the girl is so proud of herself

My little cousin is one of those super basic white girls that wears uggs and north face jackets and she just got two pairs of demonias and posted a picture of herself with black lipstick. I’m so amused right now. It’s really adorable. And she’s going to the same In This Moment / Motionless in White concert as me next month. I feel like I may have influenced her growing up a bit.

yesterday i went to a gay bar for the first time, and I met two people. The first was a man well into his 70′s, who had only come out since his wife died. Even though he could barely walk, he knew every single person at the bar, and each one came over for a hug and to chat. The second was a transgender woman who, after two children and three grandchildren, had finally decided to live as herself. She was wearing heels and leather pants and makeup, and she was absolutely beautiful. she knew she was as well, and she was so proud and excited when people walked by and said “hey girl” without even thinking about it. point i’m trying to make is, it’s never too late to come out


#look at her #look how much she has grown since the pilot #she doesn’t need saving anymore #she can save herself #look at this tiny warrior #so brave and powerful #i am so proud #like so so so proud #she has grown from this helpless little girl who didn’t have a clue of what the fuck was going on #for this girl who can kickass and kill demons without anyone’s help #yaaas clary #yo go girrrrl


12 days of stydia: day 4 • favorite lydia scene
  ↳  5x20; lydia saves mason
“did you find something? a solution?” “yeah, it was you. it was you, lydia.”

I hate him with every fibre of my being. Indian athletes do not have the privilege of high tech equipment and they are not given funding or support the way athletes in the west do (unless they’re cricketers). Sakshi Malik is the daughter of a bus conductor and had to literally fight her way to the top because she faced opposition from people in her village for taking up sports because she was a girl. She has a 9 to 5 job to support herself when most athletes dedicate their lives to their sport. PV Sindhu had to travel 56 kilometres every day to practice her badminton. And for the first time in my life i saw this country care about something that wasn’t cricket, it was so heartwarming to see everyone cheer on these two girls and be proud of them for their bronze and silver medals. And Piers Morgan’s response to someone sharing India’s celebrations with him is that it is ‘embarrassing’? How can someone be so vile.

OH MY GOD okay listen, SuperCorp AU

U know the basket auction tradition from Gilmore Girls? (for those who don’t know, it’s like a regular auction but girls make baskets full of food etc. and those who buy the basket get to have a picnic date with the girl who made it)

adkfhaskdfhjs OKAY SO, Kara would totally make a basket bc she’s a precious muffin and loves the tradition and it’s her first time making one and she’s so happy and proud of how she made all the food (she totally had the biggest basket there ok fight me) and she put flowers there etc.

so the auction starts and it’s Kara’s turn, and of course all the dudes are bidding to get a date with Kara. James offers $20, Winn then offers $22, James again with $24. Mon-El offers $30, and as soon as J’onn says “do I have a $31?” showing up from behind a tree in the background is no other than Lena Luthor herself, the richest girl in school, and she yells “$200 for a date with Blue Eyes! The boys can keep the basket.”

sana for season 4

If you guys have been following me for while you know that I’m the the biggest sanafors4.

So I honestly hope sana is the season 4 main because she is such an interesting character. Like she is such a role model for so many western muslim girls especially me because she is unapologetic muslim and she is so proud of her faith and confident in herself.

But at the same time you can see her struggles, the microaggressions and the islamphobic/xenophobic people she faces as muslim girl in an european country and it is relatable for so many. I honestly believe season 4 is sana’s season due the fact that the show’s format is focusing on the ‘99 kids but that is just me. Sana is the first real muslim rep I got for her to get her own season makes me so emotional just by thinking about it.

A sana season also means :

  • different muslim characters
  • MEET HER FAMILY !!!!!!!!
  • vilde & sana moments (you know their friendship is the cutest)
  • sana & isak brotp moments
  • and so much more


Last Names (Give me yours)

Lena loved being a Luthor.

She didn’t really remember the day she left the children’s home. She was only four after all. But she did remember the time Lilian told her, when she was sixteen, that she especifically requested for the most beautiful little girl they had and she was not disappointed when Lena walked in the room holding the social worker’s hand.
She remember smiling at that, proud of herself. She remember loving the feeling of having a big brother, someone who would always have her back, someone who would always show her new things, someone who could listen to her talking about her dreams, someone to share the longing they felt of more often than not, not living up their parents expectations.

Lena hated being a Luthor.

She hated the way people looked at her.
(The way they avoided looking at her).
She hated the city she grew up in. Lex ruined their home. Their family. He ruined her dreams.

So she moved to National City, looking for a fresh start. And looking for herself outside her family name.

