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“I shall serve no otherYou are MY king…”

Here’s something I snuck between some bigger projects (which are keeping me from being too active - sorry if I’ve been unresponsive! Let me make up for it with… well, art, lol.) This was another sketch that evolved into a rough animation. The magical crown idea wouldn’t leave my head and I couldn’t resist giving it a shot… Pretty pleased with how it turned out! And ya, I have a thing for Merlin being so fiercely loyal that he comes across a bit dark and possessive… Arthur likes it too! ;)

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FORCE GHOST // masterlist

Request: A kylo imagine/AU thing where he meets this girl who Snoke says is powerful but him and everyone else thinks she is crazy cause she is talking to people who aren’t there all the time and then one day he walks in on her talking to like Anakin’s ghost and before he could say anything the girl just looks at him and says. “He regrets it you know. Everything. Turning to the dark side, the empire, becoming Darth Vader. He says to turn back before you suffer like he did.”

A/N: Hello, anon! Sorry this took a bit to write but here it is! I changed a few things, hope you don’t mind. Anyways, have some Anakin with it :) Enjoy! [GIF NOT MINE]

Warning: None

Word Count: 2.5K+

“So this is the First Order?” Hearing the voice to the right of you speak up, you only sighed. “It’s much like the Empire…especially these vessels, couldn’t they have been more original?” Furrowing your brows, you stopped in your tracks as you faced the blue–rather holographic looking–Force ghost. “What?”

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The White Flag to his Raging Bull.

Prompt 65 - “I have a secret.” filled for @novemberhush , sorry I went a bit dark.  Hope you like it.

As soon as he saw Tanner walking toward them, he knew.  The shit was about to hit the fan.  Harvey had been on a knife’s edge since he took the case.

They’re arguing back and forth now about the case, and all he can think is, why the hell didn’t I stop this.  He knew Harvey wasn’t over the panic attacks; he was aware that going up against Tanner always got Brutal and he knew how much Donna’s absence was affecting Harvey.  He cursed himself internally.

It’s become personal now, their arguing.  Travis mentions Donna, and in an instant, he is in-between them, but he is no match for the dick-swinging contest that is taking place.  Of course, Tanner then mentions Harvey’s mum, and even the firm hand against Harvey’s chest and the one-metre gap between them doesn’t help Tanner as Harvey’s fist connects with him, blind rage vibrating out of every pore.

“Harvey, Harvey Stop!” He commands, turning to Tanner and telling him to get out of there.

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Hey guys! So it’s been a while since I posted anything, and I am sorry, shit went down in my personal life and I had to step away for a bit of time. But I am back, and I promise to make my way through the requests I have. I haven’t forgotten about you, I promise.

This one was requested by leonielunatic:

Heya:-) could you do a ben bruce imagine? Like she’s a nurse & meet him in a Hospital ? ( he doesn’t have to be a patient) & fluff fluff fluff :D

Warnings: None

Rating: PG-13


Rain poured from the sky onto the dark pavement outside the ER doors. It was a relatively quiet night on the emergency front, something that is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because no one was getting hurt. It was a curse because it meant you had to spend 10 hours bored out of your mind, except for the occasional tummy ache from a child.

A sigh left your mouth as you leaned back in the desk chair and turned to your co-worker who had just come on shift.

“Anything fun happen today?” She asked you, her arms crossed over her chest.

“Not a thing. Only the occasional kid with a stomach ache. You’d think that it would be worse since it’s raining cats and dogs out there, but apparently not,” you chuckled and sighed once again.

“Well then I might be able to get some studying done for my exam on Friday,” she chuckled as she sat down beside you and pulled out a textbook. She was currently a student trying to get into a surgical program. But you were content being an ER nurse, you get all the exciting cases.

The doors to the ER suddenly opened, catching your attention, but it was just someone walking in to visit a loved one who was already in the hospital.

“How long have you been here?” You suddenly heard.

“Seven hours,” you told her and looked over at her.

“That explains the excitement you just gave off when the visitor door opened,” she laughed and you pouted at her.

