the ghosts are real


Ghost is a bionic cat who has prosthetics as back legs. He’s real two-faced and managed to gain the trust of the exalted Skyclan, as well as Owlsong, who believes he works for her. He’s an informant and a spy, his only loyalties lie with Cleopatra and her exiled clan in the city, who plans to get take their territory. Ghost is real collected and cunning and rarely lets his calm expression slip. He holds himself with elegance and dignity, though sometimes gets too caught up in the moment

A to Z(ed)

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A - age: 37

B - biggest fear: inability to provide for my family

C - current time: lunch time!

D - drink you last had: Dr. Pepper

E - every day starts with: oh god everything hurts I’m so old

F - favorite song: I don’t have one

G - ghosts, are they real? Who knows?

H - hometown: Fayetteville, NC

I - in love with: Romy

J - jealous of: People who do what they love for a living

K - killed someone: only spiritually

L - last time you cried: A few weeks ago thinking about my gram

M - middle name: Aaron

N - number of siblings: 2 full, 3 half, 3 step

O - one wish: To own a BBQ joint

P - person you last texted: Romy

Q - questions you’re always asked: “Wanna play?” -My Son

R - reasons to smile: I’m more of a scowler

S - song last sung: “Simple Man” to get Gavin back asleep

T - time you woke up: 1:30a, 2:30a, 4:30a, then 7:30a

U - underwear color: Nobody wants to picture that.

V - vacation destination: North Woods of Canada

W - worst habit: Not filtering my thoughts as they exit my mouth

X - x-rays you’ve ever had: My knees, hips, feet, hands, skull, and teeth

Z - zodiac sign: Capricorn

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A- Age: 30. 31 this summer.
B- Biggest fear: The dark, tbqh. And my dad’s reaction if he finds out I’m Ace. I know he loves me, but he’s very close-minded. 
C- Current time: 8:13 pm, MST
D- Drink you last had:  TEA
E- Everyday starts with: Grumbling at the alarm and stumbling around with my eyes closed.
F- Favorite song: Currently? Irreplaceable by Madilyn Paige. 
G- Ghosts, are they real: Absolutely. We have a very young one at our house. A little girl, according to my niece when she was about 2-3, with long dark hair and a white dress. She likes to move the kids toys around and sometimes she hums. Like, the way little kids do, off key and under their breath.
J- Jealous of: people who can function normally.
K- Killed someone: No…not to my knowledge, at least.
L- Last time you cried: Yesterday.

M- Middle name: Danielle 

N- Number of siblings:  Two. One older, one younger.
O- One wish: …maybe I’m weird, but I tend to not make wishes.
P- Person you last called/texted: My dad.
Q- Questions you’re always asked: “Are you okay?”
R- Reasons to smile: My niece and nephews and all the people I love. And my dog.  
S- Song last sang: ’Fight Like a Girl’ by Kalie Shorr
T- Time you woke up: I think it was around 8:10-ish this morning.
U- Underwear color: That seems a bit personal, yes?
V- Vacation destination: Anywhere in a forest. Like, a proper forest, which we haven’t got here in the desert. I’d also really like to go to Ireland.
W- Worst habit: All of them. All of my habits are bad.

X- X-rays you’ve had: ummmm…I had my face x-rayed as a teenager when my pediatrician was trying to figure out why my sinus infections weren’t getting better.
Y- Your favourite food: Chicken Risotto
Z- Zodiac sign: Cancer/Leo cusp. 

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a - age: 17
b - biggest fear: computer viruses, heights, drowning, losing important people.
c - current time: 1:57 AM.
d - drink you last had: lemonade.
e - every day starts with: struggling to get out of bed in the morning tbh.  
f - favourite song: currently Aurelia by AFI.
g - ghosts, are they real: I believe they are!
h - hometown: Detroit, Michigan.
i - in love with: a special nerd.
j - jealous of: …who am I not jealous of?
k - killed someone: my sleeping schedule, if that counts.
l - last time you cried: an hour ago, thankfully not out of sadness.
m - middle name: Lynn.
n - number of siblings: 3.
o - one wish: to learn how to play bass!
p - person you last called/texted: the same nerd I mentioned before. :>
q - questions you’re always asked: “why are you so edgy?” “why are you so gay?” “why?”
r - reasons to smile: loved ones, music, videogames, black clothing, cats.
s - song last sang: I… don’t ask, but it was What Is Love by Haddaway.
t - time you woke up: 2:55 PM, god save my sleeping schedule.
u - underwear colour: grey.
w - worst habit(s): overthinking, procrastinating, lip biting, picking at nails, touching my hair, pointing and snapping my fingers. yikes there’s a lot.
x - x-rays you’ve had: waaay too many.
y - your favourite food: pizza, pierogies, shrimp, french fries, strawberries.
z - zodiac sign: Libra.

