the ghost of what should have been


I think I saw your ghost today.  


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So here’s something I’ve been working on for months, over a year since the start, and it’s definitely the most complicated project I did so far, both technically and plotwise, and is very dear to me. Please share if you like!
And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask, I could write more about the plot in the summary but didn’t want to give away too much and let people figure it out (the Sixth Sense should give you a clue but it has quite a few layers to interpret) So, yep, let me know what you think ♡

Dear ex, (from the signs)
  • aries: it got too serious too fast but at night my rash decisions come back to taunt me anyways so don't worry about karma
  • taurus: you weren't scared of me but you should have been. thanks for the love, sorry about the bittersweet aftertaste. you know how much i love dark chocolate
  • gemini: i would have been more honest with you if i could have been honest with myself. but how can you be honest to yourself if you don't know who or what that is? i hope you had fun kissing a ghost
  • cancer: you're awful. i think i was in love with your first impression...i clung to it until i realized that it wasn't a person, it was a thing, a terrible thing
  • leo: i always love the underdogs. i know you'll find someone. stop counting lions to put yourself to sleep
  • virgo: i almost wish the worst and i almost wish the best, i just wish i could stop wishing for you
  • libra: sorry i loved your love more than i loved you. your silhouette paired so nicely with me. stiletto, silhouette, i get them confused
  • scorpio: you couldn't handle me and that's fine, but was i really so significant that you had to pour vinegar into our memories to forget the sugar?
  • sagittarius: who am i writing this to? i've fallen more in love with strangers i've shared a seat with
  • capricorn: you were my back-up plan turned another one-that-got-away. i always thought i was playing it safe but then you became a thought that i deemed so dangerous that i couldn't help but keep thinking of you
  • aquarius: you're like a scab i pick at in hopes of it turning into a scar quicker
  • pisces: you were a silly dream and i'm sticking to that story but please don't look in my direction, i feel enough guilt for myself as is
Kakasaku Mermaid!AU - “Holy Grail”

I finished most of my finals this week, so I wanted to post this to celebrate. I had been planning this chapter for months, but struggled to write it because I never felt like I was doing it justice. Hopefully, I finally nailed it. 

I have a few more oneshots planned for these two, but this marks the end of the main story. Thank you for sticking around thus far, and hope you stick around for the bonus stories of these two.

TW: Gore, blood.


Lungs burning, he surfaces blindly. The transition is always disorienting to him. Light shifts, water drains like a hazy curtain over his face; his mind is slow to catch up to what his body instinctively feels.

But today is made even worse by the fire of cannons and the blaze of boats overhead. The noise is unbearable, and the water is thick with the taste of blood, pitch, and gunpowder. A wave crashes over him, bringing with it a heavy wooden beam that smashes into the back of his head and makes him see stars. He gasps and for a moment, almost drops the quarry in his hand, but he regains himself—firms his grasp and grits his teeth through the pain as he presses Sakura’s limp body closer to his chest.

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anonymous asked:

Do you know any good cuddling fics? I just crave them all the time ;)

Fuck, yeah. You can also take a look through our domestic tag, sleeping tag, bed sharing tag, and fluff tag if you ever want some more fics like these! The ones listed are just some of my favorites.

of love and cuddles on the sofa: When John moves back into Baker Street, the boys start on that path that has been destined for them from the very beginning. Without misunderstandings, but with a lot of love and patience, they start what should have been theirs forever.

Ghost Stories: Sherlock’s parents think he and John are a couple. They might be onto something.

Shift: A (not so brief) summary of the shift in the dynamic of Sherlock and John’s relationship. From the first subtle brush of their fingertips over their morning coffee, covering all their firsts to what they are today.

The Tip Over Into the Inevitable: When his father dies, Sherlock avoids sleeping. Then discovers he can’t sleep at all. John finds a way to help.

Let me be the wallpaper that papers up your room: Four seasons in the life of Sherlock and John, really.

A Study in Intimacy: People don’t touch Sherlock Holmes, not like they touch other people.
Then he meets John Watson.

Their Great Reward: Boxing day, in John’s opinions, is the worst day of the year. Christmas is over, the tree is wilting and stripped of gifts, and there’s a week of dead-time until the clean slate of the new year. However the combination of a blizzard, a power-cut and Sherlock might just make it a day to remember. (John and Sherlock pre-slash to slash fluff)

A Terrific Soporific: Sherlock, a long-time sufferer of insomnia, is forced to share a bed with John at a hotel while on a case. To his astonishment, he finds that spending the night next to John helps him sleep and becomes determined to maneuver himself back into John’s bed.

