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hi, different anon! is it ok if i ask s/t related? even though trans girls are definitely oppressed before they come out, doesn't society still award them advantages because they are seen as cis boys? like as a queer cis girl, i try (to the best of my ability) empathize w how an intolerant society can harm u even before u know who u are, but what about the external, concrete opportunities and freedoms society gives boys? i really don't want to belittle transphobia i just want to understand!

this is an interesting question!

in essence, no, society does not award trans girls advantages when we are seen as cis boys, as this is ignoring a direct part of our identities. hell, i’m sure if i just rejumbled the words involved here you could easily see how this kind of idea is harmful - imagine i said “society rewards trans girls for staying in the closet and being misgendered”. if anything, it is fake-rewarding us for rejecting an integral part of our identities.

for example, as a queer cis girl, i am sure you are aware that straight people have advantages over non-straight people - even when non-straight people are still in the closet. gay people in the closet are treated like straight people, sure, but one wrong move and BLAM you get hit up with that good ol’ homophobia. essentially, since these “awards” come as part of ignoring somebody’s identity and heteronormativity (or, in this case, cisnormativity), it’s actually pretty harmful.

in fact, i’d argue it’s even worse for trans girls to experience this, because these “awards” exist solely on the premise that we are men - which is, at its core, absolutely misgendering us. individual people may treat us differently because we are perceived as men, but this is actually really really detrimental to our mental health, and is a facet of transmisogyny. it encourages us to perform masculinity and “act as men” which, obviously, is incredibly harmful to us.

good question, though!

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If you are still doing prompts, could you please write something where it is Jily's first time (Lily virgin, James not)? Or an embarrassing morning after story where James snuck into Lily's house, and her parents/Petunia are like why do you have a naked boy in your bed Lily? Thanks

an unforgettable birthday (for the birthday girl, @bantasticbeasts ily bonnie)

