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ok, I love Life is Strange, but I have to say… it reeeeally skeeves me out that every single girl in the school (besides alyssa who’s only purpose is to be eeyore and have the world dump all over her constantly) is the same super thin, flat chested waif bodytype….


WHO EVER IS HE ?! - Stanley Parable ( part 1 )

Bioware OCs

I wanted to post a little about my canon OCs’ relationships. No point - just felt like it. Forgive the quality of the last two pictures. I wish Mass Effect didn’t hate screenshots.

Lyna Mahariel - Guarded, Stoic, Angry - Warrior

Sexuality - bi

Romanced - Tamlen, Alistair, then Zevran (and a night with Isabela…)

Why I liked the romance - Zevran is just a very devoted and supportive partner, which is something Lyna really needed. She was never considered a leader in her clan, and she had to adjust pretty fast to suddenly having leadership forced on her, because Alistair sure as hell wasn’t going to step up. She’s the kind of person who will make a decision when no one else will, instead of standing around waffling because it’s polite, and she really needed someone to be on her side, instead of doubting her every step. Zevran needed her, too, more than he knew - and I really appreciate the insight into his character that changing her romance has given me.

Leopold Hawke - Blunt, Aggressive, Heart of gold - Mage

Sexuality - gay

Romanced - Fenris. Fenris. Fenris.

Why I liked the romance - From day one Leo and Fenris just *got* each other. They both needed someone they could trust, someone who understood them when they made mistakes, and didn’t hold the things they said when angry against them - someone who would give them room to grow. This relationship is so full of friendship and trust that it makes me happy every time I think about it.

Ryn Lavellan - Hard Working, Studious, Cheeky - Rogue

Sexuality - pan

Romanced - Dorian

Why I liked this romance - I always felt like Ryn just kind of had this way of seeing through Dorian, past all the buff and bluster to the sweet man beneath. The relationship means so much to him, to both of them, that it really added to the enjoyment for me. My very first bioware romance, and I don’t regret a thing.

Beatrice Shepard - Dry, No Nonsense, Paragon - Soldier

Sexuality - straight 

Romanced - Kaidan, then Garrus

Why I liked this romance - I never write it, but for me, Shakarian is second only to fenhawke in terms of how much I love it. It’s a very, very close second place. Friendship? Check. Trust? Check. I was someone who went into these games with zero intention of fucking an alien, and then Garrus happened. The thing about Garrus is, he’s there for Shepard during the most difficult times in her life. He trusts her, he respects her, he truly is her partner in all things. There is no Shepard without Vakarian.

Sara Ryder - Nerdy Rebel, Fuckup, Smartass - Engineer

Sexuality - gay

Romanced - Vetra, then Peebee

Why I liked this romance - Ok, so this one hit me from out of the blue. Before the game came out, I was head over heels in love with Cora. (Ok, I still kind of am.) But girls can’t romance Cora and I had already decided Ryder was a lesbian. So I decided, you know, I had such a good time with the last Turian…except while I LOVE Vetra, I hated her romance. I spoiled myself and watched it on youtube and it was so disappointing to me. To make matters worse, I was about 50 hours into this monster at this point, and Vetra wasn’t even really talking to me because I guess I went through all the dialogue too fast. Hard to build the kind of connection I look for in romances when the person seems so disinterested. I was seriously considering rolling a new Ryder to date one of the guys. I never even considered Peebs, because, well, I’m not very fond of Asari. (It’s not their fault. It’s the whole Bioware trying to make them all alluring thing.)

Anyway, I was stuck between these choices - throw away 50 hours of gameplay and start over on this glitchy twitchy game, or settle for a romance that feels unfulfilling to me (sorry anyone who loved it! Just didn’t work for me.) I took Peebee up on her offer of no-strings escape pod sex because it seemed like something Ryder would do. Then…idk, the friendship between them just happened, on it’s own. It felt so natural, and playful, and by the time I got to Peebee’s personal mission there were FEELINGS developing.

And man, once they’re actually serious about one another it’s so playful and fun and sweet. I really enjoyed it, 10/10 no regrets, would romance again.