the ghost of thornton hall

Me: I’m fine

Also me: Wait so if Charlotte was killed in 1989 AND Jessalyn was born in 1989 how pregnant was Clara when she killed Charlotte? I mean Charlotte was killed late October so it’s more likely that Jessalyn was born before then, but being pregnant could explain why Charlotte described Clara having strange behavior in her diary. According to the family tree, Jessalyn’s father isn’t dead but he was never mentioned by Clara and he never showed up to look for Jessalyn. You’d think if you’re daughter was missing you’d be at least a little concerned. Maybe Jessalyn was born out of wedlock and Clara never told the father. That would explain why Clara was afraid of being rejected from the family -she didn’t want to be a single mother like her mother. She was probably jealous of Charlotte because Charlotte seemed to have everything. The problem is, they never say was month Jessalyn was born so there’s no way to be sure…

I just got done replaying GTH for the umpteenth time and realized something.

So we can all agree that Ghost of Thornton Hall is deliciously frustrating when it comes to unanswered questions.

One of the many open-ended questions that always bothered me was Clara’s portrait. Who was that behind the smudge? Was it Charlotte? Why was she even in the portrait to begin with? Why was she covered up? A lot of people assumed the person was Charlotte and just left it at that, including myself. But then I really got to thinking, what if it was Charlotte as a ghost.

We can easily assume that Clara’s portrait was painted after she inherited the company; which was after Charlotte’s death. She had her painting done in the graveyard and what if the artist saw Charlotte and thought that she was just a family member that was to be included in the painting, not knowing she was a ghost. So when the painting was finished, of course Clara would freak out and immediately ask for her to be covered up.

This obviously isn’t a game-changing revelation, but it adds to my theory that supernatural things were really happening on Blackrock Island and it gives an answer to the mystery behind the painting. 


[[ This was honestly one of my favourite things that you’re able to do in Ghost of Thornton Hall. ]]