the girl is their daughter from the au

Some small details in ch132
  • “Professor Hugues”



  • “Vicar Rathbone”



  • “Sam the shepherd”



  • “Fenian Cycle”




Sam the shepherd is most probably this old guy from ch63 and ch120

and his “grand-daughter” Rathbone mentioned in ch132 is probably this little girl from ch120 :)

(This month’s flashback happened 5-6 years ago, and this girl looks like 5-6yo, so she would definitely fit age-wise!)

Masterlist (avengerofyourheart)

Marvel Reader inserts listed by character, currently Bucky, Steve, Tony, Sam, Scott, and Thor. A huge thank you to @beccaanne814-blog for the gorgeous character banners! 

Accidents Happen Series (reader x Bucky):

Summary: Reader is accident prone, comes from a sheltered background, and has been with the Avengers almost a year when Steve finds Bucky and brings him to the Avengers Tower (post CATWS, pre CACW). Bucky takes an interest in the reader’s quirkiness. (mostly fluff)

Accidents Happen Series Masterlist (FINISHED)

In the Arms of Justice (Bucky Drabble Series):

Summary: Reader is a witness to a crime, tying her to the investigation as well as the police involved. She never would have guessed how that one night would continue to change her life years later. (drama, angst, fluff)

In the Arms of Justice Masterlist (FINISHED)

Leave This Town (Mechanic!Bucky AU Series):

Summary: Your dreams of kissing your small town life goodbye are about to come true when an unexpected detour leaves you stranded. Meeting the handsome local mechanic has you rethinking your plans. Perhaps happiness is less about where you’re headed and more about the people you meet along the way.

Leave This Town Series Masterlist (FINISHED)

The Lucky One (Movie Challenge Bucky fic):

Summary: As a single mom with a jerk of an ex-husband, you’re doing your best to run the family business all on your own when your mother hires a mysterious man with a troubled past to help out. He just might be what you need in your life, but will his secrets bring you together or tear you apart? (Events occur shortly after Captain America: The Winter Soldier)

The Lucky One Series Masterlist (in progress)

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Yoongi’s runaway daughter. part.4 END

Yoongi and daughter AU

[part.1] [part.2] [part.3] [part.4]END

Originally posted by seokjins-wings

Everything felt rushed, it was all a mess, from the ambulance to the hospital, I couldn’t handle how difficult it was to see her lying there so lifelessly, seeing her like this felt as though a thousand knives were just jabbed into my chest. I deserved it, but she didn’t. My baby girl doesn’t deserve this. So why? Why was she being punished for my own mistakes? If I could take her place and be the one to have been hit, then I would.

When we got to the hospital, everything and everybody was frantic. Doctors rushed her to the emergency room whilst nurses tried their best to keep me from following in. I shouted at them, begged them to save her not even realising that my own tears quickly made a puddle on the ground. I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t know how to feel. I was completely broke inside. I told the members to come and they all came running not long after she had moved her into surgery. 

“This is all my fault, all of this it’s my fault.” I repeated over, now sat on one of the many seats that they had to offer outside of the operation room, head in my hands whilst my elbows rested on my knees. 

“Yoongi, it’s not your fault don’t blame yourself.” Jin hyung tried to reassure me, but honestly it didn’t work. How was I supposed to believe that when I know that non of this would have happened if I didn’t open that mouth of mine? If only I had treated her better then she wouldn’t have had to runaway.

“You have no idea what she said to me when I was holding her in my arms. Everything hit me like a ton of bricks, I realised how much I neglected her when she was in her worst condition, what kind of father was I?! She’s always looked up to me but I’ve done nothing but disappointed her.” I shouted, I didn’t mean to shout at anyone, I didn’t want to shout at anyone. But I couldn’t help it, I couldn’t help it when I was angry at myself, when my daughter was lying on that cold table being operated on. I couldn’t calm myself down and I knew that the members understood. Hoseok had tears falling down his face, he was Y/N’s favourite uncle. He acted more like a father towards her than I ever did. He was the one who took her out for ice cream. He was the one who helped me find birthday and Christmas gifts every year. He truly cared about her, and I could see just how torn he was by the way he was sat there, emotionless.

“That’s not true hyung.” Taehyung said whilst placing his hand on my shoulder. “You can’t possibly control these things, Y/N’s brave and she’s strong. She’ll pull through this I just know she will.” I really hope you’re right Taehyung.

Non of us moved from where we sat. For the last three hours, we didn’t speak to one another, we all waited here patiently for someone to walk out through those double doors to tell us that my daughter was okay and that her life was no longer in danger.

That moment came, shortly after. All of us rushed to our feet and walked towards the doctor, who was still taking her mask off her face.

“How’s my daughter? Is she okay? Did she make it?” I bombarded her with questions, I knew that but I was desperate. I needed to know.

“The operation was successful, so please rest assured. The anesthetic will wear off in a couple of hours time so please be patient. She may have amnesia, but it should be temporary, worst case scenario means she’ll never remember again.” 

“Thank you so much.” Namjoon said, as I saw nurses wheel her out on a bed. I followed her through into her room and sat right beside her without leaving for a second.

