the girl who dreams big

A reminder for the girls with big plans

To all the girls with big dreams, who have been told that they are ‘too preoccupied with success’, or that they are ‘too selfish’ or ‘too ambitious’ - do not listen to the people who speak those words. If you love something that much, and will pursue it to the ends of the earth, do not give it up for anyone. Hold it close to your heart and understand that you are not obligated to dim your sparkle for anybody. In your life, there will always be people who tell you that you are too much or too little. They will say a woman is too assertive, or too reserved. They will say she feels too little or too much, that ambition is selfish. They may even be hurt or offended that you do not think the same. Yet at the end of the day, know in your heart that you are the only one who will ever know whether you are truly enough and that is what’s important. Go out there and smash the glass ceiling to pieces.

“It’s hard to believe that, in 2017, we still have to fight so hard for basic equitable support,“ said assistant captain Monique Lamoureux-Morando. "But when I think about the women who paved the way for our team – and when I see girls at rinks around the country who are dedicated to pursuing big dreams and look to us to lead by example – it’s well overdue for us to speak up about unfair treatment, even if it means sacrificing an opportunity to represent our country. We owe the next generation more than that. We owe it to ourselves to stand up for what is right.” - U.S. Women’s Hockey Team Will Not Play in World Championships, ESPNW

Kim Jongdae//Collision Course - Part 1

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Summary: You were the typical girl with big dreams who moved to the city as soon as she had the chance, and somehow ended up in the wrong part of town - but you somehow manage to get swept up in an entirely different situation than you’d planned. (1/5)
Scenario: mafia!AU/hacker!AU
Word Count: 7,641

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why the diversity among the lunar chronicles female characters is so important

a post that could be a million pages long but instead is kept short

  • iko is for every girl who loves makeup and fashion and boys but has been told for their entire lives that girls like this are vapid and shallow. girls who can be strong and friendly and brilliant and helpful but also want to look hot and kiss cute boys. iko is for all of the unapologetically girly girls to show them that there is nothing wrong with wanting to do ‘girl’ things, being a girl is nothing to be sorry for. 
  • cinder is for every girl who has never really liked to do things meant for ‘girls’ and instead loves male dominated fields. cinder shows all these girls that just because they would rather get dirty and not dress up that doesn’t mean that they aren’t worthy of love or even be friends with other girls. there’s nothing wrong with being a ‘tomboy’ and being a tomboy makes you no less of a girl. 
  • scarlet is for every girl that felt like she didn’t fit in, that never had many friends and for the girls that put their families first and take leadership roles. scarlet shows girls that just because they feel lonely now or don’t fit in now, they will find their place some day and they will find that group of friends that they would be willing to die for. scarlet shows girls that girls who take control can be ‘bosses’ not ‘bitches’ and girls can be in charge, girls can take on motherly, nurturing roles while being totally kickass at the same time. scarlet shows girls that just because they don’t have the same body type as everyone else it doesn’t mean they can’t be be beautiful. if you aren’t as skinny or petite as another girl, it doesn’t mean you aren’t just as beautiful as they are. scarlet shows girls the importance of a strong family, and that sometimes your family isn’t always the people who are related to you - scarlet shows girls that if your parents are awful to you you don’t have to love them, you can find family in those who love you. 
  • cress is for every girl with big dreams, who have suffered abuse, and dreams of boys, happily ever afters, and maybe isn’t the strongest physically. cress shows girls that just because you aren’t the strongest physically it doesn’t mean you can’t be strong in other ways. cress shows girls that they can be geniuses, that you can be a smart girl who also has dreams of balls and boys and pretty dresses. the amount you wish to find the man of your dreams and live the life of a princess in a fairy tale has nothing to do with your intelligence. cress is for the girls who suffer abuse, or who have been abuse victims to show them it has nothing to do with them and there is recovery available for them at some point, that they will be able to work through this and they will be okay
  •  winter is for girls who are known for nothing but their beauty, whose accomplishments and personalities are overlooked because of their looks, and who have a mental illness and are often judged for it. winter is for all the girls who because they’re pretty people can’t look past the appearance and assume things about them that aren’t true - winter is to show girls that being pretty has nothing to do with their accomplishments and what they are capable of. just because they’re pretty it doesn’t mean they’re dainty or vain, girls can be beautiful and strong. winter is for the girls whose mental illness is often seen as their entire personality, who are treated as weak for having a mental illness or who are overlooked because of it. winter is to show girls that just because they have a mental illness they are not entirely made of that, they are people outside of their illness and it is nothing to be ashamed of - strong girls can have mental illnesses and having one doesn’t make you weak. you are not your illness. 

