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Monthly Fic Rec July (x)

“I lied when I got my job.

I told them I had a kid so I could leave early ‘to pick him up from day care’, to take him to doctors appointments and occasionally miss a day 'when he’s sick’. Long story short – I’m in too deep. I didn’t think this through.

Looking to rent a kid for bring your child to work day. Must be a boy aged 4 to 6 with curly hair who plays soccer, essentially he has to look like the stock photo in the frame on my desk. Also must be artistic as the macaroni noodle drawings I made seem a little advanced for someone his age. He also needs to respond to 'my Little Picasso’ as that’s what my spouse and I call him. Also I will pay extra for someone willing to play the role of my spouse when dropping him off. His name is James, he’s named after his grandpa and he’s a defense attorney who often brings his work home.

You know what, just message me for the details, serious inquiries only. H.”

The one where Louis is a barista and Harry is the hot dude that comes in every day and does nothing except sit in the corner, writing in his notebook, all day long. But what Louis learns when he sneaks a peek inside the notebook changes everything. 

Harry is Cupid, Louis and Liam own a law firm, and they’re all getting sued. 

Harry (not so) secretly crushes on the cute footie player and fills pages with sketches of him. 

Louis was captain of the state championship high school soccer team. Harry was that gorgeous, scarf-wearing, long-limbed British kid in his art class. They weren’t supposed to be friends.

But somewhere along the line, Louis Tomlinson opened the locked mystery that was Harry Styles.

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A/N: My number one guy is here -it feels like an age since I wrote for him! Feedback is welcomed and very much appreciated. Hope you all enjoy it, as always, thank you for reading <3

Title: In-laws Inbound

Requested by: Anon - “48 for Tony?”

Word Count: 903

Pairing: DiNozzo x Reader

48. “My parents are coming over in 10 minutes so please put some clothes on.”

Light drifted through the drapes of your bedroom causing you to squeezing your eyes further shut while pressing your face into the warm body - the warm /naked/ body under you. You were spread eagle across the mattress, half of your body on the soft fabric while the other half was draped over Tony.

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She knew.

She sat in front of him, holding her fingers and staring down at them with furrowed brows as if they might give her the words she needed to say.

He knew she saw the gashes this morning on his shoulder, on his side. Not the kind of thing you acquire when working as a lawyer. He should have been more careful.

She sat in the chair opposite his desk as if she were a client. As if she were trying to distance herself from him. The thought made Matt start to panic, he swallowed and shifted his feet. She wasn’t saying anything. All Matt wanted was for her to talk. He didn’t know what he wanted or needed her to say, but just something would be better than the suffocating silence they currently sat in. Anything to make him feel like he wasn’t going watch her walk out the door and never come back.

Anything to make him feel like she didn’t… hate him. For what he hid from her. For what he does. For who he is.


“I-” you paused. It was one word but it didn’t feel right. This whole situation didn’t feel right. You glanced up at Matt, you knew he was anxious. You could hear his shoes shifting, his throat bobbed as he tried to calm himself. His hands sat in his lap, one thumb brushing quickly over the other in nervous rhythm. You hadn’t told him why you wanted to talk with him alone in his office, but you guessed from the tension in his face that he had a pretty good idea.


Matt was getting dressed for work when you saw the gash on his shoulder. He faced away from you as he took off a black short sleeved tee. Obviously your eyes drifted up from your book to watch the lean muscles of his back ripple with movement. He winced as he turned to slip on a sky blue shirt, dropping his shoulder slightly put the wound in clear view, another one creeping around the side of his torso. They looked to be a week old at most. Your heart sped up, your eyes widened. Your mind was bombarded with a stream of questions. How did he even get that? Who did this to him? How was he even in a position to- what was he doing- where was he- How could he- what was he thinking he-

And then it dawned on you.

You’d seen the newspapers, the tv spots, you remember feeling a sense of familiarity staring at you in the face as you watched the footage.

You had been following the articles and even talking with Matt over breakfast about how the impact of having a vigilante in Hell’s Kitchen would have a serious effect on the crime rate, hopefully a good effect. Matt never had much to say. More than once he had changed the subject to something more lighthearted. You just let it go, thinking that it probably didn’t sit right with him that someone was taking the law and justice into their own hands…


The roughness of his hands… the strength in them. The nights where you would wake up reaching for him only to see the other side of the bed empty and cold. The little bruises and cuts where he ‘walked into things’.

It was a big jump to make. Massive in fact. You backtracked for a second, you needed proof before you could even consider listening to your minds paranoid ramblings. But that didn’t stop your breathing from picking up. That didn’t stop the ‘what ifs’ from plaguing your thoughts. They piled up on top of each other so fast that you felt like you might not be able to take another breath.

Matt’s head turned as he buttoned up his shirt.

“Are you okay? You seem awfully quiet this morning.”

“Fine!” you chirped. A little too quick to be genuine. Too quick for Matt to ignore. Matt paused in reaching for his tie.

“You sure?”

“Absolutely. Just excited to start the day!” You flung the sheets off of you exposing your bare legs. Wearing only a large grey tee you jumped out of bed and swung around to throw your arms over his shoulders, narrowly avoiding the wound.

Running your fingers through the tiny hairs at the nape of his neck, he slid his hands up under your tee, lifting it high enough for you to feel a light breeze on your backside. He wrapped his hands around either side of your waist and began running his thumbs up and down the small of your back. “I’m excited for every day that I get to start with you.”

Whatever tension there was in Matt’s frame dissipated. He smiled wide, leaning his head slightly to the side. “You’re full of cheese.”

You shrugged. “What can I say? It’s a talent. Maybe I should start classes. Could save up some money and get myself a plaque. ‘Y/N, Master of Cheesery’”

Matt snorted and slid his arms all the way around you, pulling you as close as he could. You had to rise to your tiptoes to fold your arms behind his neck, leaning your cheek against his. Your bodies molded together and he hummed once in content as he swayed the two of you from side to side. Dancing to no music. “I wish I didn’t have to go in today. Foggy needs me to go over this case one more time before tomorrow. I can think of a few things we could do right here that would be much more fun.” He sighed out his nose. You held on a little tighter, you didn’t know if you wanted to uncork this bottle. But you knew that you needed to.

“I’m gonna drop by at lunchtime.”

Matt nodded and turned to kiss your cheek twice. He pulled away reluctantly and let your arms drop to your side. Picking up his jacket from the bed he made his way through the living room and towards the front door. You trailed behind him, gripping your fingers tight behind you. Matt opened the door and turned around to you leaning against the doorframe. “We can talk about some stuff.” he raised his eyebrows.


“You focus on your case for now. I don’t want to distract you. We’ll talk when I come in.” You leaned in and pressed a kiss to his lips. He left with a small frown on his face.


It had taken a lot of digging. A lot of thinking like someone who wanted to desperately hide something. Finally you found your proof, tucked away in his father’s box. The mask that he wore to his nightly endeavours. The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen’s mask.

After giving yourself some time to cry, to scream, to punish yourself for not seeing it sooner, you got up, got dressed, put the red mask in your bag and left the apartment to meet Matt. To have a conversation you weren’t sure you were prepared for.


And here you are. Sitting in his office trying to find the right words to begin with. None of them seemed to suffice. This was Matt, why couldn’t you just talk to him?

You stood up suddenly and turned towards the door to close the blackout blind that hung from it. Then you walked behind Matt to close the blinds on the windows. It left the room dark so you switched on his desk lamp and instead of sitting down on the chair you perched on his desk next to where he sat so you were facing the wall to his back. Instead of looking at him, you stared unseeingly at the strings on the blinds.

You took a deep breath. You reached into your bag and held the mask just behind him.

“Matt, I know about your night job.” You said firmly and put the mask on the desk in front of him. He reached out and ran his fingertips over one of the pointed tips for a mere second before pulling his hands back to his lap.

He remained silent.

“I’m not mad. I just- I’m.. worried.” your breath hitched, “I’m scared, Matt.” your bottom lip trembled making you reach up with both hands to cover your face.

Matt’s hands stopped twitching and instead gripped tight, his shoulders tensed and his face screamed how much he didn’t want to have this discussion.

“You don’t need to be scared of me.” He muttered in a low but steady voice. Dropping your hands and swinging your head round to him, you scooched up along his desk to sit in front of him, your legs hanging down either side of his. You brought your hands to his cheeks. Cradling the hurt you saw on his face. The disappointment, not at you but in himself. You could feel the muscles in his jaw tense.

“Matty-” your voice caught, and Matt almost flinched at the noise. Clearing your throat you tried again. “Matty, I’m not scared of you. I’m scared for you.” Matt’s eyebrows twitched together, so you slid your hand down to just above his shoulder, where you both knew the tightly stitched wound sat. “This, is a big deal. Did you think I would be okay with you coming home with giant cuts on your body? God forbid I wake up in the morning to see you bleeding out on the couch-” you bit your lip and looked away, trying to pull yourself together. You needed to be a little bit stronger, just enough to deal with this.

Matt tentatively put his hand on your knee.

“Y/N, I’ve trained for this. I was trained from a young age to fight like this and it’s something I’ve known how to do for a long time. I’m not just some billionaire thinking he can make a suit, fight crime and take on the world all in the same day. I’m going to do better. I’m making this city a safe place. My city. Ours.” He took your hands in both of his and rested them on your knees.

