the gifset no one was expecting


Funny how the heart can be deceiving.


Jisbon gifset per episode: 4x20 “Something’s Rotten in Redmund”

“Well, plus I could see she liked him. She was meaner to him than the other kids. You know, like Lisbon is to me.”



Caitríona O'Brien aka the Morrigan is Amanda Waller’s assistant and one of her top assets; however, the banshee metahuman couldn’t be more annoyed that her boss set her up as a nanny to help Rick Flag control a bunch of criminals as their new teammates; however, she certainly never expected that she would have more in common with the bad guys than the good guys.

Summer Lovin’ 16: round-up

A big round of applause for our first challenge, everyone who participated, and everyone who showed some love! You know what they say about small beginnings; it’s only going to get better from here on out! Not to toot my own horn but we had wonderful entries over the weekend and we’re expecting more for future challenges!



ok. today was tough. i didnt expect to cry that much at those funerals but shit im so weak and seeing everyone else crying made me cry even more. also ive been awake for over 30 hours on top of it all so im exhausted. im taking a nap. it may be more than a nap. i may sleep all night im so tired UGH so ill post some gifsets tomorrow instead :)