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hey!! ive seen a couple of these going around and they looked like fun so i’m gonna give url edits a shot!

some stuff

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Okay! SO I have been practicing with photoshop and working on making gifs/gifsets, and I would love to start posting more original content on here!

I have added a requests section to my blog, so I would love love love if you could send me some requests for gifsets. Keep in mind I am still very much a beginner, and very slow at this, so nothing fancy, but if you have a scene or character from anything that you would like to see me try for more practice, just drop me an ask, even if it’s anon! I will seriously love you foreverrrr. I’m gonna tag some mutuals, I hope y’all don’t mind. Thanks so much!!

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Hi!! So I’ve recently reached 1k and I can’t believe that a thousand people actually follow me tbh. Let’s hope this thousand is the first of many more! This is a little follow forever to appreciate my favourite blogs :). Favs are bolded.

♥  Barbs ♥  Denise ♥  Espe ♥  Jelke ♥  Marlene ♥  Matheus ♥ Michelle ♥  Natalia ♥  Sarah ♥  Savanna ♥  Shannon ♥  Weed ♥  Yulia

Perrie URLs
babyperrie hugwithperrie isperrie nycperrie omgpezza perrielik perrielouise perriemafia perriemove perriesbabes perriesicle perrieson pezzabam rasperriecake shinebrightlikeperrie snowqueenperrie

Jade URLs
geordiejade greathirlwall jadeameliababwi jadelust jadescake jadesie jadethirlward nudejade thirlbabe thirlgasm thirlhell thirlqueen

Jesy URLs
cupofnelson jesycurves jesyminx14 jesysalute nelsonators princessjesy stopjesy2k15

Leigh-Anne URLs
barbiepinnock boobleigh exoticaleigh leighkink leighloves1991 leighsbaes leiqhannes omfgpinnock pinncock saluteleighs waffleigh

Little Mix and ship URLs
awlerrie jdaesy jesythirls leighbadwi leiqhade lttilemix pesykisses rainbowjerrie spread-your-wingsand-fly stephylmix 

One Direction URLs
blamestyles caringniall cuddlenialls flyawayfromzayn gagmeniall geminialls harrysguy jerkstyles snogsniall takenlou

Other URLs
binawesome cas-will-find-dean freshdesire mea-lichele norrmanikordei que-sara-sera whaddacraic 


I’m so so sorry if I’ve forgotten anyone please don’t hate me if I did

Look, Buckbeak’s still alive.
        Of course.


if there’s a meaning can you show me a sign? 
the more I look it just gets harder to find, 
the world is spinning and I wanna know why! 


Congratulations! The Egg hatched into a male Popplio!


At long last, the egg has hatched!! I want to thank @occasionalswablus for giving me the egg and inspiring me to take on this plot, and @dailypokedaycare for helping me out in planning and writing/drawing this lil plot as a collaboration! You two are amazing people, thank you SO much you two!! <3

Bonus panel: