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Hi Taylor! I just wanna tell you a little something about me. So over the past 4 years or so I have been struggling with my anxiety and depression. Recently over the past year it has gotten worse and I have thought about ending the pain. I know that is a sign of weakness but people are just so mean and society is so hard to please. One day I was thinking if I leave this world I’ll never get to hear your voice again. Your amazing songs. Your words of wisdom and that made me scared. So I been fighting. I hope one day we will be able to meet because that 10 year old girl of me is dying to meet you and thank you for everything that you have done for me. I love you so much words can’t describe it. I know that you probably will never see this but it is worth knowing that I got my story out there and that I’m fighting. Again thank you my life is so much better with you in it. One day hopefully I’ll get that hug from you and everything will be alright in my world. 💕 @taylorswift

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Imagine giving Chris his birthday presents.

A/N: Part 4 😊 How cute is he in that gif though. You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’, ‘Little Ways Away’, and ‘She Said Yes’ - Masterlist; ‘Miss Graduate’: Part 1/Part 2A/2B/2C/Part 3)

You and Dodger woke before Chris did on his birthday. Both of you snuck out of the bed and headed downstairs so you could start on breakfast as well as get his presents in order. You didn’t lie when you said you got him things he’d like and use, like baseball caps, plaid shirts, and socks. You did, but you also got him more than just things. You’d made him something a lot like the notebook; a montage filled with videos and photos of the two of you from the moment you met until now. The entire soundtrack for the montage consisted of Ed Sheeran- ‘Thinking Out Loud’, 'Photograph’, 'Kiss Me’, and 'Perfect’- because his songs always cleverly depicted your relationship with Chris. You smiled every time you listened to Ed Sheeran now, because you still couldn’t believe he was going to be singing at your wedding. Yeah, nothing you’d done or could’ve done for Chris on any of his birthdays was ever going to top what he did for you on your twentieth.

“Something smells good,” you heard Chris’ voice and footsteps as he entered the kitchen. He scratched Dodger’s head as he passed him, walking over to you to hug you from behind as you finished serving up a feast; bacon, eggs, pancakes, hash browns, sausages- the works. “Morning, beautiful.” He kissed your lips when you turned in his arms, humming, “mm mm. Happy birthday to me,” he mumbled against your lips.

“Happy birthday, indeed,” you smiled and wrapped your arms around his neck. “Do you want gifts first, or after breakfast?” You asked and he smirked, which gave you the answer you wanted. “Gifts first it is,” you giggled, removing your arms from his neck and taking his hand so you could pull him over to the couch. “Close your eyes,” you instructed as you dragged him along, beckoning Dodger along too. “Okay, now sit.”

“Are you talking to me, or Dodger?”

“Both.” You giggled and pushed him back by the shoulders, watching slight panic wash over his face as he fell back; relief replaced it when he landed on the couch. You sat down on the coffee table in front of him, right next to the gifts. “Okay…” You’d lined up the gifts up, starting from: a gift you’d bought for Dodger to give to Chris, a gag gift from yourself, to the practical items, to the montage- which was set and ready to go on your iPad. “You can open now.” You said and Chris did as he was told, raising an eyebrow at the bone themed wrapping paper. “Dodger picked it out,” you stifled your laughter when Chris snickered.

“Thanks, bud,” Chris looked over at Dodger and nodded at his oblivious pal. “It’s a fantastic wrapping paper,” he continued praising Dodger, trying not to smile when he heard you giggling. “You made a great choice,” he said with heavy emphasis on the word 'great’. “I wonder what it is,” he started tearing into the wrapping, laughing when he revealed a tube of tennis balls. He shook his head at you with a great big grin on his face, making you laugh. “I see he decided to get something practical too, something we can share.”

“You know Dodger, he’s a very 'sharing-is-caring’ kinda dog.” Chris chuckled and put the tube to the side, holding out his hand for his next gift. “Okay, this one’s from me.” You bit back your smile as you passed him your gag gift. “I think you’re going to love it, it’s definitely going to be something you use everyday.”

“Awesome,” he smiled as he opened the gift, revealing what appeared to be his NASA cap. “Uh…” He turned it to face you and quirked his right brow, “I already have one of these.” You tried not to laugh as you nodded; you’d actually just wrapped his old NASA cap to see if he’d notice. “Well, it is one of my favorite caps so…I guess- thank you?” He chuckled when he took a closer look, “you could’ve found a newer one to buy, this one looks like it’s been worn out.”

