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Despicable Me is so important

if you follow my blog at all you’ll know that I absolutely fucking love Despicable Me. Like… LOVE. It’s one of my favorite movies of all time. The writing, the comedy, the timing, the animation; it’s all incredibly well put together. 

In fact, I’m a fan of Illumination Studios in general. 

Granted, I’m not a fan of their movies. 

LE GASP you say. How can you be a fan of a studio but not all their movies

Becuase, dear reader, their movies lack a lot of things. And, for the most part, many of their movies aren’t really displays of “We Do What We Want”. They’re more “We Do What the Audience Wants.” Which… sort of makes sense. They’re a new studio. They don’t have the funds to really take huge risks yet. But god, their audience-pleasing choices can be so…. 

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Like remember that time a few people stood up and said “hey those Minions were sort of cool”

and Illumination Studios said 


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And brought us one of the most annoying things to grace this planet. 

Goddamit Illumination. 

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modern marauders again

ok but listen:

  • remus was that person in the friendship group who was just aesthetic
  • he was the person who would just be talking and you’d take a picture of him and he’d be gorgeous
  • but he hated being in pictures
  • he’d rather take them
  • sirius was the person who wanted to go on road trips and go to the beach all the time
  • Peter was the one who would just get hyped at everything
  • “we’re gonna go to the beach today” “AW YEAHHHHHH”
  • james was the one who’d know when all the exciting events were
  • and drag them to concerts and fairs just to go on the rides
  • Sirius loved going to concerts because he said all the best girls could be found there
  • he’d have like fourteen numbers by the end of the night
  • his record was twenty one
  • but when he got home he tore them up or gave them to Pete
  • he had no interest in anyone there
  • he just liked to flirt meaninglessly
  • Pete would text some of the girls and make them fall for him
  • and when they met him in real life they’d still think he was cute and they must’ve been drunk because they do not remember him
  • james loved concerts because if he was lucky, he’d booked seats in the mosh pit with lily
  • and lily would be on Marlene’s shoulders
  • light bouncing off her hair in a mix of copper and scarlet 
  • but then Marlene would need to go to the bathroom
  • so she takes dorcas with her
  • and lilys left with Mary (who’s much smaller than her)
  • but james is there and they’re having a nice conversation
  • but fuck lily can’t see
  • and since james is taller than half the bloody people here
  • do you want to sit on my shoulders
  • and shes having such a good time up there
  • remus is literally apart of some candid photoshoot that dorcas is holding
  • and he looks absolutely gorgeous
  • so many girls have come up to him and get his number
  • but he doesnt get it
  • theyre just being nice
  • and dorcas literally facepalms because what are you talking about she was so pretty
  • but theres a small pink-haired girl in the crowd
  • laughing with her friends nearby
  • and she looks so carefree and just happy
  • that remus is drawn to her
  • so when she goes out to get a drink
  • he’s out as well buying some chocolate or something
  • “I’m Tonks” the pink hair girl holds out her hand
  • “Remus” he responds, shaking her hand
  • meanwhile Sirius is talking to Marlene at the very back of the stadium
  • both of them came with friends and aren’t really interested in the band
  • “I just came here to get wasted” Marlene shouts over the music
  • and theyre laughing
  • lily tugs on james’ hair and shouts “do you want to get a drink”
  • and part of him is dying of dehydration
  • but the other part doesnt want to lose contact with her
  • but he nods and grabs her hand to lead her out
  • “I don’t want to lose you” trying to justify himself
  • Peter is trying to locate Mary
  • the 4′ 11″ girl has to be here somewhere
  • and why would james and lily leave her alone
  • but all of a sudden a girl is hugging him and squeezing the life out of him
  • “I thought you guys left!”
  • “no. not without you. not ever”

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what if MC have met Seven before, but he was on a mission doing crossdressing? love eveything you write, babe <3

Countdown to the Cake : 9

The Lipstick



Ugh… these heels are killing him! Seven stretches his legs a little in the bathroom of the club, moving his toes to give them a little air after being trapped inside this shoe for almost 3 hours now. How do girls handle this?

To be honest, he didn’t really need to wear heels, maybe not even a dress. Who knows? Maybe his target would like a tomboy girl? Who happens to be a boy? And this boy happens to be a secret gent ready to seduce the guy in order to get some information about that new government project? Yeah, the outfit wasn’t really important, but… he looked so damn fine on it.

He checks himself in the mirror once more, running his fingers through the silky hair of the brunette wig. Hum, maybe it’s time to touch up this lipstick.

You walk into the bathroom. You were almost scared that douchy guy would follow you even inside the ladies’ bathroom, but he didn’t. At least he wasn’t that douchy, but still… he held your arm before you entered. You made such an effort to get rid of him you ended up losing a little of your balance and bumped in this girl.

“Oh, my God! I’m so sorry! I…” you look at her, she’s… beautiful, even with her lipstick all smudged, probably by you when you accidentally pushed her.

“It’s fine.” It wasn’t fine, he couldn’t waste time cleaning himself, time was running, his boss expected that information in 2 hours, tops.

“Oh, look at you, I… here, let me help you.” You picked some wipes of your purse.

“Why do you carry wipes with you?” is his voice high enough?

“Hm? Oh, these are to keep my face dry. I have super oily skin!” do you? It looks really fine to him, especially looking this close…

“Well, they say people with oily skin have fewer wrinkles.”

“Oh, with this much oil I’ll look in my 20s till I’m 80!” you two laugh, he was good at girl talking!

He feels a little shiver going down his legs when your wipe reaches his lower lip, your nails brushing lightly to his chin. Whoa, your focused eyes are really beautiful… and your mouth… looks really beautiful with this pink lipstick, it’s a nice color that goes great with your skin tone. Who cares it’s oily? It looks so smooth…

“Done!” you say, crumbling the wipe and throwing in the trash can. “You can put your lipstick again, I won’t bump into you anymore!”

“Can… can you help me? I think I’m a little tipsy…” he giggles. “Shouldn’t have drank all those margaritas.”

“Ugh, been there, girl. Once I mixed mojitos with vodka and woke up in the public library’s bathroom!” you laugh, maybe you are the one a little tipsy here? If he leans a little closer, maybe he can smell some alcohol… no, but he can’t do that, you are already too close!

He hands you his lipstick and you carefully contour the borders. Another shiver as he stares at your eyes. So, so beautiful…

You grab his chin to hold him in place, he feels an electric wave dancing through his whole body. What’s wrong with him?

“Here you go, honey.” You touch his arm and bring him to the mirror, he can’t help smiling, it looks better than if he did himself.

“It looks so good, thank you… honey.”

“You’re welcome! I gotta say, this color is amazing! Where did you get?”

“Oh, I got in one of my trips to Thailand, they have really cool make up products, there’s also this nail polish brand that…” why can’t he shut up? Is it because you’re looking at him with so much attention? Or is it because for the very first time he wants to be heard? “Anyway, I… I… like lipsticks that accentuate my eye color…”

“Oh yeah, your eyes are beautiful…” what are you saying? Your eyes are beautiful! You are beautiful! And so nice… and funny… and sweet… gahhh! His phone! It’s vibrating, indicating it’s time to move!

