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I saw that you said in your recent post that you were gonna tell us what you liked about SS and I was wondering if you could still tell us because I'm curious what you have to say!! :) Also, why do you like them more than other Sasuke and Sakura ships if you don't mind me asking??

I ship SS because Sakura was the only girl who not only always wanted what was best for Sasuke, but also actively and constantly strove to make that happen. Karin always just wanted to help Sasuke, and I respect her for that. I’ve always been very grateful to her for helping to keep my favourite character alive on numerous occasions, and I believe her affections for him were genuine. However, that’s all I can say about it. Whereas not only were Sakura’s feelings for him also genuine, but she was also actively trying to secure a better future for him by trying to dissuade him from continuing down his dark path. Karin noticed how sinister he was becoming during the arc in the Land of Iron. Yet, she was still aiding him in committing all those crimes, and it was only after he had impaled her and completely disregarded her life, that she realized that helping him while he was in that frame of mind, wasn’t doing any good for anybody. It shouldn’t have taken that long, and that much for her to reach that conclusion. I know she was just trying to do all she could to help him, but she should have known that “helping” him in that situation wasn’t doing him any favours in the long run.

Sakura knew that from the very first instance she witnessed Sasuke’s darkness in the Forest of Death. As soon as she saw it, she tried to pull him out of the darkness, and this desire never diminished:

People tend to look at Sasuke’s side and say he always hated her or doesn’t care about her at all, when that’s just not true. Tobirama and Hagoromo explain Sasuke’s character brilliantly in 619 and 693 respectively. They basically reveal that the only true representations of Sasuke’s character were before the massacre, and after 698. Essentially, the times when he wasn’t afflicted by the curse of hatred which constantly caused him to push away love, and magnify the negative emotions, including resentment, hatred, jealousy etc.

But despite his affliction, you could still see that he cared for his friends, including Sakura. He described her as someone “dear” to him in 133, which was only reiterated in 177, when Kakashi stated that they had both found “precious” companions, to which Sasuke then thinks of Sakura and Naruto. He sincerely thanked her for everything she had done for him in 181. He was reminded of his relationship with Team 7 when he saw how much Taka were doing for him against Killer Bee in 414. Naruto indicated how Sasuke’s body just moved on its own to save Kakashi and Sakura from the infinite Tsukuyomi in 680 etc.

All these indicators demonstrated that despite Sasuke’s outward desires to be alone and push away the affection that was offered to him, he still deeply valued his friends. This told me that when Sasuke would be saved from the darkness, he’d welcome Sakura’s affections and start seeing her, as well as the entire world from a new perspective, and that’s exactly what happened. His hatred turned into love (as Hagoromo predicted it would in 693), and he was able to see things with clarity (as he described in 699):

I just really liked that Sakura (and Naruto) were always striving to attain a better future for their dear friend who was suffering so much. And that Sasuke, despite his internal struggle with his affliction, was still able to demonstrate that he cared about his friends, and that once the curse no longer had a hold of his heart, he was able to give Sakura such a meaningful expression of affection.

All Tongues

Okay, I wasn’t planning on writing a second part, but y’all inspired me.  So here ya go.  Definitely NSFW.  I think I may have missed a few people who requested that they be tagged…sorry!

Find the first part, All Hands, here.

It was strange how an intimate sexual encounter could be put on the back burner when life was anything but normal.

For weeks after your handsy night with Dean, life went on.  You hunted together and apart, you dealt with demons and ghouls, nightmares most people couldn’t even imagine.  You stayed at the bunker as often as possible, but it wasn’t as often as you’d have liked and it was never alone with Dean.

There were stolen glances and knowing smiles from both of you, but never did you have another night like that one.  

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Reasons why you ship steggy, go!

I think the main reason for me is the way Peggy was able to humanise Steve? Like, the title of Captain America would be intimidating to anybody, esp. for somebody who was dating the man - to constantly /not/ feel like you were overshadowed by him. Peggy to me, was someone who held very strong moral values of her own, and wasn’t swayed by what anybody else thought irrespective of who they were. That’s why a lot of people, including myself /and/ Steve admired her so much.