If you know a fic like this, please reblog or reply with a title and author or a link!

If there was any line that Tom Hooper should have given Jehan Prouvaire in Les Misérables (2012), it should have been, ‘Marius, what’s wrong today? You look as if you’ve seen a ghost.’

I understand that in some versions of 'Red and Black,’ that’s already the case but here’s the thing: it would have given Jehan one very recognizable line in the movie and can you imagine how excited Jehan would be? Like, 'ghost?? Right on!’


“̀Òh́ ̴you b̧l̵o̧od͟y ID̨I͞O̢T!͡ Y͢o̢ù’͝rȩ go͠ing to̸ m͞es̷s e͡ver̶y͢th̕ing ҉uṕ ̡i̶f ̵ỳo̸u ke͢e̷p f̸o̕r̶g͡e̴tti҉ng̷ th̸e͘ v̴e̕ntila̸ţi͢on̷!” ̴

“-oh–OH, excuse me? I’M the idiot?! Ya know what could’ve been a better warning instead of, ‘Watch out for Springtrap.’? HMM, LET’S SEE. How about, ‘Hey, don’t put on that security pin or you’ll be cursed!’ I DIDN’T SIGN UP FOR THIS CRAP, GHOST LADY! >8U”

~Guard Mod and Phantom Mangle - FNAF 3

-what a nice way to start 2017: with one of the bigger doodle dumps I’ve ever done on here.

So…I SPENT MORE TIME ON A MEME than I should have. <8D Only ever drew myself as the Night Guard for Halloween two years ago, so it was nice to finally get around to a full reference picture to it. I even designed my own Fazbear’s Fright logo (which is subject to change, but still).

Everything after is based on a little moment from this video.

First Steps

Wham The sound echoed through the caverns. Arthur didn’t pick himself up immediately. There was a part of him wondering why pick himself up at all. It wasn’t like he was ever going to leave the cave not…not as he was.

He should be dead, just like Lewis. It was a painful truth, but one he couldn’t look away from. It was his fault, after all. Him and whatever had taken control of his body. He wasn’t sure what had happened to it. There had certainly been no murderous impulses since he woke up, but at the same time there wasn’t anyone left to murder.

Arthur felt strong familiar hands pick him up and pull him into a sitting position. “Thanks Lew,” he muttered. 

“You need to be more careful,” The ghost chided, “You could have hurt yourself.” 

Arthur snorted. “If the first fall didn’t kill me, I doubt a stumble will.”

It took all of Lewis’s will power not to glance to the other side of the cave, where his own body was impaled on a stalagmite. And next to it a stalagmite still stained with a ring of blood. Or would it be ichor? He supposed the exact name of the bodily fluid didn’t matter, in the end.

Lewis placed both hands on the cave floor and summoned a small warm flames that chased away the chill of the cave. It was the first ‘power’ he had discovered and he was grateful it was something to bring at least some comfort to Arthur.

Death was cruel, but to wake up from it only to have your body be twisted into that of a demon’s was far worse. Especially when that same demon was responsible for Lewis’s own death.

Almost despite himself Arthur relaxed. The green wings slide into a less defensive position and the tail stopped twitching. They were too far from the cave entrance to see how much time had passed, but Lewis was sure it had at least been a few days. A few days that had gone from both of them being dead to otherworldly. To say it was an adjustment would be an understatement, but while Lewis adjustment was mostly mental and emotional, Arthur couldn’t quite seem to get a handle on just moving his body. Moving around for Arthur had been via a mix of scrambling around on all fours (all sixes since he used the wings too) and bracing himself on the many stalagmites on the cave floor. (In comparison, floating seemed almost automatic to Lewis).  But every time Arthur tried to stand on his own two feet, he had fallen.

“Why are you still here?” 

The question was so quiet Lewis almost didn’t here it. “On this plane of existence?”

“No, the cave.” Arthur gestured to the stone around them. “I can’t leave. Not only can I barely move but I would cause a mass panic if I were seen. You can look normal though. You have your parents, sisters, Vivi  who need to know you’re still around.  They need you, Lewis. You should go to them.”

