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Pietro imagine:

Really? On movie night!

“Finally” you groaned leaning into Pietro’s chest as he returned from grabbing the remote which took him ages too find, you’d think for someone who is quick that you wouldn’t have to wait on him; you do. “What do you wanna watch?” You questioned but your words faulting slightly as you heard a window smash somewhere nearby.

Holding a finger up to your lips, you and Pietro both stood up incredibly slowly, him loading his pistol just in case before handing it to you. “Now!” a voice barked firing bullets madly at you both, you flipped up a table as a shield for a couple seconds as Pietro flashed out and around to attack them from the back whilst you used your power to lock the doors, they ruined movie night, they weren’t getting away unharmed.  “P!” you screeched making them glance at you giving Pietro his shot at hitting them, two falling straight to the floor. Placing your hand flat up you slammed the other 3 using your power, making them hit the wall with so much force the wall shake.

This was your chance you shot at them wildly killing two on shot but missing the other. It was almost silent as 4 men were on the floor another looked passed out, he wasn’t, he was waiting. Pacing over you pointed your gun at the side of his head. “Your move “you spat watching Pietro join you stood above the man with his hands now up. “JARVIS, alert Stark we have four dead bodies and a fifth man, alive for now.” You once again spat watching the fear become more and more apparent on the assassin’s face.  

Soon enough one of Stark’s robots flew in and pulled away the alive assassin, to take into a cell for questioning of one of the other Avengers, before taking the other four.

“Wow” Pietro chuckled; who knew you liked movie night so much. “Shut up and put something Disney whilst I go wash blood of my hands” you laughed walking out of the room to Pietro mumbling “Glad to know romance isn’t dead”