campaign.”

Read the full piece and See more awesome Q&A Tweets here

One million points for Griffindor!! Watson is really spot-on with her answers.


Teen Titans: Real-life

Dylan O’Brien as Beast Boy

Elizabeth Gillies as Raven

Felicia Day as Starfire

Drew Roy as Robin

Eli Goree as Cyborg

These gifs are all made by me! Please like or reblog if you want to use, thanks!~_^

  • Degrassi Writers: Okay, so we're gonna have Adam finally find a girl, and Drew isn't going to get with her like he has every other girl Adam has liked
  • Fans: Awesome! That's gre-
  • Degrassi Writers: But we're gonna kill him off
  • Fans: Okay, but --
  • Degrassi Writers: And then......
  • Fans: Yeah?
  • Degrassi Writers: We're gonna make Drew get with her! She's gonna fall for him, it's gonna be great
  • Fans: But why wo--
  • Degrassi Writers: And you know that guy who killed himself?
  • Fans: Yeah what's that got to do wit--
  • Degrassi Writers: Well, we're gonna make his girlfriend date the guy who pushed him to kill himself
  • Fans: Why the fuc--
  • Degrassi Writers: It's gonna be great
  • Degrassi Writers: We're not problematic wtf are you guys talking about
  • Degrassi Writers: You guys are gonna LOVE it!!!!
  • Fans: *looks into the camera like we're on The Office*

anonymous asked:

First of all, great blog and amazing writing! Good luck with this :D As for my request: could you write something where Aomine has a crush on someone who's out of his league, and Momoi being an awesome wing(wo)man for him? ^^

Combining these two because they’re similar. Momoi as Aomine’s wingwoman is totally canon ok totes

“Dai-chan!” She complained. “Stop that fidgeting. It’s unattractive.”

“Shut up,” he growled. “I’m nervous alright. I don’t know what to do.” He watched as you walked down the hallway, tucking your hair behind your ear while keeping your eyes fixed on the novel in front of you. You weren’t the most beautiful girl in school but your personality drew everyone in and that made Aomine put you above everyone else. Being part of the student council definitely proved your responsibility – which is so not his forte – and you were one of the top students in class. He thought that you were amazing and sweet, not only because of your personality but because you were talented in many aspects as well, like how he was in basketball.

Momoi narrowed her eyes at him, “I’m helping you and you’re telling me to shut up.”

“I’m sorry,” he groaned, desperate to get her help. “I just… damn, I’ve never been through all this okay. It’s fucking terrible.”

“Just calm down,” she told him to breathe in and out, for him to relax. “______-chan!” She called out. Aomine who had calmed down slightly instantly tensed up again. You knew Momoi because she was in your class and she was one of your closest friends. You smiled, coming up to her, before your eyes darted to the guy next to her. He was huge for one thing and attractive for another. You knew Aomine Daiki, who didn’t really? Touou’s ace and he was part of the Generation of Miracles.

Momoi smirked at you, noticing you ogling him. You looked away blushing and said, “Good morning.”

“This is my friend, Dai-chan.” Aomine nudged her. “I mean, Aomine Daiki. He’s—“

“A basketball player, I’ve heard.” You smiled up at him. “Nice to meet you, Aomine-kun. I’m _______-chan.”

“I know,” he blurted out. Stupid. He mentally slapped himself. “I mean, Satsuki talks about you a lot so…” He cleared his throat awkwardly, trying to think of another conversation topic.

You felt your hope falter slightly. He called her by her first name, maybe they were dating like the rumors said. Forcing out a smile, you said, “Well, I should get to class.”

Aomine felt himself panic. He never panicked. Fuck. This was going horribly. “I’ve got a game,” he quickly said. “This Saturday. I mean, if you’re not busy, you know, I just thought that maybe you’d like to come. That is, if you want to, but you don’t have to.”

Momoi shook her head at her childhood’s friend lack of communication skills. “What he means to say is that he would really like it if you came to watch him play.” She wiggled her eyebrows at you suggestively and you blushed again.

Biting your lip, which drove Aomine crazy, you nodded. “Okay. I’m free. I’d love to watch.”

His eyes lit up immediately. “Really? That’s awesome then. Yeah. Um, I guess I’ll see you then.”

“Yeah,” you nodded with a small smile. “I’ll see you around, Aomine.” Momoi hooked her arm through yours and teased you as you mumbled for her to shut up. The two of you started heading to class, leaving Aomine alone.

When you looked back, Aomine was throwing his fist into the air as he jogged to class. You couldn’t help but grin.


Here’s all the photos I got of my time at Apex 2015. The event may have been a mess, losing the first day due to technical problems with the venue and all, but it was still a blast and I had a great time. Several sketch commissions were done, as shown. Somebody asked for Ike, while another asked for Falcon. I accidentally drew the falcon crest on his helmet despite the customer requesting a Blood Falcon skull crest, but it was an easy fix. Another asked for a “borderline NSFW” and uber exaggerated one of the lovely Valentine of Skull Girls, while somebody else requested the Joker, which is my personal favorite of the bunch. Another customer commissioned a Shulk/Ace Ventura parody piece, but sadly my phone died and I never got a photo of it. Thanks to everybody who supported and helped me over the weekend, you were all awesome, and congrats to ZeRo, PPMD, Ally, and all other champions and vendors who rocked this past weekend. Next I will be at East Coast Comic Con in April, and I will also be at A Video Game Con in September.

By the way, if you want to see @ryuukibart drawing people, he drew this commission for me of my characters from my story :D It is extremely good for how I picture them, and I’m immensely pleased by this so you should commission him if you have money sometime

The smol birb is a Velociraptor named Blue, for the record, and she’s awesome. She rips apart Umbridge’s face. 

(The girl is Maggie, and the masculine-looking individual is Neville, who is agender in my story. Frankly I think he (he prefers he/him just for simplicity’s sake) should be agender in everything ever but there you go.)