  • it all starts with a bottle of cream soda (lily’s favourite drink, which she liked to bring up in almost every single conversation with anyone who was ever willing to listen) on lily’s birthday
  • the scene starts with james, who has been staring at his table for over two hours, tapping his quill in an obnoxious manner that eventually drives sirius crazy
  • “can you please stop that?” is the first thing sirius asks, glaring over at james who only sighs back in a dramatic response
  • after another fifty taps sirius throws a cushion, hitting james square in the face and making his glasses slide over his ears
  • a body wrestle later (which ends in sirius yelling mercy! as his face gets shoved into a frilly pillow) james is finally explaining his dilemma to sirius. the two hover over steaming mugs of tea, james swirling his spoon so dejectedly that sirius wants to immediately call jeremy kyle and book him onto the show
  • “let me get this straight… it’s lily birthday and you don’t know what to give her? That’s the reason why you’ve been so annoying?”
  • “What do girls even like?” James complains. “I mean, she likes cream soda. should i just buy her a bunch?”
  • “you are kidding right?”
  • “what did you get mary for her birthday?”
  • the question both amuses and surprises sirius. the boy shuffles a few of euphemia potter’s magazines in faux interest, his fingers dancing on the bright covers. it’s only when james gives him a nudge, followed by a ‘…well?’ that sirius finally relents
  • well… i mean. i got her a watch. which she loved and a photo of us… but um the main present… wasn’t exactly a present you could um… yknow.” 
  • james just stares at him, blank
  • “i err… i gave her the best gift anyone can have.” he tries again. james still just looks confused.
  • “i wrapped myself in wrapping paper and gave myself to her.” 
  • You did?”
  • “jeez james, i mean, god how are you even headboy?… i mean in a metaphorical way.”
  • that’s how james ends up putting on a muggle suit (it’s technically fleamont’s, but sirius manages to shrink it to fit james’ smaller frame), buying seven bottles of cream soda (to which the cashier gets extremely annoyed that james cannot differentiate a 50p from a 20p, he only ever uses muggle money whenever lily’s with him) and walking to lily’s house as soon as the sun sets. 
  • he knows her house off by heart, which window is hers and which floorboard on the stairs creaks. he grabs a stone and throws it gently at her window, waiting to see if she’s there. 
  • she opens her curtains with a look of confusion, but when she notices who it is she’s smiling, completely elated.
  • “you could use the front door, you know.” 
  • “but…”
  • “my parents and tuney aren’t here.”
  • lily disappears back into her room and james has to breathe calmly in and out as he waits by the front door. 
  • let’s just say: the cream soda remains in the bags, completely forgotten as dusk becomes night 
  • its james who wakes up first and god, she’s such a sight to behold with her red hair flowing onto her bare shoulders and caressing his nose. he can’t help but smile and when she stirs up slowly he’s embracing her, kissing her all over and serenading her with birthday songs
  • that is, until there’s a knock at her door, followed by said door opening with a very loud bang!
  • “HAPPY BIRTHday…” 
  • it’s like the entire neighbourhood has come over. there’s dorcas, mary and marlene, their faces going from YAY to oh in 0.5 seconds, there’s Mrs Murn (resident old, cat lady) who holds a birthday cake in her arms and luckily doesn’t drop it in surprise and Mr and Mrs Evans at the front, wearing ‘birthday girl’ pink sparkly party hats.
  • james falls off the bed in shock, showing the entire crowd his rather pleasant looking backside before lily throws her entire duvet over him. he’s swearing and apologising profusely as he struggles with the duvet, finally wrapping it over him fully so only his face is on show.
  • mary’s the only one who doesn’t seem entirely gobsmacked. she grins. “how about we, err, bring the party downstairs and have a nice cup of tea first before the birthday girl can blow out her candles and open her presents?” 
  • james and lily are frozen as the people leave (james avoids mr evan’s eyes and lily in, horror and humiliation, notices how Mrs Murn’s gaze lingers on James for a few heavy seconds)
  • it’s only when mary gives them both a wink and says ‘i don’t think any present can top this’ and ‘be presentable and come down before mr evans has a heart attack!’ before shutting the door that it finally sinks in
  • they’re both laughing and crying at the same time, their faces completely heated and on fire that it takes them about fifteen minutes to actually get dressed 
  • mr evans is surprisingly okay about the whole ordeal and gives james a rather big slice of birthday cake before patting his shoulder and giving him the ‘if-you-hurt-my-daughter-i-will-skin-you-alive’ glare, followed by the ‘im-glad-we-had-this-chat’ smile
  • after this james never takes sirius’ advice ever again

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The rfa + v as stereotypes from high school?

one of these before an Angst storm(≖ᴗ≖)

hope you like this, anon!💛


  • he’s like, a bunch of stereotypes
  • its canon that back in school he was a Bad Boy™
  • so he has the leather aesthetic 
  • but he’s also a Drama Nerd
  • like JD in Heathers the Musical, except without the killing
  • probably had a “lollipop in mouth makes me look badass” phase


  • the Nerd™
  • class president, honor roll, the whole thing
  • he even has suspenders
  • someone bought him fake glasses to complete the Look
  • but no one can make fun of him because he’s also so sweet!
  • probably brings the class cookies on exam day


  • that one girl in class who looks really intimidating 
  • but you want to be her 
  • she’s smart and gets all her work done
  • also looks like she could kill you and probably could
  • but then the class hears her laugh once
  • they all stare for a second because? that was angelic.


  • i refuse to believe jumin didn’t have an emo phase
  • unfortunately, it was in high school and not middle school 
  • jihyun did his eyeliner 
  • like Death the Kid from Soul Eater im cr y ing
  • he looks lowkey scary
  • but he does good in class and is actually really nice, i promise
  • he’s just…it’s a troubling time

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • class clown
  • but the one that no one understands so you just laugh to appease him
  • the teacher has rubbed their temple one too many times
  • but he doesn’t get kicked out of class because he’s acing it
  • puts his feet up on the desk, this heathen
  • also that kid that always has snacks and wi l l share with you thank 

v / jihyun

  • the sketchbook kid, you know? 
  • brings his camera to class for photography class and sits with a smile
  • but the others are all tense because when will he take the pictures
  • doodles on everything but essays 
  • the kid that gets attacked by the rest of the class cause he had gum
  • somehow always has crayons???

