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What the Hell is a Ghostfacer?

Pairing: Dean x Reader


Warning: Swearing and ghostfacer hate?

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“For the last time Dean, I only wore the dress cause you dared me too” You were in tears when Dean started telling embarrassing stories about his little brother. It was quite refreshing from the research and the “hey so get this”. You were currently in baby, getting ready for one of the most easiest hunts alive. You still don’t know why Sam couldn’t go alone and leave you and Dean to what the cool kids call ‘catch up’.

“Yeah okay Sammy whatever helps you sleep at night. So hunt, drinks then ice-cream and strippers for Sammy? Whaddya say babe?” Hunting was something you were honestly thankful for. Knowing that the supernatural exist isnt quite stress free, so from time to time letting out steam is necessary. Especially if you can gank any son of a bitch that comes your way… also saving a few here and there.

“I agree. When was the last time you got laid Sam? I mean someone other than your hand”  Dean let out a hearty laugh which was louder than the rumble coming from the Impala. Sam simply sat there staring at you two, giving what you like to call ‘his moosiest bitch face’.

“Yeah yeah whatever, Y/N. I can get laid if I want to. So get this” You groaned at his famous topic changer, and to think seconds ago you were on a break.

“Anyways so, Eric Withers. Slaughtered his wife after going insane then he shot himself in the head. After his death, every female who stayed in that house in the last 4 years died and they all looked like his wife. His bones remain publicly unknown but polices files say it’s either inside the house or in the backyard. So Y/N, you and I, we’re gonna search the outside while Dean looks inside for the remains, alright? But you gotta stick close to me since you fit the previous victims profile. Also he always attacks at 3:00am and it’s 2:40 now. We have about 20 or less minutes to find the bones, okay?” You nodded and looked at Dean who was worried. He originally wanted to be with you and keep you safe but Sam knew his emotions would get the best of him if anything went south. Which wouldn’t happen, obviously since it was such an easy hunt.

“Hey babe it’s okay. I’ll be fine” You leaned forward and placed an innocent kiss at the back of his clenched jaw, he loosened at the simple and comforting gesture.

“Yeah okay, we’re almost ther-SON OF A BITCH” You jumped at Dean’s sudden outburst. He quickly pulled over in front of the house and got out of the car, which you and Sam soon followed after. As you exited you saw a van parked in front of the abandoned home with the word “GHOSTFACERS” written on it.

“What the hell is a ghostfacer?” You thought you remembered Sam once mention something about ghost hunting rookies almost getting everyone killed. Though you also recall Sam saying they were quitting the business after Dean busted their only shot into Hollywood.

“Ghostfacers are the best asskicking ghost team ever. We face the ghosts when other’s will not” Two full grown ass men emerged from the van wearing spy clothes. If Dean wasn’t so pissed right now you would be on the floor laughing.They look like 14 year olds, spying on their hot neighbours. Reluctantly you decide to speak.

“Waiiiiiit… are- are they hunters?” You turned towards Sam expecting an answer when he only shrugged in return. Dean let out a dark chuckle which kinda turned you on, in a freakishly weird way.

“More like douchebags, Harry. Ed. What are you geeks doing here? I’m pretty sure the buffy the Vampire slayer convention is in May.” Dean simply said as if it was some fact in a book. You bursted out laughing choking on nothing but air, it was an amazing quality of yours. Regaining control you just sighed out loud while still chuckling. They seemed unmoved of Dean’s insult and when the shorter ones eyes fell on you he not so subtly tapped the other man notifying him of your presence. You squinted when the one with glasses shone his bright light at you and soon enough you became annoyed.

“Alright Dr Who, how about you drop the light before I punch you square in the face.” Normally you’re nice, to anyone really, but if Dean had a reason to hate someone then most probably they’re dicks. Especially if they’re ghosthunters on tv. It pissed you off knowing people exploit the supernatural world for their own shameless entertainment, the jobs about saving people and hunting things. Not recording things, and show the whole world.

“Sweet lord of the rings Harry, she’s beautiful, funny, and fierce.” Dean’s demeanor became defensive when he walked in front of you, guarding you from the irritable couple.

“Look’s like she’s taken Ed. Maybe we should save her Liam Neeson style” You rolled your eyes at their horrible attempt to flirt. Your eyes later landed on Dean and you saw his Jaw tensing in the moonlight while his green eyes became a shade darker. No way… Dean was jealous from those two idiots? Literally Sam has a better chance in getting in your pants then them… and you see Sam as a brother.

