the girl who could be you


I got a glimpse of the real Brooke, a girl with the biggest heart that I have ever known. When you’re in high school, it’s not very easy to let people see who you really are. I could see it, though. It was in the eyes. So we became friends and now she’s my best friend.

New History

Can I request a Steve Harrington x Reader where reader is Hopper’s niece who moved in to help with Eleven? Love at first sight but oh no her uncle is scary? I’d appreciate it! 

Quick Note: Requests are open!

Warnings: light swearing, a smidge of S2 SPOILERS 

Song to Listen to: Dream By Bishop Briggs 

You looked at the girl who had answered the door, and to be honest, you weren’t entirely sure what to make of her. She was shorter, with piercing eyes, and for a twinge of a moment you questioned whether or not you even had the right house. 

“Uh, Uncle Jim?” you called out, never breaking eye contact from the little girl. You heard a chorus of swear words from somewhere in the back of the cabin, and then what sounded like a bear bumbling through a china shop. When your Uncle finally made it to the front entrance, you could tell he was out of breath.

“Someone needs to work out more” You chide. 

“Someone needs to not be an asshole.” 

“Is that any way to talk to your niece?” 

That word made the small girl before you perk up, “Niece?” she asked Hopper before looking back at you. 

Hopper looked back at you, “(Y/N) is my niece. Brother’s daughter.” 

“Your brother, her papa?” The girl questioned. The whole conversation was beginning to make you uneasy. When your Uncle had mentioned he’d adopted some random child, you were suspicious. He’d been a kind man once, but life had hardened him surely. 

But you saw the small girl and the way she reacted in such a daughterly way toward Hopper. It gave you a tiny smile and you lowered yourself down to her level. 

“I’m Y/N.” You stuck out your hand, and after a moment of hesitation, she took it lightly. 

“El.” She said the name matter-of-factly, but you could tell that she was already warming up to you. El grabbed the slouchy backpack that you had dropped on the porch and carried it into the house without saying a word. You came in and closed the door behind you. 

“Well she’s not a talker, I guess?” You posed to Hopper. He shook his head before beginning to clean up some broken glass on the floor. You looked behind him and saw a broken window. “The hell happened here?” 

“It was an accident. I’ll explain later.” Your Uncle mumbled, continuing to broom up the mess. Just before the silence between you got too awkward, the sound of footsteps on the front porch could be heard. 

 A knock… a few more.

“Hopper! El! I’m sorry I’m late!” Hopper shook his head in exasperation before running his hand through his thinning hair. 

“Y/N will you get the door? I’m not in the mood.” Raising an eyebrow, you walked over to the door and opened it with caution. Bent over with his hand on the railing was singlehandedly the most gorgeous being you had ever seen. 

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Love Me Like You Do

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: floofs, swearing, allusions to violence.

Summary: Bucky Barnes is the bar manager where you work as a bar maid. You’ve had a decent crush on him since he started working there. It’s karaoke night and the bar is almost empty. What could happen?

 A/N: This is for caplansteverogers’ song fic challenge! Enjoy!!!

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idkinsertfanreferencehere  asked:

(1) I just wanted to say thank you for Kade, and for Nancy, and for Jack, and for Sumi, and really just for The Wayward Children series in general. At 14 and a voracious reader, Every Heart a Doorway was (and remains) the only book I had ever read with a boy like me in it, the only one with an ace character who isn't "fixed", really the only one with an ace character in general. Thank you for Jack and the girl she loves and loses, thank you for Sumi and her frank, honest talk about masturbation

“(2) Thank you for wording the wisps of wondering that weave through my thoughts, for penning poetry and prose and the liminal space between them that, above all, though fantasy, is true. Thank you for characters with experiences I could see in my own eyes, for hearts and minds and loves and bodies that reflect my own. Thank you.                                                                        -James”

You are so very, very welcome: thank you, for reading.