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do you think AD sends screenshots of what they're about to send to the girls to the A team like people do with their squad group chats? like 'does this sound creepy enough? does it give away who i am? will it make me look like a softie? is there a better word i could use here'

I’M YELLIN!!!!!! This is the best image of A I’ve ever had like 

and it’s even better too when I think of A.D. being Ezra oh my damn. someone should art this lol


Miss Julie: Have you ever been in love?

John: [rigorously polishing a boot] We don’t use that word…but I have liked a lot of girls. And once when I could not have one girl I wanted, I became sick, horribly sick. Sick like a prince in a fairy tale, a prince who cannot eat or drink because of love.

Miss Julie: Who was it?

John: It was you!

so my godmother just texted me saying she heard on the radio that it was the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter and asked me if I would celebrate it and my heart cried a little SHE KNOW ME SO WELL

but - and i’m very sure you all have heard of this by now so this is no surprise for you - IT’S 20 YEARS AGO SINCE THE FIRST BOOK CAME OUT AND JUST ??? it’s legit crazY 

Originally posted by gayshippingwhitetrash

i could write a long text about how much Harry Potter means to me, but I don’t have the energy and also I don’t think anyone would care to read it lol and I also think most of you know that I like Harry Potter bc I run a Harry Potter blog

But, for real, Harry Potter is everything for me. I don’t know who I would be without these books. I would legit be lost. So I would like to thank that little Swedish girl who one day picked up that book that she thought “looked cool” and started reading, that quiet day in the library while waiting for her father.I would love to see little Emilia’s face if I told her that 10 years later, she would thank that book for everything good in her life. 

nothing holding me back (connor murphy x reader)

Request: “hii could you please do a Connor x reader based on “there’s nothing holding me back” by Shawn mendes thank u”

Words: 1300

Requests are open!

I was smoking behind the school, cutting class for the third time that week. I had one earbud blasting music that I wasn’t paying attention to, the other one dangled from the wire and settled near my waist. I focused on the familiar feeling of the smoke from my cigarette filling my lungs, leaving my mouth bitter and dry. I had found comfort in the feeling most people despised.

“You know how dangerous that is?” I hear a voice chuckle. I turn my head to the person who had joined me, ready to snap at them to leave. A girl was there, Y/N Y/L/N. I recognized her from around school. She was… something. It seemed like nothing bothered her, she was invincible. Like she could walk through the middle of a battlefield and emerge unscathed.

“Cancer, lung disease, heart disease, death.” She recites, sounding like my middle school health teacher.

“Know it better than anyone.” I retort, taking another puff of my cigarette.

She leans against the wall next to me. What the hell was she doing?

“Connor Murphy, right?”

I nod, focusing on the remains of my cigarette, ash falling gently to the floor like snowflakes.

“Y/N Y/L/N. Nice to meet you, Connor.”

And that’s how I met my best, and only, friend.

It’s been three years and she hasn’t changed. She’s still that invincible, fearless, brave girl who had the guts to talk to the psychotic kid who threw a printer at the teacher in second grade.

Speak of the devil, that very girl is currently sitting right next to me, fiddling with her jacket as we wait at a red light. Her foot bounced at the speed of light, the converse on her feet hitting rhythmically against the floor of the Jeep.

Fun fact about Y/N, she could never keep still. She always felt the need to move, whether it was bouncing her foot or pacing the room, she was up and moving.

We were headed to who knows where, going wherever the wind blew us. She had convinced me to come out with her tonight. I was planning on smoking in my room and listening to crappy music till 3AM but she had dragged me out knowing that I would follow her wherever she went. She basically had the same effect on me than any drug could produce anyways.