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  • a / age: 28
  • b / biggest fear: Dying, heights, some dogs (I have a weird phobia around certain dogs relating to a traumatic childhood experience)
  • c / current time: 7:17 PM
  • d / drink you had last: Water
  • e / everyday starts with: Me waking up at ~7:30 AM to get ready for classes.
  • f / favourite song: My favourites change all the time, and I listen to so much music it would be hard to pick 1.
  • g / ghosts are real? I doubt it.
  • h / hometown: Denman Island, BC
  • i / in love with: Science
  • j / jealous of: People who don’t have social anxiety. Also I’m jealous of people who have a steady source of income.
  • k / killed someone: No.
  • l / last time you cried: Can’t remember. It must have been months ago.
  • n / number of siblings: 2
  • o / one wish: To be successful doing Science.
  • p / person you last called/texted: I phoned my parents on Friday. Last person I texted was a tumblr friend 3 weeks ago. No one really ever phones me or texts me.
  • q / questions you’re always asked: Not sure. My questions I’m curious about change a lot. And a lot of questions I had when I was a child have since been solved.
  • r / reasons to smile: Science, and cats are cute.
  • s / song last sang: I don’t sing.
  • t / time you woke up : 7:20 AM.
  • u / underwear colour: Usually grey, but this question is kind of weird.
  • v / vacation destination: Some sort of nature filled photography adventure would be nice. :)
  • w / worst habit: Procrastination/poor sleeping habits.
  • x / xrays you have had: Back (for my scoliosis), my teeth (for dental/orthodontic work). I might have had x-rays done on my left ear (I have moderate-severe hearing loss in that ear due to a cyst that basically ate my ear bones).
  • y / your favourite food: Probably Apple Pie & Vanilla Ice Cream
  • z / zodiac sign: Cancer (but astrology is useless)

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A- Age: A little more than 20 ;)
B- Biggest fear: Being without purpose.
C- Current time: 11:12PM
D- Drink you last had: Water
E- Every day starts with: Waking up. :D
F- Favorite song: Ah man… I always have to link more than one song. :D

G- Ghosts, are they real?: Dunno, are they? :P

I- In love with: @leffie-draws-fanart and @raide-draws-fanart (and their fanarts! <3), @nightofthefury-3d, @chiefhiccstrid, @slavicviking, @thenightfuryfan95 and @fankakm and this fandom and ahh… And so on haha :D Love you guys! <3

K- Killed someone: Last time I checked, no… I didn’t kill anyone.
L- Last time you cried: Ages ago :D I really can’t remember, it was so long.
M- Middle name: None.
N- Number of siblings: More than zero. :P
O- One wish: Peace for the world. <3
P- Person you last called/texted: @leffie-draws-fanart (*waves* heeey buddy! :D)
Q- Questions you are always asked: Huh, all sorts of questions. 
R- Reasons to smile: Every sunrise. ;)
S- Song last sang: Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms

T- Time you woke up: Uh… 9:30AM I think?
U- Underwear colour: Black… I think.
V- Vacation destination: *shrugs* Probably the mountains in my country.
W- Worst habit: Drinking water before going to sleep… sometimes it means interrupted sleeping haha. Not always though.
X- X-Rays you’ve had: Teeth, I think
Y- Your favourite food: Anything that doesn’t eat me haha. :D It’s late in the evening now, I don’t want to think about food too much haha
Z- Zodiac sign: Aquarius! …I think. ^^

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A - AGE: 18

B - BIGGEST FEAR: Que cuando sea viejita sienta que no hice lo que quería con mi vida.


D - DRINK YOU LAST HAD: Vino (Na~ Agua, si tomara vino a esta hora me muero xP)

E - EVERY DAY STARTS WITH: Maldiciendo el despertador.

