the girl its quite annoying tho

Victoria: So how have you been?

Albert: Fine. Got this headache though. It comes and goes.

Lehzen: *Walks into the room*

Albert: And it’s back

macklesufficient  asked:

exr for the ship thing is this even a question

also for le-vent-des-revolutions and an anon!!

  • Their ringtones for each other

    enjolras has a default ringtone for everyone bc he’s boring 

    R’s for enjolras changes depending on whether enjolras is angry at him (rise of the valkyries)/he wants to wind him up (la marseillaise)/etc etc 

  • Their FB relationship status

    they didnt change it when they got together until enjolras passive aggressively made his ‘it’s complicated’ after a fight 

    and then when they made up it became ‘in a relationship’ for good

  • Whether they are addicted to couples selfies

    actually kind of yes?? enjolras likes having photos of things and he likes taking photos with grantaire so grantaire has lots of photos of him and his boyfriend to look at 

    but grantaire kind of lives by the ‘its better if i look shit on purpose’ rule so there are so many photos of him pulling a face and enjolras looking unimpressed 

  • Which of their friends is over-joyed shipper trash that they are together

    controversially not courf at all at first he really doesnt think its a good idea and doesnt really like the way grantaire talks to enjolras (combeferre is a bit more democratic about it and finds it easier to see things from R’s side too but courf is pretty stubbornly on enjolras’ ‘side’)

    and then he realises he’s being too quick to judge and he should trust enjolras and realises he’s been kind of harsh on R and everything’s better 

    joly and bossuet are probs shipper trash bc grantaire is their pal <3 

  • Who overshares intimate relationship details

    neither bc enjolras would quite seriously not be happy w/ grantaire and grantaire learned the difference between ‘pulling his leg’ and ‘actually doing something that upsets him’ v early on in the relationship

  • Who steals the other’s clothes

    enjolras is literally that vine where the girl walks away with like 10 hoodies on and her ex is like ‘my hoodies tho’ 

    except he doesn’t break up with grantaire to take his hoodies he just takes them and R pretends its annoying but it’s v nice to see enjolras curled up for a nap in his hoodie 

  • Who’s the PDA fan

    for someone who prefers to keep details about their relationship private enjolras is v v big on pda 

    it kind of comes from at the very start when he was worried about grantaire thinking he wasn’t good enough so he’d touch his arm and hold his hand and kiss his cheek lots and be v pro-active in his affection just to remind him he actually wanted to be with him and it wasn’t a favour 

    but enjolras is also v tactile so he’ll just sit down on R in public and have a nap that will happen 

  • Who proposes

    i dont think either of them would really like to be married? i think they’d have a long discussion about how traditions of signing yourself off to another person are quite arbitrary and there’s something possessive and uncomfortable about the whole thing (they would probs have this discussion at one of their friends’ weddings nice one guys u sure know how to make a day special) 

    but also tax reasons 

    so they just go and sign the thing and get married one day like it’s going to the bank 

    but that bit about promising to look after each other in front of all your friends is nice so they basically just have people over and stand in the living room and have the harshest, realest vows ever like ‘i promise to always love and care for you for as long as this relationship continues to be healthy and appealing to us both’

    …. [scattered applause]

    (it’s actually v sweet and sincere and enjolras loves it and grantaire finds it quite hilarious)