I’m always so surprised at how unlikely it is for other shows to actually have the main characters be queer because my first big wlw otp is Korrasami and it became canon.

I mean the creators admitted that they didn’t go as far as they wanted but the two are very clearly getting together in the end and there are even comics coming out that are going to explore their relationship as a subplot.

It’s just crazy that other shows and movies have so much queer-baiting with the cast and crew laughing off the same-sex couples while the creators, crew, and cast of The Legend of Korra all really like Korrasami and defend it being canon.

I just can’t believe a show with a TV-Y7-FV rating can have a canon same-sex main couple with comics that are confirmed to show them kissing while shows that have TV-PG or TV-14 ratings can only get secondary or guest characters to be in a same-sex relationship (because a gay or bi lead is very rare).

Come on, if a kid’s show on Nickelodeon can do it then so can “family” shows on other networks.

A Serial Killer’s Guide to Love and Murder

Fandom: Gotham

Character: Victor Zsasz

Reader Gender: Female

Summary: You’ve had your eyes on Victor Zsasz for a while now, and he’s had his eyes on you. So what makes you two finally make some kind of move? And what possesses you to actually fall in love with a serial killer anyway? 

Warnings: Heavy swearing, blood, violence, if you aren’t one for cheesy cliches but with murder involved then this might not be for you  

Word Count: 3401

Author’s Note: This shouldn’t be taken seriously and was honestly just a funny idea I had, I might make a more serious one in the future though and I also have a more serious Edward Nygma one in the works featuring a murderer reader and maybe a Kristen Kringle thing so stay tuned for that haha! I am also still taking requests as well! Also, sorry for the shitty title reference, but if you get it, props to you 

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So I once had a conversation with an anon about this and some people actually requested I turn it into a series so now here we are! This is going to be another mini series but this time it’s about what it would be like if the boys were born in America, to start it off like always, the shoulder hyung Kim Seokjin aka Jin

  • Jin’s English is actually really good as is and is so so underrated but needs to be highly appreciated bc he has lil accent and its so cute
  • Head canon that even though he’d grown up in America, he still had a slight accent with certain words
  • Like it would never be too bold or clear that he has an accent but on a few words it comes out just a lil bit and it’s the cutest thing ever
  • He seems more like a small town boy to me
  • He would be from one of the towns that not many people have heard of but he would love it
  • Jin seems like such a family man so I think to him, a small town just means a really big family
  • He’s the kid that kinda just knows everyone like on his way to school he’s just greeting every person that walks by bc hey friends !!!
  • He’d be the town sweetheart like everyone knew him as the kid who spent his weekends helping others
  • Like it wasn’t rare for him to just drop by people’s work and just be like hey I am here to help want me to file those papers for you hey man I can bag those groceries no problem
  • If he ever did leave his lil town to go to college or have a career elsewhere he would also promise that once he started his own family, he’d go back bc his home was that lil town and he loved it with all of his heart
  • Whenever people asked him about it, he just gets this really wide smile and you can tell he was so so happy living there and that he misses it so much and he’d tell such fond stories of it
  • American!Jin is just a small town girl living in a lonely world boy who has big dreams and never forgets where he came from

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before - A Playlist by Jenny Han

1. “Please Speak Well of Me” by The Weepies: I came back to this song again and again because I could picture Lara Jean listening to it as she wrote her letters. It’s so sweet and full of yearning.

2. “Crazy” by Alanis Morissette: This song has such great momentum. You feel like something big is on the verge of happening. It’s a great song to listen to if you’re writing a book and you need something big to happen.

3. “Only in Dreams” by Weezer: I could completely picture Peter driving around in his mom’s minivan listening to this song at top volume.

4. “Alone Again (Naturally)” by Gilbert O’Sullivan: Lara Jean has been in love a lot, but she’s always alone in love, and she doesn’t actually mind it much. I can see her singing along to this song and smiling.

