the giraffe man

Thank you Running Man

Today, same as Wednesday, is not a good day. I woke up, read the news and well….Running man, my favorite show for like 7 years is going to be cancelled. Honestly, I preferred that over Kang Ho Dong joining. I’m not really fond of him, you see, but somehow deep down I didn’t want Running Man to end ever. After family outing was over, it was a bit empty, I kept on looking for similar shows, but none caught my eye and suddenly RM started, I would come home Monday thinking about the new Running Man episode. My mondays were never boring, because of Running Man and to see that suddenly it’s gonna stop, it breaks my heart. But the only thing I can do is to thank all the cast and the staff for these amazing years of laughter.

Thank you Yoo Jae Suk for being who you are. An awesome MC, a jokester, Yoo hyuk, Grasshopper, for your rivalry with Jong kook which was always funny, for your “outburst” with Haha and Kwangsoo, for being Ji suk jin’s sunflower, for your finger hearts or however is named, an overall honest person. You are one of the reasons why I started watching RM. Coming from Family outing and already knowing you was like a plus and you grew on me. I now know why people call you Yooneunim. Sincerely thank you.

Thank you Kim Joog Kook for being the Tiger and Mr. Capable. I also knew you from Family outing but man, you started to be more talkative with some time XD. Thanks for being the capable one, the scary chaser XD, the guy who would glare to his hyungs with no problem, the hyung with the kids who would get scolded every now and the, for being Coach kim and try to teach athletes how to do their jobs, for being the muscle guy and more.

Thank you Song Ji hyo for being the kind of actress who is not afraid to get dirty just because she has an image to maintain as other actresses or idols. Thanks for being a woman who can stand its own against all the males in the cast, let’s all remember one of the latest episodes where they had to piggyback the girls and neither Gary nor Kwang soo could move because Jihyo would squeeze them (I was cracking up,for real) ; thanks for being Meong ji, the girl who can fall sleep almost anywhere, worth mentioning the Jenga tower. Thanks for being part of one of the longest love-line out there, the monday couple, thanks for being part of the candy alliance, the kwang-mong siblings that I seriously love, the song-song couple, spartace and so on. Thanks for being such an ace.

Thank you Kang Gary for being Gary-ssi and Random Mr, Capable. When you appear for the first time…I didn’t know who you were, I just didn’t know about Leesang or the hip-hop scene in south korea but by far, I could tell you would fit well in the show. You always had the most normal and humane reactions ever, your speech with -seumdwa was always something that I don’t know why, it made me smil. Thank you for being oblivious Gary, peaceful Gary, Random Mr. Capable, part of the monday couple that most people love. Thank you for being the amazing person you are.

Thank you HaHa for being the kid of the show, for being the schemer and cool person that you are. I already knew you from Infinite Challenge and although the characters on both shows are similar, they are not the same. I could always tell Haha is a smart cookie. He’s clever and witty and I have always laughed whenever he got annoyed either by Yoo Jae suk, Ji hyo or the guests. Also, thank you for being the “dongsaeng” to “uri hyung”, Time controller, Haroro, Haha the playboy or the kid who wants to be the villain. And as your stage name, thank you for the laughs.

Thank you Ji suk Jin for being the old ambitious guy of the show. At first, I admit that I didn’t like him, I always felt he was annoying and was craving for attention but as time passed by, well, I saw he was trying to be funny and honestly for a person his age, it must’ve been difficult to be running around with no problem. Thank you for being the race starter, the impala, Jaesuk’s sunflower, the only cast member who always was ready to face the female guests with no problem, the old guy with the cheesy lines. Thank you for being in the traitors club with Kwang Soo and in particular, thank you for being Wangko ahahahha

Thank you Lee kwang soo. What can I say about him? Similar to Ji suk jin, at first I didn’t like him, the whole framing and betraying simply wasn’t my style but over the time, his character gew on me. He is like a gem for the variety show scene of south korea and an awesome actor too. Thank you for being the giraffe, framer Kwangsoo, avatar Kwangsoo, traitor Kwangsoo,kwangtoad,  unlucky Kwangsoo and a million of other nicknames. Thank you Kwangsoo for being the gem that the show needed.

Last but not least. Thank you Joong Ki. When running man started I was relatively new to dramas so I didn’t know what types of drama he starred in, but guys, he’s such a good actor. You all know him now because of Descendants of the Sun, but what made say that he is an awesome actor, was the movie “a werewolf boy”. Honestly, he was the flower boy of the bunch, I always loved how he seemed so close with everyone. Thank you for being active Joong Ki and the guy who cannot draw well. Thank you for the time you spent with Running man and all of us until you parted ways.

Special thanks to Kwon Ryeol VJ, Dong wan FD and Lizzy. These guys were always such a laugh. I was planning to write more, but I’m started to tear up and my heart feels so heavy

Running Man family, you’ve worked hard. Thank you for all the laughter these 7 years. You will always be in our hearts.

  • Simmon: You're very tall.
  • Marie: Yes, I am two centimeters taller than a baby giraffe.

