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Recently, I passed 1,000 followers, which is legit crazy cool. Because of that, I wanted to celebrate by doing a Follow Forever!

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BONUS ROUND: Please Follow Me Forever

I got this idea from hellafreckledhorses. I decided to pick five followers of mine, who I may or may not follow back but STILL ADORE WITH ALL MY HEART BECAUSE THEY’RE AWESOME. You guys are always in my notes, and I want to continue to see you there!!

You’re wonderful and don’t stop being how cool you are.

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OKAY, THAT’S IT! WOW, THAT WAS LONG. This was so hard to do, because I literally adore everyone I follow. Thanks so much for hanging out with me guys, you make my tumblr experience truly incredible. I hope to get to know more of you in the future!!



As you may have noticed yesterday, I HIT 1K! I CAN’T EVEN BELIEVE IT THANK YOU (also I’m now 40 away from 1.1k)! So to celebrate, I’m gonna tag all my faves. (please follow every single person I tag if you’re not already because they’re all beautiful)

overlyobcessedteenager: BAEEE! I hope we will obsess over rare pepe and forever (guys you need to look at this website it has the best shirts ever AND THERE ARE PILLOWS) And I can’t wait to meet you soon! LY GUURL

iamsonotonfire: PeaChBUtT! You should know that I’m never gonna give you up (our weird little rick astley thing xD) and you’re the best! LYSM RON!

atriptonarwhalnia: Izzyyyy, my best weeaboo friend! Thanks for all the anime recs! and you introduced me to homestuck so I owe you for life. <3

iwritesinsnotphantasies: HEYY BRIGHTON BUDDY! you’re awesome and your blog is sososo rad. seeing dan and phil on halloween is gonna be amazing! ^-^

philscracker: hey other ellie! it was so rad to finally find someone with the same name as me on here! YOU’RE AWESOME!

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And finally the people that I love: taylorswift troyesivan tyleroakley koreykuhl connorfranta danisnotonfire amazingphil fishingboatproceeds and thatsthat24 :)

Thanks again for 1k, bye!

The Demigods

Word Count: 2.5k+

A/n: dedicated this cutie as seeing her text post reminded me to post this / continue it :) // plus lbr Percy is a total fangirl so this is probs how he acts 99.9% of the time

Chapter: 1/?

Percy logged onto his computer for the fifth time that morning. Hurriedly clicking the google chrome app, he tapped his fingers on the keyboard in an attempt to relax. Honestly, Percy shouldn’t have been this excited over such a simple YouTube video. However, sitting in his room ‘fangirling’ over 6 normal teenagers uploading a video, unlike the other 4 million people subscribed to them, was a pretty normal occurrence.

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My Loft 89 experience!

I guess I’ll start with the evening before the Ottawa show. I was at home, and I was on tumblr but just kind of casually scrolling. I wasn’t self reblogging at the time (didn’t know Tay was online), and I was just looking through pictures. I closed my phone just as a notification popped up, but I didn’t think anything of it. I put my phone down on a chair in the living room, went to the bathroom, and when I came back I just saw a message on tumblr from skinnycarameltay saying something like “CASSVND DJVHS OHMYNSK” and I was like oh my god what it going on…I thought maybe she had just gotten a like and wanted to message me about it (we’re friends so that would not be out of the ordinary). So I open my phone and it opened to my notification page and all I see if the message from Sav, and then right underneath it was a like from Taylor about our costume post for the tour shows in Ottawa and Montreal. It had like 9 photos of us in the photoset and our seat information. As soon as I saw it I started shaking and I just dropped to the floor and started crying. My parents were like oh my god are you okay?? I tried explaining what just happened but I was too overwhelmed to speak properly. I texted purelyjamie like a billion times but she wasn’t answering because she was driving, so I just ran to my room and sat on my bed and sobbed for an hour straight because I was so happy. 

We showed up to the venue at around 4pm and within 30 seconds upon arriving we had people running up to us saying they had seen us online and hoped we would get loft. It was such an amazing feeling to have that much support from other fans! Soon enough I found Kevin outside and walked up to him and said “heeeeeeeey Kevin” while giving a little wave, and he was like “Heeey, WAIT A MINUTE, I remember you, we’ve met before!” and I was like “Yep, I’m one of the Detroit pop tart girls!” and he was so stoked to see me (I’m legit one of his favourites, he told me like 6 times). We hugged and then he took a picture of Jamie and I, and then told us to meet him inside at the Taylor Nation booth. Not much longer I check Twitter only to find that Jamie and I were included in a picture Taylor Nation posted, which was soon posted on Instagram! 

We were also approached by CBC Ottawa to do an interview before the show, alongside lifeaccordingtotheginger. It was hella rad and my parents missed it even though I texted them to let them know. 

Once inside we went straight to the TN booth and so many people came up to us and commented on our costumes. Right before getting the picture, clearblue–water joins us at the booth, and we all go up to Kevin and Ash is like “the second pop tart girl is here now!” and oh my god, he was so freaking happy to see us. He hugged us both again and I got glitter on him. We got out of the line and he still kept talking to us as other fans took the TN booth pictures. It’s all fun and great and then he DROPS THE BOMB AND TELLS US THAT EVERYONE BACKSTAGE WAS TALKING ABOUT US AND OUR COSTUMES and I’m here like WOAH WAIT WHAT??? We talk a bit more and Ashley mentions how she showed up at noon so she could be at the front for pit, and how she was going to do the same for Montreal the following day. Then he turns to us and asked us when we arrived, we said 4pm, and then he goes “well you won’t have to show up as early tomorrow, we got you covered for tonight” and once again I’m like WHAT DOES THIS MEEEEEAAANNNN???