“That’s 'cause it’s second hand,” you told him, covering your mouth with your hand to hide your smile. “It actually belongs to a very talented Bostonian actor, I’d consider it a collectible.” It was that moment when Chris realized what you’d done; he burst into laughter- full body laughter, leaning back against the couch and pressing one hand against his stomach as the other covered his mouth. “It was very hard to come by, so I hope you appreciate it.” You laughed along with him, patting his knee with your hand.

“That’s fucking gold,” he choked on his laughter, wiping the tears from the corner of his eyes. “Tell you what, the next time- try and see if you can score me Chris Evans’ favorite sunglasses. I think I could really use it to go with this hat,” he winked and you giggled. “Your brother said you loved rewrapping things around the house to give as gifts when you were a kid, I can imagine how much fun christmases and birthdays were around your house.”

“Oh, they were plenty fun,” you nodded, laughing. “I was so good at giving gifts, everyone always really enjoyed their gifts from me. It’s like they just knew they were going to need it.” Chris buried his face in his hands as he continued to laugh uncontrollably. “I know,” you smiled as he dropped his hands, “I’m adorable.”

“Yes you are,” he grabbed your wrist and gently tugged at you, gesturing you off the table and onto his lap. You did as he orchestrated, taking the actual gifts in your hands to give to him as you sat in his lap; gifts you’d actually bought. “You really don’t need to buy me things, Y/N.” He told you as he unwrapped. “I don’t need things when I’ve got you, you’re everything.”

“Yeah, I know.” You kissed his cheek and he smiled as he pulled out the blue and green plaid shirts you’d bought him. “But you could use some new stuff in your wardrobe,” you said and he hummed in agreement. He unveiled a pair of black Mickey Mouse socks, chuckling, then grinned at the personalized Patriots cap you’d bought him; on the back it had 'Evans’ embroidered in white. “I know I’m not Ilaria, but I’d like to think I’ve got enough style to buy you some clothes.”

“You’re kidding, right?” He put the items aside and tightened his arms around your waist. “You have incredible style. Even Ilaria said so, she said she might just quit when we get married because my wife should be taking over her job of dressing Chris Evans.”

“You’re a sweetheart.” You pressed another kiss to his cheek before you reached forward to grab your iPad. “Here you go,” you passed him the iPad with the montage pulled up and ready to play. “This is your last gift for today. Well-” you whispered into his ear, making him laugh softly through his nose, “excluding the bedroom stuff.”

“Nice to know that Victoria Secret bag you hid in the back of the closet is actually for me,” he winked and you scrunched your nose at him. “Okay, what’s this?” He quizzed, then answered his own question when he saw the title of the montage: 'Our Almost Three Years’. “Are you serious, Y/N? You know Dad said my teeth can’t handle anymore of your sweetness,” he joked and you chuckled, leaning your head against his. “Should I grab a tissue box?”

“I’d say no, but we both know you’re a bit of a cryer.” You teased and he chuckled, nodding. “Don’t worry about tissues, what’s a fiancée for if you can’t use her shoulder to cry on.” He smiled and kissed your cheek before pressing the play button. “I love you, Chris,” you whispered as Ed Sheeran’s voice starting singing 'Thinking Out Loud’ and the first photograph you ever took together slid onto the screen. You and Chris smiled in reminiscent; it was at the airport just as you were both leaving Starbucks for the boarding gate. “Even more so today than the first day we met.”

“Me too, sweetheart.” His arm tightened around you, holding you close to him as you both continued to take a stroll down memory lane. It was nice to relive all your best moments together, to see all the old photos you’d taken throughout your time together as well as rewatch all the old videos you’d filmed of each other. You could really see when the two of you fell in-love, when the friendly smiles turned into longing gazes. Chris was incredibly thankful to see a collation of all those moments, he could’ve watched that video forever. “Me too,” he repeated, sighing with absolute satisfaction.

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Part 5A

The Docks

(gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns)

Title: The Docks

Pairing: Gibbs x Reader

Word Count: 963

Warning: angst & fluff

A/N: This wasn’t requested, but the song Anchor by Novo Amor inspired me to write this! I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! <3 <3 I love you all so much! <3

You sat on the dock, letting the wind brush through your hair.  You often came to the docks when you were stressed or when you needed to think.  This time it was both.  The breeze felt refreshingly cool against your skin after a warm fall day.  The sky was painted with colors from pink, to a light orange.  It made the walk from the office worth it.

