the giant woke up

When Victor’s really annoyed Yuuri, Yuuri likes to tell him off in Russian as that usually really makes him pay attention. However, considering Yuuri’s still a beginner, it doesn’t always work out. One time, he mixed up his words and instead of calling Victor a ‘unfairly selfish’, he somehow called him a ‘cheese-grater’. Victor ended up crying still… just of laughter on the floor. 

While I'm here...

A story my husband told me about his Trandoshan (lizardman / bounty hunter) in a Star Wars game. His character had broken into and searched an occupied house. He was about to leave, but then he had an idea.

Husband: “So, the owner of this place, he’s asleep on the couch?”

GM: “…yeah?”

Husband: “I want to interrogate him.”

Apparently the NPC in question wasn’t just sleeping, but passed out, drunk AND high. So when he woke up to a giant lizard making threats and asking questions, he not only answered them, but also volunteered the locations of every weapon in the house. So hubby left an arsenal richer.


Malink Month - Day 1/30 - First Impressions

Link just woke up, got chased by a giant boulder Indiana Jones-style, fought dozens of monsters, fell down into a deep pit of a tree, killed a giant spider queen, and traveled miles and miles across Hyrule Field on a dirt path in the summer sun, which is infested with stalchildren at night. This is the state Malon first finds Link in… with no context whatsoever.

Link, on the other hand, is just relieved to find another person his size for the first time since he left the forest.

Disney Theory: Jack Skellington was Jack Sparrow

Disclaimer: This theory was not originally mine. It was a comment on another Theory video by a Youtube user by the name FuturisticHub. I thought it was interesting and decided to share it here to get some other theories going and see what everyone else has to say about it. 

So to start this off, I like to say that I am pretty convinced that Jack Skellington was once Jack Sparrow at one point when he was alive. If you notice, both their last names start with S. Kinda ironic, don’t you think? This also explains why he doesn’t know what Snow is. He was a Pirate of the Caribbean and known in “ENGLAND” and “FRANCE” as a fugitive and always said “I’m Captain Jack Sparrow” which backs up how well he is known. Jack’s lyrics in Jacks Lament states he is known in England and France (and in Kentucky as Mister Unlucky and lets all be honest here, Jack Sparrow was pretty unlucky in his life.)

He was also shown as a pirate skelleton on the bottom of a sunken ship in James and the Giant Peach. 

That sunken ship could of been the Black Pearl. The Giant Peach flew from England to New York where the Black Pearl sailed often. The Time matches better as Jack Skellington being Captain Jack Sparrow. You can also see in James in the Giant peach when the compass was stolen, he woke up.

That compass is a key artifact that belongs and is a symbol of Jack Sparrow.

The timeline for Jack Sparrow is 1720 and 1750. Disney owns both these movies/characters. An artifact inside Halloween town was the guillotine the kid used in the song at the beginning. 

The guillotine is a perfect device in the timeline of Jack Sparrow and he almost lost his head in the recent film.

Jacks Lament also references “When it comes to surprises in the moonlit night, I excel without ever even trying”. This phrase points to the Curse of the Black Pearl where the moon light shows off his skeleton grin.

Another phrase in the song says “I have swept the very bravest off their feet” meaning Jack Sparrow fighting the British Military.

Despite Jack Sparrow being drunk all the time, he is surprisingly intelligent and witty. You can imagine Jack Sparrow without his alcohol and he would be exactly like Jack Skellington. With his humor and acts, not to mention Jack is a mastermind genius which would be what Jack Sparrow would be if he wasn’t drinking so much.

Lastly and not least, Halloween is dated back to have started in 1745. (Timeline to Pirates of the Caribbean) A perfect time where Jack Sparrow would have gone down with the ship and be the Captain of a new Vessel (Halloween) aka The King Of Halloween.

I hope you enjoyed this little theory and consider looking more into it and spreading the word around~. 

Stressed & distant - SM

A/N: Sorry that it took this long for me to upload again. I felt so stressed after Car ride confessions got so many likes and reblogs that I thought I wouldn’t be able to write anything that would be anywhere near as good as it was.

 Luckily I found the most amazing person who helped me write this and finally got me to upload it. Thank you @innocent-before-mendes you are a true angel and I couldn’t have done this without your help. x 

Anyway here is a first part of what I have been writing. Please if you like it let me know if you’d be interested in reading a part two cos I already have some ideas for it!  

