the giant woke up

When Victor’s really annoyed Yuuri, Yuuri likes to tell him off in Russian as that usually really makes him pay attention. However, considering Yuuri’s still a beginner, it doesn’t always work out. One time, he mixed up his words and instead of calling Victor a ‘unfairly selfish’, he somehow called him a ‘cheese-grater’. Victor ended up crying still… just of laughter on the floor. 


Malink Month - Day 1/30 - First Impressions

Link just woke up, got chased by a giant boulder Indiana Jones-style, fought dozens of monsters, fell down into a deep pit of a tree, killed a giant spider queen, and traveled miles and miles across Hyrule Field on a dirt path in the summer sun, which is infested with stalchildren at night. This is the state Malon first finds Link in… with no context whatsoever.

Link, on the other hand, is just relieved to find another person his size for the first time since he left the forest.

Lloyd's Toys

Lloyd’s mother walked in on the sleeping child
Between messy mountains and plastic piles.
She glared at him, only shaking her head,
Leaving the boy in his bedraggled bed.

His father demanded a cleaner room.
Lloyd was grounded, and, as one could presume,
The mess he lived in only grew bigger
Until she walked in- the babysitter.

She was a scary witch and said to Lloyd,
“If you do not clean up your mess, my boy,
You will find yourself living in it soon.
Unless it is clean, you will not leave your room!”

Lloyd didn’t listen, and as he slept that night,
He dreamed of colourful bright flashing lights.
The nightmare rolled him off the bed, and down
He fell an eternity to the ground.

Sweating from the kaleidoscope dream,
He woke up on a giant puzzle piece
Looking up at walls made of playing cards,
And the far away glow-in-the-dark stars.

Sarah About Marcia : The more I learned about the real Marcia Clark, not the two-dimensional cardboard cutout I saw on the news, but the complicated, whip-smart, giant-hearted mother of two who woke up every day, put both feet on the floor and dedicated herself to righting an unconscionable wrong…the more I had to recognize that I, along with the rest of the world, had been superficial and careless in my judgment.   

Audrey about Shelby: fiery and pathetic, that’s exactly how I played her

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Aaannnd whatever – whoever – it is opens their eyes. Anneliese grins tentatively, switching her phone with its flashlight still on to her left hand, and waving tentatively with her right. “Hey … sorry, I hope I didn’t wake you up.“

She doesn’t want to be rude and point out how extravagantly big he seems to be– but her bemused expression as she trails her gaze up and down his body speaks loudly enough. When she realizes she’s shining her flashlight in his face, she’s quick to turn it off. “Oh! Sorry, I’m blinding you! Um! Yeah, so! Oh God, I woke you up didn’t I? I’m so sorry!”

(This was sitting in my drafts from weeks ago so I thought I would share this random bit of weird)

I dreamed a human version of Krell worked as a maintenance person in my apartment complex. He came over to fix my heater. Then started flirting with me???? so I kicked him out

He came back later and completely sabotaged my car and apartment. Because he’s an asshole no matter where he turns up, apparently. But Chirrut and Baze also lived in my apartment building and decided to teach me how to defend myself (using steel baseball bats in place of lightsabers bc apparently this is a modern AU).

They were great teachers, but this is ME we’re talking about. So my confrontation with Krell goes about as well as you’d expect, and I flee across the country back to my home state and try to convince my family that I’m being terrorized by a four-armed man with a giant chin.

Needless to say, I woke up very confused.

Sick Days

Warnings: Fluffffff
Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester, Sister Winchester Reader
Summary: Reader gets sick and her brothers taken care of her.
Readers Age: Any :-)
Word Count: 656

Y/N: Your Name

A/N: So I haven’t been feeling the best lately and needed some Winchester fluff so this was born! This is also to celebrate 80 followers whoo! Enjoy!

You woke up with a giant pounding in your head and your stomach turning, you groaned, then had a coughing attack. You coughed so loud that Dean came into your room,
“Y/N? You okay?” Dean asked while closing your door behind him, you shook your head from side to side and moaned. Dean put his hand on your forehead, “You’re burning up Chipmunk.” Dean informed you, “I’ll make you some soup and get you some aspirin alright?” You nodded.

“Y/N, wake up Sweetie.” A scruffy, but soft voice told you. You opened your eyes to see Dean putting soup, water and some pills on your nightstand. “You need to eat.” Dean told you, you once again moaned and rolled back over, pulling your blanket over your head.

