the gi series

  • Zarkon: Once more, those fools have fallen into my evil clutches! Now I shall force Lance to fight the one he loves most. And according to all the fan fiction I’ve read, that would be… Keith.
  • Haggar: But sir, it is obvious that Lance is in love with Allura.
  • Zarkon: What? No way, that’s insane!
  • Zarkon: What kind of messed up fanfics have YOU been reading??
170918 BTS ‘LOVE YOURSELF: Her’ Press Conference - Compilation

- Rap Monster: “LOVE YOURSELF: Her is a series following after ‘Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa’ and ‘WINGS’. This album takes the role of ‘seung’ in ‘gi seung jeon gyeol’ and features 11 songs.” (TV Report) (seung: explanation, gi seung jeon gyeol: introduction - explanation - twist - conclusion)

- Rap Monster: “I think this album will become one of our turning points.” (TV Report)

- Jin: “Please love our song ‘DNA’ that contains our DNA.” (Mydaily)

- Suga: “I was greatly surprised when I heard the news about the number of pre-orders. It was 700,000 for the last album and we were very grateful to our fans and everyone who listened to our album then too. This time we thought we shall grow a little greedier and it would possibly reach 800,000 orders, we were greatly surprised seeing the news. I’m grateful that this many people love us. I think the pre-orders represent the trust and love for our music, I’m really grateful.” (Herald Pop)

- Rap Monster: “‘DNA’ contains our message of reconciliation and unite that we want to throw at the society.” (Mydaily)

- [About the meaning of ‘harmony’] Rap Monster: “I think love is an ability. If you can’t love yourself, you can’t love others. I often hear people saying that love is an illusional and vague thing these days. I thought about the method of loving. The time we spend looking into ourselves is getting lesser ad lesser because of smart phones and news media. I consider loving oneself to be the answer to many things. We don’t have the confidence to love ourselves completely, but we want to try and think about that answer. Starting from loving ourselves. That’s how it started. Although we haven’t been able to find that answer yet, we hope we can as we go along with the ‘gi seung jeon gyeol’ series.” (Mydaily, Joynews24)

- [About the whistle sound] Rap Monster: “I and Jungkook did the whistling together but I don’t know which one they used.” (News Inside)

- [About new goals] Suga: “Whenever we receive this question, we always said that our goal is to enter the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The Hot 100 chart actually requires having many albums sold, having songs streamed a lot and another important thing is radio play. This is not easy at all. We are holding expectation whether it will come true this time, but luckily US radio stations are giving us a lot of attention and select our songs often, so we’re carefully placing hope this time. Our album is being sold in the US this time and so many people are showing expectation and attention for us so we want to enter the Billboard Hot 100 chart this time.” (Newsen)

- Jimin: “I really want us to top the digital music chart when the digital album is released. I hope many people will love all of our songs this time as well as give BTS who always attempt new things a lot of love.” (Newsen)

- ‘DNA’ is a song of an uncommonly seen music structure in K-pop, featuring the foreign trendy EDM pop genre and bold use of beat drop. The song contains the message ‘we are entwined by fate from the beginning, we are one from the DNA’. (Newsen)

- Suga: “BTS members and the company staff often hold meetings together. The album concepts are from our thoughts and the producers’ thoughts merged together. When we first debuted, we each were busy making our own music, but now we combine BTS’ thoughts and the company’s ones and come up with the concepts.” (Maeil Kyungje)

- Rap Monster: “I often have meetings and hang out with the company staff. I talk with the producers, including Bang Shihyuk PD. The company keeps an eye on what we think.” (Maeil Kyungje)

- Rap Monster: “I always want to give good influence socially. Whenever I see people who like us, I feel a sense of responsibility. It can be become their inspiration or be left as good impression to them, but I think even mere appreciation like enjoying listening to our music or feeling our dance to be cool can also give good influence. I’m feeling the responsibility to keep offering good influence.” (Newsen)

- Suga: “Music is an extraordinary act that can moves someone. I hope the world will eventually become a world where many people are happy.” (Maeil Kyungje)

- [About ‘GO Rather Than Worrying’] Suga: “These days the young generation uses words like ‘YOLO’ and ‘spendthrift’, and I can’t understand why they use those words that much. We interpreted it from the perspective of BTS (in the song), I hope you would think about why the young generation uses ‘YOLO’ and ‘spendthrift’ while listening.” (Mydaily)

- [About ‘DNA’ music video] Suga: “We emphasized on the fancy impression to portray the feeling of falling in love. I was amazed every time I see the music video filming set, because it was so beautiful. I feel good since the result will come out great.” (Sports Joseon)

