the girl its quite annoying tho

A sincere question to all tv writers who queerbait: why would you do that??!! It’s utterly outrageous and annoying, and to say the least, quite incomprehensible. I have no problem whatsoever with heterosexuality just as I DON’T with ANY sexual orientation, and I will keep watching your show even if everyone is straight and white and self-obsessed af as long as I get what I want out of the content (for example I still watch Girls even tho my representation doesn’t exist but I do relate to these characters’ problems and not to mention my current fave show is The Affair). So why would you queerbait and then not follow it through?! If you have no intention of making a slash/femslash ship endgame, I don’t need to see their unresolved sexual tension and endless hearteyes and pining it’s not helping. Seriously stop it’s kinda like parents promising their kids that they will get candies if they behave but you know what they don’t even have candies in the first place hahahahahaha what a surprise.