Lewis sighed. “I want to.” He felt an ache in his anchor as he thought of his loved ones. “But Mom, Dad, Belle, Cayenne, Paprika. They all have each other to help them through. Vivi has them, plus Mystery, and Duet. And Mystery has Vivi. If I go, you’ll be alone. I’m not leaving you to that.”

“The sooner I get used to it, the better. I’m stuck, Lewis. But you don’t have to be. And I don’t want to be the reason you’re stuck here.”

Not for the first time, Lewis wished his or Arthur’s cell phones had survived their respective falls. He wished he could just call Vivi. There was no arguing with her. But he had to help Arthur on his own.

“I’ll make you a deal.” Lewis said finally. “I’ll find some way to contact Vivi and my family, but only after you’re able to leave the cave.”

“I can’t leave the cave Lewis it’s not safe.” Not for Arthur and not for anyone Arthur encountered.

“I know going back to Tempo is probably a bad idea, but I can’t just leave you here. We’ll find another place you can stay.” At the very least a place without so much baggage for both of them. “And I won’t be abandoning you wherever that it. I’ll come back. But we need you to be able to leave first.” Lewis floated over to Arthur and held both arms out. “Come one, I taught two of my sisters how to walk, I’ll teach you too.”

“I’m not a toddler,” Arthur muttered, but let himself be pulled up. Lewis didn’t let go as he reached full height.

“I’ll keep you steady.” Lewis promised. “Just adjust your wings and tail until it feels like they’re not unbalancing you.”

The first steps wouldn’t be easy. But each step they took away from the death of their old lives was one Lewis welcomed. And he was sure Arthur did too.


Hey *waves* I have been ghosting around for a couple of months, and now that 2017 is so near it seems like a good time to properly introduce myself and start taking care of this studyblr like it deserves to be taken care of :D

Basic info:

Name’s Ana, I’m from Venezuela and my birthday’s on December 23rd

About me:

  • I’m a full-time fangirl, I love books, TV shows, movies and musicals (though I’m just getting into them)
  • I’m such a stereotypical Ravenclaw.
  • I love both coffee and tea and I can’t live without them~
  • Aesthetic related stuff makes me happpy.
  • My favorite subjects are History and Geography.

What should you expect to see here?

  • Study methods that I find useful
  • Attemps of aesthetic pics
  • Langblr. I speak english and spanish and I’m starting to self-teach french, though I want to learn many more languages later.
  • Maybe booklr, I love my books and I want to share them with the world.

Some studyblrs that have inspired me


One of my 2017 goals is to improve my grades and I hope this can help me as well as I hope to help others to do so too!

Ana out, bye~

By Chance - Part 4

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 

Bucky Barnes x reader

Summary: you and James Barnes get to know by chance in a subway. Will destiny make your lifes come across again?

Y/N: thank you so much for everyone of you who is reading the story. I really appreciate every message, every like and every reblog. You are great!

Tags: @myhighanddry-blog @kit-kat-coffeeworld

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(Credits to the owner of the gif)

Past: at the party

‘Congratulations man! You did not even tell me that you are going to get married,’ Steve said as he hugged James with his right arm.

‘Yeah, I know. Sorry about that, I should have told you.’

‘What is wrong Bucky? You have a face that seems you have just seen a ghost. Do not tell me you do not want to get marry now?’

'I do not know what I want, Steve. These weeks have been weird for me,’ James wanted to keep talking but he did not know how to say the words;  it was hard to say the words he was about to spill out even when he was talking to his best friend. 'I- I don’t think Amanda is the right person pal.’

'What?! After these years… well, this is not an easy situation, for sure. But I am happy for you if you realize she is not the one.’ Steve did not say anything for a few seconds and then he continued, 'if it is not Amanda, who is the one then?’

James turned around and looked at the inside of the party room. Steve followed Bucky’s glance and he saw the photographer, you.

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What the writers (mainly Eric Wallace, who wrote this episode) should have done instead of having Scott just give up looking for Stiles, which is just unrealistic, is they should have had him tell Lydia something along the lines of: 

“No, you’re right, Lydia. Although right now, my main focus has to be on stopping the Ghost Riders. I can’t just stand still and let them continue to take anymore innocent lives. But I promise we won’t give up on looking for Stiles. He was important to us. We might not remember why, but we do know it. We feel it.”

That would have been good enough for me. Scott is always gonna be about protecting others first and that’s what he’s gonna be inclined to do. So of course he would put it at the forefront, especially because that’s the only real solid evidence he has at the moment. 

