the ginger assassin

Medicine (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

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Request; You are Bucky’s personal medicine, the only one that can calm him down. And HYDRA used you to keep him line. And she is small and fragile but when Bucky is taken to the Stark Tower he wants her so the team has to go get her from the HYRDA base. And she doesn’t talk much and gets scared and only trust Bucky and he is protective over her

Other characters featured; sam, steve, nat 


Y/N - Your name

Y/L/N - Your Last Name

Warnings; talks about torture, language 

Word count; 1449

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‘He won’t snap out of it, Rogers,’ Natasha explained, a sigh evident in her voice. ‘Usually he comes around after a day, but it’s been nearly a week and-’

‘- You need to give him time.’ Steve interrupted, staring at his best friend behind the glass.

 An ex-HYDRA agent had triggered his Winter Soldier mode on a recent mission and after much destruction and pain, they’d managed to get him into a Hulk-proof glass room. He kept coming in and out of the phase over the course of the week, sometimes Bucky and other times the Winter Soldier.

‘I wasn’t finished.’ The ginger assassin continued. ‘I was reading his files - Looking at what they used to calm him back at HYDRA.’

‘Don’t even go there. He can’t handle anymore drugs.’

‘It’s not a drug, Steve.’ Sam was now stood beside them, Bucky’s file in his hands. ‘It’s a person. Y/N Y/L/N.’

Their converation was abruptly stopped by a smashing of a metal fist against the glass - Bucky was stood in front of them, breathing heavily. He looked angry, but there was a glint of nostalgia in his eyes.

‘What did you just say?’ He spat.

‘Y/N,’ Steve said slowly. ‘You know them?’

‘Y/N,’ Bucky stepped away, muttering to himself. ‘For the first time in six days, he was calm, his words wild as he stared furiously at the floor.

‘There we go,’ Natasha grinned to herself. ‘We need Y/N.’

Bucky’s eyes snapped back up to hers at the mention of the name again.

‘We need Y/N.’ Steve nodded, repeating her words back to her. ‘But is she still there? Is she even still alive-’

‘Don’t you dare say that!’ Bucky yelled, smacking the glass again. ‘Stop talking about me like I’m not even here!’ He stopped, breathing heavily. ‘Of course she’s alive. She has to be.’

‘I’ll try, Buck. I promise.’

He grabbed Natasha and Sam by the elbows, yanking them into the office opposite to the holding room and out of earshot from Bucky. Sam was still reading the file while Natasha was peering over his shoulder.

‘She used to be good at calming him down,’ She explained. ‘HYDRA tried to separate them, they were too dependent on each other. After that, they got angry and both attempted to assassinate their guards until within each other’s presence again.’

‘That’s wild,’ Sam commented.

‘And it’s just what we need.’ Steve replied.

‘Are you suggesting we break into a HYDRA base?’ Natasha’s green eyes thinned, her ginger falling over her shoulder as she cocked her head to the side. ‘But which one?’

‘SHIELD traced the last base to somewhere on the outskirts of the city last week,’ He responded. ‘Their planning the raid to destroy, but if we can get in and out quickly and quietly without them noticing, Fury will be none the wiser.’

‘You are insane, Rogers.’ Sam huffed. ‘But I’m in.’

‘Me too.’ Natasha replied.

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therock EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: Concept art of my #JUMANJI character. “The Smoldering” Dr. Bravestone. (not sure where my pecs went;). This is gonna be fun.. Me, @kevinhart4real, Jack Black, @NickJonas and the Ginger Assassin @karengillanofficial can’t wait to “play the game that plays you”. #JUMANJI #DrBravestone #KingOfTheSmolder #TheAdventureContinues 💀
* JUMANJI Costume Designer Laura Jean Shannon

Good Morning, Draga.

Summary: Waking up in the morning to make coffee and Pietro joins you in the kitchen. Then he admits his feelings for you and asks you to be his date for a party later.

Pairings: Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Featuring: Natasha Romanoff and Wanda Maximoff.

Word Count: 1592

I try so hard not to let anyone inside of my heart in a romantic sense. I’ve always been afraid of being hurt all over again, maybe worse than my ex. I suppose you can say I’ve been through it all: lying, cheating, all that jazz. I moved to New York to get a fresh start in my life. Beginning a new chapter when I’d much rather start life over and rewrite my entire story. The Avengers changed that for me. But one Avenger stood out to me the most.

Months passed, nearly a year, since I had joined them and moved into the facility. Being the third girl out of the entire Avenger team, I got along very well with Natasha and Wanda. Shopping trips, gossip, hitting on our male team mates. Again, I was not one to really seek romantic interest in anyone. But one sped his way into my heart, though I would always deny and resist him. Nat knew.