I glance over at her, sitting back in the passenger seat and propping her feet up on the dashboard, her messy Y/H/C hair glowing in the fading sunlight. She was gazing out the window, that little smirk she always wore present on her face. She must have felt me staring because she turned away from the window and instead looked right at me.

“Like what you see?” She chuckled.

“God, you are so cocky.” I complain.

Another fun fact, this one more about me, her confidence was one of my favorite things about her. She wasn’t afraid of anyone, a trait of hers I admired.

The light finally changed to green and I take off down the partially empty highway. We had fallen back into a comfortable silence, leaving the other to their thoughts. Mine, of course, had drifted back to Y/N. They always did. The way she always had a witty comeback to whatever you said or the way her eyes got that mischievous glint whenever she had an idea or how she would bite her lip whenever she was deep in thought. She was intoxicating.

“Pull over here.” I hear her voice break through my thoughts.

I do as she says, veering to the right and pulling into a parking lot.

“The library?” I question, staring out the window at the brick building before us.

She nods her head and climbs out of the car without giving me an explanation as to what we were doing here. I lock the car and follow her, jogging to catch up. She turns the corner and heads to the back of the huge building.

“I figured we could both go for something a little less crazy tonight.” She explains.

I follow her gaze to a fire escape ladder clinging to the brick wall. She starts to climb the ladder without a second thought, her converse flying up the metal rungs. I examine the ladder for a second before I follow her, evaluating the situation.

“Come on, Con!” She giggles.

I grab onto the cold, metal rung and start pulling myself up after her. I had never been one to follow rules anyway.

The roof was pretty boring, with only a chimney and a few leaves scattered across it. I wander around the flat surface and watch as Y/N perches on the edge of the roof, swinging her legs back and forth.

I walk up behind her and shove my hands in my pockets.

“You know how dangerous that is?” I say, quoting her first words to me.

“Know it better than anyone.” She retorts, playing along.

I plop down next to her and watch the sun as it slips over the horizon.

“How’ve you been?” She asks.

I shrug, unsure of what to say, “Things at the house have sucked, parents are still fighting, Zoe is still being an ass, nothing new.”

“That didn’t answer my question.”

I stare ahead, refusing to look at her.

“Connor, just talk to me. Tell me what’s wrong.” She begs, reaching for my hand.

I snatch it away, feeling a lump rising in my throat.

“I-I’m fine.” I growl, standing up and heading towards the ladder to leave.

“Why do you keep doing this?” She asks, her brows furrowed in concern.

“Doing what!” I yell.

“Pushing me away!” She exclaims, “Did I do something to make you lose your trust in me? We used to tell each other everything, now you’re closing up on me.”

I freeze in my attempts to escape, eyes widening.

“You’re my closest friend, Con-” She carries on before I interrupt her.

“That’s it! Friends.” I yell back.


“What do you mean?”

“That’s all we are, friends. I don’t want that.”

Her eyes well up with tears and I can see the pain of my words strike her like a bullet. Holy shit, Y/N never cried. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know you felt that way. I can leave you alone if you want me to.”

She quickly runs towards the ladder, mimicking my movements from before. Before she could leave, I grab her wrist, desperate to fix what I had just broken with a few misunderstood words.

“No, Y/N, that’s not what I meant.” I mumble, searching for words.

“I just.. I really.. I.. Like you, ok? As more than a friend. I love the way your smile always manages to make me feel better after a crappy day. And how you’re always forcing me out of my comfort zone making me do these crazy things. I love the way you would be there for me at the drop of a hat, no matter what time it is or where you are, you’re there. Shit, I love the way you care about me-”

My speech is interrupted by Y/N’s lips on mine, taking be my surprise and leaving me frozen. I quickly grab her waist and pull her flush against my body. She entangles her hands in my hair and I can feel her smile against my lips.