“Hyung, you should eat something.” Jimin said to me, tapping me on the shoulder with a sandwich. I shook my head and grabbed ahold of Y/N’s hand, not wanting to let go again. “I’ll leave it here, make sure you eat it.” He said before heading out, giving me some time and space.

I didn’t realise that I fell asleep until I felt something move in my grasp. I shot up and looked directly at Y/N who was now staring at me. 

“Baby girl are you okay?” I urged.

“Who are you?” She doesn’t remember me?

“You, you don’t know who I am?” I started crying, this is my fault. All of this was my fault. 

“No.” She looked at me confused. This is karma getting back at me for all the shit that I put her through, whether or not the memory loss was temporary, it hurt. It hurt so damn much to have her ask who I was and have her tell me she had no idea.

“I’m your dad.” I continued crying. But she smiled at me, her smile was always so bright and regardless of her condition, she still smiled the same way as she would have a week ago. She doesn’t know who I am anymore or any of our memories, so how is she still smiling? Then again, she’s probably smiling because she doesn’t remember the hardships I put her through. This may be hell for me, but it must be a great thing for her.

“You’re crying a lot, why? Is it because of me?” I nodded slightly.

“I’m sorry princess.”

“Don’t be, dad. Since you’re crying so much, then that must mean that you love me a lot right?”

“Of course I do!” I admitted, of course I love her. No matter the way I treated her, I still love her with my everything, she’s my little girl.

“Well that makes me really happy already so please don’t cry. Knowing that I have your love, already makes me the luckiest daughter alive.”

Y/N’s p.o.v

The truth is, I did remember. I do still remember. Why this all happened, how it all happened. Every detail before the accident I remember clearly. Then why did you lie you ask?

Because my dad was crying, for the first time in my 14 years of living. I saw him cry. I didn’t want him to be sad, I wanted to start off fresh and this was the best way to do it. I wasn’t about to bring the past back up. Never again.

Not when it hurts the both of us. Maybe now I can finally become the daughter he really loves, maybe now I can finally be Min Y/N without questioning my very existence.

No matter what happened in the past, I’ll still love him because he’s my father and I’m his daughter.


Neither a happy or a sad ending I guess?

Fantasy Daddy Simulator -- Final Fantasy XV x Dream Daddy Headcanons (Part 1)

Okay, I’m far too impatient to wait until this is all finished. SO HERE! Have the first part to the FFXV x Dream Daddy headcanons. c: It’s fun to write, that’s for sure, and it’s cool to think about the fun scenario of all these single dads. I hope you guys enjoy the day I go on our Fantasy Daddies though!
(So weird to say that, not gonna lie…)


  • Let’s add about 15-20 years on these boys. Give them time for the children to grow older.
  • Let’s also say they live in that cul-de-sac area just like from Dream Daddy.
  • And the children are just me throwing dumb thoughts your way. Because yay for thinking up of headcanons (and child characters unmentioned!).


Featuring: Noctis Lucis Caelum, Prompto Argentum, Ignis Scientia, and Gladiolus Amicitia

Noctis Lucis Caelum – Divorced, Father of Three Boys

Likes: Fishing, Sleeping In, Telling Stories About The Good Ol’Days
Dislikes: Veggies, Cooking Heathy Things For His Kids, Not Being Able to Fish or Sleep

  • He was married to Lunafreya Nox Fleuret as part of an arranged marriage ordeal. But as time passed, they came to realize that they never really got the live they life they wanted to when they were immediately married at twenty-years old.
  • So they mutually divorced, yet they still remain very big and important figures in their kids lives, despite having a shared custody over them.
  • Noctis takes the kids for a month and then they alternate back and forth. But luckily for Noctis, Lunafreya just lives up the road, so they boys can really just pick where they want to go.
  • The boys ultimately decide that they’d rather live with their dad more than their mom. No offense to Lunafreya, really! They’re just, you know, more okay with Noctis being a chill dad than with Lunafreya being a proper lady mom.
  • Noctis is the kind of dad who will pretend to be asleep until noon on his days off, refusing to get up even when his little boys would jump on him and demand his attention.
  • Or demand food. Can’t they just make ramen like how Uncle Gladio taught them? Damn… Now he’d have to break out that emergency cookbook Ignis made him.

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anonymous asked:

do you know any of where stiles is the son of someone famous

Hi there, here’s a mix of fics where the Sheriff is either someone important, like the president/a politician, or just rich and big in society.  Hope you like!  -Emmy

Originally posted by estysummers

Complicated is an Understatement by stilinski_wolf 

(2,431 I Explicit I Complete)   *sterek, first son!Stiles, bodyguard!derek

Stiles is the 17-year-old son of the POTUS, and Derek is his bodyguard. For the past few months they’ve been together in private, and only in the last few weeks did they take it all the way.

And it isn’t just sex between them, they’re in love. Which makes their situation a whole lot more complicated.

To Serve and Protect by alisvolatpropiis 

(3,177 I Explicit I Complete)  *sterek, first son!stiles, secret service!derek

Just a little presidental au ficlet inspired by rewatching The West Wing. Enjoy, darlings! XOXO

ReGuardless by raisesomehale 

(3,521 I Mature I Complete)  *sterek, first son!stiles, bodyguard!derek

The president had been to the point when he explained to Derek the rules of the job.