“Y/N, I’m not asking c'mon Sweetie you have to eat.” Dean instructed while pulling your blanket back down and helping you sit up. “But I’m not hungry..” You whined, Dean sighed, “I don’t care, you have to get your strength back up.” Dean said, you did as you were told.

“I’ll be back in a little while to check on you, here’s your laptop and remote for the TV in case you get bored.” Dean said as he handed you the stuff, “Thanks De.” You responded as you took a spoonful of soup. “No problem.” Dean replied as he leaned in to kiss your head, then walked out of your room.

You were snuggled up in your blanket watching YouTube on your laptop when you heard a knock, “Y/N?” You rolled over to see Sam entering your room, “Hey, you feeling any better?” Sam asked as he placed the back of his hand on your forehead. You shook your head from side to side, “Yeah you’re still burning up, does your head still hurt?” Sam asked, you nodded. “Alright I’ll get you some more aspirin.” Sam told you as he headed out your room, you rolled back over and resumed watching your video.

…The Next Day…

You woke up feeling a little better, your stomach ache was gone but your head wanted to kill you. You groaned, then you heard a knock, “Hey, Bug you feeling any better?” Sam asked as he entered your room. “My stomach doesn’t hurt but my head is murdering me.” You replied, Sam chuckled, “More aspirin for you it is.” Sam responded as he turned around to leave, “S'mmy?” You asked.

Sam turned around, “Yeah?” He responded, “Can you stay in here with me? I’m getting bored being in here alone.” You replied puppy dog eyes activated, Sam smiled, “Sure, scoot over.” You did as you were told. You let Sam get situated and then snuggled close to him, your head on his chest and his arm drapped onto your shoulders. You fell asleep to the sound of his heartbeat.

…The Next Day…

You woke up, you felt a little better but you were still convinced your head was trying to kill you. You once again heard a knock on your door, “Chipmunk?” Dean entered your room, “How you feeling?” Dean asked as he placed the back of his hand on your forehead. You mumbled the words, “My head.” Dean frowned, “Sorry you aren’t feeling that much better Sweetie.” Dean apologized, “S'not your fault.” You mumbled. Dean smiled, “Alright I’ll check in later.”

Before he could leave you spoke up, “De?” Dean turned around, “Can you please stay in here with me?” You asked puppy dog eyes once again activated. Dean chuckled before nodding, you moved over and Dean slid in under the blankets, you then moved over to him and placed your head on his chest and he laid his arm on your shoulder. You fell asleep to the sound of his heartbeat.

I hope y'all like this one! I’m open for tips on improving!

Day offs should be spent at beach! - Chanyeol scenario.

Summary: You finally have a day off and the weather is perfect so why not spend the day on the beach with your favorite giant?

Words: 1710

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You still woke up early in the morning, even though you didn’t have to work today. You rolled on your bed to reach your phone, and the clock showed 7:47. You groaned and hid your face in the covers to hide the sun. Finally you had nothing to do, but who would be awake at this time of the day to join you?

You rolled out of the bed and went to the kitchen to prepare your breakfast. Finally you decided to text him. Of course he’d be asleep, but he would at least see your text when he woke up.

You started typing.

“Hey, I’m already awake! Do you wanna meet me today? I don’t want to be alone on my first day off.”

You hit “send” and blocked the phone, not expecting an answer for a long time. But to your surprise the screen lit up in 5 minutes. You looked at your phone.

Chanyeol: “I’m awake too, couldn’t sleep. I’ll be at your house in 15 minutes. Pack everything you need in your backpack and put on your swimsuit. Don’t make me wait!!”

Was he crazy? You couldn’t just go to beach. The water wouldn’t be warm enough to swim and.. You ran out of reasons. There was nothing better to do on this day than to spend it next to your favorite person on earth next to the sea.

But you didn’t need to hurry. Of course Chanyeol’s 15 minutes took more than half an hour, so you were totally ready when he told you to come out.

You ran to his car and could already see a huge grin on his face, sunglasses hiding his happy eyes. You got in the car and kissed him on the lips, while holding his neck gently. His grin grew wider, as he turned on the engine and soon the wind was blowing your hair.

“How come you’re awake so early?” You asked him.

“I don’t know, I just couldn’t go back to sleep. Lucky aren’t you?” He laughed.