A pair of footsteps could be heard on the wooden planks behind you, but you didn’t look behind you.  There was something captivating about the calmness of the water.  The evening sky distracted you from the troubles of today.

“[Y/N],” Gibbs mumbled, placing a hand on your shoulder.  “You shouldn’t be out here by yourself.  We have a murderer still running around.”

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Last night I was listening to John Barrowman’s cover of Heaven and I made myself cry a little because I realized that is a Janto song. Especially when it says “Baby you’re all that I want when you’re lying here in my arms” it makes me think about how Jack was ready to give up every single child on earth to save Ianto.

Oh, I will never stop crying for this ship.

POOL HALL ~ DEREK HALE (coffee shop part 2)

Prompt - part 2 of coffee shop, Derek takes reader on their date - “Haven’t you heard the saying? “If you can’t find the one being hustled in the pool hall, then it’s probably you.”

Warnings, none (possible swearing at the end)

Pairing - Derek x reader

A/N - the request was just for a part 2 so I’ve added the prompt myself hope you all like it.

Story ~

Derek entered the coffee shop walking up to you. His bright smile and eyes shine as the light hits his face from the window. "hi” was all he said making you blush a light shade of pink. He orders his drinks and and takes them back to his table waiting for his friends.

The whole time he was there you couldn’t help but glance over every two minutes smiling when you saw his broody expression as stiles was talking to him. Blushing every time he’d catch you looking giving you a sweet smirk.

20 minutes you looked up at Lydia walking over to get cupcakes and refills for the group “do you know what’s he’s planning for tomorrow?” you ask nervously. You and Lydia had spoken more since Derek asked you out last week. She was quickly becoming a friend.

“he didn’t know what to do so I told to take you to that fancy restaurant out of town so I think he’s doing that” she said thanking you for the cakes heading back to the table.


The Pack left but Derek stayed, he watched y/n wipe a few tables laughing with her coworker as they danced to a song in the radio. After getting another drink I see writing on the cup ‘Mr Green eyes’ the new nickname she’d given me. It made me laugh that she put it even though she knew my name now.

Derek could sense the anxiety coming from her, going back to his table he see her talking and listens in. “Lydia said we’re going to a fancy restaurant, do you think I could just say I’m sick” y/n says to the boy she works with “no your not bailing out on your date look y/n I’m not letting you” Derek started to worry you didn’t like him. “I want to go out with him I mean look at him he’s gorgeous, I just don’t do fancy restaurants I’d rather go somewhere low key the pub or something” you say. Derek smirked to himself feeling an ego boost by your words.

The next day Derek didn’t come the coffee shop, he didn’t want to give y/n to back out. He knew what he was going to say and do to make her feel more comfortable.

You had gotten ready thinking now was too late to back out. Derek knocked at 7 on the dot. You opened the door he looked stunning in a black shirt jeans n he’s signature leather jacket. He handed you a bunch of roses making you blush as his sweetness.

After getting you coat you walk to his car. “so what would you like to do?” He asks with devious smirk like he already knows “we can go to this restaurant Lydia suggested or I know a nice quiet pub we could have drinks, dose a nice pizza” you smile at him amazed. “Pizza sounds good to me” you answer as he opens the car door for you.

You walk into the bar sitting in the both.
He asked you what you wanted. He came back with a pint and (y/f/d) you both laugh and chat while eating pizza. I turns out you both had more in common the your love for cupcakes, you both liked to read and spend time outside in the woods. You told him about your weekends as a child camping he told you about his favorite places hidden in beacon hills reserve.

Derek saw you looking at the pool table asked if you wanted to play. You nodded walking over setting up as Derek got some more drinks for you both.

“I’m pretty good at this” he smiles confidently. He brakes as you have some more of your drink. “okay so what balls are mine?” you ask smirking at him. You lean down taking your shot completely missing the other ball hitting another. Derek laughs as you pout missing the easy shot.

Derek hits the strip you missed putting it easy leading for his next shot. Derek showed off putting another 2 balls in. You suspect he missed the next ball deliberately. As you lean down to have you go, he stops you. “lower the cue so it’s level, like this” he says standing behind you. He puts his arm around you shifting his body to correct yours, You feel the back of the cue drop as his hand drapes over yours moving it a little. “feel better” he says his breath hot on the side of your neck, making you giggle. Together you both pot your ball, again he helps you with your next shot, he leans you over table your heart pounds as he moves you around you. You feel the cue hitting the ball as Derek move the cue.

