the ginch

Abyssinia (prologue)

Abyssinia - 1930s American slang for the phrase “I’ll be seeing you.” 

Ginch/Ginchy - 1930s American slang for a woman who is sexually attractive, or just ‘sexy’. 

Summary: Bucky comforts a nervous Steve about their double date at the Stark Technologies show. Contains fluff to a certain degree, although Y/N is not present. Just cuteness and two friends comforting each other. 

A/N: This is a brief introduction to my new series, and a taster for my ‘new’ writing style. Don’t worry because of how short this is, part 1 will be significantly longer. 

“Bucky… I’m not so sure this is a good idea.”

Steve Rogers had a date tonight. Not just any date- a blind date. He had begrudgingly agreed to the date, with Bucky planning it for them both, even picking out the show they’d be watching. Something to do with modern technologies; Steve was told it’d be super exciting. Yet the only thing that seemed exciting about the show was that an enlisting office stood inside the venue.

He was staring at himself in the mirror, a graphic depiction of the word nervous. Steve’s shoulders had already slumped in defeat, accepting his impending rejection. The anxiety he felt loomed over him like an obnoxious rain cloud, and it was gathering strength with each staggering breath he took.

Bucky had noticed this of course, his heart strings twinging whenever Steve tried to blink back the obvious tears pooling on his waterline. The older boy clapped a hand on the younger’s shoulder, squeezing gently in affection.

“You’ll be fine, buddy.”

“What if she doesn’t like me, Buck?”

Steve turned to face his friend, his mouth naturally turned downwards.

“I’m me,” Steve whispered almost inaudibly. “Dolls normally go for people like- well, people like you.”

“Dolls don’t just go for the bigger guy ‘cos he’s got muscles, you know?” Bucky retaliated.

Steve’s eyes lit up slightly as he raised his face from the floor in interest. “They don’t?”

Bucky’s warm smile reflected upon Steve’s face, and both laughed quietly.

“Course they don’t. They like guys who are sensitive, and caring, and kind. None of those qualities relate to me. You think my looks get me anywhere? Most of the time pal- they don’t. I just charm the pants off them and hope for the best.”

Steve’s insides coiled. “But- but you’re handsome, and strong, and I’m the complete polar opposite of you!”

“I hope you ain’t going soft on me, Rogers.”

“No,” he grimaced. “I just dont think I deserve a dame when I obviously can’t look after her.” 

“Sometimes all someone needs is tenderness, yeah? Dolls need someone who can genuinely love them, and me, well I’m not exactly the commitment type-a guy now I’ve enrolled. You, on the other hand, are exactly the man for the girl I’ve picked out.”

Steve shrugged in reply, Bucky’s steady hand now falling to be tucked tightly inside his pocket. “All I’m sayin’ is, you gotta understand when to trust me. She’s a real ginch.” 

“I do trust you,” Steve counteracted, miserable. “I trust you more than I should.”

Bucky scanned Steve’s face carefully, and continued. “Like I was saying, she’s a dame. Cute little curls, button nose. She’s perfect for you.”

“Oh yeah?” Steve’s grin almost sparkled in the dim sunlight peeking through his blinds, a hopeful glance cast towards the chaos outside. His thoughts travelled out his window into the streets below, a melody of hope and wonder cascading along the bustling road. 

Bucky’s eye twitched in annoyance at Steve’s daydreaming, but he laughed heartily all the same. “Cmon my hopeful, soon to be soldier. Let’s go meet our girls.”

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