F - FAVORITE SONG: Bring me to life, Evanescence.


H - HOMETOWN: Bariloche, Argentina. (Adoro mi ciudad <3)

I - IN LOVE WITH: La vida.


K - KILLED SOMEONE: Por ahora no.

L - LAST TIME YOU CRIED: Hace un tiempo, con el final de Kuroshitsuji Book of circus T-T

M - MIDDLE NAME: No tengo~

N - NUMBER OF SIBLINGS: una hermana y un hermano (ambos mayores)

O - ONE WISH: Viajar por el mundo



R - REASON TO SMILE: Cuando logro algo después de trabajar mucho en eso.

S - SONG LAST SANG: Mrs Sadistic night


U - UNDERWEAR COLOR: Negro. (adoro ese color)


W - WORST HABIT: Dejar todo para ultimo momento.

X - X-RAYS YOU’VE HAD: Espalda, rodillas, mandíbula y pecho. (como que hice demasiadas en mi corta vida)



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R U L E S; Copy this post into a new text post, remove my answers and put in yours, and when you are done tag up to 10 people and also tag the person who tagged you a - age: 15
b - biggest fear: spiders 
c - current time: 3.00 pm
d - drink you last had: diet coke - every day starts with: me looking at the clock 
f - favourite song: ANY beatles song g - ghosts, are they real: yeaaa 
h - hometown: ba 
i - in love with: pol mccartney 
j - jealous of: jane asher 
k - killed someone: nahh 
l - last time you cried: two hours ago lmao 
m - middle name: nope i’m not telling you my middle name 
n - number of siblings: 1 
o - one wish: meet Paul McCartney and eat without getting fat - person you last called/texted: my grandma - questions you’re always asked: what are you even doing with your life lol 
r - reasons to smile:the beatles and mclennon  - song last sang: all i’ve got to do by the beatles  
t - time you woke up:8.00 am - underwear colour: beige lol 
w - worst habit(s): biting my nails 
x - x-rays you’ve had: i’ve never had 
y - your favourite food: pizza
 z- zodiac sign: Pisces

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a / age: 24
b / biggest fear: i could be serious–lack of accomplishment, never writing a good story, everybody dying, etc–but really? walk in freezers.
c / current time: 4:36 PM
d / drink you had last: cold water
e / everyday starts with: turning on the fairy lights I hung over my windows
f / favourite song: my most played song on iTunes is “Rey’s Theme,” but I usually answer this question with “Below My Feet” by Mumford & Sons.
g/ ghosts are real? I’m not convinced they aren’t, at least. 
h / hometown: Philadelphia
i / in love with: Newt Scamander my current writing project
j / jealous of: at the moment, people without allergies/sinus problems
k / killed someone: only with my killer cookie recipes. 
l / last time you cried: when I heard Carrie Fisher’s voice say “May the force be with you” in the In Memoriam part of the Oscars last night WHOOPS
m / middle name: Grace (it’s ironic, okay)
n / number of siblings:
o / one wish: vacation time (it’s been two years since I had it and I miss it)
p / person you last called/texted: probably @proserphone
q / questions you’re always asked: “can you send me their itinerary?” at work and “can you watch my kids?” by everyone at my church
r / reasons to smile: I’m reading A Conjuring of Light and also my sibs get home this weekend for their break [throws confetti]
s / song last sang: right now I’ve got the Audition song from La La Land stuck in my head?
t / time you woke up: 6:05 AM. 
u / underwear colour: ain’t nobody need to know that except me. 
v / vacation destination: take me back to Ireland~! (but also San Francisco, Maine, New Orleans, literally anywhere/…? I love traveling)
w / worst habit: picking at my cuticles probably
x / xrays you have had: OH I’VE HAD ONE NOW. I MEAN, OTHER THAN JUST DENTAL. I had my knee x-rayed last year because I smashed it twice. It’s fine, just… spritzy. Anyway. 
y / your favourite food: caribbean tomato pasta
z / zodiac sign: gemini

