the ghost of thorton hall

I hope that Thorton Hall has the same level or more of scariness as Blackmoor Manor. That game added the scariness factor + story perfectly. It was amazingly detailed. That whole game I was afraid to put Nancy to sleep in fear that the ‘Beast’ would get her! It should be kept to that sort of level. Where it keeps you on your toes and not boring. They shouldn’t have scary parts just for the sake of being scary- rather, Nancy sees the ghost while the ghost is doing something or revealing something personal relating to the story and further helping Nancy figure out who the culprit is. I also hope that, although I’m sure the culprit will be making some of the ghosts up using light affects or what not, some ghosts never get quite explained.

Ghost Of Thorton Hall Trailer Review

I am honestly scared I won’t be able to take this game.

I remember the first time I ever played MHM. Given that I was 8, I was probably going to be more prone to be scared straight. But seriously- I couldn’t play that game for years because it freaked me out too much. And the fact that the disc was black while the others were blue (at least in the 5 pack of games I got it in) just made me think it was completely cursed. The trailer made me think back to those days.

I’ve only played through MHM once because when I finally got over my fear for it, only a few months later we got a more advanced computer that wouldn’t take the old disc. What I do, and always will remember from it is the ghost in the mirror. That scared me for life.

Just watching the trailer… And seeing MULTIPLE weird occurrences?? This game has already defeated me, Nancy, and Charlotte.

Hehe, but of course I’m going to play it! …Even if its in broad daylight, talking to a friend on the phone who is helping me ‘get through this’.

But can I say, the graphics look GREAT?! I don’t know if its just me, but they seemed to pop out.

Anyway I’m super excited for this game. Any fan of ND should be! Also, the devil does not appear to be in this game yet- but stay tuned. He always seems to be popping out in these games (kidding, kidding)