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Ice Skating with Chuck

Title: Ice Skating with Chuck

Pairing: Prophet!Chuck x Reader

Word Count: 1,102

Warnings: Fluff!

A/N: This is my first Chuck Shurley fic! So I hope you all enjoy this! It was requested by @urdestiellieonthewhisperingwind! So hopefully this is what you were looking for <3 You can request from the Christmas Drabble list which is HERE! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! <3

Special thanks to @the-real-tony-stank who read it and made sure that it was good enough <3

Chuck couldn’t remember the last time he had gone ice skating.  However you were excited about it; how could he say no to you?  After being together for a year, he wanted to make your anniversary special.  He had to admit that he was still nervous about the whole ordeal.

Chuck pulled up to your house, taking a deep breath.  He glanced over towards your house to see you descending down your porch stairs.  He saw the wide grin on your face.  He couldn’t help but smile himself as you made your way to the car.

You opened up the door, setting your ice skates on the floor.  Sliding into your seat, you leaned over, pressing a kiss to Chuck’s cheek.  “Hey, are you ready to have some fun,” you asked, excitement evident in your voice.

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Greetings! This is a one-shot for thegirlwiththeimpala​ which took a lot longer than it should’ve done so apologies. I hope I’ve done your request justice and it’s the happy ending you were looking for. If it wasn’t, let me know and I’ll give this story another once over. :)  I know that the ending is a lil crappy but endings are hard. Also if you don’t think my analogy involving puzzles and ships in bottles is the best thing ever then you are wrong. ;) Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt: Maybe you can do another oneshot for me!?💛 one where Steve and y/n are best friends, but a lot of people(other avengers too)think that you like each other and don’t tell it bc you’re shy. But you don’t know what you are feeling and you’re just really confused! The confusion and the whole talking about you two stresses you out a lot and you take your distance from Steve. I’m know sure how to continue but a happy end would be cute.

“Go Figure”

“(Y/n) loves Steve! (Y/n) loves Steve!” Clint sung at the top of his lungs, intoxicated incredibly.
“Clint, you’ve been singing the same three words for the past twenty minutes. Shut up!” Natasha ordered, searching the room for something to lodge in his throat. You were sat on the sofa beside Steve with your legs draped across his lap whilst Clint teetered dangerously on his feet in the middle of the room. His slurred words travelled through the air using the alcoholic stench on his breath so that no matter how much you tried to ignore him, you couldn’t.  

You and Steve had been best friends since you joined the team – your healing capabilities proving invaluable. The pair of you spent an immeasurable amount of time together: sharing jokes, playing around, and training together.
“I swear to God, Barton, I will strangle you right now.” You chuckled, pressing the cold beer bottle to your lips and taking a swig.
“What for?” Clint hummed, falling back onto his butt harshly.

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The Hottest One

Haiiii. Love your blog btw!! I was wondering if you could do me an Imagine? It would be of any bvb member, and where when you preform with your band with the earlier member watching, you end up like Andy in breaking something when you pull a stunt? It would be nice if it could be fluffy at the end!!


The music is blaring from out of the speakers, and the crowd is going wild. The rest of the band is jamming away, whereas I’m here head banging and just overall looking crazy.

I run across the stage, high fiving and grabbing hands as I sing and the people in the front row are loving it. Hell, at one point I even got down, hanging off the edge of the stage and took a picture with a fan all the while music is playing.

There’s a break in between songs and I take a breath, smiling crazily out at the crowd. They’re all chanting either my name or the bands name. I couldn’t have asked for more. I look over to side stage, seeing CC looking over at me as well with a big, goofy grin on his face. I grin back, blowing a kiss and then winking over at him just as the next song begins with the opening chord.

I dance around on stage, singing with all my power and hitting notes I didn’t know I could hit. The light shines in my eyes and I can’t see anything but the stage and the front row of people. I was having the time of my life.

I guess I should’ve been paying more attention.

I get caught in my dancing and I don’t even realize I’m nearing the edge of the stage. Just as I sing the first line of the chorus my footing slips and I can feel myself falling. Now normally,mots just a two foot drop. Shouldn’t hurt much, right? Well, not entirely true when you land right on your face. Specifically your nose.