He licked his lips and shifted in his chair, you could see he wanted you to believe him, to trust him, to.. accept him. “I’m sorry I kept this from you. Part of me is saying I should let you go to protect you from this, from the people who might want to use you against me if they found out what you mean to me. I couldn’t-” he swallowed, “I won’t let that happen. I can’t lose you. You’re the reason I can do this and still smile everyday, not hate myself for keeping this a secret from almost everyone I know. I love you.” he paused, gripping your hands slightly tighter for a second before leaning back in his chair a little. “But I understand if you can’t cope with this. You don’t have to say anything if you don’t want to, you can walk out that door and I won’t stop you.”

You were quiet. You just looked at his face and all it’s features as your hands warmed between his. You could see how much he didn’t want you to leave, but you knew that he would let you go if you wanted to. You knew he was genuinely sorry, but he had reason to keep it all from you. He was trying to do the right thing. Not just for him or you but for the whole city.

Make a decision. A little voice in the back of your mind prompted you. And you did.

You slid off the desk and into his lap, he pulled your joined hands up to give you room, but didn’t let go. Not quite ready to release you just yet. His face remained set. You smiled at him, just a small slightly wobbly curve of your lips.

“I love you too, Matt. But-” you could see his brows wobble a touch. You squeezed his hands before releasing them then took off his glasses and put them behind you on the desk. You wanted to see his eyes. You slid your hands back over his, threading your fingers together.

“I’m not leaving you.” You had to reassure him first. His shoulders dropped the heavy weight on them and he leaned his forehead against yours. His breath hitched slightly as he tried not to cry in relief. You almost burst into tears at the sound, instead a few dripped down your cheeks and hit your joined hands.

“You need to tell me everything. And I mean every little minute detail that occurs, I don’t want the highlights.” He nodded lightly. “and you’re gonna teach me how to fight.” His head shot up. “You’re not coming with me. It’s too dangerous.”

You snorted. “of course not, but if you’re worried about me being a target then I need to learn how to defend myself. I need to show these guys that my badass boyfriend isn’t the only one who can handle himself. The Master of Cheesery can pack a punch too.” You held up an arm to flex your muscles and pulled a strained face.

Matt grinned as he brushed away the fallen tears and pinched your flexing ‘muscles’, “That means you’re gonna have to actually get out of bed in the morning and you know, exercise.”

Your pursed your lips and rolled your eyes. “The things I do for you, Matt.”

He swallowed. “I know. Thank you.” He leaned in to kiss you, but you pulled back and put a finger on his lips. “Uh-uh. You’ve got some serious ass-kissing to do Matt-Matt.”

“What?” came his muffled reply, his lips squished behind your finger.

“You’ve been keeping something from me for God knows how long. You’re gonna have to make it up to me, your loyal and forgiving girlfriend. Starting with dinner and later listening to Stephen Fry read Sherlock Holmes on audiobook. With blankets. And malteasers. And kitkats.” Matt kissed your finger twice in quick succession.

“Anything.” He said sincerely. He would do anything for you. You smiled as you replaced your finger with your lips, brushing them over his in a soft kiss.

Derek’s Birthday Girl

gif is not mine

Pairing: Derek Morgan x Reader

Word Count: 1,285

Warnings: fluff

A/N: This was requested by an anon! I hope you guys enjoy this! I wanna write more CM, so definitely send some requests my way!! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

It was that time of year again for you; your birthday.  You didn’t like celebrating your birthday.  When you were a kid you had terrible birthdays, even your teenage birthdays were a wreck.  You stopped commemorating your birthday once you turned eighteen.  Derek made the mistake of making a big deal out of your birthday.  That was a mistake he never made again.

Even though he knew about your hatred for your own birthday, he still wanted you to feel special.  He wasn’t planning anything extravagant like he had the first time.  This time he was going to act as if today was normal, but show you that he still knew what today was.

Derek walked into the bullpen and placed a cup of coffee down on your desk.  He pressed a kiss to your forehead before he walked over to his own desk.  The agent winked at you as he took a sip of his coffee.

You raised an eyebrow, bringing the cup to your lips.  The coffee was unusually sweet.  You usually drank french vanilla coffee, but this was much sweeter.  You liked it nevertheless, but you couldn’t put a finger on the taste.  Regardless it brought a smile to your face.

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“The Other Man”

Tig Trager x OC
(GIF isn’t mine)
Headlights shining through his window woke him up before the doorbell ever rang. He grabbed the black button up from the floor beside the bed and pulled it on, not bothering with the buttons, and grabbing the gun from his night stand. He held it by his side as he peeked out of the blinds. Who would turn into his driveway in the middle of the night? 

Sighing, he placed the gun down on his bed and walked out of his room to the front door, reaching it just as the doorbell rang and pulling it open. She seemed surprised at how quickly he answered the door, but she said nothing for a moment. She didn’t need to speak, her puffy red face told him everything he needed to know.

“Headlights woke me up,” he spoke softly as he tried to regain her eye contact which had shifted to the concrete stoop she stood on. She sniffled a little, wiping a tear away with her fist before looking back up at him, “C-can I…”

She didn’t have to finish her question before he stepped aside and motioned for her to come in. This wasn’t the first time this had happened, her showing up past 11:00PM with tears in her eyes because she and her husband had been fighting again. He closed and locked the door behind her as she stood just inside is living room, head hung and bottom lip trembling as she tried to fight back her tears.

“C’mere,” he stepped to her and opened his arms which she graciously nuzzled into and he let out an exasperated sigh as he rubbed his hands up and down her coat-covered back, “I’m sorry I didn’t call…” her voice trailed off and he could tell she had to stop talking to keep from crying.
“You don’t have to call, darlin’,” he spoke as he held her tightly. 

He kissed the top of her head as she shook in his embrace, “It’s gettin’ hard to stay out of this, doll,” he spoke as she sobbed lightly against his bare chest. She sniffed and pulled away from his hug, looking up into his eyes as he looked down at her.

When she first mentioned she was having issues with her marriage, he had offered to handle it for her, confrontations and ass-kickings weren’t something he ever had a problem with, but she had made him promise to stay out of it.
In her mind, as long as he wasn’t hitting her it wasn’t abuse.
Tig knew better, not that he had much room to talk, he was living the same life. Fucking whoever he wanted, whenever he wanted, getting drunk and high most nights - the only difference being that he wasn’t fucking married and leaving his wife at home alone while he slept around with hookers, sluts, and any gash who was willing.

Nonetheless, when she asked him to promise to stay away as long as she wasn’t being physically hurt, he did as she wished; but her visits were getting more and more frequent and it was getting really tough to keep his opinions, and his fists, to himself.
He wanted so badly to tell her to leave her husband, pack her shit up and move out, come stay with him for a while and they could figure something out. They had been close for so long. He had been her friend longer than she had been married to that prick who insisted on making her cry. Nobody would think anything was going on and she could finally get a divorce and be free. No more tears.

“I know what you’re thinkin’, Alex, but I can’t. We’ve been together for–”

“–Don’t worry about it,” he cut her off, his sad blue eyes penetrating hers as he took her hand and led her across the floor to his bedroom.

Like every time before, she took off her coat and hung it up in his closet, turning around to find him standing behind her and staring down at her pajamas. He looked back up to her face, reaching up and holding her chin, swiping his thumb across her bottom lip slowly, “You’re going back to him in the morning,” he spoke, half-questioning, half-stating.
His voice was gruff but there was a hint of vulnerability in his words that told her everything she needed to know. He was always going to be there for her, but she was hurting him by using him this way.

“One of these days… I’m not gonna let you leave,” he spoke again, boxing her in with his hands on either side of the closet door frame.

She knew what he wanted her to do, she had thought about it, but always ended up being too afraid to start over again. She blinked up at him, unspeaking. Instead of apologizing or promising to make it right, she held the sides of his face and pulled him down to her, pressing her lips on his.
She couldn’t think about her marriage right now, she just needed to clear her mind and let go of the anger she felt. She had only ever been able to escape with him. He was always the one there to help her take her anger out, and tonight was no different as he laid her on the bed and she wrapped her legs around his waist.

The next morning he rolled over in the bed, reaching out to touch her but she wasn’t there. He sighed, rolling back onto his back and rubbing his eyes. He should’ve known better than to think she’d be there when he woke up - she never was. He groaned to himself, standing up and finding his boxers that had been discarded the night before at the foot of the bed. He pulled them on, remembering last night and smiling to himself before walking into the kitchen to fix a cup of coffee. As he leaned against the counter waiting for the coffee to brew he heard his front door open and someone shuffle inside. 

It was her. 

She came back this time.

“Hey…” he trailed off, looking down at the suitcase she was towing behind her.

“I left,” she sighed, this time the tears in her eyes were happy tears as she laughed at the look of surprise on his face.He froze, mouth agape as she stood before him. 

“C’mere,” she grinned, holding her arms open as he stepped closer to her and passionately kissed her, lifting her and spinning her around as he held her close and she shrieked with laughter. 

There would be no more late night visits - she was there to stay.

I’m finally settled at university. Lessons start next week which means the frequency of my uploads will drop off pretty drastically I’m afraid. Thank you all for reading my stuff this summer. It’s been an absolute pleasure to do it. I’ll endeavor to keep it up as much as possible over the next year. Enjoy, everyone!

Prompt[s]: He was gonna do kiss her omg why didn’t he 😔

Pure magic as usual!