You woke up to the dazzling sunlight shining through the giant windows of Shawn’s bedroom. You loved waking up at his place since it was so different from yours. Considering you weren’t really a morning person the sunlight always instantly brighten your mood and made it easier for you to get up.

You rolled over to Shawn’s side just to discover it being empty once again. Most of the time he’d get up early to go to the gym. You had thought that he would have slept longer this morning since it was Saturday and he tried to relax as much as possible during the weekends.

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You Are Her Happy Place.

Based on this imagine:

Characters: Dean x Reader, Rowena, Sam 

Summary: A witch put a spell on Y/N knocking her out. Rowena is called to help undo. She ends up seeing Y/N’s dream world. 

Word Count: 2034

Warnings: Language, Sickeningly adorable married life haha 

A/N: I am so happy you guys like this imagine, and so excited that so many people requested a one shot based off of it. I hope you all like it! 

Feel free to submit requests for a one shot and/or imagine. If you want to be tagged in anything, just let me know. Or as always you can just drop in to say hey. I love hearing from you guys. 

You hit the ground with a resounding thud. Whatever kind of spell that witch just put on you had knocked you out cold on the spot. When you split off from the boys, you had thought you got the drop on her. Turns out, you were the one to get dropped. The witch just stood and waited for the boys to come find you there on the floor. When they did, she made the mistake of getting a bit too mouthy. They were already pissed off, but now with you on the floor, it was a whole new level. “You’re too late you know. She won’t come out of this one. A little parting gift for you boys.” She cackled, making faces at the boys. 

“Well isn’t that nice. See we have a little parting gift for you too.” Dean mockingly replied, as he held up his gun.

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Don’t Call Me Baby

Here is my submission for the wonderful, lovely and perfect @supersoldierslover3K Writing Challenge. My prompt was “first night spent together”. I’ve never written a fan fic before, and Taw is the only human I would do it for. I must give credit to Taw because this is based on several conversations we have had. My favorite line is actually a direct quote from her, so really she is the co-author. I hope you enjoy it! This will most likely be my first and last work because I do not enjoy beta-ing my own work.

Summary: After finally confessing your love for each other, you and Steve discuss what pet names you want to call each other. 

Words: 1419

Paring: Steve x Reader

Warnings: gross amounts of fluff; I mean really disgusting, barf inducing fluff. Swearing. Suggestive dialogue. Lots of kissing and cuddling. Far too many movie references. Verb tense changes and bad spelling galore. Please let me know if I forgot to include anything warnings. 

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50 things I learned from 2 years of sobriety

In celebration of my anniversary, I wanted to write out some of the things I’ve learned over the past two years. 