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R U L E S; Copy this post into a new text post, remove my answers and put in yours, and when you are done tag up to 10 people and also tag the person who tagged you a - age: 13/14 
b - biggest fear: spiders and similar insects 
c - current time: 11.30pm
 d - drink you last had: water - every day starts with: me shutting my alarm off 
f - favourite song: I CAN’T DECIDE g - ghosts, are they real: yess - hometown: Istanbul 
i - in love with: roger waters 
j - jealous of: no one i think lol  
k - killed someone: no (?) 
l - last time you cried: i really don’t remember 
m - middle name: ayşe 
n - number of siblings: 0 
o - one wish: hard question - person you last called/texted: my friend - questions you’re always asked: “naps?” (its a slang word in turkish means whats up)
r - reasons to smile: music :)  - song last sang: echoes by pink floyd  
t - time you woke up: 6.00 am - underwear colour: black and pink 
w - worst habit(s): cracking my knuckles 
x - x-rays you’ve had: 5 times maybe idk 
y - your favourite food: pizza!!!
 z- zodiac sign: aries 

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Meet Batmun!

A - AGE: 19 (But I’m like 10 at heart haha).
B - BIGGEST FEAR: SPIDERS. Also darkness, makes me feel uneasy.
D - DRINK YOU LAST HAD: Passion Fruit juice!
E - EVERY DAY STARTS WITH: My cat meowing like it’s the end of the world because she’s hungry.
F - FAVORITE SONG: Currently the Klonoa 2 Soundtrack, and music from Owl City and Mystery Skulls… I love music so I can’t pick one hahahaaa.
G - GHOSTS ARE THEY REAL: I believe so, despite never having seen one.
I - IN LOVE WITH: My bf @chromchill! <3
M - MIDDLE NAME: De los Ángeles.
N - NUMBER OF SIBLINGS: 2 older sisters that drive me crazy…….
O - ONE WISH: To become an animator or having a film about my characters!
P - PERSON YOU LAST CALLED/TEXTED: Sparky, mah ho right here :Y @sparksparta
R - REASONS TO SMILE: Food, animals, friends you consider your family, travelling, creating something of your own, making stories, music, colors, and a bunch of other things!
S - SONG LAST SANG: I believe it was ‘Fireflies’ from Owl City.
T - TIME YOU WOKE UP: …11:11 AM? I think??
W - WORST HABIT: Eating when anxious…..
X - X-RAYS YOU’VE HAD: A looooooong time ago I thought I injured my hand and had x-rays taken… I think I was 11? In the end nothing was wrong haha.
Y - YOUR FAVORITE FOOD: BOI DO I HAVE MANY FAVORITES- Ice cream, chocolate, pastries, pizza, pastas, candy… I really like sweets hahaha. Risottos are a big favorite too!

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anonymous asked:

I'm the anon that's in love with you. Firstly, that was the best response I've ever gotten when proclaiming my love. Secondly, I'd like you to hold a sword so I could fling myself upon it. And thirdly, I'm sure I could make our platonic love as thrilling and tragic as our romantic. :)

Uhm… Kindly explain to me HOW, how can you or anyone else be ‘in love’ with me. And what’s more striking because of my tumblr account, when I’m basically a ghost in here and I could be Frankenstein’s monster in real life for all you know! | But seriously, although I have a cat personality – if you’ve ever had a cat I don’t even have to explain – everyone is welcome to message me & befriend me as long as they aren’t too intrusive or expect an immediate answer [because i was cursed to be eternally busy, insecure and wise enough to retract from interaction when i feel low] but let me remain just a ghost here (🌿) while I gain more confidence in my personal life - I’m a little Emily Dickinson and I need to shut out the world.

[Equally important ▶ I’m afraid that in order to upgrade to actual friend or platonic lover one has to defeat @marcantonivs in battle. She insists that I make that very clear, and she sounds more convincing and scary each time. (: ]


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a - age: 18
b - biggest fear: Balloons
c - current time: 6:25 PM
d - drink you last had: Juice 
e - every day starts with: ‘’Election Day’’ by Arcadia as my alarm  
f - favourite song: The Reflex by Duran Duran
g - ghosts, are they real: I don’t believe they exist
h - hometown: Stadskanaal, Groningen, The Netherlands (never heard of it? SUCH A SHAME IF YOU ONLY KNOW FUCKING AMSTERDAM)
i - in love with: John Taylor & Nick Rhodes
j - jealous of: People who can sing, while I can’t
k - killed someone: Luckily not
l - last time you cried: January, 20th
m - middle name: Don’t have one
n - number of siblings: 3
o - one wish: To meet my idols who are still alive
p - person you last called/texted: A classmate
q - questions you’re always asked: Why I’m tall
r - reasons to smile: Music, my idols and reading books
s - song last sang: Fxxk It by BIGBANG
t - time you woke up: 6:35 AM
u - underwear colour: Purple
w - worst habit(s): Can’t think of some right now
x - x-rays you’ve had: Never had one
y - your favourite food: Pizza, Fries, Rise with Chicken
z - zodiac sign: Cancer