Taylor gets on stage and we’re freaking the hell out, of course. Midway through IKYWT, right before the bridge, I pull out my phone because I wanted to record her singing the high note, but then I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn around and see a girl from Taylor Nation looking at us and I’m immediately stunned. She was like “Heeeeey guys, how’s it going? Are you enjoying the show so far?” BVKAVB YES, then she goes on and asks if we have ever met Taylor, we said no because she hadn’t, and she says “Would you like to go to Loft 89? Taylor specifically asked to meet you guys” and then I burst into tears and pretty much curled up into a ball and cried, and cried, and cried. She put the bracelets on her, gave us the paper, and then I gave her a hug and I cried some more. 

We left with a minute remaining in the concert because we were too afraid of missing the Loft gathering because of the crowds. Kevin’s there again and was like “Heeeeeey, good to see you guys” (I love him so much). So they give us all the rules, Kevin takes down our names and birthdays (don’t ask why, I really don’t know) and then they lead us off down this staircase and I was in shock so I really have no recollection of where it was. There were a bunch of outfits on display before entering but I didn’t take pics because I was too excited. 

Loft 89 is actually a lot smaller and cozier than I anticipated. I immediately yelled “OH MY GOD, THE PIZZA” as soon as I saw it. It was Domino’s. It was amazing. I inhaled it. I wish I would’ve taken more pictures of the room itself, but I was spazzing. I sat on the carpet and got it covered in glitter, the girl from TN laughed. Everyone was mingling and it was so fantastic, and then we get told that she’s coming and not to crowd her when she comes in, and then she will visit each group. We were next to the entrance so I couldn’t actually see her walking towards it, but I just heard “HIIIII GUYS!” AND SHE WALKED IN WITH THE CUTEST OUTFIT AND THE MOST EXCITED FACE! She immediately turned over to us and said “I SAW YOU ONLINE AND JUST HAD TO MEET YOU” and gave us all a massive hug and held us so tight. As we pulled away from our hug I was like “I totally just covered you in glitter” and she was like “Yes, I love it!” She immediately started asking about our costumes and the process of making them. We spoke about the photoshoot itself, and she said she loved how we were actually in the woods. I said “well, I have a forest in my backyard so I figured I should use it” and she said “Yes! That’s kind of the intended purpose” and then I rambled on about how we were like half in the woods, half out of the woods, like “are we in, are we out? What is going on?” and she got all excited and was like “oh my god YES, that’s the exact meaning of the song! Oh, so much confusion, what is this situation?” She said we perfectly executed looking completely lost in our photos and I was like “Thanks, we were really going for that. We even were holding leafs” and she burst out laughing and just repeated “We were holding leafs, oh my god” and laughed some more. I really hate that I’m completely blanking on a lot of things we spoke about, but it was just so amazing talking to her. She looks right at you and holds eye contact the whole time, making you feel so special and like you’re the only one in the room.

OH MY GOD, k so Ashley gave me a slip of paper with her url on it, so I pulled it out of my bra (I didn’t have pockets, it was my only option) and I was like “Hey Taylor can I give you this? It’s Ashley’s url, you need to check her out” and she took one look at it and said “Ahhh yes, yes I like it, I remember her” and it took everything in my not to freak out, but I was smiling like an idiot. Then she was like “I’m just gonna slip this in here and save it for later” as she tucked it in her skirt. 

The next thing I remember is her asking if I wanted my poster signed, which I obviously did. I asked her if she could personalize it and she said “YEAH! Of course!” She asked me what my name was, “Cassidy” “With a C?” “Yes!” “A-S-S-I-D…with a Y?” “Yes! You’re really good at this!” “Oh thanks, I’m proud of this right now.” Then I asked her to write “Don’t you know, you’re really gonna be someone” and tried not to cry when she did. Then she went over and signed Jamie’s notebook and looked through her calligraphy and told her she had the most beautiful handwriting and she wished she had it. Then she signed Emily’s phone case and Emily said yeah I’m not dressed up and she said “I know,you weren’t in the photoshoot” and Emily explained that work was crazy and that she was working 31 hours a week at a job that was only supposed to be part time and Taylor was like oh my god. 

Then we took pictures and I leaned my head into her shoulder (SHE’S SO TALL LIKE WHAT) and I felt her head tilt against mine. We took two photos, one with and one without flash, and obviously she looks amazing in both. Then she was saying how great it was to see us and she was so happy we came, and she loved our outfits. We each gave her another hug and she headed off to the next group. 

I saw tree-paine hanging out around the entrance and said hi and asked if she would get a picture, but she said she tries not to get in any, and I was like “no no I understand, it’s chill, I was just trying because of this ginger connection” and we both held up our hair and pointed at each other. Then I said her cat is amazing and we both started talking about our cats and how hers wants affection from her all the time and is always like “love me!” and mine is very selective about when she wants attention. She said that he is very special and that she doesn’t ever reveal his real name because it’s really strange, and it’s not something normal like “John or Josh” and here I am thinking those aren’t normal names for cats at all. Then I said that my cat’s nickname is “Nugget” so it can’t be that bad. She said “well, it’s not that, but it’s definitely up there for oddness” and I said “As long as it’s not something like Princess Monster Truck then I think you’re okay” and she laughed and said “Ok that is very true, it’s not something like that.” 

Taylor made her way around the room and as she was leaving I gave her my letter that I initially forgot to give to her, so I asked if it was okay if I gave this to her and she was like “Yes, totally!” and took and and flipped through it before saying “Bye guys, I love you so much!” 

And that is the story of the most amazing night of my life. I hope I haven’t forgotten anything, but I probably did