Lena just wanted to rebuild herself. But she would always be known as that Luthor girl. Clark Kent chased her all the way from Metropolis only because of her last name, and behind him, looking just as lost as Lena, was Kara Danvers.

And for the first time in so many years of being just another Luthor, Lena felt like someone was looking a her and really seeing her.

Kara was the sweetest, brightest and happiest girl Lena had ever met. Lena loved the way her name rolled off of the blonde’s tongue, how Kara would always greet her with thar warm smile, how her blue eyes twinkled every time Lena stopped by for a surprise visit to take Kara out for lunch.

“Sometimes you make it so easy for me to forget…” Lena said one day, her voice just above a whisper. Kara was visiting her late a night, with take outs of Lena’s favorite Italian place, saying she knew Lena wouldn’t eat properly if she worked late, so it was Kara’s duty to feed Lena herself.

“What do you mean?” Kara asked, tilting her head to the side, just like an adorable puppy, mouth full of Italian food (Lena still didn’t know how Kara could eat so much and still have a great shape).

Lena sighed, playing with her plastic fork, barating herself for thinking out loud. “Just… just how easy you make me forget I’m a Luthor.” She said, finally, still not meeting Kara’s eyes. “After everything my brother did… everyone is still waiting for me to do something evil. To show them who I really am. Especially with Supergirl flying around. But you… you treat me just as me, you know.” She smiled to hide how nervous she felt. “As Lena. You make me forget.”

Kara placed her take out box on the fancy coffee table Lena had in her office, and took Lena’s hands gently between her own. “But you are just Lena to me.” The blonde smiled that warm smile and Lena couldn’t help but smile back. “I don’t care about what people say. And I bet Supergirl feels the same way about you. You are amazing, Lena. You just happen to be a Luthor.” Kara shrugged playfully, pulling Lena in for a tight hug.

As she buried her face in Kara’s neck, breathing in her amazing scent, feeling how good her skin felt against her own, Lena realized she was completely in love with this woman.

Still, people expected the worst of her. And she reconized that disappointed look Supergirl gave her right before turning the key to the lethal weapon that was supposed to kill the aliens.

It was the look everyone gave her every day.

She was a Luthor. And she would have to prove herself every day until the last day of her life, no matter how tired she felt.

That night she cried herself to sleep. She was so lonely. That was what Luthor’s deserved. Even if you’re the last one free, but still trapped by you family’s name.
She didn’t know how long she cried until she felt a pair of strong arms around her.

“Lena…” someone said into her ear, rocking her body back and forth, caressing her back.

“Kara…?” Lena kept her eyes closed for a moment, but then she remembered she was in her bedroom, in her apartment. A penthouse.

Opening her eyes she saw the girl of steel holding her. Her blue uniform shinning with the moonlight, the S on her chest mocking Lena.

She pushed Supergirl away, stumbling backwards.

“K-Kara?!” she couldn’t believe it. “How could I be so stupid?” she yelled, turning her back to her… she didn’t even knew what they were.

“Lena, please, I’m so sorry…” Supergirl said but she could only hear Kara’s voice, sounding desperate.

Lena felt betrayed once again. Of course Kara and Supergirl were the same person. Of course she would want to keep Lena close to spy on her, to keep her in check. Lena turned around and walked angrily towards Kara, hitting her in all places she could reach. And Kara only stood there, taking it. And Lena knew she wasn’t feeling a damn thing.

“I trusted you! You made me feel that I could… that w-we could… w-we…” her words faded, her punches loosing strength.

Kara placed her hands on Lena’s arms, squeezing softly, but looking deeply into green eyes. “We still can!” she sounded so sure now, Lena looked up. “We still can, Lena…” Kara took a deep breath, cupping Lena’s cheeks e wiping away her tears with her thumbs. “I’m so sorry about your mom… about everything. I’m sorry I keeping this secret. But we still can have… whatever we had before. Please… I’m sorry.”

Lena didn’t have the strength to fight back anymore.

They held each other that night. Lena let Kara held her that night. Their interactions were still on edge for about a month after that incident, but still, they tried.

Lena asked so many questions and Kara answered each and every one of them. She visited the DEO headquarters, signed a bunch of papers about Kara’s identity for her protection (It’s protocol, J’onn said), she really met Alex Danvers (they had the big sister talk for quite some time about her… thing with Kara), she was included in game nights (even though James and Winn didn’t really seem to like her), but still, Lena held her head high through everything.

She and Kara tried.

Until once again, Kara made her forget she was a Luthor.

“Hey,” Lena heard beside her, eyes not leaving the movie they were watching in Kara’s living room. “Hey…” she winced when she felt a poke to the ribs.