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hosting thanksgiving at your house with Ethan? with like family and friends and kids and just being that super cute family who always are the best hosts and maybe some boys playing football in the yard waiting for u to finish dinner and also maybe this is all too much and I’m just insanely ready to have my own little family I am sincerely sorry for this

i’m gonna combine this w this request:

Could you please write an E imagine were he (and Grayson) meets your brother and sisters and they all get on really well and you end up playing a game (video game or sports game) boys vs girls but he is secretly helping you win the whole time so the girls all win and guys are sad and e acts sad too but is actually really happy/proud that you won. I don’t think that made sense but hopefully you kinda get the point😊 I love your writing btw 💜💜 

and this request:

hi!! i don’t know if you’re taking requests but like i was wondering if u could write a lil thing abt being able to spend thanksgiving with ethan n you two let each other know how thankful u are to have each other n stuff :))) luv ur writing btw i’ve legit read everything you’ve ever written!!!!

A thin coating of flour had previously covered your hands, the powdery substance breaking off in clumps each time your clasped your hands together. Now, the substance was forgotten as your pores were smothered in the rich scent of leather and turf. You hadn’t noticed until you rubbed your iced hands together, blowing a strong huff of warm arm into your palms.

Ethan, on the other hand, only noticed the remaining smear of flour as it collected on the high rise of your cheekbone. You scowled at him, an attempt to look menacing even if the festive apron you’d been sporting inside the kitchen was currently dangling from around your waist. 

“Cold?” Ethan taunted as he lined up across from you, the curve of his mouth nothing short of daring. An eyebrow rose as he cocked his head. “We can call off the game now if you want…”

You scoffed, crouching to the imaginary line of scrimmage. Pointedly, you met his dark gaze, quirking an equally mischievous eyebrow.  “You wish.”

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Billy dating a Thicc girl would include:

Originally posted by golden--tragedy

~ Him beating anyone who pokes fun of your thickness

~ Carol made fun of you weight once and before  he could say anything, you just said “well at least there’s something for him to grab”

~ He was very proud

~ He loves your curves

~ Always makes you feel better when you get discourage by your weight

~ LOUD praises during sex

~ When you did ‘it’ the first time you wanted the lights off so he wouldn’t see anything

~ but he said ‘I love all of you and I want to see all of you’

I remember so clearly the feeling I got in the theater when Kylo Ren took off his mask for the first time. I was so delighted I wanted to punch somebody in the arm.

Oh, what a privilege
to pick and choose
which doctrines do
and do not apply to you

“Unnatural” is what they say,
eyes narrowing, chin raised high,
that word to them means “wrong”
but only when they decide it does

The most natural of minds, the
child — the child doesn’t care
who is a boy or who is a girl or
who kisses who or who looks like what

Unnatural ideas — poison, rot —
you introduce these to the child
who does not look for them
and that is okay? Is it?

Unnatural — why, in your god’s name
should unnatural be bad? Why,
when nothing mankind creates
is a product of nature? Flight,

access to the entire world, transmissions
of visions and sounds from more places
than we could ever hope to visit. None
of these were given to us by nature. We

took them for ourselves. Medicines,
vaccines — all begin natural, molded by
us become unnatural — and good.
(Vaccines, god. If only

you could vaccinate against a thought.)

All we do is live and breathe, yet
you tear the wings from our backs
even as you step onto contraptions
of steel to take to the skies

“You are what god made you” you say,
but that, I think, is between Them and me
and, I think, we know better than you
what — who I am, thank you

(When some god made you, did They
make you a meddling piece of shit?
I think you did that yourself.
God has nothing to do with it)

“Unnatural” you say, car keys,
phone, prejudice in hand
unnatural — manufactured, all three.
And, perhaps, unnatural I am

But, if you are the touchstone
for all that is “natural”
perhaps it is for the best
that I am not

You want to take my wings?
I will build my own. But it will not be I
who flies too close to the sun, I
who takes nature’s name in vain

Oh, what a privilege to know
unnatural though I may be
at least I am not you.

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(adding on to my ask) Bucky wasn't ashamed of having not one but two loves, and he most certainly did not hide it when him and Stevie went off to war. The whole town knew of you and your two boys and knew better than to ruffle feathers about it. When Steve was picked on by other soldiers Bucky would march right up and kiss the little guy. Some of them made sounds or dirty looks, "what?" Bucky would snap, proceeding to lift his uniform hat to hide Steve's flush while he kissed him again. (1/2)

(2/2) And you swore another world war would break loose once Steve got the serum. Your boys would give out punches to anyone who dared pick on you, though you could hold your own. You’d walk down the streets of Brooklyn between your two large soldiers, in your own little world. Bucky would pick out flowers from the quaint flower shop downtown and Steve would spoil his best girl with treats from the bakery on 7th. They’d tell anyone who didn’t like it to shove it were the sun don’t shine.

oh my heart, I really love this - Gen

Threesome Thursday™

anonymous asked:

As a trans boy who was once obsessed with trying to look really feminine in my early teen years (before I realized I was trans), I honestly think that the Marco is a trans girl theory could still pull through even when Marco wanted to look masculine, it just takes time (well, if the creators make it canon)

thanks for sharing. I know what you mean, this has been the consensus in the fandom for a while now, I think :) 

Any LGBT person have parents that are fake supportive?