Ghosts of Geonosis

While overall I really enjoyed the episode, their where two major things that I’m kind of upset weren’t addressed at all:

1. Zeb not acknowledging what Saw and his men did to Kallus’s team: he knows how wrong that was to do but he says nothing on the subject.

2. Though Zeb did get angry, it seemed like Ezra was much angrier at Saw for threatening to eradicate an entire species. I feel like that really should have hit a nerve for Zeb and he should have been just as furious if not more so then Ezra. He could have easily beat Saw without harming the egg, why didn’t he react more to Saw doing this?

Don’t get me wrong, the episode was great but I wish both of these points would have been acknowledged. 

Teen Wolf 6x06: Ghosted

Lydia, Scott, and Malia go to the ghost town Canaan, where energy left behind by the Ghost Riders causes hallucinations.

Scott sees his mom injured.

Malia sees her dead mother and sister, Kylie. Malia’s hallucinations run so deep she imagines Theo telling her, “I know what you’re thinking. You should have died with them. Let me help you with that,” before shooting her dead!

After recovering from their hallucinations, Scott and Malia, along with Lydia, follow a little boy into a house. It‘s the house of the only person left in Canaan - Lenore, a banshee. Lenore is quietly standing across the room, watching them.

She says, excitedly, it’s been so long since they’ve had visitors and Caleb, her dead son, has had someone to play with.

Because of this, she threatens that “no one is leaving Canaan, ever again,” before shutting and locking the door on them.

They can’t get out! Scott and Malia can’t even use their supernatural strengths to open the door! Lenore has Lydia, Scott, and Malia held captive! 

Lydia tells Scott and Malia to go play with Caleb while she talks this out with Lenore.

Lydia tries to persuade Lenore to let them go and give them information on how to rescue Stiles. Lenore tells Lydia, because she’s a banshee, she’ll be safe from the Ghost Riders. Lydia tells her, “I don’t want to be safe. I want to save Stiles.”

Lydia just wants Stiles back.

Lydia just wants to save Stiles, even if it kills her! 

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I am home from Wisconsin (and still thawing, but that will take a while now that New England has decided to freeze over too), and am very sleepy and very much not wanting to go back to work tomorrow. But! I got to have an awesome time with my family, and I got to see @thievinghippo on Monday night (we are gleeful evil geniuses and you should all be very scared of what’s in store for her characters :D), and I will have the next chapter of Ghost ready to post on my birthday this Saturday. 

It has been a very good few days. 

I hope you’re all well and happy! <3<3

Categorization of Astral Beings

I notice people use term ‘spirit’ too generally. They say ‘spirit’ when they mean ghost and they say ‘spirit’ when then mean an astral being. This is my view on the subject and what I believe they should be called. (as always disclaimer that this is solely my opinion and opinions aren’t facts)


  • no body
  • not alive
  • intelligence depending on what they remember
  • repeating patterns, only remembering what they have been, not what they are
  • ghost is not same as person that died. it’s only shadow of it. talking to ghost is not talking to the actual dead person. it’s more like taking to it’s copy. the person is dead, while it’s copy remains wandering, without ability to learn anything new or to change
  • stuck in our plane
  • interfering with physical takes a lot energy from them. it’s hard for them bc they don’t have much energy themselves

Ghosts divining into 2 categories:

  • (Actual) Ghosts - described above
  • Phantoms - phantoms aren’t ghosts. they are energetic memories trapped in places. they are on showing always same thing at the same time. it’s like putting video on constant replay in empty house. video will play but it doesn’t mean anyone is inside it.


  • alive beings
  • very intelligent
  • living in other planes than ours, but having ability to travel between them
  • both good and bad. (demons could be classified as spirits too)
  • intelligent thoughtform might be also a spirit
  • when talking to spirit you are actually having conversation with them. they can evolve and learn
  • having a body which is invisible to human eyes simply bc it’s made of different energy
  • having enough energy to interfere with physical

Now spirits divined into 4 categories:

  • Guardians - have ability to interfere with this plane. Work with humans to learn something from them, while protecting them in return. (they can also teach humans if they choose so)
  • Guides - not having ability to interfere with this plane, but having ability to help you out internally. They help with advise and work with humans to teach them.
  • Nature spirits - inhabiting anything made by Mother Earth. May live in 2 planes at the same time, or choose to stay just in ours. Nature spirits can be both guardians or guides depending on their importance in Nature.
  • Other (thoughtforms and gods) - byproducts of constant believe something is real (this is true especially to religions), servants, familiars, and divine
The Ghost that Changed Everything Ch5

Summary: Set before/during/after 1009.The timeline is a little different to what we have seen, but it should all add up. A ghost appears and everything changes, but will everyone be okay?