The Tower is my new religion honestly, ITS SO GOOD AHHHHH

‘The Tower’ (Part 19)

All Chapters // Part 18

Brynjolf looked up when the bedroom door opened and broke into a toothy grin. You were stood in fresh clean clothes, leaning heavily on the door frame for support. Loki was about a foot behind you, frowning at the raucous dwarf from afar.
“Hey, lady!” He roared with a skin-cracking smile. “Look who’s up and at ‘em.” You waved triumphantly and then stumbled, Loki catching you just in time and helping you to stand upright. Sliding your arm around his shoulders, he helped you hobble into the room. Very different from the last time you couldn’t walk, you noted to yourself…

“I… I don’t believe we’ve met,” you said as you were lowered into the window seat on the other side of the firepit. A dead pig was spitting and crackling over the flames. The smell was indescribable. Your stomach growled again.
“Oh, I do be beggin’ your pardon, lady. I’m Brynjolf.”

You spied the crossbow on his shoulder and briefly remembered the way the bodies of the men had slumped with ease.
“You… You saved my life, didn’t you? You’re the reason I made it home.”

Brynjolf skipped with glee and then bowed theatrically. “At the risk of soundin’ big-headed: you’re god damn right that was me! Shot the bastards right between the eyes, bang, bang, bang!” He threw his head back and laughed, clutching his belly as he did so. The joy of this man was infectious and you found yourself smiling too. Loki’s expression suggested he wasn’t as inclined to agree.

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*Requested - Reader wears high tech glasses due to their poor vision and one day they break. Rocket offers to fix them but takes his time because he wants a way to get closer to them.*

It normally would have taken him about three days, he did have a reputation for being good with tech after all. He watched silently as you staggered across the room, hands out slightly to avoid walking into anything. The sight was comical. Like something from one of those… what was it Peter called them? Martoons? Cartroons? Rocket couldn’t quite remember and made a mental note to ask Peter later.
You had been that way ever since you had your glasses smashed by some thug on knowhere. The Guardians had been treating themselves to a few drinks to celebrate their triumph against Ronan. It wasn’t everyday they saved the galaxy after all. It had been your round and the line had been long so when a guy pushed in front of you just as you were about to order… Well let’s just say you weren’t all that pleased about it. Now, to say that this guy was built like a brick shithouse would have been an insulting understatement. After dealing with bullying due to your vision all your life you had grown tough and confident. You were through with people treating you like nothing so you probably weren’t thinking when you placed the barrel of your gun against the guys back.
“I think I was here first pal. Move along or I’ll shoot.”

You had always wondered what it would be like to fly. However, as you flew through the air after being flung by the brute and the bar wall came closer into view, you couldn’t help thinking it wasn’t as fun as you had first hoped. The contact with the wall was swift and left you crumpled on the floor like a discarded rag doll. Rocket had been the first one out of his chair. Shots were fired and he managed to chase the guy out of the bar. The whole place seemed uninterested by the scene, completely numbed to it after the amount of times these kinds of things occurred. You were thankful for that at least because your face was red with embarrassment.
Drax offered his large hand to help you up. Rocket watched this and scampered over quickly.
“Nah, I got her, I got her!” Rocket shouted over the noise or the bar waving Drax away. Drax raised an eyebrow and backed away.
Rocket instead offered you his small clawed hand and pulled you up into a sitting position. He studied you carefully and noticed a slight cut just below your eye where some smashed glass had caught your skin.
“Ya alright?” He asked.
You sighed heavily.
“I’m fine…” You couldn’t help seeing the cracked glass and glitching software dance across your vision, making Rocket look out of focus and distorted. You remove them from your face and glance down at them. Your blurred eyesight made you grimace and Rocket realised taking the glasses from you.
They were brilliantly designed. Infrared technology, target locking software, facial recognition and very, very expensive to replace. Rocket turned them in his hands and chewed the inside of his cheek in thought.
“I’ll fix ‘em, it will take a while but I’ll get 'em working again.” Rocket knew it was easy. Brilliantly made they were… for someone on Xander that was. He had developed bombs more complex that those glasses. Not that he’d tell you that.
With a smile, you had thanked him and allowed him to guide you back to the Milano.

What you didn’t realise was there was perks to you not seeing clearly… Not for you, of course, but most definitely for Rocket. You see, with your vision impaired it allowed Rocket to watch you without fear of being seen himself. He was good at hiding behind a veil of satire meaning he had grown good at masking his true emotions as tolerance or annoyance. When no one was watching, however, he was free to allow some of his feelings to slip through the cracks. He felt the tell tale tug on his lips letting him know he was in fact smiling to himself again. He had been taxed with looking after you until your glasses were fixed. Peter thought it would be a good incentive for him to fix them sooner. Oh, how wrong he was. Rocket laughed lightly at the thought. It had been two weeks now and Rocket was still yet to actually take a good look at the true extent of the damage caused to them. If he was being completely honest with himself; he enjoyed the fact that he now spent all of his time with you. With out the loss of your glasses you really had no need for his help.

“You know, if you’re just going to laugh at me I’d rather you just left.” You mumbled under your breath.
Two weeks of feeling useless was really starting to take its tole. You had become irritable from having to rely on Rocket because as far as you knew Rocket was hating every moment. The last thing you wanted was who you considered your closest friend to start to resent you. Rocket never had been the type to help people without making a fuss about it first.
Rocket’s smile faded.

“(F/n), I ain’t laughing at ya.” He said quickly, ears twitching as he spoke.

“Oh, yes you are. Everyone is.” You threw yourself down on what you hoped was a chair. Luckily, it was.

“Ain’t nobody laughing at ya. What makes ya think that?” His ears had flattened slightly, any trace of his smile completely gone.

You scoffed.

“What makes me think that? I’m completely useless without my glasses. And now you need to baby sit me. I know you hate this Rocket. Just go, it’s my stupid fault for picking a fight with a guy that could quite literally throw me across the room. You shouldn’t have to deal with me. I’m going to buy some new glasses as soon as we land. If done relying on everyone.”

Rocket felt a stab of guilt enter his body. He hadn’t realised you had been feeling that way.

“Nah, don’t spend all of those units. I’ll get 'em fixed by tomorrow. I promise.”

“Rocket it’s been two weeks, I’ve stolen far too much of your time already. This isn’t fair on you. You have more important things to be working on.”

A second stab.

“…(f/n), I haven’t started looking at 'em yet.” Rocket admitted.
He paused waiting for you to shout at him. You remained silent and waited for an explanation. Rocket took the hint and continued.
“I just want an excuse to spend time with ya. ’M sorry. I understand ya just wanted ya glasses back, It was selfish of me.”

“…You never needed an excuse Rocket. I’m annoyed don’t think I’m not but… that’s kind of sweet…” You smiled in his general direction.

“…yeah?” He mumbled, the smile reappearing. He made his way towards you and gently placed his hand on your arm.

“Yeah.” You laughed and scoop him up into a hug. He was just a fuzzy blur at that moment but he was still your Rocket. Rocket never minded you picking him up. He loved being close to you.
“Just please fix them if you can.” You laugh.

“I’ll go now, you’ve waited long enough.” He nuzzled his head into your jumpsuit before running off towards his room.

Later that night, after several hours hard work, he had your glasses working as good as new. He even took it upon himself to add some new features. He held them excitedly and ran off to find you.
You had managed to stumble back to your room and lay on your bed. There was a quiet knock on your door and you called out for whoever it was to come in.

“Hey (f/n), I fixed 'em.” He ran over to your bed and hopped up.

You allowed him to place them onto your face. You watched as the galaxy came into focus once more and your eyed landed on Rocket. His beautiful brown eyes stared back at you and a smirk tugged at his lips.

“Oh Rocket, thank you so much. They’re as good as new!” You pulled him into another hug. He once again snuggled close and smiled. Trying his hardest to wrap his arms around you.

“They’re better than new. Thought I’d add some stuff, y'know.” He pulled away and placed it on your hand. He then extend one of your fingers and guided it up to the metal frame of your glasses. You could feel two small buttons.
“This one,” He moved your hand onto the left one. “Allows ya to detect what weapons someone has. Pretty useful in combat. This one,” He guided you to the right one. He tried to stifle his laughter but still ended up sniggering.
“Allows ya to see the probability of winning in a fight with someone based on build and IQ, so, if it’s below thirty percent ya know ya gonna get thrown across a bar and smash your glasses.”

You laughed and nudged him playfully. “What’s the probability I’ll win against you then tough guy?” You press the right button and writing appears in the corner of your vision.

'Aint nobody beating me princess, besides, who else will fix your glasses?’

You laughed again at the fact that he had made your glasses as sarcastic as himself.

“Thank you Rocket, I love them.” You smiled and kissed his cheek.

“No problem (f/n), ya waited long enough.” He had a dopey grin on his face and he scratched behind his ear nervously. “Since I don’t need no excuse to hang out with ya does that mean we can go get a drink when we land?” His eyes dropped to your bed sheet. He found that the pattern had suddenly became very interesting to him.

“Of course Rocket, I’d love to.” You smiled when he looked up at you in disbelief.

“Really?” He beamed.

“Really. I think I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t enjoyed your company for the past two weeks.”

“It’s a… It’s a date then?” His grin faded and he regretted the words as soon as he had said them. Had he just blown it? Took it too far? He looked away in fear.

“Its a date.” You grinned excitedly. “I can’t wait.”

His smile returned in full force and he looked back up at you.

“Me neither sweetheart.” He smirked.

