the girl from hollywood

Dear John (Green),
You wrote an entire essay online about how groundbreaking it is
for a teenage girl
to kiss a teenage boy in a tragic movie about being white and pretty and dying.

Meanwhile, the only times I see girls like me
getting kissed on screen is when they’re being felt up by some old man in a tragic movie about being
colored and poor and abused.

Brown teenage girls do not get love stories like the movies,
even though we are taught straight from the womb that
we are no more than curves and wild fight that still shines in our eyes after the white boy kisses us in secret,
after the white boy does not want to be seen with us in front of his friends.
Because we’ll always bring drama and bitterness,
with our loud voices
and attitude,
until we are finally broken
on the night something is slipped into our drinks,
or we’re evicted from our house,
or we lose the basketball game,
or a family member climbs on top of us,
and wraps the silver screen around our bodies like butcher’s paper
for the meat
that we have been portrayed as
since birth.

No, we do not get Shakespeare quoted to us,
instead we become the bitter narrative,
the comfort to the suburban parent,
thank goodness their little girl is the one with the “nice young man,”
and not the one getting her teeth knocked out by the “thug”,
and why does Hollywood only
find colored girls palatable when they are hardened by the world,
to the point where we see them as grown women?

You want groundbreaking story telling?
Write about a girl with brown skin
who is so filled with joy,
each one of her breaths is like tasting cinnamon,
and she lightens even the darkest moments.
Write about a hijabi girl,
who is so empowered,
that she can convince a generation of young women of every shade
that we don’t need to kiss a boy first
to feel in charge of ourselves.
Write about a Latina girl,
who is so in love with life that she tiptoes on the heads of her problems.

Portray colored girls as soft,
as naive,
as quickly,
as teenage girls in love,
because we deserve a narrative as sweet
as diverse
and as powerful
as we are.

—  Dear John Green, or, How Hollywood Told My Me I Would Never Find Love Like the Movies

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What was the inspiration behind "ILYSB"?

March 13, 2014, I was driving home to Hollywood from Santa Monica with a girl in my passenger seat who I really liked. She took a call from her sister really quick and ended the conversation with “I love you so bad.” I thought that was the most clever thing I had ever heard. I turned to her and said, “I’m gonna write a song called ‘I love you so bad.’” That girl and I kept hanging for a while, and we would say “I love you so bad” to each other and shorten it in text to “ILYSB.” about a month and a half after hearing her say that for the first time, I wrote all the lyrics for that song in an afternoon in my bedroom.

The Girl from Hollywood. Edgar Rice Burroughs. New York: Macaulay Company, 1923. First edition. Later issue dust jacket. Frontis by P.J. Monahan.

Mrs. Evan lives on a California ranch with her daughter Grace and her son Guy. Grace feels that she has dramatic talent and is determined to make a bid for fame as a motion picture actress. Guy has become involved in selling stolen whisky. Another neighbor is Mrs. Burke whose daughter, known as Gaza de Lure in Hollywood, has developed a morphine habit.

Always and Forever.

Request from @melconnor2007: I was thinking something like the reader and Seb had been together for ages, and he was shooting a new film that had a sex scene the reader thought they actually had sex in the scene and didn’t know how it worked, she got upset and wouldn’t speak to seb, and ignored his calls, so he files back home to her, and reassures her and it’s really fluffy at the end, if that makes any sense

Note: Okay so this is the first bit of writing I have done for Sebastian Stan rather than one of his characters so I hope it is alright. I may have got a little carried away with it :)

Sebastian Stan x Reader

Words: 2,869

Disclaimer: I do not know Sebastian Stan in real life so, of course, I don’t know how he would react to ANY situation. This is just my take for a request I was given. Also none of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their creators <3

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A ray of sun broke through the crack in you closed bedroom curtains and immediately it dragged you out of your restful sleep. You had never been a morning person but your distaste at having to crawl out of bed was even worse today. It was a day you had been dreading for two weeks now.

A day that had come by far quicker than you would have liked it to.

“Good morning beautiful.”

You were pulled out of your thoughts as an arm wrapped itself around your waist and pulled you closer to the warm body that had been sleeping next to you. The male whose lips were now so close to yours always did have a way of bringing you out of any negativity you felt. You swore even to this day, three years down the line, that he had some kind of special ability.