  1. At first, you don’t know how to live your life without alcohol, and it seems impossible. One day without it seems like a crazy idea.
  2. The first day sober feels like a giant victory, and you can’t remember the last time you woke up without a hangover.
  3. You don’t know what to do with yourself when you have an urge to drink. I would constantly have a water bottle with me to sip out of instead.
  4. Your sense of taste and smell greatly increases.
  5. You notice every alcohol bottle, beer can, wine glass, liquor store, open drink, stocked fridge, new brewery, and spirits menu.
  6. Your emotions are all over the place because alcohol was your stress-reliever.
  7. You may not yet consider yourself an alcoholic, but just simply “taking a break.”
  8. Not everyone will understand why you stopped drinking, and they may judge you for it.
  9. The first 30 days feels like an eternity.
  10. You might be scared to go to AA meetings.
  11. You might go to meetings and hide in the back, hoping no one will notice you.
  12. You might leave the meetings ASAP so you can avoid talking with anyone.
  13. You constantly battle the idea of whether you’re an alcoholic or not.
  14. You read self-help books and gain insight that lasts about 10 minutes.
  15. You go to therapy and minimize your problems.
  16. In therapy you also realize that you’re having to start your life over. You have to change people, places, and things to keep you sober.
  17. Your family will be your biggest fans in your sobriety. Look to them when you feel afraid.
  18. Parties will be very difficult if alcohol is around. It’s okay to walk out if you have to.
  19. Some AA meetings will be very inspiring, others will be boring, but none of them are a waste of time.
  20. Waiting to get a sponsor will only make staying sober 10x harder. They are your best ally, confidant, and support system.
  21. After a few months of feeling sober, you realize how “foggy” your brain really was when you first began. Clarity sets in.
  22. Meeting with a psychiatrist is nothing to be afraid of. Taking medication can help your brain function better while you’re rebuilding a healthy mind.
  23. You will want SO MUCH SUGAR. If you didn’t have a sweet tooth before, you definitely will.
  24. You might over-indulge in caffeine, exercise, shopping, and other activities.
  25. Praying is always a good idea.
  26. People may tell you how you should feel, but you’re allowed to feel the things you do.
  27. Some people may not understand why it is difficult for you to quit drinking, when it’s “no big deal” for them. They probably don’t have an addiction.
  28. The hardest thing is to deal with life on life’s terms. Learning how to cope with uncomfortable or painful situations without alcohol is the biggest hurdle.
  29. Your friends, or people you thought were your friends, will change when you stop drinking. True friends, the ones that you should cherish, will not abandon you. They will love you and support you in becoming a healthy person again.
  30. If you’re like me, you may have quit alcohol to lose weight. Later on you realized it was a real problem that you had, even if you were functioning.
  31. There are many functioning alcoholics in the world. This means they still go to work & pay the bills, but are still excessively drinking.
  32. You don’t have to hit rock bottom to want your life to be better.
  33. If you have anxiety or depression, it will likely get worse when you stop self-medicating.
  34. You will start to evaluate all your relationships and ask yourself if they are healthy and supportive.
  35. You may feel like an outcast if you’re publicly shamed for not drinking.
  36. You’ll realize that people who judge you for not drinking usually have some sort of problem they are avoiding themselves.
  37. The more AA meetings you go to, the more you start to feel like a Veteran. It’s no longer scary and you feel safer than ever in those rooms.
  38. You will start to care more about your appearance and take better care of yourself.
  39. You will find things to keep you occupied, like coloring, crafting, music, the internet, to help ease your restlessness.
  40. People will start to ask you for advice about quitting drinking. You might find out that the last person you thought would come to you, will.
  41. You start to enjoy the simple things in life again; sunshine, walking the dogs, photography, spending time with family, etc.
  42. You wonder if people who are constantly talking about alcohol are as sick as you were.
  43. Your sleep will improve immensely.
  44. You are more productive and may want to work towards future goals.
  45. The smell of alcohol on someone’s breath will become repulsive.
  46. You will have bad days that you fight to stay sober. Sometimes it’s taking it minute by minute.
  47. You will realize how much you missed out on while you were drinking. It might make you sad, but you now have the opportunity to enjoy every moment in a day.
  48. You will want to help other people who are suffering, but sometimes you have to walk away from a cancerous situation.
  49. If you ever have a craving, or are thinking about taking a drink, remember why you started this sober journey in the first place.
  50. The problem for us was not alcohol. Alcohol was our solution. Eventually that solution stopped working and lead us to insanity. From insanity, we had to rebuild and relearn how to cope with life.

tessavirtue17 Waking up and realizing yesterday wasn’t a dream … 💃🏻🕺 #VirtueMoir #TeamVisa #TeamCanada

A boy slipped into his cell.

Hulk stood, growling, and lifted his fists, because humans were rarely good news. He’d thought he’d scared them off for a while but this one–this one was either very brave or very stupid. Hulk was going with the very stupid option.

But then the boy whimpered, and skittered behind him into the dark corner, curling up into a little ball. Hulk could hear the sounds of booted feet stomping down the corridor at a run. He remembered that humans weren’t just cruel to monsters; they were cruel to each other, too.

So he plopped down in front of the boy, hiding him from view, and growled when the soldiers stopped in front of the glass wall that imprisoned him. They peered inside, shuffling their feet nervously, and he considered growling at them just to see them jump, but decided against it; he didn’t want them to try to punish him and find the boy.

The soldiers moved on. Hulk didn’t move until the soldiers came back, visibly angry even despite their masks, and then passed his cell again.

When he couldn’t hear them any longer, he turned, the bulk of his body hiding the boy from the cameras. He was… small. Not child small, but not as large as the soldiers outside. He was shaking, arms circled around his knees, hands clutching at his ripped jeans with white knuckles. There were bruises on his forearms.

Hulk did not like it seeing frightened people bruised.