When I came out to my mom and told her I was bi, with a girlfriend, she cried and held my hand and said “You’re my daughter, I love you no matter what”, and for a little while I could see her trying really hard to connect with me about it and be okay with it.

But over time that just stopped. Whenever she talks about my future, she talks about my future husband. My girlfriend and I broke up, and whenever I talk about her my mom just won’t hear it. But she won’t stop talking about my little brother and his ex girlfriend.

Just now, I was laughing at my phone and she goes “What’s so funny?”, I hesitated but took a chance: “So you know how pitch perfect 3 is coming out soon? There’s this thing in the… girl community. A lot of people ship Becca and Chloe and - -“


I didn’t even finish my fucking sentence and she said ew. Way to go, Mom.

Anyone else have this kind of like backhanded “support” in their life?


“What about a dance, Bev?” Mike asked. “The Sadie Hawkins dance.” “What the fuck is the Sammy Hawkeye dance?” Richie asked. “Sadie Hawkins, dumbass.” Stan had sighed, looking back at Y/N who was smiling and laughing with Ben. “T-the s-s-a-adie hawk-kins d-dance is w-when a g-g-girl asks a-a b-bo-oy to dance.

“Like Gender reversal?” Mike raised his eyebrows. “Exactly.” Bev answered. “Ya gonna ask Billy?” Richie butt in, winking at Beverly.

“What’s Bev asking Bill?” Y/N asked, skipping over to where they were sitting. “Nothing.” Bill yelped. “To the Sadie Hawkins dance.” Stan smirked.

Two could play at that game. “Hey Y-Y/N!!” Bill shouted. “What’s up, Bill?” “I w-wante-ed to l-l-let y-you know who a-a-all a-alt-r-ready has-s a date fo-or the S-s-sadie Hawk-ins dance.” “Oh okay.” “W-well. S-Stan w-w-wants Erica t-to as-ask him. B-Bev is a-as-asking B-Ben. Mike j-just got as-asked by C-Ch-Cheryl. T-he o-only losers w-who d-don’t h-have dates are Richie, E-E-Eddie, and me. A-Anyway, Y/N. I h-have t-to g-g-go home.”

Walking away, Bill couldn’t help but smirk. That’s what Stan gets for trying to sabotage. He was so wrapped up in his happiness that he didn’t notice Y/N yell “Do you know if Jamie has a date?”

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Fic Prompts: Voltron Thursday

Kate Holt was not the sort of girl who let people tell her what she could or could not do.

“You can’t fence!” “You can’t attend a boys’ school!” “You can’t go traipsing around the globe, looking for lost treasures! It isn’t ladylike!”

“Aren’t I a lady?” Kate would retort, “Yes? I’m a lady, I’m doing this, therefore it’s ladylike.”

Her brother, Matthew, kept a logbook of how many people Kate had astonished this way. He also kept a great many antiquated maps of dubious accuracy, for ancient and hidden locations were as much his hobby as encryptions and artifacts were his sister’s.

People always said it was a wonder they were still alive, the pair of them, and that one day something nasty was bound to happen to the Wandering Holts.

And then one day something did.

It was meant to be no more than a few months (depending on weather and planning for mishaps) on a steamboat captained by a friend of Matthew’s. They’d even managed to pry their father, Professor Samuel Holt, away from his lectures to accompany them. A map had surfaced in Spain that supposedly held clues to the Lost City of Altea. The Professor, Matthew, and his friend Captain Shirogane were meant to retrieve the map and return to the library where Kate had set up office.

Whether or not they ever reached Spain was unclear. All communication ceased abruptly. The University was curiously reluctant to pursue the matter, declaring the men to be lost at sea. Kate decided otherwise. It took little convincing for two of her old schoolmates to join her quest, and before long the three were in a ship of their own and headed for the last place anyone had heard of Shirogane’s vessel.