Stiles was in the room while these rules were recited: Never take your eyes off of him in public. That’s how he liked to dodge his last bodyguards. No more than an arm’s length apart. He’s more slippery than you’d think. Escort him to and from appearances. Intervene in any situation that might tarnish the Stilinski image…The list went on and on. As did the games of chicken Stiles initiated to test Derek with these rules.

Please Remember to Buckle Up by spazgardian 

(4,300 I Explicit I Complete)  *sterek, politician!Sheriff, bodyguard!Derek

Stiles is the son of a well-known, respected politician. Derek is the only bodyguard to last more than three months with him. He really should have quit while he was ahead.  

Grace - Prologue by Venchaser 

(9,655 I Explicit I Complete)   *sterek, ministry!Sheriff, WWII AU

  Twoshot - Prologue (Complete) . It is the 1939, the world is on the brink of a second World War. Stiles is the son of a wealthy high ranking ministry official. His friend and childhood protector Derek Hale is off to the same medical school as he is, with the financial help of his own father, something Stiles is not too happy about, though he won’t admit it to himself that there might be feelings involved. Yet.

You Fixed My Life by LoveActually_rps 

(10,992 I Teen I Complete)  *sterek, rich!stiles, highschool au, tutor!derek

John Stilinski had had to change tutors for his son five times in a single month so far – ranging from professors and experienced private tutors to intelligent college and university students. None of them had survived more than a week. Greenberg had had given up after just four days.

“Beware of the boy,” Greenberg had warned Derek. “And…stay away from Roscoe,” he had muttered, looking weak and terrified, as if he was recollecting some nasty nightmare.


Greenberg had already fled before he could entertain further confused queries from Derek.

(aka - Stiles is a rich, spoiled brat, struggling academically(or is he?). Derek is his new tutor, who just needs a job.
Of course, Stiles owns a grumpy cat – Roscoe - and Derek doesn’t get along with it.)

Money Can’t Buy Happiness by Dykatamee 

(13,979 I Mature I Complete)  *sterek, human au, rich!stiles, tennis instructor!derek, prostitute!derek

Stiles is a rich boy and Derek is the hot new tennis instructor.

Just Once by stilinskisparkles 

(20,589 I Explicit I Complete)  *sterek, prince!stiles, bodyguard!derek

“I’m your bodyguard!”

“Yeah, I know, and I get that you’re worried I am somehow living under the illusion you are Kevin Costner and I’m Whitney Houston, but Derek?” Stiles grabs his tie before Derek can stop him, pulls him close enough to murmur in his ear, “I can’t sing.”

Strike Softly (Away From the Body) by qhuinn (tekla) 

(34,524 I Explicit I Complete)  *sterek, bodyguard!derek, rich!stiles

Derek is a bodyguard and Stiles his spoiled, resistant client.

Stiles’ Ultimate Gift by LillianDeLooney 

(44,529 I Explicit I Complete)   *sterek, dad!derek, rich!stiles, human au

Stiles is a spoiled brat who’s sent away to the Hale Family Farm to learn a lesson in respect and hard work. Naturally, he isn’t happy about it, but that changes when he meets a very special little girl and her amazing father …

 “What about you Stiles?” Derek’s daughter, Kenny, asks innocently. “Are you gay?”

 He chokes on his own spit and quickly downs the remainder of his coke, ignoring the blush stretching from his head all the way to his chest.

 “I ah,” he clears his throat awkwardly and rubs a hand over his neck. “I might be?”

 She sends him a knowing little smile and nods. “Good.”

~ A story about how to live life, not how to spend it.

Bad Habits by Fudgebug 

(108,296 I Explicit I Complete)  *sterek, human au, highschool au, rich!stiles

“Mmmmh pretty.“ Stiles purrs in a way that makes a wild fire torch the planes of his skin.
He knows Stiles is drunk and that the boy would probably stroke a pineapple and compliment its attractiveness, but Derek can’t help the way his heart starts to be a huge backstabbing dick, thundering uncontrollably against his chest.
It’s painful, because Derek knows it isn’t real.

A story about goody-two-shoes Derek crushing on a Polish Prince Charming with a drinking habit - also the universe keeps on shoving astral poop into his face. It’s utterly spectacular.


AU where Harry has a kid from a one night stand with some girl while he was figuring himself out.

Draco babysits while Harry’s at work and does his potions apprenticeship at night. He’s a little behind Harry from the 2 years he had to spend in azkaban.

They live together and Draco absolutely loves Harry’s daughter but he also loves pulling Harry’s leg.

Harry knows that Draco’s messing with him but he doesn’t mind.

anonymous asked:

did u know alex wanted pip to be a boy and not a girl bc he was worried abt dealing w a daughter that had eliza's hotness genes and his horny genes

this is the greatest thing I’ve ever heard, someone write an au where Hamilton spends the whole second act trying to stop her from having threesomes with girls she met on her way to challenge guys to duels

Elizabeth and Jam in the Shipping Wars

Elizabeth is a daughter of Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz from the future. Jam is a son of Jackie Lynn Thomas and Marco Diaz from the future. But Elizabeth and Jam are from different timelines in the alternate universe because it’s literally ship war between Starco’s kid and Jarco’s kid. They are created by @moringmark because he has an idea that is more AU comics.

