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TalesFromTheFrontDesk: The eve of St Patrick's Day in Cambodia

Cambodia is so sold out I had to go and inspect a room that didn’t get inspected at 10:30 to let in someone who did an Expedia reservation and for some reason our system didn’t tell their system no. We’re technically 100% sold out. Nothing off line. The last room was listed as a pickup but I didn’t find anything wrong with it or any notes as to why it wasn’t listed as inspected.

I had to remake a bed for someone in the ghost room because house keeping didn’t change the sheets. No one staying in the ghost room had long dark hair and there were long dark hairs in the bed. Kinda weird since I know what our ghost looks like. However it’s more likely even than house keeping fucking up that one of the ladies making up rooms today lost some hair doing the job. This was a total bitch too because being at full capacity you can imagine we don’t have a lot of spares.

I reprogrammed a door for some angry old people (I’d be angry too if my door lock failed,) and it took forever because the box we use wouldn’t take the programming and I had to call someone to get some help with the box. Finally got them in their room and the husband was like “You’d better damn well tell your managers about this.” At least I didn’t try all the stupid things my manager suggested first because they would have been in the hall for an hour again like the first time I had to do this. Seriously, hitting the door lock isn’t going to convince it to unfail.

While I was doing this I also had to make change a billion and a half times for the latest group of high school students in house. Like didn’t these kids eat dinner?

Oh and I found one of our luggage carts just sitting in the middle of the parking lot when I went to close the pool. Like it wasn’t even by a car. Someone could have hit it if I didn’t see it when I went outside 30 minutes late to close the pool because I couldn’t get away from the phone and the constant stream of people coming up to the desk to do it.

I finally told my checklist to fuck off about 30 minutes before I left. If we’re so busy I can’t even count the cash drawer, the NA can do it.

This is one tired Queen. And I get to do the same shift tomorrow. Yay St Patrick’s Day! If I get out of there without seeing any green puke, I’ll be lucky.

By: queenofcambodia


“Is it a friend, a girlfriend, a part of herself? I wanted to see some representation of a lesbian relationship that wasn’t over sexualized. Just two people in love—or at least they used to be.”

My brother, inspired by the Marth pentagram post, made a pentagram out of glow-in-the-dark duct tape in hopes of summoning Camilla. Instead he got a 5-star Takumi. The irony of it. The Camilla pentagram summoned Takumi. He was attracted by all the Nohrian Scum

UPDATE: he finally got Camilla everyone

Bring Me The Horizon - Doomed

can we please talk about this perfect version of this song? like damn i wish i could have been there!