Kate Holt would find her family one way or another. If she had to find the Lost City of Altea to do it, well, that was fine with her.

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One of the mods said you can be straight nb. What does that mean? Are gay nb’s those who are solely into nb’s?

Imo the only straight nbs are the ones aligned with a binary gender, who are explicitly attracted to people aligned with the other binary gender, because they experience straight privilege via gender alignment. Example: a non-binary boy being only attracted to girls.

Being gay and non-binary is where the line blurs, because gay can be nb attracted to other nbs, or an aligned nb towards another explicit gender alignment (nb lesbians, nb gay men). But it could mean a non-aligned nb being attracted to other genders, because they don’t experience straight privilege. Also, gay is a catch-all term for those who aren’t hetero in some fashion. It’s a useful term for those who don’t align explicitly with pan/bisexuality.

Gender/sexuality is weird!! Most nbs are attracted to other non-aligned people. But not all are. -Mod Dave

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Could I get an ask where Jared is trying to make out with (a glasses wearing) reader but both pairs of glasses get in the way?

As a girl who wears glasses I relate so much))

You dreamed of your first kiss being something magical. Something that you’ll always remember and it was… just not in the way you pictured. Jared’s hand gently cupped your check as he leaned down to press his lips on yours, your heart thumping against your chest. The second you felt his lips you swear you could have died but then, just as you started kissing back something for in the way. Your glasses clinked against his, crashing and moving against each other to the point where they nearly got tangled with each other. You pulled away, both you couldn’t help but laughed as you adjusted your glasses again “so… what one of us are less blind and can afford to take them off for a few minutes” Jared snickered

anonymous asked:

Hey this is a really random question xD but if you were a superhero, what superpower would you have? Love your art btw💕💕

Oooh I thought of that a lot of times since I started bnha, but it’s really hard to choose one that could fit me. I’d like something about art tho. 

If we’re talking about the quirks, also a power like recovery girl would be amazing. I’m not a person who likes fights, so I wouldn’t go great with an element manipulation or strong attack power.

If we’re talking about kind of the marvel superhero powers, then I’d like to have some animal ability!

I really like that Lady Bird isn’t another Juno or whatever Emma Stone was in Easy A - just the weirdo outcast girl who always has a quick one liner and pop culture soaked wit with a motor mouth. I kinda like that when she talked you could kinda see the gears in her head. So relatable

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Ohhhhhh drabbles!!! Can I get Nevada and “Well now I’m all wet.”? 😈 -Tina

Drabble 1/?

Thanks for requesting this one @justraulesparza <3 love me some Nevada

Originally posted by vadasultenfuss

There were times when Nevada wouldn’t stop surprising you. Even more after he declared his feelings for you, and was decided to convince you to give him a chance.

After denying many of his invitations to his club, one of your friends had insisted you to accept, at least once. And that’s why you’d witnessed a certain scene from the very front row.

A particularly tipsy blonde approached him as soon as she spotted him on the lounge, and immediately tried to place herself in her lap. Soon enough, you recognized her as one of Nevada’s girls. Not the ones who worked for him, but the ones he used since he couldn’t have you.

That night however, a moment before she could fully accommodate herself in place, and lock his lips with hers, as she often did, Nevada stood and pushed her away with full force. The girl fell on her ass with a loud thud, miraculously keeping the drink in her hand intact.

Your eyes widened in surprise, as you tried not to laugh out loud, for the look in Nevada’s face was priceless. Nervous and flustered, searching for yours in hopes you wouldn’t think he was still messing with that girl. Or any, to be honest.  

The girl stood with the help of one of his guards, to quickly take her away from the lounge. But before they could, she threw her drink towards him, leaving Nevada drenched in the sugary liquor.

You were torn between laughing at his shocked expression a moment ago, or the one after having the drink thrown at him.

He suddenly turned to you, no longer paying attention to the blonde yelling all types of obscenities at him. You held a hand over your mouth, simply giggling to avoid laughing in his face. Nevada’s tense posture quickly relaxed, as he approached and leaned closer to you.

“Well now I’m all wet, because of you.” He accused, one of his fingers dangerously close to your face. “Want me to return ya’ the favor?”  

Boy, were you in trouble.