No one else had ever made you feel as good as he did…and most important of all he had never misled, hurt, or cheated on you during your time together. He was the epitome of a perfect boyfriend. But then you wouldn’t expect anything less from Sebastian Stan – Hollywood actor.

Millions of girls around the world would kill to have him in their life and yet it was you who had managed to steal his heart.

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The signs as descriptions in Lana Del Rey songs

Aries: I got the looks/and you love me, ‘cause I’ just like neon, lighting up your night
Taurus: I’m a pop blues singer, fam-bam zinger, Mansfield ringer from the Hollywood silver screen
Gemini: I’m the bad girl next door/baby’s always wantin’ more, buyin’ diamond jewelry
Cancer: I’m America’s sweetheart, cute, delicious sweet tart sippin’ on my diet coke, singin’  in the trailer park
Leo: I’m a four-alarm fire, and I’m what you desire like a siren in the night
Virgo: Peaches and cream, everyone’s dream
Libra: They all got girlfriends but I’m the one that they want/Miss America with the blue mascara on
Scorpio: I belong to a bygone era like the Scarlett O’Hara of the downtown scene
Sagittarius: Gold hoops, cherry pie, I’m the apple of his eye
Capricorn: I think I’m too cool to know ya, you say I’m like the ice I freeze
Aquarius: with my little red party dress on, everybody knows that I’m the best, I’m crazy
Pisces: I know that I’m a mess with my sun tan, short dress, bare feet, I don’t care


Favorite Old Hollywood Stars ➔ Dorothy Dandridge (9 November, 1922 – 8 September, 1965)

It [prejudice] is such a waste. It makes you logy and half-alive. It gives you nothing. It takes away.


If you are a fan of the books I’m pretty sure that we can all agree that this should be a movie series!
So I did a little fan cast
I tried to make it as accurate as possible including age accuracy (no one I casted is over the age of 20) but if you have any other suggestions let me know and I will make one for them too!

My girl Cinder! I love her
For her I picked my friend Kat
and OK OK…you are right she is not Asian.
But she is Native American and she explained how she is never represented in media cause there aren’t many Native American females whatsoever, even more than Asians and I want to change that. She loves Cinder and fits all of her describing perfectly!


I picked me ( @mistyxaesthetic ) naturally :)
I am an actress and I can give the character of Iko justice because I ADORE her! Also I believe that most of the cast should be unknowns as well.


Not everyone needs to be an unknown so for Scarlet I picked Sophie Turner.
She is curvy and can play a strong/kick butt character, she can totally pull off Scarlet!


For Cress I picked Natalie Dyer, she played Nancy Wheeler from Stranger Things!
She is not a household name but she is fantastic!
She has a very small frame and if you give her blonde hair she would be a perfect Cress!


Winter is a beautiful dark skinned female and sadly dark skinned girls are barely represented. So I went with Diamond White, she is from the US XFactor and has gone into a career of acting. I haven’t seen her projects so I don’t know if she is good BUT I truly believe that the actress that plays Winter has to be described as she is in the books so that dark skinned girls can have someone to look up to/someone who looks like them who isn’t playing a poor girl from the hood (because that’s what Hollywood normally does with them) and see a successful and beautiful princess!!!

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The Busy & The Tired

Based on a prompt by @the-savior-and-the-pirate. Maybe not exactly what you asked for, but I hope you like it all the same.

  Teacher AU where Emma is a long-term high school sub and Killian offers to give her pointers. She declines, but realizes she needs it like 5 min. Into her first class

Another day, another dreary suburban high school staff room serving up mediocre coffee and a sad selection of middle aged educators in desperate need of a holiday.

Being a sub hadn’t exactly been Emma’s dream job. When she’d first graduated she’d had notions of changing lives. Inspiring the next generation. Saving the world, one Shakespeare quote at a time. Suffice to say, things hadn’t quite worked out that way.

Now she bounced from one school to another, wherever she was needed. AP English teacher ran off to Mexico with her boyfriend? No problem. Creative Writing teacher comes down with a rare case of meningococcal? Emma was your girl.

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