The boy peeked up at him, eyes wet, but he stubbornly didn’t let any tears fall. Hulk reassessed: the boy was very brave. Stupidly brave, because he hadn’t known what Hulk would do to him, but Hulk could smell monsters on him, so clearly this boy trusted their kind.

“You… okay?” Hulk asked, voice raspy from lack of use. He hadn’t done anything but roar in… he didn’t know how long. There were no windows down here.

The boy’s breath hitched, and he leapt at Hulk like some sort of frog, slamming into his stomach and clutching at him. “No-! ‘m not okay!”

Hulk stared down at him, frowning. He could feel the boy trembling. After a moment, he placed one of his hands on the boy’s back. It engulfed him, but the boy just snuggled closer, sniffling quietly.

Hulk scowled. He would protect this boy.

Four pairs of green eyes glowed at him through the dimness of the hallway. Hulk sneered back, standing, and carefully keeping the boy out of view.

A spider slowly slid down from the ceiling on a thick piece of silk, the red on its belly bright and deadly. It skittered over to the number pad that controlled the locking mechanism of his cell, legs delicate and spindly. There was the sound of beeping and then a loud, deep sound. The spider reared back, hissing, and hairs shot out of its back, impaling the wall behind it. It caught the number pad between its mandibles and crushed it.

Hulk tried not to look too judgmental. He didn’t know if he managed it.

The spider noticed him looking and lifted its front pair of legs at him threateningly, hissing. It skittered on its other six legs to the side, eyes flicking back and forth through the cell.

Hulk remembered that the boy smelled like monsters and cautiously took a step to the side to show the boy. If nothing else, he would have no problem squishing a bug.

The spider hopped up and down, front legs waving and tapping on the glass.

Hulk put a finger to his lips, because the boy needed to sleep, so he could heal. He had bruises on his ribs that looked like the bottom of the boots the soldiers wore.

The spider stopped hopping to stare up at him balefully.

Hulk was embarrassed to admit he jumped when the spider lunged at the glass, the claws at the ends of its mandibles smashing holes into it. Then he watched, somewhat amazed, as a green, viscous liquid was sprayed across the glass.

He saw the smoke before he heard the sizzle, and slowly a hole began to open up. The spider clicked at him threateningly as he approached but skittered backward.

Hulk decided that this spider was clever. So often other monsters would try to fight him. He had no doubt that this spider would fight, of course; it obviously cared about the boy. But it was a smart spider. It observed before it attacked.

The venom tickled against his palms as he grasped at the hole. He tugged, and pieces of the glass broke away in large chunks. He made sure to wipe all the venom off on what was left of his pants before he lumbered over and carefully scooped the human up.

The spider skittered forward again, hissing threateningly, but Hulk just carefully eased the boy through the hole and carefully set him on the floor. The spider paused to stare up at him before it began to carefully poke the boy.

Hulk grunted, but the boy did not look afraid when he woke up and was faced with a giant spider.

“Natasha!” the boy exclaimed, then flinched when Hulk shushed him and the spider hissed. “Sorry.”

The spider clicked its mandibles fondly and used it’s front four legs to gather the boy up against her belly, his skin pale against the red hourglass. When the boy lifted his hands to hug her back, her third pair of legs pushed his arms back down. Her hair would have hurt him.

When the spider retreated, the boy stood, legs shaking. He turned to look back at Hulk, eyes wide and hopeful. “Are you coming with us?”

The spider stiffened and shot hair at the wall again.

Hulk snorted, reluctantly amused as the spider hissed and skittered in angry circles around the boy, waving her front legs at him menacingly. “No.”

“Natasha’s all bark and no bite,” the boy insisted, and did not notice the way the spider stopped to turn and glare at him in disbelief.

Hulk shook his head, the smile tugging at his mouth unfamiliar. He hadn’t smiled in a long time. “You go,” he ordered. “Follow spider.”

The spider whipped around to glare balefully again, but its back relaxed enough that it wouldn’t start shooting its hair again. ‘I don’t need your help,’ it seemed to be saying. ‘But I can’t stop you from giving it.’

“But what about you?” the boy asked worriedly, wringing his hands.

Hulk tilted his head as a klaxon began to ring out, and the hallway started flashing a red light. The spider made a terrible noise and began shifting, a humanoid body appearing out of its abdomen, back still covered in hairs.