Todd wearing Dirk’s jacket because it’s cold and Todd was shivering but wouldn’t admit it until Dirk just sighed and shrugged off his jacket and handed it to Todd.
It’s a bit big (because Dirk is a giraffe man) and for a second Todd thinks about declining, but then he realises he’s too cold to argue so he takes it with a begrudging “thanks” and ends up wearing it for the entire episode.

(Meanwhile Dirk keeps smiling oh so softly at him because my GOD does he look adorable in that jacket, and just adorable in general, and -)

drosera-sundews  asked:

I can’t help thinking, I know from myths some magical things require belief. Like curses and prophesies, the more you believe in them the more potent they will become. And that got me thinking, wouldn’t there be this one student who just didn’t believe. Who would be in on everything, the eavesdroppers, the weird spaces in the library, the crows, but just denied anything was out of order. Loudly proclaiming magic isn’t real, while waltzing right though the strongest glamour without a doubt. (1/4)

Laughing at the others for their silly fairytales. And the fun thing is, for them, it works. Any glamour falls apart under their scorn and any spell weakens by their ridicule. Some people are just so close-minded and disbelieving, magic slips right off of them, unable to get a grip. And other students, they are all too willing to use that to their advantage. (2/4)          

The trade-off? The Fair Folk is very, very outrageously mad at this one kid! He even managed to get Jimothy on his bad side by calling him ‘the ugliest thing the art majors came up with since the giraffe-man’. He’s constantly guarded by a few close friends when roaming around campus to make sure he doesn’t accidentally talk to anymore of the Gentry. It’s a miracle he hasn’t lost his name yet. (¾)         

So if you do have a hex on you, or a passage blocked by glamour you cannot possible get through? Just go to dorm 2 and grab Bricks the engineer, he’ll set you straight! Make sure he doesn’t follow you through that passage though, or you’ll either not find the Fair Folk at all, or find them Armed to the Teeth and Very Very Pissed OF. (4/4)            

Here’s the thing: denial is a form of belief, and that matters here. Here’s the other thing: the existence of the Gentry here is a fact, whether you believe it or not. Around Bricks their belief in the perfectly mundane would distort the world until it was mundane. But it wouldn’t affect the Gentry themselves. So it’s very, very good Bricks has friends to act as buffers.

Someone needs to look after Dirk, okay?

Like, he wakes up in the morning, probably on Todd’s sofa, all rumpled and uncomfortable from sleeping there. And he finds that someone put a blanket on him last night, which was nice of them, and he smiles a little. Pulls it around his shoulders. And then Todd emerges from the kitchen, because this is the one time he’s ever been up before Dirk (because it had been a tough case they just solved, so he figured Dirk could use the rest) and Todd makes him a cup of tea. And they sit and talk and Dirk’s all wrapped up in his blanket with his tea and he has this smile on his face, and says,
“Thanks Todd.” In that little way he does.

The giraffe man just needs a BREAK, okay?

Kwangsoo (Park Bo Gum)

Type: Fluff

Request: Park bo gum scenario when you go on a variety show with then (your an idol)

~changing it a bit~

“So why am I going with you to the studio?” you asked him as he shrugs “you have nothing better to do” he said linking your fingers with his. He was right today was one of your days off but you were expecting to spend it at home before he called you. Being you, you would follow your boyfriend to hell and back if he asked you to. So you were going to spend a day with him even if it meant sitting around and not doing anything. 


You were buried in your phone when you heard voices outside of the room you two were sitting it in. Bogum stuck his head out and you could clearly hear the voice of none other than Lee Kwangsoo. You got up and peaked out “yah Lee Kwangsoo!” you call to your elder. You stepped out and wrapped your arms around the dorky giraffe man. You had been on Running Man more than a handful of times so had a decent friendship with the members who often teased you for not having things to do so you were constantly on. 

“Y/N do you have a fridge lying around?” Kwangsoo asked as you froze “I don’t think I’ve ever been asked that before. Do a lot of people have fridges laying around?” you ask Bogum before you laugh at the idea “I’m sorry I don’t” you inform him as nods. “Can I have your autograph?” he asks Bogum as you pouted. “Can I have yours?” Bogum asks back. 

You watched as Bogum watched intently as Kwangsoo signed his name tag. Giving it to Bogum who told him he would cherish it forever before sticking it on himself “how comes you didn’t act like this when you asked for mine for the first time?” you asked him as the camera crew was leaving. He let out a laugh “I would have just asked for your autograph, if you didn’t end up giving me your number” he said as you did a little shake at the cute response. “You’re adorable” you tell him as you give him a cheeky smile “can I kiss you?” you ask him as he peaks outside the room and then leaned in pressing a quick kiss to your lips before melting into it more. 

Soon a rip happened as you pulled back with a smile “you see if we were playing the name tag game, you would so be out” you tease him as he scoffs. “We wouldn’t be kissing on the show” he shot back “I would still be a distraction” you say as you looked at the name tag. “You’re a distraction because you’re loud” you were told as you pout. “Give me that back” he said as you hid it behind your back before he reached for it. “Gonna have to try harder” you tease him.