That damn ginger assassin was so observant. Natasha would tease me every now and then, nudge me whenever he was around, or find some way to get him and I alone together.

Sometimes, Pietro would pass by me, he would slow down a bit, our eyes would meet, then he would run off again. Then again, other times, he would run laps around me just to impress me, seemingly enough. He didn’t run off this time as I was making my coffee this morning.

I had just finished my brew of a dark roast into my favorite mug, a (insert Non-Marvel fandom) one. But before I could step over to the fridge to fetch my French vanilla creamer, whipped cream and caramel sauce to drizzle on top, a cold rush blew by. It was a familiar sensation. Where else, or rather, who else could it have come from? And there he was, standing by the counter next to me with the ingredients I needed. He wore just a grey tank top and black sweatpants.

“Morning, draga,” he spoke up with that damn charming grin. The pet name given to me by the gorgeous Sokovian made me just melt a little bit. I might have swooned. I just let out a nervous giggle, then cleared my throat.

“Oh, morning, Pie.” Again, I was not willing to pursue anything with anyone. “Thank you,” I said, mixing the cream in my drink and topped it off with the whipped cream and caramel. I looked at him in my peripheral vision. Why was he still standing around? Did he need something? Wait, he was looking at me.

“Wanna try a sip?” I handed the mug over to him. He took a small sip, getting some of the whipped cream onto the tip of his nose and formed a small mustache over his upper lip. I giggled, which made him chuckle.

I guess you can deduce he thought I was cute, standing there with a half ponytail, wearing my Harry Potter themed sweatpants with a black tank top. I wasn’t looking the best. I never do in the mornings. But he didn’t seem to mind. Damn it, he’s trying to break down my walls.

“So Y/N, I wanted to talk to you about something.” He cleared his throat after wiping his lip. My eyes met his, nerves starting to kick in. He could be talking about anything, right? Our last mission, the cocktail party tonight in the entertainment room, anything.

“Sure, whatcha wanna talk about?” I jumped up, sitting on the countertop with my mug in hand, taking small sips of the sweet concoction.

“Like most of us here, I have grown very fond of you. You’re an excellent member and such a joy to have around,” he spoke with his thick Sokovian accent. His accented compliments were to die for.

I smiled, looking down to hide the subtle blush forming on my cheeks. “Thanks, Pie. I appreciate that.” I took another sip of my coffee.

“Unlike the others, however…well, as far as I know, I really like you…” He cleared his throat, trying to be as subtle as possible.

“I like you too, Pietro,” I responded simply. I wasn’t thinking of anything more than that.

He let out a soft, but seemingly nervous chuckle. He scratched the back of his head, ruffling those silver locks of his. Oh for god’s sake. Does he like me? Damn it!

“No, printessa…” I perked my brow by this new pet name. He stepped closer to me, gently taking my hands into his. Pietro had always been a, seemingly, rough and aggressive type of man. But with me, he was being so gentle. It was sweet. It terrified me.

I shuddered softly, freezing into his touch. His forehead pressed against mine, now we were both at eye level. His thumbs rubbed the back of my hands in a comforting manner. He knew everything I had gone through. I confided in him long before and he was always a good shoulder to cry on. With my past, I trusted him the most.

“I really like you…” He whispered softly. His right hand reached up, gently cupping my left cheek and a thumb brushed over my cheekbone.

“You have been through a lot, Y/N. And you are so beautiful. Absolutely stunning. You’re incredible, intelligent, funny, just overall amazing. Only a fool would let you slip through his fingers. And I don’t want to be that fool.”

Involuntarily, I let out a soft whimper and leaned into the comforting touch of his hand. My eyes met his blue eyes. He was so beautiful and so sweet to me.

“Pietro…” I whispered softly, my hand reaching and wrapped around his wrist and he continued to caress my face. “I’m scared. Like you said, you know what had happened to me. You know how badly I was hurt. You know what he did to me. Every single thing. I’m just scared of that happening again, you know?”

His face softened and he frowned a bit. Seeing me so afraid to be with anyone was pulling his heartstrings. Pietro shook his head, then kissed my forehead softly.

“I’d never do such terrible things to you, prinstessa. You are amazing. And I mean everything I say. I’d never lie to you. I wouldn’t do anything to lose you, Y/N.”

“Pie…” I whimpered again, frightened, overwhelmed. But the Sokovian Avenger continued to comfort me. Had he known I had been hiding my feelings for him? And who am I going to attack for telling him? Either Natasha or Wanda. Damn them. My wall’s breaking down. How was he doing this to me?

