the gif making part took me 2 more

Just a nice quick final part to this one. It didn’t really make sense to leave it where it was so I’m sorry it took me this long to get around to writing this part. @all-nerds-here has been waiting for this for a while now, but hooray - I’ve finished it! Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt:  When will there be a third part to Fright Night? I need lots more shy/nervous Clint.

I have a request for the 3rd part of Fright Night. Perhaps when the reader and Clint return to the tower, he makes sure she’s alright, then when he turns around to leave, he runs right into the wall. The reader takes care of him and he confesses.

“Fright Night” (Part 3)

Part 2

“Clint, I promise, I’m fine.” You insisted as the archer led you through the corridor towards your sleeping quarters. He had been quiet for the entire journey home, despite the joviality of the others who were still buzzing about the ghost walk, but had never taken his eyes off of you. He gave you his jacket again after five minutes. The tenth minute saw him putting his arm around you. By the time you reached Stark Tower, his hand was in yours. All in an attempt to comfort you, obviously. It had to be, right?

When Steve offered to see you back, Clint whisked you away without a word. You barely had the chance to say goodnight.
“I just want to make sure you’re really okay…” He murmured.
“I am. I was just a bit freaked, I’m not unwell.”
“Nonetheless, better to be safe.”

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