She pulls away first, smirking at me as she walks towards the ladder, “You’re driving, right?”

“Um, y-yeah, sure.” I stutter, running my hands through my hair with wide eyes.

“Okay, meet you down at the car!” She chuckles, winking at me before she descends the ladder.

Holy shit, I was in for quite a ride.

The Man You Hate

Requests:  Plz do a part two of the men you loved where savitar re lives her and she gets revenge on the flash and in the end she stays with savitar - @thejulietfarciertlove


Read The Man You Loved, it was fantastic! Pls part 2! Maybe where Barry has guilt throughout the next few months and maybe the reader’s sister finds out and lashes out at Barry. Maybe Iris dies in the end too so Barry has no one now. Maybe meets Earth 2 Reader happily married to Earth 2 Barry. (He and Iris divorced or something)


part 2 of the man you loved?


I liked the last imagine but what if Barry never really gets a choice to save the two girls. It’s actually the future reader (ally/lover of Savitar) who kills iris bc she knows barry wouldn’t have chosen her. Savitar makes Barry feel regretful because of it.


Could you please make a part two to the one shot the man you loved Maybe some things that happened after he got the reader killed and feels really guilty about it and maybe involve the others too thx - @shirleyleylove 


The Man U loved part 2 please💜💜💜

Warnings: Angst, violence, cursing, mourning, Barry feeling sorry for himself, Barry feeling guilty, suicide, cursing

A/N: Holy crap guys! You loved part one and in one night my ask box was filled with requests for a part 2! So, by popular demand, here is part two. I did change it so it doesn’t fit all of the requests.

Read Part One

Keep reading

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could you please write some headcanons on sana and yousef raising their first child ft. the balloon squad as uncles?

Hiiii nonnie I love yousana as parents and omg the balloon squad are the best uncles they would be so happy with the their first kid

  • I’m convinced that yousef and sana’s first child is going to be a girl who has her father and all her uncles wrapped around her little finger like sana has blackmail and her daughter has the pout ™  one cannot simply say no to her
  • So they had their first kid pretty earlier like year or two after they got married and they were so excited because it was planned but at the same time it wasn’t so it was a bit messy when they realised they were actually doing this
  • And the boys were so excited because no one had kids yet and it will be the first balloon baby but also Sana’s kid which makes even more special and they are so ready to shower it with love

  • Okay but their daughter is going to be spoiled by her dad and uncles like  sana is the tough parent or else her daughter is going to so sheltered and spoiled  which isn’t bad but sana knows the world is hard she can’t always protect her
  • Elias loves her so much like he always takes her out to go somewhere museums, parks and anything kids like he very invested in that kid because he takes his job as uncle very serious and he has a lot of experience as he is already the best uncle for jamilla’s kids

  • Okay but their daughter is like mini-sana in terms of looks and Yousef feels blessed ™ because he can’t believe his wife and daughter are so beautiful
    • when is like Yousef is spoiling her too much and sana calls him out and he is like “how can I not when she looks like the most gorgeous woman in the world” 
    • Yousef will always be smooth ™

  • Sana loves taking her daughter to the mosque because she always gets so quiet until she notice her mom isn’t focussing all her attention at her and then she starts fussing
  • Her favourite uncle is Elias because he is the best and always gives the best presents and she can tell him anything because he can keep secrets really good!!! closely followed by uncle Mutta because he is really funny and always makes her laugh

    • She likes uncle Mikael but he is so quiet most of the times
  • Her first birthday party was a disaster to plan because of the balloon squad they all had different opinions on what she would like and this why sana wanted to do the planning on her own but no Yousef just had to invite the guys and seriously she is one (1) it doesn’t have to that complicated the boys outvoted her during the final decisions