Supernatural Masterlist

**Unless it’s specified, these are all Character x fem!reader.
**This will be in constant update.
**If it doesn’t specify fluff, angst, smut, etc. consider it as a not-definable drabble.

Last Updated: 13.10.17

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monthly fic rec : june (fics marked with ** are favesfaves4life)

- adore you by isthatyoularry (66k) **

“We invited our new acquaintances from uptown. You’ve simply got to meet their oldest son!” said his mother with a flourish, and suddenly it became abundantly clear as to why his parents had so adamantly demanded he join them in Deansville for the entirety of the summer.

Against his wishes, Harry spends the holidays at his family’s summer estate, and is reluctantly pulled into a courtship he didn’t ask for. Harry doesn’t want to get married, but Louis does. They don’t fit, but then again they really, really do.

Vaguely set in the 1920’s. Headpieces, jazz, fashionable canes, and flapper dresses, and that.

- through eerie chaos by mediawhore (102k) ******* (super uper fave)

For as long as anyone can remember, Old Hillsbridge Manor has always been believed to be haunted. Everyone in the village agrees and keeps a respectful, fearful, distance. New in town after a bad breakup and an internship that led to disappointment rather than a permanent job, Harry Styles figures taking pictures of the decrepit building could be a great new creative project. Or at least a much-needed distraction while he searches for a job and crashes at his parents’ new house. No one warned him about the apparitions though; about the music, the laughter, the people who flicker and vanish when you call after them, the echoes of a past that should be long gone… Harry has never believed in spirits but even he can admit that there’s something weird going on. What starts as mere curiosity evolves into a full-blown investigation and soon enough, Harry finds himself making friends with an aristocrat from the 1920s and struggling with finding the best way to tell him that he’s dead.

The Ghost Hunter AU where Niall lives to prove ghosts are real, Zayn is a skeptical librarian and Harry gets caught up in a century-old mystery and catches feeling in the process.

- the wonderlands by stylinsoncity (150k)

“Somewhere between chaos and control — these are the wonderlands.”

Harry’s daughter, Andy, is signed to Louis’ girl band. Her path to success is marked by competition, chaos, and for Harry, a love affair.

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EXO Reaction Masterlist Post

If links are messed up or missing let me know and I will fix them!

Sing Sweet Nightingale (Cinderella AU with Dick Grayson)

Tagged: @catsandtats1, @kamuithedragonlord, @cait-writes-stuff, @avengerdragoness, @birbs-and-the-bat, @sofiama, @queen-of-all-the-fandoms, @just-a-girl-maybe, @books-netflix-and-pizza, @just-another-fandomite, @axa-vega, @tigeragathe, @gothxmsirxns, @tim-help, @4evahevah, @sad-horchata, @looking-for-todd

A/N: Let me know what you guys think! Also, shoot me an ask or a message if you want to be added to the tag list because yes there is going to be more lol

Perhaps the happiest day of young Y/N’s life was her birth. A long anticipated event, as is most first babies. Her parents were ecstatic and did everything they could to make Y/N’s new life a happy one. Many an afternoon was spent by the fountain in front of the house, telling stories and watching the fish swim.

Y/N’s mother did her best to make sure Y/N grew up brave and kind. Gentle enough to love those around her, but strong enough to stand up for what she knew was right. She loved her daughter and husband with all her heart, and they returned her love tenfold. But it was not too last.

Y/N’s mother grew ill. Her strength waned and she soon was bedridden. Y/N was confused and scared. Why wouldn’t her mother get up? Why wouldn’t she play? Did she not love Y/N and Daddy anymore?

Her mother did her best to keep Y/N with her, but the sickroom was no place for a child.

Y/N remembered keenly the day her mother died. No one would talk to her or look at her. Everyone was crying. When her father finally did look at her, he clutched her to his chest as his body shook with sobs.

Y/N didn’t like the funeral. She couldn’t find mommy and watching them put the big box in the ground was boring. She didn’t understand why people kept looking at her like that, why they insisted on hugging her, why no one would look her in the eye when she asked for mommy.

She learned that mommy was “dead” and that meant she wasn’t coming back. Y/N didn’t like that, but she didn’t argue or complain. Mommy had taught her to be good and that is what she would be.

Soon, Daddy brought home a new lady. He said her name was Stepmother. She was going to love you, he assured. Stepmother brought two daughters of her own. Y/N was excited to have sisters, but was disappointed to find the girls wanted nothing to do with her. She didn’t let it bother her too much. She was still friends with all the animals in the yard and the people at the market.

One day, her father went on a business trip. He gave Y/N and Stepmother and the stepsisters each a kiss before heading off down the road. He was only supposed to be gone two weeks, but a month passed with no word. Y/N waited everyday at the fountain, looking down the street and hoping to see him. Stepmother and her daughters laughed at Y/N for doing this, but they always looked disappointed when she came back inside without him.