“I like it when people come in looking for help,” you explained to her and she shrugged. Then the two of you heard the Emergency doors near the ambulance entrance open and heard a gurney being pushed into the building. Immediately you shot off of your chair and followed the gurney into a trauma room.

“What’s going on here?” You asked and a paramedic handed you a clipboard.

“27 year old male with a head laceration and bruising along the shoulders. He fell off of a stage and landed on a concrete floor. He was unconscious for a few minutes but is now awake,” she ran through his case to you and you nodded.

“Thanks, alright,” you paused and looked at the chart. “Mr. Bruce. I’m (y/n) and I’ll be taking care of you. Rate your pain for me on a scale of 1-10.”

“Probably a 7 at the moment,” he winced as he tried to move his arm.

“I can get another nurse to grab you a sling. Can you tell me what happened?” You asked him and he looked up at you. The second his eyes met yours, a smirk formed on his face.

“Uh, I was performing a show and I slipped on a cord and fell face-first into the barracade and onto the floor,” he smiled and you nodded.

“That head laceration looks pretty deep, I’m going to have to do some stitches, is that alright?” You asked and he smiled.

“Only if it’s you doing the stitches,” he said.

“Okay Mr. Bruce,” you chuckled and then turned to your co-worker.

“Can you go grab a sling for him and also grab a suture kit for me?” I asked and she nodded before walking away.

“How is someone as hot as you a nurse?” You heard from the bed. He must be drunk, you thought.

“I don’t know, how does someone as good looking as you fall from a stage?” You asked and crossed your arms over your chest.

“I knew I was going to meet you so I just had to fall,” he joked and you rolled your eyes.

“So what is it that you do Mr. Bruce?” You asked him as you logged into the computer to update his chart.

“I’m a guitarist in a band,” he started.

“Oh yeah, any band that I’ve heard of?” I asked and he chuckled.

“Asking Alexandria,” he answered and you stopped typing before looking at him. You knew he looked familiar.

“You’re Ben Bruce. I’m actually a pretty big fan. I went to your show last night,” you told him and he smiled bigger.

“I knew you looked familiar,” he flirted and you shook your head.

“Is the rest of your band coming up or are you all alone?” You asked him.

“Not too sure. I think I’d rather be alone,” his eyebrows danced and you rolled your eyes. From behind you, you heard your co-worker walk back in with the items you requested. As she began putting the sling on Ben’s arm,  you opened the suture kit and sat down in front of him.

“Do you want me to numb it or not?” You asked.

“How many stitches do I need?” He asked.

“Three, four at the most,” I answered and he shrugged.

“I can handle the pain,” he said and you chuckled to yourself as you began cleaning the wound. The two of you were quiet for a few seconds before he began speaking again.

“What was your favorite part of the show last night?” He asked.

“The whole thing,” you answered and he chuckled, which moved his head.

“No moving,” you gave him a stern look.

“Sorry,” he apologized. As you got the needle ready to suture the cut, you heard a group of people walk into the room you were in.

“Damn Ben, that’s one nasty cut,” you heard someone comment.

“Okay guys, you can be in here, but please don’t get in the way. I wield a needle, and I know how to use it,” you joked and they all stepped to the other side of the room.

“So (y/n), who’s your favorite member of the band?” Ben asked and you raised an eyebrow.

“It’s not you in case you were wondering. I’m actually quite fond of James,” you giggled and Ben gasped.

“How dare the fuckhead beat me,” he exclaimed and you gave him a stern look again because he moved.

“I told you no moving,” you said and he shrugged.

“She knows our band?” I heard one of the others ask.

“She does and she was at a show last night,” Ben answered and I smiled at them. The room then grew quiet. As I finished with the stitches, the band all began to grow rowdy from standing for the five minutes they were standing there. When I finished, I stood and threw away the suture kit and my gloves.

“Those stitches are going to dissolve on their own so you don’t have to worry about coming back to get them removed. Do you have any questions?” I asked Ben as I crossed my arms over my chest.