“Ouch, Kara!” She finally looked to the blonde, who was smiling now. “What?” she asked, smiling back.

“You’re so beautiful.” Kara said, her cheeks turning pink.

Lena looked down at her lap, still not used to this Kara, who would stop whatever she was doing only to reassure Lena about her feelings. “I… thank you, I guess.”

She felt Kara getting closer now, their shoulders pressed together. Lena tried to get back to the movie.

“Hey.” She heard again, right against her ear.

“What now?” She asked with a smile, turning her head to look into twinkling blue eyes.

Their noses brushed together.

“I love you.” Kara whispered, so softly, so reverently, like a prayer. Lenas’s heart felt like it was going to explode.

“I love you, too.” Lena said back. And finally. Finally, a month after the incident, they kissed.

It still took them some time to completely heal, to get back the lost trust, but to Lena, it was just herself and the woman she loved.

A couple of years later, she would be lying on their bed, thinking about her name like she hadn’t in years.

“You’re thinking too loud.” Kara mumbled, turning on her side to give a better look at Lena.

“I’m thinking about our names, actually.” She said and Kara hummed. “We have to make a decision.” Lena played with the diamond ring on her finger.

Kara adjusted her body on top of Lena’s, running her hands over dark locks. “What are you thinking about?”

“Lena Danvers sounds good.” She said, hands on her fiancee’s waist.

“Sounds pretty good.” Kara gave her a peck, before pulling away with a glint in her eyes. Lena knew she was about to say something crazy. “But, Kara Luthor sounds better in my opinion.”

Lena’s eyes widened. “What?!” Lena laughed. Of course Kara was joking. Right? She had to be. She had to know what being a Luthor meant.

“Think about it…” she whispered against Lena’s ear. “People would call me Mrs. Luthor. It would be so sexy.” Lena couldn’t help but shiver.


“Lena. I want your last name. Let’s make it ours.”

Lena looked right into Kara’s blue eyes. She was being serious, she wanted to be a Luthor. It wasn’t a difficult decision to make after that.

“How can I deny you anything, Mrs. Luthor?” she said with a smile. Kara was right, it sounded so sexy.

Lena loved being a Luthor.


So guys, I had this idea in my mind for some time now and I decided… why not, right? I shouldn’t be shipping SuperCorp but it’s stronger than me (I’m not even fighting). In my mind, Kara knows all about Lena’s struggle with her last name, and she wouldn’t mind being a Luthor at all if it meant being married to Lena, and to show her they could give a new meaning to their last name.

Who wouldn’t want that!!!???

And sorry for any mistakes!

I don’t think y'all truly understand what having a dark-skinned black woman as the champion in WWE means specifically at this point in history. Especially as a black woman myself. I’m am so proud of her for being unapologetically herself and never giving up.

It’s been a long time coming and she made it. That’s black girl magic right there. #i'mfeelingtheglow

Red Velvet Reaction to: Finding Out They’re Your Ideal Type

snsd version; here

Irene: Feels a little proud. She always tries to portray a good image of herself, so to know that someone likes her makes her feel grateful yet proud. When the topic is brought up in an interview, she gives you a shout out.

“I would just like to say that I also admire Y/N greatly and I’m very honoured to be their ideal type!”

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Wendy: She’s watching you accept a music award and when you say “I’d like to thank my ideal type, Wendy Son, for inspiring me to write this song,” she’s like :O

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Seulgi: You confess that she’s your ideal type as you both guest on a variety show and she’s flattered but also taken aback. She looks to see if you’re just doing it to get a reaction from the audience but when you wink at her, she looks away shyly.

“I also like Y/N …” she admits.

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Joy: It was a huge party, the drinks were flowing and a rumour was going around, claiming that she was your ideal type. More hyped on the atmosphere than the drink in her hand, Sooyoung jokingly asks you, “Is it true?” When you shyly admit it is, her confidence and joking nature drops. She had expected it to be just a silly rumour.

“Oh …” For once, she’s speechless.

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Yeri: Only found out while on a show, when the mc told her. The look of shock that crossed her face was replayed, slow motion, to convey to the viewers just how hilarious she looked.

“Really? I heard that before from my unnies but I thought they were teasing me.” Grows serious then, unsure of how to approach the situation. “Ahh, um, if Y/N is watching then … thank you for naming me as your ideal type. I’ll work hard as Red Velvet’s maknae to continue being your ideal type.”

She speaks as if she’s accepting an award and it earns a loud laugh from the audience.