“I… gotta go! My… boyfriend is waiting for me…what about yours?” uh, Seven! So smooth, trying to find if you’re taken… even though he can’t do nothing with this information.

“Ugh… that guy outside? No, he’s not my boyfriend! We dated for a while, but now he won’t leave me alone! Guys… they always say we get attached too easy, but when you say you just want a fling, they immediately turn into this clingy mess! I can’t stand!”

“Yeah, men are… psss, the worst! Good for you trying to get flings, though.”

“Well, you never know, maybe I’ll have flings for the rest of my life, or maybe I’ll fall in love for one of them, or… I don’t know, maybe I can bump into my soulmate in some random place… it’s cool, right? The way life and people can surprise you?”

“Yes, it really is…” uh oh, his voice was a little low now, almost like he forgot his character because his truly self agreed to you. You giggle as you stare at his face.

“I’m sorry, I guess I’m a little drunk too. Go get your man, girl!”

“Yes, I’m going… nice to meet you!”

“You too!” as he opens the door, you notice he left his lipstick with you. “Hey, uhm… your lipstick!”

“Keep it! It will look better on you.” He blows a kiss in the air for you and leaves.

Was she hitting on you? Well, you’re flattered, she’s really nice and cute.

Seven feels his heartbeat almost in his throat, what was that? How is it possible feeling so embarrassed, yet so comfortable around someone? He felt cold and hot at the same time,

And though it’s time to keep it serious and go after that guy, he can’t stop smiling as he remembers your voice, your eyes, your sweet smile, and your words… if only he could have caught a name…

No! What is he thinking? He wouldn’t be able to do anything, just imagine if his boss finds out he interacted with someone during one of his undercover missions, if they found out your name too and went after you… someone so innocent and nice…

Your words… “it’s cool, right? The way life and people can surprise you.” You probably didn’t even know you were talking about yourself, the brightest surprise he had in…years? And this was about him as well, if you found out the girl in the bathroom was a depressive secret agent, what would you do?

Yeah… it would be a surprise, but not the good kind. So it’s time to reset, agent 707, forget that girl… he probably will never see you again, anyway…

You can see the other days here!

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I'm nervous. I have a bit of tummy fat and stretch marks on my thighs and and stomach. I have to wear a bikini tomorrow.

I hate that we think, as a society, the only girls who can wear bikinis are girls with flat tummies and perfect skin.

Girls with self harm scars can wear bikinis.

Fat girls can wear bikinis

Girls with stretch marks can wear bikinis

Girls that don’t have “perfect” skin can wear bikinis

Girls with flat chests or big chests can wear bikinis

Girls with big butts or no butts can wear bikinis

And the list goes on. A few days ago I saw a fat girl wearing this really cute pale pink bikini. She looked so happy, she was having so much fun. It made me realize I had absolutely no reason to be afraid to wear a bikini, too.

You never know. You could be someone’s inspiration.

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Can I request an imagine with 69 and 7? Thank you very much ❤❤

Prompt request: “You have approximately 5 seconds to get out of my face before I kill you.” + “Can I kiss you?”

Pairing: Taehyung/Reader

Genre: Humour + Fluff

Summary: You arrive at the convention with your best cosplay yet–Cardcaptor Sakura. Only, you weren’t expecting a new rival in the form of Kim Taehyung.

Word count: 1k words

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You walked into AnimeCon with a confident smile on your face. This year, you had decided to cosplay as Cardcaptor Sakura, paying homage to your first beloved anime series. It was probably your best cosplay yet. You had spent weeks sewing the school uniform (you didn’t have the resources nor the skill to make the pink dress).

A few hours into the convention, you were taking pictures with a small crowd of people. A girl around your age stepped forward, her eyes widening in recognition.

“Are you Y/N?” she asked excitedly, at which you nodded. “I follow you on Instagram!”

“Wow, really?” you exclaimed, smiling back at your apparent fan. “That’s awesome! I’ve never actually met any of my followers.”

“Yeah, I’ve been a longtime fan,” she replied. “Do you know the cosplayer Taehyung? He goes by V.”

“No, I haven’t heard of him before,” you said, fiddling with the stuffed Kero toy in your hands. “Is he popular?”

“Yeah, I’d say. And he’s really cute,” the girl explained with a cheeky grin. “He’s here, actually. And I’m pretty sure he’s cosplaying Syaoran.”

“Oh, cool! I’ll go look for him and maybe we can take pictures,” you laughed, perking up at the prospect of meeting a cute boy (who liked anime).

“He’s wearing the school uniform, too!” the girl informed you. Her friend gestured to her camera impatiently, and the two of you hurried to pose for the picture. The flash blinded you momentarily, and you prayed that you didn’t blink.

The girl ran off with her friend, waving goodbye as she left. Eventually, the small crowd around you dispersed, and you were left with nothing else to do. Shrugging, you figured you would look for this Taehyung character.

You strolled past numerous vendors, wandering aimlessly through the second level of the convention. As you were nearing one of the back corners, you noticed a group of girls circling someone who was very tall.

As you approached, you could see a boy wearing the same uniform as you–minus the skirt. If this was Taehyung, the girl was right. He was very cute. The boy had long, dark eyes rimmed by sweeping lashes. His nose was pointed and high, his smile was rectangular and endearing. In short, he was model-worthy.

You reached the front of the crowd, and Taehyung’s gaze landed on you. His eyes sparked in recognition, then flashed in anger.

“You!” he barked, pointing a long finger in your direction. “You have approximately 5 seconds to get out of my face before I kill you.”

“Excuse me?” you asked, taken aback by the boy’s sudden rudeness. The girls around you were, too, and they fell into a stunned silence.

“There can only be one Sakura,” Taehyung continued solemnly. He paused, looking at the blank expressions on the people around him. His voice took on an extremely offended tone. “Wait, did you all think I was Syaoran?”

“I mean…yes,” you admitted. “The school uniform is identical except for the skirts and pants.”

“Fuck, I knew I should have worn the skirt,” he muttered, mostly to himself. Taehyung looked down at his cosplay with a crestfallen expression on his face.

You understood his sorrow. Making a cosplay was a trying an arduous process, and it seemed like Taehyung thought his efforts were in vain.

“Hey, it’s still a cool cosplay,” you said, stepping forwards and patting Taehyung’s shoulder companionably. “Syaoran’s a good character, too.”

“I guess,” Taehyung pouted, adjusting his cap sheepishly.

“Wait, oh my god!” someone from the crowd squealed. “Can I take a picture of the two of you together? Sakura and Li were my first ship ever!”

A few other people voiced their support at this idea, whipping out their cameras. You looked up to Taehyung to gauge his response. He shrugged at the girls and looked down at you.

“You up for it?” he asked.

“Yeah, it’s fine with me,” you replied. That was why you came to look for him, anyway.

“I’m Taehyung, by the way. Sorry I was mean to you earlier,” he apologized, a faint blush appearing on his tanned cheeks. “You make a better Sakura than me, anyway.”

