the girl can shoot

“If you’re going to hit it, hit it until it breaks”

got the first pic from my shoot as the grant king of trash and. i fucking love it ok

photographer: Kleine Eule - Cosplay & Photography (fb)


ε=ε=ε=┌(๑ʘ∀ʘ)┘*Fan girl screaming inside my mouth*

Can’t decide which screen shoot to post, so I end up post all of them ahuehueheuhehe… Thank you very much for all wonderful cc’s creator out there, especially @natalia-auditore for telling me how to use that vein acc. I really love how it goes on this guy.

He will show up on Strange Century chapters, some day.. 

So stay tuned! ^^

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Haha, yes that they are. But that’s not what I…

Lunar Snow White/ space Snow White? But yeah Scarlet is harder she’s fairly “normal” it’s Wolf who has the sci fi aspect to him.

Hm, I just noticed that Cinder, Wolf and Cress are the only ones who have a sci-fi aspect to them that refers back to their fairytale counterpart. I mean sci-fi things happen to Winter but plague-Snow White doesn’t sound … good. :P

But generally, Scarlet and Winter’s storylines don’t have as many tweaks. I guess that’s why I prefer Cress and Cinder because there, the mash-up of fairytale and sci-fi is executed best (for me).


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I think of scarlet as space ship pilot red riding hood

First of all, you, you are still a meanie! Making me choose between my babies, tsk. I did nothing to deserve this. :P

Anyway, it’s just that for me, Scarlet being a spaceship pilot is not as significant to her storyline? She doesn’t even fly so much (oh, and now i think, remember when Kai bluffed to those Lunar aristocrats about the Earthen military going to attack? Wouldn’t it have been cool if Scarlet actually rallied up the Earthen military and followed her grandmother’s footsteps in a way? I’m still a bit meh about Scarlet’s part in “Winter”).

Anyway, for me it’s important to Cinder’s characterisation and to the whole world that Meyer built, that she’s a cyborg. The same with Cress and her being stuck in a satellite. For me, Scarlet and Winter don’t have that one sci-fi descriptor. But that’s okay, it was harder to do the same with them story-wise.


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why does the “anime girls with guns” genre of images always have to be associated with alt-right 4channers like.. why can’t we have more anime girls shooting the guts outta nazis

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Can my girls give me something a snippet,a photo shoot, a cover???ANYTHING! I'm tired literally exhausted seeing canoli stuff everywhere

i want them to do one of those big cover shoots with one of those looong interviews and then announce their single release date. and some sort of visual countdown to the single (or the album) would be cool.


EXO Reaction when you give them hickeys before their photoshoot

I hope you like it <3!

Myun n.n

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Chanyeol: “You will pay for that, girl!”

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Chen: *hides in the bathroom* “Should I take my clothes off? So they can see the others too..”

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Suho: *looks at you* “Thank you very much, little one, daddy is amused.”

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Tao: “A+, girl. I love them.”

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Lay: >great, now everyone can see it..< *ashamed*

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Luhan:  “I’m manly, hickeys are a must.”

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Sehun: “I will punish you later, you naughty girl.”

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Baekhyun: “Great job my love, now I’m fucked.”

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Kai: *covers himself* “Why you had to do that..”

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Kyungsoo: *hides* “..I-I can’t shoot t-today..”

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Kris: “Oh, girl..I told you it’s an important shoot..”

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Xiumin: “Is this a love mark?..Oh the noes, my photo shoot!!”

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