Just One Bite Part 1

gif is not mine

Title: Just One Bite Part 1

Characters: Dean, Sam, Reader x Nick (douche canoe)

Word Count: 1,111

Warnings: hurt/comfort, slight angst/fluff

A/N: This is a request from @flufy07 that I turned into a mini series! I hope you all enjoy this! <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much!  Part 2

Hunting with your boyfriend, Nick, was never an easy task.  He was always the one who wanted to be the warrior out of the two of you.  You just wanted to help whoever you could by taking out the monsters you were set out to take care of.  You had a different style of hunting than your boyfriend did.  He thought that killing them was the only way to go.  In certain situations, you would agree, but not every situation needed to end that way.

This time you were dealing with a pack of werewolves.  They were going after families in their own homes.  You wanted to talk to them and see if they would try hunting the animals in the forest nearby, but that’s not what Nick wanted to do.  Because of his stubbornness, you were now fighting off werewolves.

One of the werewolves hit you, causing you to fly across the room and collide with a china cabinet.  You let out a groan as you hit the floor beneath you.  You looked over at your boyfriend who was trying to fight two werewolves at once.  He shot one while the other tried to flank him.  Sure, he was a better fighter than you were, but that wasn’t what hunting was all about.  Not all the time anyway.

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Request (anon): The reader accidentally finds Riz’s gift for her

words: 1237

Twenty-four hours. That’s how long you have left to spend with your boyfriend. Your boyfriend, who is sound asleep against your lap on the living room sofa. A movie, which has long lost your attention, is still playing quietly in the background. Despite having selected the movie, Riz fell asleep just twenty minutes in.

You know that part of his sleeping stems from him trying to cling to a normal sleep pattern before he has to leave home for a few weeks. The other part is pure exhaustion. In the past week, just as he always does before he has to leave, Riz has spent nearly every waking minute with you. He pouted each time you chose work over him, yet he was there to pick you up the second you were finished for the day.

Lightly brushing your fingers against his hair, you can’t help but smile at the sight of him curled up against you. As much as you hate to admit to him, this action is the one you’re going to miss the most from him.

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Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 3 393
summary : a sequel to ‘Friends[finally finished the ‘drabble’ I had as a draft]
* gif by lightwoodxalec


Keeping her friendship with Kai a secret got harder and harder with each day. It didn’t take her long to realise that she had been right about him – he wasn’t the monster her friends said he was. All he needed was a friend, someone to believe in him and give him a chance and Y/N wanted to be this person. Her secret friend kept showing up every other day in the morning, sometimes scaring the hell out of her by sneaking into bed with her. Though their visits became a little rare, seeing how if she kept telling her friends she was feeling sick – one of them was bound to drop by unexpectedly and catch her and Kai together. Which would be really bad not only for Kai but for her too. Her friends (and specially Damon) were so over protective, they’d probably lock her away somewhere until they ‘deal’ with him. And that evening when Kai showed up, it became clear where they’d lock her away.
Y/N opened the front door and tossed her messenger bag on the floor by the stairs while Kai followed her inside. He had scared the hell out of her a couple moments ago when he had popped up out of thin air. Though now she was even more scared, but not of him but for him. Kai had siphoned away the travellers’ spell keeping supernaturals out of Mystic Falls and was planning on kidnapping Elena to use her as practice bunny to get a handle on his magic before merging with Jo. There was no way her friends would let this one slide if he goes through with it. Damon for sure wouldn’t. Y/N braced her hand on the stair railing and closed her eyes, hearing the door close and Kai sigh. A moment later she headed into the kitchen with him on her tail.
    “You haven’t said a word to me since I told you about my plan.” he stated, leaning against the kitchen door frame. “I take it you have an opinion about it.”
Kai watched her pour herself a glass with iced tea, offering him a glass too. Last thing he had wanted was to get her upset with him, but that had been exactly what had happened and now –
    “Yes.” she said quietly, glancing at her glass, leaning against the kitchen counter. “It’s just, if you go through with this… Damon will retaliate.”
    “I don’t give a damn about Damon.” he smirked, taking a sip from his glass. “Let him try. I siphoned a spell covering every inch of an entire town, he won’t be able to tou –”
    “You can’t keep doing this Kai !” she said suddenly, raising her voice. “You have no idea what would happen if you do this. I know you think you have to do it, but you don’t. You don’t need her, I will help you.”
    “Yeah as if that’s gonna happen.” he left his glass on the kitchen counter. “Magic is literally oozing out of me. I don’t really have control over it at the moment. What does it say about our relationship if I hurt you –”
    “Don’t you get it ?!” she stormed towards the living room with him right behind her. “If you go through with it, you are hurting me –”
    “Oh, I get it now.” he chuckled. “You think that when you say this, I will magically change my plans. That you can change me overnight. Manipulate me into doing the ‘right thing’.”
    “Kai –”
    “You have been trying to do that since the day we met, haven’t you ?” he raised his voice. “Stop wasting your energy –”
    “I’m not try–”
    “– trying to change me, Y/N! It’s not gonna work.”
Y/N put her hand on her forehead, shifting on her feet. How hadn’t she realised her words would lit up a match and she’d have to put out a fire ?! “I am not trying to change you, Kai. In fact - I like you perfectly fine just the way you are with all the sociopathic murdery tendencies. As insane as it might sound to other people. I am just worried something might happen to you.” she said, trying very hard not to raise her voice.
Kai was taken aback for a moment. Emotions were not something he was good at because he had spent so long suppressing every single one of them, just so he doesn’t feel pain when he got rejected and having someone who genuinely cares about him and his well being in his life was such a foreign concept to him…
    “Do you realise how ridiculous you sound ?! You are ‘worried’ about me ?!” he said incredulous.“Why do you even care ? I am a monster ! Or have your friends failed to mention what I did to get myself send to a magical prison for 18 years?” he said, his anger slowly dying down.
    “Kai –” Y/N tried to touch him but he just pushed her away. “I – You are not a monster. You did what you did, you paid the price and I do care about you. You are my friend, the only one who doesn’t treat me as if I am made out of porcelain. As if I might break and have to be put in a a glass case or something.”
    “Perhaps I should.” he said suddenly, wrapping his hand around her neck. He slammed her against the wall, anger flashing in his eyes again. “Look at you. So easily breakable, so weak you can’t even fight back.”
Y/N gripped his wrist, struggling to breath but didn’t do anything to push him off. Kai looked into her eyes for a few long moments, waiting for her to use her magic and push him off her. She didn’t and his anger was slowly replaced with confusion.
    “Why aren’t you fighting back? That’s the most fun part of it all.” he raised his voice, a hint of amusement and anger in it.  "Fight back !“
Kai waited, watching her face turn a little blueish and finally he let her go. Y/N rubbed her neck and took a few short breaths. Tears threatened to fill her eyes but she fought them back. Now wasn’t the time for tears. Her friend didn’t want her dead, something was up with him and just as she thought he had gotten all the anger out of his system, Kai grabbed her shoulders , siphoning her magic.
    “Tell me why you are not fighting back !” he demanded.
Y/N didn’t know what to tell him. He had become her best friend. He wasn’t telling her what to do or not to do, he didn’t want her to hide from danger like her friends. He was challenging her, pushing her limits daily, making her stronger and she cared about him more than she cared to admit.
    “Motus.” she muttered, pushing Kai a few feet away from her and he stumbled and fell on the floor. “Why is it so hard for you to believe that someone might actually care about you, Kai ?  That someone might actually believe in you and want to give you a real chance ?” she said raising her voice again.
Kai laid on the floor, laughing. “Finally ! You are fighting back !” he said. “I was wondering when you’d do that. Took you long enough…”
Y/N stared at him confused. “What ?!”
He got up and walked into the kitchen, putting some popcorn in the microwave.  "Love that confused expression you have on.“ he laughed. “I actually believe that you care about me. I don’t understand it, not really. Emotions and all, but I believe it. And I appreciate you giving me a chance. It feels nice having someone like you in my life.”
    “Oh-kay…” she took a step towards him. “So, why did you just try to kill me?”
    “Kill you ?!” he said amused. “Why would I kill the only person who I even remotely like ? That makes no sense.” he said as if it’s the most obvious thing in the world. ”No, I did it because you are trying everything to push away your magic and hide away from it.” he stated, opening the microwave. “Your magic is a gift. You should use it.”
Y/N walked towards him and grabbed an apple from the counter, considering for a moment if she should throw it at him or not. There it was again - Kai pushing her limits and in a way he was right. All her life she had pushed this part of her away, burying it deep because as fun as it was to have all those powers, it was also dangerous and … she just wanted a normal life. A normal boring human life.
    “You did all this just to get me to use my magic ? You are so confusing, Kai.” she sighed, taking a bite of her apple.
    “You can’t just push that part of yourself away, Y/N. You want me to practice with you – fine. ” he said moving the popcorn into a bowl, heading towards the couch for movie night. “I will, but I want to teach you how to use your magic.”
Y/N just stared at him in disbelief. “You know, you could’ve just said so, right? We are friends after all.”
    “It was much more fun that way.” he tossed a few popcorn in his mouth. “And ‘friends’ ? ” he patted the spot next to him on the couch.
    “What else would you call us ? I put up with you, you put up with me … Friends do that sort of stuff for each other.” she smiled and sat next to him, reaching for the popcorn but he pulled the bowl away. “Hey !!”
    “What ?” he asked innocently. Y/N tilted her head a little, and waved her hand pulling a package with pork rinds from the kitchen cabinet with magic.
    “I’ll share mine if you share yours.” she waved the package in front of his eyes. “So, when do we start ?”
    “Deal.” he grinned, turning off the lights with a flick of his hand, the movie starting to play on the DVD. “Next time we see each other.” he turned towards her and put his arm around her shoulder.