“Wanna go to a bar when you get off?” He asked and you chuckled.

“For all you know I could have just started my shift,” you said and he smiled.

“Based on the tired look in your eyes right now I’m guessing you’re at the end of your shift,” he said.

“I have three hours left,” you told him and he shrugged.

“I’ll be at Grinchow’s Bar at around 11, if you wanna get drinks with me, meet me at the bar,” he said and then handed me a piece of folded paper.

“Look at that after I leave,” he chuckled as he walked towards the desk. You stood in the trauma room and watched as the band walked away. Did you just agree to go out with Ben Bruce? You opened the piece of paper and saw scrawled on the paper a ten digit number with two B’s under it. Apparently you did.

I came out of the shower into the bedroom and locked the door. In front of my wardrobe I let the towel glide to the ground. “Gosh, jagi…”, someone whispered behind me. Suddenly I realized Jooheon was listening to music in the bedroom. I turned around, starring in his slightly flushed face and trying to cover up the body parts with my hands. He looked at me with desire, bit his lip and said: “I’m sorry, I didn’t expected that… You look…” Without continuing his words he stood up, took the towel and placed it around my shoulders. Jooheon stepped a bit away and looked at me again. “I’m sorry that you had to see this… I totally forgot you and.. Yeah it is my fault Joo-” He interrupted me by gently grabbing my hip with both hands and pulling me to him that his nose was meeting mine. In his dark voice he whispered in my ear: “Jagiya I really loved what I see, don’t be sorry.” Now he lifted his head so he could look me deeply in the eyes. Again Jooheon stepped back slowly, looking at me and biting his lip. I could see his dimpels because he was slightly smiling. He left the room cozy.

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COMMANDERS // masterlist

Request: Your fanfic is amazing! Could I maybe request one where the reader is a very powerful dark side commander of the first order like Kylo? And they start developing feelings after supporting each other on the battlefield? They’d be such a power couple!

A/N: Hello and thank you for the request! I truly enjoyed the concept so I kind of got a bit carried away. Sorry it’s a bit long, but, enjoy! [gif not mine]

Word Count: 4.9K+

Warning: None

“Another Force sensitive commander for the First Order…what was the Supreme Leader thinking?” Standing in front of a railing as Hux had stood alongside Phasma, watching over Kylo’s recommended training with you (as requested by Snoke himself). “It isn’t like we need another Ren, not when the man is already destructive as it is.”

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I got carried away a bit, and this took a turn I didn’t expect. But I’m not sorry.

Warnings: smut, blood and submission.

Request by anon

“What do you want?”

“What do I want?” you repeated, eyeing yourself in the mirror. “Nothing. I’m content.”

He released a frustrated groan under his breath before sucking in a deep breath. You watched him straighten up, though the action was considerably less intimidating. His dark brown hair was disheveled and matted with a light sweat to his forehead.

“Damn,” you observed, “you’re worse than a junkie.”

“Brilliant deduction! Want a bleedin’ medal?”

You raised a brow.

Kai smacked his face, rubbing his stubble tiredly.

“Can’t you just help a sociopath out?”

You turned to him.

“We’ve already had this discussion. No.”

“I can give you-.”

“Nothing,” you interrupted, crossing your arms. “I don’t want anything from you, Kai. I like my life. I like my boyfriend. I like my job. There’s nothing I want from you that could make me change my mind. Plus, I’m pretty sure I can think of a handful of humans who’d be more than willing-.”


His jaw was tight. If he applied any more force, you thought he might shatter his molars.

“I want your blood, Y/N. Yours. Do I need to fuckin’ spell it out for you?”

“Well, if you’re offering-.”


Inhaling quietly, you studied him with a squint.

A second later and you shook your head.

“There’s nothing special about my blood. You’re being needy because I was there for you when no one else was. It was my mistake. I’m not letting it happen again.”

Before he could so much as lift a finger, your arm flew forward. Either he was too weak to fight back or he wasn’t even trying. Whatever the reasoning, you were easily able to send him soaring backward into a chair and secure him.

