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"How could anybody ever see me and Lucas as a couple?"--Maya Hart

…but it just stood out to me. In Yearbook when Maya and Lucas are voted favorite couple Maya says “How could anybody ever see me and LUCAS as a couple?” When I rewatched the episode it just kind of stood out to me that she called him Lucas instead of Ranger Rick, Huckleberry, Hopalong, etc.

I kinda just feel like if she was actually annoyed because it was stupid or found it ridiculous she would have said something a bit more sarcastic. She was just kind of surprised didn’t really show much to good or bad, just surprised.

We all know Maya has liked Lucas for a while, so it’s no surprise that she wasn’t disgusted by this. What IS surprising is that she DIDN’T cover up with insults, sarcasm, humor, etc. She used to try to hide most of her feelings from everyone for Riley’s benefit, but something just in the way she said it here. She was surprised, a little confused and caught off guard, but she DIDN’T say something like “Ew me and Huckleberry as a couple?!”(for example). She just asked unsure because…everyone sees them as a couple? That’s news to her. She thought they were all gunning for the Rucas summer rain, but they were actually shipping “Lucaya Fiyah”.

Basically the fact that she said LUCAS instead of a nickname, how she didn’t make a joke or use sarcasm, how she didn’t turn off her feelings for Riley’s benefit just for a split second. And how she wasn’t disgused or annoyed, but simply surprised/shocked and confused.

Summer Rain...

…comes out of nowhere, and is (usually) lovely while it lasts, even when it’s heavy. Summer rains almost always end as quickly as they came. If you’re lucky, you get to see a rainbow for a bit as the sky clears and the world glows for a little while.

But once a summer rain is over, you can’t make it come back. You can’t force the rain to fall. Just enjoy it while it lasts and be glad you got to see a rainbow.

(Fire, on the other hand, can be reignited at will. Fire can be a big blaze, a little flame, a flicker, or even just embers. It has to be tended to, but you can bring fire back over and over again if you want.)

Summer rain is over when it’s over.

Girl Meets the Forgiveness Project + Girl Meets the Secret of Life

”It started off as just Forgiveness but then I got carried away and realised how much it linked into Secret of Life so… Here ya go.

Girl Meets the Forgiveness Project:

Maya was angry at her dad for leaving because ‘you don’t think I had it in me to allow my father room to grow’.

We all know ‘people change people’. But maybe sometimes, one person doesn’t change another but rather allows the person to change themself.

We’ve seen this before between Lucas and Maya. They do change each other, in cases such as:

GM Flaws - Lucas picks up Maya to stop her from going after Farkle’s bully, and she jumps on his back to stop him doing the same later.

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GM Cory and Topanga - Lucas grabs Maya to stop her from hurting Farkle, and sits her down

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Maya says she has it in her to allow her father room to grow. She doesn’t change him, but would accept him changing himself.

Is that the case with Rucas or Lucaya? Lets see…

Riley and Lucas - Riley sees Lucas as her ‘knight in shining armor’, her prince, her hero. She’s grown up with fairytales and with corpanga - who have probably ruined lots of people’s stories - so she, being the naive muffin she is, believes that she will get that too. She deserves the happy ending, they all do, but its not going to be the perfect story she imagined it being.

Maya and Lucas - she didn’t grown up with fairytales and perfect parents; her dad left, and she thinks that everyone else will as well. She doesn’t have hope, she’s not naive like Riley. There is one story mentioned in the episode that she does grow up with though, and that is this one:

“Do you remember that night the thunder shook the apartment? I was five, and I thought the lightning was so bright I thought the world was on fire. I’m all under my covers crying and you come flying into the room and peek under the covers and decide to make it a game. We were in Alaska, and looking for gold. And you said the lightning was the northern lights. The aurora borealis. You made that entire night an adventure until the storm passed, and I woke up the next morning and it was a sunny day.”