As Y/N had expected, things had gone sideways and their magic training got delayed with almost a whole week while Kai laid comatose in Alaric’s apartment on campus. A few days after the merge with Luke, Kai showed up early in the morning with coffee and chocolate cupcakes, practically dragging her out of the house. They took the long route to her school, stopping in the park for a while to enjoy their breakfast and catch up.
    “In case I forgot to say it before –” she turned towards him, taking a cupcake from the paper box. “ – I told you so.”
Kai sighed. “Yeah, yeah you did. You are so annoyingly right sometimes.” he laughed under his breath. “So, are you excited ? Magic training, day 1 !” Kai said excitedly, taking a sip from his coffee.
Y/N laughed. “More nervous actually. What if … what if you were right ? What if my magic just … doesn’t -”
    “Don’t overthink it. No matter if you have used your magic or not , it’s still there. You have nothing to worry about. Plus you have the best teacher in the world to make sure things don’t get out of control.”
    “So full of yourself.’ she teased.
    “Oh shut up.” he punched her shoulder playfully.

Later that afternoon they got started on the lessons. Y/N didn’t understand why Kai had chosen to stay with her all day at school and endure this torture but but she was sure he had fun. During classes he’d sit next to her making comments and no matter how much she tried not to laugh, it wasn’t possible. He’d wave his hand and the windows would suddenly blow open and she had a sneaky suspicion the fire alarm going off 3 hrs before classes were over was him too.
Teaching her magic turned into the most distracting process ever. Every time he touched her, her focus went poof in the air and things that weren’t supposed to catch on fire did, others exploded and she was pretty sure the car alarm of her neighbour’s car was set off by her magic.
    “Tsk-tsk…. See that’s what happens when you don’t use your magic - things go out of control when you do.” he said concerned and then winked at her.
Y/N glared at him trying very hard not to tell him it was he who was the reason why things didn’t work out. She didn’t like him that way, or at least it had escaped her up until this point. There was something different about the way he touched her and she liked it more than she should and every time he did, it felt as if electricity coursed through her body.
    “Yeah … that’s why.” she muttered low enough for him not to hear. “Let’s try this again.”
Her hands cupped the flower again and she muttered the spell, closing her eyes while trying to bring it back to life. It was a simple spell and all going fine until Kai put his hands around her waist  again and she dropped the flower on the ground.
    “Damn it, Kai ! Why do you keep doing that ?” she snapped, turning around.
    “Doing what?” he asked innocently. “It’s not my fault you get distracted and can’t do the spell.”
Y/N sighed in frustration. “I give up.”
    “Y/N –”
    “No, no. I give up ! We have been at it for three hours. Three hours !!”
    “You are not a quitter. One more time.” he smiled at her. “Come on, just one more.”
Y/N studied his face for a long moment and sighed in defeat. “Fine, one more try and I’m done.” she said, reaching for the flower on the ground, taking it in her hands. “Sorry for dropping you, little one. Lets see if I can make it up to you.”
A moment passed and she felt Kai’s hands around her again.
    “You have to learn to focus, Y/N.” he whispered to her, his breath ticking her skin. “Tune out the world around you , think only … about the spell. About what you want to happen.”
It took her about half a minute but she did as he said, concentrating completely about what she wanted to do. Y/N could almost picture the flower coming back to life, seeing its beautiful purple/white colours – and soon leafs started tickling her palms. Her eyes opened and she opened her hands slowly revealing the flower completely restored- green leafs , purple / white blooms.
    “There it is.” Kai said letting go of her. “Not every time you do a spell it will be in a ‘peace and quiet’ situations. If you can’t focus, you will end up hurt or someone else will end up hurt.”
Y/N nodded. “Got it.”
    “Here, lets try this again.” he got up, walking over to one of the large windows in the living room. His eyes closed for a moment and he placed his palm over it. Then the glass cracked.
    “Kai ! W-what are you doing ?!” she rushed to his side, grabbing his hand but that didn’t stop the spell. Damn he is good at this. she thought. “Malachai Parker !” she shook his shoulders.
Kai clenched his jaw and sighed. He knew it had been a reflex, calling him by his full name yet somehow he didn’t mind that much. “What ? You can fix it, here - I’ll show you how. ” he grabbed her by the waist, pulling her in front of him. “Just focus.”
Y/N tried and tried to focus, but he kept distracting her - his hands tugging on her shirt, resting his chin on her shoulder and whispering in her ear. It took her a few minutes but finally she managed and the cracks on the glass started to disappear.
    “See, you are getting better at this.” he smiled at her. “Now, lets see how you do after – this.”
    “After wh–” she started to say, but didn’t get the chance to finish when his lips crashed against hers. Almost the same second the window cracked again, even more than before and every candle in the room light up with flames reaching almost half way to the ceiling. He kissed her for barely a few seconds before pulling away but that was enough for her to lose all focus. “Damn Y/N – are you trying to burn your house down ?! I’d appreciate a heads up.” he waved his hand, putting the flames out.  "Y/N ? Are you okay ?“ he asked, waving his hand before her eyes. “Hello ? What’s h–”
    “Can we continue tomorrow ?” she asked quietly, running her fingers through her hair. “I um… I don’t think I can continue today.”
    “I pushed it too far, didn’t I ?” he asked, fixing her window. Y/N walked right past him and sat on the couch, not answering his question. He followed her and sat next to her, waiting for her to say something. A couple of minutes passed and he started to get worried. “Did I – um, did I offend you somehow ? I didn’t mean to, I –”
    “No, no.” she smiled at him. “You haven’t offended me, just … you took me off guard and I um .. I am having really hard time concentrating right now.”
    “Why ?” he asked curious. Y/N gazed into his eyes and sighed. “Why did you get so distracted every time I … touched you ? You don’t like me touching you or ?”
    “No. It’s not that. I just – I kind of –” she sighed.
    “Was this your … first kiss ?” he asked smiling. Y/N’s cheeks flushed immediately. Technically, yes it was her first kiss… her first real kiss. There had been this boy in kinder garden who had kissed her but that didn’t really count. “S-sorry. I um, I didn’t know and didn’t mean to ruin it for you.”
    “Ruin ?” she turned towards him smiling wider than ever. “You did no such thing, I’m um… I kind of really liked it.”
    “You did ?” grinned Kai, scooting over next to her. Y/N hummed.  "Do you mind if I um … If I kiss you again? Or am I pushing it?“
    “Y-you want to kiss me … again ?” she smiled nervously. “Um, okay … but if the house goes up in flames –”
Kai cupped her face, his eyes drifting between her eyes and her lips and his voice barely a whisper. “Thank of it as another lesson. Learning how to keep your emotions from spiking your magic and affecting your surroundings.”
    “That sounds too advanced.” she teased, her eyes darting between his eyes and his lips. “What if I can’t do it ?”
    “Then we try it again until you do.” he smiled at her. “Unless you don’t want to kiss me.”
    “No. I mean, yes… I –” Her heart was beating so fast in that moment, she was worried he might hear it. Then their lips touched again and her magic went haywire again. He pulled her against him, her fingers tangling in his hair. The door opened and closed shut and gust of wind whooshed around them while the candles lit up again, the flames pulsing to the beat of her heart. Then, too soon, he pulled away resting his forehead on hers. “This will take practice.”
    “You two look cosy.” said Damon. Y/N and Kai looked up, seeing the vampire starring at them with anger in his eyes and his hands folded on his chest. “Sorry, didn’t meant to interrupt whatever this is. You –” he pointed at Y/N. “– in your room. Now. And you –” he pointed towards Kai. “– pick how you want to die. Bite, neck snap, heart rip –”
    “How about … neither.” smirked Kai, muttering 'Invisique’. “Now… where were we ?" 



Tig Trager x Reader

@id-rather-be-high-and-fucked said she really wanted a new Tig one shot, and @girl-with-no-faith-in-medicine just really needed Tiggy in her life at the moment so this is for you two. I love y’all! 😚😚😚 


“Oh shit, Mmm, Oh yes…” Tig moaned as he sat on the edge of his bed, the girl kneeling in front of him sucking him off as he leaned back, supporting himself with his arms stretched out behind him.
“Fuck baby…” he groaned, leaning forward to grab her hair, pushing her throat down on his dick as she choked and he let her go. She pulled away from him to recover for a moment before her mouth descended on his shaft again and he closed his eyes and gasped,  "Oh God, just like that (Y/N). That feels so good, just like–“
His sentence was interrupted as she pulled her mouth off of him and slapped him straight across the face, standing up and scowling at him before wiping her mouth and storming out of the room.

She wasn’t (Y/N)…

"Fuck!” Tig cursed, throwing himself back onto the bed and covering his face with his hands. He felt so stupid, laying there with a raging hard on as the woman he thought he was going to fuck tonight was rejoining the party, and probably telling the other croweaters what he had done.
He felt bad, like he should apologize, but that was low on his list of priorities. Right how the only thing he needed to do was avoid blue balls. He stood up, ridding himself of his black jeans, boxers, and dark blue shirt and stalking to the shower. He hated masturbating, what the fuck is the point of croweaters if he had to jerk himself off, but he knew he had messed up by calling her the wrong name.
In all actuality, he thought, he had called the right name, he was just with the wrong woman. He came in the shower as the water cascaded over his body, his seed spilling onto the tile below him as he watched it wash down the drain, wishing he had been able give that to someone else…to you.