He didn’t seem surprised by the gesture, nor did he try to fight it.

“I’m going to meet my boyfriend,” you relayed, approaching him. “By the time I come back, you’ll be gone.”


“Kai, stop. You…are better than this.” You paused, grimacing. “I can’t believe I just said that either. But, seriously, get a hold of yourself.”

His head slumped backwards and despite your better judgment, you wandered over to his side. Last thing you needed was a drugged out vampire/witch in your apartment.

The moment one hand went to wrap around the back of his skull, Kai grabbed your wrist.

The pressure was soft, but clingy. His bloodshot eyes tried to mask a poorly hidden desperation. Both pupils were dilated.

“You know,” he slurred, bringing the back of your hand to his cheek, “you’re my favorite human.”

“Witch,” you corrected, unable to not find his attention somewhat amusing.

“With little experience,” he approved, stubble scrubbing against your skin like sandpaper. “Means your blood is extra special. You’re my special human. Don’t want anyone else’s blood but yours.”

He continued nuzzling your hand. You found it both mildly unsettling and oddly adorable.

“Quick fix,” he whined quietly, pulling your fingers to his lips as he blinked rapidly. “Half a pint’ll do me over. Won’t bother you again after this.”

You released a pained sigh, thumb brushing thoughtlessly over his upper lip.

He responded by kissing the pad of your thumb.

“I’m not doing this again. Last time, okay?”

“‘Course,” he agreed, releasing your hand. “Last time.”


“Oh, Jesus, not again.”

This time, he was splayed out on your bed, sheets bunched up beside him. Your duvet was discarded somewhere on the floor.

“Y/N,” he greeted lazily, eyes glued to the ceiling. “So glad you’re here. Mind sparing a bit o ‘fluid?”

You shook your head in disbelief.

“Unless you want me to piss in your mouth, I suggest you get the hell out of here.”

“Piss in my mouth?” he repeated slowly.

Without warning, he exploded into a fit of giggles, fingers grasping the sheets in mirth.

You mentally made a note to clean them after he was gone.

“I’m a kinky bastard, but not that kinky,” he professed. “Know you said last time you weren’t going to donate again, but you don’t get it, Y/N. You don’t understand the high you provide for me. It’s…I imagine

it’s magical.”

“ I’m sure you can live without this.”

Twisting around, you quickly ridding yourself of your shirt, discarding it gracelessly on a nearby chair. You inhaled deeply, arms reaching for the ceiling. The position was held until you felt the pleasurable burn of your muscles.

“But I don’t want,” he say thoughtfully.

“That doesn’t surprise me,” you mumbled, shimmying out of your jeans.

He didn’t respond to your quip.

Instead, he vacated the bed. Not that you heard or noticed him.

Until you felt the unexpected pressure of two warm hands settling on your hips.

“Kai,” you warned, peering over your shoulder at him.

“Hm?” he hummed, shamelessly pressing into you.

“Get off me.”

“Don’t wanna.”

His grip tightened. You tried to ignore his hardening length digging teasingly against your ass.

“Heard a rumor you’re not happy with your boy toy.”

“You haven no ri-.”

“Don’t I?” Kai inquired with a raised brow. “I keep tabs on my favorite human, Y/N.”

You couldn’t be sure if he was serious or bluffing.

“So…you’ve got the romance, flowers, blah, blah, etcetera,” he listed off, two fingers slipping under the waste band of your underwear, but going no further. “But, when it comes to getting naughty, he falls a bit…short.”

One calloused hand skimmed up your rib cage, nails grazing the skin experimentally.

Involuntarily, your breathing grew shallow.

“Bit sexually frustrated, aren’t you?” he continued.

You were ready to lift one heel and slam it down on his toes when without warning, he grabbed a breast, smirking when you shivered.

“Could do anything you wanted me to,” he suggested, thumb brushing over the outline of your hardening nipple. “Could be a good little boy for you, if you want. Could easily spend hours, giving attention to your gorgeous little cunt. And it is gorgeous, Y/N. Can’t say I haven’t spent a pretty day or two, thinking about it.”

