the giant has awaken

The Starkiller Rescue doesnt go exactly as Hux had planned. “Can’t you use the Force to make yourself any lighter, REN?!”

 how embarrassing. how embarrassing.

Whenever Thor told Odin “I’m not as strong as you” and Odin said “No, you’re stronger” I thought for a second that the writers were going to pull a “seemingly unbeatable female villain can actually be defeated if the male protagonist just believes in himself” thing but then two minutes later Thor is like “Of course I can’t defeat her! I struck her with the biggest lightning bolt in the universe and it did nothing!″ and then has to get Loki to awaken a giant fire demon to defeat her for him. It was fantastic.


I am very impressed with this inspiring Indigenous alliance initiative - bringing together Indigenous leaders from the North and from the South. The Condor And The Eagle is an an important Documentary Film in the making, witnessing how the Indigenous people are organizing their communities around Mother wisdom. They need our help to finish the film! They need our support to make sure our brothers and sisters from the Amazon and North America grow this driving force we  need in the face of growing climate chaos. Their common voice carries a great deal of power and their wisdom is essential for the task at hand. Come on friends, let’s show them some support!

More info HERE.

Brazil: The giant has awaken

At this point, you have probably heard about the Brazilian protests, and, if you looked up, you probably know why they have been going on. As a Brazilian woman, and representative to all the people who follow this blog, I came to ask you a couple of things:

1- Please, I beg of you, DO NOT come to 2014 World’s Cup and to the 2016 Olympics, we are NOT ready, and you will not enjoy it.

2- Please, support and pray for our country. We are doing everything we can, but we need more. 

Now let me tell you why:

Our politicians are known to be thieves of great amounts of money. They take from the taxes we pay, that are destined to health, education and other public services, and use it on their own behalf. We are living a crisis, since the 80’s, in which public services are crap and the biggest amount of our kids don’t have access to any cultural event (such as music and theater) because those are directed to the richer part of the population. We have been living a commodity situation, until now. We have realized how damaged our nation is.

Our bus rides cost between R$2,00 (US$ 0,90) and R$5,30 (US$ 2,39) each, in a country where the minimum paycheck is worth R$ 678 (US$ 304,39), and the biggest part of the Brazilian population is payed the minimum amount or less. This same biggest part of the population takes the bus two or four times a day. The most common ride costs R$ 2,80 ( US$ 1,26), and the government was trying to increase it to R$ 3,00 (US$ 1,35), without increasing the minimum paycheck. This attempt was the last drop for us.

In the meanwhile, we are hosting the Confederations Cup. There were spent R$ 27 billions ( US$ 12.12 billions) with the preparation for the world cup next year, and our government claims we don’t have enough money to invest in education and health issues. We do understand that this will be an investment on tourism, but only for a couple of years. We are wasting US$ 12.12 BILLIONS in a couple of years, when we could invest it in infinite lifetimes. We barely have hospitals for ourselves, how do you expect to be treated if you come and get sick? We have to pay thousands for year for quality education and the biggest part of us cannot afford it, how do you expect our kids to grow successful? Our global representatives are a bunch of thieves, who do you expect to find here? Our police service fails to protect us, and you expect them to protect you? 

As you can see, we are FAR from ready to welcome you. Believe us when we tell you: It’s not just 20 cents. We, the Brazilian youth, have lived inside our bubbles for long now. We have finally realized something has to be done. We have finally decided to fight for our rights as Brazilian citizens. We want schools, teachers, hospitals, doctors, medicines, public transportation and quality. Most of all, we want quality. We need quality. 

So, once again, I ask you: please, support our cause. Spread the word, march for Brazil, give us a shout of hope. If we have global support, then we have everything. 


An adaptation of the Brazilian National Anthem, that translates to something like:

“Between thousands

it is you, Brazil

the one they stole from 

the most”

Take Back Sander! by CO Cuddles

Howdy Elpeeps,

Excited for the EXP Table Reduction Update!? We sure are… and just in-time to because as you know, with new dungeons means new levels to cap to. We take you to the final showdown of Sander… the Elgang versus the Succubus Queen Karis! <3 (Who I and CO Pebbles currently have a girl crush on… Chloe is still in first place in my heart as my favorite villainess.)

Sander Part 3 (Two New Dungeons) and Level Cap Raise

Oh where oh where has the Anudran gone!? The Elgang tirelessly search for Sander’s Priestess of Wind and her captor… the evil and voluptuous Succubus Queen Karis!