One day, just when they had given up hope of receiving word, a letter arrived. An innkeeper in a village quite far from theirs sent it. He had spent the last two weeks nursing Y/N’s father. He had been robbed and horribly wounded on the road by the inn. The man had found him on his doorstep and taken him in. He had done everything possible to try and help Father, but it was not enough. Y/N’s father had joined her mother in the afterlife. This time, Y/N knew what dead meant. Dead meant they were never coming back. Ever.

Stepmother fainted when she read the letter. She draped herself over a couch and let her head roll out. Her daughters held tightly to each other. Y/N tried to comfort her stepmother, but the woman screamed and threw a vase at her. “Don’t you understand, you insolent child? Your father is dead and we are left destitute.” Y/N didn’t understand what she meant by that, but she didn’t think it was good.

The innkeeper said he had arranged for Father to be buried with his own money. Thankfully, he decided not to charge Stepmother for his good will.

Stepmother soon decided on how things were going to be. With Y/N’s father gone, they had no man of the house to bring home money. They were not completely poor, but with no income, they soon would be. Stepmother fired the faithful household staff. Many tears were shed as the women kissed Y/N, who reminded them so much of their deceased mistress, goodbye.

As soon as the last servant walked out the door, Y/N was put to work. Not even ten years old and she had lost both her parents and was now doing the work of three grown women. She didn’t complain. Not when her fingers bled with new blisters, when her back ached from carrying trays, nor when she cut her feet on a teapot Stepmother threw at her head.

Y/N did her best to please Stepmother, but her new mistress was cruel. She hoped to find some comfort from her sisters, but the girls took great delight in bossing around Y/N and making her life hard. The younger of the two didn’t take the same delight from hurting her though. She could see it in the way she winced when her older sister hit Y/N with a brush for tugging to hard on her tangles. Regardless of this small pity, the younger did nothing to stop the abuse.

Y/N blocked out her disappointment in what was supposed to be her family and threw herself into working. Mommy and Daddy were dead and all she could do was make them proud by working hard and never giving up.

The years passed in a blur. She got lost in her routine. A merry go round of chores until she finally collapsed at night. The only variable was the gossip she would over hear. The lord of a nearby castle was unmarried, but had been adopting children from the streets. The oldest was from a circus! Many in Gotham were outraged at this, but they soon settled down. Many women still looked down on the “peasant” boys in their new finery. Y/N thought it was beautiful that someone born to privilege would look beyond himself at others in need. She didn’t say anything, but the thought that a boy her age could be taken in and loved by a member of high society was fantastic. It made her dark life a little better. From then on, she would listen closely to anything that was said about Lord Grayson. Thankfully, her sisters were to busy giggling over the man to notice her interest. Or else they would have teased her mercilessly.

One day, Y/N answered the door to a courtier bearing a bag of envelopes. His eyes softened when he saw her wide eyes framed by her dirty face. He smiled and bowed low over her hand as he handed her an envelope.

Y/N’s heart beat fast in her chest as she recognized the seal on the letter.

“Give me that before your filth makes it illegible.” Stepmother said as she snatched the paper from Y/N’s hands. Her eyes widened as she read what it said. She smiled and turned to her daughters. “Girls, this is your chance to get us out of poverty. A ball is being held in Lord Grayson’s honor so that he might choose a bride!”

As the stepsisters shrieked with glee, Y/N harbored her own secret excitement. She had read that every maiden in the land was invited.

Masterlist Pt. 1

Pt. 2  |  Pt. 3

Updated: 8/1/17

  • Mamamoo:


They first see you at a fan meet

Their GF shuts them up with a kiss

Their GF leaves in the middle of a fight

Their GF wants to adopt a kid

Their GF gets a lip piercing

Their GF gets jealous

You’re a teen mom

You give them a back hug

Waking up to breakfast in bed on their day off

You do aegyo so they’ll buy you something 

They see you do boxing for the first time 

You do aegyo for the first time

Their GF tells them it’s her first time getting intimate

Their GF gives them the silent treatment

They see their GF’s tattoos for the first time

They get jealous


Playing pranks on you

To buy their GF flowers

To be the little spoon

To be polyamory

To have an idol GF

To propose to their s/o at their concert

To marry/date a foreigner

To be confident in public with their foreigner GF

To date a black/mixed girl

Dating ___would include-


Dating Profile-


Friendship Profile-


Marriage Profile-



What nicknames they call their GF

Makeup Look

One Shots/Imagines-

Whee In- Puppy vs. School Work

Hwasa- Jealous Streaks

Hwasa- Bad Timed Interview

Gif Spams-

Wheepuppy for thy Anon 

  • Twice:


They first see you at a fan meet

You surprise kiss them

They ask you out

They find a stray dog

Watching the sunset together 

Their GF getting nervous to do PDA 

Their GF has a tattoo

Their best friend(girl) confessig to them(Japanese Memebers)

Their GF being experienced in bed

They see their ex-lover

You fangirl over GOT7

You accidentally turn them on and leave them hanging

Their s/o wanting to get intimate

You flirting with them

You back hug them

Their s/o is jealous

Their s/o being shy with skinship

They have to kiss their female idol crush at a photo shoot

Their s/o proposes


Let their GF beat them at a video game

Not caring about PDA(doing it whenever/wherever)