Tig knew that’d never happen again, remembering how bad he had fucked you over just made him hate himself more.

He finished bathing, washing the croweater scent off of his skin before stepping out and digging in the duffel bag that you had dropped off for him when he first began sleeping in the clubhouse for clothes. He pulled on the dark blue jeans and black button up, heaving his kutte over his back and shaking his wet head before ruffling his hair with his hands. He needed to get drunk, and fast, to push past the hurt he felt.

It was just after 2 o'clock in the morning when you heard  a motorcycle pull up outside your house, “Not again,” you groaned, rolling out of bed, walking down the hall to your front door, and looking through the peep hole just in time to see him ambling up the path.
You furrowed your brows, he was in no condition to be driving by the looks of him and you knew you couldn’t just ignore him tonight, he broke your heart but you didn’t want him to kill himself.  

You opened the door, sighing as he leaned against the door frame for support, “Tig what are you doing here?” you asked, trying to keep your cool. You told yourself you were done crying over him but every time he showed back up the flood gates opened and you cried some more.
“Baby… I love you,” he slurred, a drunk burp bursting from his mouth as he spoke. He smelled like soap and bourbon, so you knew him coming here was calculated, whether he knew it or not, he wouldn’t have bothered to wash the perfume off from the croweaters that hang all over him otherwise.
“Tig…” you huffed, “you’re drunk,” you stood blocking the doorway. In actuality he wasn’t just drunk, he was plastered; this was the worst you’d ever seen him.

“Maybe…. But I’m thinkin more clearly than I ever have….” his expression was sad, and you could tell he had been crying, like every other time he got drunk.

The demons he had created, that he did such a good job of shoving down when he was sober, ate him up when he was wasted until he was broken and he crawled to you to put him back together again. 

Recently you had stopped allowing him to come to you. You had refused to be there for a man who could claim he loved you and still find himself face down in another woman at a party that the two of you arrived at together, while the ink was still drying from the crow on your skin. 

It had been two weeks but he showed up almost every night, with the exception of nights when one of his brothers was able to stop him. 

“Please let me in,” he looked at you with his sad beautiful eyes, a pout on his face that wasn’t exaggerated for effect, he was genuinely that upset.
You folded your arms across your chest and stepped aside, creating a path for him to step inside which he took while you closed and locked the door behind him.

When you turned around he was making his way down the hall to your bedroom, the bedroom you used to share. You groaned, not wanting to have this fight with him. You didn’t even bother going after him, instead you simply plopped down on the couch, pulling the blanket you kept there off the back rest and covering yourself back up to go to sleep.

You were awakened again by the sound of sobbing right next to you and you opened your eyes to see Tig sitting on the floor with his back against the couch near your torso, his knees pulled up and his head sunk down as he cried. 

Your heart was breaking over the amount of hatred he had been throwing at himself. As much as you said your whole life you’d never stay with a cheater, seeing him in this state over his mistake made you want to forgive him.

“Hey,” you spoke, sitting up and getting his attention. His head whipped up to meet your gaze as he peered up at you through the darkness, tears streaming down his face. He appeared to have sobered up at least and you checked the time, 5:36am. Guessing he had just needed to sleep some of the alcohol off, you waited for him to speak.

“I know I fucked up, (Y/N), I know I did. I do stupid shit when I’m drunk. I still don’t even remember what I did… That next morning when I woke up on the floor behind the bar… and I realized you hadn’t carried me home like you usually do…. That’s when Chibs told me what I had done,” he looked down again, blubbering into his hands as he covered his face, “I don’t know what I was thinking baby. The last two weeks have been hell. I can’t sleep by myself anymore,” he turned so he was facing you, literally on his knees right in front of you as he begged you, “I love you, please let me come home.”

Tears welled up in your eyes as you stared back at him, unable to talk past the lump in your throat.
“You broke me,” you choked out finally as a single tear slid down your cheek and you looked down at your lap.

“I know, baby, I know,” he whimpered, placing his hand on either side of your face as he leaned into you, pressing his lips against yours, “Let me fix it,” he spoke as he pulled away from you, both of you crying as he kissed you again, his movements frantic, kissing you over and over again, “just let me fix it baby,” he stood up, climbing onto the couch with you as he continued to pepper your lips with kisses. You wrapped your arms around his neck and he laid you down, kissing down your throat and collarbone while you cried and held him tightly.

“I love you so much,” his voice cracked as he kissed you again, pulling your shirt up over your head and reattaching his lips to yours. 

He pulled the boxers, his boxers, you were wearing as sleep shorts off of you so you were fully naked and he ripped his shirt open, pulling it off and tossing it aside and he fumbled with his jeans, stopping as he got his belt undone to pick you up and carry you you into the bedroom, both of you sniffling as the tears subsided.

“I fucking love you,” he sniffed as he walked in the bedroom, setting you down on your bed and pulling his jeans and boxers down, stepping out of them and then holding your face in his hands, “I’m gonna show you how much I love you baby,” he planted a kiss on your lips and leaned into you, causing you to fall back as he settled between your legs, kissing down your chest and stomach, licking over to your ribs as he kissed the crow tattoo that was inked into the skin there, just barely healed, before advancing to your core.

He immediately began placing open mouthed kisses against your folds, wrapping his lips around your clit and sucking as he fingered you.
“I’ll never hurt you again” he mouthed against your center as he pressed his lips into you.

When he was sure your arousal was heightened, he moved back on top of you and pressed his chest into yours, palming his thick cock and easing it inside you, a defeated moan leaving his mouth as he sank into you, “Tell me you love me (Y/N),” he whined as he thrusted deeply and slowly into you, his tip pressing against your innermost walls as he grimaced, moving in and out of you and fighting back his tears.

“Please baby,” groaning as he pushed into you.

“I love you Alexander,” you sniffled as the words left your lips, tears staining your cheeks again as he made love to you, desperately, wantingly. 

He reattached his lips to yours, his tongue moving inside your mouth and begging for you to kiss him back. You curled your fingers in his hair, his face against yours as you bit his bottom lip and pulled it out before dipping your tongue into his mouth to dance with his.

Breaking away from you, he buried his face in your neck and gasped as he began to thrust more quickly and rigidly, hitting your g-spot at a perfect angle. 

God he was the best sex you’d ever had.

He was the only man you’d ever truly loved.

You tossed your head back, your fingers still tangled in his hair while he sucked and licked your neck, leaving hickies and bite marks as your stomach was set aflame, your orgasm quickly approaching. You could tell his was too as his breathing labored and he panted your name over and over again in time with his thrusts. 

“(Y/N)… (Y/N)… (Y…. –”

You both came at the same time, his thick seed shooting inside of you as he rode you through yours and you arched your back and gripped the sheets, biting your lip to stifle your moans. He collapsed on top of you, tears still threatening to burst forth at any moment as he spoke, "I wanna come back home, doll. I miss you and I want to come home,“ he whispered, his voice weak with despair and fear of rejection.

Unable to stomach the anguish and torture he was putting himself through, and knowing what he had been through his whole life before finding you, his one ray of sunshine, you couldn’t bear to shut him out. Somehow you knew he wouldn’t make the mistake of cheating on you ever again and you took solace in the fact that he had made the decision to do right by you.

"I miss you too Tiggy…and I want you to come back home.” you whispered his his ear as your fingers played in his dark curly locks and he breathed a sigh of relief into your shoulder, knowing he didn’t deserve you, but grateful to have you back.

Rossi Saves The Day

gif is not mine

Title: Rossi Saves The Day

Pairing: Rossi x Reader

Word Count: 1,106

Warnings: a bit of fluff and angst

A/N: This was requested by @flufy07! This is my first Rossi fic so I hope it’s okay! I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much!

After the profile was given the team looked back at the board to assess who the next victim could be.  The unsub would most likely take someone within the next twelve hours.  When you looked at the board, you realized the similarities between you and the victims on the board.

“Guys, what if we simply just gave the unsub their next victim,” you suggested in a low voice.  You stood next to the pictures on the board, gesturing between the pictures and yourself.  “What if we just set up a trap for the unsub and catch him in the act?”

“You’re willing to put yourself on the line to catch the unsub,” Morgan questioned, his voice reflecting his shocked expression.

“Clearly he has a type,” Reid noted.  “[Y/N] fits that type.  She even resembles qualities this unsub is attracted to.”

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Late night visit

Word count: 1636

Warning: smut

Kai pays you a late night visit and things get steamy

It was 11.53pm and you got all cozy and warm in your bed with a book still in your hands as you were getting ready to turn off the light and go to sleep. You placed the book on the light colored nightstand that had only a lamp and a glass of water on it. You flipped the switch on the lamp and turned off the light, pulling on the covers a bit higher, covering yourself up a bit more. It was a chilly night and your room was starting to cool down even though it was bareable. Your head hit the pillow and you closed your eyes, ready to drift off. Few minutes later, a knock on the front door could be heard.

‘Are you freaking kidding me?’ You muttered and quickly opened your eyes and got out of the bed, acting a little bit angry at whoever decided to pay you a visit at this hour. You turned on the light in the hallway and unlocked the doors, even though you kind of hesitated to open them, something inside you was telling you that you should open them and see who it is. A few seconds later, you were completely stumped when you saw a very familiar person standing in front of you.

'Kai?’ You said as you leaned on the doors and looked at him. His face was covered in bruises and blood. His shirt was ripped open and where his skin was exposed, you could see he had bruises there too and there was even a trace of blood.