Derek wins the first game when the waitress brings your pizza over. You both eat as Derek sets up another game. You both we’re flirty full of laughter and smiles Derek had bet you the last slice if pizza if he won the second game. He smirked as he won taking it.

“one more game” you said smirking “if you win I buy the pizza next time and if  win well I’m sure I’ll think of something” Derek laughed this will be easy he thought to him self. “I’ll break” you say smiling to yourself Derek agreed. You take your shot putting in a spot from the break. Derek frowned his eyebrows but thought it was beginner’s luck. But boy was he wrong.

Your put every ball in one after another calling the pocket he was closest too. When the black went in the look on his face was priceless, “you.. You can” Derek started unable to get his words out. You chuckled walking around the table to him hugging his waist “Haven’t you heard the saying? If you can’t find the one being hustled in the pool hall, then it’s probably you”. He looked amazed he’d been played giving you a smile. You both sat and had a few more drinks you told him how your family owned a pool hall when you was a child and could play like a pro “why did you act like you didn’t know how too?” He asked making you go a shade of pink he loved so much “I wanted to flirt get close have fun” you say sultry this time he went red smirking biting his lip.

Derek drove you home you both stood on your door step “I know what I want as my prize” you tell him. He looks worried but he’s also intrigued. “a kiss and another date pizza is on me” you say stepping closer to him. He grabs your back sweetly kissing you. When he backs away your head spins and your stomach fills with butterflies “you want to go out with me again” you nodded “yes I do” Derek couldn’t hide the smile he had. He had smiled most of the night but this one was different pure happiness was the only way to describe it “see you Monday” he said as you walked I to you house.

Derek drove home unable to believe he’s found the love of his life. The night was nothing like he’d expected and the fact y/n and fooled him and then kicked is ass mad him crazier for you it was the best date he’d ever been on and couldn’t wait to go out again.

Imagine – Slow Dancing with Dean Ambrose after a fight

Word Count – 1487

Warnings – Angst, Drinking

A/N – Sorry for being off schedule lately. I’ve been super busy with going to doctor appointments almost every day and school. Hopefully I can get back on track soon!


Vince McMahon gave you and your boyfriend Dean Ambrose three weeks off since you’ve been working nonstop for four years. You both were so excited, you finally got time to be with each other without worrying about staying in character backstage! Nothing could go wrong! At least that’s what you thought.

The first few days were nice, staying at home and relaxing on the couch together. Catching up on The Walking Dead. But the rest of the week has been lonely, for you anyways. Dean’s always out drinking with his hometown friends, which you didn’t mind if it was just for a few nights. But it’s been every night for almost two weeks now. You both go back to work in a week, it’d be nice to spend the last week of your vacation with him!

Tonight was the worst though. You were sitting on a bench inside the airport, eating Mc Donalds and hopping Dean didn’t forget he was supposed to pick you up.

“Are you coming?” You texted him about 7 minutes ago, still no reply. “Maybe he’s driving” you thought to yourself.

15 minutes go by and now you were getting furious. You called him a few times, still no answer.

It was 9:30 PM and you had your last straw. Dean was supposed to be here at 7:40 and he still isn’t here and even worse not returning your calls. You stood outside in the freezing rain, catching a taxi and telling him to drop you off at your house. Your leg was bouncing nonstop the whole car ride along with you playing with your fingers, trying to keep your calm and checking your phone.

You thanked the taxi driver, got out of the car and stomped to the door while shivering in the rain. You didn’t even think to bring a jacket or an umbrella. You went inside and found Dean drinking whiskey with his legs propped up on the couch.

“DEAN, FUCKIN’ AMBROSE!” You yelled, slamming your keys down on the table.

“Oh.. hey babe! You made it!” He burped after, slurring his words

“Yeah, thanks to a taxi driver. What the fuck happened?!”

“What do you mean?”


“I was? Oh.. My bad..” He frowned.

“You’re a fuckin’ drunk.” You growled, walking away. While you were walking away you heard him say “I love you” but you slammed the door.

You woke up the next morning to Dean asleep on the couch. You grabbed a bucket along with a glass of water and medicine and put it on the table next to him, slightly waking him up.

“Good morning darlin’” He said tiredly. You just gave him a stare, making him confused.

“What’s wrong?”