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a - age: 20
b - biggest fear: being alone
c - current time: 11:23 am
d - drink you last had: orange juice
f - favorite song: Robbers by The 1975
g - ghosts, are they real: yeah i’d bet
h - hometown: Bradley
i - in love with: dogs
j - jealous of: artistic people
k - killed someone: soon
l - last time you cried: yesterday i think
m - middle name: nicole (EW)
n - number of siblings: 1
o - one wish: to have many pups 
p - person you last called/texted: danny probably
q - question(s) you’re always asked: “are you okay?”
r - reasons to smile: books!!
s - song last sang: Tag, You’re It - Melanie Martinez
t - time you woke up: 7:15 a.m
u - underwear color: black and gray
v - vacation destination: somewhere in ireland, probably 
w - worst habit: chewing my lip
x - x-rays you’ve had: my middle finger   
y - your favorite food: angel hair in alfredo!!
z - zodiac sign: leo

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A- Age: 20, but i feel 90 right now

B- Biggest fear: oh boy. i’d put them all again but lets just say i have too many

C- Current time: 12:17pm (i forgot to change the time when i finished this. it took like 10 minutes to do this)

D- Drink you last had: coffee since i’m currently running on 3 hours of sleep lmao

E- Everyday starts with: my sister coming into my room to wake me up. ughh

F- Favourite song: the acoustic version of ‘another song about the weekend’ by adtr!

G- Ghosts, are they real?: they’re fuckin real and no one can convince me otherwise

H- Hair colour: plain ol brown. it kinda shines red in the sun?

I- In love with: iwaizumi and mattsun not in love but i actually do like someone

J- Justify your gender: nonbinary

K- Killed someone: not yet, no

L- Last time you cried: last night over a video game.

M- Middle name: Alexa

N- Number of siblings: one younger sister

O- one wish: idk to be honest

P- Person you last called or texted: my dad

Q- Question you are always asked: “why don’t you talk more?” this have been asked a lot by people i don’t like. bitch i have nothing to say to you

R- Religion: umm idk??

S- Song last sang: not a song but one of the themes from bowser’s inside story (that’s the game i was crying about……)

T- Time you woke up: i woke up twice today. first time at 8:15am, second time at 11am

U- Underwear colour: white

V- Vacation destination: Japan, Canada, or someplace in Europe :0

W- Worst habit: biting my fingers/nails and teeth grinding

X- X-rays you’ve gotten: xray for my foot. i might get one for my knee soon bc it’s been killing me for months

Y- Your favorite food: wow i’m going to sound like a huge fucking pig, but: pasta, pizza, burgers, salads, fried chicken, and poutine. i have too many favorites

Z- Zodiac sign: Cancer

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  • a / age: 18
  • b / biggest fear: spiders
  • c / current time: 1 pm
  • d / drink you had last: milk
  • e / everyday starts with: checking my phone 
  • f / favourite song: lp - lost on you 
  • g / ghosts are real? yea
  • h / hometown: somewhere in noord-brabant, netherlands
  • i / in love with: idk
  • j / jealous of: ppl who hang out w my friends lol
  • k / killed someone: dont think so
  • l / last time you cried: uh somewhere last week i think
  • m / middle name: dont have one
  • n / number of siblings: 2
  • o / one wish: to be a succesful rider
  • p / person you last called/texted: my jumping instructor
  • q / questions you’re always asked: “mink why are you like this”
  • r / reasons to smile: when ive had a really good lesson & when my friends r being cute af
  • s / song last sang: humming along w alone and sublime by mother mother
  • t / time you woke up: 11:47am
  • u / underwear colour: a v obnoxious pink
  • v / vacation destination: if theres horses im good yo
  • w / worst habit: jealousy i think
  • x / xrays you have had: none
  • y / your favourite food: mcdonalds fries
  • z / zodiac sign: sagittarius

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