“I am.” You said, and you truly meant it. You were lucky he was by your side.

The road was almost empty and you were at the beach in no time. Chanyeol got out of the car, while you were getting your backpack and opened your door. 

“Thanks” you said as you felt cold breeze on your face and shivered.  

“Are you cold?” He asked, a little worried. “Don’t worry, it’s too early. It will get warmer. And I brought some blankets.” 

“Why do I need blankets? You’ll just light up some fire with your palms.” You laughed. It was too funny for you to think that Chanyeol pretended he had superpowers, for EXO.

“I don’t need supernatural fire, I’m naturally hot.” He said laughing and slammed the door of his car, after getting his backpack.

You walked on the deserted beach to find the perfect place and you couldn’t help but feel so grateful that you had him next to you. He was so busy, always tired from rehearsals, but he still found time to see you, and make you feel better.

“Let’s stay here” he whined. “I can’t walk anymore and I’m hungry.“ 

“Okay, give me the blanket.” Chanyeol got the biggest blanket and put it on the sand. He was lying on it in less than two seconds.  

"I thought you were hungry!“ You said. 

"Yes, I am and I don’t see you hurrying to feed me.” He whined again and you couldn’t help but laugh loudly. He was such a baby. You opened the backpacks and got out all the food you found. You had made some sandwiches and Chanyeol seemed to have bought whole supply of some supermarket’s snacks. You unpacked a sandwich and put it next to Chanyeol’s mouth. He opened it immediately and it was gone in seconds. Chanyeol closed his eyes as you started to caress his long silky hair. It was moments like this when you truly appreciated your life. You were sitting on a beautiful beach, slow breeze blowing in your face, your favorite person lying next to you. 

Tiredness from the previous week took over you and you lied down next to him. You looked at his beautiful face and smiled. He looked so peaceful when he slept, so different from his loud and energetic self. Just staring at him made you want to close your eyes and drift away. You snuggled close to him, wrapped his arm around your waist and closed your eyes, his warmth surrounding you.

You woke up to the same warm feeling around you. You opened your eyes and saw Chanyeol’s face, he was smiling at you.  

"How long was I asleep?“ You asked, as he hugged you closer to him. 

"Almost two hours.” He replied. 

“Two hours?! Chanyeol, why didn’t you wake me up? This is our only day off, I can’t spend it sleeping.”  

“But it was so good lying next to you. Don’t get up please!” He said and hugged you tightly.  

"Are we going to stay like this all day?“ You asked, pressing your palm to his cheek.  

"Why not?” He asked and rubbed your waist with his hand, sending small shivers through your body.  

"How can you make me shake with only one movement?“ You asked him. 

"Because I love you.” He said, placing a small kiss on your nose. “That’s why our touches mean so much, it’s full of love.”  

“Someone got more serious.” You said and it was true. You weren’t used to Chanyeol being so quiet.  

"I’m not serious. I’m crazy. You make me crazy.“  

"You were crazy even before I met you” you said. 

“Then imagine how much madder I am right now” he said. Brushing your cheeks with his gentle hands. “I can’t even control myself when you’re not around.” His words were making you shiver. That was exactly how you felt but unlike him, you couldn’t express those feelings. Time was passing away and you two were still cuddling on the blanket. 

“Hey.” you said. “Get up! We’re not going to spend this day lying around!”

“Okay” he said, “Then I want to swim. You’re wearing a swimsuit right?”

“I am, but don’t you think it’s a little cold for that?” you asked and looked over at the sea.

“We’re going to be together, how is that gonna be cold?” He said with a mischievous smile. “Come on” He said, and lifted you with just one hand. 

Chanyeol ran into the cold water and when the sea was deep enough, he dived under pulling you with him. The water surrounded you. You couldn’t breathe but you doubted it was because of the lack of oxygen. His arms pushing you against his body, his head resting on your shoulder, your legs laced together trying to balance in water, were making your mind go blank. This is heaven - you thought and opened your eyes. Your vision was a little blurry, but you could still see his face looking at you with warmth in his brown eyes. You pulled him even closer, because you didn’t want an inch between your bodies. You pulled him closer and kissed him with full heart. He was kissing you like he had never kissed before. 