Hmmm. First off, lets over analyse that story…

Thunder and lightning - Riley and Maya, like when they do the “Ring power! Thunder! Lightning!” thing.
Fire - Lucas and Maya, like in GM Yearbook - “But we’re a summer rain… And they’re like fiyah!” Plus girl meets WORLD, and the world is on fire, so the world is lucaya… idk
Gold - looking for gold. “I do go outside, Riley! I watch the light move during the day. And you know what happens at five thirty? You turn gold. Everything is more beautiful at the beginning and the end of the day.” (Btw, in this scene Maya is wearing a yellow-gold, and Riley wears some purple - remember her dance to the loss of purple? - oh writers, you’re so obvious 😂)
Adventure - while Riley wants to be the ‘damsel in distress’ with Lucas, and he be her knight in shining armour, Maya wants the adventure. She sees him as a cowboy, not as perfect but as flawed and human. That’s not to be horrible to Riley - with Farkle she doesn’t see him as perfect but even as a ‘pig’, yet he changes himself and she lets him and accepts him… 😉
Sun - the next day is sunny, the calm after the storm. Again look at Maya’s quote from creativity above.
The quote after the quote: “Mom. It was mom who came in. She made it Alaska, and I wasn’t scared at all.”

Ok but what if the storm is the whole rucaya thing, and Maya and Riley are the thunder and lightning… Afterwards, when its all (finally) solved, the sun comes out. And when they were pretending it was Alaska, it wasn’t scary anymore, unlike when Lucas was scared of Maya “I had nightmares about you from the day I first met you” Hart.

Anyway, I’m getting distracted… Back onto my theory about people changing themselves.

Girl Meets the Secret of Life:

As I mentioned above, there are times when Farkle changes himself and Riley accepts him, and the same the other way around. But as for Riley and Lucas… She sees him as perfect, so he can’t change, even though he’s not actually perfect. She made a big deal about him not being perfect in GM the secret of life, which was ironically the first time we saw the whole “people change people” thing.

First off, the first scene.

R: You know what I like? Life. And I like it when it doesn’t change.

M: So, you don’t want anything to change?
R: No, don’t like change. Change fills my pockets with pennies of uncertainty.

This obviously hints at Riley not liking Lucas changing for the rest of the story.

M: Look! We don’t know the story yet, lets know the story before you go to Rileytown!
R: I’m not going to Rileytown, I’m calm.
M: I like it worse when you’re calm. Come on, be you!
(Lucas sits down)
R: deny it.
L: Riley-
R: tell me whoever this Zay kid is, that he can’t just come in here and change you from the Lucas we know. Tell me nothing changes.
M: that’s all you have to do, Lucas. Do you hear me? I just called you by your actual name for the first time ever, that’s how important this is to me. Because its important to her. Deny it.
L: I can’t.
R: I like you. I went on my first date with you, do you think its right to let me like you without telling me who you are?
L: you know who I am. I’m Ranger Rick! We rode on a white horse! I asked my father’s permission just to go on a date with you. Who does that?!
R: were you thought out of school?
L: yes.
R: for a whole year?
L: yes.
M: I finally like you!

Okay, overanalysing time.

First off, Maya is saying that Riley isn’t calm (as we all know). Remember back in Forgiveness, the calm after the storm? If the calm isn’t Riley (and Lucas), then it must be Maya and Lucas.
Also, Maya says about Riley “going to Rileytown”, which is where she dreams of Lucas, her perfect prince/knight in shining armour. 
Riley wants Lucas to deny it, to keep being her perfect prince, to not change. Maya does as well, but only because she seems desperate to keep Riley happy.
The fact that the first person Lucas thinks he is is ranger rick is interesting. Maya thinks Lucas is ranger rick, Riley thinks he’s her perfect prince. Lucas sees himself as ranger rick, and sees the idea that he rode on a white horse with Riley ridiculous.
Maya finally likes Lucas after he admits the truth. Lucas changes, and Maya accepts it, but Riley does not. Back to the quote from forgiveness, “you don’t think I have it in me to allow my father room to grow”. If its about Lucas rather than Kermit… Maya has it in her, but Riley does not. (With Farkle, on the other hand… 😉)

Finally, a bunch of this links to Bay Window when Maya is the one not wanting change (nothing to do with Lucas though 😉) and Riley is again dreaming of her hero as we saw in her song. Plus Farkle was the one who saved her (twice) and therefore was her hero… But I’m gonna stop now.

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