She wrapped two hair-covered arms around the boy and looked around just a touch frantically. Hulk got the impression that she’d come in to sneak him out, and the alarms had just ruined her plans.

Well. He couldn’t let the humans hurt this boy again, who was guilelessly clutching back at the spider, unafraid of her, unconcerned for her stiff, sharp hair or clicking mandibles.

So Hulk smashed his way through the rest of the glass and let out a roar that had the spider woman skitter backward in terror and the walls to shake, charging down the hall toward the group of soldiers running toward them.

He heard the boy cry out, heard the spider hiss at him to shut up because this might be their only chance to escape, and then turned his attention back to the soldiers, backhanding the ones that approached him first.

Tony, for all that he professed that he was fine, that he was okay, stop smothering me, couldn’t stop shaking for quite some time after they got him home.

Clint had been waiting for them when Natasha had pushed him up and out of a basement window. Steve and Bucky were patrolling the perimeter, and had grimly told Clint to take Tony home before returning for them. Tony had tried to argue, but the thing about the monsters being so big was that it was easy to manhandle him. Natasha wrapped him in silk so he couldn’t fight back and put him in the harness he’d created for Clint to fly him home. 

Clint hadn’t stopped to take the silk off him before he left to go get the others. Tony was kind of glad. It was like being wrapped tightly in a blanket. He’d hidden in his closet until someone else got back though.

They’d taken him on his way home, run him off the road, and he’d been so afraid, so terrified that he was going to die like his parents did–and then they’d started beating him for not building weapons and he’d wished he had.

For all that the monsters had trouble with the passage of time, they’d noticed he hadn’t come home, and Bucky had used his sensitive nose to track them down once night had fallen.

It was the first kidnapping after his parents’ death, the first where they’d really hurt him because Howard was more likely to fuck shit up when Tony was returned bruised. He had trouble sleeping at night, remembering his terror as he was driven off the road, as he was pulled from his car and stuffed into the back of a van, as they’d beaten him and as he’d fled, as he’d found that giant green monster and hidden behind him.

Natasha had scolded him, her eyes still slightly round with terror. The monster had been made up of rage and little else and it could have squashed him like a grape. Tony had nightmares of the monster doing just such a thing, crushing him between two giant fingers, or instead standing aside and letting the soldiers take him again.

So when the monster showed up one day, looking no worse for wear, Tony had to try very hard to not be afraid of him.

Hulk stared at him, then smirked a little. “Spider lady told you about Hulk?”

Tony hunched his shoulders, ashamed, because this monster had helped him in reality, and he had no idea why he wasn’t groveling and thanking him. “’m sorry.”

Hulk reached out to poke his shoulder, making his entire body rock backward. “Hulk take care of soldiers.”

“Oh,” Tony said softly, and felt bad for being relieved, because it was clear that by ‘take care of,’ Hulk meant they were dead.

“Sleep,” Hulk said, as gently as he could muster.

Tony nearly burst into tears, because how could this monster know he was having nightmares? “Okay.” Then he screamed as Hulk began to shrink, skin turning from green to pink, eyes turning brown.

The other monsters burst out of the house just in time to watch a human man drop to his hands and knees, vomiting, and Tony was still screaming in terror.

“It was my fault,” Bruce explained, voice rough. “I was messing with something I shouldn’t have been, got caught by radiation. I haven’t always been a monster.”

The group continued to stare at him, gaping. Tony’s coffee had gone cold and he hadn’t even taken a sip of it.

“The army caught me, of course,” he added, mouth a grim line. “After I’d leveled a small town.” He paused. “That was… what, nineteen-sixty-two?” He looked at Tony, frowning. “How long was I down there?”

“…It’s nineteen-ninety-five,” Tony whispered, horrified.

Bruce tilted his head, frowning. “Thirty-three years. It feels like yesterday and a hundred years ago at the same time.”

“That happens,” Steve said, shrugging. “The passage of time is strange when it doesn’t affect you. Sometimes it feels like it was just yesterday that Tony was a toddler.”

Bruce nodded, then sighed, suddenly feeling exhausted down to his bones. “Is it alright if I stay here? Until I figure out who I can contact.” He paused, staring out the window, but not seeing anything. “I’m more Hulk than Bruce now. Maybe I should have stayed in that cell.”

“No!” Tony blurted out immediately. “You can stay here forever if you want to! You protected me, so I can protect you!”