People: Ty, Bob, Gavin, Amy, Lou, Peter, Mitch, Katie, Jack, Tim, Lisa and Casey. (Okay, so Lisa wasn’t in it but she was mentioned i think  once?) 😂

Rating: K+

Previous parts: [1],[2],[3],[4]

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Coming weeks (and months!) (OOC)

Hi friends!

It hasn’t been long since I began this blog, and it wasn’t much longer that I met most of the friends who follow it, and know me on WoW! I wanted to give everyone a heads-up and also leave a note (you should always leave a note!) for those who may get curious or want some information when they realize I’ve been gone for a few weeks.

This Sunday, January 22nd, is my birthday! It’s also the day that I am shipped out as a member of the US Navy (technically the next day, but whatever). As a result, I will be out of commission for 8-10 weeks from that day, without even a way to contact you lovely folk over Skype/Discord or what-have-you!

No, I didn’t abandon you! No, I didn’t mysteriously ghost from WoW! I’m just in really, really intense job-training!

I should return around mid-to-late March and… I have no idea what my life will be like then, but I plan to use my free time to write, to RP, to hang out with you lovely people again!

The folk I’ve met since returning to WoW and over the past 6-7 months are some of the best friends I have ever had in and outside this game, best writers I’ve ever had the chance to write with– and the folk I haven’t gotten to know/RP with much (especially in CC)? Y’all are my main inspiration to return, so we can meet, we can talk, we can roleplay!

I don’t want to ramble on too long, so I’ll leave you all with this:

I can’t wait to come back and spend more time with you all! 

Much love <3


SPR Reunited

The door to the entry hall opened. Naru was the first to come out from there. When I waved, he looked away in seeming indifference. —Tch.

Following him out was Lin-san’s tall figure.

“Lin-san, you too, long time no see!”

When I called out, he stopped as if a little startled, then nodded to me. Next, Masako came out with quick little steps.


“Yoo-hoo, Masako! How have you been?”

“What in the world happened? It’s you who I should be asking—”

Masako started to say this, then stopped walking. It seemed like she was going to come running over here, but she changed direction and rushed over to Naru. Such is why a woman’s friendship is fragile.

“Mai-san, were you alright?”

Saying that, John jumped down from a first floor window and actually rushed over to me.

John is truly kind. *tears*

-Ghost Hunt Vol 8 Ch 9

I love these characters! They’re hilarious. And I can’t believe the part about Lin being startled was left out of the current translation. We Lin-san fans need these kinds of things!


Danny fiddled with the microphone pinned to his shirt, biting his lips nervously. He should never have agreed to go on ‘Paranormal Press’ to talk about his ghost half. Never. This was dumb, so dumb. Why was he so dumb? He glanced off to the side to see his parents giving him a thumbs-up from where they were, talking to some big-shot GIW scientist that the ‘news’ had also been interviewing. Of course they’d be grinning and excited; why not? They aren’t the ones that have to go on live television and talk about what were the most intimate parts of themselves.

Danny scowled to himself and tried to get comfortable in the black leather seat that he’d been given. Seated across from him was the reporter who would be asking the questions. The reporter, a gentleman in his early forties named Rich, gave the boy a small, crinkly-eyed smile. The brown-eyed man gently moved the teen’s hand from the microphone. Danny went stiff and dropped his twitching hand onto his knee.

“Hey, don’t worry about it. It’s like camera’s not even there, if you don’t think too much about it. I was nervous my first time on live T.V., too, so I know how it feels.” Rich gave the boy a reassuring nod. Danny tilted his head to acknowledge that he’d been spoken to but remained rigid. Rich stroked his freshly-shaven chin before grinning.

“Y’know, the first time I did a live show, I was so nervous I got really bad gas.” Rich found his cheeks tinting at the not-so-fond memory of his late teens. Danny looked at the man and allowed himself a small, amused smile.

“Really?” He asked, intrigued and a bit more relieved. Rich grinned, glad to see that his confession had produced the desired effect on the teen. There it is. The reporter nodded.