His breath ignited a wave of goosebumps over your shoulder.

“Playing with your clit. Sucking on it. Getting you all worked up. Always giving. Don’t have to worry 'bout my own needs. I’ll put my tongue to good use, mistress.”

Your hips jerked forward when the two previously inactive fingers on your waste, slipped across your opening, not penetrating, but brushing over the sensitive moistness with a tempting intent.

Protesting the action would have been counterproductive. Despite Kai’s irritating nature to manipulate and be a general ass, his words were making you embarrassingly wet.

And that’s what was throwing you off about this.

“You are a pathetic junkie.”

You felt his shrug before he rested his chin on your shoulder.

“You’re my conflicted, sexually frustrated supplier. Don’t think we need to point fingers on who has it worse.”

Biting your lip, you forced yourself to not think about the hand massaging your breast or the two fingers stroking your pussy.

It was cheating. The word alone made an unpleasant bundle of guilt swish in your stomach. Your boyfriend was a great guy. Better than you’d dated in a long time. Treated you with a respect difficult to find nowadays.

So, the sex wasn’t up to par. Was that really worth throwing away months of a well paced relationship just for a few seconds of mindless pleasure? Especially with Kai, of all people! Witch you may have been, but you made an effort to be good. To fight the actions of creatures like him.

Then again, befriending him wasn’t exactly a step in that direction.


He was gone. There was no Kai anymore in that tone.

You’d have found his submission more comical if it didn’t concern you so much.

And intrigue you.

“I’ll be a good boy, promise,” he insisted. “Our little secret. Fair bargain, I think. In fact, I’ll give you a free sample.”

Unexpectedly, he removed both hands and stepped away from you. The disappointment you felt at the loss of contact wasn’t something you wanted to mull over.

You watched him kneel before you, eyes wide, but focused. More focused than you normally witnessed when he was craving your blood.

“C'mere,” he gestured.

When you stayed immobile, he huffed under his breath. With a few quick movements, he shifted over on his knees so he was eye level with your hips.

You knew what he was about to do. That, perhaps, was the worst part. You knew and you felt…excited. Relieved, even. For the first time in months, you were about to receive just as much as you gave. Properly.

It was selfish and terrible, but equally thrilling and arousing.

“Part your legs a bit for me, darling.”

You did as he said, teeth keeping a tight hold of your bottom lip.

Kai smirked, hands steadying themselves on your hips.

“My, my, you have been a lustful young thing, haven’t you?”

“Shut up,” you grumbled, ignoring your embarrassment.

“Yes, mistress.”

His fingers hooked inside the waste band and leisurely slid your panties down. The entire time, his tongue was caught between his teeth while his eyes never strayed from your pussy.

You stepped out of your underwear, nearly shaking with excitement when he threw them over his shoulder.

“Hm,” he marveled, tilting his head. “I was right. Gorgeous.”

The compliment made you not only blush, but faintly irritated. Were your priorities really that sideways?

This depressing thought spurred forth your next action.

Swiftly, one hand grabbed a hold of Kai’s hair by the roots. With a jerk, you tugged backwards, ensuring his eyes shot up to yours.

“If you want my blood, you work for it. Got it?”

You didn’t even realize you had a dominant streak until Kai’s obedient nod made you smile.

“If I don’t reach my high, you sure as hell won’t reach yours.”

“Yes, mistress.”

With a last second scan, you released his hair. Kai wasted absolutely no time.

It took no longer than five minutes for you to cum. Whether this was a result of not being pleasured for so long or Kai’s genuine talent, you couldn’t be sure.

What you could be sure of, as one hand found his hair again and kept his tongue and lips fastened to your clit, was that you were entirely willing to make this bargain again.


This arrangement lasted a solid month. Which surprised you. You thought the morals of exchanging blood for sexual acts would disgust you. At least enough to put up a bigger argument next time Kai dropped by.

But, that wasn’t the case.