Peggy Carter believed in Steve before he was Captain America - she believed in the little guy who stood his ground and fought to do the right thing. It didn’t matter that he eventually became Cap, she had fallen in love with /Steve/.

And I feel like she was one of the only people who could ground Steve, keep him from not becoming his title, because that responsibility can go to /anybody’s/ head - and I feel like Steve would appreciate that - somebody who /could/ and /would/ say ‘no’ if something he suggested, or did, wasn’t necessarily the correct choice. So basically what I’m trying to say, is that they are unreservedly /equals/ and balance each other in a way I feel like, nobody else could.

Did that answer your question?

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So I read this really sad book about this girl, Alexis, who had a brother named Tyler, who committed suicide and so many of the details lined up with Tyler Joseph (I.e he played basketball, he was depressed, he loved music, etc) and when I got done with it I was really sad because all I could think about was my life if Tyler actually did commit suicide and I know you probably don't care but I just needed to tell someone because I don't know where I would be without Tyler and Josh

my full name is alexis how fucking daRE

BTS Reacting to Falling For a Tom-Boy

Prompt: “Hiya! I was wondering if you could go a got7/bts separate reaction to them falling for a tom-boy kind of girl, who is always dancing around, singing and being loud and weird? Thank you :)”

Jin: It would be hard for him to not fall for you, finding your quirks to be adorable. You being so care-free would be a nice balance for him and he’d enjoy how fun and peaceful it was to be around you. Sometimes he’d just like to sit back and watch you, loving how cute you looked when you danced around the place. Other times, he’d sing and try to be a little goofy with you. He loved that you were you regardless of who was around.

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Yoongi: He probably wouldn’t say or do much, but he’d find it cute. He’d sneak glances at you while you danced as you were cleaning. He’d laugh if you became really loud while playing a videogame, but would try to keep it quiet so you didn’t notice. He’d always make fun of you for being a little weird, but he would love it and wouldn’t have you any other way. He might not join in, but he will still get enjoyment just from your presence.

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Namjoon: He would smile and laugh when you acted weird. He would love how different you were from other people and would always enjoy your company. There would never be a boring moment with you and he was always trying to prepare for whatever adventure you would take him on that day. He would want to take you traveling with him, thinking that you would enjoy it due to your tom-boy nature. Occasionally he’d join in on your singing and dancing, purposefully sounding bad to see you laugh.

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Hoseok: You would fit right in with Hoseok. It would make sense for him to fall for someone as fearless and as fun as you. Every moment together would be a blast for the both of you. You guys would always be doing something weird, not caring who was watching because you enjoyed each other’s company. He would feel like you were meant for him, honestly. He would love all of the weird things about you because he knew that you would do the same for him.

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Taehyung: Considering he’s also pretty weird, he’d love to be in your company. He would immediately feel comfortable knowing he could be himself and would always dance and sing with you. He would have no shame in being loud either. You guys could scream at the TV while watching some show or loudly singing some song together. There wouldn’t ever be a dull moment because when you guys got together, you knew it would always be amazing for you guys not so much your neighbors though.

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Jimin: Whenever you started singing and dancing or doing anything weird, he would always laugh. He could always rely on you to make him smile even when he was down. You had jokes for days and you never ceased to surprise him. He loved how bubbly you could be and anytime you were around, his day instantly got better. He would also want to make you just as happy and to make you laugh just as much as he did.

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Jungkook: He’d be really shy at first. Because of his feelings, he wouldn’t be able to act out as much as he’d like to. He admired how outgoing you were and how you weren’t afraid of anything or anyone. Whenever he did get comfortable, he would begin to show how much of a meme he is and would definitely start to participate in the weirdness. 

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May's LMD Makes the Ultimate Sacrifice - Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 4x15
May's LMD realizes her programming is much more similar to the original May, and therefore is able to take down Coulson's LMD to save Simmons and Daisy. (Fro...

I am so utterly obsessed with this scene - You can see so clearly how much LMD May is suffering, having to choose between Daisy and Jemma (girls she trained herself, who have proven themselves over and over again, who have been through too much grief already) and this man who looks so much like someone she’s loved for so long - how could anyone make a choice like that?