“I’m Y/N,” you smiled. “And it’s fine. But you make a very pretty Sakura, too.”

Taehyung laughed at this, his rectangular grin returning to his face. Suddenly, his genuine smile transitioned into a mischievous one.

“Ready?” he asked the growing crowd, to which they all raised their cameras. Taehyung turned back to you, determination in his eyes.

Suddenly, you were suspended in the air. Squealing, you clung to Taehyung’s shoulders as he lifted you bridal style from off the ground. He laughed at your surprise, opting to keep his gaze fixed on you instead of the flashing cameras in front of you.

“Hey, want to make these photos even better?” Taehyung asked cheekily.

“It depends on what you’re suggesting,” you countered apprehensively, feeling a bit flustered by Taehyung’s close proximity. You could confirm he was even more handsome up close.

“Can I kiss you?” he chirped, not seeming embarrassed at all.

“I-I, you, k-kiss!?” you spluttered, feeling your cheeks burn. You wanted to die at your response to a fairly tame suggestion–what were you, twelve? Composing yourself, you cleared your throat and continued calmly, “Yeah, I guess.”

Taehyung smirked and his eyes glinted dangerously. As he leaned down, you squeezed your eyes shut. There was nothing for a moment, but then his lips met yours.

It was fleeting, but in that moment, time slowed. Taehyung’s lips were oh so soft, lingering above yours for a second once the kiss ended. You opened your eyes slightly, met with the sight of Taehyung looking down at your lips.

Around you, girls were squealing and cameras were clicking, but the noises faded and all you could focus on was the boy who was carrying you.

“That was nice,” Taehyung decided, setting you back onto your feet. “Let’s do that more often.”

The next year, you and Taehyung went to AnimeCon together. You decided to cosplay as another Sakura, this time from Naruto. Taehyung went as Sasuke, and together, you were SasuSaku: the Realest Ship™.

It was a big hit–mostly because of the great chemistry between you and Taehyung. That year, there were more staged kisses (and many more spontaneous ones).

- Girl in Luv

Can you guys tell that I’m the nerdy one? I channeled my inner weab for this. Been suppressing it since 2012. Those were some dark times…I know Tae’s a weab too, so I’ve been waiting to write that into a story. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this nerdy-ass imagine! Happy reading 💛

Yuri on Ice Bowling!AU

(Just hear me out on this one fam, okay?)

  • All of the Russian skaters are on a team together. 
    • Yuri, Victor, Mila, Greorgi and Yakov
    • Yakov sort of functions in a coaching capacity too. 
    • Clearly, Victor is the best, but Yurio isn’t too bad either. 
    • Phichit likes to take snaps of Yurio bowling strikes and the end of the lane is just an explosion.
    • Yurio had a cheetah/tiger print custom ball. 
    • Victor’s is a swirly goldish pattern with a stripe like the Russian flag around it. 
    • Mila’s ball is hot pink and says “Girl Power” on it 
  • Yuri, Phichit, Yuuko and Takeshi are on a team too. 
    • Minako is suppose to bowl with them and she’s surprisingly good when she does but she likes to ~socialize~
    • Yuuko and Takeshi bring the triplets with them all the time.
      • They guest bowl for Minako a lot
      • Somehow they’re really good???
      • Like, don’t even need the bumpers good???
    • Yuri would be better if the hot Russian guy (Victor) would stop making eyes at him when he goes to bowl.
    • Yuri’s ball is blue with poodles. Phichit’s is green with hamsters. 
  • The Crispino’s are on a team with Chris and Emil. 
    • Seung-Gil bowls with them too if he’s not busy. 
      • Sara invited him because he looked lonely. 
      • His ball looks like a parrot. 
    • Emil is always trying to get Michele to watch his bowling
      • Michele misses basically all of Emil’s good strikes. 
      • It’s depressing. 
      • Emil tries not to think about it. 
    • Sara and Mila are BFF’s and have a friendly competition going.
  • Guang-Hong Ji somehow got roped into being on a team with Beka, Leo, J.J. and his fiance. 
    • He’s not complaining, he’s just happy to be with Leo. 
    • Beka is the most respectful bowler in the rink
      • Doesn’t throw outright shade but homeboy will take you down with superior skill and a silent quirk of the eyebrows. 
      • Yurio thinks he’s hot but he’ll never say it out loud. 
    • J.J. and his fiance are always making out if they’re not bowling. 
      • Also, J.J. likes to win her plushies from the claw machine all the time. 
      • I mean, he’s a decent bowler, but he’s even better at the arcade games. 
  • The Katsuki’s run the bowling alley. 
    • Clearly. 
    • And they have the regular bad bowling alley food but they also have a lot of good stuff. 
      • And by good stuff, I mean katsudon. 
  • Celestino is an avid bowling enthusiast. 
    • The man literally just comes to watch people bowl. 
    • Friendly with Yakov
    • Gives Yuri and Phichit a lot of pointers. 
      • They’re (surprisingly?) helpful. 
  • Minami is constantly hanging around the alley with his friends. 
    • They wanted to make a team but missed the deadline. 
    • They like to play all the arcade games
    • Minami is J.J.’s arcade rival. 
      • Like, J.J. doesn’t know how, but Minami is crazy good at pinball.
      • DDR is his forte too. 
      • J.J.’s just happy they can’t really compete at the claw machine. 
      • J.J. has missed bowling some frames because he was playing some game with Minami. 

jooleah  asked:

how about harry/draco getting back together after a breakup OR drag queen!harry (or both in the same story heeey)

mate i have been trying to write this for like 2 weeks now, i’m sorry it’s not happening, but here are some vague hcs

  • i think harry hates attention too much to ever be a drag queen in like the performing sense, but i can def see him playing around with gender and queerness and drag in his own quiet but sure way
  • harry wandering bored round grimmauld place in a soft flowery dress, capped sleeves tight on his shoulders, lounging on the couch with his knees hooked over the arm and the skirt falling pretty and gauzy around his hairy legs
  • gardening in a pink slip he’s pretty sure once belonged to walburga with a flannel shirt thrown unbuttoned over the top when the sun goes down and it starts to get chilly
  • doesn’t really mind what pronouns people use, ‘he’ still feels familiar and comfortable, ‘they’ is kind of nice, one morning he comes downstairs in skinny jeans and a yellow crop top and ginny looks up and says absently, warmly, “oh, you’re such a pretty girl,” and harry thinks about it all day, warm and shy
  • can’t wear high heels, no matter how good they make his legs look, he never gets over the uneasy feeling that he might suddenly need to run
  • finds a kilt that he assumes was sirius’s, wears it quite a bit, it makes a bit of a splash when he goes out for a drink in it and the daily prophet get pictures and it promptly starts a trend
  • hot august days lying in grimmauld place’s garden with sunglasses and a too big chudley cannons t-shirt and lace underwear
  • lipstick, always slightly smeared in one corner where his hand jerks
  • luna puts winged eyeliner on him one night and he’s almost frighteningly beautiful
  • he has one photo of his grandparents, the potters, when they were young, and he likes the gold bangles all up his grandma’s arms, writes awkwardly to parvati for advice, and she takes him shopping in brick lane
  • is in a bar feeling sort of tired and sad and itchy in his own skin one night, wearing a short black dress that looks half like an oversized 80s shirt except its tight and sweet around his waist, and cheap tights and his sneakers trailing laces. when he spots the blonde head of hair his heart sort of sinks, not in the mood for smirking or, worse, one of the tense, awkward conversations they’ve tended to have after the war. only when draco saunters over and says, “well, potter,” his sneer falls away before it can even get properly going, and his eyes go dark. he says, slow and a little surprised, his drawl almost warm, considering, “you look nice.”
The Joker x Reader - “Gotham’s Villains Awards”

Once a year, all Gotham’s elite underworld gets together to recognize the best of the worst among them. After working so hard to create mayhem and chaos,it sure is nice to enjoy an event created just for that.

