the girl and the machine

I love pin ball and knew a kid who had a machine in his garage, but my parents’ had an Atari with Pong on it and at parties they’d have tourneys to see who could beat me. This led me into the loving arms of Pac-Man whom I threw over for the hotness that is Mrs Pac-Man. I’d play any arcade game but then I got to 5th grade, met computers, and got turned into a frog just trying to cross a number of busy byways and dove into Zork to be eaten repeatedly by a grue. We saved Zelda, hunted ducks, could run the first three levels of Super Mario Bros with our eyes closed and upgraded to lead the TMNT to death in the water level we never could beat.

I was lethal in Mortal Kombat regardless of the version or platform and have a deep love of the Burnout franchise. Tetris, Dr Mario, and any PuzzleQuest game can entrance me for unblinking hours. I have the twitch for COD but that romance soured with all the issues MW2 had. My BFF & I conqured the Rainbow Six, Gears of War, Resident Evil, Left For Dead and Borderlands franchises together and then Penelope gave me my first taste of Bethesda with Oblivion and I’m now their bitch though I branched off into Fallout, Fable, Blue Dragon & Dragon Age.

I love video games. I have always suspected that game characters hung out between sessions, trading stories, telling each other about players.

—  On Gaming, @lapisllong