5. “Teenage Love Song"by Rilo Kiley: Jenny Lewis has the sweetest voice, and this song tells a whole story of love lost. I like that it takes teenage love very seriously because I do too.

6. "The Shoop Shoop Song (It’s in His Kiss)” by Betty Everett: This song is on the Mermaids soundtrack, which Lara Jean listens to while organizing her first-week back-to-school outfits.

7. “The Longest Time” by Billy Joel: Lara Jean loves to bake and she would definitely bake to this song.

8. “Our House” by Crosby, Still, Nash & Young: Lara Jean is a girl who loves to be at home, to be cozy and putter around the house. For me, this song is the embodiment of that feeling.

9. “Thirteen” by Big Star: There is no song more nostalgic than this. It feels like a high school experience I never had but wish I did. “Won’t you let me walk you home from school? Won’t you let me meet you at the pool?”

10. “Love That Girl” by Raphael Saadiq: This is so Lara Jean to me. It’s modern but it feels vintage at the same time, with the Motown claps and call and response choruses.

11. “Heartbeats” by The Knife: I listened to this song over and over while writing this book. It’s very angsty and emo and kind of tough.

12. “I’m Gonna Get You Yet” by The Dixie Cups: In a lot of ways, Lara Jean is a throwback kind of girl. She loves ‘60s girl groups, vintage clothes, and the romance of a different time.

13. “Big Girls Don’t Cry” by Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons: This song of course appears in Dirty Dancing, the quintessential coming of age movie for teenage girls who dream big.

14. “Love on Top” by Beyonce: I love how hopeful this song is. It’s so driving around with your sisters with the windows all the way down.

15. “P.S. I Love You” by Nellie McKay: An open window, a breeze, and a glass of lemonade – that is this song. And incidentally, the sequel to To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is called P.S. I Still Love You.

My Queen - Newt Imagine

Rating: PG

Warnings: Not much, cute you and Newt, Princess Bride reference bcuz I can

Summary: The glade wasn’t that complicated of a place. Do your part. Do not harm another Glader. Do not go into the maze. No memories compromised any past relationships. There was one memory everyone kept, his name. The, of course, you were the only one who never did.

Word Count: 1180

Nothing. There must be something! You searched the entire room, or cage. You weren’t quite sure. But, there was nothing! Everything was for some camp or something.

The cage jerked. You fell to the side and groaned. You felt your stomach drop as the cage sped up, moving up and up. What was happening? You screamed, “Hey! Let me out! Somebody, help!” You tried to stand up, but many attempts ended in failure. “Help!” you shouted.

Sharp pain struck your leg as you fell again. The prison stopped.

You tried to slow your breathing. You looked around and grabbed the knife that caught your eye. You slunk into the corner, hiding yourself behind boxes and crates. You breathed through your nose as soundlessly as you could. You were not going down without a fight.

Light flooded your eyes. Once the brightness faded, you were able to assess your surroundings. Boys. Everyone there was a boy. What were they going to do with you? Why were you the only girl?

Your eyes widened. Girl? What else did you know about yourself? You had no name, no memories, no anything. Your breathing sped up. You shook your head, holding your breath. Something was wrong, and those boys knew more than you did.

A dark-skinned boy jumped down into the cage.

You were hoping that he would just take a crate. That would mean no one expected you. However, he did what you feared. He pushed away the crate and was searching for something. “Anyone see the Greenie?”

What the hell was a Greenie?

You made yourself smaller, clutching your knife. You didn’t know what to do. You didn’t have many choices. You could scratch one, or harm a few, but never all. There were twenty boys, maybe more. There was no way you could take down all of them. You didn’t even know if there was anywhere to run. You didn’t remember any society of any sort. The best thing you had was lying. However, you didn’t know what these boys were capable of. If you lied, the worst scenario was that they’d torture you until you died.

Safe to say, you were terrified.

The box in front of you moved. You froze.

A boy with blonde hair and brown eyes gasped. “We’re not gonna hurt you,” he stated.

You narrowed your eyes. “Why should I trust you?”

“It’s a girl Greenie!” someone shouted.

Some whistled. Some called dibs. All seemed like jerks.

“Would you shut it?!” shouted the boy in front of you. He shook his head before turning back to face you. He held out his hand with a smile. “Come on, Princess.”

You sneered, “I’m no princess.” You took his hand and stood up.