Harvey Dent is hosting tonight’s event. It is a chance for Gotham’s underworld elite to come together and celebrate the mayhem and chaos they create every year. You and The Joker are sitting at a table close to the stage, sharing the space with The Penguin and his girlfriend, Anita and Harvey’s wife, Sophia. Since he is on the stage, can’t really join you for the evening and that’s fine with J. He keeps on talking to Oswald and you chitchat with the girls.

“Are you going to try for another baby?” Anita asks because you hang out quite a bit so she knows the story.

“Yes, we are actually trying again, I really want a girl,” you sigh, thinking about all the pink, cute stuff you can buy for a little Princess and you can’t since you have 5 boys.

“And…how are things going?” Sophia elbows you, snickering.

“Great, can’t complain; J is such a stud, he could get a rock pregnant!” you praise your partner in crime.

Plop! An olive bounces off your cleavage and falls on your plate. The Joker was eavesdropping (like he always does) so he had to get your attention.

“Rrrrrrrrrrrrr,” he purrs from across the table, winking and goes back to his conversation.

You smile, blushing a bit and scratch your arm, flattered.

“I love my kids, don’t get me wrong,” you address the women, “but a girl in the ocean of testosterone would be nice.” They laugh, amused and you have to say it: “I think it might be something wrong with J’s genes - he can only make boys.”

Plop! Another olive bounces off you.

“There’s nothing wrong with my genes, Pumpkin,” he growls, annoyed. He wants to continue with a rant but the first award of the night is coming up. They never show the nominees, they just present the winner to avoid further confrontations between all the crazy people in there. If you don’t really know who you were up against, then things won’t get out of hand. Hopefully.

Harvey Dent clears up his throat and announces:

“The first award of the night is Best Car Chase of The Year. And the winner is… Mister J for the third year in a row!”

“Ha! I won again!” J gets up, leans over the table to kiss you and you are so excited for him. Pictures taken from the surveillance cameras all over Gotham show the Purple Lamborghini followed by the Bat mobile on June 15th, when you and J robbed 7 banks in one night. J goes on the stage and Harvey hands over his recognition.

“Thank you!” his deep voice resonates in the huge room and the speakers tremble from the husky tone that makes you shiver with adoration. You are about to lose your shit; he looks so dashing in that silver suit. ”All I wanted to say is: Batsy’s a jerk!!” The whole place goes insane! Everyone is clapping, whistling and get on their feet, chanting his name. He smirks, victorious, enjoying being the center of attention and points towards you: “My wife was with me that night so half of this is hers.” You almost faint with exhilaration and blow him a kiss while he feels the need to clear up something:

“And for the record, there’s nothing wrong with my genes!” Not a single soul was phased by the random sentence because they are all a bunch of mad weirdoes. Nothing fazes them since they are used to awkwardness; they actually clap more.

Your husband returns to his sit not before kissing you again, then bites your neck fast and really hard.

“Auch!! That hurts,” you complain, pouting, covering the red mark.

“Good,” he whispers in your ear. “That got you pregnant, Doll. Since I can get rocks pregnant, maybe this worked also,” he sniffles your hair, aroused, then fights with himself to get away and returns by Oswald’s side.

“Our next award recognizes the good work of our trusted sidekicks,” Two Face underlines. “The award for Henchman of The Year goes to… Jonny Frost! He couldn’t be here tonight due to his need to recovery from the 3 bullet wounds he sustained on a mission in…in…” Dent goes through his papers, not finding the information.

“New York!” J shouts, rolling his eyes.

“New York, man!” The Joker yells louder.

“Oh, New York,” Harvey finally understands. “Anyway, we wish him speedy recovery so he can go out there and create more trouble. It is fair to assume Mister and Misses J will take the award to him.”

“No, I don’t want to!” J sulks, irritated.

“Of course we will,” you wave at Harvey with a smile, nodding a yes.

Oswald distracts The Joker with some questions and Sophie inquires about a detail she always wanted to know.

“Say, Y/N, how did you and Mister J met?”

“Ahhh…” you take a deep breath, touching your burning cheeks from the precious memory, “…he stole my heart.”

“Oh my God, how romantic!” both women squeal with puppy eyes.

“No, he literally stole my heart. I was delivering one I found on the black market for a transplant a senator’s father needed, can’t remember the name but he had the money,” you quickly add, “ …and J stole it from me; he thought I had diamonds in there. Isn’t that sweet?” you giggle and they follow. “I have no idea how he got my number, but after an hour he called, pissed about what he found when he opened the box. I had to give him half the money promised to me in order for him to return that heart for delivery. J is a very good negotiator; the whole time he talked to me on the phone he made these sounds that got me all worked up. He’s such a flirt; I had to take a cold shower after the phone conversation.”

Plop! The olive bounces off your shoulder and you take it from the table and eat it, licking your lips in the process. The Joker flashes this huge silver smile and everything fades: you so want to jump over this table and rip his clothes off but can’t.

“The next award of the evening is Best Dressed Male Villain of The Year. And the winner is…The Riddler!”

“Booooo!” J protests, unhappy he didn’t win that one. But, come on, the Riddler looks cute because they let him wear his trademark outfit in prison. Nobody else was that lucky. “The Riddler can’t be here tonight, he’s still incarcerated at Arkham,” Harvey informs.

All the ladies in the room go awwwww.

“Ha!Ha!Ha!” your husband cracks up, thrilled about The Riddler’s misfortune.

“Wasn’t someone designated to get him out of there?” Dent asks the crowd and they look at each other, confused. The Joker coughs, sipping on his brandy. He was appointed for that task but didn’t give a shit. “Anyway, we’ll keep it for him until he’s back,” the ex-senator concludes, continuing with his task. “Next, one of the lovely ladies will be up here to join me. The award for Best Dressed Female Villain of The Year goes to…Poison Ivy!”

“Booooo!” you get upset because you didn’t win but your objection disappears under the ruckus her presence on stage creates among the attendance. “What the hell?! She just has a bunch of leaves hanging down her butt, what’s the big deal?!” J sees you are cranky so he gestures for you to go to him. You sit in his lap for a little bit; it always makes you feel better no matter what.