The way her voice cracks a little when she tells Coulson that they have never had a drink together (such a painful thought - that all of those memories you’ve treasured for so long belong to someone else; that you’re just an imposter, an intruder living in someone else’s mind, believing it to be your own) just kills me every damn time. The way she already has her thumb over the trigger switch - struggling through her grief, but knowing what she has to do. 

Then oh my - the soundtrack is so important here - when the cargo doors open, and the music builds to emphasise the pain and desperation of the scene - Daisy and Jemma stumbling along, Piper and the other crew members racing to help and get the Quinjet out of there before everything goes to hell.

And dear god - when the soundtrack is put behind the remainder of LMD May and Coulson’s conversation? My heart starts tearing itself into tiny little shreds.

“Are you afraid to die? Because I am.” 

She is so openly afraid of what’s about to follow, but so determined and resound in the knowledge of what she has to do.

“But that pain, that regret, that’s what made you a person. I person I love” 

woop there it is - the moment I would usually be fangirling my heart out… if I wasn’t so busy crying my eyes out instead.

“My impulse to keep Coulson safe and close, that desire? That came from me.”

I love this acknowledgement that May’s protectiveness and love for Coulson goes so deep, that even her robot had the same need to keep him safe. It makes me so damn emotional. Like?? Why can’t they just be happy together??

“And I’m sorry to say, you’re not him.”


Radcliffe’s whole “you are who you are speech” makes more sense to me now - like yeah, this is who May is. The woman who will do anything, wear any personal burden, blow herself up, to ensure that those she loves are safe. Finally, May (or the LMD version at least), gets her second chance to save the girl - to let the girls go - and sacrifice herself to keep them safe.

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Petted a doggo and a kitty I haven't seen since before winter today, and made a pretty girl laugh. Did anything good happen for you today?

Thank you for asking anon! I actually had a really good day and it wouldn’t have been possible without my friends. So let me take a minute to give them the spotlight they deserve.

This morning (well, afternoon) I woke up to see that @theysangastheyslew posted her Monday piece and did an absolutely fantastic job of capturing a touching moment between Mama!Hawk and Alphonse from a one-shot I wrote a couple weeks ago. I was definitely crying because I feel so blessed that my work inspired Elena’s incredible art. i also saved it as my desktop picture

I got to talk to one of my best friends, @the-heart-alchemist, on the phone today and we basically hung out for a few hours and it was lovely! We watched last night’s episode of LWA together and screamed and it was amazing. It was several hours well-spent and I am blessed to have Robyn in my life.

My friend @controloverwritten wrote a little Royai drabble for me that ended with a VERY SNEAKY use of the Harder, Colonel meme and I’m still yelling about it like it was such a cute and sweet drabble and then SUDDENLY.

The radiant @jouissezduprintemps sent me cute gifs and kind words today, and I am still so floored by the fact that Leah takes time out of her day to think of me and send me positive vibes because she knows I’m having a tough time.

I finally got to hear @ladywiltshire‘s FMA voice tag and promo for her upcoming comic, which I have been given the illustrious honor of beta’ing, and I’m super stoked about it after listening to her talk about her characters with so much passion. Tanya is so lovely when she gets lost talking about things she cares about and it made me smile to hear so much heart and soul in her voice. she also has a really nice voice wtf

I also got to talk to @queenxolivier today and she’s such a gem. There’s honestly never a dull moment talking to Jess. She is the reason why my phone autocorrects my keyboard smashes and I feel like that’s all you need to know about our friendship, haha.

Something that has me hollering is that the ridiculously incredible @wrongnote, upon discovering that she will be meeting All Time Low the day after my birthday, has resolved to try and get a video of them wishing me happy birthday. And I cannot believe how much of a fucking sweetheart Rilie is. She’s honest to god the purest person I’ve ever met like I cannot even describe. I’m so shook.

Also, my sweet and dear friend @toomuchfreetyme2 makes me smile just by existing and even though we didn’t get to talk much today she still kept up our long-standing tradition of her sending me little doodles, and it made my heart melt like it always does.

Shout-out also to @haganenobeato and @snow-wolf13 for sending me pictures of their dogs when I’m sad (as I was all weekend) and to @soli-bear for sending me actual bear hugs!