External image


Under the control of Karis the giant Behemoth the Ancient Guardian the El has awakened with the Wind Priestess inside. Utilizing the Caluso Tribe’s Wind Powered Ships you must stop the beast from destroying the City. Your mission is the incapacitate the beast with the Air Ship‘s guns. Defeat the Succubus Queen and save the Wind Priestess.

External image

Heart of Behemoth

Once Behemoth is brought down and you have rescued the Wind Priestess… Karis escapes! But you wouldn’t let a villain like her off the hook so easily would you?! You must travel inside the guts of Behemoth (gross huh?) and locate Karis who is hiding in the heart of the beast. There you will face Karis in her true demonic form. Bring her down because you are Sander’s last hope!! Take back Sander!!

External image

Last but not least, cap it up as you can reach Level 70!!

New Fields to Explore

Visit two new sites in the vast deserts of Sander. Battle the trocks and demonic foes… and Tentacles… Yes… you heard me right… Tentacles. I will let your imagination run with that one. AND THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!!

Behemoth Crater has to be my favorite of the two. I love the central structure and the goopy looking lake. Wouldn’t want to swim in that.

External image

New ItemMall Stuff (Doctor’s Set)

The dungeons of Sander are quite challenging and some of you are going to need medical attention after being beaten down monsters. Dress the part in these new Doctor Costume Sets!

External image

~Cuddles :-DDD

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mego42  asked:

have mercy

I can’t have mercy because I’m thinking too much about season 4 bellarke. Like what if it’s going to be the reverse of what we thought. That while Clarke had her epiphany in s3 that life is about more than just surviving—that the opposite happened to Bellamy?  That he’s become so disillusioned with things, especially now with the end of the world bearing down on them, that he keeps asking himself “What’s the point?”  And what if he knows he loves Clarke (and he knows, of course he fucking knows) but that by itself isn’t enough to fight his dread. His last lover died. His lovers from s1 are probably mostly dead. What is the point of romance?  So Bellamy hits that place that Clarke was at for/after season 2: love is weakness, surviving is what matters now.  What if he’s scared of giving himself away when everything is going to end, anyway?

But Clarke, oh Clarke, what if she’s landed on the opposite thought? What if she comes out of season 3 having tasted love and having learned that it is worth it. It is worth fighting for and it is worth pursuing. And she realizes that she can have great love again–that Bellamy is the most important person in her life after her mom, that she’d do anything to protect him, that he’s her match and partner because he wouldn’t ask her to do that anything, even if she would. Because they understand each other and they both live for their people.  What if Clarke has a flash of realization that life is short and she is in love with Bellamy and wants to be with him. She doesn’t want to wait until it’s too late again.

And then it becomes a GIANT FUCKING TRAGEDY because Clarke has this awakening of her feelings just when Bellamy’s shutting his own down. They both love each other but they’re in the wrong timing.  They both think they aren’t worthy, but Clarke wants to try. Bellamy is afraid to.

I’m saying gais… there could be pining. Pining, and stifled feelings, and UST, and regrets and angst, and then finally Bellamy will realize that he does believe in hope and a future, and that Clarke is right there holding out her hand to him. 

They can chase the future together, if they’re both willing to try. If they conquer their fears and decide to experience love while they still have the chance to.

What if, by the end of this heart-rending season, Clarke and Bellamy realize that the hardest thing in the world… is to live in it?

And they choose to. Together.

anonymous asked:

I don't even live in the states & when the results started to come in at 11 pm , I just turned off my tv. I felt so hopeless all night thinking about what my fellow poc over there must have been feeling when finding out that all these people around them lowkey hate them. Hate won & now the most influencial country in the world is gonna be led by a biggot that divided and conquered. The only good thing to come ot of this is that now for sure that facism is still alive & we have to fight it.

Yeah, on the bright side, I think a sleeping giant has been fully awakened. Since the civil rights movement of the 60′s, we’ve collectively been a bit lax. I mean, there’s always been people representing and fighting on, but some of us got too comfortable precisely because of those civil rights gains. Now we’ve been reminded in no uncertain terms that the struggle continues. The torch has been passed. The mission is ours.

And hopefully, all marginalized people can come together and have each other’s backs. And hopefully we welcome our allies to join us. It’s gonna take a big movement. An organized movement. A unified movement. But I’m confident we will succeed. We have before. We will again.   

Seeing all of this Zutara, it just making my whole week 😄😄😄Like really!
I love seeing all of the new people. AND HAVE YOU SEEN ALL OF THE GREAT TALENT😱😱😱


I honestly feel like this week has been zutara’s rebirth! Like the sleeping giant has been awaken from its slumber : and it’s ready to tear shit up!!!