So that’s how I ended up here, rolling around on the ground while clutching my nose. Which, is bleeding profusely, might I add. I can still hear the crack. Guards start to surround me but I wave them off, being quick to get up again and hopping on stage.

If you were in the audience, you could easily see I was pretty out of it. I keep wiping away the blood, but it just keeps coming and adds to the pain I am feeling. My band looks at me worriedly, but I shake them off.

Eventually we finish the set. I skipped a few songs, missed a few lines, and had to sit down for a majority of the show, but I finished it.

I get dragged off as soon as I step off stage again. I get pulled over and sat down into a chair, and a paramedic that’s always here just in case is in front of me. A hand grabs mine and I look over to see CC looking at me with great concern.

I manage a smile, “Did you see that dive I made? Perfect form.” I say to lighten the mood as a light gets shown in my eyes.

CC chuckles from besides me, shaking his head, “You’re as accident prone as Andy sometimes, I swear.”

“Hey don’t swear, that’s bad.” I joke.

I hiss in pain as they touch my nose, swatting them away.

“Definitely a broken nose, and possibly a minor concussion. We gotta get her to the hospital to straighten her nose out.” The medic says, packing up her stuff.

“Hey CC?” I ask, completely disregarding the other girl.

“What is it, babe?” He says in reply.

I look at him with the most concern I can muster up in this state. “Am I still the hottest girl you know?”

He bursts out laughing despite the situation, and I grin at the sound, even letting out a few giggles myself.

“Oh, babe. Your definitely the hottest girl I know.”

Would you be able to make one where on the set of OUAT the main cast is jokingly flirting w you and Robbie gets jelly? Idk know if you do smut but if you do 😏😏 plz

“Damn girl that corset really makes your chest pop.” Parker laughed. “Thanks bud.” I joked. I saw Robbie from the corner glaring. “Nice ass Y/N.” Another “lost boy” joked. I winked at him and I swear if looks could kill Robbie would be Pan. I was called on so I did my scene and we all called it a day. I changed into my regular clothing and walked out. “Y/N!” I spun around to see Robbie, my secret boyfriend running over. “Hi Robbie.” I smiled. “Oh don’t hi Robbie me.” I looked at him confused. “Is there something wrong?” I asked concerned. He look at me with a heated glare. “Oh don’t play angel you know what you did.” I bit my lip while thinking back. I gave up and sighed. “No I really don’t.” “You where totally flirting with those guys today.” He said hotly. “Oh you’re mad about that?” “Obviously how would you like it if I started flirting with over girls in front of you?!” He was extremely pissed, anyone could tell. I had never seen Robbie that mad ever. I slowly walked closer, afraid of an explosion, and wrapped my arms around his waist. I buried my head in his chest. “I’m sorry babe, I didn’t know it made you so mad. I don’t even find them attractive and I guess I was totally flirting with them and I promise never to ever again.” Robbie sighed and wrapped his arms around me. “I just don’t like other guys talking to you like that.” I nodded, looked up and kissed him. He quickly pulled away. “Y/N what are you doing someone could see us!” Robbie said. “Let them. Everyone can know I’m yours.” I whispered before placing my lips back on his. He kissed back earning some whistles from the other side of the parking lot and a lot of “you own me ten bucks.” And “I called it.”


An ambitious performer who, so far, has made the right moves in order to make his dreams come true.

Being the main choreographer and leader of an unit sounds like an exhausting combination, specially when those two things involve leading twelve people to pull many different choreographies that will be seen by everyone around the world; but despite the huge responsibility those two titles have, you’ve carry them all perfectly to the point of receiving lots of praise both from outsiders who see the value of your work and from the industry itself, who even rewarded you and your members’ efforts with a World Performer Award which was widely acknowledged by your own group members as a major prop of yours. Plus, all this previously mentioned is topped with your joyful personality and your contagious laugh, always accompanied with that bright smile of yours.

Happy Birthday Hoshi, may your many talents keep blooming as the time goes. Thank you for being a wonderful person who inspires both the people around you and Carats as well 🌟 #PRINCEHOSHIDAY #호시왕댯님_탄신일 입니다