Anyways, today was a good day in spite of me being in a difficult slump the past few days. I feel leaps and bounds better than I was feeling just two days ago and I wouldn’t be able to say that if not for all of my amazing friends. I truly mean it from the bottom of my heart when I say that I love and cherish each and every one of you. Even if you didn’t play an active role in making my day better today, you are still so important to me and I value your presence in my life.

And thank you anon for giving me an opportunity to gush about my friends, because seeing it all laid out in one place helps remind me that I’m loved, even when I feel unlovable.

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If you could give one theme to gmw as a whole series (vs per season like the writers have), what would it be?

Identity vs Role Confusion (from Erikson’s stages of psychosocial development)

The series even opens with the whole internal civil war metaphor. We see Riley prioritizing friends more than family (Father, Game Night). We see good identity development, where the character’s changes are embraced and weave together to form cohesive identity (Farkle, see particularly his talk with Topanga in Bear). We see those who don’t really explore different identities as freely (Lucas and Maya), which is more on the path to role confusion (but I think a S4 would get them back on track to identity) etc. We see Maya straight up reference this whole stage of life (“I’m a teenager. No teen knows who they are”). We see Lucas try and explore a new identity (Mr Perfect) even if it doesn’t totally pan out. We see Riley and Maya limit their own identity explorations by constantly thinking of themselves as this permanent static dichotomy of good/bad, even though it’s not true.

The whole show is really about the development of identity during adolescence (and the season themes: friendships, growth, feelings, change/loss–these all contribute to that).

Got7 Reacting to Falling For a Tom-Boy

Prompt: “Hiya! I was wondering if you could go a got7/bts separate reaction to them falling for a tom-boy kind of girl, who is always dancing around, singing and being loud and weird? Thank you :)”

Mark: Whenever the two of you hung out, you never failed to make him smile and laugh. He always knew that hanging out with you would be the most fun and every time you guys did hang out, he’d fall for you a little more. You were the kind of girl who kept him on his toes and he would never be bored around you. Talking to you came easy because he knew you wouldn’t judge him.

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Jaebum: Although he wouldn’t show what effect you had on him really, he’d always chuckle at how cute you were whenever you were dancing and singing throughout the house. He’d smile at all of your weird antics and would always be surprised by you. He loved spending time with you because you were so fun to be around. He’d mostly watch you and enjoy your presence in silence.

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Jackson: It would always be an adventure with you guys. He would love your weird personality and would always try to join in on your singing and dancing sessions. He’d be just as weird, if not weirder with you. Your care-free personality would be something he loved whole-heartedly. Being himself would come easy knowing that no matter what, you’d still love him and vice versa.

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Jinyoung: He’d be another member that even if he just watched you silently from afar, he’d still give you small smiles and would chuckle a little. He’d try his best to make you laugh a lot, but he wouldn’t ever be as loud and as outgoing. He might not show it much, but he really loved how friendly you were, which was one of the reasons he fell in love with you. Being around you would brighten his day.

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Youngjae: He would find you to be hilarious and would try to join in when you started dancing. When you sang, he’d find it adorable and would smile as your voice echoed throughout the house. Everything you did made him fall for you a little more. If he was having a bad day, he could always count on you to make him laugh by being loud and silly. 

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Bambam: Wouldn’t hesitate to be just as weird as you. He would probably be a little weirder, taking it as a challenge. He would dance and sing with you all the time. It was like you guys were made for each other, always joking around and goofing off. No conversation or hang out would ever be boring when you were around on another. You brought out all the quirks in each other and people could have fun just watching you guys.

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Yugyeom: Dance off. He would try to be just as weird and when you danced, he would basically challenge you to a dance off. The relationship between you two would be pleasurable, always being able to entertain each other. He’d have no problem with you being such a tom-boy, loving how you could let go and have fun.

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You are aware you are enforcing gender roles though, right? Why a pink and feminine theme? What does pink have to do with being a woman? And femininity? You say you care for all girls but then you go for the most stereotypical thing ever. Because screw transgender and masculine girls because boys are stressing you out, right? Thanks, a masculine woman that is tired of studyblrs who keep screwing the feminism concept. Girls don't exist for your aesthetics.