'I need your help.’ He muttered as you kept looking at him, kind of happy to see him. Youinvited him in and led him to your room, letting him to lay on your bed while you looked for the first aid kit. You sat next to him slowly and pulled out a small gauze out od the box. You slowly placed your hand with the gauze on his face, making gentle and slow strokes, cleaning off the blood of his face.

'What happened to you? You look like a mess.’ You asked him, his lips forming into a smile.

'Got into a fight. Didn’t think I would end up this hurt, I am mega powerful so this is kind of embarrassing.’

'Always so cocky. You know, it’s not fair to cheat with your magic when you get into a fight with a human, but I assume that’s not what happened.’ You said as you placed the gauze on the nightstand and took another one.

'He started it.’ He replied making you snort out.

'Take off your shirt.’

'Wow atleast buy me dinner first and then we’ll do the rest.’ Kai trailed off making you laugh.

'Shut up, Kai.’ You said through your laugh as you trailed your fingers over his bruised face, feeling his skin under your fingertips.

'I love how beautiful you look when you smile.’ He stated, making you look at him with a serious face, totally befuddled at his words. You blushed a little and then looked down trying to hide it. Even though you broke up with Kai a dew months ago, he was still able to make you blush.

'Kai, I-’ you started but he cut your off as he lifted himself up from the bed and came closer, his face only a few inches from yours.

'I miss you. Every single day. There’s not a day out there where I don’t think about you.’

'I don’t think this is a good idea, Kai. We’ve been through this already.’ You said as you got up from the bed and walked towards the dresser on the opposite side of the bed. You ran your fingers through your hair and took a deep breath. When you turned around, Kai was standing right in front of you, do close that when you turned around, your nose brushed against Kai’s making your breath hitch for a second.

'I know we’ve been through this but, I need you. You are what I want in my life.’ Kai whispered, his nose burried in your hair as his lips brushed against your ear. His fingers were tugging at your shirt, making your heart beat faster.

'Kai’ you moaned out as his hand slowly slipped under your shirt, resting on your waist softly and his fingertips slowly brushing against your sensitive skin. His every touch made your skin more and more sensitive, everytime he traced his fingers over your stomach, it made you want to kiss him even more.
He moaned and kissed your neck, the vibrations you felt on your neck making you crazy. You cupped his face and smashed your lips with his, his hands instantly grabbing your butt to lift you up as you wrapped your legs around his waist. Your fingers went up to his hair, tugging on it gently as his lips went to your neck, kissing every part of it, like he never kissed you before. You wanted this more than anything. It was something you were longing for and it was finally happening. Kai let you down on the edge of the bed as he yanked your underwear with his hand, tearing it in half. You took your shirt off and at that moment you were completely exposed to him.

'Kai please’ you begged, your hand strongly holding onto his arm, desperately wanting to bring him closer.

'What do you need?’ He whispered and leaned in as his tongue swiftly licked your bottom lip, making you lift your head up from the mattress, wanting to kiss him.

'You. I need you. So much.’ You muttered, a smirk appearing on his face. He quickly took his jeans off, his hard lenght obvious through his black briefs. You bit your lip at the sight, your heart beating like crazy. He tugged his fingers on his boxers and pushed them down, freeing his lenght as it bounced up, making you swallow hard and close your eyes for a split second. You were still at the edge of the bed, your legs half way down on the floor. Kai leaned down and grabbed your face as he kissed you deeply, his fingers finding your entrance as he pushed two fingers inside you and curled them around.

'So wet. Who made you this wet?’ He asked, your eyes closing at his actions.

'You did. Only you, Kai.’ You moaned out and even though your eyes were closed, you knew he had the biggest smirk on his face.

'Mhm.’ He hummed and pulled his fingers out, but even beforr you could say anything, he replaced his fingers with his hard lenght as he swiftly pushed inside you. You let out a loud moan, the feeling that was so familiar and the feeling that you’ve been longing for for months. He lifted up your legs on his shoulders, his legs firmly standing on the carpet. You grabbed onto your bed sheets, the sensation taking over your whole body. He slowly withdrew almost all the way out and then back in at an agonizingly slow pace.

'Damn it, Kai’ you moaned out as you arched your back and clenched just once around him, making him groan.

'Fuck, if you do this constantly, I’m not gonna last long.’ You smirked at his words, proudly knowing that it was still his weakness and that he still loved it when you did that. He pulled out again and then pushed in, but in a much quicker pace. As moments past, his pace was getting faster and faster, but still very deep. He moved your legs from his shoulders and pulled out, making you moan out and to look at him confusingly as you didn’t know what he was doing. He lifted you up, your legs wrapping around his waist as he moved both of you higher on the bed. He placed his hands on the bed frame and pushed in again in a fast pace. So fast that it was somewhere between pleasure and pain. You grabbed onto his waist and everytime he went in, you pressed him down with your hands even more and every now and then you clenched around him which caused him to moan out your name.

'Fuck, I’m so close.’ You moaned out as Kai picked up his pace, focusing on getting you to your release first. He leaned in a kissed you deeply, his teeth gently pulling on your lip. He thrusted a few more times as you finally came around him, your nails digging deep into his skin and your back arching in pleasure.

'Oh god’ he groaned out and now long after you, he was moaning out your name, his orgasm taking over his body.

He pulled out and dropped down on the bed beside you, both covered in sweat and trying to catch your breath.

'That was amazing.’ Kai whispered and then kissed you swiftly, your head resting on his chest. He wrapped his arm around you and pulled you closer, placing a soft kiss on your forehead. You were just laying in silence for who knows how long, Kai’s hand gently stroking your arm.


'Yes?’ He asked, looking you in the eyes.

'What does this mean now?’ He only smiled and kissed your forehead again.

'I still love you, I always will and if you want to get back together, I would be the happiest man alive.’ He trailed off making you smile. He still loved you and you still loved him and nothing could’ve changed it.

'You were all I could think about. I love you too.’ He placed a hand under your chin and lifted your head a bit higher as he kissed you slowly and then hugged you tighter as you both drifted off to sleep.


requested: sid imagine

a/n: i had such motivation in writing this. the person who requested this was v specific about it and i LOVED the idea so i just had to write it as soon as i could

warnings: non except soft sid

** ** ** ** ** **

it was one month before sid’s 30th birthday when you noticed he started acting different; he wasn’t himself. he was always out and wasn’t spending as much time with you anymore, and hockey was always his excuse. you had been dating him for 6 years and knew you could trust him when he constantly said he was busy with hockey, but you knew something was bothering him.

everyday, he got up and would head to practice hours before it’s scheduled start, leaving you to eat breakfast alone. you needed to find out what was bothering him because, to be honest, sid wasn’t always open about his feelings.

you got up an hour before sid was suppose to, allowing you to cook him a delicious breakfast before his practice today. as you were finishing the eggs, you heard him stirring in the bedroom. it wasn’t long before you turned around to see sid leaning against the door frame.

“what’s all this?” he asked, clearly catching onto your antics.

“just thought i’d make you something to eat. you know, i feel like i haven’t really seen you lately, love. you’ve been so busy. what’d you say you and i go do something tonight?” you questioned him.

“sorry, im staying late again tonight to work on slap shots and shoot out skills.” he said as he munched on a piece of toast that you just buttered.

“oh, alright.” you said, sounding disappointed.

“im sorry baby.” he kissed your cheek. “thank you for this lovely breakfast but i gotta get to practice. ill see you when i get home tonight.” he said as he grabbed his bag and walked out the door.

“i love you.” you whispered after he had already shut the door. you look over to the clock that read 7:12 am, and realized you wouldn’t see him until 9 o'clock tonight. until you decided, you wouldn’t. you needed to figure out what was wrong and why he seemed to be shutting himself out lately.

you put on a pair of leggings and a sweatshirt, grabbed your shoes and headed out the door to catch sid at the PPG. you drove as quick as you could until you finally got there, and felt nervous as you entered the building. you knew sid was there, you could hear the sound of pucks on the ice, ricocheting off the red goal posts.

       when you got there, you saw a few of his other teammates there, but couldn’t quite make out who they were. you made your way through the empty seats that would otherwise be as packed as sardines on game days, and got to the bench.

      “sid!” you screamed, your voice echoing through the arena. he took a slap shot and turned to see you standing on the bench. he started skating over to you, all his gear on, stick in hand.

       “y/n, what are you doing here?” he said in an angry tone.

       “i needed to get you somewhere where you couldn’t run away from me. now what’s going on? why have you been so distant lately? coming to practice early and staying late? what’s up with you sid?” you asked, trying to sound understanding and content.

       “not now y/n…” he said, clearly annoyed at your presence.

       “sidney crosby, tell me what’s going on. im not here to assign blame, im here to help.” you needed to sound understanding because sid would never hurt open up about his feelings, even to you.

       “get out of here, ill talk to you later.” his voice continued to get louder with every word.

       “tell me now.” you gave up being the nice guy.

       “get out.” he said firmly. you were done and tried to rip the stick out of his hand, and ended up knocking him straight on his ass, and the stick ended up in your hand. he looked up at you as you dropped the stick on the ice next him, reliving the moment in your head.

       “sid…” your voice trailing off as he stood up and met your gaze.