“You don’t remember?” He shook his head, grabbing it in pain

“You were supposed to pick me up from the airport. I called and texted, waited forever and decided to just stand in the damn rain and wait for a taxi. I come home and you’re drunk off your ass! At 10:30 at night!” His heart ripped apart.

“Y/N, baby, I’m so sorr –“

You cut him off, slapping his hand away

“if you were sorry you’d clean up your act, Ambrose! You go out and drink so much, what if you drive home drunk and get in a crash and get hurt, or die! Do you know how much that would destroy me? You don’t care either way. I’m tired! I’m going to say what I said last night, you’re a drunk! Get your shit together!” He didn’t answer, knowing you’re right.

“I need to go, I need air.. I’ll be back later. Hopefully you’ll be here and not out drinking with your buddies. It seems like you care more about drinking then you care about me…”

You grabbed your keys along with a jacket and left, leaving him broken hearted and alone.


You braced yourself for the arguments that were about to come as you pulled into the driveway, seeing Dean’s car was still here. “Maybe he didn’t go out” you thought to yourself, hopping you were right and that his friends didn’t just pick him up or something.

You walked in and your breath was caught, not believing what your eyes are seeing. The lights were dimmed, candles on the windowsill, Dean standing in the middle of the room with roses in his hand, and a huge trash bag in the other that was filled to the top. He was wearing his leather jacket and cleaned up jeans along with his black tank top he always wears.

“What is that?” You asked, nodding your head towards the bag. He shook it, hearing bottles clink together as he did.

“My alcohol. Empty. Down the drain, sweetie. I don’t want to be this way anymore.. I don’t want to hurt you anymore. And if you don’t believe me here’s a video.”

He walked up to you and pulled out his phone. He pulled up the video and pressed play.

“Hey darlin’. You’re out somewhere mad at me, which you have every right to be. I’m sitting here at home, and I’ve taken in every word you’ve said over the last few weeks and… you’re right. I need to quit, or I’m going to kill myself. I’ve already called and told my friends, they asked me if I could come out tonight and I told them No. It felt pretty good, actually. Knowing I get to stay home with the love of my life and cuddle up on the couch with her. I’m rambling sorry, anyways… I don’t want my life to end short. I don’t want you to think I’d put ANYTHING in front of you! You come first. Always. I want to grow old with you, have little Deano’s running around the house. And of course because you want one… a cat.. Even though I can’t stand cats if it makes you happy we can get one, but not right now since we’re always on the road. I want to live and be happy with you, so that’s why I’m doing this.”

He picked up a bottle of whiskey and poured it down the drain. You could tell he hesitated for a second, but you both knew he wanted it to be done. The video went on for a few more minutes then it ended.

You looked up at him with tears in your eyes as he had some in his too. He passed you over the roses and gave you a soft smile.

“I love you more than you’ll ever know. I know I’m not good at being romantic, but I hope this was alright.”

“You dork, of course I like it! I love it!” You punched his arm, making him rub it but smile.

He turned around and grabbed the remote, turning on the radio and playing “Crazy Girl” By Eli Young Band. You raised your eyebrow, giving him a smirk

“Country, Dean Ambrose listens to country?”

“Not really, but when I heard this song it made me think of you. I’m not good at this, but will you dance with me, darlin’?” You shook your head and blushed as he placed his hands on your hips, looking down and smiling trying to hide the blush coming across his cheeks.

You two swayed back and forth as the music played softly. You leaned your head on his chest, feeling his left hand move to your back and his right go in your hair, running through it gently as he hummed along with the song. You felt like you were in heaven. Hearing his heartbeat and feeling the vibration of his humming coming from his chest. His heaven was just having you in his arms.

The song ended. The look of love in his blue eyes as he looked down into your y/e/c eyes and hearing his heartbeat quicken as he watched you. A smirk running across his lips as he leaned down and kissed you, tugging his fingers in your hair and you with your arms around his neck. You were a lot shorter than him so he picked you up and kissed you again, leaning his forehead against yours and kissing your nose.

“Did you really mean it? We can get a cat in the future?” You asked excitedly, making him chuckle

“Yes, in the future. But for now all I want is you. You’re all I want. Not booze, not drunk nights with friends. I could stay like this forever if we added wrestling into it.” You both laughed, kissing each other again.

You finally had your Dean back.