The next meeting was certainly a bit awkward. You’d gotten home from your shift to find him sitting patiently on your bed. He didn’t say anything. Just watched you as you tiredly shed your clothing. His submissiveness was foreign, but enticing. It wasn’t until you were blessed with a quiet Kai that you realized how much you appreciated it.

“How are you?”

It was strange, but you couldn’t help yourself from asking. Kai may have been a junkie and willing to go to great lengths to get what he wanted, but he was still a living creature beneath that mindless desperation. Debasing him completely didn’t get you off and it wasn’t something you were completely comfortable with doing.

“You aren’t going to bruise me,” Kai complained. “I’m a big boy. Do your worst.”

“Do you want a safe word?”

“Unless you’ve got plans to kill me, I really don’t see the point.”

That had been the last discussion about a safe word or really words in general.

Kai would drop in three times a week, sometimes four. Always when you were alone. His snark, thankfully, wasn’t present and he did everything you requested of him.

At first, you were careful about limits. The first week was spent primarily on your bed with Kai buried in between your thighs. He was astonishingly energetic, licking and sucking away at you like a starving animal. His fingers were also animated, taking to pinching your nub and driving in and out of you at deliciously wicked speeds.

No orgasm was ever faked, and if it was taking you a while to get off, Kai worked with a stunning voracity to make sure you reached your peak.

This is what made you bolder.

The second week, you ordered him to touch himself.


“I want you touch yourself.”

He studied you with a squint.

“You get this isn’t about my pleasure, right?”

“Yes. It’s about mine. Drop your pants, sit down in the chair, and touch yourself.”

Your voice didn’t so much as shake.

His confusion was evident, but he did as you requested.

As you guessed, watching him masturbate was a deeply satisfying sight. On some level, you did want him to get pleasure from this arrangement, but more of it had to do with fascination. Fascination that you could get the Gemini coven leader to strip from his boxers, sit down, spread his legs, wrap his hand around his generously sized cock and slowly begin stroking himself. In front of you. Simply because you commanded it.

The control was intoxicating.

You didn’t ask him to do anything else after he climaxed with a strangled groan. And it was one of the first times you could tell that Kai had no idea what your game was. Or, at least why you were getting off on watching him get off.

The rest of the month followed roughly the same schedule. You’d give him a command and after a brief, but curious glance in your direction, Kai would obey.

A good deal of the commands required getting you off. At your request, Kai got into the habit of bringing a vibrator. Which he put to very, very good use.

Some days, the commands were about getting him off. You were creative and it was never in the same way. Granted, he’d always be the one to touch himself, but sometimes, it’d be while kneeling on the bed or bent over a chair so you could admire his cute ass. Once, you even deprived him of his sight with a scarf, enjoying the slight uncertainty his hand underwent when stroking himself.

By the four week, you were comfortable enough to ride his persistent tongue into pleasure without an ounce of shame or embarrassment.

On the days Kai didn’t show up, you questioned what you were doing with him. In public and surrounded by your friends, you were passive and social. On the nights you two were alone, you were loose and experimental with a serious dominance kink.

For a long time, you were puzzled and faintly appalled by your actions.

Then, one night, it hit you.

When were you going to get this sort of sexual freedom again? This ability to explore what made your toes curl and your fingers grasp onto the headboard until your mind went white and your voice, hoarse. Nights with Kai made you feel liberated. They made you feel like a woman. The herege never once judged you, though he got your blood in the end, so that was his triumph.

Regardless, the ability to delve deeper into your sexuality and learn the new ways your body responded to stimulation was one of the biggest reasons you never denied Kai your blood.

If there was any guilt you ever retained, it was because Kai did the things you asked for blood, nothing more. It would have been nice if his actions were genuine.

But, he was a psycho, you reminded yourself. The only genuineness he was capable of was either torture or making deals.

This, when you looked back on the whole fiasco, was ultimately where you made an error in judgment. Assuming Kai regarded your meetings as nothing but a necessary task in order to gain the true source of pleasure: your blood.

