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Dreamcatcher - The 2nd Mini Album “Nightmare - Escape The Era” {Review}

Hello! I’m back with a super late review, but I’ve been kinda busy. However I needed to do this one since I love Dreamcatcher and their music, and this album is GREAT. Let’s start

Note: I won’t review the intro or instrumentals

2. You And I - Title*

Just a word: Powerful. The sound is great (I love their unique rock sound), and their voices are amazing. Once again they deliver a great dance (with that Dami magic trick omg) and of course, a perfect (yet confusing) MV. I love all Dreamcatcher previous titles but this one is my favorite one so far, I’m happy everytime they release something and they overdo themselves.

Rate: 5/5

3. Mayday

From the first time I listened to this song, I loved it. It’s, again, too poweful. One of my favroites in the album (alongside the title one). I honestly love the strong rock sound, and how their voices fit with it.

Rate: 5/5

4. 어느 별 (Which Star)

Ok this one gave me mixed feelings. I was expecting something like that from the highligh medley, and I’ve to say I didn’t like the song at first, maybe because I didn’t expect them to release a softer song. However, after a week of listening to it, I’ve come to accept that the song is not only beautiful, but shows a little bit of Dreamcatcher’s versatility (I mean, I know they are, but this song is really different). 

Rate: 4,5/5

5. Scar (이 더럽고도 추한…)

Because of the name, I was wondering a lot about the lyrics. As well as the others (and thanks to the ‘Nightmare’ concept) it talks about dreams and sleeping, but this one is the most beautiful of them all, also is very special since was written by Dami.

Rate: 4/5

Overall Rate: 4,5/5

As I said, I love Dreamcatcher’s music. I think they are one of the most original girlgroups out there, musically and conceptualy. I wonder what’s coming next since this seems to be the end of the Nightmare era, but whatever it comes, I know they’ll do an amazing job and deliver amazing performances.

Also, I’m very happy today cuz this morning, they anounced they’ll come to my country on August 3rd. I still don’t know if I’ll be able to go, but I’m really happy for this!