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Gift Guide for Her

I pride myself in being a very generous gift giver, especially during Christmas time when my room is littered with wrapping paper and ribbons which will aid me in wrapping two or three presents per person. Perhaps because I am a girl, deciding on gifts to give to women always comes easier for me than choosing what to give to men which is why I jumped at the chance of compiling a list to help you decide what to give to the special women in your life.

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                                 Starring: Sakata Gintoki In The Cover

          “When people break their old selves they embark a journey to find their new selves.”

                                              ↳ Happy Birthday Kim @mitsutada!


Satechi USB Portable Humidifier

Why should you have a humidifier in your home? The reasons are many. A humidifier can alleviate an array of problems – dry and itchy skin / eyes, congestion from the common cold and flu, cracked lips, eczema, allergies, asthma, sinus infections…. If you suffer from these problems wherever you go, and your current humidifier is too bulky to carry around, consider this product – Satechi USB Portable Humidifier. Yes, a USB humidifier. You read that well.

River was uncomfortable with the idea that he had been born with some kind of innate gift. He felt he had to work hard at what he achieved. Likewise, he was obsessed with trying to find a way to live with integrity, and terrified that all the praise over his acting was going to affect his identity. He told me that he had to get up every morning and fight to remain himself.
—  Reid Rosefelt (Remembering River - Elle / Feb, 1994)

Wobble Chess Set

You are in the middle of a nail-baiting chess game, a move or two from the checkmate, and your dog accidentally runs into your table and knocks the chess board around! If you had Umbra’s Wobble Chess Set, this could not have happened since, even when knocked over, the figures would stay in place so you would be able to continue playing as if nothing had happened.

Totally stupendous sky, deserving the absolute best, by the excellent French Yann Bajard.
Untitled © Yann Bajard aka Black Shoot Attack :


Polaroid Cube

Unconventional design is not the only advantage of the Cube. It is packed with functionality. It is shockproof and water resistant, very rugged and durable, but it also provides you with 1080p HD video, 6MP photo quality with 124° wide angle lens.


Retro Breakfast Station By Nostalgia

What better than to start your morning productively and prepare a delicious breakfast. If you’re in a hurry and want to make food for more than one person, Nostalgia has an appliance that will do that instead of you. We’re talking about the 3-in-1 Breakfast Station, a multi-functioning kitchen must have for families.


(not so) accidental run ins

for @misssophiachase

‘cause even underneath the waves,

i’ll be holding on to you.

She’s the last person he expected to see here. To see anywhere anytime soon, really. Last he’d heard she was busy raising twins and running that magical boarding school in Mystic Falls, where his daughter currently residing (recently left, staying behind to help teach a class or two, his brother had told him).

So, imagine his surprise, when she shows up in the same city he was (somewhere north of Paris, honestly, the whole thing was a blur). He’s that surprised, he drops the lifeless body in his arms, hitting the floor with a bang, with blood falling down his chin.

“Caroline,” his eyebrows furrow.

She’s stood in that position he’s come to associate most with her. Hands on her hips, one leg cocked to the side, and arms crossed over her chest.