To let their GF adopt a stray cat

To have a tumblr

To read fanfics

To date a girl

To do a TroubleMaker dance with their GF

To like a girl with chubby cheeks

To make the first move for their first kiss

To date a chubbier girl

To date a black/mixed girl

To date an asexual person


Pick up lines they use

Dating ____ would include-






Dating Profile-






One Shots/Imagines-

Jihyo- Forever Matching

Nayeon- Hogwarts!AU- Gryffindor Chases The Slytherin

Mina- SongFic High School!AU- A

Momo- Supernatural Creatures!AU- Meet The Monsters

Momo- Letter of Confession

Gif Spam-

Nayeon for thy Anon

Mina for thy Anon

Cute Sana


  • f(x):


Another idol tries to kiss their GF

Their s/o playfully slaps their ass

You have a daughter from a past relationship

Their s/o gives them a lap dance

Their GF debuts as a solo artist

They find out their pregnant

Daughter gets into fatal car crash

Their s/o being clumsy

A rookie idol flirts with their s/o

Making relationship with GF public

Their s/o brings home a kitten

They come home and find you crying

Trying to fight the fact that they are unintentionally falling in love with you

They realize they’re in love with you

They propose to their GF

You wake them up with kisses

You’re in the crowd for SMTOWN

Someone flirts with them and their GF gets jealous

They realize they can’t live without you

Their GF has tattoos 

They meet your foreign family 

Their GF is homesick 

Their GF meets their family and gets nervous 

They ask you out 

First kiss with their GF 

GF surprises them during dance practice

You take care of them when they’re sick

Their GF being a good cook

You like to sit on their lap a lot

Their GF celebrating 7 years of f(x) with them

Their GF telling them it’s her first time getting intimate

Their GF sings “I Didn’t Just Kiss Her” by Jen Foster

Their pregnant and go into labor

Their best friend flirts with their GF


Playing pranks on you

To go on a blind date

Kiss their GF randomly

To like chill dates at home

To be polyamory

To date someone younger than them

To have a mistress kink

To blurt out that they’re dating someone


What nicknames they call their GF

One Shots/Imagines-

Amber- Called

Luna- Loud Confessions

Amber- A Jealous Llama

Amber-Photo Shoot Confessions

Dating____ would include-





Dating Profile-



____ with ____ would include-

First date with Amber

Marriage with Amber

Skinny love with Amber

Sex with Amber(FemXFem)

Confusing relationship with Krystal

Friendship with Krystal

Being Amber’s Daughter

Gif Spam-

Krystal for thy Anon 

  • Red Velvet:


They first see you at a fan meet

They ask you out

Their GF kisses them then leaves

You do aegyo to convince them to do something

They find their s/o dancing to their songs, only in a shirt and underwear

You get hurt playing a sport

You give them flowers

You blush easily

You have tattoos 

You’re incredible in bed

They’re on The Return of Superman with their children

You take care of them when they’re sick

They take care of you when you’re sick

Their GF has a nightmare about losing them

Their s/o wanting to get intimate


To buy their s/o anything

Let their GF beat them at a video game

Not caring about PDA(doing it whenever/wherever)

To be the little spoon

To like chill dates at home

To be polyamory

To be protective of their GF

To cuddle you

To be cuddled

To treat you like a baby

To go out and play Pokemon Go with their GF

To have a biting kink

To be loud in bed

To like a girl with chubby cheeks

To date a girl

To like a girl who’s tall

To make the first move for their first kiss

To have a mommy kink

To give a lap dance

To ask for your number at a fan meet


What nicknames they call their GF

Wedding Dress


Gif Spams-

Gifs of Kang Seulgi that have killed Admin C

Gif spam of Yeri for an Anon



One Shots/Imagines-

Seulgi- Surprised

Irene-Wendy’s Best Friend {Pt.1} {Pt.2} {Pt.3}

Irene- Cute Stalker

Irene- Please Tell Me That You’re Drunk Soulmate!AU

Seulgi- Comatose | Prologue |

Dating _____ would include-




College Student!Seulgi


___with___would include-

Baking date with Wendy

Marriage with Irene

Friendship with Seulgi

Sex with Irene(FemXFem)

Friendship with Irene

Dating Profile-






Marriage Profile-



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“liete latuparietos ulos aleaslos balolietolie”

Guess where this quote is from and you win a cookie!

Other than that, this is definitely AU and how me and my friend discussed on skype how Jack could’ve gotten the girls when they were young and also speculating on if they did have demon blood, would that mean they could develops special abilities too? Just a fun idea here.

anonymous asked:

hey can i have a fluff fic? no angst or death just two adorable pining cuddly boys. pls

i’m sure you can find one in our fluff tag (if you haven’t read them all ldsfkj) but here’s one of my favorites! -dakota

Your Love Has Shown Me Proof by freshia (2/2 | 22,483 | Teen And Up Audiences)

This situation is a bit more complicated than we initially realized.”

Lance raises an eyebrow, but Pidge is the one to question that. “Define complicated.”

