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So I rewatched season 1 of Rebels yesterday...

And I miss everybody so much, especially Hera and Kanan. Like I know character growth and development is important, and I am not mad about where they are going, but I still miss how lighthearted everybody used to be. I miss Hera joking around with everybody in between mom spiels, and I miss Kanan’s reckless behavior and his space cowboy attitude. I also miss how innocent Ezra used to, and I miss Zeb being an actual important part of the team. I miss Hera and Kanan being a team who joked around, and talked through eye contact. I just miss the space family so much.

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Could I have mountain Tim a dad headcanons please???( he needs more love)

Anon you do not understand how much joy this ask brought me I had to physically stop myself from writing too much and getting carried away ^^ please enjoy these as much as I enjoyed writing them (Tim is A* dad material he deserves a happy family)

- Ghost

·         Mountain Tim would feel as though he’s one of the happiest men alive when he finds out he’s going to be a father, to him just having his S/O by his side was a blessing but having children to call his own was something he thought he could only dream of; it’s no surprise that because of this the moment he hears that S/O is expecting he’ll waste no time taking their face into his hands and placing kiss after kiss to their lips, cheeks and forehead – all the while expressing his joy through mutterings of his love for them and his thankfulness for being able to spend his life with their future family between each gentle kiss

·         No matter how many children he has he will make an effort to treat each of them fairly and raise them with all of the care and affection that he can offer to them; he’ll support their individual likes and hobbies and be sure to actively encourage them to pursue what they want, he and S/O would gladly put anything aside to help them achieve their aspirations as they grow, offering them guidance and advice whenever they needed it

·         He’d like to teach his kids how to ride and look after horses if they were interested in it, he’d be patient and very much like a nurturing mentor, starting them off by helping him take care of Ghost Rider In The Sky until they were ready to take on the responsibility of their own horse, showing them how to properly handle their horse and treat it with respect to help them grow enough confidence to take over

·         While he tries to be the firm but fair dad type it isn’t too hard for his kids or his S/O to win him over on something and if he can he loves to spoil them with things that he knows they like from time to time simply to see how happy his family gets when presented with said gifts; (they may not be the most expensive but his gifts are guaranteed to have sentiment and importance behind them that hold significance to their family) in the end though he is very lenient with his kids so long as they don’t do anything that could hurt themselves/others or land them in some serious trouble

·         Having his S/O to greet him as he comes through the door is what makes every long night of work feel all the more worth it as he takes them into his arms and simply holds them close to him, burrowing his face into the crook of their neck and allowing his eyes to slide shut to just bask in their touch; there are the odd nights though that the kids insist on staying up until their dad’s home and it’s a pleasant surprise to walk into the house only to be groggily tackled by small, tired children who are just glad that he’s back home and he can’t help but chuckle a little whenever it happens

·         Should one of his children ever have a nightmare or struggle to fall asleep then he’ll stay by their side to ‘keep watch’ for them until they fall asleep, but even then he’ll gladly stay up all night to watch over them if it means they would feel more comfortable and won’t have to worry themselves about being scared; of course doing this too often will utterly exhaust him so it’s no surprise that on multiple occasions S/O has woken up to find him still awake, offering them a soft yet tired smile as he keeps watch over his peacefully sleeping kids, refusing to budge until they’ve all woken up okay

·         There have been times where his kids tend to cling to him out of the blue, clutching to his back and arms (wherever they could reach honestly) and refusing to let go – at first it’s going to be difficult to go about his daily jobs like that he’ll eventually be able to carry all of them as is; although that doesn’t mean he doesn’t joke about every once in a while, he’ll be moving with them one his shoulders or arms and suddenly move as if he were dropping down only to stop and swoop them right back up – it never fails to make the kids squeak or yell out in surprise at the sudden move

·         Tim will use his stand to keep his kids entertained, of course the first time he did it he received various reactions (with some watching on in pure awe and others starting to scream at the fact that his arm was sliding up and down the rope and having no idea what was going on) but eventually it would become a fairly amusing trick that the kids would actively encourage him to do often, especially when they wanted to give S/O a sudden surprise

·         His life as a cowboy sometimes has him away from home for long periods of time no matter how much he wants to remain with his family, in these cases he’ll be sure to send them a myriad of letters to keep them all updated on all of the things which are happening as well as letting them know the next time he’ll be back home along with promises of making up for the lost time away from home and you can be sure that he’ll keep up on these promises, he’d never go back on his word especially when it concerns his family

for fucks sake why couldn’t they have ended it with the gang eating cake in 221b

Telling George

Jack is nervous when he knocks on the front door of George’s house. He’d wanted to have this conversation in person, but it’s not one for public consumption, and he feels like he owes it to her to let her be the first person in the Falcs to know since she’s the one who scouted him. He doesn’t know a lot about George, aside from the fact she’d played in juniors, then for a couple of the few professional women’s hockey teams they’d had prior to the NWHL, and she’d played in the Olympics. He doesn’t know anything about her personal life except that she wears a wedding ring, he realises.

And the door opens. The woman on the other side is not George, but she looks familiar. It takes a moment for Jack to place her due to the weird context, but he realises she’s Thirdy’s wife Carrie.

“Oh hey Jack,” she says, sipping the wine she’s holding. “George said you were coming by. Come on in. Everyone’s in the kitchen.”

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Honestly one of my favorite moments in life ever has to be when John O'Callaghan signed my book. I told him how I wish I had purchased one of first numbered batch that we’re signed already, but I had to wait for a paycheck to order mine. He then proceeded to tell me he completely understands and thanked me for purchasing his work. He then signed my book and numbered it 1/1 and said “now this one is officially one in a million.” I felt so special and it reminded me how cool of an artist and down to earth he is. Thank you John for making this book a constant reminder of that moment and to smile whenever I’m feeling down.

me: hears a noise when im home alone because i have auditory hallucinations 

me:  My name is Zak Bagans. Lead investigator of the Ghost Adventures Crew. I never believed in ghosts until I came face to face with one. So I set out on a quest to capture what I once saw onto video….With no big camera crews following us around, I am joined only by my fellow investigator Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin. The three of us will travel to some of the most highly active paranormal locations, where we will spend an entire night, being locked down from dusk until dawn….Raw…Extreme…These are our Ghost Adventures.

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Can you imagine Lance being unable to return home until decades worth of fighting? Can you imagine him walking up to his old home,. Can you imagine him coming home only to confront his siblings, asking where mom is, only to be told that she has long passed away, probably from the stress and sadness of his disappearance. Can you imagine him being led only to a grave, and him collapsing, screaming and crying and begging forgiveness for leaving, how sorry he was, and how he wants to hug her again.

Yes, Very Well B,^) fun times all around