- Jin: “‘Best Of Me’ is a great song to listen to with lyrical melodies. This song was mixed by a partner who works together with The Chainsmokers. I hope many people would listen to it.” (Sports Joseon)

- Rap Monster: “There’s a famous performance in which president Obama dropped his mic to wrap up the new year speech. It was one of the performances that hold the meaning ‘My speech was good, right?’. ‘MIC Drop’ is a track connected with it. It features a lot of our swag and ambitions and was inspired by president Obama’s speech.” (Seoul Kyungje)

- [About collaboration with Seo Taiji] V: “He gave us support and told us that it’s our era now. I can truly feel that it’s an honor to be able to perform together with such a legendary senior singer.” (Mydaily)

- Jin: “Seo Taiji-sunbaenim told me that I can call him ‘father’. I was grateful that he used the word ‘Seo Taiji and Sons’.” (Mydaily)

- Suga: “I call him ‘hyungnim’. He’s way younger than my father.” (Mydaily)

- [About why the start of the series is ‘seung’ (explanation) and not ‘gi’ (introduction)] Suga: “When we consider the process of falling in love as ‘gi seung jeon gyeol’, I think the stage where we are the most immersed in love would be ‘seung’, so the album started as ‘seung’. There will come a moment when you understand why ‘seung’ comes out now if you follow our album sequence in the future.” (Mydaily)

- Rap Monster: “I think a lot about where our goal should be. When we first debuted, I couldn’t even think of working together with The Chainsmokers. Performing at the Gymnastics Stadium was our goal before debut, but now all kinds of unimaginable proposals are coming from inside and outside of our company. I’m curious about how far we can go. Our abstract goal is to climb up to the top and leave a milestone in the history like how PSY-sunbaenim did.” (Mydaily, Joynews24)

- Suga: “We followed the path of the senior singers and now we too need to build that path and advance further. I hope we can build better paths with better sides of us.” (Joynews24)

- BTS: “Although figures are important, we want to show good music and good performance.” (Joynews24)

Yu-Gi-Oh Protagonists’ Earlier Lives

Yugi: Bullied but eventually made friends

Judai: Was convinced to be a demon child because of Yubel but got better

Yusei: Grew up in poverty but had friends

Yuma: Grew up with a loving family

Yuya: Was bullied because of his father but had friends to protect him


Lotor: Now, dear dear Keithy-boy, Why would I know anything about your mother?

Keith: You’re the current Galra Emperor.

Lotor: Yes, but that doesn’t mean I know everythi-

Keith: Are you kidding me? Everytime something f**ked up happens in this series, the Galra Emperor always has something to do with it. So make with the explanations. I wanna know where I come from. I wanna know who my mother was. I wanna know what love is! I want you to show me!

Lotor: I don’t know what to tell you. It’s as much a mystery to me as it is to you.

Keith: I need the information.

Lotor: Well, I could tell you what I know, but…

Keith: But what?!  

Lotor: You would have to do something for me first.

Keith: I’m listening…hesitantly. 

Lotor: Something dirty!

Keith: Go on.

Lotor: Something very very dirty. So dirty that you’ll need to take a shower once we’re finished.

Keith: WHAT?! What is it?!

Lotor: You have to watch… Spice World: The Movie!

Keith: Noooo…

Lotor: With me.

Keith: Noooo…

Lotor: And it’s the sing-along version!

Keith: No! No! NO!

Lotor: Well, I guess in that case, you’ll never learn the truth.

Keith: Can I at least wear a blindfold?

Lotor: Oooh! Keithy-boy! I had no idea you had it in you!

Keith: What? We’re just watching a movie, right?

Lotor: Oh, right. The movie.

[Ninety spicetastic minutes later]

Keith: (shockingly) That was… horrifying! This.. must be… how… war veterans feel… to have experienced such brutality… such… unforgettable horrors! A part of me died today. Perhaps the best part.

Lotor: Very well, Keith. Since you kept up your end of the bargain, I must divulge the naughty little secret I’ve been keeping all this time.

Keith: (sarcastically) Oh, I’m sure you’re keeping a lot of secrets, Lotor. A lot of secrets.

Lance: Like the fact that he’s gay!

Keith: Thank you, Lance. I really needed you to translate my sarcastic quip.

Lance: You’re welcome, man.

Lotor: Lean closer, Keith. I will tell you who you must speak to in order to learn the truth… By whispering the information into your ear.

Keith: Ok, but the moment I feel tongue, I’m getting the f**k outta dodge.