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Gift Guide for Her

I pride myself in being a very generous gift giver, especially during Christmas time when my room is littered with wrapping paper and ribbons which will aid me in wrapping two or three presents per person. Perhaps because I am a girl, deciding on gifts to give to women always comes easier for me than choosing what to give to men which is why I jumped at the chance of compiling a list to help you decide what to give to the special women in your life.

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Satechi USB Portable Humidifier

Why should you have a humidifier in your home? The reasons are many. A humidifier can alleviate an array of problems – dry and itchy skin / eyes, congestion from the common cold and flu, cracked lips, eczema, allergies, asthma, sinus infections…. If you suffer from these problems wherever you go, and your current humidifier is too bulky to carry around, consider this product – Satechi USB Portable Humidifier. Yes, a USB humidifier. You read that well.

Totally stupendous sky, deserving the absolute best, by the excellent French Yann Bajard.
Untitled © Yann Bajard aka Black Shoot Attack :


Polaroid Cube

Unconventional design is not the only advantage of the Cube. It is packed with functionality. It is shockproof and water resistant, very rugged and durable, but it also provides you with 1080p HD video, 6MP photo quality with 124° wide angle lens.

Lonesome Town © 2 017, Danijel Modrej aka Motto Daily Photo :


Wobble Chess Set

You are in the middle of a nail-baiting chess game, a move or two from the checkmate, and your dog accidentally runs into your table and knocks the chess board around! If you had Umbra’s Wobble Chess Set, this could not have happened since, even when knocked over, the figures would stay in place so you would be able to continue playing as if nothing had happened.

anonymous asked:

Is there any official confirmation about Higuchi's age? I've seen somewhere an information that she is 17 but we also see her driving a car and in Japan you must be at least 18 to own a driving license. And continuing the topic of Higuchi, is there a possibility that she is an ability user? In several promotional posters, her ability is shown to be ???, instead of no ability.

I’ve tried looking around for the “17” and the “???” info attached to Higuchi but all I found was this:

This page was from a magazine called Chou Chou Aliis/Shu Shu Alice. It contained a 4 page comic which I helped provide the raws for here. As you can see, right next to their names is their age, then below that their affiliation and the ability name. Higuchi’s is the  ???

I didn’t get the guidebook so I wouldn’t know whether anything was added there or not but I checked the jp wiki anyway. Interestingly, her entry says she uses handguns as her weapon of choice, and it is unknown whether she has a gift because a magazine (the one above!) lists hers as ??? instead of “none”.

No official art or profile has confirmed Higuchi as an ability user, so I’m going to say that she currently isn’t. Why currently? Because I do think there is a chance she can become an ability user at a later point in the story and won’t contradict any information given to us so far: 

It is said – each user has one ability.

It is said – if there are abilities that the person is aware of and can control according to their will, there are also abilities that cannot be controlled, and that take effect according to the ability’s will.

It is said – if there are users who are so from birth, there are also those whose Special Ability awakens all of a sudden, at a certain point of time.

It is said – that having a Special Ability does not necessarily bring its user happiness.

The Untold Story of the Founding of the Detective Agency

Personally, I like her as a “badass normal” character (though she can be a bit of a klutz too!) but it would be an interesting development if she does awaken a special ability.

My Funny Galentine

She told me she loved me,

and it felt foreign,



All at once,

and never at all,

I wanted to believe,

even if I was hidden under hatred,

a free gift with the magazines,

that found their way into my basket,

even though they hated my guts,

and my eyebrows,

and my cellulite,

and my.. well, you know,


The whispers of the world,

and the fiction of normality,

are nothing, when I’m in love.

I have the merry way she laughs,

her eyebrows, wild as her spirit,

sweet cellulite, and sweeter smiles,

and everything, yes, everything,

is mine to love, for the rest of my life.


Retro Breakfast Station By Nostalgia

What better than to start your morning productively and prepare a delicious breakfast. If you’re in a hurry and want to make food for more than one person, Nostalgia has an appliance that will do that instead of you. We’re talking about the 3-in-1 Breakfast Station, a multi-functioning kitchen must have for families.

In the last days, Russell has broadcasted a wonderful triptych that many of you have seen. I thought that each of the images of this trio had to be seen separately too : here is the first, deserving the absolute soothing best.

Beauty Paused ©
Russell Tomlin
Text : Basile Pesso - YWAMag director

Streetlamp, New Orleans, USA © 2 017, Mysa Photography (New Orleans - Venice)