Allura takes no more time beating around the bush, “Well, I received a transmission. Keith and Lance–from the future, that is–would like to have their daughter back.“

or: Lance and Keith deal with a walking spoiler, in the form of a little girl who just wants to get back to her own home.

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Hhhhhh can u do some domestic todoroki please?? Your fics are so good What The Heck Bro

FYI, the domestic au is something I will always need. This is kind of like an extension of Parent-Teacher Meeting II. Shoutout to my homie @mooncake24 for helping me come up with this.

Todoroki glances in the rearview mirror, stealing a look at his twin daughters. He returns his gaze to the road. They appear to be fine, but he can’t stop the worry gnawing him as the silence of the car becomes suffocating. It’s quiet. Too quiet. He can’t stop his eyes from flickering up at the mirror again. Both of his girls sit in their car seats with their arms folded. Yuki catches his eyes, but she quickly looks away from him. Todoroki furrows his brows as he clicks on his signal to change lanes. That was odd. 

He usually isn’t the one who picks them up, but, after the phone call he received today, he thought it would be best if he came for the girls. Todoroki remembers almost not believing a word the teacher had said. Bakugou Katsuhiko inappropriately touched his daughters? That sweet boy? Even as impossible as it sounded, Todoroki still came to the school, only to find his daughters in the classroom while the young Bakugou stood outside with his head downcast. He remembered the teacher honestly seemed more upset than both Yoko and Yuki combined who looked more bored and confused than anything, but he still handled the situation. Or at least Todoroki thought he did.

The silence in the car tells a different story.

“Yoko, Yuki,” he begins, drawing his girls’ attention, “Why don’t we go-”

“Why don’t you pinch Momma’s butt?” Yoko says abruptly.

Her arms are still folded over her chest as she shoots her father an accusing glare. She cocks her head to the side, expecting an answer. Todoroki just stares dumbly at her, only brought back to his senses by the angry horn of another car. He clears his throat, sending an apologetic wave to the driver. 

“Yeah, Papa,” Yuki parrots, “Why don’t you pinch Momma’s butt?”

“Hiko says his Papa pinches his Momma’s butt because he likes her.”

“But you don’t pinch Momma’s butt. Ever.”

“Papa, does that mean that you don’t like Momma anymore?”

“Yeah, Papa, don’t you like Momma?”

“Ah, now wait,” Todoroki says cautiously, trying to diffuse the anger he hears rising in their little voices, “I do love Momma. I love her very, very much, but-”

“Then why don’t you pinch her butt, Papa!” Yoko snaps, kicking her feet against the back of her father’s seat.

“P-Papa, does this mean that you don’t wanna live with Momma anymore?” his white-haired daughter asks in a quivering voice, “Like Shouichi’s family?”

Todoroki sighs, readjusting his grip on the steering wheel as he slows the car to a stop at a red light. He turns in his seat facing his upset twins.

“Yoko, Yuki, listen to me. I do love your mother very much, and people show how they love each other differently.”

His red-headed child huffs and stares out of the window, her flames starting to lick up her arms, “Well, I don’t believe you. Show us.”

Yuki wipes at her tears as her frost starts creeping up her carseat, “Y-Yeah, Papa. Can you show us p-please?”

“Okay, okay,” he concedes, “I promise I’ll show you that I love Momma. But no more tears, no more kicking, and no more Quirks, okay?”

Yoko and Yuki look at each other before grinning and sitting up straight in their seats, “Okay, Papa!”

Their father sigh as he turns back around. His foot presses on the gas, gently easing the car forward. He tries to clear his throat, but he can’t help the small blush rising to his cheeks.

“Momma!” your twins shout for you as they burst through the door, followed by your tired-looking husband. 

You crouch down and hug each of your babies tightly, planting a kiss at the top of their heads. Yoko and Yuki behind you and stare at their father expectantly. You look between the two pairs of eyes and your husband. Clearly, something happened.

“Is … is everything okay? What did the school say? Did-”

You are silenced when Todoroki’s lips fall on yours. A hot blush rises to your cheeks when you feel his hand cup and then playfully tap your ass. Right. In front of. The girls. His hand gives you little pinch and you squeak into the kiss. Todoroki blushes when he pulls away from you, casting his gaze to the side as Yoko and Yuki begin bouncing and cheering.

“Papa loves Momma! Papa loves Momma!” they chant, giggling between themselves.

You look from your daughters back to their father, “Wha … what just happened?”

Todoroki covers his face with his hand, “Please … don’t ask.”

Once Upon a Time AU- Leonard Snart: The Savior

Leonard Snart spent thirty-five years of his life thinking that his parents didn’t want him, that he was abandoned on the side of the road as a child, only to be taken in by Lewis Snart, an abusive son of a bitch who Len ran away from the day he turned sixteen. 

He fell in love only once, only to be betrayed and sent to jail by her. 

What he didn’t know was that, twelve years later, that mistake would come back in the form of a little girl named Lisa. His daughter. 

He’s dragged to a town Lisa claims is cursed by her adopted father, the Evil King in her storybook, and that Len is the only one who can stop it. Len doesn’t believe her, but sticks around anyway. 