“You’re the best dressed for me, Kitten,” he winks, caressing your thigh. “Though I like you undressed mucchhhh better,” J corrects his sentence, breathing on your neck and you sure need another cold shower right now.

Harvey is announcing Best Explosion of The Year that goes to Mister Freeze for the simultaneous blasting of police headquarters in 6 precincts on May 14th but you don’t pay too much attention since J is the center of your universe for the moment. You seductively pull on his shirt’s collar, so attracted to him you would love to flee the event just to get it out of your system.

“Congratulations!”  The Penguin pats your back and you both get out of trance.


“You won Best Villain Couple of The Year, get up there!” everyone urges you and the deafening applauses echo in your ears. You hold hands with The Joker and go collect your award.

“You’re so sexy Mister J!” somebody has the nerve to scream from the crowd.

“Thank you honey, ” your husband scoffs, fixing his perfect green locks.
“Who said that?!” you snap, scanning the women and they don’t give out the guilty party.“I’m gonna  blow your brains out!” the threat follows and all the psychos are aware you mean it.

There are some roars and whistles coming from men as your possessiveness takes over, then:

“You look so hot when you’re angry, Y/N!”

Your face turns from frowny to ecstatic in just one second:

“Thank you, darling!”

“Who the fuck said that? “ J takes over the microphone, his blood boiling with jealousy. “This is my woman; I’m gonna stab you 50 times and enjoy it!!!” Nobody gives away the offender and Harvey manages to calm down the commotion to some people’s disappointment: they would like to see some shit going down tonight.

For the rest of the evening you fret, keeping a close eye on J and he does the same with you. Nobody takes away what’s yours! He believes the same but doesn’t share, of course.

You really started relaxing a bit after dying of laughter: when Bane was climbing the steps towards the platform to accept Best Heist of The Year award, he tripped on the red carpet and fell on his face. Jeez, did he have a tantrum or what?! Almost as good as The Joker, but nobody beats him. Pretty close and nice try.

Two more hours pass by and it’s finally time for the last award of the evening: Nemesis of The Year.

Dent flips his coin once, opens the envelope and puffs:

“And the award for the fourth year in a row goes to The Batman!”

“The asshole won!” J claps his hands, chuckling like a maniac. People are booing, discontent to hear the name but it’s the tradition to recognize the best from the opposite side, so… nothing that can be done about it.

“I’ll take it!” your husband offers without hesitation and he is handed the award: a gold statue of Gotham’s vigilante, about the size of an Oscar.


You creep inside the penthouse just to notice everyone passed out from exhaustion: your five sons are cuddled around the 3 henchmen appointed to babysit tonight, scattered on the couches all over the living room. It really looks like a battlefield: probably they played villains and cops again. Yep, there it is: your oldest son (he’s 12) is wearing a Batsy outfit. Your youngest (he’s 2 and a half) is wearing a policeman outfit. You can’t see the others because it’s too dark.

“Ssstttt,” the Joker covers your mouth when you attempt to go and wake them up, this way they can sleep in their beds. “Let them be, we gotta celebrate. I wanna have sex!” he drags you after him and you kind of regret not kissing your kids good night and kind of don’t. You sneak inside one of the bedrooms upstairs, the furthest on the hallway for more privacy, which a lot of times is hard to obtain  with 5 offsprings.

“Kittyyyy, “ J purrs, running his hands down your back, “Come to Daddy.”

“Mmmm…” you enjoy his touch, unbuttoning his shirt. “You teased me all night long, it’s outrageous!”

“Bad girl!” he slams you against the wall when your hand stops on his crotch.

“Dammit!” you mutter, exasperated.

“Wha’ ? What is it? I’m ready to go, what’s the problem?! Nobody is faster than me! Are you trying to say I’m not fast enough?!” his ego kicks in and you don’t even know where he gets all these ideas from.

“It’s not that and you know it, my blue eyed pretzel,” you pull him in your arms, disappointed you didn’t remember sooner.

“Then what is it?” he pushes himself into you so hard you can’t breathe.

“Ummm… we forgot to deliver the award…” you yawn, slowly blinking.

“Crap!”  J gasps, stomping his foot. “I was too horny on the way home to think straight!”

“Me too…” you are fast to whine. “But the sooner we go, the sooner we can come back and full around…”

“Uhhhhh, “ he groans, releasing you and walking funny towards the door. “Be quiet and let’s hurry up, Princess!”

Bruce Wayne is driving around Gotham’s streets in his Bat Mobile, making sure they are safe. Suddenly, a huge Batsy signal illuminates the night sky.

What does Gordon want now?! he sighs, tired and not in the mood.

Once he gets to the top of the building, there’s nobody there. The scanner discloses nothing either. But there is something under the reflector. He approaches and bends over to grab the gold statue representing him. A small handwritten note under it. He unfolds it and reads: “There’s nothing wrong with my genes!”

What the hell is this? he asks himself, puzzled. Bruce has an idea about who left that there.

The Batman looks closer to see the inscription on the award: Nemesis of the Year.

“Hm,” he huffs, “I won again.”



Handmade plastic resin brooches on my kanken bag… all available to purchase on my etsy. I’ve made so many now that my kanken has about 50 holes in where I’ve been putting in different brooches to photograph (sorry little buddy)

I think I might share a post explaining what I’ve learnt about shrink plastic as it has been a really hard material to work with so far, but so utterly satisfying when it goes right. It seems to be a fine art getting it to co-operate! 

anonymous asked:

u antis are just so sad n bitter lmfao. U try hard so hard to onvince evryone that ur hate is not because of ships but if ur ship became canon u would not be against the ending

Man this ask has been sitting in my inbox for some time because I had no idea how to answer this question. I really don’t know if anon is being serious or just being a troll (it’s most probably the latter) but here goes anyway.

No, I do not hate the ending because of the ships. 

I absolutely did not care for the pairings when I first watched the show. Before I even started watching the show, I already knew that the ‘dark-haired boy’ and the ‘pink-haired girl’ ended up getting married. and Naruto was married to some girl with the ‘weird eyes’ thanks to some Facebook post. I already knew NH and SS were a thing, so that throws away the case of me hating the ending because I was rooting for NaruSaku to become canon. I already knew it wasn’t going to be canon. Besides, I didn’t even ship it in the first place. I was never the shipping kind.

When I watched episode 479 of Shippuden, I was completely lost. I remember thinking, this is it? What happened to the Shinobi world? What about the Uchiha clan massacre? How the hell did Naruto bring about peace? How did he bring about change? Did he even become Hokage? I then discovered that there was another chapter that hadn’t been animated yet. I was thrilled, but then I found out that the chapter did nothing for the closure that I wanted. Yes, Naruto became Hokage, but what else?

I don’t have words to express what I felt at that point of time. I was desperately looking everywhere, refusing to believe that the story I loved so much had such an unsatisfying ending. I watched the two canon movies and still nothing. While I loved the Boruto movie, it still did not give me closure about Naruto’s story. The Last did jack-shit. It only managed to turn my confusion into anger.

