the ghost and the harlot


Su Ho Shinthe Dragon God Akashi Seijūrō Twemasathe Forbidden Exorcist Kuroko Tetsuya

“The pledge is still fresh in my mind, Kuroko, but that doesn’t solve the problem. You’re sinning,” the red dragon grits out, narrowing his eyes. “As the family’s Su Ho Shin, I demand you to stop committing these taboo acts. Didn’t you see what happened to Aomine? He gave in to necromancy—look where it got him. His family is dead, and it costed yours dearly.” He stops himself, as though he’s finally conscious of his cutting words, and lowers his chin. “You are the last one I’ve been entrusted to protect, please remember that. Nothing good ever comes from dabbling in the Dark Artes.”

屋烏之愛 | Ogojie FULL TEASER

Thanks to strangulated-harlot, who told me ghost stories for 7 hours straight via LINE(non-stop), this idea came out + her fic.[옥오지애Asian Mix]

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Orphan Black
just nothing

a feather floats
above a horrid

a funeral
swallows the sun
as the interlude of time
strays into the mossy hill

a poem
no one hears
shrieks in grief

the craft of the word
the daytime napping -

walk of ghosts -

the gnarly
mojo of wolves
stalking the moon -

these are
the harlots
of a decayed
city’s phallus

i know
a truth
that hangs in
on the inside out …

lordly violence
is the betrayal
of authenticity … and …

the lithe
this soul crinkles
into nothing … just nothing.