He doesn’t expect magic and fairy tales to be real, or to be at the center of the Ultimate War against good and evil.

narudad AU/headcanon

okay let’s quickly do the short version: naruto is traveling and exploring the world instead of being a hokage, the girl on the left is her daughter, the mother is a royalty from like the other side of the world and she’s not in the position to look after a daughter; the girl on the right (adopted daughter) is only quarter-blood uchiha but is able to use the sharingan, well, not fully yet but yeah. after a fuckton of wandering around naruto finally goes home for reasons and he’s bringin his girls yay

longer version under cut because i went frickin wild with it (it’s like, almost a fanfic tbh)

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you know, if everything had gone to plan, Kara would have been in her mid-40′s by the start of the series (she was 13 when she left, around 20 years were spent in stasis, then another 12 years from when she got to Earth to when the series started).

So, when Astra saw the news circulating that picture of a girl who’s young, brown hair, and just flew a plane on her back, did she think Kara, or did she think Kara’s daughter?

  • No One But You (got me feeling this way) by AgentJoanneMills
    • Summary: Princess Kara Zor-El of the country Krypton is living a normal life as a college student as Kara Danvers. When her sophomore year rolls around she ends up with the one and only Lena Luthor as her roommate. 
    • Chapters: 15 (completed) 
    • Tags: Flustered Kara, Smug Lena, College/Roommate AU, Slow burn (sorta), Fluffy in all the right ways, No super powers 
    • Rating: 10/10 so good definitely recommend!! I FELT SO MUCH READING THIS
  • Offstage by Aerstes 
    • Summary: Kara is desperate to make friends at National City University and when she joins theater she does so quickly. There’s one girl who bothers her quite a bit though and that girl is Lena Luthor. 
    • Chapters: 18 (completed)
    • Tags: Flustered Kara, Flirty Lena, Moderate Sanvers, College AU, Angst, Slow burn
    • Rating: 10/10 
  • Supergirl In Training by Wtfoctagon 
    • Summary: Kara Danvers and Lena Luthor are hardly even friends when their seventeen year old daughter from the future travels back in time and it’s just what they need to bring them together. 
    • Chapters: 18 (completed) 
    • Tags: Supercorp kids, Supergirl reveal, Mon-El, Karamel relationship (short term), Domestic
    • Rating: 9.9/10 only because I felt like I still needed more at the end. BUT REQUIRED READ FOR SUPERCORP FANDOM!!!
  • Listen Closely and the Stars Will Sing by Celaenos 
    • Summary: A Kryptonian pod lands on Earth and Kara finds Mon-El inside. Except Mon-El (Myka) is a nine year old little girl and Kara vows to raise her. It’s quite unexpected when Myka takes a liking to Lena Luthor and Lena Luthor takes a liking to Kara. 
    • Chapters: 14 (completed) 
    • Tags: Supercorp kids, domestic AF, Long Chapters, Sister relationship 10/10, Sanvers 
  • You are the Fire (and I’m gasoline) by Youmeandem 
    • Summary: Kara and Lena meet as young teenagers while Lena is at the families summer home in Midvale. They become friends, then best friends, then girlfriends. Watch the girls grow up in ten chapters.
    • Chapters: 10 (completed) 
    • Tags: Childhood AU, Angsty, Fluffy, Supergirl reveal, Sanvers (minor and only in the end), Time jumps , LONG CHAPTERS 
    • Rating: 10/10
  • Harboring Hope by Wr8tur 
    • Summary: Kara and Lena meet shortly after Kara arrives at the Danvers. They quickly become close friends. PART ONE OF THE ADULT ASPIRATIONS SERIES 
    • Chapters: 10 (completed)
    • Tags: Fluffy cuteness, Puppy love, Childhood AU, Sweetness level 10/10 
    • Rating: 10/10!!! SO CUTE 
  • Surrendering Secret by Wr8tur 
    • Summary: It’s been three years since Kara and Lena have seen each other. When Lena returns to Midvale things are almost the same, except one thing changes drastically. PART TWO OF THE ADULT ASPIRATIONS SERIES 
    • Chapters: 16 (ongoing) 
    • Tags: Romantic, Flustered Kara, FLIRTY LENA, Identity reveal, Highschool AU (sorta)  
    • Rating: 10/10! Cannot stop reading. It’s everything you could want :’)
  • The Heiress, The Girl of Steel, And the Man Who Fell to Earth by Little Brother 
    • Summary: Lena and Kara are good friends; they know everything about each other so when a pod lands in Lena’s backyard and a man is inside Kara is the first one she calls. 
    • Chapters: 12 (completed) 
    • Tags: Supercorp endgame, Karamel (I swear guys it’s not too bad. Kara dislikes him for the majority), Long Chapters, Sanvers 
    • Rating: 10/10 
  • We Need a New Song by Uhpockuhlipz 
    • Summary: Lena Luthor moves to National City to join Cat Grants ballet company. She becomes more than friendly with Cat’s assistant, Kara. PART ONE OF THE NEW SONG VERSE SERIES 
    • Chapters: 17 (completed)
    • Tags: Ballet AU, Kara is human AU, Eating Disorder TW, Sanvers 
    • Rating: 10/10