So I went online and found out that I was not alone. There were people that felt the same way as I did. I started looking for different ways to hate the ending (because I was petty like that). I started ‘shipping’ NaruSaku just for the spite. It wasn’t long before I actually fell in love with the idea of NaruSaku and I realised that they made a lot of sense as a couple.

Long story short, it wasn’t my love for NaruSaku that caused me to hate the ending; it was my hate for the ending that made me love the ship.

So anon, don’t worry, my hate has very little to do with the ships :) A lot of people hate the ending because the ending genuinely sucks, not because of the ships. Get that through your head.

Have a great day!


Imagine: Peter, Sean and Alex fighting over you…

“Hey (Y/N), you’re looking incredibly sexy today…” Peter winked, zipping into the room, a small whoosh of wind following. Sean and Alex’s heads raised slightly, eyeing the silver haired mutant curiously, watching his - rapidly - failing attempt at trying to win you over. 

“She’s always been beautiful - keep up, Maximoff,” Alex quipped, smirking as Peter turned his head slightly, glaring through his goggles. The tension started to build, to the point where you could cut the air with a knife; what made it more awkward was that all three of the men in this room had feelings for you. From day one it was obvious; the glares they sent each other; the snippy comments and showing off whenever you were around, all in attempt to get your attention - which was the case here,“ You know, for someone who goes by Quicksilver, you’re actually really slow…is it supposed to be ironic or?”

After that, the pair began to bicker, exchanging insults and bitchy remarks. Sean cleared his throat awkwardly. Turning to the side, you stared into the mutant’s vibrant blue eyes, as he stood no more than two feet away,“ Uh - yeah, this - this is for you…” He handed you a white rose, gulping slightly,“ I heard that girls like flowers, so I - you know - got you one…it’s pretty, like you.” You smiled, pressing a kiss to his cheek; his face tinted pink at the gesture, eyes sparkling slightly.

Hey! That was my idea, Banshee!” Peter whined, arms crossed like a five year old ready for a tantrum.

Your idea?!” Alex sassed. Here we go again…


Important to Power Rangers fanfic writers (and writers in general): don’t use epithets to describe characters already known, and especially don’t use them to Other the character! It makes learning a character’s identity difficult and also is just offensive.  


- “The black-haired girl sifted through the contents of her vaporized lunch, a glum look on her face.” (Who vaporized her lunch? Who is she??) 

- “Masked Vigilante looks agreeable.” (New character, who…) 

- “He waved his arms around for balance, taking out a car and a carousel as he did so.  ‘Shit, Bob!’ Sam cried.” (Who? Oh, it’s Bob.)

Not Okay: 

- “Trini ate the bagel.  The Latina disliked them, but it was better than green eggs and ham.” (There are better ways to show she is Latina.) 

- “The Asian boy raised his brows.  Zach then burst into laughter.” (Ludi Lin is Chinese???? Naomi Scott is half-Indian???? Both have ancestors from different parts of Asia, so I’m already confused.  Very broad.  Othering.) 

- “Kimberly Hart was no angel.  The pink-wearing girl was a goddess: ethereal, a delegate to humanity, and very stressed.” (”She was a goddess….” not really bad, just a long epithet for an already identified character.)

Victor Bruntley Headcanons

(Author’s Note: this was a very great request from @littlebodythickthighs666 and it’s exciting because I never actually thougt of it asdasdasd//anyway, guys, this is headcanon so what I might think of Victor may not be what you think of him//enjoy!)

- Victor has really cut-short curly hair and tanned skin. He is very exotic with aqua eyes and if he lived in this generation, he would make girls melt.

- Killer smile. Just perfect teeth and cute dimples next to his soft pink lips.

- Victor is waaay stronger than Bronwyn; it almost makes Bronwyn seem normal.

- He is very cheeky and goes unbearably greatly along with Hugh. They pull
a m a z i n g pranks together. One time, they made everyone think there was a new boy and had made them actually nurse him for a night before realizing it was Mill coated in spray tan.

- Besides his extreme closeness with Hugh, his bond with Wyn is utterly unbreakable. Bronwyn lost a huge part of her when she lost him. The last thing she ever wanted to see were his aqua eyes. But she knew it wouldn’t happen.

- Victor is a flirt; don’t get me wrong. He likes giving fair girls flowers and impressing them.

- You can see how his build would be great for dancers.

- D A N C I N G

- A lot of loose shirts and tight hugs

whataboutthefictionalgaychildren  asked:

Hello there fren! Can I get me some cute/funny/s e n s u a l 2p Axis headcanons? I'm writing a thing and I'm low on ideas.

sure thing ;) good luck with your thing my dood


  • Flavio has had this stuffed toy (the first thing he’d ever sewn) since he was a child. It’s a little black cat with pink heart-eye buttons and he has not gotten rid of it
    - Luciano knows about this and thinks it’s adorable
  • Luciano is really into stamp-collecting and souvenir hoarding and always gets his friends something small if he goes somewhere new
  • Gilen is a sucker for romcoms and has cried over one more than once. Lutz sometimes joins him
  • Lutz goes to parks a lot when he runs and always stops by this little meadow. There’s a little girl that lives nearby that comes out sometimes to pick flowers and she always gives him some
    - he comes home with flower crowns a lot
  • Kuro used to let 2P!Vietnam paint his nails a lot when she was younger
    - he never took it off when she was done. she just looked so proud


  • Gilen is the one that lives in the upstairs part of the house and Lutz lives in the basement; he is kind of condemned after what happened in the kitchen
  • Luciano doesn’t make noise when he walks and it’s the most horrifying thing
  • Lutz is actually pretty shitty at holding alcohol and doesn’t drink as much as people think
  • Kuro hates anklets and will never talk to anyone wearing them
  • Flavio can’t read street signs until after he passes them


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anonymous asked:

Hey!! I'm a transgender boy and I've been feeling pretty self conscious about something. I'm pretty feminine and lots of wear sweaters and light colors. A lot of my friends and family members have doubted me being trans because of it and it's become a problem. I want to wear these clothes without feeling like a fake. What do I do?

Colors do not equal gender. Even I get pegged as being gay because I have style. A cis woman once told me that because I was able to dress well a lot of cis women assumed I was a gay man. This blew my mind! Just because I was able to match and have what she considered style, I must be gay! It made me realize that so many people have this assumption of gender, based on the clothing you wear! To me, that is so weird! Just because a person who identifies as male wants to wear pink, he must be gay or must no really be a man?! I think anyone reading this would agree that sounds a bit off! But unfortunately when you are Transgender and you don’t fit in the boxes of what boys are supposed to like and what girls are supposed to like- they assume you must not be that Trans. This is where we need to remind people that clothing is just that, something to cover your body in public, and usually it’s a reflection of our likes or dislikes. Same goes with Makeup- just because a man or male identifying person wears makeup doesn’t make them any less trans either! Clothing, Make up, music, these are all just expressions of ourselves and truly have nothing to do with our gender identity.