**Harry Styles Imagine**


You and Harry had been dating for a couple years now and you always attended all the concerts when available. For one particular show Harry really wanted to come.  You could practically perform with the boys you’ve see the show so many times. You agreed to go because Harry wasn’t backing down. At the concert your parents were there along with your closest friends and you started to think something was up. You let it slide because maybe that was why Harry wanted you to come. Before the boys were going to perform  Strong (which was your favorite song ) Harry said he had an announcement. This got your attention as you stood in the front row.  Once the crowd quieted down Harry made his announcement. 

“ As you all know i’ve been with Y/N for a couple years now and I love her dearly.  I couldn’t imagine myself with any other girl so… Will you marry me, darling?” 

The crowd was cheering loudly and some how a camera put you one the big screen. The anticipation built as the whole stadium  waiting for your response. 

You had a big smile on your face and said yes. Everyone cheered and Harry attempted to kiss you be the stage was too far. You promised to give him the biggest kiss as soon as the show was over. 



They were young.

In the midst of war they decided to marry. To surrender all their years with each other. Was it too fast? Could they have made the biggest mistake of their lives? Perhaps. Perhaps down the line it wouldn’t work out.

But he looked into her eyes. Imagined this scenario happening a hundred times fifty years into the future. He could see it, clear as day; a future memory existing right now, hovering between them.

And he knew that despite their youth, marrying her was something he’d never regret.

– James Potter, excerpt from a story still unwritten

I’d never heard of Thoroughly Modern Milie before this request, but I loved using a song from a musical. It made deciphering the story easier. So thank you to @flamemurphy for requesting that I do a fic based around “What Do I Need With Love”. I’m quite happy with this one, but let me know what you think anyway. Enjoy, my darlings!

Everytime I hear the song “What Do I Need With Love” from Thoroughly Modern Millie I immediately think 40s! Bucky and I think it’d make a great story.

“What Do I Need With Love?”

“Buck, come on, what’s up with you?” Steve pressed.

Bucky unlocked his front door, leaving it open for Steve to follow as he stepped indoors and tossed his key onto the table.
“I’m tellin’ you. Absolutely nothing. I’m fine.”

Steve watched as Bucky went about his usual home routine. He kicked off his shoes and placed them neatly under the sofa, shrugged off his jacket and threw that less neatly over the armchair, and he opened up the fridge to fetch two beers. Though he appeared to be doing much the same thing, something was definitely off about it.

It seemed as though his mind was elsewhere, that he was constantly thinking of something or someone else.

“It’s that girl, isn’t it?” Steve deduced, as a smile pulled its way onto his lips. “That girl you were talking to. The waitress.”

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Shape of You
*based on the song by Ed Sheeran

The club isn’t the best place to find a lover
So the bar is where I go
Me and my friends at the table doing shots
Drinking faster and then we talk slow
Come over and start up a conversation with just me
And trust me I’ll give it a chance now

“Let us cheers to another Hydra base taken and another mission in the books.”

Bucky held up his shot glass along with the other guys in the team. He took the shot and set the empty glass back on the table.

“Another round on me.” Tony said, gesturing to the waitress for more drinks.

The guys were all having a good time at a bar that just opened near the Tower. After a couple of stressful few days on a mission, everyone decided that a night out was needed. Everyone wanted to get their minds off of work and the stress of saving the world from bad guys to cut loose for a night.

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Not my best work at all. I apologise to @thebeutifulsunriseofmoi for the following work - I really struggled to come up with anything decent and I hope the imagery at the end is some sort of compensation. Again, sorry that I botched up your request. :/ Hopefully it is still somewhat enjoyable. 

Prompt: Hi! So, If you are still taking request I would love to request a StevexReader! So can it be when the reader is bored and has a great idea to play Just Dance but doesn’t want to play alone so she goes and gets Steve to play with her! If you can that’ll be great!

“Just Dance”

Steve always tried to be cheery after waking up; the one thing he prided himself on was being a morning person. However the rain last night had been relentless and left him feeling exhausted the morning after. He shuffled into the main room of the Avengers Tower in the clothing he’d fallen into bed with last night. You were propped up on the sofa with a steaming mug in your hand, flitting through the pages of a book. Steve collapsed next to you.

“Good morning.” You smiled, turning another page. You were skimming the words on the paper with surprising speed.
“Good-” Steve paused. The book was small and lacking in contents on certain pages. Any words that were written were in… his handwriting.

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Nervous Wreck


{Alex’s POV}

As [Y/N] entered the bus behind Jack, her older brother, my thoughts immediately turned to her instead of tonight’s set. I couldn’t help how distracted I was by her presence. She was just so beautiful. And sweet and talented. Honestly she was my perfect woman. But I couldn’t have her because of her brother.