The one called Ed walked up to you confidently and grabbed your tense hand pulling it to his lips, in disgust you pull it away wiping your hand on your jeans. Dean growled at the frail boy causing him to fear Dean for a single second before returning to his annoying self.

“Ma lady, I am Ed Zeddmore and my partner here is Harry Spengler. We hunt ghosts and you’ll be safer with us than these two meat heads” You looked behind him and saw Harry smile and wave at you. Sam walked towards Ed backing him into Harry.

“Don’t fucking talk to her, in fact don’t even look at her” Dean menacingly spoke from your side causing Ed and Harry to scoff and fold their arms.

“You don’t own her, it’s a free country. Fifty shades of way too much protein. Am I right?” Feeling Dean tense under your touch you gently patted his back in reassurance that everything is fine. His knuckles weren’t worth bleeding over two self absorbed idiots.

“Yeh okay Romeo and Juliet. How about no. But uhm enjoy the sausage fest while my partners and I have a ghost to gank.” You motioned towards your animalistic boyfriend and his moose of a brother to enter the house while you grabbed the equipment needed for this ten minute mission. You walked towards the Impala as Sam and Dean spoke to the two baffled boys, from a distance it looked like parents scolding their children and the image of Mama Sam and Daddy Dean made you belly laugh. Opening the trunk you grabbed salt rounds for all, three shot guns, your iron ring and some plain old rock salt. When Dean finished chewing up the boys he signalled that it was 2:46, dammit you wasted six minutes on this crap. You distributed the weapons and grabbed Dean’s hand out of instinct, walking towards the house you left the two facers behind in the dark to fumble with their cameras. The minute you entered the abandoned home you’re persona changed from normal Y/N to badass huntress Y/N.

You carefully made your way into the house making sure nothing popped out at you. Looking around you observed and admired the run down house, the chandelier that effortlessly dropped from the ceiling or the antique furniture placed so perfectly in the living room and the marble based stairs that spiraled upwards. If you weren’t on a hunt you probably would have drawn the houses interior as it was so amazingly vintage. Twirling your ring on your finger out of habit, you turned towards Sam who was still outside but you saw the two idiots grabbing their equipment and entering the house before Sam.

“No dammit stay ou- SLAM” As soon as the boys entered the house the doors slam shut, frustration was an understatement to what you were feeling. You heard Sam yell for you and Dean but you couldn’t open the damn door. Supernatural lockdown, freaking amazing. Dean went to every corner of the house to check for any opening possible and not so surprisingly, they were all tightly shut.

“SAM FIND THE BONES AND BURN THE DICK” Dean yelled to his brother while he marched upstairs leaving you with the two unprofessional ghost hunters. They simply stared at you winking and creating a superior stance which you found incredibly hilarious.

“For fuck sake. What time is it Y/N?” Dean yelled from upstairs as he tried finding a possible way out. Your heart was now racing from the adrenaline, these idiots wasted your time and now a simple salt and burn turned into a game of don’t die from the fucking crazy ghost.

“2:50” Your voice echoed through the halls and Harry began recording you inappropriately.

“Ghostfacers here, we’re locked in the house haunted by Eric Withers.” Ed made a horrible ghost sound effect that made you wanna punch him in the dick. Harry faced the camera at you and started complimenting your physical features like you were the first women they’ve seen in years. You rolled your eyes and walked around the house investigating every crook.

“Shit we had about 10 minutes before the son of a bitch showed up. Why would he lock us down now?” Dean spoke as he walked down the stairs  You saw Ed and Harry holding their cameras tight to their chest frantically looking around the room. Do they even know how to hunt? Yup… you were going to die because of two possibly frustrated virgins.

“Maybe uh, maybe he felt us come in and he’s trying to stop us from finding his bones which is most likely out-freaking-side.” You ran your hands through your head and sat down on the nearest chair.

“She’s smart and beautiful, Harry.” You flipped them off as your vision was focused on the floorboards. Now was not the time to argue, you needed to find a way out and help Sam. Your flashlight started to flicker and when you hit against your palm it blew out. Great, that’s never a good sign. Dean let out a sigh and his breath became visible when the temperature suddenly dropped about 10 degrees. You held your shotgun up but jumped at the touch of Harry’s arm on your shoulder.