The desire to be accepted for who we are is a natural one and how you dress and the colors you love have absolutely no bearing on the gender you feel. The choice of sweaters and pastel colors is an individual preference no different than someone preferring sugary foods while others prefer salty. I believe convincing people of who you are is far less important than remaining true to yourself. Hopefully, your friends and family will come around or at least grow to see you for who you are. There is no dress code for being a trans person just as there’s no dress code for being human.

The One Where You’re Scott’s Little Sister (Part 1)

Pairing: Liam Dunbar x Reader

Summary: When you return to Beacon Hills, a lot has changed - but not you’re overprotective brother, Scott, who won’t let boys anywhere near you. The problem is, you have your eye on Liam and Liam knows dating you could mean a certain death if Scott finds out.  

A/N: part 2 is up!

MASTERLIST, MOBILE MASTERLIST (you can like it and save it for later!)

“Scott!” you yell, storming down the hallway, “Where the fuck is my hairspray!” you yell, throwing his door open. Scott was talking to Stiles and turns to you with furrowed brows, “I didn’t take it, y/n!”

You suck in a deep breath, barging into his room and swiping it off his dresser.

“Mine ran out,” he shrugs, “I thought I put it back.”

“YOU ARE UNBELIEVEABLE! IT’S THE FIRST DAY BACK AND NOW I’M LATE!” you yell, running back to your room.

Stiles flinches at the sound of your door slamming, “I see your sister is back from boarding school.”

“Just in time to make senior year a nightmare for me,” Scott groans.

“How old is she now?”

“Sixteen – she’s two years younger than us,” Scott turns to Stiles with a frowns, “Dude,” he says warningly.

“What?” Stiles shrugs, pretending not to know.

“You’re giving off the wrong chemo signals at the moment,” Scott says with his eyes narrowed, “That’s my sister.”

“She – she just got pretty – I was surprised… pleasantly,” Stiles shrugs. Scott furrows his brows together, flickering his glowering red eyes at Stiles.

“Okay, okay,” Stiles laughs, “I’m just kidding. We’d better get going or we’ll be late.”

As they both stand up, you open Scott’s door again, grinning at him, “Could I get a ride?”

Scott rolls his eyes, nodding before ruffling your hair. You push his hand away, fixing it.

When you pull up in the school parking lot, you turn to face Scott, “Where’s the office?”

“I can walk you,” Scott offers. You shake your head, “I’ll be alright. You’re already late as it is,” you laugh. Scott wraps his arms around you, “It’s good to have you back.”

You hug him back, “It’s good to be back,” you pull away, narrowing your eyes, “Now, just because we go to the same school, doesn’t mean you get to be all in my business.”

Scott rolls his eyes.

“What’s she talking about?” Stiles asks.

“Back when I was in the fourth grade and he was in sixth, this boy held by hand and Scott bit his ear,” you cross your arms over your chest, “That may have been cute in elementary school but mark my words Scott, try it again and I’ll bite your girlfriend’s ear right off. What’s her name? Carly? Cara?”

“Kira,” Stiles corrects you, receiving a glare from Scott.

“Right. Kira.”

“Whatever,” Scott scoffs, “I wasn’t going to do anything anyways.”

Scott had always been fiercely protective of you – which included talking your mum into admitting you to an all-girls boarding school when he was turned into a werewolf – to keep you out of danger, of course. Finally, 3 years later, he and Melissa had agreed it was best for you to come back here to Beacon Hills where they could make sure you were safe at all times instead of having to call the school at 4am to check that Peter hadn’t gotten to you, or the Alpha Pack or Kate and the berserkers.

“Have a good day,” Scott calls out, watching you towards the school.

“Are you tearing up man?” Stiles teases.

“She’s just all grown up and that makes me worry. She doesn’t know how dangerous Beacon Hills is.”

“You haven’t told her about the werewolf thing yet, huh?”

“Nope and I’m not going to drag her into all of this,” Scott clears his throat, “She has more important things to do like study and – HEY! Is that Josh she’s talking to?! Why isn’t she going to the office?!” Scott growls, beginning to walk over to you until Stiles pulls him back.

“Relax,” he nods towards Josh who was pointing in the direction of the main building, “He’s just giving her directions.”

“Everyone, this is Y/L, she’s just transferred here. I hope you’ll all make her feel welcome,” the principal smiles before leaving you standing in front of the class.

“Nice legs,” one boy hoots.

“Nice nose. It’d be a pity if I broke it,” you spit back. The class falls to silence and your eyes land on the boy in the back who seemed to be biting back laughter.

The teacher clears his throat awkwardly, “Uh – yes, anyway, why don’t you take a seat down the back next to Mr. Dunbar,” he points towards the boy in the back, “Liam, please clear the desk for y/n.”

Liam moves his books over, shuffling his seat closer towards the window as you sit down.

“Hi, I’m Liam,” he smiles awkwardly.

“Y/N,” you reply.

“Nice comeback.”

You shrug, smiling at him. The rest of the lesson he remains silent, studying you each time you weren’t looking. Something about you looked familiar – as though he recognized you from a long time ago. Maybe from the first grade or something?

He could feel his hands growing sweaty – why was he so nervous?

When the bell rings, he stands up abruptly, throwing his books into his bag. As he turns to leave, you reach for his wrist, “Mind showing me where the cafeteria is?” you ask.

His cheeks flush pink as he looks at your hand around his wrist and you pull away.

“S-Sure,” he mumbles, waiting for you to stand up.

You walk down the hallway, occasionally bumping into each other as you move aside for other people, “So, where’d you transfer from?”

“An all-girls boarding school in Florida,” you say in disgust.

“All girls, huh?” he asks, somewhat amused, “Must be weird being at Beacon Hills, then?”

“Not really. My brother goes here.”

“Your brother?”

“Yeah, maybe you know him,” you start to say, interrupted as Scott and Stiles walk over. Scott looks at Liam curiously.

“Oh, Scott. This is y/n, she’s new,” he introduces you. You giggle, placing a hand over your mouth to hide a smile.

“I know who she is,” Scott crouches a little beside you, “Can’t you see the family resemblance?”

“Ew,” you press your hand to Scott’s cheek, pushing his face away, “Don’t say that. People might hear you.”

“Wha- you don’t think I’m good looking?” Scott asks.

“Ew, Scott,” you groan.

“Wait, you’re her brother?” Liam’s mouth was hanging agape, “That’s where I’d seen her – the photo frames at your house!”

“Wait, you’re friends?” you ask, rolling your eyes. Of course the first cute guy you met was one of Scott’s friends, “What are you doing hanging out with sophomores anyway?” you turn to Scott.

“He’s in my pac-“ he pauses, swallowing hard, “Party. Political school party – vote for recycling bins!” he cheers. You stare at him with a blank expression, “It’s embarrassing that we’re related.”

Scott rolls his eyes, putting an arm around your shoulder, “You coming to get lunch or what?”

You smile cheesily at him as he walks you to the cafeteria with Stiles and Liam walking behind you.

“Related? They’re related?!” you could hear Liam pressing Stiles.

“Can you drive me home?” you ask Scott when you’re all seated, “You’ll have to wait an hour after school – I’m trying out for the cheerleading squad.”