He nodded. “You’re right. Would Queen be more fitting?”


He laughed. “Oh, Queenie, the knife won’t help.”

You sighed, letting the knife drop to the floor.

It had been three weeks since you came out of the Box. You found your place in the Glade, as a Trackhoe. Sure, it didn’t sound pretty, but it was pretty fun, especially since Newt was always around. Despite being second-in-command, he always made time for you, and you for him. He was your best friend.

“Your jacket, my Queen.”

You rolled your eyes with a slight smile. “I thought I told you. I’m no Queen.”

“Queen of the Glade, perhaps?”

You shook your head. “Queen of knowing nothing.” You sighed. You never could remember your name. You were stuck with the nickname of “Greenie,” “Girl,” and last but not least, “Queen.” You pushed away the thoughts and asked, “So, how was the meeting?”

“Boring as klunk. Like always. Wish you were in there with me.”                        

“Gally was a shank again, huh?”

“He is not that much of a shank.”

“Stop being too nice.”

Newt bowed dramatically. “As you request, Queen.”

You shoved him playfully.

Newt gazed at you with a bright smile. “I think the nickname will stick for a while, unless you like Princess.”

You laughed. “Do you think that name really fits me?”

“Princess?” He shrugged. “I guess it depends on how define princess.”

“I define it as a damsel in distress. How do you define it as?”

“A girl who dreams of big things and does anything and everything to achieve it.” He nudged your shoulder. “Defines you.”

“No, it doesn’t.” You shook your head and pursed your lips. “I want to get out of the maze. That and remember my shucking name.”

Newt rubbed your back. “Hey, I’m sure it’ll get to you.”

Instinctively, you leaned in closer to Newt, allowing your sides to brush just a little bit. However, that small amount of contact made Newt blush and you shiver. You exhaled shakily. “Do you think,” you stared at him and lost your train of thought. His eyes met yours. You wanted to look away, maybe cough and make up an excuse. However, you just couldn’t look away.

“What is it?” Your friend gulped, moving a little closer to you. “My Queen?”

You leaned in closer. Your forehead gently touched his, and the two of you smiled. You blinked. You held your breath. You grinned even wider. Newt laughed a little. His hand on your back traveled to your shoulder, then to your cheek. His thumb rubbed your cheek softly. The space between the two of you lessened, making your heart speed up and blood rush to your cheeks.

“Hey, Newt! Alby’s asking for ya!”

The two of you jumped away from each other. You stared at the ground, trying to hide your cherry-red cheeks.

Newt shouted back, “All right! I’m coming.” He glanced at you. He pursed his lips before quickly kissing your cheek. “I’ll see you again, my Queen.” He stood up.

You blinked. “(Y/n),” you whispered.

Newt froze. “What did you say?”

You beamed, standing up and turning to him. “My name! It’s (Y/n)!” Giddiness filled your entire being. You remembered something! You could finally be called by a name. You could have an identity in the Glade. You could stop being “Girl” or “Greenie.”

Newt smiled. “That’s amazing!” He hugged you tightly. When he let go, his smile faded. “So, then, I’ll see you later, (Y/n)?”

Your smile disappeared. (Y/n). That was, indeed your name. However, it just sounded so foreign when Newt said it. It made you worried and anxious. You didn’t like it. You smiled again. “I think I like Queen.”

His eyes widened. “Really? You don’t have to spare my feelings or anything. You don’t identify with Queen or Princess or-“

He was babbling. Newt had a nasty habit of doing that. However, you never were able to stop him. However, some instinct or reflex answered that question for you. You grabbed his hand and whispered ever so softly, “Newt?”

He stopped, gazing at you. Newt’s eyes focused on your hand on his and then on your eyes. He gulped. “Yeah?”

You cleared your throat. “Please, keep calling me Queen.”

Newt smiled. He pulled you closer and kissed your forehead. “As you wish, my Queen.”

Hiya, guys! This is super overdue. Supposed to be put up yesterday, but….. I got caught up in some drama… so…hopefully you guys aren’t mad!

So,i really had trouble with this one, cause I had writer’s block for about an hour…. You shouldve seen me! I was staring at my screen for an hour… Ugh… Writing is amazing, but it can bite you in the butt sometimes!. Anyway, I hope you guys like it! Please comment, review, ask! I do not mind curious anons! Have a love weekend!