  • The guys once picked her up early from day-care when she was little bit older to take her to have a fun day out without telling sana and she was so angry because one (1) text saying they are taking her daughter to have fun at a undisclosed place isn’t enough and seriously keep your phones on she called like 5 times 
    • “what if something happened, Yousef I expected more from you” “you didn’t send me one (1) picture”
  • So once sana and the boys went to park to have a family picknick and adam was playing with with the baby and sana came to give her daughter a bottle and adam was like “no, no, no I’ll do it” which made sana smile because he was taking his job as uncle seriously and then this old lady came up to them and was like 
    • “oh you guys are such a cute couple, how long have you been married” and before sana can correct her she is like
    • “your daughter looks exactly like your husband, you are so lucky since he is so handsome” and adam is loving this and agrees with her and plays along with the whole thing and 
    • Yousef is just dying because first of all THAT IS HIS DAUGHTER AND WIFE and second of all everybody thought it was the best thing to happen this week , joked about for weeks 
    • Yousef totally kicked adam in the shin when nobody was watching like how dare he ?????

I think I almost became a victim of human trafficking.

Most people’s nature is to kinda trust who people say they are at face value even if we’ve just met them. This girl came up to me and made casual conversation and it ended up in “I work in an insurance company and we’re planning on moving down in the area what do you think about making an extra $1000 a week?”
She seemed really nice and nothing to worry about so being the impulsive person I was and not thinking it thru I said I’ll think about it and gave her my number.
How stupid could I possibly be to believe someone would randomly come up to me and offer me a job to make an extra $1000
It was too good to be true.
I didn’t think much of it until she left me a few voicemails
Like why would anyone call you multiple times for work that you were never really looking for?
Shouldn’t I have been the one calling for work cuz I’m the one looking/wanting/needing the job & money?
I just got that weird feeling that this wasn’t right.
I’m learning to trust myself more because there were times where I wish I followed my instincts so this time I’m going to & not have any contact with this person anymore.
You can’t trust anyone especially when they throw out bait like that.
I searched her company and it looks legit but there’s still something off about it to me.
I just wanted to share this with you guys.
Be careful and be aware of traffickers.
They’re all around you.

Be especially aware of signs that offer weekly pays that are too good to be true because most likely they are.

Stay safe guys.

Thanks Rasky- Elias Lindholm

Originally posted by nhl-canes

A/N: So I was super excited to write this because the Canes are like my second favorite team of all time! (Redwings will always be first ;) ) I hope you enjoy!

Request:  Hi could you write one with Elias Lindholm where you’re friends with Victor Rask from Sweden and he sets the two of you up?! :D

Warnings: A few swear words

Up next: Zach Werenski

You had met Victor when the two of you were five years old, you were the only girl who had joined the hockey team and he of course was one of many boys. What first struck him was the fact that you were not one to take anything from the others. Being the only girl you were constantly poked at and there was nothing Victor enjoyed more than watching you shut up the boys by out skating them on the ice.

You guys had become friends rather quickly and that friendship followed you all throughout the years, even when he was drafted and moved to Carolina. You did your very best to be there at his games when you could afford it, although it had been a bit harder as you had started playing for a women’s team back home.

You knew that during his time in Carolina he had grown close to a few of the other Swedish players on the team, including a certain Elias Lindholm. Elias had been present on a few of your Skype sessions with Victor and you had met him following one of the games you had attended. You had to admit, he was gorgeous, and a strong player. You of course had accidentally let that slip to Victor during a drunk phone call and ever since he had been planning something.

So when Sweden won Worlds you of course had been there, screaming your lungs out with the rest of your country, standing proudly in your home gear besides Victor’s sister, Fanny. You caught Victor’s eye and waved, watching as he gave you his famous small, half smile. Sometimes you wondered if he even had a real smile.

After the game you knew he was going to be busy with his team and his family so you texted him your congratulations and told him to text you when he was free to meet up and celebrate with you.

When you had gotten the text to meet at your favorite restaurant, which you knew from your travels, you quickly agreed, changing into a decent outfit, it was just Victor though so you didn’t feel the need to get all dolled up, this kid had seen you with a bloody lip before after all.