“Mmhmm. Totally. It was foul, too. My co-workers wouldn’t stop calling me ‘Rich the Ripper’ for months.” Danny chuckled quietly, behind his hand out of respect, and looked at the plush violet carpet, mirth dancing in his blue eyes.

“That sounds… awful.” Rich laughed quietly as well.

“Yeah, it was pretty bad. This stays between us, okay? I really don’t want that nickname coming back.” Danny laughed and the two shook hands.

“Deal.” Suddenly a voice offstage called their attention.

“We’re live in thirty!”

Danny gulped. She didn’t mean thirty minutes. Rich cleared his throat and Danny glanced over, relaxing slightly at the older man’s calming gaze.

“Just breathe, you’ll do great. You saved the world from a glowing green asteroid; how hard could a little interview be?” Danny grinned and looked down a bit, pink staining his cheeks. Rich chuckled and straightened his notes, crossing one leg over another. “Just focus on me,” the seasoned reporter advised coolly, “I promise you that this’ll be over before you know it.”

“Fifteen seconds!”

Danny took a deep, steadying breath and made himself comfortable in the seat that he’d been provided with. Focus on the questions, Fenton. Just relax. You’ve stuffed countless ghosts back into the ghost zone, faced your evil future self, and generally gone through Hell and came back unscathed! This is just a dumb interview! You can do this!

“Five! Four! Three!…”

Danny snapped up to a decent posture and forced himself into a collected countenance. Even Rich found himself impressed at the boy’s sudden shift before he gave a dazzling smile to the camera.

“Good evening, everyone. Today is a special day; I’m Richard Rossum of Paranormal Press here with Daniel Fenton who, up until just a few months ago, was avowed as a normal high school student in the not-so-normal town of Amity Park in Michigan; however, the Disasteroid debacle of several months prior is what forced a change, so to speak. I don’t suppose I have to tell you that I am not only speaking to Amity Park resident Daniel Fenton, but will also have the pleasure of addressing proclaimed hero, Danny Phantom.” Rich adjusted his focus and beamed at the halfa, who, in turn, responded with a slight quirk of the lips. It wasn’t necessarily awkward, just a bit unnatural. He was still fraught with nerves.

“So, Danny, what part of all this has been the most difficult to get used to?” Danny swallowed and looked at the space between Rich’s eyebrows.

“Well, I guess not having to dodge into a porta-potty to switch forms is pretty neat.” Rich chuckled and Danny grinned, gaining a bit of confidence from his jest. “Out of everything? … I have to say that it’s a bit odd to, well, not be ignored. I mean, before all of this, I could just kinda do my own thing and nobody would really pick up on it but now it’s like I can’t do anything without at least someone noticing.” Rich nodded.

“I suppose that would be taxing after a while. Now, from the Disasteroid incident we were informed that not only do ghosts exist but half-ghosts as well; can you elaborate on this?” Danny blinked and tilted his head to the side a bit.

“Well, I’m not really a scientist like my parents but I have picked up some things from wandering the ‘Zone.” Before Rich could think to ask about the Ghost World, Danny continued. “So, ghosts are… formed when a human dies and their emotions leave a strong enough imprint behind into ectoplasm-which is the stuff that ghosts are made out of. Usually, the stronger the emotions a person leaves behind when they die, the stronger their ghost is when it materializes in the Ghost Zone.” Jack wiped a tear from his eye backstage; he knew his son would follow in his footsteps! And the way he went about it, he sounded just as smart as his mother, who was also beaming. The boy had a far-off look in his eyes and Rich could tell not to interrupt him, the boy was deep in thought.

“A halfa… Well, we’re… I’m different,” Danny adjusted his statement, looking towards the floor. “Obviously there’s not a lot of, y’know, science behind this but… I guess I’m the product of a half-death. Like, I started to die but because there was a lot of ectoplasm, my ghost formed immediately and, as a defense mechanism, I switched forms before it was over which preserved my human half.” Rich heard murmurs and other forms of quiet exclamation from the studio; Danny either didn’t notice or didn’t care. The boy looked back up from the floor and nodded to Rich, who took the hint and looked at his notepad before frowning and looking back at the boy. He cleared his throat.