Bruce turned a tired smile on him. “You’re going to give your friends ulcers.”

“Probably,” Tony admitted as the monsters quietly whispered amongst themselves about what to do if Bruce–or the Hulk–ever got out of hand.

“What’s an ulcer?” Bucky asked, distracted.

Tony sighed and rolled his eyes. Bruce managed to huff out a laugh; his first one in over thirty years.

“I’m afraid, that sooner or later, no one on this ship is going to need me. That I won’t be as valuable to the team as I thought I was,” Ray says, staring down at his hands. He can feel Snart shift a little closer, their thighs brushing together. 

“Raymond, I can tell you, there will always be at least one person on this ship who will need you."  When Ray looks up at Snart, Snart closes the gap between them, pressing their mouths together. The kiss is simple and sweet, soft and reassuring, and that’s all Ray needs to know he’ll always find a home on the Waverider.

That One Dreadful Call (Part 7)

Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 2,498 (#sorrynotsorry)

Warnings: ANGST as per usual, child being lost 

A/N: I’m really enjoying this story lol…Shout out to @mamapeterson for the beta! You da bestest!

**Feedback greatly appreciated!!!**

TODC Masterlist

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The night was cold as Olivia made her way down the sidewalk, hoping she remembered the right way on how to get to the park. Tears trailed down her little cheeks as she continued to walk, her arms hugging herself as the wind picked up. She couldn’t reach her jacket since it was hung up on the wall and she was so small, she tried but she knew if she tried too long Jared or Gen would have spotted her. So she left it behind.

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IDK if I’m just weird, but...

I love cuddling and snuggling, even in a platonic way, but my brain seems to be very picky about who I consider snugglable. I wouldn’t really consider snuggling with some of my best friends, but there are some people I’m not as close with (both as a matter of knowing about each other’s lives AND emotionally) that I’m just like… “snuglz plx”

I’m kind of in a snuggling mood right now, but my brain is like “There are 2 people who could solve this. Just them. No one else.” And I legit know hundreds of people in my area who are friends who would probably be down to hang out. 

Meanwhile, my brain is just like “Nah, fam, them or no one.”

Eff you, brain! D:

Week 12

Part 2! Decided to do all trimesters. Enjoy!

The healer had only confirmed what Aelin already knew, she was pregnant. However, actually hearing it aloud made it all too real. The healer estimated her to be about 4 weeks along.

She and Rowan sat in silence for quite some time after the healer left. Together they had decided to keep the news to themselves until the 12th week. The healer informed them the 12th week was the end of the first trimester and meant the pregnancy would most likely follow through. Even the thought of losing the child made Aelin’s heart hurt like nothing before, she had to prepare herself for that possibility. Her mother struggled to conceive and lost children before her. Having her almost killed her mother. What if this child took her life. What if she lost the child.                                           

“Fireheart,” Rowan said in a gentle voice, bringing her out of her spiral. He grabbed her hand and give it a comforting squeeze. “Don’t think such things. We will be okay no matter what the future holds.”

She looked into his eyes, they were so sure and calm. She would be okay because she had Rowan and the baby would have him too. Aelin looked at her stomach, a baby was in there growing. A baby.

“You can’t act too weird,” Aelin said from inside the closet. They had to act as though everything was normal. As though there wasn’t a baby forming and growing inside her. 

“Rowan,” she said in a nagging voice. Knowing him and his fae instincts he would want Aelin to stay in his sight throughout the whole pregnancy (and forever after it too). When she walked out of the closet she found him sitting on the bed already under the sheets. She stood in the doorway wearing one of his shirts with her hand on her hip and a pointed look, waiting for his obedient response.

Rowan, you can’t act all… Rowany. You’ll raise suspicion. He simply sat there with his teeth grinding. He knew she was right. 

“I want to hear from you every hour-” 

“Every two and half hours.” 


“Want to make it every three and a half hours.” She gave him another pointed look. He sat there in silence again, grinding his teeth. These next 8 weeks were going to be very difficult for him indeed. 

“Fine.” he finally conceded. Aelin smiled and moved to sit on his lap. 

She rested her head on his shoulder as he wrapped her in his arms. Rowan released a heavy breath, having her in his arms comforted them both. 

“It’s too late to ever leave me now, I’m having your kid,” Aelin said. Rowan chuckled.