“Just trust me,” he whispered. Before I could protest any more, he leaned in and gently pressed his lips against mine. I whimpered again into the kiss. It felt so genuine, his sincerity pouring through the gentle lip lock. My arms willingly wrapped around his neck, then his arms wrapped around my waist, holding me closer. The kiss was broken after God knows how long. He pressed his forehead against mine once again, then chuckled.

“You didn’t see that coming?”

I grumbled and playfully hit his shoulder, leaned in and kissed his lips again. Pietro chuckled into the kiss, rubbing his hands on my back. Our lips parted again and he spoke up.

“Will you come with me to the cocktail party tonight?”

“As a date?”


I giggled and pecked his lips once more as a response. He grinned, taking my right hand and brought it to his lips and eagerly kissed it.

“Oh, printessa, my draga, you have made my day!”

With that, he sped off. I giggled, still sitting on the counter and reached for my coffee. I smiled like an excited schoolgirl who got kissed by the jock all the girls wanted to date.

Nightfall came and I was in my bedroom, adjusting my long sleeve dress. Royal blue and it was short, just right above the knees. I had diamond stud earrings and a small, delicate heart ring on my right hand. My hair was down, my makeup was done. I looked in the mirror. I looked and felt gorgeous. What would Pietro think if he saw me now?

“Ahem.” A familiar voice came from outside the door. Pietro knocked a bit and waited. “Come in, I’m dressed.” He instantly walked in and his jaw nearly dropped to the floor.

“My, my, you look stunning.” He came up behind me, wrapping his arms around me and kissed the side of my head. He wore all black: a button up shirt and black slacks. He looked gorgeous, as usual.

“I have something for you.”

I looked at him in the reflection of my mirror as he continued to pepper the side of my face with his scruffy kisses.

“Pie, you didn’t have to get me anything.”

“I insist, draga.”

He reached into his back pocket, pulling out a silver chain with a lightning bolt charm. He put the necklace on me and gave another kiss to my temple. I gasped at the sweet gift before turning to face him. I leaned up and kissed my new boyfriend on the lips.

“Pietro, thank you. It’s perfect.”

The Sokovian lifted me from my feet and pecked my lips once more.

“Shall we?”

I nodded, simply clinging onto him. Within a matter of seconds, he carried me bridal style, standing in the middle of the entertainment room. Everyone stared at us. Wanda and Natasha nearly squealed. I swore I saw them bump their fists.

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TSAS prompt! Tony and Steve's first really vicious fight where Steve is in the wrong. Thanks!!

Title: Canonical
Rating: PG
Summary: Tony is wrong and Steve knows he’s wrong and he knows Bucky and Sam will back him up on this – wait, what? 


“You could not be more wrong,” Tony said, and Steve suppressed the urge to yell. 

“I’m not wrong! You are hallucinating!” Steve said.

“I’m not. I know I read about this.”

“I have studied this for years, Tony. I’m not wrong. I swear to God I’m going to call Coulson and have him back me up.”

“Go ahead, I’d love to prove him wrong too,” Tony retorted, as Steve slammed pots and pans around in the kitchen. 

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All We Know is Falling (Bucky Barnes Story)

A/N: This is a small taste of the long story I plan on writting during summer, basically reader is Bucky’s wife and she’s trying to convince the Avengers he did not kill the King of Wakanda.

I thought I’d share it with you to have opinions so tell me if you liked it or not and if you’d like to read it during summer : ) (I won’t start writing it before, considering I have a lot of requests to finish.)

As for the foreign language in this scene, the words in Russian are the ten words from Captain America: Civil War triggering the Winter Soldier, and the words in french mean ‘Remember be. I’m begging you, James, remember my voice and fight’

Hope you enjoy, Jaymes.

Hiding behind the enormous building, the woman was patiently waiting. Several agents were walking around the place, keeping an eye and searching for any possible threats. She had followed the trucks all through the city, trying to come up with the best approach. She doubted the Avengers would trust her, especially with her past with Hydra, so she had to be cautious. Any mistake would lead her in a cell, with no way of helping the man she loved.
She waited until the guards changed their shift to sneak into the facility, focus on her task. As soon as she got in, electrical blue waves of particles started to emanate from her hands, her power coming in handy to hide her . Hydra hadn’t kept the young woman for her abilities to fight, she was rather hopeless in that department before her significant other decided she needed to learn how to use knifes.Y/N was, in fact, capable of creating, shaping and manipulating any form of technology. As long as they used electricity, they were powerless against her. That power had served in Hydra’s favor many times as they accumulated intel from every enemy they could have by a blink of an eye.

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