the ghost of ole miss

  • Ghost!Obi-Wan: I think she's *Rey* trying to get into his mind again. *amused*
  • Ghost!Padmé: Is that wise?
  • Ghost!Anakin: One way to find out, let's use our Force Ghost power to look into his mind too.
  • [Inside Kylo's mind]: The secret side of me, I never let you see, I keep it caged, But I can't control it, So stay away from me, The beast is ugly, I feel the rage, And I just can't hold it. It's scratching on the walls, In the closet, in the halls, It comes awake, And I can't control it, Hiding under the bed, In my body, in my head, Why won't somebody come and save me from this?, Make it end! I feel it deep within, It's just beneath the skin, I must confess that I feel like a monster, I hate what I've become, The nightmare's just begun, I must confess that I feel like a monster, I, I feel like a monster, I, I feel like a monster...
  • Rey: WTF!? ∑(;°Д°)
  • Ghost!Obi-Wan: Σ(=_=;)
  • Ghost!Padmé: Σ(=_=;)
  • Ghost!Anakin: Ah, I kinda miss that good ol' song...
Top five reasons to watch Constantine.

As some of you have heard Constantine’s ratings dropped last week, and the thought it might get canceled of the ratings don’t go up really freaks us fans out. So here my top five reasons why Constantine is awesome, and we should, under no circumstances let this show die.

1. It’s incredibly realistic. It’s as close to the real occult as you can get. Researching and reading about the occult, and real life claims of monsters, ghosts, and demons is something I’ve enjoyed for a really long time, and I can tell you that the writers really did their research. The exorcisms, protection symbols, and mythology used in the show is all taken from real belief systems from around the world. The writers and Matt Ryan have managed to pull off a character who accurately portrays what it would be like to be like to use magic and battle evil in the modern world.

2. It stays true to the comics. Even amazingly good shows based on comics like The Walking Dead usually stray quite a bit from source materiel, but so far the furthest Constantine has strayed from Hellblazer is the character Liv in episode one, but even then there was so much talk of Newcastle and Astra it was still quite close.
Next Fridays episode is even going to be the first ever Hellblazer comic on screen!

3. It has everything we loved about the first seasons of supernatural. Don’t get me wrong, I love supernatural! It’s one of my favorite shows, and forever will be. But even as much as I love the current seasons, I miss how things were in the early seasons, I miss good ole ghost hunts with a hint of greater darkness on the horizon. Constantine gives us a unique monster hunt each week, while still maintaining a bigger mystery to be solved.

4. It has great humor. John is a witty, sarcastic, snarky character with a great dark sense of humor. While the show remains dark and gritty, it manages a few laugh out load moments each episode to give a little comic relief.

5. Everyone on the show works super hard, and put soooo much love into what they do. The writers spent what had to be hundreds of hours pouring over occult books, and Hellblazer comics to get things as good as they do. As a writer I can tell you it’s not an easy job, and its a job you sometimes don’t ever get the recondition and respect you deserve for it. So shout out to the Constantine writers for doing an awesome job!
And then there’s Matt Ryan, the man behind John Constantine, who read hundreds of comics in the time between when he was cast and when they started filming. Plus learned at lest a little latin for his role, and as anyone who has taken latin know that is no easy feat. Plus he makes an effort to connect with fans, I’ve seen him respond to quite a few tweets from fans, and he’s genuinely a sweet person.
The special effects team is also awesome. Some of best effects on tv acutely.
Not to mention all the promotional stuff the producers did, like all the digital exclusives on their website, and setting up a working phone number to put on John’s business cards.

So tune in tonight and see why me and all the other fans love it so much. If your already a fan tweet about it, blog about it, tell your friends to watch. If you do fanart, GIF’s or edits do one for constantine, and spread the word to all your followers about how awesome the show is.
I’d also highly recommend it to fans of supernatural, or really any paranormal drama on TV.
Please people, do not let this awesome show die!