the gi series


No matter what happens, my heart will be forever yours.

And I will fight, until I see you again

-Kirigaya Kazuto “Kirito” (Sword Art Online)

I fucking finished that Satans crated scarlet heart Kdrama and I’m not even kidding like I have NEVER cried so much, I swear I was literally sobbing throughout the whole episode.
I fucking hate that drama I’m soaking in tears and snort and my heart hurts and I hate everything but at the same time I want to live my life to the fullest bc ‘life is fleeting, it is all short and in vain’ or whatever that quote is.

Don’t ever talk to me or my 52 sons ever again.

OMG… I love being able to see him again!! Why is it just a short?!?!

One weird thing about Yu Gi Oh! is that a lot of the fans are really depressed, stressed or mentally ill. At least a lot of people that I’ve encountered so far.
  It’s so weird to think that the good and old ‘anime about card games’ is helping so many people to have a good time even if their lives keep pushing them down.