“Cheerleading?” Stiles asks, “I would’ve never pegged you for a cheerleader.”

“That’s probably because Scott made me wear ankle length turtlenecks the minute I developed knees.”

Liam snorts, laughing.

“Do whatever you want,” Scott says breezily, “I have lacrosse tryouts after school anyway so we’ll probably be done at the same time.”

“I’m on the team too,” Liam chimes in eagerly. Scott nudges his tray towards him, “Just eat.”

“Lacrosse,” you hum, “Maybe I should try out.”

“Yeah?” Scott smiles, “Imagine us playing on the same team. The McCalls.”

“Or not,” you laugh.

When the bell rang that dismissed you, you immediately got changed and ran to the field. The girls on the squad accepted you straight away, clearly impressed by your routine. Even after trying out, you still had half an hour to spare.

You turned to face the part of the field where lacrosse tryouts were taking place, only to find Liam staring at you. You wave at him and as he waves back, the coach smacks the back of his head, “Head in the game!”

You laugh, walking over and Coach Finstock raises a brow.

“Cheerleading is that way,” he mumbles, barely looking at you.

“I know. I want to try out for lacrosse.”

The coach gives you a once over before nodding toward the pile of gear, “Alright everyone, we have one last try out,” he turns to you, “What’s your name?”

“Y/N McCall,” you answer. He stares from you to Scott.

“McCall! This your sister?”

Scott nods proudly. The boys on the team all hoot and whistle until Scott yells at them to shut up.

“Alright, let’s see what you’ve got.”

You stood with the stick in your hand and Liam and one other person defending the goal. The other boy must have been trying out too because he barely moved from his spot as you ran toward them, which left you up against Liam. You shouldered him, knocking him out of the way but he spun you around by your waist, after which you swept under his feet, sending him tumbling to the floor, dragging you down with him.

“Nice block,” you wink, lying on top of him. His cheeks had flushed red, “I – I- “ he stammers, watching you stand up and taking your hand when you offer it to him. Moments later Scott interrupts, pulling your hands apart, picking up your stick and handing it to you, “Maybe try again,” he smiles, shimmying between the two of you.

This time you don’t play around and go straight for the goal. The whole team cheers as you shoot. Repetitively. Eight times in a row.

“First line!” Coach Finstock yells, “And you, Dunbar, I might have to demote you to second after that poor performance.”

“Oh,” you turn to Liam, “It wasn’t his fault. He was a little… distracted,” you wink.

The coach clears his throat, mumbling about how disgusting young love was as he walked off. Scott walks over, rubbing his knuckles into your hair, “Nice work kiddo.”

“You’re lucky we’re on the same team or I’d totally embarrass you by kicking your ass at this.”

Scott rolls his eyes, “C’mon, let’s get you home,” he pauses, picking up his phone, “I’ll be there as soon as possible,” he says before hanging up.

He looks at you apologetically, “Sorry y/n. I have to go somewhere,” he turns to Liam, giving him a knowing look, “Liam will drive you home. Nice work today!” he calls out as he and Stiles begin to run off the field.

“Ten bucks says that was a booty call,” you laugh. Liam shakes his head, “I seriously doubt it,” he replies, having listened in and knowing it was Deaton with an emergency.

Liam drives you home in silence and you stare out the window, letting the familiarity of home sink in. When he pulls up in your driveway, he mumbles a goodbye, unlocking the doors.

“Not going to walk me to the door?” you tease.

“Oh,” he clears his throat before climbing out after you.

“Nice work,” Liam smiles as you both come to a stop outside your front door, “With cheerleading as well.”

“I noticed you were watching,” you smirk, “Like what you saw?”

“Oh – uh – I was just-“


“Just- just –“

You reach for his hand, slipping yours into his, “You were just totally checking me out,” you whisper, leaning in. He hesitates before leaning in, pressing his lips to you and pulling away just as quickly.

“I can’t – you’re Scott’s sister!”

“Liam, I’ve been at an all-girls school my entire high school life. I don’t have time to pretend I care what Scott thinks. I like you,” you smile, “And judging from how much you blushed today, you like me too – so can we please just cut the crap and get to the good stuff,” you lean in again. This time Liam sinks into it, nervously resting his hands on your waist. When you pull away, you’re both out of breath.

“Want to know something?” you ask. He nods.

“That was my first kiss,” you were grinning like an idiot. Sure, you had only know Liam a day and maybe it was all the pent up sexual frustration, but your heart felt like it was going to burst out of your chest.

Liam eyes widen and he wipes his sweaty palms against his jeans, “Mine too… how did I do?”

You press a kiss to his lips, “Amazing.”

You were both smiling at each other like idiots when your mum’s car pulled up in the driveway.

“Mrs McCall,” Liam choked at the sight of her.

“Call me Melissa, Liam,” she reminds him, “I see you’ve met my daughter,” she runs a hand over your hair gently, “Pretty, isn’t she?”

“Mom,” you groan.

“Yes, very,” Liam replies. Melissa raises a brow before giving you a knowing look. You both wait for her to go inside.

“Want to come upstairs?” you ask. Liam swallows hard, “I think this is enough for today. I don’t want Scott to kill me.”

“He won’t know,” you chuckle. Liam couldn’t exactly tell you that Scott would catch his scent in your room and proceed to literally murder him and so instead he just shrugs and says, “Trust me, he will.”

genderfluid teddy lupin headcanons

bc this needs to be talked about

  • teddy finding out xey’re genderfluid when xey spend hours at a time in the bathroom morphing into a girl and using ginny’s makeup
  • when harry finds out he just FLIPS HIS SHIT bc he’s just so damn happy that teddy has found xyr identity 
  • teddy waking up and automatically morphing into a girl bc xey felt dysphoric
  • never settling on one hair color or skin tone
  • like one day xey will be fkcin paper white with jet black hair to xyr waist and the next day xey’ll decide on like pink skin with bright green hair
  • this really only goes on until xey come to xyr senses 
  • usual mornings with victoire where she’ll wake up beside a girl and be totally nonchalant abt it and other mornings teddy will play some lil prank on her (bc this is remus-fucking-lupin’s child we’re talking abt) and xey morph into a fuckin otter or some shit and victoire practically screeches at xem

just… genderfluid teddy lupin being badass like xyr mom and dad

painted hearts - chapter one

“So tell me again why you are stressing sis?” Hazel asks her older sister, watching the older sibling curse in distress as she paces 

Of course Hazel wasn’t too worried because honestly, her sister tends to overreact for the smallest things, however this time it wasn’t the case it seems.

“I paid for face painting! And the artist called me an hour ago and said a family emergency came up and she can’t make it! Who does she think she is, canceling on my little girl’s birthday! Lizzie said the popular girls in her in class are coming and she’s nervous which means everything needs to go right and I can’t let her down, Haze. Now we just have the magician and a moon bounce. What the fuck am I going to do now? The girl said she would return what I paid her but dammit that isn’t the point! Ooh when I’m done with this day I am so going to give her a bad review…” Samantha releases an unsteady and harsh breather at the end of her rant.

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