Jack has been my best friend since high school, and has always been overly protective of his sister. I don’t think she’s ever had a long-term relationship because he scares away any guy that comes close to her. If he ever found out that I had feelings for her, he would promptly try to kill me in the most vicious way possible.

“[Y/N]’s here!” Jack yelled even though the entire band was sitting right in front of him. Something about his younger sister always made him beam with pride. Maybe it was how successful she turned out to be as a singer. Or how many people liked her as soon as they saw her. Or even just the fact that she was his baby sister.

“We kind of noticed. Hey, [Y/N],” Zack said glancing up from his laptop and giving her a friendly smile. I froze when we made eye contact so I just gave her a small wave and pretended I was busy.

I felt bad for blowing her off, but I didn’t know how to act around her. I mean, I did know. I just couldn’t get my brain to function around her. There was no way I could be normal around her without accidentally slipping up and letting her know about my feelings.

“Hey, Alex. I was thinking that maybe [Y/N] could be our featured singer during Love Like War,” Jack blurted out. I looked up and she smiled weakly while hiding behind her brother. Her face was the lightest shade of pink I had ever seen.

“That sounds great. You know the song, right?” I asked her. She gave me a look that said “Duh.”

“Of course I do. Jack made me learn it forever ago,” she said sounding a little annoyed.

“I’m sorry. We have had guest singers who didn’t know the song until five minutes before they were on,” I defended myself. [Y/N] sighed.


The opening band thanked the crowd for listening and singing along and ran off stage. We were all pumped and ready to play as soon as they were done. However, there was the small amount of nervousness that flowed through my body before every show.

[Y/N] came out of her dressing area. She looked drop dead gorgeous in her stage outfit. She walked up to Jack and said, “Knock ‘em dead, jerk. Good luck,” she said to the rest of us. I gave her a friendly smile and wave and ran out on stage with the guys behind me.

The concert was going absolutely amazing and my nervousness was gone like it usually is. We were onto Love Like War, one of our last songs when a bundle of nerves hit me again. It was because [Y/N] was in my view and getting ready to join me out onstage. I almost forgot the lyrics because of her, but I recovered.

[Y/N]’s part came on, and I tried my best to ignore the electricity that coursed through my veins when she was near me. I played and tried not to look at her. She made my heart pound faster and my head swim. It was like I was literally at war with my feelings for her.

She sang the lyrics so beautifully. I didn’t comprehend what I was doing until it was too late. I pulled her in and kissed her perfect lips with everything I had.

The song ended and I let her go. Her eyes were wide with shock and maybe a little bit of adoration. She ran of stage and the crowd was a mix of “awes” and “boos” as the fan girls reacted. I could feel Jack’s burning gaze and I stood frozen in place.

“Sorry about that,” I apologized. “We still have one more song to play, so let’s get back to having a blast!”

We finished the set and thanked the crowd for giving us an awesome night! I ran off stage looking for [Y/N] and trying to avoid the wrath of Jack.

I finally found her about thirty minutes later sitting on the bus. As soon as she saw me, she stood up and took a few strides towards me. I honestly wasn’t expecting her to slap me straight across the face.

“Why the hell would you do that?” [Y/N] demanded with a anger in her eyes.

“I am honestly so sorry. I don’t know what happened to me. I mean, I’ve liked you since the first time we’ve met, but I could never tell you,” I said. The words stumbled out of me and I had no control. “You just look so beautiful and your voice is the best thing I’ve ever listened to. I don’t know. I’m s-” I was cut off when she pulled me close and crashed her lips to mine. I faced total embarrassment that night, but at least I wasn’t totally rejected.

We kissed each other with such force I was worried about hurting her. Eventually, our kisses became gentler and softer until we were both out of breath. “I’m glad you told me. But Jack is probably going to have your head.”

As if on cue, Jack stormed onto the bus in his violent rage. “ALEX! I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!” I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so angry. It was kind of scary.

[Y/N] jumped in front of me as he charged towards me. He had his hands outstretched like he was going to throttle me. I instinctively jumped away even though I probably looked like an idiot. I would probably be dead if [Y/N] did not come to my rescue. “Jack, stop!”

She calmly explained everything for me and I hid behind her frame like a coward. Jack calmed down and I came out from behind her.