However as you arrived and saw Elias sitting at your usual table rather than Victor you seriously wished you had done more than just skinny jeans and a sweatshirt. But before you could turn around to go outside and call Victor, Elias looked up and caught your eye, waving you over.

You put on a smile as you approached, stopping to stand by the table when you noticed that he had his phone pulled out too.

“I assume you got a text from Victor as well, telling you to meet him here for lunch.” He said showing you his phone and you were shocked, you and Elias had gotten an almost identical message.

“Yes, I did and yet here we are with a lack of Victor.” You chuckled, beginning to get a funny feeling about the whole situation.

“Well no point in wasting the time, we’re already here. Might as well eat, I heard the food here is good.” He said, gesturing to the seat opposite him which you gladly took up.

The lunch went better than expected, you and Elias spent a lot of the time catching up on missed things and found that you had a lot more in common than originally expected, it was almost as if Victor had known this. You shared the same favorite color, listened to the same music, hell you two didn’t like the same foods.

If you didn’t know any better you would say that you and Elias were literally meant for each other. Which you wouldn’t mind, now that he was out of gear, more relaxed and clean, you took advantage of your seating arrangement to admire him up close, and damn were you dumbfounded, every time those eyes looked at you, you wanted to melt in your chair.

“This was nice.” You smiled as you two exited the restaurant with full stomachs and new phone numbers in your cellphones.

“It was, we should do this again sometime.” He suggested with a smile and you nodded, completely oblivious to your best friend who was now approaching you guys.

“I see you had a nice lunch.” The tone of his voice gave it all away, he had never planned on coming and this was all just a set up to get you and Elias alone.

“You little shit.” You laughed, punching him in the shoulder as all three of you shared a fairly decent laugh. “I should’ve known you were up to something, when do you ever initiate hanging out?”

“Your fault for falling for it.” He shrugged,entirely unapologetically.

You felt Elias’ arm drop around your shoulder and your cheeks immediately flared a bright red but you made no move to remove his arm or move farther away. If it was up to you, you would have stayed there for the rest of the day.

“Well, now you get to play third wheel.” Elias teased, looking down at you as you stuck your tongue out at Victor to prove a point, you were so going to rub that in.

“As long as I don’t have to watch you two make out, I won’t mind.”

Of course,as luck would have it, three months into the relationship Victor had caught you and Elias making out on the couch to which you gleefully reminded him that without his help none of what he witnessed would’ve been possible, which earned you a nasty glare and the comment.

“I should’ve never played matchmaker…”

ID #24314

Name: Phoebe
Age: 16
Country: Australia

Hey, I’m Phoebe and I’m from Australia.

I love doing M.M.A (Mixed Marshal Arts), Listening to music, Scouts (It’s for girls too in Aus!), camping, watching musicals, performing, reading books and watching TV shows. (Teen Wolf, Arrow, The flash, Riverdale, Shadowhunters, Doctor Who, Sherlock)

I never really realised how hard it is to describe myself…

These are some of the things I enjoy, I’d love to travel when I’m older and I’ve always wanted to have a pen pal. I speak fluent English and am high school. I don’t really know what else to say!
It costs a bit too much for snail mail, but I could send a couple, if you really wanted.

Preferences: Well, I’d like if you were around my age 15-18. I am LGBTQ+ friendly and would love it if I could talk to someone outside Australia please!

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Nicola - 12., 37., 47. I'm very curious about this girl! (that might have something to do with my protective feelings about Pippa, I'm like the overprotective mommy, I have to see if she's the good girlfriend XD)

Ooo thank you! Nicola could definitely do with some development.

12) Do they have siblings? How do they interact with them? If not, do they wish they had siblings?

Nope, Nicola is an only child. She has no need for siblings, the Slater kids are all like family to her! Especially poor Destiny, who died in her arms :( I think that definitely changed Nicola as a person, but she tries not to show it in front of Pippa.