“You say that you, in a sense, died. How did you die, then?” A chill swept through the room. Those watching on the television could feel it and saw the shiver that ascended Rich’s spine. Danny’s black hair covered his face and he had a hard frown set on his lips. Rich was about to open his mouth to take back the question, obviously he’d set his interviewee off somehow, when Danny let out a small noise, a laugh almost.

“Yeah, I sometimes forget that the human world isn’t really… acquainted with weird ghost formalities.” Danny looked up and brushed the hair from his face, calming his expression and taking back the chill from the room. Rich frowned.

“What do you mean?” Danny shrugged his shoulders.

“To be honest, if you asked anyone in the ‘Zone that question, you’d probably get your lights punched out. It’s… really rude to ask a ghost how they died. It’s the sort of thing that you’d have to gain a certain level of trust before even really broaching the subject…”

Silence as Rich kicked himself mentally. The murmuring hadn’t stopped and Danny let his smile drop, facing toward the back of the room. As Rich was about to ask another, more safe, question, Danny interrupted his thoughts with an answer.

“I was electrocuted.” The boy’s eyes closed. “I… Wandered into my parent’s lab one afternoon with my friends. I kinda told them about this invention that my parents made but that it fell just short of working so we were gonna check it out… I went inside and… Turned it on while I was still in it… And the rest is history.” The teenager now looked slightly sick and completely miserable, the hands in his lap were trembling. Rich felt a stab of guilt that was nothing compared to what the boy’s parents were feeling just offstage. The reporter cleared his throat with a small smile.

“Alright then, next question! So, having parents with lots of paranormal knowledge; how do you think you were able to keep your secret under wraps for so long?” Danny’s attitude changed and he rubbed the back of his neck with a crooked grin.

“Heh, luck? … To be honest, I’m surprised myself. I guess those of us who knew were just real careful; I don’t really think that there’s much else to it. Luck and caution.” Danny shrugged his shoulders and Rich nodded.

“Fair answer. So, being half-ghost yourself, what is your opinion overall of ghosts?” The boy frowned in thought.

“Well, that’s kinda like asking what I think of humans as a whole. I mean, it’s a pretty broad spectrum that you’re referring to. Some ghosts want nothing but power and will do anything to get it, some humans are the same way. Some ghosts want to help others any way they can, some humans feel the same… Most ghosts kinda just want to be let alone, which I can respect as long as their ‘being alone’ doesn’t, y’know, cause issues. I think what I’m trying to say is that you can’t base your perspective of ghosts because of one nasty encounter; it’s bound to happen, just like going about your life and meeting terrible humans. In fact, I know a whole lot of ghosts who are absolutely terrified at the idea of humans.” Danny paused to grin, as if thinking of a fond memory. “So… Yeah.” He looked at Rich with his boyish smile. The reporter nodded and adjusted his leg.

“Alright, then. What is the most powerful enemy you have faced thus far?” The boy pursed his lips and went quiet.
“Hmm, that’s tough, actually. I guess… hm. I guess I should say Pariah Dark was the hardest ghost I’ve ever had to fight. Especially considering I couldn’t have done it on my own.” He mused aloud and Rich tilted his head to the side.

“Could you give us a bit… More on this ghost?” Danny made a noncommittal sound before nodding his head and continuing.

“Well, Pariah Dark was a really ancient ruler of the Ghost Zone. The proclaimed ‘King of All Ghosts’. As you can imagine, he was pretty… difficult to deal with.” Danny rubbed the back of his neck nervously and Rich got the hint to begin to stray away from the topic. A woman cleared her throat and pointedly looked at the clock to remind him that he was on a bit of a time-crunch here. He needed to be quick with the five minutes he had left.

“Alright, how about we start to wrap this up, then. What do you think is the most powerful ability that you have currently?”

“My Ghostly Wail, for sure.” He said without hesitation, nodding to affirm himself. Rich grinned and continued along with this train of thought.

“Can you tell me about it? What does it do? How do you do it?” Danny looked even more uncomfortable and Rich started doubting himself. Was he asking all the wrong questions? The boy cleared his throat and adjusted himself in his seat.

“Well, it’s… It’s a bit tough to understand, really…” He mumbled before biting his lip. Maddie and Jack Fenton were just as confused from where they sat on the sidelines. Usually Danny was pretty ecstatic when demonstrating what he could do. Not once had he tried to perform a ‘Ghostly Wail’ for them, let alone have such a strong adverse reaction to it. Rich told himself not to interrupt the boy. He was obviously going to answer the question; the teen was looking for a way to articulate himself. Seemingly having found an answer to an internal question, Danny swallowed hard and continued to face the carpet. The teen’s face was more hardened than it had been (and much more distant than it usually looked, Maddie noticed).