In fact, you were completely unaware that after only two weeks together, he’d completely kicked his blood habit.

And, that he was testing you.

It wasn’t until the month was complete that you found out why.


He wasn’t sitting on the bed this time.

Instead, he was standing, and physically, looked immaculate. Hair combed, beard trimmed, and he looked at you differently.

The moment you absorbed all these changes, you felt a distinct shift in power.

It definitely wasn’t in your hands anymore.

“You look healthy,” you greeted. “Who finally got through to you?”

A part of you couldn’t deny that you were somewhat disappointed. Your sessions would most likely come to an end. And the Kai before you certainly didn’t look like he took orders.

But, you weren’t selfish enough to deny feeling genuine happiness that he wasn’t a junkie anymore. No one deserved to be a victim of that urge. Of course he will always have to live with the desire to drink blood, but now in a controlled manner.

“That’d be you, darling,” he revealed. “Put plenty of things in perspective for me.”

“Good,” you encouraged, offering him a light smile.

He kept up his observation of you without a blink.

“Seen yourself in the mirror lately?” he inquired.

Immediately, one hand patted your hair.

“Did a bird shit on my head again?”

You maneuvered over to the mirror, fingers examining your head.

Kai slipped up behind you and cut short your search by taking hold of your wrist.

You looked down at it, then at him.

“Skin’s not the vibrant glow it normally is,” he pointed out.

With furrowed brows, you glanced at the mirror.

Wow. How did you miss that?

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m flattered,” he continued. “Always giving me the amount of blood I ask for isn’t an easy task. Or a healthy one. But, I can’t have you getting hurt.”

You nodded absently. Your brain was more thrown about the consideration Kai was giving you.

“Why are you being nice?” you asked, eyeing him cautiously.

“Like I said…got a bit of perspective about things,” he answered.

“Do I need to be worried?”

“Hardly. Not only have you fulfilled my needs, but you did so discretely. As an added bonus, you even made personal sacrifices. That right there…that’s the way to a psycho’s heart.”

You retracted your hand.

“I think you’re overestimating my worth.”

“Darling, you’re underestimating yours. Let me break what’s happened in the past month, down for you. I was vulnerable, needy, and weak. Rather than make a name for yourself - which I’m beginning to doubt even crossed your mind - and rat me out to Damon, you got me my fix. Discretely. With me so far?”

“Anyone would have done that.”

You knew that was a lie the moment it passed your lips.

“Mm…'fraid not, Y/N. I don’t find that kind of loyalty.”

You weren’t sure whether to feel flattered or disturbed.

“Now, here’s where it gets interesting. After managing to control my addiction, I couldn’t stop myself from wondering why you were helping me. So selflessly, at that.”

“I got off on telling you what to do,” you defended.

“No, I get that part. But, you began making little bitty sacrifices.”

Swallowing tightly, you took a step back.

“Like what?”

“Well, breaking it off with your boy toy, for one.”

“He didn’t deserve being cheated on. It had nothing to do with you.”

Kai smirked at that.

“If it wasn’t for my mouth on your pussy three times a week, you’d have never let the poor bloke go. Had a bit of input on that one.”

Something inside you twisted in both discomfort and pleasure.

“Then, as we’ve seen, you got a bit neglectful of your appearance. Didn’t even realize how much blood I was taking from you. And yet, you continued to give it.”

Inhaling carefully, you tried getting your thoughts in order.

“You…deserved to get what you came to me for.”

It sounded like a lame excuse despite its truthfulness.

“And that’s the bleedin’ amusing part!” Kai exclaimed. “This entire time, you were under the impression I hated it. Hated getting you off, hated getting myself off while you watched, hated the complete attention you gave me. Not sure if you’ve heard, but I got a bit of an ego. And you stroked it til I was weak in the knees. You had that much control in your hands and you had the courtesy to worry about my own pleasure. Not very mistressy of you, Y/N.”

“If you were that confused, then why the hell didn’t you stop?”: you snapped. “If you didn’t like me not playing my role, you should have stopped playing yours.”