37) Do/Did they have bullies in school?

Maybe when she was a child she had those bullies who made fun of her glasses and called her names like Four-Eyes and stuff (I’m offended on her behalf!), but Pippa was always a tough kid and fended them off on Nicola’s behalf. #friendship!

47) Do they believe in the supernatural, that there is more than the eye can see?

Nicola and Pippa have had a similar conversation before here, but I’ll elaborate some more on it. While she doesn’t believe in ghosts, she believes in things like reincarnation. She’s certain she’s seen Destiny as a little tweety bird before! She just never knew how to tell Pippa. Nicola also thinks that if you feel a sudden cold breeze against your skin whilst in a room of warm/average temperature, it’s someone’s spirit brushing against you and informing you of their presence.

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canon-wise, which 2 dc boys right now do you think would conceivably be gay or grow up gay (aside from aqualad)?

hm, assuming we mean now now, hm, both of the books Jon is in are sending differing messages on who Jon likes, I mean in Super Sons when he’s upset he runs straight to Damian and hides in a closet to watch him, but then in Superman there’s the whole thing with Kathy, who knows. Could totally see it was Damian i mean, he seems very uninterested in girls and very interested in very masculine men. Beast Boy always seems to be awkwardly hitting on Robins (Tim, Dami) but clearly is also into women so I’d say bi bi boy with a thing for birds. Wally West (the younger) seems pretty into Raven and I don’t see any reason to think he’s also in dudes. Duke Thomas just into getting enough story time any where to say what tickles him, and sadly that’s IT! for young adult heroes heroes working in the DC right now, which for a company that once boosted hundreds of heroes is pretty pathetic that all the teenage heroes can be counted on your hands. 

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I'm falling for my friend. He's super supportive, has been a big support on my transition, and actually acknowledges he can't talk about certain experiences over the people who go through them. Thing is, he says he's straight af, and I only see any kind of chance if he a)is not as straight as he thinks, or b)he still sees me as a girl. I don't know what to do, because we click so well, and I think we could be great together, but I'm scared to try any move at all

all i can say is: dont date a straight guy. really, dont. just like you shouldnt date a lesbian. if he discovers he likes you and he says instead that hes bi/pan, then great! but if he says he likes you and still says hes straight, stay away.

there is a girl, fair as dawn,

who makes me weep when she is gone,

her eyes shine like gemstones, her smile, a rose

and when she is happy, the whole world knows.

for she is an angel, fair as the sun,

and to make her happy is such great fun.

you are the sweetest, most beautiful girl,

and seeing pictures of you sends my heart in a whirl.

i hope you know, dear junli, dear vi,

how very happy talking to you makes me

and i do hope you will enjoy this love letter

(i am sorry i could not do you better)

as for now i must bid you adieu,

but know, at the end, my heart is for you


me reading this like this is so nice … !!!!! who is it about…. alkJALDJFLAKSJDFADSF I’M DYING THOUGH WHAT please friend this is too good for me ;;;;; thank you so so much sunshine, this is just the SWEETEST far sweeter than me each line makes me clench my heart. thanks for being such an angel and making my week!! and me weak laksjd i’M SO SHY READING THIS BUT THANK YOU SO MUCH 💗💝✨🌼☀🌈🍓

 ( also anyone with an email address with “hanayou” is a++++)

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I honestly have a feeling that AD is going to be someone completely random and have little to nothing to do with what the girls are going through. Another part of me feels like it's Ezra again.

I’m super torn like I don’t think it’s going to be totally random..maybe a bit…but not like Charlotte’s reveal was. 

And it seems to me like Ezra is suspect #1 for a LOT of people and you know, my friend who is not into fandom at all, she doesn’t know many of the theories, she doesn’t know what ships are, none of this stuff, and I asked her who she thought it could be and she thinks it could be Ezra.

BUT that also makes me wonder, are we on to something or is it too obvious at this point and therefore it won’t be him?