You could swear, you didn’t know how much time passed. You could feel all of air leaving your body. You could probably die, but you didn’t care, because Chanyeol’s sweet lips were on yours. His strong arms were holding you tightly. It was those arms that pulled you out of the water. When you opened your eyes, you were sitting in the shallow water, Chanyeol’s arms surrounding you.

“You were ready to drown there if I didn’t pull you out you know?” He laughed loudly.

“At some point I really didn’t care.” You told him.

“I know what you mean. Now hug me I’m cold” He said, waves were splashing against you, as you hugged him tightly. 

“Look the sun will set soon.” You said.

“Oooh, I love sunsets! Let’s watch it from here.” He told you and held you even closer. 

The sunset was amazing. Maybe because of those warm arms around you. Or his breath against your neck. But the colors were breathtaking. You leaned your head against his chest to feel his heartbeat. This day could be the best in your life.

You sat like that, until the sky was all dark and the stars were shining from above.

“I think it’s time to go home, Chan. It’s late.” you said.

“Really? You think I’m going to go home without a campfire? Seriously?!” His eyes were wide, like he really didn’t believe you could say such thing.

“You really think you have powers, don’t you?” You looked at him suspiciously.

“Well if you count some wood and a lighter as a superpower, then yes!” He laughed and went to find some wood.

You didn’t even know you were so cold, but Chanyeol’s body warmth and the small campfire were making you happy. You listened to the fire sounds and looked up to the sky, as you leaned against Chanyeol’s strong body. 

“Hey, are you sleeping?” He asked.

“No. Just looking at the stars.” 

“I can’t do that”

“What?” You asked.

“How can I look at the stars, when you’re here?” he whispered in your ear.

“Come on Chan, don’t be cheesy.” you laughed and jokingly smacked his arm.

“But that’s true” He was laughing too. 

“I love you so much!”

“I love you too.”

“Can I ask you something?” he said. You turned your hand to look into his eyes.

“Someday, when I gather up enough courage to ask you, will you marry me? I mean we’re so young right now. It’s not sensible, but in a few years. Would you like that?” His eyes were sparkling and you knew it was hard for him to say these words and you didn’t want to hurt him with silence, even though you were so shocked you could probably be quiet forever. 

“I would do anything for you Yeol. Anything.” You said and you knew it was true.

“Then you won’t have to wait long.” He said smiling as he pulled you into a passionate kiss.

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THOUGHTS: Sometimes ideas result from a mishmash of memories from films I saw throughout my life. When I woke up this morning I just thought about giant warships juxtaposed with a small fishing boat. I believe my mind just concocted this brew out of memories of “Conan The Future Boy” (with its giant warships), “Jaws” (the famous “Orca” fishing boat) and Roland Emmerich’s “Godzilla” (although everybody seems to hate it, I think it had some of the best scenes of New York under rain which were brilliantly captured).

1. Square format
2. Painting in under 60 minutes.
3. Prior 10 minutes for reference searching
4. No photo overlaying.

“Let me tell you, living with a toddler is so much fun. Last night, I had to put her to bed early because she decided the hallway wall was a giant canvas for her masterpiece, and this morning, I woke up and the first thing she told me was ‘mommy, I farted on you.’ How lovely.”

Monsta X Reaction: You’re too Scared to Kill the Spider

Shownu: He may be a gentle giant, but he is truly fearless. You woke him up from his nap because you were so frightened by the giant spider on the wall. He got up like the good boyfriend he is and killed it. 

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Hyungwon: Let’s be honest, he’d probably be sleeping when this happened as well. When you shoved him off the bed to get him to wake up, grumpy Hyungwon emerged.Scrambling for his glasses, he got up from the bed. He killed the spider lazily and fell back asleep instantly.

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Wonho: He’d probably laugh at you then kill it without hesitating. Definitely use it as blackmail for later tho, when you tease him about something.

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Minhyuk: You would both run out of the house screaming lmao. I wouldn’t date him unless you will be the one killing bugs in this relationship.

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Jooheon: Hahahaha good luck. I hope y’all have been saving up because you’re either burning the house or moving out ASAP. Waving bye to your house

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Changkyun/ I.M: So simple like Shownu. He would kill it and resume whatever it was he was doing after kissing you on the cheek and disposing of the spider body.

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Kihyun: He would kill it and try to be extra by yelling “Lebron!” or “Kobe!” as he attempted to land it in the trash. Obviously, he failed. *Imagine that’s a napkin containing a spider instead of cookies*

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