I noticed Zack and Rian hiding at the bus doorway as if they were hoping for a show. This was going to be exciting for them.

“I’m sorry, man. I didn’t know how to tell you,” I said stepping forward. He looked at me and I thought I was going to get smacked again.

Instead, Jack wrapped both of us into one big hug. “My best friend and my sister!” He said excitedly. “Although you probably could have kissed her earlier if you had told me.”

Acoustic (Jack Barakat) (All Time Low)

Word Count: 698


Every time we come back to Baltimore I always make sure I get to see this amazing girl at a small club not many people knew about. I was friends with the owner because All Time Low had played here a few times before getting signed. The girl in question was y/f/n y/l/n, she played an acoustic set made up of covers and a few original songs thrown in. She had an amazing vocal range which made her covers sound like they could be one of her originals.

I wanted to tell her how good she was but every time she finished her set I got nervous. Tonight though I was going to speak to her, musician to musician. I got a beer and found a secluded spot away from the crowd which seemed to grow each time I came, y/n was very popular online and a joy to watch live.

The lights dimmed and she came on stage holding a guitar which had seen better days before she sat on the stool set up for her. The crowd cheered and she thanked them for coming before diving into her set.

1. Bring Me To Life – Evanescence

2. Drown – Bring Me The Horizon

3. Angel Tears – Original

4. Call Me Back – Original

5. Silence – Original

6. Still Into You – Paramore

7. Time Bomb – All Time Low

8. Ripped Jeans – Original

9. Dance With The Devil – Original

10. Wrecking Ball – Miley Cyrus

I was happy she played an All Time Low song, though she always tried to include at least one in her sets. Ripped Jeans and Angel Tears were new songs, it was good to see her playing more original material because it showed her growth as an artist and as a writer. Now I just needed to tell her all this.


The crowd went wild; they seemed to really like the new material.

“Thank you for coming out tonight all you lovely people. I do this for you guys so go forth and share on social media, until next time goodnight.”

You throw a few picks into the crowd before leaving the stage. It was a thrill performing, though you did dream of bigger stages and maybe a couple more members to take your songs to the next level.

You loved your fans and happily posed for pictures and signed things. You then order a beer and relax at the bar already planning the set list for your next performance unaware that someone was behind you until they cleared their throat and made you jump slightly. You turn on the stool and nearly choke on your beer upon coming face to face with Jack Barakat, had he heard you perform his bands song? What if he came over to say he hated it, you didn’t think you could cope if your idol hated on your voice.

“Can I just say wow y/n, your set was amazing especially Angel Tears. I swear you get better each time I see you perform, and no that wasn’t meant to come across as creepy.”

“You’ve seen me perform before Jack?”

He nods and slides onto the stool next to you before ordering himself a beer.

“At first I stumbled upon you around a year ago when All Time Low were back in town. But now I make sure to catch your set every time I come back, before tonight I was too nervous to approach you.”

You were slightly flattered that the Jack Barakat was a fan of yours. It was also cute how he was nervous to talk to you, if you’d known he was watching you all these times maybe he could have come on stage and performed with you.

“Why thank you Jack. I watch All Time Low whenever you guys are in town. I’m glad you came over tonight.”

Jack laughs and sips his beer.

“So am I, so can I be a fangirl and ask for a picture and an autograph?”

You nod and blush when he drapes his arm casually over your shoulder before pulling out his phone, well you could tick this off your bucket list. This night couldn’t get any better.

You had given Harry the most memorable time of his life yesterday night, what with the both of you tangled up in the sheets with a thin layer of sweat coating your bodies after hours of your festivities. 

Of course, it was clear that Harry was still thinking about the events, considering ever chance he had, he would kind of space out with a dopey smile on his face before singing his lines in a song. Better Than Words was the perfect song of expressing exactly how you made him feel.

“Best I ever had, hips don’t lie, you make me wanna,” Niall sang, the crowd screaming as Niall did his famous ‘slide-my-hand-down-to-my-crotch’ move. 

Harry had managed to sneak his way over to your side of the stage, mouthing the words and imitating Niall’s move (in a much more inappropriate way), all while keeping intense eye contact with you. 

“What’s gotten into Harry?” Lou asked, nudging your sides.

“Just.. loving life, I guess.” You replied, Harry winking at you for the millionth time that night. 

“Mhm.. and does this ‘loving life’ thing have anything to do sex?” She asked bluntly, bursting into a fit of giggles as she watched your cheeks warm up. 


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