the giant moth movie

aw, that wistful look she’s giving the other real moth is breaking my heart and i feel like she’s having some little mermaid ‘part of your world’ internal monologue right now

can’t she, like, talk… to… it… and maybe ask it how to survive on flower nectar i mean that’s what these fuckers eat in real life anyway, right

maybe the blood of angry men! is just an acquired taste


“You couldn’t wait, could you? Wasn’t it I who created you? And how have you rewarded me? With death and destruction!”


you’re right

i’m sorry pop

i’ve been so ungrateful

thank you for making me into a beautiful, upper class woman at the prime of my life and bestowing me with human consciousness and human emotions AND ALSO THANKS FOR THE BONUS FEATURE I REALLY ENJOY BEING ABLE TO SAILOR SENSHI MY WAY INTO BECOMING A RAMPAGING GIANT VAMPIRIC WEREMOTH WHAT A BEAUTIFUL EXISTENCE A+ 5 OUT OF 5 STARS WOULD RECOMMEND


1) third billing!!!! 2) i love that they helpfully inform us right at the beginning that this is a Work of Fiction™, y'know, just in case you were thinking that there are women who can transform into giant moths

(also i will probably liveblog a lot of this and all posts will be tagged as ‘the giant moth movie’ for your tumblr saviour!)

wait, i know he has the ‘dr’ title but he’s….. an…… entomologist……. why are they asking him to treat a bleeding man

i guess he’s one of those convenient all-purpose movie medical doctor-biologist-physicist whose specialization is everything