“It’s okay Y/N, I’ll be your knight in shining armor.” Harry shamelessly smiled when he tried pulling you into his side ‘protectively’. It’s funny, if you threw him in front of a wolf he’d probably be dead within seconds, knight in shining armor. Please. Dean saw you struggling to get out of Harry’s grip and marched towards him about to punch his face in and luckily for the idiot, you stopped Dean.

“Baby it ain’t worth it and you know it right now we’ve got a crazy ass ghost on our hands. Deal with that now” You kissed the tip of his nose and lightly squeezed his hand. Dean didn’t like to admit it but he’d sometimes get insecure no matter who flirted with you. How could they not? You were beautiful in so many ways that even angels would become flustered around your presence. So when you would get hit on it made Dean feel not worthy of your love but never once did you show that. You always ignored the flirting and always reminded Dean that you were his and he was simply yours.

“Yeah okay babe, You two… stay away from my girlfriend because if I won’t kick your ass she most likely will and that’s something you don’t want” You smirked and chuckled but that soon came to halt as Deans flashlight started to flicker and the room became even colder.

“Harry, Ed! Grab the salt from my duffel, make a circle and stand in it.” You and Dean were now back to back waiting for the circle to be made.

“You want us to make the circle in the duffel bag?” If you weren’t in a life or death situation you most probably would have pulled your hair out.

“NO you idiots. Just make the damn circle.” You saw Withers ghost appearing in the corner and shot him right in the face. You heard Dean shoot next while Ed and Harry scrambled to make the protective circle admiring your skills in the process.

“Holy crap Ed… I think I’m in love” Dean aimed his gun towards Harry and shot right beside his face. The blood drained from his face as he cowered in fear falling into a ball.

“Sorry there was a ghost behind you” You were about to laugh at your jealous green eyed hunter but then your guns were magically flung out of your hands leaving you with your pure iron ring and dean with a crowbar.

“Alright Eric come at us.” Suddenly he appeared next to you and Dean got to him before he got you. You looked in front of Dean and punched Eric straight in the face, Dean turned around and swung next to your head while you ducked. Harry and Ed just stared at you two in sheer astonishment. From their point of view it looked like you and Dean had choreographed your moves when in reality you two just knew each other so well where you can actually assume each others moves. It was as if you two were soulmates. You were about to punch him again but then he spontaneously bursted into flames screaming in the process. Dean shielded your body from the heat and rested his body against you since you did the same. You stared into his eyes smiling while you were out of breath. The doors became unlocked and a sweaty and greasy Sam came to view

“Holy crap, you should’ve seen the amount of nastiness in that coffin.” Sam bent forward wiping the sweat off his brow.

“Good job Sammy” You leaned into Dean about to kiss him when the poop faces ruined your romantic moment by their obnoxious clapping.

“HOLY ROBIN AND BATMAN Y/N YOU’RE SO PERFECT! SO SEXY THE WAY YOU PUNCHED THAT GHOST. AND YOUR LEGS OH DEAR GOD THE WA- OWW!” you straight up punched Ed in the face for being really fucking annoying. You heard Dean laugh and whisper “thats my girl” while you twisted Ed’s arm resting your knee on his lower back. Sam was laughing at the mere sight while Harry just stood awkwardly, shifting from leg to leg, not knowing how to deal with this situation.

“Listen here dick-wad, I’m pretty sure I made it clear that Dean and I are dating yet you still disrespected that which is a majjjoooorrr turn off. Not only for me but for all women around the world and shocker… you’re single. Honestly learn how to talk to a woman properly instead of treating her like an inanimate object with boobs and a vagina. Good Night or day. Whatever.” With that you dropped the withering boys hand and held Deans calloused one instead. His grin was wider than a childs on christmas morning, you didn’t notice it until you were packing up your stuff by the impala.

“What’s wrong? Why are you looking at me like that?” In instinct your hand went to your hair in an attempt to fix it but Dean just grabbed your hand pulling you into a long awaited kiss. His lips glided against yours as if they were made for eachother. Pulling apart he still left soft kisses before leaning his forehead onto yours.

“How did I get so damn lucky?” You smiled and breathed in his sweet scent of leather and cologne. Even after a hunt he still managed to smell fine as ever.

“Hmm its because of your car. It does things to a lady” He obviously knew you were kidding and in response he merely slapped your butt playfully which earned a groan from Sam.

“Don’t worry Sammy you’re still gonna get laid tonight.” You sat in the impala leaving all thoughts of the ghostfacers behind you for, what you hoped would be the, last time.