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So the cat is out of the bag; SUN BAKERY IS COMING OUT THRU IMAGE COMICS IN 2017!!!! 

I am super hype for this. I’ve always wanted to do a series with Image, and I think Sun Bakery is gonna be perfect there. 

Sun Bakery issue #4 is still coming out next month, limited release, through Press Gang / Alternative Comics. If you already reserved yourself a copy– rad!! Get that shit!! You’ll be ahead of the curve :) 

I’d just like to thank Jason Leivian / Press Gang for helping get me started on the series in general. 

Some facts about the Image release:

- Starts Feb 2017 (issue #1) 

- We will be reprinting issues 1 - 4 for everyone who missed the series initially. 

- Aside from some mild design changes, the contents of issues 1 - 4 will remain the same, comics-wise. 

- Sun Bakery will continue after issue 4, brand new content in issue 5, including the return of SHARKNIFE!! 

* * * 

WHAT IS SUN BAKERY? It’s a comic book anthology magazine. meaning, it’s one ongoing magazine with a few different comic stories per issue. Some stories will be ongoing, some one-shots. Usually there will be around 3 stories per issue, with one or two being a “main” story that will carry the magazine through arcs. 

So far the main stories featured in Sun Bakery are AREM, DREAM SKILLS & BAT RIDER

* * * 

This is going to be my most focused, concise, consistent foray into the realm of monthly comic book making. So I’m really hoping you all join me in 2017. If you’ve HEARD about Sun Bakery / my work but never seen it in print, please support the series now! It’s going to be rad rad rad. 

Thanks all. Something to look forward to in 2017


AULDOMOUCHE. The mask was fully loaded with its charge: a massive dose of chloropallidol. The stench is overpowering. What possessed him to do this? His curiosity about certain matters must be far stronger than I knew.

SOPHELAIDE. His pulse is returning to normal but his gibbering is the same…

AULDOMOUCHE. It may remain so. With chloropallidol, the mind is not technically intoxicated; rather, it is coerced to perform oneiric processes, identical to dreaming sleep — even while conscious. The mask’s purpose may be to keep its subject in this state for an unusually long amount of time, or perhaps for good.

WILFRED. …warmed by the air of a room. Meet with the queen at night, so that all wishful thinking in the daytime disappears. Answer quickly! Answer quickly! Two eye-holes in front of us…

AULDOMOUCHE. Nevertheless, we’ve found several of the cowled robes that will allow us to attend the conference undetected. It must be starting soon, quite soon. We have to press on.

Sam x Reader

Summary: Sam’s having a reoccurring dirty dream about you. 

Warnings: Sex, self touching and dirty talk.   Word Count: 460

Sam would never tell you, but he’s had the same dirty dream about you three nights in a row. The details change, but the plot remains the same: you need him. 

No, really, you need him.

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↳ DAY 6: Dean Winchester Moment

And you think you know better than my father? One unimportant little man. What makes you think you get to choose?
–Because I got to believe that I can choose what I do with my unimportant little life.

Sway - Not So Random

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So I’ve been playing around with storing the “random” positions and other tweaks in many large (7,500 elements) arrays during setup so when draw is called these “random” positions remain in the same place while the program draws. I decided that exploiting the nature of randomSeed() and just storing one array of 7,500 elements could be more practical, as executed in Sway

For this version instead of making an array for randomSeed() I just use the iteration of the for loop (0 through 7,499) as the randomSeed() and the result is a more organised construct. Have a look through the code to see what I mean.