  • I never… said… that pink… was associated… with… being… a woman….
  • I could’ve picked any color I wanted to, but my mood went for pink. 
  • Yes I am a feminist. Yes, as a girl I am aware that girls don’t exist for my aesthetic.
  • I am a studyblr. Not a feminist blog.
  • You shouldn’t make assumptions of people you know nothing about (i.e. every person on the internet)
  • I’m sorry if I offended you, but that wasn’t my purpose. If you don’t enjoy seeing my content then I suggest you unfollow me.

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ronya dear, ever think about drawing skinny girl? And your drawings are amazing!

How skinny are we talking here? I have art of slimmer gals, yes; Here’s a few pieces with thinner gals starring them:

[x] , [x] , [x] , [x] , [x]

Ah, and who could forget;

[My vent doodle about anorexia.]

This isn’t meant to come across as bitter, anon, and I know you had no ill intentions, but your ask came at a good time for me to explain a little why I prefer drawing thicker female characters than the ‘normal’ skinny anime girls.

I’ve received asks about the reason why I prefer drawing curvy and chubby characters: It’s because I’ve been personally struggling with eating disorders since high school. I only started seeing beauty in my own shape after I begun drawing characters who shared my own body shape who were still beautiful — something that is still incredibly hard in any media, even today.

So, yes, I do attempt to draw all kinds of body shapes and types on my characters, but I have my reasons why I prefer designing thicker women~! I have nothing against thin characters, and enjoy drawing themjust as much as any other character, but personally, I prefer designing women of all shapes.

I hope you don’t mind I hijacked your ask to explain this thing that has been asked from me frequently! I hope you have a wonderful day, and I promise to try to draw more slim girls in the future~ I HAVE, admittedly but unintentionally, been neglecting the slimmer bodytypes recently; I need to get some practice in with those types of characters as well!

You don’t think I can fight.“ Tessa said, drawing back and matching his silvery gaze with her own. "Because I’m a girl.”
“I don’t think you can fight because you’re wearing a wedding dress”, said Jem. “For what it’s worth, I don’t think Will could fight in that dress either.”
“Perhaps not,” said Will, who had ears like a bat'a. “But I would make a radiant bride.” 
― Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Princess

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Bruh, I am a bi girl who is new to this blog. And I just have to ask you : why do u hate so much? Why the hate? My mom says bad shit about bi people sometimes but I still love my mom because she helped raise me. People can have stupid opinions but I could Never. Hate. Them. Why the hate bruh?

one time when i was in middle school a group of cis boys caught me alone after school and surrounded me where i sat talking amongst themselves trying to figure out “what i was” and then one of them suggested he kick me in the crotch to see if his foot gets stuck and thats how theyll know

dont tell me who i can and cant fucking hate

Mark (Got7) Reacting to Falling For a Hyper/Sexual Girl

Prompt: “Hi! I love your blog and reactions so much! I was wondering if you could do the reactions of Mark (GOT7), Namjoon (BTS) and I.M (Monsta X) when they fall for a short, hyper girl who is always making sexual jokes? Thank you :) xxx”

Mark: He would become a giggly mess when you make sexual jokes. In the back of his mind, he’d wonder if you were really into all that you joked about, but probably wouldn’t ever ask about it. Sometimes he wouldn’t be sure how to deal with your hyper-activity, but he’d just smile and laugh despite that. With your height and bubbly personality, he’d find you adorable. He’d just be taken aback when you made innuendos. 

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Tumblr Staff: We think it’s time we used Issue Time to discuss an important women’s issue.

Me: That’s a really good idea. There are so many serious issues facing women all over the world. You could talk about the 15 million girls who are forced into child marriages every year. Or maybe the millions of female fetuses who are aborted in sex selective abortions in India and China. Or the millions of women in Saudi Arabia who can’t drive or go anywhere without a male relative. Or the thousands of women who are honor killed in the Middle East every year just because they had the misfortune of being sexually assaulted. Or the hundreds of thousands of girls who are sexually trafficked by pimps in North America each year.

Tumblr Staff: Nah, we wanna focus on a REAL women’s issue


The girls were interrupted by a knock on their door. “Come in!” Lacy called out. 

“Hey, you don’t even know who that is,” Shania complained. Lacy opened her mouth to say something, when a tan man  opened the door and waltzed into the room like he owned it. Shania looked away, a small blush on her cheeks. He was attractive. 

“Ah, fresh meat. Welcome to Sims Valley University. More specifically, Elvis Hall, the greatest dormitory on campus.” As the male spoke, Shania couldn’t help but get lost in his pink yes. She could imagine Lacy snickering. 

“Elvis Hall? Isn’t this place called the Presley Dormitories, after a donor or something?” Lacy asked. 

“Old man Pres was a freaking jerk off with too much money and a huge ass ego. In my hall, we don’t honor men like that. Elvis Presley, the father of good old rock and roll is more deserving.”

“Your hall?” Shania asked, and then instantly regretted it. Way to make herself look dorky. 

“Oh yeah, that’s why I came here. My name is Sage. I am the RA of this dorm. I live one floor above you guys. I’m in charge of all things dormitory related. Your roommate won’t turn off the lights when you’re trying to sleep? You’re tryna study and it’s too loud? No toilet paper in the bathrooms? You call me and I’ll fix everything. Well, don’t call me if you don’t have to. I got a life too…but don’t hesitate if it’s something serious. Is this your first semester here?” He looked at them expectantly. “What’s your names?”

Sage was made by @dandylion240.

Rap Mon (BTS) Reacting to Falling for a Hyper/Sexual Girl

Prompt: “Hi! I love your blog and reactions so much! I was wondering if you could do the reactions of Mark (GOT7), Namjoon (BTS) and I.M (Monsta X) when they fall for a short, hyper girl who is always making sexual jokes? Thank you :) xxx”

Namjoon: He’d find your hyper personality to be the cutest even if he isn’t very hyper himself. Your height would be something he teased you about light-heartedly, but really he’d love it. Whenever you made a sexual joke, he would “joke” along with you, but would really be testing the waters. He’d want to challenge you whenever you made sexual innuendos and would always have something sarcastic to say right back to you.

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There needs to be more gay Elsa fics, well written non squicky ones are so hard to find.

I’m all for writing whatever you want and all but I’m really not into Elsanna stuff. 
As a big sister myself…uh yeah no. 

that being said I agree wholeheartedly. 

I used to see a big post around the Frozen phase of tumblr about Elsa meeting an Indian girl who could control fire. No idea if it ever actually became a thing, just one of those “What if” posts, but I was tempted to write it myself 

like with juzo for example…. since he isn’t explicitly shown to be gay not bi i couuuuld understand why people would possibly see him as bi but also

why do you feel the need for him to be bi. cause like dude. every person i’ve seen who headcanoned him as bi has wanted to ship him with girls and i’m just

he’s a gay who has canonically been shown to be utterly devoted to in love with, hopelessly in love with a guy, and struggling with a mountain load of internalised homophobia of over that and for all the homophobic mess that was his narrative that was like really accurately and realistically written and like

why would you want to take away from that. why would you look at that and go “but he could also love women too!! he could totally be in love with chisa as well as munakata!” as if a big part of his narrative wasn’t explicitly about his guilt over being attracted to someone his friend loved, feeling like he was coming between their perfect made to be het romanceTM. why would you look at that and think it’s a great idea to have him be in love with that woman. why would you look at his canon love for another man and then go “oh but he would be happier with a better person so uh chisa? seiko? junko? ruruka? this franchise is like 50% women we’ll find the girl for him”

it’s about more than just you going “well he wasn’t explicitly a monosexual homosexualTM so i can make this bi i can make this bi rep which is more important cause there’s a massive queue of canon gay rep right” it’s about you seeing a man who’s in love with another man and deciding that’s not enough he has to be in love with a woman also, that without a romance with a woman, a man who loves men isn’t enough, he’s just not good enough, he can’t be happy, his relationships can’t be balanced he just needs to love women too ok

i’m bi and that’s already a spit in the face, how the hell do you think gay people feel about this