       “im turning 30 in a week. there’s so many rumors going around that mcdavid is already better than i am. ive been working my ass off for years to get where i am and suddenly this rookie is just gonna walk in and match me? im sick of hearing all these rumors and im gonna be retiring soon, i mean im turning 30 for fucks sake y/n.” he turned around, unable to face you. “i miss when i was the best and everyone knew it. i guess, the 30 year mark is stressing me out, and non stop practicing is the only way i can deal with it.”

       there it was. the confession you’ve been looking for the past month. but you understood where he was coming from, you had heard the rumors too. “aw darling. even if he is better than you, who is the three time stanley cup champion here? who has won, like, the most awards ever? who has won the world cup of hockey more than once? certainly not connor. sid, baby, i know 30 is a big number for you, but no matter where your career goes from here, you will always be the best hockey player to me and one of the most legendary players in nhl history.”

       he turned around and looked you in the eyes. “i love you. im sorry ive been so focused and hard on hockey baby. im just stressed. i promise ill spend more time with you. i can skip the late night practice tonight and we’ll hang out, just like you wanted.” he smiled.

       “that would be great.” you wrapped your arms around his neck as you pulled him in for a kiss. “no matter what happens, you have accomplished so much in your career so far. you are truly one of the most successful hockey players of all time. you are this generations gordie howe, or wayne gretzsky. there are so many people who love you and are proud of who you are and what you’ve done for nhl. we can’t all stay in our prime forever. but you will always be remembered and always be a wonderful hockey player.” you needed to comfort sid and make sure he was truly okay.

“i know. im just going through a rough time. this rookie stuff is just getting to me and ive been stressed and im sorry. thank you for being here even when i haven’t been around that much and haven’t been doing anything but hockey. i love you so much babe.” he seemed to be feeling better.

“i love you too. now get back to practice, ill see you when you get home later.” you blew a kiss to him as he skated away screaming ‘i love you’, loud enough for the entire city of pittsburgh to hear. you loved sid with all your heart and you couldn’t wait for a night out with him for the first time in a while. he finally confessed what had been bothering him, and he now knew that you would be there to help and support him. you couldn’t stop smiling as you entered your car, thinking of the man you were head over heels for, who you hoped to say 'i do’ to one day.

ALTL Part 48

gif is not mine

Title: ALTL Part 48

Characters: Gabriel x Reader, Lucifer, Sam, Dean, Castiel

Word count: 1,065

Warnings: angst

A/N: I hope you’re all still interested in this series :) Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3 <3

The masterlist to this series can be found HERE!

It wasn’t long before you mother showed up again.  She faded in and out as she came closer to you.  When she moved, it was as if she was made of static.  It was like she was jumping forward feet by feet.  Before you knew it her hand was around one of your arms.  She threw you away from Gabriel, causing you to roll against the gravelly ground.

You bounced a few times, eventually rolling to a stop.  The few minor cuts on your arms, quickly healed themselves.  You knew you could heal yourself, but if she hurt you too badly, there was no way you could heal yourself right away.

“You did this to me [Y/N],” your mother shouted, suddenly at your feet.  “I should have killed you when I had the chance.”

“Gabriel, salt and burn the ring,” you yelled, trying to scoot away from your mother.

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Daddy’s Girl x Ashton Irwin 

Word Count: 1016

Requested: Nope

Warnings: Adorable Scenarios

Much love…

“Can I h-hold her?” Ashton asked as he looked down to the tiny being that rest in your arms. Tears still stained your face as you held her, you were in shock, after nine long months of pregnancy and 10 hours of labor you were finally a mom. 

Ashton was so cautious as he took his baby girl from your arms, “Hello Beautiful,” he spoke softly placing a kiss on her forehead, “Even though I just met you, I want you to know Daddy already loves you and always will.” That was all it took for the silent tears to spill out of your eyes once again. As Ashton held your baby girl in his strong arms he had the gentlest expression on his face. Even as she started to cry out he remained calm, rocking her in his arms, humming soothingly in her little ear. 

 "I think our baby girl wants her Mama,“ he smiled down at you in the hospital bed as you accept your little bundle of joy into your warm arms. Ashton leaned over her placing his lips on your own. One of his hands brushed your hair behind your ears as you kissed him back. It was like time stopped in the moment. 

 Ashton suddenly pulled away from you, your lips seemed to tingle. A nurse was standing close to your bed, smiling, “Now we don’t need anymore of that right yet, that’s what got you here after all,” she laughed her hand momentarily resting on her chest, “Oh I’m just kidding,” she smirked. “I’m sorry Ma'am,” Ashton spoke softly as his face reddened. 

The middle-aged woman simply smiled, brushing it off. “Have the two of you thought of any names yet?” You and Ashton exchanged glances before Ashton let out one of his famous giggles, “Why can’t I just keep calling her Babygirl? I don’t want the pressure of choosing something she has to live with for the rest of her life." 

 You rolled your eyes, "I like Analia. Then we call her An-” Ashton’s face lit up as he interrupted, “Can I still call her Babygirl?” His hand extended grabbing your little girls hand, “You look like an Analia, Analia (Y/Middle/N), just like your mama." 

 "No Ash, that’s stupid,” you protested in reaction to his choice of middle name, something you actually despised, “Why not Analia Fletcher, like her daddy?” As soon as you muttered those words you regretted it. 

Ashton placed his hand on your forehead as if he was checking your temperature, “I think the epidural might be effecting your mindset, her middle name will not be Fletcher." 

The nurse came closer, "I’m sorry (Y/N), but I have to agree with the Mr on this one.” Ashton pulled your little girl from your arms once again, “Hi Analia, Analia (Y/Middle/N) Irwin. Let’s go with it, Mommy doesn’t have to know,” he cooed, a smile spread across her lips. “Is that final Mrs. Irwin?” The nurse questioned as she nodded encouragingly, “It’s a beautiful name for a beautiful baby.” “Yes,” you smiled looking over to your husband and Analia, “As long as they’re happy, I am." 

Ashton slowly covered his eyes with one of his hands and quickly moved it away, Analia erupting into a fit of high pitched giggles, just like her daddy. The nurse moved closer to you, leaning down to whisper, "I think you’ve got a Daddy’s Girl on your hands.” “I know and I wouldn’t want it any other way,” your heart fluttering as you spoke. 


It had been nearly a month, one sleepless night after another for both Ashton and yourself. He had done everything he could for you to care for Analia; always offering to feed her, change diapers and bathe her. You batted your eyes as you rolled over in bed to see the clock, it was much past the time Analia typically woke up screaming. But this morning she hadn’t done that which eluded you. You smiled as you sat up but noticed you were alone, Ashton’s side of the bed vacant. 

Rushing to get out of bed you dashed to Ana’s room, additionally her crib was empty. Fear pulsed through your veins though you knew she was safe with her daddy. Strolling into the living room you were in complete awe; there Ashton sat rocking his baby girl, singing quietly. You leaned up against the door frame not daring to make a sound. Listening more intently you realized he was singing random song lines repeatedly, always returning to “She’s a good girl, Daddy’s favorite.”

Not being able to take it any longer as he hummed along softly to a indecipherable song, you approached the pair. “I would say she’s got you wrapped around her little finger, you should sing that one.” Ashton jumped a little, “You came a little too late for that one.” Analia’s little eyes were laden by sleep as Ash continued to rock her. 

You sat down on the couch nearest his chair, curling up in the corner, your arms grasping a throw pillow, “Your such a good daddy Ashton.” His eyes wandered to yours, catching your steady glance as a large yawn escaped his lips, “I hope so. I’ve been trying." 

"Trust me, you’re an amazing daddy,” you sighed, “I hope you realize she’s gonna be a Daddy’s Girl.” Ashton smiled, though it was more so a proud smirk, “Just like her mommy.. Though that’s a bit different." 

In that moment you wanted nothing more than to smack him upside the head though you didn’t want to disturb Analia who was now sleeping like a rock. "I hate you Irwin,” you scoffed turning away from him. 

His reply was instant, his words making your heart melt, “But (Y/N), you know it’s the truth… And you should also know that Daddy is gonna love both his girl’s to death; just a bit differently..”

 BAD TEMPER III + masterlist + [part one and two]

 A/N: I’m contemplating whether or not to have all the chapters keep the same gif header or to change it like I’ve been…whatever, all I know is I’ll be putting this up on AO3 once I get the chance! The more you guys want of this, the more I’m willing to write it, who knows if it’ll be the next miniseries I write…any who, thanks for enjoying the lil storyline! [gif not mine] 

Word Count: 5.6K+

Warning: profanity and mentions of blood.

For the past couple of days you heard nothing but Kylo’s voice in your head, more than your own, it was like he took over your own thoughts. At first, you were a bit irritated that you even let him in in the first place–you wanted your mind to yourself, a place of freedom when you were upset or disappointed, hell, even happy–so you’d kick Kylo out. Of course, you’d feel the annoying tugging sensation that was Kylo begging for reentrance each and everytime so you allowed him in for a reason you didn’t bother to uncover. I’m such a sucker.

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You’re Innocent

gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns

Title: You’re Innocent

Pairing: Pride x Reader

Word Count: 1,305

Warnings: angst & fluff

A/N: This was requested by an anon! I hope you all enjoy! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3

Pride walked through the squad room, grabbing the keys off of his desk.  It was time to lock up and get settled in for the evening.  He was ready to unwind and relax for the rest of the night.

The agent shut the door, locking the downstairs up.  He slowly walked through the squad room, stopping at the end of the stairs.  Just as he was about to go upstairs for the night, there was a pounding at the door.  Pride quickly rushed back to the door and unlocked it.

When Pride opened the door, he didn’t expect to see you.  The way you threw yourself into his arms made him look behind you, searching for something, or someone, that could be chasing you.  He didn’t have time to notice the blood on your clothes.

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