They had told everyone she was ill from malnourishment and stress. Everyone believed them, well everyone except Aedion. Aelin knew his suspicion still lingered, but he didn’t say anything. 

Aelin had been reading some paperwork when she noticed the time. She had agreed to Rowan’s demand and had a message sent to him every two and a half hours. She even had a designated messenger. 

         Dear Buzzard,

         I am still alive. 


                  Your Everything

         P.S. Don't miss today’s appointment.

She smiled at the thought of today’s appointment. It was week 6, which meant a heartbeat should have developed. Rowan had tried to hear it last night but said it was too faint to truly hear. He loved resting his head or hand on her stomach, it’s how he went to sleep now. The healers had their special tools and training to help them hear. Hopefully, those tools would allow Rowan to hear as well. 

Aelin had finished her work just time for the appointment, which also lined up perfectly with her check-in time with Rowan. 

When she walked in everyone was already there.

“You’re late,” Rowan said. He walked to her and kissed her forehead while placing a protective hand on her stomach.  

“I’m not, all of you are just early.” Aelin said with a smile. The head healer chuckled and gestured toward the bed. A silent request to have her lay down. There was only two healer who knew of the pregnancy, the head healer and the one who made the initial confirmation. 

She bowed her head and smiled at Aelin. “Good morning your Majesty. Ready to hear the heartbeat today.” 

Aelin smiled and nodded excitedly. She held Rowan’s hand in one hand and her stomach in the other. She looked up at Rowan and gave him a wink, he replied with a smile and kissed her forehead again. 

“How have been feeling?” The healer asked politely.

“Great. No sign of morning sickness.” 

“No feelings of fatigue, dizziness, or any kind of discomfort?” 

“Not since we found out.” Aelin said. Truthfully she felt as though she was nailing the whole pregnancy thing. 

The healer then went on to feel her stomach in certain places. Once the initial check-up was done she pulled out what could only be described as a slender wine glass made of wood and place it on the base of my stomach. She placed her ear on what would be the base of a wine glass and listened. Both she and Rowan were utterly quite not wanting to distract the healer. The healer nodded and motioned for the second healer to come and listen.

“I need you to confirm something for me.” the head healer said in a calm voice.

Aelin looked up at Rowan with panic in her eyes. He gave her hand a squeeze and tried to hide the panic in his eyes but Aelin could still see it. Why would the healer need a second person? Was something wrong?

The second healer moved the device around and listened closely. 

“What is wrong?” Rowan asked in a demanding voice.  Most would have taken a step back from him but healer continued to listen. She finally lifted her head and nodded a confirming yes to the head healer. 

“Nothing at all, your Majesty. Seems as though there will be two heirs running around the grounds.” the head healer said with a huge smile. 

Aelin’s eyes grew ten times their normal size and Rowan… Aelin didn’t he was even breathing. 

“Excuse me?!” Aelin said, a bit louder than necessary. The healer chuckled, while the other tried very hard not to laugh at their reactions. 

“We both hear two heartbeats. I will have to run my magic through your uterus to make sure they are developing correctly, but its safe as of right now there is definitely two in there.” 

Aelin slowly nodded yes in response. Her eyes were still larger than normal and Rowan still wasn’t breathing. 

“Would you like to hear?” The healer gestured for Rowan to place his ear on the device. He shook his head as though waking himself up from a daze and bent down to hear for himself. 

His head shot up immediately and to Aelin with large eyes too. 

“There are two heartbeats.” He says almost breathlessly. A big smile with teeth and all formed on his face.

Week 12 was here. Aelin hadn’t had any complications, bless the gods. Rowan couldn’t be happier. He tried his hardest these past weeks to keep his worries hidden from Aelin, but now that week 12 was here he felt as though a giant weight had been lifted. He woke up the moment the sun showed knowing it was the sign of the first day of week 12. They made it. Week 12 was here. 

Both Aelin and his children were healthy and safe. 

Aelin was still asleep, using his arm as a pillow. Rowan looked down to where his babies were inside her. They never expected to have a child so soon, let alone two. A primitive part of Rowan felt pride in the fact that she carried two of his children. 

She began to stir and then suddenly shot up, making Rowan do the same. He was instantly in a defensive position ready kill anything. She placed a hand on her stomach and turned her head to him with a smile. 

