the giant baby


Today’s practice is over! As expected of Haikyuu!!, the burden on our legs keeps increasing! I have to rest properly when I get home!! 
We tried doing this with Ken-chan’s set-up haha* I want to make the timing better haha. 
Tomorrow is the Castsize News appearance! I will be appearing with Kenken-san, Ken-chan, and Justin! Chaos! Haha

Best D&D game moments (so far)
  • @commba Medericus-Silver dragonborn bard, has a keytar, chaotic good and loves gambling. Also flirting. A lot.

  • @strudeloo Relentless-Tiefling warlock (thinks he’s a wizard) who is real clever but also a complete nerd. Also sort of does not understand the concept of death???

  • @onadacora Havine-Human/Dwarf (Dwarven father, human mother) cleric, Team Mom ™ and Good Person but also intimidating af will punch you if you’re a dick
  • @cellophish Chamunda-Half-orc fighter with a haunted anchor and a tendency to really love tavern brawls. Easily confused.

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ok there’s a lot going on here but look at how big that bunny is?????

Here’s your Friday panda cub update from Jennifer A.! #ZAPandas #OnlyZooATL

The building has been extra quiet with two fewer pandas. Even the newest twins have been just quietly making it through their day, eating and sleeping, and eating and sleeping. They are beginning to show a bit more personality and interaction both with Lun Lun and with us. We are continuing to get regular body temperatures for each girl in addition to stimulating them to eliminate urine and feces. During these times when we have to handle the cubs, we are beginning to see quite sassy little personalities. Both cubs are beginning to try to swat the thermometer away when we put it under their little arms. It’s pretty cute now, but it won’t be soon when they get a bit stronger.
Jennifer A.
Keeper II, Mammals

You know what needs to be talked about more?

Fuckin dragon trainer Newt.

Newt working with the biggest dragons there are and giving them names like Harold, Tom and Sally.

Newt who becomes LEGENDARY among later dragon trainers. Using positive reinforcement, bonding with and getting to know them, having the healthiest and best trained dragons on the front and focusing on his scaly babies to try and forget what they’re being used for.

Even years later Charlie Weasley is telling stories about it like “no you don’t get it they say he slept in the dragon caves and the dragons LET HIM. He bonded with them in a way no one knows how to replicate!!”

A picture of Newt Scamander. With his hair cut short and his eyes shadowed and dark from lack of sleep, still grinning ear to ear with three massive dragons nearly bowling him over with affectionate headbutts.


Dragonmaster Newt