“You remember when I told you that ghosts form out of strong human emotions bound to ectoplasm, right?” Rich nodded and Danny continued, speaking softly. The producers turned up his microphone to catch his words, which they hung onto like a lifeline. “Well, sometimes it’s not just emotions that get left behind. Sometimes there are… traces of certain memories or experiences that also go into forming a ghost. Sometimes these traces turn into abilities unique to the ghost that possesses them. Most of the time, these traces are what fuels ‘obsession’ in ghosts. Like, hunting, for example.” Danny grinned for a moment before regaining his somber expression. He sighed quietly and plucked at his shirt.
“… When I went through the portal it… It really hurt. It was… awful. The worst thing I can think of, really. And… As I was, well, practically dying, I screamed.” He paused and the boy almost looked ready to vomit. Maddie was horrified into silence, covering her face with gloved hands while her husband was uncharacteristically stoic, frowning with his brows drawn together in concern. Rich leaned forward whilst Danny continued.

“A while after I became a halfa, I fought a really bad ghost. He was winning and I panicked. I yelled at him, screamed at him, and found out that I could project that sound so that it’s unbearable to those who hear it. It, very literally, blows them away.” Danny picked at the hem of his shirt again before finishing up with his answer.

“I found out myself that my Ghostly Wail is unique to me in that… Well. When I tap into that power, I’m releasing… My dying screams.” His voice faltered for a moment and he heard his mother let out a choked sob at the mention of her child, her baby boy, going through that amount of pain. Danny steeled himself and forced a grin at the reporter. “But it’s pretty powerful. It’s really only a last resort attack because it just drains me, but it gets the job done, in most cases.” He shrugged to play off the sick feeling in the pit of his stomach.

“Next question?” Rich smiled.

“Actually, we’re just about out of time. Thank you so much for your time, Danny. Just the few answers you’ve given us today will undoubtedly shake things up in the paranormal scientific community!” Rich chuckled before facing camera #1 again to give his conclusion speech.

Danny waited in his chair until a woman’s voice echoed “We’re clear!”; the boy stood and-before he could be enveloped in his parents’ hugs-flew through the studio’s ceiling and into the crisp evening air.

I would rather take a beating from Skulker in my human form than do that again. Danny mused to himself as he twirled in the breeze, allowing the air currents to drift him further into the stratosphere and away from the studio, where plenty of baffled people were chattering away below him.

Today on ‘kids are way more chill than adults and we should learn from them’:

I was waiting in line at a cinema when I heard a little boy and girl (who couldn’t have been more than ten) start talking about Ghostbusters as they stood in front of a massive poster. The convo went like this:

Girl: Ghostbusters? What the heck is that?

Boy: Oh! They have guns and they fight ghosts -

Girl: You’ve seen it? Is it scary?

Boy: No, I’ve seen the other ones. One was all boys, two was all boys, and now three is all girls. I haven’t seen the third one.

Girl: But was it scary? I don’t like scary movies.

Boy: Nah, it’s not scary. But if you want to, I can watch it with you.

Adults are out there all hysterical that the new Ghostbusters is going to ‘ruin their childhood’. Actual children are either concerned if it’s scary, and ready to sit with their friend if it is.


“You should have brought him in sooner.”

“We took him to the hospital as soon as we found him.”

“I’m disinclined to believe that Mrs. Fenton.”

“We found him in his room, there must have been a ghost attack–”

“A ghost? Your son is in the hospital and you’re trying to blame a ghost?”

“What is your explanation!?”

“You have access to an industrial freezer, correct?”

“I don’t see how that’s relevant. In Amity Park–”

You are not in Amity Park. Your son had to be airlifted in order to deal with this!”

“Are you suggesting I tried to kill my son?”

“It’s the middle of May. He’s fifteen. Otherwise healthy. What do you expect me to believe?”

“That this was a ghost attack!”

There is no such thing as ghosts–”

I would never hurt my son–”

“Then, please, explain to me why my doctors spent the last few hours trying to salvage what we could from his hands!?”

“I’ve already told you–”

“Mrs. Fenton. I have worked in this hospital for thirty years. I have never seen frostbite as bad as this.