“It’s week 12″ she said with pure joy in her voice. Immediately Rowan relaxed and leaned in to give Aelin a kiss. Gods help him, he loved this woman so much.

“I told you everything would be fine.” Rowan said into her lips. Aelin wrapped her arms around him and pull him closer, moving her head so that their foreheads were touching. They stared directly into each other’s eyes.  

“We should tell the family first, then make the biggest announcement any royal has ever made.” Aelin said with a devilish smile.“Gifts from kingdoms near and far will come in the thousands and we wouldn’t have to spend a cent of our own.” 

At that Rowan threw his head back and let out a hearty laugh. Of course, his fireheart would want to get thousands of gifts from other kingdoms. 

He was just about to kiss her when she moved away and off the bed suddenly.

“I can tell Lysandra!” Aelin said with excitement. She began running for the door ready to tell her closest friend immediately She was just about to open the door when Rowan yelled, “Aelin you’re in your nightgown!”  

She looked down at herself, eyes resting on her bump. Aelin had been wearing more loose-fitting dresses to hid it. 

“So, I want everyone to the bump.” she said with a smile.

Aelin was about to walk out when she felt a strong pare arms lift her up. 

“You can show off your bump just fine while wearing your normal clothes.” Rowan said before giving her a fierce kiss. Aelin simply laughed.

Soon every one of their close friends and family would know the good new. 

anonymous asked:

Hey could you do mercy, tracer,and pharah with an s/o who is a shapeshifter and can transform into animals how would the girls react to waking up next to a lion cuddling next to them?

This one is really interesting, it was fun writing these. <3 I wrote these as head cannons but if you want full blown stories I’d be thrilled to write them!


-Angela prefers to sleep with her head on your chest

-she’d wake up slowly not fully realizing the situation at hand

-once she felt all the hair she’d quickly sit up and start to back away

-I think she’d be more confused than scared tbh she’s been in terrible battles before so this wouldn’t really phase her

-you would still be asleep while this was happening

-“(y-y/n)! There’s a situation in the bed!” She’d yell assuming you were in the bathroom or something

-you, still in your lion greatness, would sense her distress and jump up and get in attack mode

-looking around you saw no problem until you saw your reflection

-you quickly shifted back to your human form

-once you explained to her what you were capable of she was amazed

-honestly she would ask you to shift into all different kinds of birds because she’d find you to be majestic as you flew

Tracer (my babe)

-Lena likes spooning and tonight she was the small spoon

-she woke up to two giant paws holding her tight

-of course the one night she sleeps without her

chronal accelerator is the one where she needs it

-she quickly jumps out of your hold and grabs a shoe as a weapon

-Lena throws one of her crocs at you and it hits your chest

-you awoke and started to stretch out

-she would try to stay strong but she’d be scared out of her mind

-“G-good kitty, come on l-let’s go outside okay?”

-you yawned but it sounded more like a roar

-she lost it and started crying thinking that she was going to die without seeing you again

-it took you a second to realize your form

-you shifted back and went to comfort her

-after your explanation and a nice breakfast Lena was back to her fun loving self

-“So Love, what else can you shift into?” She’d be amazed by you


-Fareeha likes to sleep with you on her chest but by the end of the night you two are usually on opposite sides of the bed

-her alarm went off signaling that it was time for her morning run

-she went to the bathroom to get ready without even realizing what was in the bed

-Fareeha knew you wouldn’t be up this early so she quietly tip toed back into the room to kiss you goodbye

-after opening the blinds she saw you

-remembering her training she grabbed her gun from beside the bed (you had no idea about this) ((side note: I like to imagine Fareeha as the kind of person who keeps a gun next her bed))

-she fired a warning shot to wake you up

-you woke up quickly frightened from the loud noise

-she aimed right between your eyes

-you looked straight into her eyes with fear pooling in them

-her finger tightened around the trigger but she couldn’t do it

-“those eyes” she thought. She’s seen them before

-“(y/n)? Is that you?” She asked lowering the gun disbelief clear in her voice

-you shifted back, “Yeah, we need to talk…” you trailed off

-honestly she’d have a hard time getting used to it but after a week she’d be cool with it

-she’d love if you turned into a bunny when she was stressed seeing you all cute and fluffy always made her smile

when i post things from my phone they don’t show up?????? anyone know why???