“Oh, but I enjoyed my role,” he assured, eyes taking a slow scan down your form. “Fact, if you knew just how much I enjoyed it, you’d have been more concerned about disappearing so I could never find you.”

“Are you-?”

Your voice died halfway up your throat.

“Aw, I’ve made my favorite human speechless. Well, let’s see if I can remedy that.”

Before you could blink, he snapped his fingers.

Instantly, your surroundings altered.

You were in a massive bedroom with incredibly pricey furniture. The place was well lit and seemed very modern, you could see some paintings on the walls around. The tables held an assortment of foods and beverages on them. Some, you noted, were among your favorites.

Your mouth officially parted when you saw the King sized bed and maroon sheets behind you. Also expensive, by the looks of it. Above that, your eyes honed in the silk ties bound provocatively to the headboard. That was certainly a sight that spoke for itself.

“I am not going to be your mistress!” you argued, backing away from him.

“I prefer the term girlfriend. Or lover. One in the same, really.”

He didn’t once drift from his spot on the carpet.

This gave you the confidence to try teleporting away. You hadn’t quite mastered it fully, but there was no time like the present (literally) to try.

Your eyes closed and with every bit of energy you could harvest, you focused on a new destination.

However, that familiar energy that was your constant companion, refused to manifest.

“Neat trick, innit?” Kai mentioned, pride coloring his voice. “I blocked your magic, my dear.”

With a strained frown, you opened your eyes.

“Kai, let me go.”

“I’ll give you anything you want,” he promised. “In the mean time, you can consider this a vacation that’s just a bit more…permanent.”

“You’re imprisoning me!”

“Keeping,” he corrected. “I’m keeping you. Sizable difference in the terminology.”

You tried to regain control of your breathing, but your current situation wasn’t allowing that.

“I like you, Y/N,” Kai declared seriously. “You’re charming and adventurous and deceivingly thoughtful. More than that, you’re trustworthy. And have a sexual appetite to rival my own.”

“And you couldn’t have told me this without kidnapping me?”

“Keeping,” he reminded. “What would you have honestly done if I told you I was faking being a junkie because I was more addicted to you? Which sounds just as terribly sappy out loud as it did in my head. Shame. Thought it’d translate better.”

You retreated until the back of your knees hit the bed. Shakily, you sat down, palms patting the sheets beneath you.

“I’ve been kidnapped-.”

“-kept-,” Kai inserted helpfully.

“-all because I was…nice.”

Kai shrugged.

“Opposites attract?”

You lost consciousness shortly after you finished cackling. Rest assured, you found the situation more grim than hilarious.

Sighing, Kai made his way over to your unconscious form. He sat down and scooped you up carefully so you rested against his chest.

The urge to both grin and grimace was battling violently inside him.

“That could’ve gone worse,” he confessed, glancing down at you. “If I said I killed the owner of the house and stayed with her for me. Imagine you’ll blame that on being nice as well.”

He rested his chin on your head. The urge to grin won out.

The Gemini coven leader was content.

Shoshanna’s homecoming look is a custom job, so if you had your eye on that “Je Ne Sais Blah” top, sorry! It’s one of a kind. Girls Costume designer Jenn Rogien and her team created the custom graphic and had it embroidered just for Zosia.

As for Shosh’s glorious trinket-filled platforms, Rogien and her team embarked on a New York City-wide scavenger hunt to fill them. “We used a combination of sequins and fruit and dessert erasers,” Rogien reveals. “It was really fun!”

While cheery on the surface, the look has a dark side. “As saccharine and poppy as it is, this outfit’s a bit of a bummer,” Rogien says of the look’s wild contrast with JFK airport. “It offers a nice visual reflection on where Shoshanna is emotionally.” —Diana Band


LEFT 4 DEAD 2Dark Carnival Intro; part of my L4D intro series.
[[ These gifs are edited more than the Dead Center set, due to the colour correction mod not working during the intro cutscene – to view the texture/graphics mods I use, look HERE. ]]