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today i called my mom from the other side of the country because i was feeling down about my sexuality, and she — a lesbian herself — talked and joked with me for the full half hour it took me to feel better about liking girls again, reminding me that she loved me and was so proud of me for being true to who i was. if nothing else felt good or kind today, please take comfort in the fact that someday you can be that mother for that child and love them so much they’re never left doubting

SINCE WHEN HAS TOUKA BECOME SO GOOD WITH WORDS?! (I mean we’ve seen parts of it before but holy cow!!!!!)

Look at the Touka from back then and the Touka now. She went from a girl who was really really bad at expressing herself to someone who can seemingly easily move people with her words. And I LOVE HOW SHE’S SO SMART WITH HER WORDS AND DIALOGUES, HOW OPEN SHE IS WITH HER THOUGHTS, FEELINGS AND FEAR AND HOW SHE’S SO BRASH.


I’m so proud.

do you know what i want to see in season 2 of shadowhunters? 

maia being unapologetically black and loving it! 

giving absolutely zero fucks about anyone who finds her loving herself for who she’s and her blackness as ‘intimidating’ or ‘threatening’. for real like goddamnit im sick and tired of seeing how the media continuously reprimands black woman for loving themselves. hence why most narratives surrounding black woman in the media always consist of so much self-loathing and hatred.

like damn black women deserve to be happy too!


 * i can already hear all the ‘white feelings’ i have hurt by saying that oops so not sorry about it*

it would be so refreshing to see a character like maia embrace her identity as a black woman as being a positive aspect about herself. that her being black is something she’s 100% proud of and cherishes; something she takes in every stride she walks.

the fact that an unapologetic black girl is deemed a ‘threat’ by white audiences (especially white female audiences) goes to show how the media along with society try to reinforce that a black woman that is confident and assertive about herself is inferior. trust me it’s so hard to unlearn internalised misogynoir. it’s a daily process in itself

no, it shouldn’t be like that! it should be encouraged, praised even! that’s why movements like black girl magic and black girls rock are so important to the black community in the first place. but some of y’all white feminists™ always have to come along spoil it for us. hmm i wonder why? anyways i’m off topic. 

tl;dr : maia roberts being unapologetically black is a big YES! 

Zayn arriving at the arena for your sound check and choosing a seat with a perfect view of the stage.

REQUEST Interviewer: And if we come over here you’ll see Zayn Malik, long-time partner of Y/N. Zayn, we’re filming for Y/N’s documentary, can we include you? Zayn: Of course, yeah, anything for my girl. Interviewer: How do you feel seeing her up there living her dreams. Zayn: *gif* I’m so proud of her, I can only hope that she’s even a quarter as proud of herself. I love her so much and to see her doing what she loves makes me the happiest boyfriend alive.

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2NE1 Reaction to: Using Toys on Their Girlfriend

snsd version; here

Bom: feels so proud of herself for earning these kinds of noises from you. and starts to consider herself an #expert of this sort of thing, offering advice to anyone who asks. depending on her mood, sometimes she waits until the dorm is empty to use them. then other times she doesn’t care & tries to convince them that the vibrating noise they heard was from static from the tv you two were trying to fix.

“a tv? really? then what was the banging noises for?”

“well, we had to move the tv around, didn’t we?”

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Dara: is very discreet about the toys, keeping them well hidden from the other girls. will die of embarrassment if they get found since she knows that the word will spread around yg & she’ll never hear the end of it. so toys are only used in an empty dorm or at yours.

used expertly, I might add

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CL: is very confident and proud in her abilities. she knows how to make your toes curl & feels no shame in admitting that. if gd tries to drag her then she points out; “what are you laughing for? when was the last time you made someone scream that loud?” & kills any possible comeback like a queen

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Minzy: is intelligent & when she puts her mind to something, she kills it. so once she’s in the mood to pleasure you, you know very well that limping & a strained voice are in your future. will tease you endlessly but if anyone else teases her about her fondness for using toys on you, then she will cringe so hard

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Don’t think twice

Fareeha had never really thought about her sexuality.

It wasn’t like she had actively avoided the topic, but more like she had never really had a reason to think about it. She had from a young age been too focused on her goal – to join Overwatch; to change the world; to make her mother proud – so the fact that she had never really confronted the fact that she sometimes found girls just as pretty as boys wasn’t an issue.

The years had passed and she had had her fair share of boyfriends and male lovers, all beautiful and strong and heart fluttering in their own ways, and the stray woman who had caught her attention enough to turn her head had always been dismissed as just some deeply rooted female appreciation of the woman’s flawless makeup, or her way of dressing herself, or the way her plush lips would curl up at the corners when she smiled. There was never really an issue, so why would she make it one?

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